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  1. I was never a fan of Speechless and Million Reasons is just okay. Let's just say ballads aren't really her strong suit, which is a bit ironic because the chick is a songwriter with pipes.
  2. srs?
  3. I must be one of the very few that's not anticipating a joint album. Just put out a comp with a new single and call it a damn day lol.
  4. Discussion

    Probably because her team campaigned for those the hardest. Besides, how many pop stars have won multiple Grammys for their most acclaimed album/s? Only two I can think of is Madonna for Ray of Light and MJ for Thriller. Usually, they only win for their very popular albums or none at all.
  5. Game

    10. A good mix of samples.
  6. Game

  7. lol basically Her section is always coming and going here. I don't think it's been in a main forum since the original admin was here and that was 6 years ago lol. I don't know why she can't be put in 'Veterans' and stay there no matter the activity level. It's not like she's some unrelated icon that doesn't have fans on here. Plus, she's always being mentioned. Idgi lol. EDIT: just realized I'm two weeks late on this thread lol
  8. It's not a great album but don't sleep on it too hard. Like all of her albums, it still has GEMS waiting for you to discover.
  9. A mess x10 lol
  10. I don't know why the album is so elusive on streaming. Physical is hard to find in record stores too. It's on iTunes tho.
  11. BISH not a rotary phone LOL Stella is a trash business manager but she's low-key funny. She should go back and try to pursue that stand up comedy career... or anything that gets her away from Mariah and her money.
  12. 10
  13. Till The End of Time vs Babydoll
  14. Just popped in to to say hey to you guys