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  1. Welcome all bitches Witches from all across the globe! This is the official thread for Slasher!: Las Brujas (S3)! Here you will cast your votes to lynch, drag each other right and left, and throw around accusations and suspicions (No Holds Barred- but keep it cute because I didn't get it cleared as NHB) I've started this thread off with a poll of when you would like the updates and chances at immunity! These times fit around my availability, and I can adjust for your convenience if possible! (Host of the year) If you would still like to sign up, I'll accept late sign ups until tomorrow (Friday) night! If you think you wont have time to play, please let me know rather than just ghost this game, my feelings won't be hurt! Game will officially start: Players: Taglist:
  2. Hosted by Ronlop Welcome to Create A Label, a game where you can manage artists under your label and release singles and albums. Every article you post must be a minimum of 400 words (but more is welcome!). Also, you are only allowed to post a maximum of 15 articles per week for each artist that you signed. Since the very first season, there has been a very big improvement in articles so we want to be clear with this season's standards. This is the format for the articles this season and an article that will not follow this format will simply not count. PLEASE INCLUDE: - Name of region that promo is aiming for (e.g. Europe) - Title of article (e.g. Florence Welch appears on Le Grand Journal) - At least one image - Article (at least 400 words) - For articles posted as images, please also include a text version of the article title in your post and link it to Shrib where you should include the text version of the full article SALES Every 1 copy of a single = $1 in-game Every 1 copy of an album = $5 in-game You take 35% of your weekly tour gross. ROSTER 8Bit Heart (Alex) - Beyonce (Hiatus) Alesus (Alex) - Rihanna, Bella Hadid Beauty Queen - Ali Ali Belinda (Hector) - Belinda, Ariana Grande, Brendon Urie Bleachella (Dylan) - Lorde Edu - Lindsay Lohan Edwonina - Christina Aguilera Egle (Ignas) - Selena Gomez Harry Styles (Josh) - Harry Styles, Lady Gaga Harry_CAL (Harry) - Lana Del Rey Joanne (a.k.a. Dicso) - Shakira, Katy Perry Jon. (Jon) - Mariah Carey, Scott Gardner, Mila Jocavich Kuba - Ellie Goulding, Litho LivingTheFrootLife - Charli XCX Lucky17 (Georgie) - Christina Milian, Celine Dion Luke Louder Michele - Lea Michelle Marnie - Denis Stoff OurWarPaint (Seth) - Kelly Clarkson RebelHeart15 - Madonna Robert. (Robert) - Maxence SWINΞ - Liam Payne Surrealism - Zendaya The Family Jewels (Denizar) - Lily Allen blankdreams. (Alvin) - Troye Sivan, Tori Kelly httppolarize - Glass Animals ryjapo (Ryan) - Florence Welch, Kendall Jenner, Sam Smith tigerlily13 (Rick) - Emma Roberts, Sehun Some major artists who are still available: Adele, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, The Weeknd, Nicki Minaj, Sia, P!nk, Justin Timberlake, Gwen Stefani, Frank Ocean, Drake, Jennifer Lopez, Fifth Harmony, Little Mix, Tove Lo, Nick Jonas, M.I.A., Years & Years, Carly Rae Jepsen, Fergie, Tinashe and many more...
  3. Game

    The B'Day +/- game finally ended just now and I thought since this album has so many conflicting opinions, it's sure to be fun. So let's start. Add five to your fave, subtract five from your least fave, and wait until at least one other person posts before you post again. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) - 40 Diva - 40 Ego - 40 Halo - 40 If I Were A Boy - 40 Smash Into You - 40 Sweet Dreams - 40 Broken-Hearted Girl - 40 Scared Of Lonely - 40 That's Why You're Beautiful - 40 Hello - 40 Radio - 40 Video Phone - 40 Ego (Remix with Kanye) - 40 Why Don't You Love Me - 40 Honesty - 40 Save The Hero - 40 Satellites - 40 Disappear - 40 Ave Maria - 40 Video Phone (Remix with Gaga) - 40 Poison - 40
  4. Game

    Since today seems to be Self-Titled Appreciation Day on this section and since the Lemonade +/- game (FINALLY) ended recently, I thought I'd start one for this album. No I'm not gonna separate the songs that have 2 videos because this is how they are on the album. #DealWithIt Anyways, add 5 points to your fave each time and subtract 5 points from your least fave each time. Let someone else post after you before posting again. You know how it goes by now. Let's start! Pretty Hurts - 40 Haunted - 40 Drunk In Love - 40 Blow - 40 No Angel - 40 Partition - 40 Jealous - 40 Rocket - 40 Mine - 40 XO - 40 ***Flawless - 40 Superpower - 40 Heaven - 40 Blue - 40 7/11 - 40 ***Flawless remix with Nicki - 40 Drunk In Love remix with Kanye - 40 Ring Off - 40 Standing On The Sun - 40
  5. Lets warm up for the megarate results show by letting Queenyonce ha greatest hits clash in a bloody battle of "Song vs. Song" (idk if there's a thread for this game already - I couldn't find one in the last 10 pages) In case you have never played this before it's really easy The user above you posts two songs, i.e. Crazy in Love vs. Video Phone You pick the song you prefer and choose a 2nd song you want the next poster to choose from, i.e. Video Phone vs. Haunted and so on
  7. Game

    + 5 and - 5 each turn. Don't post twice in a row. Your Love Is My Drug - 20 Tik Tok - 20 Take It Off - 20 Take It Off (K$ n Friends Version) - 20 Stephen - 20 Blah Blah Blah - 20 Backstabber - 20 We R Who We R - 20 Sleazy Remix 2.0 (Director's Cut) - 20 Blow - 20 Princess Ke$ha - 20 Die Young - 20 C'mon - 20 Crazy Kids - 20 Dirty Love - 20 (Sleazy Remix 2.0 (Directors Cut), because Kesha is featured in it more than the original) Princess Ke$ha, Sleazy & Backstabber
  8. Game

    Hello! I know that we just finished a Rated R megarate and that a bunch of people are doing megarates but I decided to snatch this before someone else could. DEADLINE: MARCH 10 RULES: 1. Know each song on the megarate 2. Rate each song between 1 (worst) and 10 (best) 3. You can give one 0 and one 11 per era/category. 4. Decimals are allowed, but are only allowed up the tenth (example: 4.6) 5. PM me your scores Eras: Music of the Sun (2005) 1. Pon de Replay 2. Here I Go Again (feat. J-Status) 3. If It's Lovin' That You Want 4. You Don't Love Me (No, No, No) (feat. Vybz Kartel) 5. That La, La, La 6. The Last Time 7. Willing to Wait 8. Music of the Sun 9. Let Me 10. Rush (feat. Kardinal Offishall) 11. There's a Thug In My Life (feat. J-Status) 12. Now I Know 13. Should I? (feat. J-Status) 14. Hypnotized A Girl Like Me (2006) 1. SOS 2. Kisses Don't Lie 3. Unfaithful 4. We Ride 5. Dem Haters (feat. Dwane Husbands) 6. Final Goodbye 7. Break It Off (feat. Sean Paul) 8. Crazy Little Thing Call Love (feat. J-Status) 9. Selfish Girl 10. P.S. (I'm Still Not Over You) 11. A Girl Like Me 12. Million Miles Away 13. Who Ya Gonna Run To? 14. Coulda Been the One Good Girl Gone Bad (2007) 1. Umbrella (feat. Jay-Z) 2. Push Up On Me 3. Don't Stop the Music 4. Breakin' Dishes 5. Shut Up and Drive 6. Hate That I Love You (feat. Ne-Yo) 7. Say It 8. Sell Me Candy 9. Lemme Get That 10. Rehab 11. Question Existing 12. Good Girl Gone Bad 13. Cry 14. Haunted 15. Disturbia 16. Take a Bow 17. If I Never See Your Face Again (with Maroon 5) Rated R (2009) 1. Madhouse 2. Wait Your Turn 3. Hard (feat. Jeezy) 4. Stupid In Love 5. Rockstar 101 6. Russian Roulette 7. Fire Bomb 8. Rude Boy 9. Photographs (feat. Will.I.Am) 10. G4L 11. Te Amo 12. Cold Case Love 13. The Last Song 14. Hole In My Head (feat. Justin Timberlake) Loud (2010) 1. S&M 2. What's My Name? (feat. Drake) 3. Cheers (Drink to That) 4. Fading 5. Only Girl (In the World) 6. California King Bed 7. Man Down 8. Raining Men (feat. Nicki Minaj) 9. Complicated 10. Skin 11. Love the Way You Lie Pt. II (feat. Eminem) Talk That Talk (2011) 1. You da One 2. Where Have You Been 3. We Found Love (feat. Calvin Harris) 4. Talk That Talk (feat. Jay-Z) 5. Cockiness (Love It) 6. Birthday Cake 7. We All Want Love 8. Drunk On Love 9. Roc Me Out 10. Watch N' Learn 11. Farewell 12. Red Lipstick 13. Da Ya Thang 14. Fool In Love Unapologetic (2012) 1. Phresh Out the Runway 2. Diamonds 3. Numb (feat. Eminem) 4. Pour It Up 5. Loveeeeeee Song (feat. Future) 6. Jump 7. Right Now (feat. David Guetta) 8. What Now 9. Stay (feat. Mikky Ekko) 10. Nobody's Business (feat. Chris Brown) 11. Love Without Tragedy/Mother Mary 12. Get It Over With 13. No Love Allowed 14. Lost In Paradise 15. Half of Me ANTI (2016) 1. Consideration (feat. SZA) 2. James Joint 3. Kiss It Better 4. Work (feat. Drake) 5. Desperado 6. Woo 7. Needed Me 8. Yeah, I Said It 9. Same Ol' Mistakes 10. Never Ending 11. Love On the Brain 12. Higher 13. Close to You 14. Goodnight Gotham 15. Pose 16. Sex With Me Collaborations/Non-Album 1. All of the Lights (with Kanye West) 2. American Oxygen 3. As Real As You and Me 4. Bad (with Wale) 5. Bad Girl (with Chris Brown) 6. Bitch Better Have My Money 7. Can't Remember to Forget You (with Shakira) 8. Contemplate (with Wale) 9. Dancing In the Dark 10. Famous (with Kanye West) 11. Fly (with Nicki Minaj) 12. FourFiveSeconds (with Kanye West & Paul McCartney) 13. Hatin' On the Club 14. Hotness (with Shontelle) 15. Just Be Happy 16. Live Your Life (with T.I) 17. Love the Way You Lie (with Eminem) 18. Nothing Is Promised 19. Princess of China (with Coldplay) 20. Redemption Song 21. Roll It (with J-Status) 22. Run This Town (with Jay-Z & Kanye West) 23. Sexuality 24. Sledgehammer 25. Take Care (with Drake) 26. The Monster (with Eminem) 27. This Is What You Came For (with Calvin Harris) 28. Too Good (with Drake) 29. Towards the Sun 30. Turn Up the Music (with Chris Brown) 31. Whipping My Hair 32. Who's That Chick (with David Guetta) PM FRIENDLY TRACKLIST: There are 147 songs so, good luck! Stole this tag-list from the Rated R-Megarate
  9. Okay so the section TANKED this week so let's gain some posts by starting this game a lot of sections have. Every day I'll name a song and all you have to do is rate it out of 10. 24 hours later I will tally up the results and over time we will create a list ranking her discography. Let's start with with her latest release: Telepathy Btw please tag more Xtina stans here!!
  10. Ok Basically this is copied from other sections. Every 24 hours (ish) I'll post a new random song for all of us to rate. I'll average out the scores before the next song is posted for an overall score out of 10. I'm the host but I'll also be rating the songs. Also seeing as we recently did the singles megarate this game will be (Mostly) non-singles. OTHER "RULES"/INFO Score the song from 0 to 10 You can use 0's as often as you like You can use ONE 11 per week starting on the Monday. 11's cannot be carried over if you don't use one in a particular week -- Use it or lose it You may use decimals but please only use one or two numbers after the decimal (I.e. .25, .5 or .75) Comments on each song are welcome but not mandatory Songs are being ranked according to their scores. The updated ranking is available when the most recent songs score is posted
  11. Mine: 1. CIRCUS 2. SHATTERED GLASS 3. UNUSUAL YOU 4. WOMANIZER 5. KILL THE LIGHTS 6. TELEPHONE (feat. Lady Gaga) 7. IF U SEEK AMY 8. BLUR 9. OUT FROM UNDER 10. LACE AND LEATHER (feat. Kesha) 11. MMM PAPI 12. AMNESIA 13. ABROAD (US/UK/JP/fan edition bonus track) 14. MANNEQUIN (UK/JP/fan edition bonus track) 15. TROUBLE (JP/fan edition bonus track) 16. RADAR (single mix) (fan edition bonus track) Ringleader Edition EP (fan edition reissue) 1. 3 2. DANGEROUS 3. PHONOGRAPHY 4. QUICKSAND (feat. Lady Gaga) 5. ROCK BOY 6. ROCK ME IN 7. TELEPHONE (feat. Lady Gaga & Beyoncé) 8. SWEET DREAMS (ARE MADE OF THIS) [feat. Marilyn Manson] 9. WOMANIZER (Digital Dog remix) 10. IF U SEEK AMY (Doug Grayson club mix)
  12. This will be an "unpopular opinions" type of thread. Let's spill some tea. For every album! Overrated: Underrated:
  13. Stolen from @Merryem do it here: I did it in less than 80 seconds I'M A LAMB DAHHHHLINGS! can goats like @Skyline and @Royale say the same?
  14. Every 1 - 2 Days, I will post a song from Britney's Discography and (BSides and Unreleased) and everyone will rate it from 0 (Worst) to 10 (Best). From the given ratings, I will calculate the average score received and begin to make a list ranking Britney's Discography! Current Song: Toxic: 10 Baby One More Time.. 9.93 Gimme More: 9.8 If U Seek Amy: 9.6 You Drive Me Crazy (The Stop Remix): 9.5 Slumber Party: 9.5 Unusual U: 9.4 Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know: 9.4 Someday (I Will Understand) : 9.3 Hold It Against Me: 9.3 Overprotected (DarkChild Remix): 9.1 Do You Wanna Come Over? : 9 Do Somethin': 9 The Hook Up: 8.9 Lonely : 8.8 3 : 8.7 Heaven on Earth: 8.6 Lucky: 8.5 I Wanna Go: 8.4 Mona Lisa: 8.2 Perfume: 8 Sometimes: 7.9 Toms Diner: 7.9 Don't Cry: 7.4 Pretty Girls: 5.1 Piece of Me: ? Album Rating : 9.1 8.9 9 9.4 9.2 9.5 8.9 7.7 9.3 Greatest Hits: 9 8.7 EP: 9.3 Singles: ? ? ? ? 5.1 7.9
  15. Game

    Ya'll already know how this goes but let me explain the basic rules just in case. With each vote please subtract 5 from your least favorite video and add 5 to your most favorite!! Ready? GO! ***Please wait TWO posts before voting again*** ***John Wayne has been included***
  16. March 2017 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 26 27 28 1 2 3 4 SNL: Troye Sivan SMAP X SMAP: ? iTunes Take-Over: Britney Spears CAL Tube Take-Over: ? Ellen: ? Alan Carr: ? Chinese Idol: Christina Milian X Factor USA:? The Voice USA: Britney Spears Rising Star (Brazil): Christina Milian X Factor UK: ? Le Grand Journal: ? Jimmy Fallon: Ali Ali The Voice Australia: Glass Animals SNL: ? 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 SMAP X SMAP: ? iTunes Take-Over:? CAL Tube Take-Over: ? Ellen: ? Alan Carr: Britney Spears Chinese Idol: ? X Factor USA: Troye Sivan The Voice USA: ? Rising Star (Brazil): Ariana Grande X Factor UK: Charli XCX Le Grand Journal: ? Paris Store Launch Performance Jimmy Fallon: ? The Voice Australia: ? SNL: ? 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 SMAP X SMAP: ? iTunes Take-Over:? CAL Tube Take-Over: ? Ellen: ? Alan Carr: ? Chinese Idol: ? X Factor USA:? The Voice USA: ? Rising Star (Brazil): Zendaya X Factor UK: ? Le Grand Journal: Troye Sivan Jimmy Fallon: Bella The Voice Australia: ? SNL: ? 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 SMAP X SMAP: ? iTunes Take-Over:? CAL Tube Take-Over: ? Ellen: ? Alan Carr: ? Chinese Idol: ? X Factor USA:? The Voice USA: ? Rising Star (Brazil): ? X Factor UK: ? Le Grand Journal: ? Jimmy Fallon: ? The Voice Australia: ? SUPER BOWL HALFTIME SHOW SNL: ? 26 27 28 29 30 31 1 SMAP X SMAP: ? LINDSAY LOHAN TAKE-OVER ALL WEEK iTunes Take-Over: Rihanna CAL Tube Take-Over: Rihanna Ellen: Lindsay Lohan Alan Carr: ? Chinese Idol: ? X Factor USA: Lindsay Lohan The Voice USA: ? Rising Star (Brazil): ? X Factor UK: ? Le Grand Journal: ? Jimmy Fallon: Lindsay Lohan The Voice Australia: ? © Calendarpedia® Data provided 'as is' without warranty MAGAZINES: Vogue- Rihanna Rolling Stone- Troye Sivan Elle- ? Time Magazine- ? Harper's Bazaar- Christina Milian V Magazine- ? Billboard Magazine- Maxence
  17. Since we can rate songs, we can rat our faves.You must rate 0-10, as you know and make sure your vote is see-able(im not even sure if thats a word abut whatever) Lets start with: Beyonce
  18. I don't want you all to underperform like this week so I tried to make easy questions! To forgetful people : Results shows will be the same day and hour as always (Sunday at 8PM UTC!) 1. Name an overrated Pop album of the past two years. 2. What's the most iconic moment in Taylor Swift's career ? 3. Which TV show do you think is overrated ? 4. Name a Katy Perry song that didn't reach #1 on iTunes US. 5. Name an artist whose music is perfect for when your heart gets broken. 6. What's the most beautiful city in the world ? 7. Name someone to win an MTV Video Vanguard Award. 8. If you could only listen to a Lana Del Rey song for the rest of your life, what would it be ? 9. If you had a time machine, would you go back in time or visit the future ? 10. Does Britney Spears deserve more grammys ?
  19. Let me know if you wanna be in the tag list! First song: