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  1. Game

    5, it's cute, nothing special
  2. I know But even when I use Spotify on my computer, I only can see the top 10 popular songs
  3. And LOTB is coming Btw where can I see how much a song was streamed?
  4. Review

    One of the best albums in her career and in 2k16
  5. Game

  6. Love both, but Desperado is one of my personal faves from the album and it's already doing better than Consideration on iTunes
  7. Another day, another slay
  8. Talent winning And not the monsters using Gaga sold 800k in 4 months, while ANTi, an album released 1 year ago, is already selling more than an album released 4 months ago. Rih is winning, people just don't care about Gagz anymore
  9. Single

    #10 on iTunes
  10. Game

    Diamonds, LOTB>>>>>