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  1. Charts

    we live in the present dear, pure sales are so last decade
  2. Game

  3. my finger was ready to dislike but i didn't cause i'll pretend you have your period
  4. Game

  5. Game

  6. Photos

    were they teenagers here?
  7. dear god you guys, stop using this Jay pic it's literally gonna give me nightmares
  8. Politics

    i wonder what she saw in him in the first place, besides the money
  9. stay mad at the timeless classics SL and Halo let me know when another album of her's will manage the same performance Lemonade might have the acclaim, DIL the sales, but no other album of hers will have the bops that IASF has
  10. Discussion

    she got 99 problems but Jay-Z ain't one
  11. NOT on my watch
  12. DFY & IWH are my fav songs off the album, others are trash
  13. DFY is amazing i'll rate it 10
  14. Game

  15. Game

    9 brings back memories