R E I N C A R N A T I O N: Chapter 3 [Warning: Contains Sexual and Violent Graphics]

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Announcement: The finale week of Reincarnation has started, the winner will be crowned a week

from now after a death-match between the final 4 in a final event ceremony.




Why the Game was Put on Hold:

The backstage drama was getting too much + Pop Addiction Magazine was being made + life was interfering.




Moving Forward/New Rules:

There will be no more drama.mp3 in these threads from now on. People whom have left the game will not be talked about. 

And each player will get only 2 Reincarnations instead of 3 (to move the game along). So once you die, you will become another character, then when you die you're out of the game. aretha1





In this part of the game we will reveal that @Honey has been secretly playing the game as a hidden player & was playing as Elle Driver. Now he will become a regular player, as Elle is coming closer to her targets. jj2 





New Players:

@Perfect Intrusion (who signed up at the start, then had to cancel due to stuff in his life) will be playing as







@delete it fat will be playing as






  @Coca-Cola will be playing as






@The Emancipation of Momo will be playing as






There are three new Judges which not be in the game but will affect the players greatly. They are witches and they'll unanimously choose which players they want to cast a spell to hurt and which players they want to help. They are @fab @Maryanne @Daenerys. Your fate is somewhat in their hands along with your decisions. jj2 









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Update #5: The Spell is Complete! 

Thursday 5 PM EST (Countdown is here)





REINCARNATION on the Side w/ Guest @frankgutz 

Thursday 6 PM EST (Countdown is here)





Starts on Friday (Side-show that contains 6 players)

Housewives: Baby Cakes (@PhCh), Shonna (@frankgutz), and Amber (@delete it fat)

Appearing in the show: Gabriella (@Perfect Intrusion), Mr. Dave Green (@The Emancipation of Momo),

and Johnny Bleu (@Pageant Material).





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Welcome to the new players @Perfect Intrusion, @delete it fat, @The Emancipation of Momo, I know it's still confusing but I'll summarize the story so far for u tomorrow. aretha1



Also there will be a story/written only version of the whole Reincarnation story. That will contain backstories and additional storylines of the characters written in a novel-like tone. That will be for anyone that is new to Reincarnation but more-so it's more enjoyable for people that already know the story cos it will contain many hidden secrets and stuff that was not mentioned in the updates. aretha1


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i'm a gay male model who parties and did porn. this is my dream life.


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Just now, SANDCASTLES said:


also thank you @H.O.N.E.Y fro bringing this back


Btw that agreement we had in the start, about what u want to do after the game is still standing thus far. jj2


While we're at it why don't u just take over for Season 2 of Reincarnation after u wrap up with Slasher 2, and I'll be just giving u material while u do everything else and it'll be your project? I've been having ideas for season 2 since season 1 started.  eve1


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Just now, Coca-Cola said:

i'm a gay male model who parties and did porn. this is my dream life.

Well u forgot the part about being involved in murders, but I get your drift. eve1


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42 minutes ago, H.O.N.E.Y said:

Well u forgot the part about being involved in murders, but I get your drift. eve1

well if i have to murder some people to make this happen xtina11


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Delay of 40 mins because one video has been uploaded and is still processing.


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- We are not responsible for any nightmares caused by the show.

- Contains Sexual and Violent/Disturbing images.

- Tip: Don't eat while viewing this content.






Update #5: The Spell is Complete!






@frankgutz as Shonna

@Kirjava as Tweety the Clown

@SWIN3 as Jonathan
















- Rose (@Jae) has been working as a secret double agent at night, the CIA and a secret crime group. She has been planning on taking down the fashion industry in Goldtown,

starting with the heads of corruption and power in fashion, Anna Wintour and Johnny Bleu (@Pageant Material).

- Tony (@Jony) has been released from jail after being locked up for 10 years for running a prostitution ring. He was ratted out by a former prostitute of his that escaped named Li (@Neyde). 

Now Tony is seeking revenge from all the people involved in locking him up and for the people that cause his brother to die in jail.

- Emily (@SANDCASTLES) is much hated by her friends for her breaking up their families' by sleeping with their parents, and after a heated fight she went to sleep, only to wake

up and find herself in another stranger's bed naked in a whole other city hundreds of miles away from home. She called her estranged father after 3 years of no contact to take her home.

The house she found herself waking up naked in was barely furnished and looked old. After she hung up the phone with her dad she heard a creepy squeal and got out of the house.

- Nate (@Coca-Cola), who works as a male model who is very close to Johnny Bleu (@Pageant Material) , has had a sketchy past with Jonathan (@SWIN3) who's engaged to a woman and is in the closet, and both have done a sextape years ago. Jonathan has been wanted by Johnny Bleu and his men for a long time and Nate is supposed to find him and lead Johnny Bleu to him. Nate tricked Jonathan into thinking he's a high school friend with a vague email that asked for him to call a number. Nate then was able to contact Jonathan's fiance and send her a copy of him and Jonathan's sex tape, to which she was furious and was ready to confront Jonathan about it.

- The Stringman (@Ryan Zamolodchikova) is a serial killer that grew up having schizophrenic episodes that eventually went away. He became known for his specific way of killing his victims and tying their bones with a string. He started having severe schizophrenic episodes where dead victims would show up blaming him for their death and a sound of a woman that is telling him to go somewhere and do something specific in order for the voices to go away.










First we start off with Emily (@SANDCASTLES) in Guestford, as she's walking on the street looking for a

place to wait in for her estranged father Mr Smith to arrive.




11:50 AM

Emily is walking looking for a place to wait for her father to come get her. She thinks about how uncomfortable this situation that she's in

and the fact that she's forced to face and deal with her father after years of his verbal abuse. She knows it all went downhill after her mother passed and there's no fixing it.

She thinks about the extreme task it will be to get through a 7-8 hour trip with her past abuser next to her. She then notices a diner nearby and decides to go inside and wait there.




6:45 PM

Mr. Smith arrives in Guestford



Since he doesn't have Emily's number, he calls the land-line that she used to call him from inside that house and

the person on the other end of the line told him the directions on how to reach the house. 





7:23 PM

Emily senses that something happened to her father and knows that something isn't right about that house.

She decides to hitchhike in order to leave town any way possible. She goes to the nearest gas station and waits for cars to show up.





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Now we move to Goldtown, where Jonathan (@SWIN3) is at home






Back to Goldtown, Tony (@Jony) is answering his door. The IT guy that was supposed to help him get out of his probation ankle bracelet has arrived.







Tony: Welcome, yeah come inside and bring your equipment. 


The IT guy enters the room with his laptop and other bag of equipment needed for programming, and he it on the table. As soon as he turns around...






Tony: Listen, motherfucker, I'm telling you this once. If you want to live, listen and follow instructions, do the opposite and you know how the story goes.




Jonathan (@SWIN3): Listen, man... I don't.. don't no problems... I don't want to die... what do you want money? I have like $1000 on me take it all.

Tony: I don't want your money, I could make triple that in 3 hours once I'm back to hiring hookers.

Jonathan: What do you want?

Tony: I've just been out of jail, and I have a lot of business to attend to. I just want you to reprogram my probation ankle bracelet so I can move around in peace and get my bloody work done. Comprende?

Jonathan: umm.. yes... yes I think it's similar to another thing I hacked into before..

Tony: Then get to it!



Jonathan works on deciphering and reprogramming the ankle bracelet for 30 minutes and gets it done. Now Tony can walk anywhere

without appearing to be a moving object, as if he never left his room. Jonathan heads home.


3:40 PM

He tries to calm himself down from the life-threatening incident he just endured with one of his clients named Tony (@Jony) pointing a gun at him, by reading a technology related article while drinking a cup of coffee. The bell rings and he rushes downstairs. As soon as he opens the door he receives a strong punch that makes him fall to the ground and as soon he looks up, he notices that it was her.... Susan, his fiance.




Jonathan's fiance, Susan, was sent a random email to her work place containing info about a gay porn movie which features her fiance getting penetrated by a group of men. She requested the sender to send the full porn movie to her work place to make sure it's real. Nate (@Coca-Cola) sent her the tape after he learned her number, in order to ruin Jonathan and make it easier to catch him and bring him to Jonny Bleu (@Pageant Material) who has been looking for him for years.


Susan's reaction (Warning: Sexual Content. You have to have access to the Haus of Whore section):





Susan is then spitting on Jonathan's face and screaming "You liar!" and "Did you check for HIV, pig?" Jonathan quickly gets up and pushes Susan out of the front door and locks the door, while she screams "You lying gay porn star open the door!" 



Susan then leaves the scene, leaving a lost and distraught Jonathan. He now knows that his past

is starting to catch up with him and that he'll suffer the consequences of leaving a crime scene without

reporting the crime and making a gay porno while pretending to be straight. He remembers his teen years when he used to think about running away and starting over and changing his name. This moment felt 20 times worse and now he feels responsible for all the murders that Johnny Bleu got away with due to him not reporting it.


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A little later on in the day, in the same city, Shonna (@frankgutz) is on her way to the Circus after seeing a flyer







7:30 PM

Shonna enters the main tent to see that they were having a peep show and decided to learn a few moves from the girls.





After the performance Shonna went to call her girlfriend when she then sees a fortune teller's tent.







Earlier that day Baby Cakes (@PhCh) bumped into Shonna (@frankgutz) at Drama TV Studios when both of them found out that they'll be co-starring as Real Housewives on the Real Housewives of Goldtown.






Baby Cakes has a twin sister named Juicy Jane and both of them were known to be prostitutes when they were young, and the had a reality show about their dysfunctional relationship, which was cancelled.


She then became a household name when it was reported that she had been murdered by a man in a hoodie and a viral video of her shouting at construction workers went viral. She then appeared to be not dead and hence why The Real Housewives franchise was eager to have her on the show as a new housewife.




4:35 PM


Shonna: So you're the one they chose? Umm.. aren't you a little old for this type of shit?



Baby Cakes: And aren't you a little too ghetto, too fat, and too single to be on this shit?



Shonna: Bitch what?!!







Shonna: Well damn... I guess you're right. I'm not even too sure why they hired me.




Baby Cakes: So did you ever watch this show? Do you know any of these bitches?




Shonna: Nope.. not really.



They're lunatics... you on the other hand are kind of refreshing.



Shonna: Well thanks.






4:00 PM

A half an hour earlier, Baby Cakes was waiting for the executive producer of The Real Housewives franchise, and her new boss. While she

was waiting in his office she began to snoop around and when she opened the drawer she found a small notebook with 'Dirt on the Housewives' written over it.







Name: Donna Lee Amberg


Status: Married

Family: None

Seasons on RHOG: 2-5


- Her family is in the witness protection program after her father attempted to kill all of them with a saw. Police were called to the scene when neighbors complained of screaming at 3 in the morning. Her brother is forever paralyzed because of her dad's actions.

- She attempted to kill a previous main housewife (Amanda) by choking her until she was blue in the face and gasping for air.

- After shooting the finale for season 3 of RHOG, Amanda met with Cree Ingles and they both agreed on calling Renee who was feuding with both of them. They convince Renee that they wanted to meet without the cameras rolling cos they genuinely want to mend their friendships with Renee. Renee agreed and she showed up at the construction site that they agreed on meeting at. Donna and Cree slit Reneeds throat and detached her head. The body was found without the head and there was no evidence that the murder was done by another housewife. However, RHOG have a secret spy camera man tagged along with them at all times in case any drama happens off camera, and the video of the full murder is archived under the this code (****) in the video archive room.





Name: Cree Ingles

Age: 52

Status: Divorced

Family: Parents only

Seasons on RHOG: 1-5


- A manipulative mastermind. Once had convinced her boyfriend of eating the ear of another housewife's husband and he did it. 

- She has been learning how to practice witchcraft and for her first spell she has made former housewife Belinda's hair to fall out.

- She's capable of turning the other housewives against you, she's capable of manipulating the media to hate you.






Name: Paula

Age: 38

Status: Married

Family: Husband, 3 kids, dog

Seasons on RHOG: 4-5


- She's Italian and her family provides for the mob. She had buried more women than a dog has buried bones.

- She once stabbed a school principle in her eye for giving her daughter detention. Her father took care of shutting the principle up and hiding all evidence and proceeding with threats on the safety of the principle's children.

- Pluto is her furry companion, he's always with her everywhere. That's what she wants everyone to think, in fact her current Pluto is the 6th mutt she bought of the same kind to cover up for when she squeezed each previous Pluto to death whenever she was enraged. Eventually she'll kill the current Pluto and buy another mutt of the same kind. The death certificates of each pup are attached here.




Name: Elayne

Age: 28

Status: Engaged

Family: 2 siblings

Seasons on RHOG: 5


- She is known for her inexcusable tongue and dry sense of humor, but what she's secretly known for by the producer is her constant need to be the center of attention.


- She had sold multiple stories to gossipcop.com, all before the ending of shooting of the season. She constantly lies in the press. 




Jony Mcdonald: Well I see you've found my little book of secrets, huh? 




Baby Cakes: I guess I did.





Jony Mcdonald: Welllll we may have to do something about that to ensure that none of this gets out to the public.





Baby Cakes: Yes we should.




6:00 AM



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3 hours ago, H.O.N.E.Y said:



eve1 Babycakes is a badass


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