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  1. "Britney Jean" re-entered at the iTunes Pop charts at #170 and in the last hours has gone up to #134. More albums from Britney have also started going up the iTunes Pop charts like "GH:MP", "Glory", and "The Essential..". Albums like "Oops!" and "BOMT" re-charted as well but now have dropped of the Top 200.
  2. Allie X's second official release will be out in Spring 2017. So far, we have confirmation that there will be ten tracks. The tracklist is not currently complete, though. Confirmed partial tracklist 1. 2. 3. 4. Casanova 5. Lifted 6. 7. Old Habits Die Hard 8. That's So Us 9. Downtown 10. Recorded/reworked tracks: All The Rage Alexandra Bodies Casanova Cure Downtown Falsetto Misbelieving Old Habits Die Hard Paper Love Purge Remember Forever Sorry That's So Us Thief Too Much To Dream True Love Is Violent Wendigo
  3. I don't think this is too premature considering the news of a new label and her discussion surrounding new music. Also while we have the section we might as well use it What we know so far ... She's in talks to sign with BMG UK. Update Feb 1/2017 - The deal is officially signed (See Here) She wants to do a pop album. However she'd like the music to be a little "Gloomy" Kylie and the label want to make a "great, big, classic Kylie pop record." The album is expected to be out this year Kylie confirmed she is working with Biffco. They have worked with her on many tracks before including hits such as Love At First Sight and In Your Eyes Anything else? Let's speculate
  4. Doom or Destiny Long Time Already Naked Fun My Monster Best Day Ever When I Gave Up on You Love Level Too Much Fragments Pre-order: DIY - Debbie Harry-fronted legends Blondie have confirmed their 11th studio album ‘Pollinator’. It features everyone in music (well, pretty much) as a guest collaborator, and production comes from John Congleton (St Vincent, Swans). The record features… [deep breath] Blood Orange, Johnny Marr, Laurie Anderson, Charli XCX, Sia, Joan Jett, TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek, and Nick Valensi of The Strokes. Bloody heck. In a statement about the new album - out on 5th May - Debbie Harry said: “quoting Emma Goldman, ‘If I can’t dance I don’t want to be part of your revolution.’ In these trying times we need some fun,’ adding, ‘“we’re very serious about fun.” Accordingly, the first single from ’Pollinator’ is titled ‘Fun’. Listen to the track - which features TV On the Radio’s Dave Sitek - below.
  5. Kylie is currently in Australia doing promotion for her Christmas Album, and she did an interview with The Daily Telegraph - where she mentioned a new album out likely in 2016 edit: Feb 2016 - Kylie is working with writer/producer Guy Chambers (Light Years era) on more than one track. edit: Dec 2016 - Kylie has announced that she will be working on a Pop Album in 2017. Let's hope we get it in 2017.
  6. It's official! During an interview that Nelly did for CBC Radio Victoria (her hometown), she announced that her album is done and mastered. She wrote 16 songs for the album, of which 12 will be selected for the first pressing. The first single will be called "Phoenix" (which would be a great name for an album, btw) and that it was recorded in Dallas, Texas with producer John Congleton who won an Alternative Album Grammy for a St. Vincent album that he produced in 2014. Nelly gave no indication in the Interview what the title of the album will until then, it's NF6. here is the radio interview (8minutes): Click Here For CBC Interview Edit: scrap that. Album is called "The Ride" and has been pushed back to March 2017 from November 2016.
  7. so obviously my everything is an incredible album that holds a special place in all of our hearts. it's an album with amazing bops and skyscraping vocals and i love every aspect of it, individually. but when the album was released, ariana received a lot of criticism regarding the track listing and its lack of cohesiveness, and while i want to say the album is perfect the way it is, i do understand where these critics are coming from. so i re-listened to the entire album and began to re-title a few of the songs and rearrange the tracklist. ('break you heart right back' has become 'your heart' & 'just a little bit of your heart' has become 'just a little bit') i've also cut a few songs into interludes to hopefully give the album a more thematic and cohesive. please let me know what you all think intro (interlude) problem one last time be my baby too close (interlude) cadillac song only 1 your heart break free hands on me best mistake just a little bit (interlude) why try love me harder my everything
  8. Recorded tracks: Love [1st Single] Best American Record Confirmed producers/collaborators: Emile Haynie Rick Nowels Kieron Menzies Dean Reid Benny Blanco An acronym, "SR", was noted. A lyric from this song is "You took the [SR]", with the acronym enumerated in the actual lyric. On February 17th, the song thought to be titled "Young and In Love" was leaked in full and revealed by posters placed around Los Angeles to be simply titled "Love". On February 18th, the track was released as the lead single of the album. Variance reported on February 18th that the album would include collaborations with multiple artists and that it was more upbeat and made "for the fans". On February 20th, she confirmed in an Instagram livestream to promote the drop of the video for Love that the album has "retro sensibility with a futuristic flair". During a phone interview with BBC Radio One on February 20th, she said that "Love" is a good indicator of the sound of the album as a whole.
  9. Confirmed track list: 1. Atmosphere 2. I Got You 3. Small Doses 4. Fuck Fake Friends feat. G eazy 5. Gateway Drug 6. Bad Bitch feat. Ty Dolla $ign
  10. Release date March 17, 2017 Genre Pop, Dance Label Epic Records TRACKLIST 1 2 Lush Life 3 I Would Like 4 So Good (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) 5 6 7 Never Forget You 8 9 10 11 Ain't My Fault 12 13 14 15 SINGLES Lush Life Emanuel Abrahamsson, Markus Sepehrmanesh, Iman Conta Hulten, Fridolin Walcher & Linnea Södahl June 5, 2015 Never Forget You with MNEK Zara Larsson, Uzoechi Emenike & Arron Davey July 22, 2015 Ain't My Fault Zara Larsson, Uzoechi Emenike & Markus Sepehrmanesh September 2, 2016 So Good feat. Ty Dolla $ign Charlie Puth, Jacob Kasher Hindlin, Tyrone William Griffin Jr, Gamal Lewis & Danny Schofield Januray 17, 2017 Thoughts, expectations? Discuss the first international album from the soon to become legend and queen of pop, Zara Larsson.
  11. Album

    She's coming ladies!!!!!!
  12. Tracklist: 1. Gemini Feed 2. Fuck With Myself 3. Lovesick 4. Mind Games 5. Trainwreck 6. This Is Not About Us 7. Weaker Girl 8. Mother Earth 9. Judas 10. Haunt 11. Poltergeist 12. To the Hilt 13. 27 Hours Singles: Fuck With Myself Gemini Feed
  13. Queen of making her fans wait forever 12 AUGUST 2014
  14. Tracklist: 1. Anymore 2. Systemagic 3. Tigerman 4. Become the One 5. Faux Suede Drifter 6. Zodiac Black 7. Beast That Never Was 8. Everything Is Never Enough 9. Moon In Your Mouth 10. Ocean
  15. CONFIRMED RUMORS July 15: Rise debuts on the Today Show; Katy says she's been working many late nights in the studio on the next album MAY 30: Snippet for a song called "Victory" leaks - turns out to be a clip from "RISE" - Katy says RISE is NOT for KP4 UNCONFIRMED RUMORS July 8: Billboard doesn't expect KP4 to drop this year. May 30: Nearly complete track called 'Witness' leaks Dr. Luke is not working on Katy's new material January 25: Katy tweets an ominous phrase: believed to be song lyrics. Lightning Bolt emoji becomes unofficial symbol for KP4 rumors: "When people won't stop siphoning your light... it's time to go ELECTRIC" Jan 23: Katy tweets an ominous phrase: believed to be song lyrics: "Speak your truth even if your voice shakes. Live your truth even if your body breaks. Spirit Survives."
  16. Fans of pop star Katy Perry woke up Friday to an e-mail on their smartphones: Her new single, “Chained to the Rhythm,” is available for streaming. They got another reminder when they logged on to Facebook, where Perry is liked by more than 70 million people. As if that weren’t enough, Los Angeles and London fans on their daily commutes were greeted by billboards. The best part for Perry? It’s all free. Spotify Ltd., the world’s most popular paid music service, will run a months-long promotional campaign leading up to the summer release of Perry’s fifth studio album, her first since 2013’s chart-topping “Prism.” The company’s marketers will continue to work with the singer to prove they can help sell records and concert tickets better than any radio station or rival streaming service. “They were the ones who said, ‘We want to make this a big part of what we’re doing, we want to give you every level of support,’ ” said Martin Kirkup, a partner at Direct Management Group, which represents Perry. “We didn’t ask for a billboard. They offered it.” More at the source abt spotify's new artist marketing team
  17. COVER: CD COVER: TITLE: Joanne RELEASE DATE: October 21st STANDARD TRACKLIST: Diamond Heart A-Yo Joanne John Wayne Dancin' In Circles Perfect Illusion Million Reasons Sinner's Prayer Come To Mama Hey Girl (featuring Florence Welch) Angel Down DELUXE TRACKLIST: Diamond Heart A-Yo Joanne John Wayne Dancin' In Circles Perfect Illusion Million Reasons Sinner's Prayer Come To Mama Hey Girl (featuring Florence Welch) Angel Down Grigio Girls Just Another Day Angel Down (Work Tape) PRODUCERS: - Lady Gaga - Mark Ronson - BloodPop - Kevin Parker - Beck - Father John Misty - RedOne SINGLES: - 1st single Perfect Illusion
  18. Add a couple of bonus songs from Gaga's previous releases that would in your opinion fit in Joanne my list: 1. Speechless 2. Americano 3. Summerboy 4. Brown Eyes
  19. It's not what you think though. It's gonna be album full of lullabies Imagine the renditions
  20. To our fans - We've made an album for you. Creating it has been the most exciting thing we've ever done. It's led us to disrupt everything that was comfortable and familiar to us a short year ago. If there's one thing we've learned in making it it's this - being yourself matters. It matters even when not everyone agrees that you should be or understands why it's important that you are. The album is called My Bad Imagination. It's our very first pop album and tonight the first track will be out everywhere, its called Stay In The Dark. Listen loud. Thank you for your love, your patience, and for your trust. Come with us. x K/R/N
  21. shook shook shookitie shook! pick a side
  22. So Skip Marley does Reggae first and foremost. So the song might not be your conventional pop song after all but Tropical also borrows heavily from reggae and dance hall and is the most accessible genre today. The genre that I am hoping she won't end up making. But I have full faith in Katheryn that she won't disappoint me. Which is funny, cause ever since that LL remix resurfaced I've always wanted a one of Bob's descendants to do it, specifically Damian. Damian will make the song even more "exotic" and obscure as oppose to Drake. So hoping Chain To The Rhythm will end up sounding like Liquor Store Blues than Shape Of You. I guess I kinda got what I want but in a different song but hoping it won't end up your average top 10 tropical influenced track. My PBR&B KP dreams might wait a little. thoughts? YAS KATY COMETHRU! ONE SECOND I AM SHOOK THEN SUDDENLY THE SHOOK IS ME!
  23. She doesn't slow down. After having one of the most acclaimed Pop albums of 2015, Carly Rae Jepsen is already recording for CRJ5. This from Popjustice: As you well know global sax-repopularising singer of song Carly Rae Jepsen has recently been in a studio environment with PC Music’s Danny L Harle, and now the latter has said some words about it all. “It was great,” L Harle told the latest issue of Beat magazine. “The enthusiasm was peaking throughout the entire session.” Are you both so into the song that you’re doing though? “We’re both so into the song that we’re doing.” edit: here is an audio only clip of the song (hopefully more) that they worked on. This is a Danny L Harle written song that he played at a music conference in London on May 19/16 with CRJ's vocals. The song has been referred to as - "Super Natural" edit June 6/16 - The demo of Super Natural has leaked. Also, in an interview with Tegan and Sarah, the songs that they had worked on during the Emotion Sessions have been taken back. So, all of you hoping for another Tegan/Sarah/Carly collaboration are sadly out of luck. We will have to wait 4 weeks to see if T&S re-used any of those songs for their new album... In an interview with Stereogum, she mentioned a Q1-2017 release for the album. She won't be taking time off after her current tour. She's heading to Japan for a few shows then to Sweden to record album number 4. She also has 2 songs written with Tavish Crowe called "Tenderly" and "Sails" June 2/16 CRJ tweeted a selfie of herself heading to a studio in NYC! So she's not in Sweden after all. The recording session was with Dev Hynes (All That). August 12/16 - Super Natural is released as Danny L Harle ft Carly Rae Jepsen August 12/16 - In an interview that she did a few weeks ago with FADER, CRJ lets it spill who she's been working with on CRJ4: The guy behind Michael Jackson's Thriller and Shellback. Over the next couple months, I’ll just continue chipping away on the new album. When I was on the Canadian tour [April/May 2016], we didn’t have internet on the bus, so there wasn’t much else to do other than write songs. Two of my favorite [favourite] collaborators, my saxophone player Jared, and Tavish Crowe, who was actually a part of “Call Me Maybe,” are in the band with me, so we’ll make pop-up studios with a laptop and our gear wherever we are. I really started [the new album] from a disco-inspired place. Like Donna Summer: dreamy, sexy disco. I think I have about 17 songs that were started [on tour], just as little demos, that I [then brought] to Sweden. I went to Sweden for two and a half weeks, and I worked with a lot of the people I worked with on the last album, Mattman and Robin, and I had sessions with Karl [Johan Schuster] and Rami [Yacoub]. When we were in Sweden, we probably had seven or eight completely new ideas. That’s the fun right now: to just write and play, and listen back, and see what’s starting to feel right. It’s still so new. There’s a lot of people in the world who I’d be really excited to work with. I’m actually going to the studio with Danny and Nate [Campany, songwriter] and Kyle [Shearer, producer], and we’re going to write some things, potentially for my album, because the vibes were good [on “Super Natural”]. I had a meeting in London with Rod Temperton, the writer of “Thriller.” He’s just the most amazing man — he played me the “Thriller” demo, which was crazy to hear. In the original lyrics, [Michael Jackson] used to be like, Starlight, stars so bright. It was just cool seeing his process, and meeting the man behind that killer hit. We just talked about what disco meant to him. I’m just going to dig in, and do my research, and figure out what exactly it is about disco that’s exciting me. But, I started in one place with E•MO•TION, and then I landed in the ‘80s, and that was an unexpected journey. I’m allowing myself the freedom to not be totally committed.