FOTP Big Brother 4: The Aftershow

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@Maraj could have went in harder, but as usual he keeps it classy

Something I choose not to do oop



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15 hours ago, Maraj said:

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Drag me big daddy 


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Everyone, please welcome @Rico to the stage! Hello Rico and welcome to Hannah's rooftop view of @Sylk's bussy, more commonly referred to as the Pacific Ocean. How are you today?

I'm great! Just chilling at the Jury house bored lol



Many have called you a floater this season. What do you have to say about this?

Just because I have a life outside of FOTP that consist of me not being able to be on my phone for 8+ makes me a floater? ny12 

But seriously tho, I've tried my best this reason to stand out above the many... other personalities in the house. I hit my goal of hitting top 5 cry9 



You were a prominent member of the Lit Alliance (that's what my sources have told me, anyway). What led you to join this dated 2015 slang adorned alliance?

THE SHADE ny1 Well I knew that being a floater by itself wouldn't get me far. So I've decided to step out of my comfort zone and make some friends. I started chatting with @Jae and @Saiga and it was the best thing ever demi1 We've bonded over Mexican food and as a group we decided to have a bigger alliance so that we wouldn't be seen as irrelevant. It worked. 



Bless. What's been your strategy this season?

Join an alliance and be a sheep demi1 I already tried floating on my debut season and got to 3rd place. 



Who do you wanna see win this season of Big Brother?

@Jae tbh



Any final words for the houseguests?

have fun guys demi1 we made it top 5 so we are already successful demi1 


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Everyone, please welcome @Diamond to the stage! Hello Diamond, and welcome to Hannah's living room! How are you today?

I'm swell cloud1 


You were a very controversial player in that you made it your the top 5 without doing anything. What sexual favors did you perform for @Saiga to get his help?

No sexual favors! Just gave him my Bedtime Stories CD wub1 


Interesting. Coming into the house, what was your strategy?

My strategy was to lay low for the first quarter of the game and then slowly start playing. Obviously I failed that last part and I'm pretty sure I'm the first HG to make it to final 4 without doing shit cloud1 

I'm basically the Victoria from BB16 of this season cloud1 


Aside from @Saiga's dick, had you made alliances with anyone?

I guess @Daenerys but that literally lasted like... a day before his eviction dead2 And even my alliance with @Saiga was very short-lived dead2 


What about enemies?

@Skyline probably hates me but I only pushed his buttons because it was so easy to set him off and make him rant about how iconic/legendary/talented he is wub1 and the other houseguests forgot I was living with them so!


Who do you see winning this season of Big Brother?

@Jae and I see @TattooedHeart being a very close runner-up. @Saiga... um3 


Any final words for the houseguests?

Even though I was constantly attacked in the house, I love all of my fellow houseguests and I'm so happy I got to share part of this holiday season with you all wub1 


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