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Reincarnation Directory [All Characters + All Updates + Weaponry & Training Blog]

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Please don't post in this thread. If u have questions or additions contact me outside of this thread please.

This is meant to be just a place where all the information can be put together and organized so everyone including me can view/reach it easily.






All Updates:

Update #1 Chapter One

Update #2  Fallen Angel

National News Station Report #1

Update #3 The Spell is Brewing: Part 1

Update #4  The Spell is Brewing: Part 2

Update #5 The Spell is Complete!




Reincarnation on the Side Episodes:

Episode #1 [w/ guest Babydoll]

Episode #2 [w/ guest Lobo ft Hannah., Honey, & #Music]

Episode #3 [w/ guest Frankgutz]




Map of Scelustopia | History of Scelustopia P1



All Characters

Press on the character to learn more about them.



Playable Characters

2883c6d061.png 2883d44779.png 28845874e1.png 1b3f24db83.png 1b3f26fb5e.png

 28849e106d.png 1b3f227bcf.png 288484222e.png  290a42c10a.png

288441930f.png 2884e7c018.png 2884f30512.png 28838372a1.png 28846e7375.png




Non-Playable Characters

290a2f0e77.png 290a21346e.png 290a77f556.png 290aa57c00.png 2883bc7bb2.png 290a3bcb50.png

290a55978c.png 290a7b3ac7.png 290a98ef1a.png  290a76fe7e.png 2884887e95.png

  291f1b66be.png 290a9afd1c.png 2650f07be9.png 2883b69b59.png



Non-Playable Guest Circus Characters

263ae2004c.png 263aea1114.png 263b5788b4.png 263b22c2c3.png 263aee39ea.png 

263b5d9853.png 263b2ee04d.png




Dead Characters

 288463bed2.png 290a7465ce.png


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Weaponry & Training Blog











19, Oct, 2016



People that bought weapons:

- Dolly (@Vertigo-go) - Butcher's Knife + Hunting Rifle

- Shonna (@frankgutz) - Samurai Sword + Hunting Rifle

- The Stringman (@Ryan Zamolodchikova) - Hunting Rifle

- Emily (@SANDCASTLES) - 

- Nate (@QUINN) - 1 Small Handgun  + 1 Ninja Blade





28, Oct, 2016


People that Bought Weapons:


- Tweety the Clown @Kirjava - Butcher's Knife +  Poison + Hunting Rifle

- Li (@Nocturn) -Hunting Rifle












19, Oct, 2016


People booked for training lessons are:

- Emily (@SANDCASTLES) - Shooting Lessons

- Shonna (@frankgutz) Shooting Lessons



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PM Notifications Section:

If you receive a tag here please check your PM asap and respond, to make this game go as smooth as possible.






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