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I ranked all the FOTP faves

In case you're wondering: I used http://www.biassorter.com/index.html for this one   I also included Kesha because she was there when the Faves were bought back (she's gone now, but whenever a spotlight form vote occurs theres a chance she's back again)   rank options 1 Taylor Swift 2 Ariana Grande 3 Kylie Minogue 4 Katy Perry



I miss you, M.

Disclaimer: This is not a fan-fiction.    I met a nice boy from Greece in December, 2020 in an online game, let's call him "M" for anonymity purposes. He was very cute and funny. At first, when he said he's in love with me, I thought it was a joke, so I just played along with it and thought of it as a joke. But soon, feelings started to develop. M told me all of his stories, like his 4 year old nephew who bossed everyone in the house including him, and always slept in his bed even with



Favorite Songs of 2020

45. Perfume Genius - Your Body Changes Everything The new Perfume Genius album isn't my cup of tea, but YBCE is one of the more interesting songs that I like. 44. Roisin Murphy - Narcissus  Roisin Murphy always manages to spice up her sound, this time with disco, and she always finds a way to be different, creative and unique. 43. Madonna - I Don't Search I Find  An interesting dance song by Madonna that sounds more like some 90s dub mix than an actual song. Smooth produ

50 Shades of Ghostface

@Ghostface is an FOTP Event Team's member, FOTP's 2019 Best New Member Winner, and FOTP's 2020 nominated Best Staff Member and Member of The Year.  Known for being "too nice", there are actually many sides to him.    The side he shows to everyone:   The sides he doesn't show to anyone but experts can analyse them:            NeyFace                                           CyclopsFace                                          DevilFace                   



Chinese Nicknames for Singers (and the like)

The first post on this blog!   I am creating a list that has almost all the nicknames for western singers/rappers in China (because it's a music forum, although I might be making spinoffs of this). It's currently incomplete, so if you have a nickname I didn't mention, let me know in this post!    (also, I'm not Chinese but I do know some Chinese for this, besides, I might get some nicknames wrong. I've also added some parenthesis around the reasons why they're nicknamed that



Chris's Spotify playlists

This is a thread for all of the playlists I make that compile my favs from that artist To open each playlist, click on each image or right click > open link in new tab   *Aretha is in WIP       link to all the covers made https://ibb.co/album/ScmKX5 with help from @CHANEL #1  

Chris Morlock



For a loooooooooooooooooooooooong time, I thought "Days Of Our Lives" was a show-within-a-show type thing that the creators of F.R.I.E.N.D.S made up I didn't realise it was an actual U.S. soap

V For Vendetta



I bought a new Beyoncé perfume (I believe it was Midnight Heat)  about 11-12 years ago, because I wanted to try all of them, and I remember being told at the shop that if I bought the largest size perfume, I’d get a free bag with it, which I obviously went along with.  I used it for like 2 years straight as my gym bag at school. I don’t have it anymore. I remember there being like scratches on it, and parts of it tearing away. I used it so much  

V For Vendetta


My Physical Audio Collection

Bold items are new updates links take you to the exact release version listed on Discogs.com   CDs ABBA - Gold (2010) Alice in Chains - Black Gives Way to Blue (2009) All Time Low - Straight to DVD II: Past, Present, and Future Hearts (2016) All Time Low - Last Young Renegade (2017) Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman (2016) Ariana Grande - thank u next (2019) Atreyu - In Our Wake (2018) Avenged Sevenfold - The Stage (2017)

Chris Morlock


My FOTP Sets

My set history You can use them if I'm not currently using them.   Ava Max: Blackpink: Cha Eunwoo: Christina Aguilera: Conan Gray: Dance of The Sugar Plum Fairy: Jungkook/BTS: Kai: Kelly Lee Owens:  Kylie Minogue: Park Bo-Gum: Surf Mesa:  Taylor Swift:   Halloween Set Party 2020  



#31 Ariana Grande - Positions (2020)

#RoyaltyListens #31: Ariana Grande - Positions If have been hyping for this one!  Tonight we be the Royal Squads 31st listening party and you are all invited to listen to Ariana's 6th studio album "Positions"  Honestly, I've been loving this album and can't wait to listen to this with you all!   Tracklist: 1) shut up - 6,5/10 2) 34 + 35 - 7,5/10 3) motive (ft. Doja Cat) - 7/10 4) just like magic - 7/10 5) off the table (ft. The Weeknd) - 10/10 6) 6



The Honest Vocal Coach Memes

Gifs courtesy of @Billie Frank   1. Georgina being possessed.  Original:    Meme:  2. The Next Madonna.     3. Georgina's Divinations.     4. Georgina's Spells and Curses.      5. Georgina disappointed.   6. Don't mess with Georgina.     7. Little Monster Georgina.    8. Happy Georgina.    



Chris's world language music recommendations

Since US music is getting boring and I'm tired of listening to the same stuff over and over I've been expanding the languages I listen to since starting with Kpop back in 2019 with BLACKPINK.  Every so often I will share a song that's in a different language from the previous song(s).    To start is a song by Taiwanese singer and actress Vicky Chen called 入土之前 (or in English; Til I'm Underground) it's from her 2019 album Am I Who I Am. It's pop/rock sound is certainly a step up fr

Chris Morlock


911: The Surreal/Reality Imagery of Gaga's Latest Video

So, I'm sure many of you have already seen Gaga's latest music video for 911. The video is very surreal and confusing for the entirety of the song. The visuals don't seem to make too much sense until the song ends, where the video changes completely and you get a post-song scene that basically explains the whirlwind of visuals you were just subjected to.   Now, with the context of the end scene, it isn't all too hard to figure out what the symbolism was within the video after a few re-



Club Mix Edition : Favorite Artist Megamixes Made By Me + Full Album Megamixes

Since I'm not really in the mood to make videos. I decided to make a blog entry where I can post my Mixcloud megamixes. I'll add them when I'm done Here's the List of the megamixes I made and will make in the next few days :   Miley Cyrus Demi Lovato Selena Gomez Ariana Grande Taylor Swift Hilary Duff Carly Rae Jepsen Rihanna    Dua Lipa Beyoncé Lady Gaga Ciara

Princess Aurora


My book collection

author or series collection by various authors   Isaac Asimov - Foundation Chris Barsanti - Film-ol-o-gy Battlestar Galactica 3: The Tombs of Kobol (Glen A. Larson & Robert Thurston) L. Frank Baum - The Marvelous Land of Oz Tom Clancy - The Hunt for Red October Tom Clancy - Patriot Games Michael Crichton - The Andromeda Strain Michael Crichton - Jurassic Park Michael Crichton - Prey Philip K. Dick - The Man in the High Castle Philip K. Dick - A Scanner Dark

Dennis Reynolds


#30 Taylor Swift - folklore (2020)

#RoyaltyListens #30: Taylor Swift - folklore Hello, the Royal Squad brings another listening thread to you  we're going to listen to Taylor's new album "folklore" and after that we'll probably listening to Good Girl Gone Bad by miss Rihanna to save her section for nostaliga reasons. I don't feel like posting a long ass thread so here we go ladies. We are starting in a few moments, dears!    Tracklist: 1) the 1 - 8 2) cardigan - 9,5 3) the last great american dynasty -



Chris's tracklists

I'm really only doing this for albums I feel should have a storyline instead of being just a collection of songs   Rihanna - Rated R   Rihanna - Loud   Rihanna - Talk That Talk  

Chris Morlock