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On October 25, 2016 at 7:05 PM, Joanne said:


Club: Terminal Five in New York City


Performance Setlist: 
1. Water Under the Bridge (Adele Cover)
2. Fighter (Christina Aguilera Cover)
3. Sweetest Desire




This outfit is her most Halloween based off the outfits and certainly set the scene of the night. With her new more traditional era this club appearance is certainly the most ARTPOP as she will be going but that doesn't mean she can't pull it off. The star wore sleek purple makeup to give her face an alien touch with the spiderweb leggings, shiny purple gown and shocking Skeleton heels. For this section her hair was also in a curly fashion like seen in her in real life V Magazine photoshoot. The purpose behind this outfit was to present her as shocking and exciting during the slow song choice which was a cover of Adele's Water Under the Bridg.  



This outfit was wormed by Selena when she performed her cover of Fighter by Christina Aguilera. To accompany her yoga pants covered by a large black latex jacket the star wore very thick dark makeup include nearly black colored purple lipstick and fiery eyeliner. Her eyes were designed to match her racy flaming heels. Her dancers for this section wore similar makeup only their wake had orange flame styled tips and wore sexy black jumpsuits that typically are worn on men in exercising Photoshoots.  The purpose of this outfit was to give her an very unusual and sexy look showing off her sleek curves to the energetic and empowering song. The star appeared both elegant and fierce in the outfit which perfectly mixed with this song. 



With the performance of her brand new lead single Sweetest Desire came perhaps Selena’s sexiest outfit to date. The hot red one piece that show off her slim curves was accompanied by very sleek tan makeup, and various gold jewelry and small shoes to give very seductive look to her as she sang the anthemic new single. This outfit was mainly inspired by Ariana Grande’s one in the Side to Side video and was designed exclusively by the singer, showing her creative input on this appearance. 





For this club performance the star was fairly simplistic in design. In consisted in a full orchestra around the edges of the half circular stage. Amongst the orchestra we're various fake haunted trees with red lighting to give this appearance a very Halloween vibe to it, making the performance thicken in its coherence. In the center of the half circle consisted of a mini half circle of old mirrors that had black speckles on them to give a rustic look. The spotlight shines in that center area as the orchestra slowly played an extended edition of the intro to Adele's Water Under the Bridge. Slowly from beneath the stage Selena raised up slowly in her creepy and fancy outfit to sing a cover of this fan favorite song. As she began to sing the area between her and the orchestra shines bright red and blue laser lights in a half circle format to the ceiling in a similar way to Zayn’s Like I Would music video. During the performance she sang song perfectly with the right tone and pitch. The performance didn't consist of any dancing however the star walked around slowly and looked at the crowd happily, imitating this technique that is typically used by Beyonce when performing slow tempo songs in concert. However one surprising elegant was included in the performance that wasn't expected. The stage exploded with falling leaves in a confetti style during the songs final chorus while the trees started to sway from side to side. At this part Selena stood still in front of her mic stand singing as she put her arms out to the side in a Christ style format giving her a godly look. The stage then turned dark as only a bright spotlight shining from behind Selena could be seen. A slow saxophone jazz interlude then played as the orchestra, trees and leaves were removed leaving the stage empty. After this interlude the stage light up with various orange and red laser lights as Selena arrived back on stage with her dancers in outfits previously explained in the costume section. At this point the best for Christina Aguilera’s Fighter began as Selena began to sing. The choreography used contained a similar leg slapping skip to Ariana Grande’s Focus choreography. It also include lots of hip movement in a Lady Gaga Born this Way style giving a very energetic performance to the wildly dressed star. At the final pre chorus before she crashed in the chorus with a falsetto the stage exploded with flames giving a subtle and shocking appearance to the cover performance. Then during the final chorus she belted the notes while down on her knees going quite crazy with the song. The. The stage turned black as a large box style set like Jennifer Lopez’s for her AMA performance of Booty was brought on stage as Selena did a costume change. The star then returned with a bunch of similarly dressed dancers who has darker makeup on a their hair in marching ponytails. During this performance of her new Sweetest Dreams the star used a sexy choreography in the lighting similar to that same references AMA performance of Booty. This gave a shocking appearance to the visuals as the censors and such gave a shocking vibe to the star as she energetically sang the song. For the final chorus  she and the dancers all danced around a set of poles that rises from under the stage while the stage exploded with black confetti that had “QUEEN” written on it in white font. The star then bowed for the crowd before exiting the venue.





Party Location: Cairnwood Estate in PA, USA 


Decorations Used:


Set-Up Description:

As far as the food set up the star consisted of cute designed Halloween foods with various arrangements seen in the decorations image above. The entire event consisted of very traditional and simple decorations making it more feel like a fall or Thanksgiving party however she made sure to include some special effects to give it a Halloween feel. The curling appeared like the Great Hall from Harry Potter during Halloween as she hung fake candles from it and covered the ceiling in a shocking sky like way giving a haunting feeling. She also had a bar manned by Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen which keep the visitors entertained with his comedy and refreshed by the ghoulish cocktails. The tables included a cover on them that was a black spider web design with purple emblems on it giving a shocking and beautiful look overall to the party.


Halloween Party Playlist:
Thriller by Michael Jackson 
Monster Mash by Bobby Pickett 
Sally’s Song by Catherine O’Hara
This is Halloween by Marilyn Manson
Dead Man's Party by Oingo Boingo
Highway to Hell by ACDC
A Nightmare on My Street by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
Time Warp by The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Somebody's Watching Me by Rockwell
The Monster ft Rihanna by Eminem 
Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr.
Demons by Imagine Dragons
Sweetest Dreams by Selena Gomez
Flirtatious by Selena Gomez (Not Yet Released Album Track)


Why the playlist was appropriate for the party:

This playlist clearly fit the party due to it including all songs with direct references to Halloween influences such as ghosts and zombies and also including singers by the hostess of the party. These various songs are amongst the most popular of those used for Halloween parties which is sure to entertain her high profile crowd that typically wouldn't listen to the Jazz and country rock that the star is typical interested. They will help keep the party more interesting and upbeat within the more traditional and conservative decorations at the party. 



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PART #1: Halloween Club Performance


The venue chosen for Kylie’s Halloween performance is Playhouse Nightclub in Hollywood, Los Angeles. The reason Kylie chose this particular nightclub, is because it’s close to her hometown of Calabasas and because she used to go out there when she was younger, sneaking out and using her fame to get in there. She has some special memories there. About the venue: the Playhouse Nightclub has rightfully gained its title as one of the hottest nightclubs in Hollywood. The venue is built inside an old converted theater (also a reason why it has been chosen for this Halloween performance) and offers a sophisticated setting for any event or a great night out. A lot of famous people used to party there, people like Rihanna & Justin Bieber.


Setlist: 45 minutes.
1. ORANGE (Boss)
2. Abandoned by Love (Ariana Grande cover)
3. RED (Ride or Die, ft. Tyga)
4. WHITE (How Could You Know?)
5. The World Was Nearly Mine (Lady Gaga cover)


The performance & worn outfits:


The stage is set up at the main stage of the Playhouse Nightclub, and looks like the stage Ariana Grande used for her Halloween performance at iHeart Radio. The stage has a “graveyard” vibe, with in the background a haunted house. Here’s a picture:


Afbeeldingsresultaat voor ariana grande halloween iheart stage

In the middle of the stage, there’s a big cauldron, with smoke coming out of the cauldron. Three girls, dressed as witches (Jordyn Woods, Kendall Jenner & Hailey Baldwin), with big hats and wearing capes, come out. They walk to the cauldron really swiftly, start waving with their wands and start saying a poem, but pronounce it like an evil spell: “Reality shows and make up, she can do it all, will she be the next queen taking a fall? We don’t know, we don’t care, ‘cause she’s the only person catching our stare.  A little lie, a little shade, is it the fame that will ever fade? Not tonight, no, not tonight, tonight’s she’s praised for her will to fight. Here, following her dreams, we present to you, the fiercest of us queens: Kylie Jenner!” The lights starts going on and off, and there’s a lot more smoking coming on the stage. The cauldron opens and a person steps out, dressed in a dark, black cape, with the cap over its head. “A boss is not only a boss in work. A boss is a fierce person, who knows what they want and fight for it”, the hooded person speaks, “and tonight I’ll show you how much I’ve fought.” Two female dancers come on stage and the person spreads its arms. The female dancers take off the persons cape and hood, and Kylie Jenner appears, taking a fierce pose. Kylie and the female dancers wear this outfit (by Versace), this make up and this hair, but Kylie has black hair, and one of the female dancers is blonde and the other is brown haired.




Afbeeldingsresultaat voor dark angel costumeAfbeeldingsresultaat voor dark angel make up









The music starts playing and Kylie starts singing. She is singing live, and you can tell she’s a little bit nervous, but after the has sung the first two lines, she’s getting more comfortable. She is walking the stage from left to right, taking fierce poses and being a little flirty to the audience. When the chorus kicks in, she moves back to the center of the stage and starts dancing the choreography, that belongs to the chorus. She’s not doing all of the choreography, because she can’t dance and sing at the same time, but she’s doing her best and the parts that she’s doing, are okay. After the chorus, she moves to the front of the stage, and sits on the edge of the stage, singing the next verse. The female dancers are still dancing, but Kylie is singing, making fierce poses, like rolling her eyes and putting her legs on each other, making eye contact with the public. After the verse is done, she stands up, sexy, with her ass dropped back and turns her back to the public, singing the chorus again, while showing some sexy moves, like grinding and twerking. It’s time for the bridge, and Kylie grabs the hands of her female dancers, puts them in the air, while singing. And during the last time she sings the chorus, she starts jumping around with her female dancers. The song quits, and she’s taking the same pose with the girls as in the music video.

After the song ended, Kylie blows kisses to the audience and the female dancers are leaving the stage. Kylie goes to the front and plays with her ponytail. She then starts a speech, telling a little story: “A long time ago, before girls should be feeling like bosses, there was a little, little girl. She was beautiful, nothing was wrong with her, but some old demons told her she was ugly. At the age of fourteen, she had her first boyfriend, but he broke up with her, because he didn’t like to kiss her. She had ugly lips. The demons told her she could do something about those lips, and told her to meet with an old witch.” A picture of Kris Jenner, with heavy Halloween make up and a witch hat on, appears on the screens. From the audience, you can hear Kris Jenner laughing and screaming: “I will get you on that one, Kylie!” Kylie smiles and goes on with her story. “The old witch told her she could do two things: she could love herself and accept those lips, or she could use a mean spell on them. It would change her…forever. She chose for the spell, because she felt like a little magic could help her. Her confidence grew, but she was still alone…she felt…abandoned by love.” A piano starts playing in the back and Kylie closes her eyes, starting the “Abandoned by Love” cover, originally sung by Ariana Grande. The cover is acoustic, so the only thing you hear is the piano and Kylie singing. You can tell there is a vunerable vibe, and Kylie seems to feel a little nervous, because you can hear every part of her voice. If she makes a mistake right now, it’ll be immediatley heard.

After she finished the “Abandoned by Love” cover, she winks to the public. Another short speech is coming on: “But the witch seemed to be a sweet and loving fairy godmother” A picture of Kris Jenner in a fairy costume, slightly drunk, appears on the screens and even has Kylie a little laughing “She used a love spell and then she found…her ride or die” Urban music starts playing, and Tyga comes on stage, followed by the two female dancers. Tyga takes the stage, rapping, and wearing some red joggers, a gold chain and a wizard hat, while Kylie and the dancers do a choreography in the back. After Tyga’s verse, Kylie takes the stage again and the female dancers come up with some kind of throne, made out of plastic, but it looks like it’s really heavy. Kylie starts singing her verse, and Tyga is watching her, while sitting on his throne. The female dancers are dancing on both sides of the throne. After the second time Kylie sung the chorus, Tyga stands up and looks at her, while there is a dancing breakdown, on the beat of “ORANGE (Boss)”. After the dancing break down is over, Kylie finished the song and leaves the stage, while Tyga is still rapping his verse. After his verse is over, he also leaves the stage and a big screen is going down, showing the “ORANGE (Boss)” video, with guest appereances from Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, Justine Skye, Jordyn Woods, Tyga and Don Benjamin.

While the big screen is down, the stage is being changed. The whole “haunted house” stage is gone and the only thing on the stage right now is a white piano, and a lot of white smoke on the stage. The stage looks like the stage Lady Gaga used for her “Do What You Want” performance at Alan Carr, but the only thing different is that there are still gravestones on the stage and that the person at the piano is not Lady Gaga, but a man, dressed like Rick Genest.





Kylie gets back on stage again, and starts walking to the piano. She hops on it, but she is wearing a totally different outfit then before. She is wearing this outfit, by Balenciaga, and she has the same make up and wig on as the girl in the picture.



Afbeeldingsresultaat voor sexy ghost outfit


Without any announcement, she starts singing the song “WHITE (How Could You Know?)” This is a song about the dark side of her fame and the fame her family gained. It’s a sad ballad about how she wants to get away from all those things, from the cameras, to be with the persons she loves. The song is also about how she hates the press and the paparazzi, but she can’t really blame them, because it’s their job and they don’t know how she feels. Still she hates them and that she is the only one to blame. The song has some deep piano vibes and again, Kylie is very vunerable and fragile. She looks at the audience, but she’s not playing with them, she’s serving the real her. She even sheds a tear, and slowly wipes it away with her finger at the end of the song, and smiles while the person who plays the piano is finishing the song. Kylie hops off the piano and comes to the front of the stage.


She starts a thanking speech: “I wanna thank my beautiful family and in particular my mother Kris Jenner, my beautiful sister Kendall Jenner and my sister Khloe for being her today. I also wanna thank Atlantic Records for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to follow my dreams. I wanna thank the beautiful Ariana Grande, I had so much fun when I saw you last week in the club, we should party more! But there is one particular person I want to thank…” Kylie takes a short break and breathes in deeply. “I know it’s a cliché, but I wanna thank Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga taught me to love myself for who I am and taught me to follow my dreams. She is my inspiration and to honor her, I want to sing my favorite song from her…and here it is, “The World Was Nearly Mine!”” Kylie Jenner starts the performance, she is joined by some guitarists and a drummer, so the music is live. A lot of confetti and balloons are blown into the air at the end of the song. After she sung this song, Kylie leaves the stage with the words: “And I wanna thank you! If you’re on you’re way out, don’t forget to grab a discount voucher at the end. It’ll give you 25% discount on a purchase on my Kyliecosmetics site. Good night!” She waves to the audience, stops at some of the persons in the audience to take some pictures, and then leaves backstage.








Part #2-A: Halloween Costume


Name of the custume:
“Witch Queen of the Sea by Kylie Jenner”

Price of costume:
The costume comes in two packages. It comes with the dress only, which is $40,- and with a “Kylie super VIP” package, with everything included to create the ultimate “Witch Queen of the Sea” look. That’s $150,-.

The “normal” package: a black dress, with tentacles at the end of the dress, made out of leather, and a golden seashell necklace.
The “Kylie Super VIP” package: a black dress, with tentacles at the end of the dress, made out of leather, a golden seashell necklace, a mermaid wig and a Kyliecosmetics “Ursula Make up Kit”, which includes the new lip kit “Ursula”, a blue foundation, brow products, eyeshadow and Kyliners.




With the Kylie Make Up Kit, you’ll be able to create this “Ursula” look. You can also see the wig and the seashell necklace here.



The dress looks like this, but is tighter on the body and completely made out of leather.





Special credits to @Hannah. & @CHANEL #1 for letting Kylie use their songs!



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Okay I decided to post my last weeks entry! ny9 

(caution: the festivities in here might be a bit too much, proceed with careeve1






















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Let me wait and see how tragic my score is this week before posting my entry tbh!



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On October 31, 2016 at 9:43 PM, Joanne said:





Released on November 5th 2016


With the release of “Second Chances” came a documentary about the creation of the album which was shot and aired by HBO on the weekend of the album release. Live aired precisely at 7:30 pm Eastern documentary was put out at the perfect time to reach the maximum amount of viewers. The star hyped it up the 24 hours in advance with electronic billboards, YouTube ads and a social media takeover. The stars documentary is certainly a great promotional outlet for her to promote her brand new album Second Chances which tells a love story that is very deep and personal to the singer. This very acoustic song that mixes alternative, indie pop, R&B and soft rock into a very mellow and soothing album that also includes climatic tracks like her lead single Sweetest Dreams and her sexy dance track Flirtatious. Overall the documentary captured the simplistic and fun side of Selena as she created her brand new debut record with her producers. As far as the visuals go it is mainly very sleek looks that match her album campaign visuals. Mainly the outfits were modern takes on older styles that you can see in various photoshoots from this era. They include checkered outfits, black skirts, a cute black hat and more. Her producers with include Selena herself alongside Ryan Tedder, Max Martin, Mattman & Robin, Danny D, and Hit-Boy featured in it as well as additional writers Isabella Summers and Paul Epworth. The film also includes famous up and coming designer Brandon V Maxwell, various cameramen from the Atlantic Records recording team and most excitingly Miss Kim Kardashian herself who attended Selena’s Halloween club appearance and met her in the studio while writing Kiss & Tell to some cocktails. When purchasing the DVD it includes a photoshoot booklet, a visual story book on the film, a “Second Chances” wristband, a copy of both the documentary and the album as well as a sticker of the “Sweetest Desire” cover artwork. In Target the star has also sold an exclusive six hundred signed copies that include a golden wristband which can be traded in to the include address for two free tickets to her world tour for this album. Read below to get a further look at the film. 




The film starts out with a very unfocused black and white clip of Selena in a long black Versace gown walking towards a toward and only her thin sexy silhouette can be made out. The clip the. Appears as a normal colorized scene as a close of of her face is shown and she says “finally I can be ME” before the camera zooms out and can be seen floating in a pool of dark black water wearing the same dress. The video then begins to play “A Free Spirit” as it cuts to a studio scene of Selena writing notes and some of the songs lyrics on a score sheet while she is playing them out on the piano. Before the chorus of the song hits though it transitions to a clip of her with Ryan Tedder working on the song as she explains the the few the meaning of the song which is “being free as a person and not worrying about any romantic limitations.” In the video she also sings a snippet as Ryan strums along to this rough demo outlining the song that has now became a fan favorite off the album. The video then switches off to a scene of Selena with her friends playing in the woods while wearing Abercrombie & Fitch before her track “Where We Run” fades in. Various clips of her relaxing as she writes the song and works in the studio on it play along with ones of her partying with friends at Miami Beach, Florida where they drink a lot of Pinot Grigio and dance. After the clips for “Where We Run” played then the documentary transitioned into an exclusively premiered music video to one of the album track titled “The One”. 




The video started out inside Selena’s luxurious modern styled penthouse on a stormy night as she lays on her bed mischievously. As the song begins to play the star appears in our underwear as she begins to roll around in her sheets while singing. The video after the first verse begins to flash between the scenes of her and ones of male models posing showing her thoughts about these guys. The star then gets up from her bed as she begins to dance around the bedroom as she looks out the windows and sings about how she's finally found “the one”. The video for the later parts of the song continues on as the star include various scenes. After her being on the bedroom she dances while changing and going in the elevator before giving an iconic dance routine scene with her group of dancers in the lobby of the complex. The end of the video is of her in a limousine heading to a club before arriving there and closing off the video partying with her man. This cute specially premiered video is surely a great way for exposure and that star uploaded it after the premiere to help raise sales of her new album. 


Next the video shows the making of her hot track “Flirtatious” which she wrote in Beverly Hills and started whole partying at Scream Queens actor Jamie Lee Curtis’s house. The scenes show her working with the various producers and writers as she strums out the chords, works out the best on the guitar and of course scribbles down the lyrics as she edits them endlessly. She and Max Martin are also interviewed as she explains that the song is supposed to be a love dance track that's not overly sexy. She wanted to do a more mature version of thy to both fit the theme of the album and to help build up before her sex anthem “Sweetest Desire”. 




The video then takes you to a video recording studio similar to the empty room used in the Bad Romance music video where the star unveils now the music video for her #9 debuting lead single “Sweetest Desire”. In her hot decorative jacket, without a bra, and short skirt the star gives a very energetic studio music video you'd expect from most standard artists. It features various video effects such as a multiplying one and various shadow techniques to give a technicolor feel like in a Marina Diamandis photoshoot. Scenes of her crawling on the floor, dancing in flames and performing the songs original choreography are include giving the song a very seductive yet standard feel so she may appeal to more commercial audiences. One of the most controversial scenes of the video are when she is wearing on a white Victoria Secrets laced bra and underwear and body is covered in kiss marks and has thick black eyeliner and lipstick on which make her appear very dark and attractive. However the video ends as she is “dirty dancing” her man for a brief scene before her pushes her way and walks off. 




The film now flashes to a black and white seen of Selena crying as her track “Lost It All” slowly begins to play. This depressing track about the end of a relationship starts out slowly and the film part of it is quite simple. The video switches between scenes of her in a car ride to a show crying in black and white along with scenes of her alone at her piano played the song and singing the notes emotionally. The video section of this song quote clearly are the most emotional for Selena as the final extended chorus of the song plays old clips of the star as a child playing in her yard and with family, showing her go from a young girl to a popular pop star. The video then ends with her sing the final note while playing a grand piano and wearing a sparkling blue gown at a arena concert.


The video then transitions to clips of the star working on the title track “Second Chances” be her track “Kiss & Tell” in various colorful scenes as she wears tons of outfits seen in the album photoshoot and worms with her collaborators. The video finally closed off as the star performs the final song off the album “Memories”. This performance is a simple acoustic one as she plays the beat on her guitar as she is wearing a sweater, hat, scarf and leggings with Uggs as she sings the song in the snowy Central Park to a select group of fans as she chats with them and play around the campfire brewing there. The video fades off as the credits roll and plays one of the songs not included in the documentary scenes which is “Take Me Up”. On the side of the rolling text credits are scenes of Selena partying as well as paparazzi ones of her entering various hotels and such. The video also includes additional content like of the star singing an a Cappella demo of her lead single “Sweetest Dreams” and a short snippet of her working on scrapped songs titled “3AM” and “Reflection”. 



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2nd week entry DAHHlings


ps: i was unhappy last night but tbh looking at it again i think this might be my most fav entry I've ever done oprah4 


  Hide contents















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9 minutes ago, Sylk said:

2nd week entry DAHHlings


ps: i was unhappy last night but tbh looking at it again i think this might be my most fav entry I've ever done oprah4

Wig FLEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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1 minute ago, Aidan. said:

Wig FLEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you Legendan. oprah4 


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Since I didn't flop too hard this time around, let me post my entry jj2 

Ariana Grande | Dear Heartbreaker EP | November 4, 2016


Ariana's album "Dear Heartbreaker" was originally intended for a Summer 2016 release. However after some dispute, she and the label decided to scrap the album and move on to her upcoming album, My Neon Heart. Her song, Abandoned By Love, was originally meant for this album and even reached #2 on the Billboard charts. With many of the songs not being used on the upcoming album, Ariana has decided to release an EP version of Dear Heartbreaker for free on her website and Soundcloud.

The concept of the album was that the songs were all placed in order to make the album sound like a letter to the guy that had broken her heart. At the start of the album, the lyrics explain how much she loves the man that left her and how she would do anything to get him back. As the album concludes, the songs start becoming more about moving on and self empowerment.



Writers: Ariana Grande, Victoria Monet

Producer: Tommy Brown


A short minute and a half intro that features strings and smooth vocals from Ariana. The song starts off with about 45 seconds of instrumentals before Ariana starts to sing, "Dear heartbreaker, this is a letter to you from me..." It's a soft and beautiful way to open the album.


Writers: Ariana Grande, Max Martin, Savan Kotecha, Alexander Kronlund

Producer: Max Martin

Length: 3:29

A major power ballad brings us into the first full length song on the album. The song is all about how this heartbreaker has caused Ariana to cry a river of tears. In the lyrics, there are hints that the man cheated and left Ariana behind while she cried and watched.


Writers: Max Martin, Savan Kotecha, Alexander Kronlund, Ilya Salmanzade

Producers: Max Martin, Ilya Salmanzade

Length: 4:01

An upbeat pop anthem about how the boy that Ariana was with was never there for her when she needed him. The lyrics also include more hints of the man having an affair while also tossing her aside for his side chick. The perfect song to dance around in your room to if you are upset but don't want to lay in bed in be sad about it. There are some sassy moments to the song that help transition into the upcoming part of the album.


Writers: Erika Jayne

Producers: Max Martin, Ilya Salmanzade

Length: 3:45

Another upbeat song, written by Erika Jayne, this song is all about how Ariana finally realizes this man was never truly right for her to begin with and that he was toxic. However, even though she knows this man is toxic she can't bring herself to stop loving and caring for him. Towards the end of the song, she realizes that she is really better off without him.


Writers: Ariana Grande, Victoria Monet, Tommy Brown, Ryan Tedder

Producers: Tommy Brown

Length: 3:00

A slower song featuring violins and a slow beat. The song is about why should she even care that this man left her. She really starts to be ok with the idea of moving on with her life without this heartbreaker. It's short, sweet, and to the point.


Writers: Ariana Grande, Alexander Kronlund, Max Martin, Savan Kotecha, Ilya Salmanzade

Producers: Max Martin, Ilya Salmanzade

Length: 3:35

A song that was a certified smash, but others may call generic as well. Tossed Aside is all about how Ariana feels like she was just tossed aside by her lover. This isn't a song about she's distraught over it though. The lyrics contain Ariana thanking the man for letting her see the true him and letting her find an easy out. The song is sassy and fun and great to sing along to.


Writers: Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande, Victoria Monet

Producers: Tommy Brown, Max Martin

Length: 4:00

A song with a full blown diva and a diva in training. This song is all about girl power and how they don't need a man in their lives to be happy. Ariana sings the first verse and chorus, while Mariah sings the second verse and chorus. For the bridge, each girl has their own parts to sing before finally coming together in the final verse and chorus. Power house vocals and whistle tones make this song really hit a home run and make the listener feel amazing and independent.


Writers: Ariana Grande, Victoria Monet

Producers: Tommy Brown

Length: 2:42

The final song on the album is all about how this will be there last time ever talking to one another. It's a simplistic and stripped back ballad but the lyrics are uplifting and empowering. The final line of the song says "With love and care, Ariana" essentially ending the album and her letter to her heartbreaker.


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Description of Side Project:

Beyoncé goes country EP. Beyoncé releases an EP featuring country versions of old songs and some new songs that have yet to be heard by the GP. The title of the EP is titled Countryonce and will contain 6 songs; 5 old and 1 new ones

Release Date:

Beyoncé is set to release said EP November 7th, 2016

Contents (tracklist, setlist, etc):


Grown Woman

Best Thing I Never Had

Pretty Hurts

Drunk In Love

Daddy Lessons ft. Dixie Chicks


Who Worked on It (producers, directors, musicians, etc.)

Producers: Beyoncé Knowles, Pharrell Williams, Rick Rubin

Writers: Beyoncé Knowles, Dixie Chicks, Sia Furler, Pharrell Williams

Visuals of Side Project (could be album covers, posters, film covers, costumes worn, etc.)

Album Cover:




Poster/Booklet Images:





After seeing everyone else's I know now I need to step my pussy up and not push this off til the last minute like I did. Yonce is coming y'all and JT is shookT. Also @blankdreams. my entry is trash jj4 


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14 minutes ago, SANDCASTLES said:

The title of the EP is titled Countryonce and will contain 6 songs;



and this is actually better than nothing, just slay at the final week and win this whole thing wendy1 


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Beyoncé's entry for week 4


HBO Presents a documentary series

Beyoncé: Stripped


a. What is your non-music venture? (Describe it thoroughly, covering all possible details. This could include product names, prices, book covers, descriptions, movie scripts, perfume bottles, shoe designs, technological creations, product release dates, product launch sites/dates/events, etc)

Beyoncé: Stripped is a 3-part docu-series presented exclusively from HBO Entertainment that covers Beyoncé's life and her claim to fame and the rises and falls of being in the limelight. The documentary series is set to be aired on HBO from November 19th, November 26th, and December 3rd. All 3 will play back to back on December 9th-11th.

Part 1 of the documentary series supplies coverage of Beyoncé and her early career with Destiny's Child, how they got along and how the group fell apart in the end due to jealousy and desire to become soloists. It also covers the rises and falls of the girl group itself; the loss of members and the jealousy that pressured the group to continually lose members. Videos of the girls interacting play, as well as backstage on tours together, and how much fun there was and also how much friction would arise.She gave an interview in her home wearing a loose fitting white blouse and denim cutoff jeans while curled up on her sofa. Beyoncé gives a self narrative on the impact on her mental health and how she had trouble copping with the diffraction. They were her friends growing up and they had just left. For the first time ever, she mentions that at one point during her early years that she often contemplated suicide and was excessively depressed because she was being pushed too hard. She then smiles at the cameras and asks them to stop the cameras for a short break.

Part 2 covers the behind the scenes of how Beyoncé creates music, the pressures she receives from her father, and how being in the spotlight affects her. The first part takes the viewer inside the studio where Beyoncé is working on a record and is in the recording booth recording Who Knows. It showcases the interaction between her and the Audio Engineer, and also her collaborators and family. She discusses how much work goes into making a song just perfect and how she's a perfectionist and needs to get it right. "It's how my daddy raised me", which cuts into the part where she talks about her father and how his strict pressure made her the star she is today, she talks about how even though it was tough and she hated it she thanks him for it and is so grateful. She then sheds some tears and explains that she needed to be her own manager and let him go for more personal reasons. Home videos of her and her dad playing when she was young play which adds to the somber mood. The third part covers how she feels like she has no privacy now that she's famous. "I feel like I cant even go to a restaurant without having flashing cameras in my face, and all I wanted was some bomb spaghetti", Beyoncé goes deeper by saying she feels unsafe sometimes, and she feels like she cant make a mistake ever, even though everyone makes mistakes.

Part 3 covers her family. Beyoncé begins by talking about her adorable baby Blue Ivy, her daughter that she's had with husband and rapper Jay-Z. She brings up the rumors that people had spread about her during her pregnancy and addresses how much pain that she had in her heart hearing about them. "Caring a child is an amazing and painful experience and to hear that people were saying I was faking it absolutely killed me", she goes deeper by saying how much she loves her baby and her husband, and then continues to bring out a photo album that she's been working on that's made up of pictures of their family adventures and even includes pictures of her naked with her baby bump and pictures of her while giving birth. Blue Ivy comes to sit with her mom while showing off the album. She certainly put the rumors to rest. Beyoncé then talks about her sister, Solange, and her mom,, Tina. "I love my sister and mom more than anything in this world", she talks about how they've been her biggest support system from the beginning and that without them she couldn't have made it where she is. A home video of the 3 of them singing and dancing in the family dining room plays and Beyoncé and Solange at a younger age were dancing along to the Jackson 5. Beyoncé also brings up her longtime friend and former Destiny's Child member Kelly Rowland. She talks about all the fun times they've had with each other and all the typical girly talks they've had, and now they're successful black women with a family and kids. "Both of us could never imagine this is where we'd be at today, it makes both us cry experiencing it together". Not much was said about other Destiny's Child member Michelle, but Beyoncé did say that she talk to her everyday and she loves her like a sister. As more home videos play, Beyoncé finishes the docu-series with an audio voice over saying, "No dream is ever too big", "Family will carry you", "Have faith that everything will be ok".

c. Motivation and message behind your venture (Why did you choose this? What does it mean to you? Why is it important? Why should people buy it/use it/etc.)

I chose this because I personally feel like not many people understand Beyoncé and the struggles that she goes through as a human. I wanted to humanize her a bit more because some people forget that celebrities as a whole are humans too and hold them all to a higher standard and again, forget they're humans with feelings and mental health issues. Beyoncé has vaguely talked about her life and depression (I don't think she's ever mentioned herself having an mental health issues), so this way she gets a little bit more recognition. That's why I chose the title of 'Stripped' because it strips her down emotionally to bare all. I find this important because being in the limelight not a lot of celebrities are able to come forth and discuss these types of topics and when they do most of them are perceived as "crazy" or "unfit for the spotlight", we see this with Justin Bieber currently and I find it really disheartening. Celebrities try their hardest to maintain their status as a role model and it's something Beyoncé has done perfectly. I think that people should watch this program because it's a step forward for not only Beyoncé to become more open, but also others. It takes one person to start a movement.


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Challenge #4 ENTRY DAHHHHlings!


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Here's My Challenge #5 Entry DAHHHHHlings!

Fun, Festive, Santa Claus, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, All those things.


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Single Title

Fuck Me This Xmas by Beyoncé Knowles

Song Length

3:56 of pure erotic pleasure

Song Producer

Mike-Will-Made It and Pharrell Williams

Description of Song

Christmas is all about enjoying time with family and giving and receiving gifts... well not for Beyoncé! Christmas is about getting dicked down by the fireplace and dry humping under the mistletoe. As we can tell from the slightly suggestive single cover, Beyoncé is ready for some eggnog and baby making. The song is based on Beyoncé and her hope that this year she'll get a little more than gifts this Christmas. With soft moans and suggestive undertones Beyoncé has created a song that is both festive and sexual.

How does the song represent the Holiday season for you?

For me personally, I love Christmas and I always joke about how much of a kink I have for Santa (which I don't I swear), so I like to joke a lot. This is just one more extension of my humour towards the holidays. Christmas is usually over done A LOT, especially by people who are like conservative and that kinda thing so throwing around how sexual something is always makes me laugh. So obviously 'Fuck Me This Xmas', is going to give s a few of them heart attacks.


Show in which the Performance takes place

Beyoncé is set to perform on the VH1 Divas: Unsilent Night Holiday Special taken place in Madison Square Garden in New York City

Performance Setlist

1. Take My Hand Oh Precious Lord

2. Carol of the Bells aka Opera of the Bells ft. Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams

3. Emotion ft. Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams

5. Nights (Interlude)

4. Fuck Me This Xmas


Description of Performance

Beyoncé opens up her performance set with the lights dimmed down so the silhouette of the choir and herself are shining through. As the lights raise the crowd can see Beyoncé wearing an elegant plain white gown with a sheer covering; the men's choir behind her is wearing plain white suits to match. As Beyoncé sings the first opening line A Capella, the band begins playing and the choir joins in right behind them. As she pulls through with amazing vocals and supplying tremendous vocals runs and melismas, Beyoncé gives the audience a vocal show, proving that she is one of the top vocalists of this generation. She blends her voice with the choir and adds to the ambiance of a church performance. She finishes the songs and announces that she has a surprise; at this point Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland join her on stage to have a short Destiny's Child Reunion.

As the men's choir leaves the stage the 3 smile and hug each other and Beyoncé announces their next song, Carol of the Bells aka Opera of the Bells. The rendition they perform is from their Christmas album, 8 Days of Christmas. Beyoncé starts the song of by supplying a vocal middle line as Kelly and Michelle harmonize with Beyoncé. Using their voices and mimicking the operatic tone they create a subtly A Capella rendition of the Christmas song. The three of them supply a great vocal performance and prove that even after years of being split they're still the top girl group to ever exist. They end their first song and the intro to Emotion begins playing and the crowd goes nuts because they know what's going to happen next. AS the guitar begins playing and Kelly sings the opening verse as Michelle and Beyoncé provide backing vocals. As the girls hit the chorus they're providing powerful vocals and amazing stamina. Beyoncé steps up and takes the song by the reins. Beyoncé stuns with her vocal runs as Kelly and Michelle provide backing vocals. Beyoncé finishes out the song with her high notes and her soft tones at the end. The 3 girls leave so Beyoncé can make a quick costume change; as she does so a video for Nights plays and spoken word poetry plays as a creative art piece. The video features Beyoncé roaming around the city of Houston and driving around with her girlfriends.

After a quick change Beyoncé comes out in a stunning white crystalline leotard with red latex thigh high boots to top off the look. She began hyping up the crowd by asking them if they were having fun tonight. She then proceeded to coax the audience by saying they were about to get put onto the naughty list. The intro to her newest hit single, Fuck Me This Xmas, began playing and the crowd roared. Beyoncé brought out back up dancers who were wearing similar outfits and they all formed a twerk train and began shaking their asses all over each other as the beat started dropping; Beyoncé broke off to sing but still performed the choreography like a true entertainer. As she hit the chorus she got back in line and began performing on her hands and knees arching her back and grinding on the floor suggestively as male dancers came out to body roll their way onto the female dancers. Beyoncé got up and did a final vocal run and that was it for that song. The crowd cheered and applauded as Beyoncé moved from one side of the stage to the next giving love to all her fans. She gave a final thank you and went back stage.

Costumes Worn





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