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  1. Performance

    Here to discuss about promotion and live performances of music.
  2. Stanning for the grossly underrated Dope  The gheys could never
  3. Dangerous Woman Omg this album is just so amazing my top 3 of 2016 tbh she could manage this era so well too, it's just a masterpiece grammy worthy Favorite Tracks: 1.Sometimes 2.Thinking Bout You 3.Everyday 4.Greedy 5.Moonlight Special Mention to: *Into You *Dangerous Woman I can't believe i slept over Moonlight and Greedy so much time omg they are so fucking good and nice single material (actually i doubt that they will be released at some point but who knows) Sometimes, Thinking Bout You and Everyday have been my favorite songs of the record since the album was released, i've never stopped loving these songs, and i'm glad that at least one of them (Everyday) could make it as single (Sometimes or TBY would've been better ) Into You is a fucking bop and Dangerous Woman was a good lead, tho another song would've been better Less Favorite Tracks: 1.Step On Up 2.Jason's song 3.Leave Me Lonely I don't even bother to listen these songs, they are bored, well sometimes just sometimes i bop at Step On Up but i'm glad it's just a bonus track after all Favorite Videos: 1.Into You 2.Dangerous Woman 3.Side to Side 4.Let Me Love You 5.Focus I know focus isn't part of the album at all (well it's a japanese bonus track) but i rank it anyway, i have to make clear that i like more the Dangerous Woman A Capella video than the oficial video, but it's still nice My singles choices would be like: 1.Into You 2.Dangerous Woman 3.Moonlight 4.Knew Better/Forever Boy 5.Side to Side 6.Everyday 7.Sometimes/Thinking Bout You Double Single I think that Into You as lead single would have been better recieved by the public more than Dangerous Woman was, but after the hype, Dangerous Woman would have been a good single choice, Moonlight maybe just a promo single because it's not that commercial but a good video would make it nice, Knew Better/Forever Boy is a bop!! slay mama, Side to Side returned her the hype because it's a fucking bop and that song was everywhere, Everyday because yes and Sometimes/Thinking Bout You double single/video to end the era Moonlight 9/10 Dangerous Woman 8/10 Be Alright 6/10 Into You 9/10 Side to Side 7/10 Let Me Love You 6/10 Greedy 10/10 Leave Me Lonely 5/10 Everyday 10/10 Sometimes 10/10 I Don't Care 6/10 Bad Decisions 8/10 Touch It 7/10 Knew Better/Forever Boy 8/10 Thinking Bout You 10/10 Step On Up 6/10 Jason's Song 4/10 ---------------------- Focus 8/10
  4. The final review sistrens. Thanks for making every thread a success to some degree! OVERALL - 73 on Lachlancritic --- FINAL ALBUM RANKING Ray of Light - 97 Bedtime Stories / Erotica - 90 Like a Prayer / Confessions on a Dancefloor - 88 Music – 85 True Blue - 79 American Life - 77 Madonna - 75 Like a Virgin – 74 Rebel Heart - 73 Hard Candy – 70 MDNA – 65
  5. Album

    Lemonade: Album Review WHEN WILL YOUR FAVE!!!!!!!!!!!! This album was the greatest piece of work since 21 in 2011 and that is saying alot because there were alot of good album since between that time period.Her vocals were great, the production was golden and i liked 95% of the album tracks. Upon its debut, i was confused about the album's concept. i couldnt figure out who she was talking to, and it wasnt until i looked on a review of it did i see she was referring to Jay-Z in most of the songs. My favorite part about Lemonade was how connected, how real Beyonce sounded. I think ever since 2011, Beyonce has managed to make her self more part of her music. You can see in self-titled and this album that she meant what she said. Lyrically, the album was amazing. I mean, i love lines like,"When he f*** me good i take his a** to red Lobsters" and "Show me your scars". Like i said, i never felt an album that was crafted so perfectly since Adele's 21. To deal with a man who cheats on you and make you cry is hard to make into an album without sounding repetitive and cheesy. Beyonce mastered that with this album and i appreciate it greatly. Highlights include Formation, which was the BOP of 2016 to be truthful. I never spent a week with out playing it at least once. Sorry, Sand Castles and hold Up were the tracks that really made me realize the meaning of the album; amazing songs they were. Lyrics:A+ Vocals:A Production:A Overall:A+(the very first album to receive an A+ from me)
  6. OVERALL - 59 on Liamcritic --- ALBUM RANKING Kylie Minogue - 92 Impossible Princess - 89 Body Language - 85 Fever - 81 Rhythm of Love - 73 Lets Get To It - 72 X/Light Years - 71 Kylie - 59 Enjoy Yourself - 58
  7. Review

    4 Ugh, i stan 4 so hard. Dance for You is now my favorite new track from it(i originally didnt stan it) and if Slaymonade wasnt released,it would still hold the title as my favorite album by Beyonce. I love how creative Beyonce was on this album. She had bops, ballads, sultry tunes and her voice was more, like, there, than her previous works.She stopped sounding shrilly around this era and her voice evened out, sounding whole and new. The music videos were, especcially Countdown and dance for you, were amazing. My favorite tracks were countdown, which she looked and sounded examplary, Love on Top, which was arguably the best vocal performance of her career. Vocal:A+ Production:A+ Lyrics:B Overall:A
  8. Mariah Carey: Album Review Ever since i heard this album, it became hard not to like the debut albums by singers. Mariah composed this album so beautifully! The vocals, the production, the lyrics and the beats were outstanding, especially for a 20 year old at the time. Her innocent image,masterful voice and the maturity in her music was new for me, even though i was almost 12 when i first heard this album. Lyrically, the album went in the usual topics: love, wanting, losing a bae etc. It was good to see her sing songs that were relatable to others. She sounded at her peak, swooping, growling and soar with a voice that was almost unparrelled in music. To be honest, it is one of the best debuts by a female singer of all time, as few female artists, or artist in general, are able to make a flawless album like this. Highlights were Vision of Love, which contained soul and r&b sounds that i think made Mariah different from almost every new artist that was breaking out at the time. More were I dont Wanna Cry, Love take time which is my favorite song by Mimi off that album. it was a combination of extremely powerful vocals, nostalgic lyrics and a rhythm that was so memorable, i played it time and time again before going on to the next tack.However, there is one track i didnt like much. It was just so boring, i felt as if i were a person with power over this album's making, i would make Mariah put it on Emotions as it would have fit better on that album. Vocals:A+ Production:A- Lyrics:A- Overall:A
  10. Lady GagaEarly Contender For: Song of the Year Joanne was not as rapturously received as Team Gaga might have hoped, but a well-reviewed Super Bowl halftime show performance has turned the touching ballad "Million Reasons" into the album's first Top 10 entry. If "Reasons" picks up some radio play and morphs into the "Someone Like You" of Gaga's catalog, expect a songwriting nod at next year's Grammys ceremony. they had to be shady fucks again anyway, Million Grammys indeed
  11. Review

    24k Magic So this boy makes us wait some four years, with a nuisance of a single during that time, performing at Superbowls, and gives us 9 tracks of playboy music. I CANNOT. And to thin i was HYPE for this. Well, let me not exaggerate, i bop the hell out of the album and the songs are like he's having sex. But besides that, its a piece of material that i wonder if the hype was worth for. The entire album was like Bruno had a girl in a room and sang while he and her did it. When he released the lead single, i kind of had a idea of how the album would sound like so it wasnt confused when he dropped it. Overall, the album has a good sound to it and it was one of the few albums i took to listening as soon as it was released. His voice was outstanding as usual, using his full range and it fit perfectly with the late 80s/90s sound. It sounded more influenced by R&B and hip-hop than his last works; i heard some Boyz ll Men and Michael Jackson in it. The lyrics were to me, not so bad; they are sex songs thtas why im not so used to them. The production was great. Some highlights were Perm, which i almost fainted over thats how much sex was in it. Another was Versace On the Floor was another great track. It was slow and smooth and something i want more from Bruno.Too Good to Say Goodbye was also another highlight. It didnt sound like the rest of the album and he didnt really sound connected to it, but the sound was sweet and at times, reminded me of his previous ballads. Overall, the album was a good album and i would mind if Bruno made another album like it again. Production:A- Lyrics:B- Vocals:A Overall:B+
  12. Here I am to review Aphrodite finally. This is the last album review I need to do for Legend K 1) All The Lovers - A fantastic song, lead, and opening track. It has outstanding production and flow. It's just an overall happy and well made song. One of only two 10/10's I'll be giving on this album. Unfortunately this is basically where the album peaks though. 2) Get Outta My Way - More like Get Outta My SLAY. This song is underrated and hated on too much I think. It was a good choice as a single and I think it has excellent production and lyrics too 8.75/10 3) Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love) - A cute song but it's absolutely filler. The production is okay but it's kind of just there on the album I think. No idea why it was chosen as a single either. Though it barely was a single 6/10 4) Closer - A grower for me. It has pretty good production and flow. Lyrics lack a little though. Overall it's not bad 7.5/10 5) Everything Is Beautiful - This song is soooo underrated. It really is a beautiful song. It has lovely production and flows so nicely. I LOVE the Piano in the song. The perfect cute Kylie bop 9/10 6) Aphrodite - A good title track and encompasses the album well. I like the stomp production of the track and the chorus is a wig snatching event for sure 8/10 7) Illusion - This is a FANTASTIC song. It has some of the strongest production on the entire album and I really like the theme of the song as well. The albums second and final 10/10 8) Better Than Today - A cute song and I think it's hated on a little too much. Another cute Kylie bop with good flow 7.75/10 9) Too Much - This song actually took forever to grow on me but now I think it kind of slays. The powerful intro is great and the pre chorus builds up into a wig snatching chorus. It is a little overproduced but it's still a good song 8.25/10 10) Cupid Boy - I used to think this song was pretty good but it's actually kind of trash. It's just boring overall I think The whole song just kind of falls flat for me. The song is also too fucking long 5.75/10 11) Looking For An Angel - A very cute bop. I love the intro to the song. However the song lacks lyrically especially in the chorus. I do enjoy this song though 7.25/10 12) Can't Beat The Feeling - A great song. It's a total bop and the production is very good. The chorus is definitely the best part of the song and I love how the song flows too. Another great Kylie bop 8.5/10 Overall I think this album is a bit overrated and it's overproduced in some places. However I do think this is one of her most cohesive sounding albums overall. If you take it for what it is it's a very enjoyable album and very Kylie Overall Score - 96.75/120 (80.62/100)
  13. Mine went well. Yours?
  14. Kehlani - SweetSexySavage

    KEHLANI - SWEETSEXYSAVAGE (REVIEW) For my first review, i wanted to do an album i had heard a lot about but never gotten into, and SweetSexySavage came to mind. So these are my personal thoughts. Hope y'all like! REVIEW: Intro - 7/10 - I've never heard an album open like this. It's interesting to me and I like when an artist does something very new. Already I'm pretty impressed, I hope the tracks come THROUGH. But, it was just spoken word and not really a track, so I cannot score it that high. I'm really into the lines "The truth is that I'm a super woman / and some days I'm a angry woman / some days I'm a crazy woman". Keep On - 7/10 - Oop with this beat already I now it's gonna be a BAWP. Ooo I like her voice a lot. This is really cool and sleek, she sounds amazing. I really liked the piano sort-of-thing at the end, it added a cool touch. Overall, this isn't quite a track I enjoy, but I don't see myself being obsessed with it. It is a good way to open the album musically though. The topic is also cute that it's written about. Distraction - 10/10 - Ohmygod that harmony, my WIG. Okay, I am really into this. Yep, I'll be really into this one. It's really a bop and the vocals are stunning with the harmonies. The verses. Ugh this PRECHORUS. I'm loving this so much damn. I think it's part the beat, and these amazing harmonies going on. Whew this bridge. I really like this one, it's definitely a step up from Keep On, I will be obsessed with this. Piece Of Mind - 6/10 - Okay this harp sound I'm loving. It's really cute, the vocals are done really well. I am into this beat, I can see it playing at a summer resort or soemthing relax people or atleast that's the vibe I'm getting. Ugh these NOTES she is hitting. Wasn't too memorable to me or makes me want to listen again though and that's what I like about songs. I want them to pull me back and make we want to listen again. I think this one could be more of a grower though. Undercover - 9/10 - Okay this album has some amazing opening instrumental. Wow that transition, that's some slayage. I once again am really into this. This chorus better pull through. When I first thought about reviewing this album, this was the sound I was expecting, and I am loving it. Whew I really liked that. Also, that ending was amazing, I love the overall production this track, and overall it's something I will come back to. CRZY - 7/10 - I think this was the lead single? So I'm ready for this to bop. It's a cute bop, but nothing to call home about. Yeah, it's really cute and the production is well done, but I don't know if I'm too into this one. I think it was a good single choice, but I don't know if it'll stick with me. Personal - 6.5/10 - Already, this intro has me slayed. Another great one. I liked the chorus quite a bit, very relaxing track and I like the lyrics. I think the production as well done as well. I think it's cute, and something that will have to grow on me. But it will get stuck in my head. Not Used To It - 6/10 - I like the production and how the vocals are done. She sounds stunning. I like the lyrics, they are something I haven't heard any of my fave sing about. Not quite memorable though. Everything Is Yours - 7.5/10 - Anther beautiful relaxing track. The production is just stunning and so is her voice. Something that I'll be enjoying in the next couple days. These harmonies on this album though. Whew. Advice - 9/10 - Oh I'm already into this. The chords and her voice has my wig on threads. This track is also stunning lyrically. Ugh I will also be enjoying this. I love the simple production and how her voice carries it. A great song. Do U Dirty - 6/10 - A little too forgettable. The production is interesting, and it has stellar vocals, but I feel like I've heard it before on the album. I don't know if I would ever return to it though. Escape - 10/10 - Now this track is such a step up from the last one. It has a great beat and I love the lyrics. One of my new faves, really into this one. I will definitely listening to this one after I finish the album, it is a qualitea track. Too Much - 10/10 - This already sounds really good. I'm still recovering from Escape and this has my wig still flying. I am digging this production, it's something new to the album. That choppy talk in the pre-chorus sounds amazing. Ohmygod this bridge, I am LOVING this. I will be bopping to this so much. It sounds so good, I need to hear this instrumental. Overall, a real highlight of the album. Not quite into the lyrics, but everything else is true slayage. Get Like - 9/10 - Once again, this is a SONG. I can so see myself bopping to these, I love this chorus, it's simple but something I can enjoy. It's gonna be a good song to clam me down, I will be listening to this track a lot I am already thinking. In My Feelings - 7/10 - Okay, we're back to a bop. A really sleek track, I am enjoying it quite a bit. I am living for this pre-chorus though, it sounds so good. I think it is a little forgettable though, but I still like it nonetheless, I think it'll have to grow on me. Hold Me By The Heart - 8/10 - I am already loving the title, and whew this guitar. I like the track because it's so different than what I've been hearing. Ok tbh, she is already the queen of pre-chorus, these buildups are just snatching. I am loving how toned down it is, and it is a good way to almost close the album. THAT NOTE SHE JUST HELD MY WIG. MY POOR WIG. Oop that just added an extra point. Thank You - 8/10 - I like this title to close the album, I like the production already as well. This is a really cute closer, these lyrics are so cute and I can feel the emotion. I am really like this as the closer, really good choice. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OVERALL: 133/170 or 78% FINAL THOUGHTS: I really enjoyed this album, I think there where a couple fillers/ forgettable tracks which I feel where what brought the album down. But, the album is well done and I like it a lot. Tracks like Distraction, Too Much, and Get Like are such highlights and amazing track and I live for them. I get why people love her so much, she is phenomenal and I am excited to see what she does next. I have never been a large fan of R&B music, and this album has changed my stance on it. I think this an amazing album, and something people should try. Also that coverart. my WIG.
  15. Review

    Oop! OVERALL – 65 on Lachlancritic --- ALBUM RANKING SO FAR Ray of Light - 97 Bedtime Stories / Erotica - 90 Like a Prayer / Confessions on a Dancefloor - 88 Music – 85 True Blue - 79 American Life - 77 Madonna - 75 Like a Virgin – 74 Hard Candy – 70 MDNA - 65
  16. OVERALL - 88 on Lachlancritic --- ALBUM RANKING SO FAR Ray of Light - 97 Bedtime Stories / Erotica - 90 Like a Prayer / Confessions on a Dancefloor - 88 Music - 85 True Blue - 79 American Life - 77 Madonna - 75 Like a Virgin - 74
  17. Rhythm of Love (1990) Better The Devil You Know 10/10 Step Back In Time 8/10 What Do I Have To Do? 10/10 Secrets 7/10 Always Find The Time 6/10 The World Still Turns 6/10 Shocked 8/10 One Boy Girl 8/10 Things Can Only Get Better 7/10 Count The Days 6/10 Rhythm of Love 4/10 73/100 Lets Get To It (1991) Word Is Out 9/10 Give Me Just A Little More Time 7/10 Too Much of a Good Thing 9/10 Finer Feelings 8/10 If You Were With Me Now 4/10 Let's Get To It 6/10 Right Here, Right Now 10/10 Live and Learn 6/10 No World Without You 5/10 I Guess I Like It Like That 8/10 72/100 Kylie Minogue (1994) Confide In Me 10/10 Surrender 9/10 If I Was Your Lover 7/10 Where Is The Feeling 10/10 Put Yourself In My Place 10/10 Dangerous Game 9/10 Automatic Love 9/10 Where Has The Love Gone? 10/10 Falling 10/10 Time Will Pass You By 8/10 92/100 Impossible Princess (1997) Too Far 10/10 Cowboy Style 8/10 Some Kind of Bliss 7/10 Did It Again 9/10 Breathe 9/10 Say Hey 10/10 Drunk 10/10 I Don’t Need Anyone 6/10 Jump 10/10 Limbo 8/10 Through The Years 10/10 Dreams 10/10 89/100 Light Years (2000) Spinning Around 9/10 On A Night Like This 10/10 So Now Goodbye 8/10 Disco Down 7/10 Loveboat 8/10 Koocachoo 6/10 Your Disco Needs You 7/10 Please Stay 4/10 Bittersweet Goodbye 4/10 Butterfly 9/10 Under The Influence of Love 6/10 I’m So High 7/10 Kids 5/10 Light Years 10/10 71/100 Fever (2002) More, More, More 7/10 Love At First Sight 10/10 Can't Get You Out of My Head 10/10 Fever 9/10 Give It To Me 4/10 Fragile 8/10 Come Into My World 10/10 In Your Eyes 10/10 Dancefloor 5/10 Love Affair 10/10 Your Love 6/10 Burning Up 8/10 81/100 Body Language (2004) Slow 10/10 Still Standing 10/10 Secret (Take You Home) 6/10 Promises 7/10 Sweet Music 9/10 Red Blooded Woman 9/10 Chocolate 10/10 Obsession 5/10 I Feel For U 8/10 Someday 10/10 Loving Days 9/10 After Dark 9/10 85/100 X (2007) 2 Hearts 9/10 Like A Drug 6/10 In My Arms 10/10 Speakerphone 7/10 Sensitized 9/10 Heart Beat Rock 8/10 The One 10/10 No More Rain 8/10 All I See 5/10 Stars 5/10 Wow 10/10 Nu-di-ty 2/10 Cosmic 3/10 71/100
  18. In my opinion, the most popular albums this decade are: Prism Beyonce 25 21 1989 Red Lemonade The Fame Purpose Beauty Behind the Madness And more. I will be posting there top 10 runs here. If you have and album request, i can fit that in too.
  19. It's not one of her best albums; get over it. OVERALL - 77 on Lachlancritic --- ALBUM RANKING SO FAR Ray of Light - 97 Bedtime Stories / Erotica - 90 Like a Prayer - 88 Music - 85 True Blue - 79 American Life - 77 Madonna - 75 Like a Virgin - 74
  20. Let's get #controversial! OVERALL - 70 on Lachlancritic Honestly, I really don't hate this album? It's clearly not her best but it has some really strong songs on there. The main issue is that there's also a few middling songs as well that drag it's score down. ALBUM RANKING SO FAR Ray of Light - 97 Bedtime Stories / Erotica - 90 Like a Prayer / Confessions on a Dancefloor - 88 Music – 85 True Blue - 79 American Life - 77 Madonna - 75 Like a Virgin – 74 Hard Candy – 70
  21. Adele has 9 Rolling in the Deep-8x Platinum Send My Love(to Your New Lover)-Platinum When We Were Young-Platinum Skyfall-Platinum Rumor Has It-2x Platinum Set Fire to the Rain-4x Platinum Hello-7x Platinum Someone Like You-5x Platinum Chasing Pavements-Platinum
  22. Review

    How to become one of the most desired musicians in the industry without releasing your own album? Ask Sampha. Since 2010 this man produced and remixed dozens of innovative and progressive tracks. His distinctive, sweet, but momentous voice features on longplays of such artists as Kanye, Frank, Beyoncé, Solange and Drake. Nevertheless, his solo work is relatively small. The truth is that he made us wait more than six years and finally this waiting period is rewarded with a surplus. Sampha took an opportunity to make his debut under Young Turks label (The XX, fka Twigs, SBTRKT and more) – the creative process was quite long but sometimes you just need to grow it. I would like to recommend this album to all the people who enjoy modern soul and r&b music and music of artists mentioned by me in this review. Give it a chance, it's really good!