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Comics I've read in 2021

Been into the medium even more than usual this year and after going through everything I'd read so far I decided I wanted to keep track from now on     Annihilation -        Drax the Destroyer #1-4 -        Annihilation Prologue -        Annihilation: Nova #1-4 -        Annihilation: Silver Surfer #1-4 -        Annihilation: Super-Skrull #1-4 Black Panther (1998) #1-17 Black Science #1-6 Fables -        Fables #1-82 -        1001 Nights

Dennis Reynolds

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A Personalized TM List

Hello Pokemonsters! Welcome to a very quick blog post as we await the next entry of My Pokemon Gym. Doing this series got me thinking about the upcoming TM situation with Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl as it's unlikely TRs will return without a Wild Area. It also got me thinking what 100 TMs would I personally use in a region of my own. I set out a short number of rules, as follows: No MAX Moves or Z-Moves No Signature Moves of Legendary or Mythical Pokemon No Elemental Pledg


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My Pokemon Gym: The Series [GALAR EDITION]

Welcome one, welcome all to the return of the My Pokemon Gym series! It's been five long years since I first took on this series, and two generations have since passed. It's time for an update! The My Pokemon Gym series takes a deep look at the concept of a gym leader; using my favorite Pokemon to plan out teams for each type; following the same Pokemon and Level structure for each type. However this year, we'll be celebrating Galar with a Galarian twist on things as each gym type will publ

BDSP: Expectations, Predictions and More

Hi Pokemonsters, welcome back!      It's been almost two years since I made my last blog post, but with Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl on the horizon, it's the perfect time for a revival. I'm unsure if this will be a one-off entry or if the blog will see more regularly activity, but for now let's focus on the upcoming Switch releases. In this blog post, I'll be going over my thoughts of what to expect with the upcoming Diamond and Pearl remakes, and what will - and won'


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