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    Ariana Grande - Yours Truly

    Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman

    Beyonce - Dangerously In Love

    Beyonce - I Am... Sasha Fierce

    Beyonce - 4

    Beyonce - Lemonade

    Britney Spears - ...Baby One More Time

    Britney Spears - Oops!... I Did It Again

    Britney Spears - In The Zone

    Britney Spears - Greatest Hits: My Prerogative

    Britney Spears - The Singles Collection

    Britney Spears - Glory

    Christina Aguilera - Stripped

    Christina Aguilera - Keeps Gettin' Better: A Decade of Hits

    Christina Aguilera - Lotus

    Demi Lovato - Confident

    Ellie Goulding - Delirium

    Fergie - The Dutchess

    Florence + The Machine - How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful

    Gwen Stefani - The Sweet Escape

    Halsey - Hopeless Fountain Kingdom

    Katy Perry - One of the Boys

    Katy Perry - Teenage Dream

    Katy Perry - PRISM

    Katy Perry - Witness

    Kesha - Animal

    Kesha - Cannibal

    Kesha - I Am The Dance Commander + I Command You To Dance: The Remix Album

    Kesha - Warrior

    Kesha - Rainbow

    Lady Gaga - The Fame

    Lady Gaga - The Cherrytree Sessions

    Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster

    Lady Gaga - The Remix

    Lady Gaga - Born This Way

    Lady Gaga - Born This Way: The Remix

    Lady Gaga - Born This Way: The Collection

    Lady Gaga - ARTPOP

    Lady Gaga - Cheek to Cheek

    Lady Gaga - Joanne

    Lana Del Rey - Born to Die

    Lana Del Rey - Paradise

    Lana Del Rey - Ultraviolence

    Lana Del Rey - Honeymoon

    Madonna - Confessions on a Dancefloor

    Marina & The Diamonds - The Family Jewels

    Marina & The Diamonds - Electra Heart

    Marina & The Diamonds - FROOT

    Nicki Minaj - Roman Reloaded

    Nicki Minaj - The Re-Up

    Nicki Minaj - The Pinkprint

    P!nk - Funhouse

    Rihanna - Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded

    Rihanna - Rated R

    Rihanna - Loud

    Rihanna - Talk That Talk

    Rihanna - Unapologetic

    Rihanna - ANTI

    Tove Lo - Queen of the Clouds: The Blueprint Edition

    Tove Lo - Lady Wood



    Britney Spears - Britney Spears Live from Las Vegas

    Britney Spears - Britney Spears Live: The Femme Fatale Tour

    Christina Aguilera - Stripped Live in the UK

    Christina Aguilera - Back to Basics: Live and Down Under

    Christina Aguilera - Burlesque

    Lady Gaga - The Monster Ball Tour

    Lady Gaga - Cheek to Cheek Live!

    Madonna - MDNA World Tour

    Miley Cyrus - Bangerz Tour



    Ariana Grande - My Everything

    Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman

    Bebe Rexha - All Your Fault: Part 1

    Beyonce - B'Day

    Britney Spears - Glory

    Christina Aguilera - Stripped

    Halsey - Room 93

    Halsey - BADLANDS

    Halsey - Hopeless Fountain Kingdom

    Kesha - Animal

    Lady Gaga - The Fame

    Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster

    Lady Gaga - The Remix

    Lady Gaga - Born This Way

    Lady Gaga - Born This Way: The Remix

    Lady Gaga - ARTPOP

    Lady Gaga - Cheek to Cheek

    Lady Gaga - Joanne

    Lana Del Rey - Born to Die

    Lana Del Rey - Paradise

    Lana Del Rey - Ultraviolence

    Lana Del Rey - Honeymoon

    Madonna - Like a Virgin

    Marina & The Diamonds - The Family Jewels

    Marina & The Diamonds - Electra Heart

    Marina & The Diamonds - FROOT

    Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday

    Nicki Minaj - Roman Reloaded

    Rihanna - Collector's Edition Box Set

    Rihanna - Anti

    Tove Lo - Queen of the Clouds

    Tove Lo - Lady Wood



    Halsey - BADLANDS

    Lana Del Rey - Honeymoon

    Marina & The Diamonds - FROOT

    Nicki Minaj - The Big 3

    Selena Gomez - Revival

  1. Some of these are better known than others, and two specifically have a lot of martyrdom attached to them due to being cancelled so early on, but ultimately I think still deserve a lot of acclaim.


    10. Garfunkel and Oates




    This one was more quietly removed and I don't think it really garnered much of a fanbase, but it's an amusing if somewhat uneven show with some very offbeat, non-generic comedy.


    Favorite episode: Maturity


    9. Clerks: The Animated Series




    An obviously toned down but still adult cartoon, fans of either of the Clerks movies should still appreciate this show for its pop culture wit.


    Favorite episode: A Dissertation on the American Justice System by People Who Have Never Been Inside a Courtroom, Let Alone Know Anything About the Law, But Have Seen Way Too Many Legal Thrillers 


    8. The Grinder




    A pretty clever comedy with a nice cast, I was really sorry to see this one go, as it's the only show on my list that I actually watched throughout its original run.


    Favorite episode: Grinder Rests in Peace


    7. My So-Called Life




    A great teen drama with some cast member that that really rose to fame later, you really get invested in these characters despite its short run. Skip the Christmas episode though...


    Favorite episode: Why Jordan Can't Read


    6. The Lone Gunmen




    A far lighter spin-off of The X-Files more focused on comedic conspiracy plots, I got a lot of enjoyment of this one, and in addition to really liking the development of the LG themselves I also really like the new characters, Jimmy Bond and Yves Adele Harlow.


    Favorite episode: Like Water for Octane


    5. Freaks and Geeks




    OK, so this is one of the two "obvious" shows I mentioned, but I really think it deserves its acclaim. I love the cast, Linda Cardellini and Martin Starr especially, and my only real criticism is a general lack of likeability regarding the adult characters, with the exception of Thomas F. Wilson as the gym teacher. 


    Favorite episode: Chokin' and Tokin' 


    4. Kolchak: The Night Stalker




    Fantastic precursor to the The X-Files, and I love McGavin's portrayal of the titular character.


    Favorite episode: Demon in Lace


    3. Firefly




    Aaaand this would be the other obvious one. Coming from the creator of two other acclaimed TV series that were on and the time (and whose fanbase has only grown since then with The Avengers and such), this show probably more than any other is infamous for getting screwed by the network and as a result was pulled pretty quick despite its acclaim. Still, it is a great series with a wonderful cast and characters, and a somewhat unusal western-esque idea of spacefaring sci-fi with no aliens.


    Favorite episode: Out of Gas


    2. The Flash




    I enjoy this infinitely more than the current CW series with Grant Gustin. I love its escapist, adventurous vibe, and anybody who likes Tim Burton's Batman movies should do themselves a favour and check this out.  


    Favorite episode: Pilot


    1. That's My Bush!




    From the creators of South Park (another one of my favorite shows), this show is just brilliant. People expected this to be more of a political satire than it was for obvious reasons, when was it really was was a spoof of hackneyed sitcoms from the 80s and 90s complete with a cheesy theme song, incessant canned laughter with regular "OOOH"s from the "studio audience", a sassy maid, a wacky neighbor and the works. Each episode combines some typical sitcom plot (impressing your mother-in-law, going to two engagements on the same night, your old frat brothers visiting) with some hot button issue (abortion, gun control, the War on Drugs) and downplaying much political commentary, with more moderate views being expressed in a parody of those awful "discussing the episode's plot before bed" scenes in The Brady Bunch. 


    Favorite episode: An Aborted Dinner Date










  2. My thoughts on this people.


    Fuck the KKK, Neo-nazi and uneducated white trash

    Black lives matters, Jews lives matters

    Fuck you Trump, we know your dad was in the KKK

    God loves all his children, you have no power dumbass white men

    I hope, a black men beat your ass real good for the shit you say and do

    A brother is a brother, black or white and that's how it is

    Your brain and mind is fucked up by hate, since you can't see a black man with ya jab (Haha! whatcha gonna do now. Nothing! That's right...)

    Your dick was so small, your wife left you for a black man. When you couldn't get it up. xD

  3. Author's Note: I can't even believe that this needs to be said because the answer is so obvious to me, but people are still asking and seeing Lady Gaga's recent tweets regarding Charlottesville pushed me over the edge to finally post something about it.


    Dear fellow well-meaning white people,


    I keep seeing you ask around about how you can help people of color. Many of you have tried, but you ended up getting dragged for making it about yourself or averting responsibility for being a part of their plight by invoking hashtags such as #ThisIsNotUs (which has quickly become the #NotAllMen of white people laughcry1 ).

    I have a feeling that a lot of you secretly know exactly what the answer to that question is, but you're afraid to step up to the plate so you're looking for a safe, socially acceptable alternative. I get it, because I've been there myself, but the time has come and you now have to make a choice between what is right and what is easy.


    Anyway, in case you truly have no idea, let me summarize the most important thing we can do to be allies to people of color in only three simple words (spoiler alert: it's sure as hell not repaying Nazis with love and kindness):


    Image result for call it out gif


    Start holding your white family and friends accountable for their bullshit. Talk to them about white supremacy, Neo-Nazis, and the alt-right. If they say or do something racist, tell them that it's unacceptable. I'm so over my fellow white liberals crying about racism, suddenly getting timid when their racist relatives or friends say something fucked up, and then only complaining about it once they're gone. I highly doubt that the majority of the safety pin brigade that formed after the election actually spoke up when they witnessed injustice, and that's a problem. Silence is complicity. Stop making excuses for it. Sure, some people are set in their ugly ways and are too far gone for your call-outs to change their minds, but the more of us there are to shut them down, the less validation their views will have. A major reason that racists are becoming so audacious lately is because they face so few consequences when they openly display that kind of behavior, so let's create some. It will be awkward at first, and you might get called a snowflake or lose popularity, but that's nothing compared to the violence black people have received for daring to stand up for themselves throughout history.


    Unfortunately people of color don't have the systemic power and privilege to change the way things are going...but we do. This shit is on our shoulders. It feels awful, but the truth hurts. To quote Samantha Bee, how many times to do we expect black people to build our country for us? It's not their duty to educate you (but if they want to, listen), and asking what you can do to help on Twitter for the sake of looking like a good person is obnoxiously self-serving. "Starting a conversation" is the bare minimum and it doesn't deserve brownie points. If you seriously want to get educated about racial issues and learn how you can help, Google is free and so is your local library.


    Anyway, if that was TL;DR for you, I will leave you with this: please for the love of God stop venting on social media about how it's scary to call out your racist dad. It's cowardly, and black lives are more important than white comfort. Nothing will change unless we, as white people, take the initiative and do our part. That's all.




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    Mariah Carey’s 1997 album Butterfly is heralded as her greatest effort, and is certainly her most emotional and personal album. Within, fans find many favorites tracks that are often praised for exuding vulnerability.  Songs like “Butterfly”, “Close My Eyes”, and “Outside” deal with topics ranging from her difficult upbringing to her recent split with husband and Sony CEO Tommy Mattola. But one song in particular seems to be praised to high heavens – enough so to be considered overrated by some fans. That song is “The Roof”, the fourth track on Butterfly. Even though Mariah thinks – quite obliviously – that no one cares about her obscure non-singles, die-hard fans appraise the song as one of the greatest she’s ever composed. Even though they often cite its lyrical depth as its strongest attribute, I find that too few actually relish its deeply intimate details or explain what makes it so astounding. Unlike much of her work, where the writing simply explores a specific feeling or emotion, “The Roof” actually tells a narrative; an excerpt of a novel or memoir with the lingual intensity of poetry.


    Before we delve into what “The Roof” exactly entails, I think it’s pertinent to talk about Mariah’s relationship with Tommy Mattola. It didn’t take long for Tommy to be labeled as the “bad guy” – most of the public saw him that way even back in 1997. Today, most fans just write him off as a huge mistake in Mariah’s life: someone who manipulated the young songstress for his own needs and locked her up in their Mall-of-America-sized mansion. Now, I can’t sit here and defend the guy who married an employee twenty years his junior, but I think we have to look at Tommy from Mariah’s perspective. I wholeheartedly believe that Mariah definitely loved him at one point in her life – if not for all the wrong reasons. Tommy had showed support and belief in Mariah’s music when they first met. She was allowed to write and produce all of her own music – a freedom not many young singers were awarded from a big record company. For a girl with such deep passion for music, it was reassuring to her that someone was so encouraging and devoted to her career. Tommy was older, wiser, and more experienced than her. “Daddy Issues”, I hear you say? – Unfortunately true. Mariah herself admitted that because she didn’t have much of a male parental figure growing up, she was subconsciously looking for someone who was mature and would take care of her. She was someone “prone to disfunction”, and this was not a healthy relationship. But, that doesn’t mean there weren’t actual feelings of “love” involved. I even believe that Tommy genuinely thought he loved Mariah – even if it was a veil for his own selfish ends.




    Mariah details the rainy evening in “The Roof” as occurring in November. Since Mariah and Tommy eventually separated and divorced in early 1997, the events of the song most likely took place in November 1996, when their marriage was already in a state of shambles and dissolution. The lyrics detail a casual setting where Mariah broods about her pain, pondering escape from her loveless marriage and restrictive life: 


    (And my heart was pounding / my inner voice resounding / begging me to turn away) 


    But then, her husband walks into the room, and despite her depression, she finds she is still filled with the resounding love and passion she once felt for the man, yearning to feel those emotions once more. She is wrapped up in confusion and contrary thoughts: the desire to be free and the desire to be in love once again. She eventually gives in to her more passionate craving, hoping the intimacy would clue her husband of her inner suffering:


    (And I was twisted in the web of my desire for you / my apprehension blew away / I only wanted you / to taste my sadness as you kissed me in the dark)


    The second verse finds the couple minutes or hours later, ravished in each other’s arms. Their inhibitions are lost after finishing a bottle of champagne, and Mariah yields, possibly both her body and mind, to her husband. (I think it’s important to remember here that Mariah was a virgin when she married Tommy, and he was her first sexual experience):


    (And so we finished the Moët / and started feeling liberated / and I surrendered as you took me in your arms)


    Although Mariah seemingly becomes lost in the heat of the moment, the fact that she is severely unhappy still weighs on her mind. She spent much of her marriage feeling dejected and unloved. “Slipping Away” , a song written in 1995 or 1996, seems to suggest that Tommy was the one who became cold and distant. Because of his behavior, Mariah learned to repress and quell any yearning feelings of intimacy and love that she was so desperately trying to grasp onto.


    During this moment of liberation, Mariah finally allows herself to indulge in those feelings of lust and affection that she forced herself to keep at bay:


    (I was so caught up in the moment / couldn’t bear to let you go yet / so I threw caution to the wind and started listening to my longing heart) (And then you softly pressed your lips to mine / and feelings surfaced I’d suppressed for such a long, long time)


    This tender moment is enough to make her forget about her husband’s controlling and heartless nature, her unhappiness, and how she severely needed to release herself from her passionless and constricting marriage. The two of them are simply enraptured, falling into each other in a way they haven’t in a long, long time:


    (And for awhile I forgot the sorrow and the pain / and melted with you as we stood there in the rain)


    The bridge seems to suggest that this night was an unsuccessful last-ditch effort – the final moment of love and affection experienced within her marriage. The night pretty much signaled a farewell to their relationship; the ultimate indulgence before the end:


    (Last night I dreamed that I / whispered the words “I love you, boy” / and touched you so very subtly / as we were kissing goodbye)


    Finally, the chorus explains that Mariah is looking back on this night in retrospect. She seems to realize now what it had signified in the context of her relationship. Still, she reminisces on it with a certain fondness. She yearns for the spectacular intimacy and sentiment that night held: what her relationship was – or what it possibly could have been:


    (Every time I feel the need / I envision you caressing me / and go back in time to relieve the splendor of you and I)


    Of course, many of these details I’ve given are because I’ve researched Mariah’s life beyond her music, but it is not hard to deduce this narrative by looking at lyrics from other songs before and after. Beyond this, “The Roof” is immensely clever and intelligent in how it is written. Not only does Mariah use interesting, descriptive words: (November, resounding, casually, apprehension, splendor, liberated, surrendered, suppressed) but she also uses poetic phrases to clue us into the emotions she felt and the situation she was in at the time: (“But I just had to see your face to feel alive”, “And I was twisted in the web of my desire for you”, “I only wanted you to taste my sadness”, “So I threw caution to the wind”, “Feelings surfaced I’d suppressed”, “And for awhile I forgot the sorrow and the pain”).


    The song is indeed masterful, in that it offers multiple layers for the listener to latch onto. The production, instrumentation, and how it is sung gives the gloomy and melancholy atmosphere of autumn rain and a longing memory. The lyrics paint the intricate and involved web of emotions and expressions; the dichotomy of wanting to go in one direction but being plagued by the desire to go another. It quite perfectly combines lyrical language of poetry and the narrative essence of a story. Mariah Carey is a very skilled writer, but she has not often achieved the flawless blends that make up “The Roof”.

  4. giphy.webp


    Welcome, Pokemonsters, to one entry of The Type Tourneys blog series. This series is a theoretical series based on the idea of an in-game Friendly Competition where only Pokemon of one given type can compete. Each entry in the series will detail a general overview of the type and my predictions for what the main competitors and top tier threats in the tier. You guys can then discuss with me and tell me if you think I'm right, wrong or missed something crucial. More information on the series can be found at this link. The general rules for each tournament would be as follows:

    • Double Battles Format; Bring 6, Use 4
    • All Pokemon allowed; Includes Legendary and Mythical Pokemon
    • All Moves, Abilities and Items are allowed; Includes Type-Changing Moves and Abilities
    • Duplicate Pokemon and Items are allowed. (Due to restrictions, as we probably won't be able to officially ban them)
    • No Smogon Clauses; i.e. Sleep Clause, Recovery Clause, OHKO Clause, etc.
    • Pokemon with type-varying Forms may only participate in the correct Type Tourney; i.e. Alolan Vulpix only in Ice and Arceus-Ghost only in Ghost, etc.
    • Mega-Form Pokemon are regulated by their base form; i.e. Mega Gyarados (Mega: Water/Dark, Base: Water/Flying) is allowed in Water and Flying, but NOT in Dark, etc.



    Average Stats: 66 HP, 91 Atk, 107 Def, 60 SpA, 74 SpD, 51 Spe
    Weaknesses: water.pnggrass.pngground.pngfighting.pngsteel.png
    Resistances: poison.pngfire.pngflying.pngnormal.png


    Without further ado, let's begin the discussion on the Rock-Type in itself. As seen above, the Rock-Type is essentially a very ugly physically-based type. Therefore, Special moves could be more prevalent than in the other type tourneys; but only from good users of special attacks. It's also important to note that Sandstorm - and by association Sand Stream - will boost the special defense of all Rock-Types by 50%. The speed stat is also very low, meaning that fast mons will generally have an advantage - except in certain Trick Room situations. Finally, we see which attack types could be run extensively in this tournament. It's also important to note that Rock-type attacks are neutral on Rock-Type Pokemon; so the STAB boost could come in handy, in certain cases. Let's look at some of the picks for major threats: 


    Arceus (Rock)


    While allowing Legendary and Mythical Pokemon may end up being controversial, it's only fair to have a proper type showdown with them all included. And unsurprisingly, Arceus is possibly one of the major players. The first reason is that it has the highest BST of all Rock-Types, sitting at a 720 base total. Arceus is also extremely unpredictable because its movepool is so chock-full of coverage moves; it gets moves for each of the types that Rock is weak to; Surf/Aqua Tail/Waterfall (Water), Energy Ball/Giga Drain/Bullet Seed (Grass), Earthquake/Earth Power (Ground), Brick Break/Focus Blast (Fighting) and Iron Head / Flash Cannon (Steel). It also gets set-up potential with Swords Dance, Cosmic Power or Calm Mind, the ability to burn opposing threats with Will-O-Wisp, the potential to ruin Sand-users with Sunny Day or Rain Dance. In addition, it gets various methods of speed control - a very important ability in doubles - with Tailwind, Trick Room and Bulldoze or Icy Wind. It's one drawback is that Arceus can only run one of two items; Stone Plate or Rockium-Z. Rockium-Z will not affect Judgement's type but it does get Stone Edge and Rock Slide if it wants a STAB move. This does make it predictable and lowers the potential for using Z-Moves of other types, or running various berries,  leftovers or choice items, but even still, Arceus looks to be one of the most threatening Pokemon here; for sure. 



    Another mythical Pokemon that could be extremely scary. Diancie has absolutely insane bulk; with 150 Defense and Special Defense. However it is outclassed by a few other Pokemon in the highest Defense stat category, and outclassed by Shuckle for Special Defense. Then, you look at Diancie's attacking capabilities with both Special and Physical hits having a base 100 stat. Now, type-wise, she's not brilliant for offensive-types. The only real super-effective type she gets is Ground - with Earth Power. Earth Power will not hit the Rock and Flying dual-type Pokemon in this Tournament, but Rock-type moves such as Power Gem and Diamond Storm will hit them super-effectively. In addition, Diancie gets STAB Moonblast; something which can be used to hit threats like Tyranitar and Terrakion for extreme damage. Other options include Dual Screens, Calm Mind, Heal Bell and oh yeah... Trick Room. Diancie has a speed stat of 50 which makes her the joint-slowest user of Trick Room. Oh and by the way, Mega Diancie, if you want her, has the highest base Special Attack (by a good 33 points) of all Rock-Type Pokemon. Who needs coverage after all?




    Close Combat, hi. That's basically it. Terrakion has an insane 129 base attack and a very fast 108 speed. With Close Combat hitting the majority of the tournament for high power super-effective damage, Earthquake and Iron Head hitting the rest, and then comes the options of a Rock-STAB move, Protect, Substitute, Swords Dance or even Taunt. While some Pokemon like Mega Diancie outspeed Terrakion, a scarfed Terrakion will always outspeed Diancie and has a 4x effective move in Iron Head. It's also important to remember that in Doubles, Justified can be very scary particularly with the new Dark-type move; Brutal Swing, to boost Terrakion's power. In general, Terrakion is a Pokemon that has one job, and does it well. But that's all it needs. 


    Sand Stream


    Sand Stream is an ability that creates an auto-sandstorm for five turns whenever the Pokemon who holds it enters battle. Sandstorm is known to chip away health from Pokemon that aren't Rock, Ground or Steel-type. The problem here is that every single Pokemon is Rock-type; so why use it? Because Sand also boosts the SpDef stat of Rock-Types by 50%. This could be used in combination with physical hitters to allow you to hit your opponent hard with physical hits, while they struggle to take your Pokemon out with Special moves. Tyranitar, in particular, is probably a better choice since it also has a Mega Form which has the second highest base-Atk of all Rock-Types (and only beaten by 1 point). It also gets Dragon Dance; a move that can be scary if left unchecked. However, if the 4x weakness to any Fighting-type move puts you off, then Gigalith is a nice alternative. 



    aerodactyl.gifarcheops.gif minior.gif

    This is probably a shocking option because Rock/Flying types are automatically weak to STAB Rock moves making them a huge target. However, not all Pokemon tend to run Rock moves if they think they can get away with coverage moves only. Also, a lot of Rock-types may just carry Earthquake; a move that these are immune to. Aerodactyl is the fastest Rock-type Pokemon of all, and it's mega evolution has an even higher Speed-stat; and gains Tough Claws. It can also run Earthquake and Aqua Tail itself, and gains the move Sky Drop - which while Not Very Effective on Rock-Types - will negate opponent's moves if used correctly. Tailwind is also a nice option to set up speed in difficult situations for the rest of the team. Minior and Archeops can be useful too but Aerodactyl seems like the best pick here. 




    Perhaps a shocking pick here, because Cradily is not the strongest, nor the fastest, nor the slowest, nor the bulkiest. But, what Cradily does have going for it, is that it's the only Pokemon with a STAB Grass-type move in the Tournament. In addition, it also gets the Storm Drain ability which makes it immune to Water-type moves. Cradily gets STAB on the likes of Giga Drain, Energy Ball or Seed Bomb, as well as getting a Water-type move in Brine and both Earth Power and Earthquake for coverage. It can also set up major defenses with the likes of Barrier or Amnesia, can sit behind a Substitute, can Toxic foes and stall them with Synthesis or Recover, and it can even pull out Mirror Coat if your opponent tries to hit it with special moves. It's the one to watch here, honestly. 




    I can hear you all gasping and serving severe confusion after this choice. You'll be immediately trying to clock me with the possiblity of a 4x hit from Ground or Fighting types. While, yes, that's true, it's also not. Aggron has a Mega Evolution; and when it mega evolves, it loses its rock-type. This makes it pure Steel-type and it has the ability Filter, which reduces damage to 3/4 by super effective hits. Not to mention, it ties Shuckle for the highest Defense stat in the tier and carries STAB Heavy Slam or Iron Head off an insane 140 base attack. While specially, it's not outstanding, it can certainly be clutch if there's mainly physical hitters on opposing teams. 




    Water is super-effective on Rock... that's it. Having a STAB water-move is going to - likely - be more useful than having a non-STAB one. In addition, these guys also only take neutral damage from a Steel-type move. However, they do take 4x damage from Grass-type users, either in the form of Cradily, or others using non-STAB Grass-Type moves. Realistically, Omastar looks to be the best bet here, with the option of Shell Smash, and then a complete sweep with its massive Special Attack stat, combined with STAB from Hydro Pump and the likes of Ice Beam or Earth Power to hit Cradily hard. The others could find their uses too if more bulk, or more physical preference is needed. 




    All of the above have the potential for one of the most annoying abilities in the entire game of Pokemon; Sturdy. I'm sure those of you who've played a game from Gen 5 onwards know exactly what I'm talking about. Before Gen 5, Sturdy only activated on OHKO moves like Horn Drill. But since then, Sturdy became the bane of everyone's existence by guaranteeing survival from the first hit - almost like a focus sash. Now, a lot of these Pokemon have major weaknesses that can be played around, but never underestimate the threat of a Sturdy Pokemon who could set up something with their turn to allow other teammates to shine through. 


    Niche Picks


    These two have been grouped together because they're going to tend to be niche picks. Rampardos has the highest base Attack of all Rock-type Pokemon and also carries the insane Sheer Force ability. Pairing this with a Life Orb allows Rampardos to increase his damage output by 1.69x without taking recoil - from moves that have added effects; such as Iron Head. However, it is a slow Pokemon, and even with a scarf, will not outspeed the fastest threats. Unfortunately a lot of Rock-types are slower than it and it maybe can't do the job either in Trick Room. Whereas Nihilego is a decently fast Pokemon with the second highest base Special Attack of all Rock-types (second to Mega Diancie). The main draw here would be the use of Beast Boost, the move Grass Knot to hit most Rock-types, and then Thunderbolt to hit Fliers and Hidden Power Ground or Fighting for Steel-types; for lack of a better option. It also does get Brutal Swing to pair with Terrakion, and Toxic Spikes can be extremely annoying to deal with. However, Nihilego is frail defensively and is 4x weak to the likes of Earth Power and Earthquake. Both of these can work with support, or can support teammates, but aren't the absolute top tier here. 



    So, tell me what you think? Am I spot on, did I miss something, do you disagree? What team would you think about running in a Rock-type Tourney; if we ever got the feature updated in a future game. Let me know down below bbs. Next up is the Water-type; see ya then! 

  5. It has recently come to my attention that some of my fellow fotpers LACK the basic knowledge of how to make use of different condiments to their best advantage. So I have made this table to help and guide them to a proper way of eating condiments. 



      Condiments   How much to use                How to use


    A little over a teaspoon or a little more! if you're eating a burger or if you're eating fries, always make sure you dip just the tip of the fry and not the whole thing, and you should never dip the burger in the ketchup as all you're gonna taste is the strong vinegary taste of ketchup.

                                               Hot Sauce 

    Little droplets It's a common misconception that the more sauce there is the more it tastes better, this is FALSE. It does not make it taste spicier or better, if you use too much it WILL overpower the flavor of whatever you're eating it with. The best way to eat hot sauce is to use little droplets of it here and there, that way with each bite those droplets burst into a mosaic of deliciousness and elevate the taste!
    Mayo  A table spoon is recommended Mayo on it's on does not have alot of flavor so it heavy relies on whatever you're eating it with, it's generally recommended that you eat it with something spicy or heavy so the creaminess of the mayo can counter that taste. But again general rule of thumb, never use too much. 
    Mustard Less than a teaspoon, droplets recommended. Mustard is a very strong condiment so too much of it can be disastrous, use with caution. I personally don't use it much but if you like it then use in moderation pls cause it's very strong and can easily overpower any flavor. 
    Other  ~  The stronger the taste, the less you use. 


    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask below!


  6. Hey everyone, after months of stress, school, and summer break i forgot to write about other events that happened so i'm back to write about my bullshit once again! sia3

    So yall thought getting harassed by creepy straights were bad? Well that got 10x worse after my 2nd blog in January so im gonna talk about everything here! sia2


    Firstly the classes and schoolwork was fine and dandy but I practically felt like a zombie cause everything was always the same and I was just tired waiting for something to happen. Cause of my various mental problems, I have social anxiety and depression so I feel like people want to try and use it to take advantage of me, which is why what I'm about to tell yall happened. dead2


    I was very isolated and desperate for friends around the very first days of school, since I didn't even know anyone there (I didnt go to public school for middle schoo) even if a few people did talk to me in class. During P.E. class, these two guys came up to me and wanted to talk with me and introducing themselves, (I think I mentioned them in my previous blog as "friends")  so after we were done talking I guess we were friends now and were a "geek group" as they said it??? (I don't know what they saw in me cause I didn't mention anything that seemed "geek" worthy once or maybe it was cause I was dorky looking) so then I ended up getting labeled as a a "geek" and it just started me off the wrong place, I sat with them at lunch everyday while the group at the table talked all about Star Wars and LOTR while I pretended to know everything about those franchises, (even though I havent watched or read a single thing), tried playing D&D dead4,and let's just say they forced me to "role play" (vomit1) with them and I hated it but I just assumed I need to get used to it cause I had no one else to go to but after awhile i realized how awkward and embarrassing it was to me and wasn't enjoying it (not to mention I was constantly bullied when I hang out with them) so I wanted to stop immediately cause I felt so oblivious before. dead2


    Though there was a problem I had with the two when I tried to stop hanging out with them and doing that weird stuff.


    The first guy was very twinky and annoying (he looks and sounds like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory), he was always talking non-stop about Star Wars and Lord of the Rings (no offense to any of yall who like it) but I wasn't interested in either of those at all, not to mention when he did talk to me he was always being touchy-feely like going uncomfortably close to my face, touching me, poking me, yanking my arm, you name it, even if i was trying to pay attention to him, he was annoying. He was in about 2 classes I had, he wasn't that bad, except for the fact he made me do everything in a group project (twice) dead4


    Though the second guy, oh he was even worse, the second guy was very "large", but he was almost the same as the 1st guy, but was less annoying, always had a calm, exciting, and happy mood. He felt like he was that guy that seems like your good close friend you could vent to. I rarely ever saw him since he was a grade over and didn't have any classes with me. He had a lot of friends, always hung out with the first guy I mentioned, and i felt like I had no problem with him until when I wanted to stop hanging out with him and doing that role play stuff, he started to show his true colors, and now he seemed like a narcissistic, manipulative little baby. Even outside of P.E. I started to notice this behavior, even acting like he didn't know me. dead4


    On one of the last few weeks of school in May, I went ahead and decided it was enough, and  stopped hanging out with both of them completely. They both asked if I wanted to do that "role play" thing but I rejected. The first guy was pretty okay about it, but the second guy went completely nuts over it. He kept trying to convince me to start doing it again and made up a bunch of offers about the RP and kept INSISTING I do it again, telling me "you know you want to" , "What are you gonna do in P.E. class for the next few weeks then???" So then we had to go outside to the track to run, so that's when I tried to run for it and avoid him, but he just kept trying to follow me, and eventually caught up to me. Somehow, he got me to open up to him about a long conversation about life mental problems, deep insecurities, then kept telling me to smile and be happy, I was in the oblivious state again. He told me he wanted to go on a long summer road trip to get out of the house, and would go places such as California, Colorado, and etc. (Also after accidentally finding his Instagram I found out he went to the Stanley Hotel wendy4) He was telling me I was his friend and that he could be himself around me, (ironic considering I couldn't) , he even said there would absolutely be no role playing involved. But as soon we get inside though, he throws all we talked about out the window and asked me who I wanted to role play as, I was confused seeing I wanted no part in it, and tells me if I wanted to role play with him as he makes up a dumb description to get me "excited" or if I wanted to "stay on my sad lonely throne [the benches] with my phone like a king" (as he told me word from word) so I eventually told him no realizing what happened before was all fake to try and get me on my good side, so he literally told me "okay no more fun no more smiles no more happiness then" and walked away all pissed off that I wouldn't play in the cardboard box with our "imaginations" with him wendy4wendy4wendy4

    After I cut ties with him, I sat on the bench minding my own business, headphones plugged, and went on with my life. But yeah that was a nutshell of my whole Freshman year of High School, -10/10 would not recommend, and I really regret that I lied to myself and tried to be someone who I'm not, I feel like I would of did different seeing now that they're not actually real friends dead2

    I'm going into my sophomore year on Monday and I really hope I don't see those two in any of my classes, though my friend said she would be coming into High School with me (as a Freshman though) so I'm just hoping this year isn't as much as a shit show repeat of last year, even if I know better now. I wanted to speak up about it to the school and them personally before, but I was too aashamed, feeling I was too deep into it and trapped to really say anything. dead4

    Well that was it! Here's to a better year, wendy2

    Till the next entry wendy3 

    - Slay

  7. Girls_Generation_Holiday_Night_album_cov

    2017 sees SNSD (more widely known as Girls' Generation) celebrating their tenth anniversary, an anomaly for a k-pop group, most of which disband as soon as their few-year-long contracts terminate. During the time the nine – or now eight – girls were together brought them countless hits, including Gee or Genie, tracks often mentioned among the genre's greatest work, success and earned them a „nation's girlgroup” title. Quite a legacy to live up to. Holiday Night, along with the two title tracks promoting it, is a record which more than anything tries to prove whether their previous success was justified or not. Does it succeed?

    Starting off with the more successful song, Holiday does not leave SNSD's typical comfort zone. It's an upbeat bubblegum pop track which keeps up with the times but at the same time interpolates a lot of retro influences. Its main strength relies in its ho-ho-holiday hook which is ear-worm-y enough to instantly get stuck in listener's memory and not repetitive enough to get annoying quickly. Besides, the cute little rap part in the second verse seems fairly smooth, pleasant and doesn't come off as awkwardly put into the track which is not something one could say about many SM singles in recent memory. If I were to nitpick, I could definitely live without the over-the-top vocal show-off coming from the TTS trio but it's a disadvantage so minor that with repeated plays it becomes almost unnoticeable.

    However, it's All Night which turned out to be the more complex and intriguing song in the longer run. It's much more electronic – with even slight nu-disco influences – and current-sounding than Holiday and has significantly more changes all the way through. I like how the chorus goes in a pretty unexpected direction: despite the obvious build-up in the verses, it doesn't explode instantly. Instead, it slows down for a bit and naturally progresses to its more lively second half. What initially striked me as jarring and misplaced was the dubstep-ish bridge, I thought it was an unnecessary addition ruining the overall mood. I've been warming up to it with every listen though and now I'd say it's a pretty clever nod to all the so-called „SM Sheep” who stan for every boring, Western-pandering, Britney Spears bonus track material which remains self-aware and actually has some personality enhancing it.

    Quality-wise SNSD's discography is... questionable for me, to say the least. That's why I came to Holiday Night having zero expectations and that was probably for the better, apart from the title tracks, only one song raised any kind of interest. To focus on the positives though, both All Night and Holiday are both tracks which do make sense as something they'd release for their anniversary. They both paint a picture of a group which might reach their peak popularity anymore but is still a solid player in the music business, one which should not be ruled out.


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    Hey y'all. Today on The Blog of Olaf I'll be talking about the pop girl tours I have been to. This entry will occasionally be updated as I will fill in more about my experiences there, packages I got and the dates.


    So here they are. Also I'll post the album names of the tours I'm unsure of.



    The 7/27 World Tour

    The Bangerz World Tour

    The Pink Friday Roman Reloaded Tour



    Dangerous Woman Tour

    One Love Manchester

    Lust for Life (24th July 2017)

    Lust For Life Tour (Echo Arena)



    The Prismatic World Tour

    Witness: The Tour

    The Monster Ball Tour

    Born this Way Ball

    ArtRave (Album Reveal Thing)

    Joanne World Tour (October 9th 2017- GA- The O2)


    1989 Secret Sessions

    1989 World Tour



    The Formation World Tour (Wembly Stadium)

    The Circus Starring Britney Spears

    Britney- Piece of Me



    Sticky and Sweet Tour

    The MDNA World Tour 

    The MDNA World Tour

    Rebel Heart Tour

  8. Read at your own discretion.




    After a night to be remembered, Room 57 is a total mess; champagne everywhere, confetti scattered about, even a bottle of lotion that sits face down on the coffee table. Halcyon, lying on the couch wearing only nude lingerie and a leather jacket, slowly wakes up and is a bit hungover. She looks around and sees Trevante exiting the bathroom wearing nothing but ripped up jeans and a gold chain. She rubs her head and feels her frizzled hair. “How long was I out?”
    “For almost 12 hours. You were stone cold when we finished.”
    “I must’ve been drinking too much, huh…”
    “Nah, just enough to keep it on the grind.”
    She gets up and drowsily swings around him. “Grinding on who?”
    He smirks. “Me…”
    She laughs softly. “Of course it’d be you…” They lean in towards each other. “I’m just so blessed to be around you once again…”
    “Well, it’s been a long time… but I’m back in town.”
    They begin to kiss each other when Halcyon steps on a small shard of glass, stunning her. She looks around and sees half a dozen empty bottles of liquor thrown around, one of which is broken. “Oh wow, so I was pretty wasted…”
    “We were all pretty much wasted, but we’ll clean up this mess and have your place spotless in no time.”
    As Trevante begins to pick up stuff from afar, Halcyon looks back on the coffee table and notices the lotion. “Who’s lubricant is that?”
    “Oh, that’s Milan’s!”
    “Who’s Milan?”
    He comes back with three empty bottles in hand. “An old friend of mine, I invited him over since we haven’t seen each other in years… but I’ll give this back to him later.”
    Halcyon grabs the lubricant and hands it to him. “But what’s it doing here?”
    “He brings it in case shit gets heated down under.” Halcyon throws up in her mouth a little. “But let’s get this space cleaned up before anything important happens.”

    Flashback: Monday Night

    It’s a party at a rich dude’s house! Well, more like a party at a middle-class woman’s apartment. Well nothing ever last forever, no… Endless chatter and laughter fill the room as they all celebrate Trevante’s return. An hour into the party, everyone is sitting down and pretty much drunk.
    Halcyon scoots over and reaches for the champagne bottle on the coffee table. She pops it open and fills everyone’s glasses, all 8 of them. “Ok shut up!” Everyone stops to listen. “Not only do I toast to my hubby over here, who just got out of jail… but I also, want to toast to the newly engaged couple down there!” She points to Diamond and Trevor, and the rest begin to cheer. “So, let’s raise our glasses for them all!” Everyone grabs their glasses to toast, and proceed to drink the liquor. They all then slam their glasses down with ecstasy. Halcyon checks the bottle and notices that it’s empty. “Yo, can one of y’all check if there’s anymore of this?”
    Trevante gets up as Halcyon lays the bottle down on the table. He opens the fridge to his surprise. “There’s 2 more in here.”
    “Great! Come back over, I have an idea,” Halcyon says as Trevante returns. “How about we play truth or dare?”
    She claps. “Okay, it’s a go! I’ll spin first.” Halcyon does the first move, and after a moment it stops. “Maraj… truth or dare?”
    Maraj sits up from Sean’s embrace. “I’m feeling a bit spicy tonight, so I’ll say… dare.”
    “Well… I’ve got something for ya,” Halcyon gestures her. “I dare you to kiss me.”
    “Oh hell yeah—”
    Don’t be afraid to catch feels… Halcyon climbs on over to Maraj and they begin making out. As everyone is enjoying the moment, Sean, sitting right beside the two, takes his phone out to capture it. “Oh god, look at this shit yo.”
    After a full minute, they let go of each other. Halcyon gets back over to Trevante, realizing she may be bisexual. But before she gets too deep into that thought, somebody knocks on the door. She gets up and walks over to the door, to find out it’s her neighbor.
    Halcyon pauses the Beats Pill and fixes her hair. “Oh, hi Olaf. What’s the word?”
    “I don’t want to sound like a dick, but can you turn your music down? I’m trying to sleep and stuff.”
    “Oh…” She puts her hand on her chest as Rashad gets up to refill the drinks. “I’m sorry about that, we’re in the middle of something… do you have any noise isolators?”
    He squints at her. “...no?”
    “Here,” she says as she quickly grabs the Beats Studio headphones sitting beside the door. “You can borrow these, they help me sleep sometimes. I listened to Lust for Life in these once and it knocked me out faster than sleeping pills.”
    “Oh thanks, but do you know when I should bring these back?”
    “Anytime. Have a good rest!” She closes the door and resumes the music. Tell me how you feel right now, ‘cause all I wanna do is keep it real right now… “Ok who wants to spin the bottle next?”
    “A-YO,” Milan shouts.
    “Alright, big boy.” Halcyon sits back down and Maraj suddenly gets up. Halcyon looks to Sean. “What’s she doing?”
    “She says she need a break, so…,” he shrugs.
    “I really don’t blame her, too many drinks can fuck you up…”
    Milan spins the bottle and it stops at Diamond. She speaks before Milan asked the question. “Dare!”
    “I… dare you to let me give you a lapdance… with your fiancé’s permission.”
    Trevor looks at him. “I don’t care, just as long as ya don’t go beyond a lapdance.”
    Now we’re talkin’!” Release, let go, and have a good time… Diamond gets up and pulls out a chair as the bass gets deep. Milan takes off his black tee and wraps it around her neck as he goes Magic Mike on her. With fresh glasses of champagne, everyone else begins to cheer and woot at them as they get into the groove of the song.


    After about 30 minutes of sweeping and spraying and even more sweeping, Halcyon’s apartment is back to the way it was before the chaos. Halcyon checks her phone and sees a flood of texts via random numbers. You might wanna check the forums, they’re talking about you, one read. “Huh?”
    “What’s wrong babe?”
    Halcyon logs into FOTP and sees about 100 new notifications from the past 12 hours. She hits one of them and finds a post in the Official Picture Thread, showcasing photos from last night, including some semi-NSFW photos hidden under a spoiler. “We have an even bigger mess to clean up now.”
    “And that is?”
    “Our reputation.” She hands him the phone, showing a picture of Trevante licking Halcyon’s chest as she signals the camera.
    “I think Sean took that… but how did it—”
    “It’s all over FOTP,” she says as she crosses her arms. “My job could very well be in jeopardy here, one more crack in the glass and I’m done.”
    He hands it back to her. “Don’t worry babe, shit happens to the best of us… y’know what they say: what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”
    She chuckles a bit. “Obviously, since I come out a stronger person every day after we make love.”
    They both wrap each other in their arms for a moment, and then Trevante checks the time. “Well, I gotta give this back to Milan, he’s probably waiting on me…”
    He grabs the lubricant and goes to open the door. But when he does, a dark figure stands in front of him. “Where do you think you’re going, boy?” With a strong push, he sends Trevante flying right back into the living room, sprints over and puts him in a chokehold. “Heaven wasn’t ready for me, but they will be ready for you!”
    Halcyon dashes towards the two men. “GET OFF OF HIM NOW.” She pushes the figure away from Trevante and punches him in the face. As Trevante gasps for air, Halcyon grabs her firearm from under the sofa cushions and cocks it. “Who the fuck are you and why are you in my crib?”
    “See for yourself,” he says as he lifts his head for the sunlight to reflect.
    “Yep.” He wipes the blood dripping from his nose. “I came here to get my revenge on the person who killed me.”
    Trevante? No no no no, he was just proven innocent—”
    “Because there wasn’t enough evidence to prove it. He hired somebody to take me over to this mansion, where I was held for a year, and I died trying to escape from it all.”
    She eyes Trevante, who is finally able to breathe normally again. “Is this true?”
    “No, he’s lying. I didn’t do shit—”
    “I’m lying? Bitch I know you called them when I was waiting outside—”
    Halcyon becomes curious and turns back to Cosmic. “How do you know?”
    “I mean, he knows these chicks, so something must’ve been up.”
    “Do you know what happened to Alvin?”
    “Who killed him?”
    He gets up. “Me.”
    Holy shit… Wide-eyed with a side of twitching, Halcyon stares at him as she lowers her gun. “Trevante, call the police… we’ve got a suspect on our hands.”
    Before he could even make a sound, Halcyon, furious, kicks Cosmic out onto the back balcony. Trevante grabs his phone and dashes into the kitchen. “Hello? We need officers out here immediately—”
    Halcyon goes outside and pins Cosmic down to the floor. “Why did you kill Alvin?”
    “He was forcing me to review Divide or else… he would kill me at the castle on the hill.”
    “So you decided to kill him?”
    “Yes…” Halcyon remains indifferent. “I felt threatened okay, it ain’t my fault—”
    “Bullshit.” Halcyon punches him again, but as she grabs for her gun, she notices something odd. She puts her finger on his philtrum, where blood started gushing out from the impact. “This… this isn’t blood, it’s… blue?” Cosmic suddenly reaches for Halcyon’s throat, and she pushes him right back down. She steps away and points the gun to his head. “Who the hell are you?”
    “I’m Cosmic—”
    “No you’re not, stop lying.”
    “Yes I—”
    “If you were, your blood wouldn’t be so discolored.”
    “That’s because I’m immortal.”
    She shoots him in the leg. “How ‘bout that for immortal?”
    “You c—”
    She puts her left heel on his throat. “Look… I don’t want to kill you, but you’re just not the same person I thought you were… I guess the moonlight faded away, how unfortunate…” She cocks her gun again. “Any last words, old friend?”
    Police sirens can now be heard pulling into the property. “Payback is a bad bitch, and Hal, you’re the baddest…”
    She gets puzzled. “What?”
    “You got him back… I knew you would…”
    “Got who back?”
    His voice suddenly changes. “I know everything.”
    Shook, Halcyon shoots him in the face, killing him. She looks up to the sky and takes a few deep breaths, when the door bursts open. Maraj and a fellow officer step outside and notice a pool of blue blood surrounding the body. “What happened here?”
    “Somebody claiming to be Cosmic showed up to kill Trevante, but I put an end to it before ‘he’ did anything.”
    “He looks just like I remember him as.” She touches the blood, noticing how abnormally cold it is. “This is some horror story shit over here.”
    “At this point, I honestly don’t know anymore…”
    “It’s probably some ancient virus.” Maraj signals the officer to take care of the body as she and Halcyon go back inside. “So… why else was he here?”
    “He confessed to killing Alvin.” Maraj’s eyes begin to grow. “He killed him because Alvin forced him to review an album that he despised, so instead of talking it over he chose to murder him.”
    “Explains the bloody copy…” She looks down with her arms crossed.
    Halcyon checks her texts and notices an unopened message sent from Diamond. She opens it and then notices a video is attached. As she plays the video, she steps away from everybody and within a moment becomes appalled. That plan sounds so… good… Trevante notices Halcyon just standing there. “Are you ok?” She turns around raising her eyebrow and chewing her tongue. “Hal—”
    In almost an instant, she slaps him so hard, a dark mark is left on his face. “How can you do this to me?!”
    “Do what—”
    “Betray me like this, I thought I could trust you to not go back over there—”
    He realizes what she’s talking about. “I-I can explain—”
    “Yeah… you BETTER before I—”
    “I wasn’t aware that I was being recorded, a’ight?”
    She stops. “You weren’t?”
    “No…” He begins to stutter. “I-I had an idea then that could’ve helped with their endeavors, but she advanced and took me over…”

    Flashback: April

    In the middle of a meeting, Hannah and Trevante enter the guestroom to talk in private. When she closes and locks the door, Hannah stands in front of him and crosses her arms. “So… what’s your idea?”
    “Well…” He folds his hands. “I feel like maybe we should try and be more incognito.”
    “When we go out to places, y’all should put on some disguises.” She starts rubbing on his suit. “I know somebody from the business who would be more than willing to help out.”
    “You do, huh?”
    “Yes…” He notices Hannah unbuttoning his lust dress shirt. “What’s going on?”
    “Oh, I thought it was getting a bit hot in here, or is that just me?”
    He looks up and begins to feel the heat. “Yeah… I guess it is.”
    Trevante proceeds to take off his suit and shirt, which further catches Hannah’s attention. She takes off her fur to catch his. “You can finish the honors so we can discuss it further.”


    “From that point, I just let down my guard… I don’t know.”
    Halcyon looks down, trying not to punch the wall beside her. “That bitch.”
    “And I’m sorry for falling for her, it wasn’t my intention yet—”
    “She exploited you.”
    Trevante stares at her. “Exactly.”
    He falls on his knees, and she does the same. “I forgive you… I know a lot is happening and I don’t want to make it worse than it already is… for the both of us.” She gets up. “But we should go over there.”
    He also gets back up. “Why?”
    “To give her a piece of my ass.”
    Maraj, who’s been watching them the entire time, looks at Halcyon’s wardrobe. “But first y’all need to change your damn clothes, the party’s been done with for the past 12 hours.”
    Halcyon notices she’s still wearing the nude lingerie and that Trevante needs a shirt. “Shit…” She looks around, but then her mind clicks. “I do have something we can use.”

    “These guns that are being given to you are to defend yourselves, not to play with yourselves,” Hannah states as Jay lays 5 guns down on the table before them. “If you mistake this for a sex toy, you better have a suicide note ready!… Sylk…”
    Sylk looks up. “What?”
    “Remember whenever the Floptopia Awards were held and you decided to stick a pistol up your ass to bypass the security, only to have it go off before we even left?”
    She shakes her head and pets her hair. “No… It was a bleak moment darling, truly bleak.”
    Suddenly, something massive drops from the ceiling. It lands like a bullet triggered from a moon-sized gun, but it wasn’t a meteor, a rock, nor The Rock. It was… “Saiga?”
    “Yes, hello you fags,” Saiga says as she brushes the debris off from that landing.
    Everybody grabs their gun and points it at her, but Jay gives out a warning. “Don’t shoot yet. These are fully loaded, just a reminder.”
    Taylor looks to him and smirks. “That’s not the only thing that’s fully loaded.”
    “Can you not make a sexual remark for once?”, Hannah snaps. “And you always bring that up at the wrong time, so go take your imaginary dick and throw it out into the woods.” She turns back to Saiga. “Anyways, back to this bitch—”
    “Well this bitch is yearning for your man, so I can suck the youth out of him.”
    “No, the other one.”
    Trevante? He’s in jail.”
    “Well then, that’s too bad.” Saiga takes out a copy of MDNA from her pocket. “¡Mirad! My secret weapon: mediocre pop music…”
    Unexpectedly, Lily bursts. “NO—”
    A bullet gets fired from somebody’s gun, with an aim at Saiga, but the jewel case blocks and sends it back in the girls’ direction. The bullet barely misses Hannah and hits Eithne in the shoulder. Everyone witnesses her collapsing to the floor.
    Lily drops her gun to check up on her, but it’s too late. Eithne takes her final breath in Lily’s arms. I feel the fever… “We lost her, girls.”
    Taylor just stands there. “Aw, now she can’t see Kylie become global, what a bummer.”
    “When has she ever been global,” Cody comments.
    Hannah loses it. “SLUTS, this is serious. Y’all are such imbeciles I—” Her eyes see Saiga running towards the record player. “Fuck no—”
    Hannah grabs her bat and sprints over. She starts swinging it when Saiga begins to wield a knife, missing her. Hannah hits Saiga in the ankle, dropping her to the ground and losing grip of the knife. Before she is able to grab it, the front entrance door opens with thunderous force. Hannah becomes irritated. “This again…”
    Halcyon, Trevante, and Maraj march into the property with body armor and jawlines for days. Saiga notices Trevante. “Well, why don’t you look at that? He’s not even in a jumpsuit!” She begins to slowly walk up to them. “Te he estado esperando.” {I’ve been waiting for you.}
    Halcyon, recognizing Saiga’s dialect, raises her gun. “No lo estás tocando.” {You’re not touching him.}
    “¿Y qué te hace pensar que alguien me va a detener?” {And what makes you think that someone’s gonna stop me?}
    “Esta.” {This.}
    Halcyon shoots and the bullet successfully hits Saiga right in the chest. She collapses to the ground and dies in a pool of purple blood. Hannah walks up to the trio, pretending to be shocked. “Oh wow, you just saved us!”
    “Nah, I only did that to save him.” Halcyon puts the gun back in her pocket.
    Trevante is astonished. “Since when did you learn Spanish? Police academy?”
    Halcyon grins. “College.” She proceeds to crack her knuckles. “What did y’all do to Cosmic?”
    Cosmic?” Hannah raises an eyebrow. “I only know of an Alex.”
    “Ok… what happened to Alex?”
    “Alex was a bitch honestly,” Cody blurts out.
    Then Sylk explodes. “We held him hostage for a year because he wouldn’t o—”
    Hannah swings the bat at her and Sylk gets knocked out. Halcyon looks at Hannah suspiciously, which causes her to finish Sylk’s sentence. “He wouldn’t obey my rules.”
    “What rules?”
    “I forget. They're new so I have to keep count.”
    Halcyon lets out a big sigh. “Now, why did you lure Trevante into that room?”
    “Oh you’ve seen the tape? I knew you would,” Hannah says as she puts her hair down. “But he was the one who wanted to go in and ask me in private.”
    “But didn’t you make the first move?”
    “Yes I did… he may be the master of seduction, but he himself is so easy to trick—”
    In a burst of anger, Halcyon slams Hannah against the wall. “You whore—”
    Hannah picks up her bat after it fell from the impact. “I didn’t know we were talking about yourself here!”
    “So I’m a whore for sleeping with your accomplice?” She looks to Trevante, who’s now giving her a what-the-fuck expression. “No offence.”
    “No. You’re a whore, because you would rather—”
    Before Hannah could finish her sentence, the lights go out. As everyone becomes bewildered, Sylk gains back consciousness and hits a whistle note. The noise is so powerful, some of the windows begin to crack and the lights begin to flicker back on. When the power is fully restored, there is a change. “Where did Saiga go?”
    Sylk, how can she go anywhere when she’s dea—” Hannah stops as she looks over to where Saiga used to be. There was no visible sign that she was even there; no cracks or blood. “What the hell? Did one of you skanks do anything to it?”
    Out of nowhere, a dark figure wearing a cowboy hat appears in that spot. Hannah drops her bat and picks up Eithne’s gun as everyone else draws theirs. The figure takes off her hat and throws it on Eithne’s body. “Looks like my harvest is going well. More food for me, I guess.”
    Hylia… don’t do this.”
    “And why shouldn’t I?” She looks to Hannah. “I’ve been silent all these years, witnessing a catastrophe unfold from right under me, and now y’all are gonna pay.”
    “Why did you even tell the whole community about the—”
    “Because we’re manipulators, it’s what we do, dumbass. We tell people lies and make them seem true, not the other way around.”
    Hannah begins to shoot at Hylia, but the bullets deflect right off. “What the…”
    “Oh, did I mention I’m completely bulletproof? It’s not a sorta fairytale, sweetie.” She brings out the same knife from the night before. “I built this sanctuary from my own blood, sweat and tears, and I will die protecting it from traitors like you.”
    “I’ve never seen anything like this before,” Halcyon gasps. “What do we do?”
    “Hold up, I’ve got the perfect idea,” Maraj declares. She brings out her radio and signals the police. “Bomb squad? I need some explosives as soon as possible, 69 Skinny Lane. Over.”
    Hannah turns to Maraj. “Are you seriously doing this?”
    “There’s no other choice.”
    As the sound of the squad car comes closer, Hylia’s voice deepens to a demonic roar. “I swear by the goddess Tori Amos, I will have all of your heads on a silver platter.
    Hal, watch out!”
    Hylia dashes across the foyer, but then someone fires a shot at the chandelier, knocking it off its hinges. It comes crashing down on top of Hylia, trapping her. She tries to escape, but the heavy light won’t budge an inch. “I will get y’all back and I will see the harvest, I guarantee it!
    “Everyone, get out before it explodes!”
    An officer begins to escort everybody out of the building, and Halcyon and Trevante rush out safely. She looks at him with awe. “Did you fire that shot?”
    “I had to, she was coming for you.”
    As the other girls get out on their own, Jay carries Hannah on his shoulder. An air grenade is thrown into the foyer as she shouts at him. “I refuse to leave without my diamonds and pearls!”
    “Those are just materialistic items you can replace.”
    “But they’re all I have left…” When she finally frees herself, the grenade goes off and glass goes everywhere. Thick dust smoke begins to make its way out from the roof as she and Jay look on from a distance. “I guess I need to start licking donuts again.”
    “And there will be plenty of them for you to lick, honey.”
    Hannah turns around and notices Maraj carrying some handcuffs. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”
    “Your time is up,” Halcyon says. “You and your sisters will be booked to the FOTP Jail for abducting and conspiring to murder Mr. Cosmic Moon.”
    As the 5 remaining girls get their wrists slapped, Cody speaks out. “No worries! I’ll have Jimmy bail us all out and we’ll forget this ever happened.”
    Halcyon winks at them. “We’ll see about that.” Hannah gasps as Halcyon turns her back to them. “I’ll let the Sheriff know that y’all are coming. Maraj, take them away.”

    As Maraj and the officers escort the girls into the squad car, Halcyon and Trevante get back into the Kia Soul. She takes a few deep breaths. “3 months in the making, and we finally got them…”
    “Yeah, we got ‘em good,” he sighs. “And again, I’m sorry for everything that’s happened, for turning my back against you.”
    “It’s fine. We all make mistakes sometimes. Some small, and some big… that’s life. Those mistakes are what make us who we are; imperfect, yet immaculate.”
    They stay silent for a moment as everyone leaves, leaving behind a mansion with extensive damage. Trevante then looks her right in the eyes. “I love you.”
    Halcyon, stunned, looks back at him. She feels a tear rolling down, but he wipes it off. “I love you, too.”
    They lean in slowly to kiss each other, but then the radio comes back on. Mystery solved! Now, back to our countdown. They hold hands as the music begins. It’s like, I just love a cowboy, you know? I’m just like, I just, I know it’s bad. But I’m just like, can I just like, hang off the back of your horse, and can you go a little faster?!
    He smirks. “Do you wanna go cause some trouble?”
    “Trouble?” She laughs as she feels her heart beat faster. “I love trouble.”

    Characters featured on this episode:

    @Halcyon as Halcyon Banks
    Trevante Rhodes
    Milan Christopher (special guest)
    @Diamond as Diamond Barrett
    Trevor Jackson
    @Maraj as Maraj Kaplan
    (BigSean Anderson (special guest)
    @xoxo, olaf as Olaf (special guest)
    Rashad Jennings (special guest)
    @Cosmic as Cosmic Moon
    @Chapman. as Alvin Conley
    @Hannah as Hannah Suarez
    @Sylk as Sylk Bird
    Jayceon "The Game" (special guest)
    @Saiga as Saiga Bartoli
    Pietro Boselli (mentioned)
    @Taylor as Taylor Carillo
    @TattooedHeart as Lily Spence
    @Daenerys as Cody Knox
    @Aidan. as Eithne Burke
    @Hylia as Hylia Salinas
    Jimmy Garoppolo (mentioned)

    This is the end... for now.

    Thank you guys so much for reading this and for having the patience to wait this long. I didn't think it would take me 4 months to complete this season, but things just kept getting in the way. As time becomes even more limited for me, and after writing this for so long, I'm burned out, so I'll be taking a hiatus. I don't know how long it'll be until I can start writing this again, but I promise it'll be very soon. Lastly, I would like to thank my friends and everyone in NUDES for motivating me to keep doing this. In the middle of July, about a third into writing this episode, I just wanted to quit because I felt like this had no purpose anymore, and I also felt like hardly anybody was interested in this as they once were. But my oh my did y'all prove me wrong, and thus I resumed work and here's the final product. So thank y'all so much for allowing me to do this and once again, I promise that the follow up will come very soon. I may even throw a few surprises in between while we wait. But until then, see you on the next case.


    ~ xoxo, Halcyon.

  9. #RoyaltyListens #14: Ariana Grande - Yours Truly (2013) // My Everything (2014)

     Afbeeldingsresultaat voor yours truly ariana grandeAfbeeldingsresultaat voor my everything ariana grande

    I am só excited to be finally able to be doing this right now! I doubted a lot of doing Ariana Grande listening threads, because I actully know all the songs and as you all probably know, I'm a diehard Arianator at this point of my life. But then again, I did a bunch of listening threads of artists I didn't even like in the past (what's good, Taylor Swift & Katy Perry), so why wouldn't I do a listening thread of an artists I actually adore and love so fucking much? Plus, I wanna get more involved in this section, so that's also why I pulled out this thread. We are going to listen to Yours Truly, I hope y'all are gonna have fun and that this is going to be another beautiful night, filled with good talks, iconic taste, and a lot of Ariana Grande stanning! 

    1) Honeymoon Avenue - 9,5/10
    2) Baby I - 9/10
    3) Right There (ft. Big Sean) - 10/10
    4) Tattooed Heart - 10/10
    5) Lovin' It - 8/10
    6) Piano - 10/10
    7) Daydreamin' - 9/10
    8) The Way (ft. Mac Miller) - 10/10
    9) You'll Never Know - 10/10 
    10) Almost Is Never Enough (ft. Nathan Sykes, the long ass 5.28 minutes version) - 8/10
    11) Popular Song (ft. Mika) - 7,5/10
    12) Better Left Unsaid - 10/10
    13) The Way (ft. Mac Miller, Spanglish version) - 6/10


    1) Intro - 9/10
    2) Problem (ft. Iggy Azalea) - 10/10
    3) One Last Time - 10/10
    4) Why Try - 10/10
    5) Break Free (ft. Zedd) - 10/10
    6) Best Mistake (ft. Big Sean) - 9,5/10 
    7) Be My Baby (ft. Cashmere Cat) - 10/10
    8) Break Your Heart Right Back (ft. Childish Gambino) - 10/10
    9) Love Me Harder (ft. The Weeknd) - 10/10
    10) Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart - 10/10
    11) Hands On Me (ft. A$ap Ferg) - 10/10
    12) My Everything - 10/10
    13) Bang Bang (ft. Jessie J, Nicki Minaj) - 6/10
    13) Only 1 - 9/10
    14) You Don't Know Me - 10/10
    15) The Cadillac Song - 7/10
    16) Too Close - 10/10
    17) Baby I (ft. Taro Hakase) - 5/10 
    18) One Last Time (ft. Kendji Girac) - 10/10

  10. Okay so me and my mom went to see Wonder Woman tonight. Now I wasn't crazy excited about it cause I have no fucking clue about any superheroes and their backstories and just generally don't care about them. They're all like born from space or "created" in weird ways and I think they're dumb. 

    So I went in expecting to enjoy this movie but now be head over heels in love with it. 

    Now let me say I was 100% wrong. 


    I have no loved a movie more, when I wasn't expecting to, like I did for this movie IN A LONG FUCKING TIME.

    This shit was fucking incredible. I have like no words. I'm shook to my fucking core. 

    First of all I had no idea her backstory was so full of Greek mythology (which wasn't the most accurate but whatever). 

    I LIVE for Greek mythology. So that alone had me way more interested. 

    And holy fucking shit she's incredible. Mild spoilers below in the spoiler. They don't really spoil plot but read at own risk:







    So yeah. I'm fucking slayed to like a new dimension. My weave is obliterated. I can't even process things rn. 

    I'm blown away and just had to vent it all out cause I'm a mess rn dead2 

  11. Bold items are new updates


    1. All Time Low - Last Young Renegade (2017)
    2. Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman [US standard edition] (2016)
    3. Bridgit Mendler - Hello My Name Is... (2012)
    4. Britney Spears - The Essential (2012)
    5. Britney Spears - Britney Jean [deluxe] (2013)
    6. Britney Spears - GLORY [deluxe] (2016)
    7. Carrie Underwood - Blown Away (2012)
    8. Carrie Underwood/Various Artists - The Sound Of Music (2013)
    9. Ellie Goulding - Lights [US edition] (2011)
    10. Ellie Goulding - Halcyon [2013 US repack] (2012)
    11. Evanescence - Fallen [reissue] (2003) [has an unlisted Band Version of My Immortal at the very end after "Whisper"]
    12. Justin Bieber - Purpose [Walmart exclusive] (2015)
    13. Katy Perry - One Of The Boys (2008)
    14. Katy Perry - Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection (2012) [does not have the white cover, its the original pink cotton candy cloud with blue sky cover]
    15. Katy Perry - PRISM [deluxe] (2013) [limited edition digipack casing]
    16. Kelly Clarkson - Stronger [first press standard] (2011)
    17. Kelly Clarkson - Greatest Hits: Chapter One (2012)
    18. Kelly Clarkson - Wrapped In Red (2013)
    19. Kelly Clarkson - Piece By Piece [deluxe] (2015)
    20. Kesha - Warrior (2012)
    21. Kesha - Rainbow (2017)
    22. Lady Gaga - The Fame [US edition standard] (2008)
    23. Lady Gaga - ARTPOP (2013)
    24. Lana Del Rey - Born To Die [deluxe] (2012)
    25. Lana Del Rey - Paradise [Target exclusive] (2012)
    26. Madonna - Music [US maxi single] (2000)
    27. Marilyn Manson - Portrait Of An American Family (1994)
    28. Marilyn Manson - Smells Like Children (1995)
    29. Marilyn Manson - Antichrist Superstar (1996)
    30. Marilyn Manson - Mechanical Animals (1998)
    31. Marilyn Manson - Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death) (2000)
    32. Marilyn Manson - The Golden Age Of Grotesque [Japanese edition] (2003) [the pressing i have doesnt have the bonus limited DVD titled "Doppelherz"]
    33. Marilyn Manson - EAT ME, DRINK ME (2007)
    34. Marilyn Manson - The High End Of Low [Japanese deluxe] (2009)
    35. My Chemical Romance - Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge (2004)
    36. My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade (2006)
    37. Miley Cyrus - Bangerz [deluxe] (2013)
    38. Panic! At The Disco - Death Of A Bachelor (2016)
    39. Rihanna - Music Of The Sun (2005)
    40. Selena Gomez - Stars Dance [Target exclusive] (2013)
    41. Selena Gomez - For You (2014)
    42. Selena Gomez & The Scene - Kiss & Tell (2009)
    43. Taylor Swift - Taylor Swift [2008 reissue] (2006)
    44. Taylor Swift - Fearless (2009)
    45. Taylor Swift - Speak Now [Target exclusive] (2011)
    46. Taylor Swift - RED Target exclusive (2012)
    47. Taylor Swift - 1989 [Walmart exclusive] (2014) [the "exclusive" content was just a fucking bonus mp3 download card jj4 ]
    48. Tyler Oakley - Binge [audiobook] (2015)



    1. In This Moment - Black Widow (2014)
    2. Lana Del Rey - Born to Die [standard] (2012)
    3. My Chemical Romance - I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love. (2015 reissue)
    4. My Chemical Romance - Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge (2015 reissue)
    5. Panic! at the Disco - Too Rare to Live, Too Rare to Die (2013)
  12. So first off: This concert was AMAZING. He’s an AMAZING performer for sure. However, this is the first time I’ve gone to a concert for someone who I’m a fan of the craft itself more than the person. In other words, the music and the performance skills is why I came, not really the individual person - whereas I’ve been in love with the person behind the music in all my other concerts - but all that really means is I didn’t have as many fangirl moments over him doing something cute as opposed to say, Normani doing something cute.

    ANYWAY, let’s get to it!

    Me and L attempted to get on the road at 12 PM - of course that didn’t happen and we got on the road a few hours later. After going back to my house because I forgot the tickets (nice, isn’t that great?). Luckily we hadn’t gone too far from home when I realized this.

    I tried to sleep in the car because it’s a 4 hour drive, but L is very different from my mom (who usually drives me places). She needs me to be awake and talk to her, otherwise she’ll fall asleep too. Anyways, I still tried to fall asleep while she thumped her loud music (her second way to wake up other than talking to me). But eventually I woke up and talked to her/complained with her about all the darn traffic we hit as soon as we reached Washington DC.

    So we got to the hotel approximately 30 minutes before the show was supposed to start. There were a few problems with checking in and what credit cards we were and weren’t allowed to use (my dad paid in advance for the room for us so we had his card with us, but apparently we aren’t allowed to use his credit card for incidentals or the valet parking *rolls eyes* whatever), but eventually they gave us our room keys and all that stuff.

    I checked our car to make sure I got everything. I went on the drivers side to make sure that I got everything of L’s; I couldn’t find anything in the driver’s seat, and while I was looking traffic started moving behind me. So now I’m freaking out and I really don’t want to stand here any longer, so I stop looking for things and just hope I have everything.

    Well, lo and behold when we get upstairs, I left my darn camera in the car. When we get back outside, I ask the valet people to go get my camera because I feel like I NEED it for the concert. 

    L’s mad at me. She’s mad at me for making those nice people go all the way back to wherever they parked our car just to get a stinkin’ camera out of the passenger seat door. I don’t blame her. The awkward silence between us is killing me though, and I start crying. I start crying really hard and apologizing to her a million times - I even try to tell one of the workers outside to tell the valet guys to just take my camera to our room number instead so we can just go to the concert. But L’s like “no, you already sent them to walk all the way back there, so we’re gonna wait for them to get your camera and then go have a good time at the concert.” So I just stand there, feeling terrible, but not talking to her because I know it will only make it worse.
    Eventually they come back with my camera and we don’t talk about it as we start walking towards the Verizon Center. We don’t talk about it at all until later when she makes a few jokes about it for her Snapchat followers, it’s all in good fun so I guess there’s no Bad Blood.mp3 between us about it... but I never ever wanna make that mistake again. She gave them a $10 tip the next day when we got our car back.


    So we get to our seats and we’ve missed a lot of DRAM’s set, but we didn’t miss L’s favorite song of his; Broccoli. Even though that song was a hit, this show was my first time ever hearing it. It was a cool song I guess, but I still stayed seated during it. :P

    After he got off, I was afraid to leave my seat to go to the bathroom because the moment I do, Kendrick will come on, right? But then L reminded me that DRAM had said “who’s ready for Travis Scott?!” so he would be the next one up, not Kendrick.

    I went to the bathroom and then to the merch stand of course. I always get a T-shirt at every concert, but I just can’t see myself wearing something on a regular basis that says “D***” on it. So instead I got a Travis Scott shirt (even though I didn’t/don’t know anything about him) because it had a butterfly (or maybe a dragon fly?) on it.
    Shortly after I got back to L, someone came on stage and announced that “due to unforeseen circumstances, Travis Scott will not be performing, but Kendrick will be on in a few minutes.” I feel bad for people who have to give announcements like that at concerts because they get boo’d just for being the messenger...

    It took way longer than 15 minutes (the amount of time that announcer said it would take) before Kendrick came on, but when he did we screamed our lungs out of course. Hahaha.

    I think the first song he did was DNA, I’m not completely sure, but I was definitely dancing the entire time. L recorded many Snaps of me “””dancing””” but it doesn’t matter that I can’t dance to be honest. I was having fun and that’s what matters. Hehehe.

    There were a few songs I started recording but then realized I’d rather be dancing to them than recording them - Swimming Pools, King Kunta, DNA, XXX - so I only recorded part of them.
    L loves when I sing that one line in XXX (“I chip a dude then throw the blower in his lap, walk myself to the court like - I did that”) so of course she had to Snap me singing it during the show hahaha.

    I’m so MAD because a few of our Snaps didn’t post - and we couldn’t save the ones that didn’t post either. They just came up as blank every single time we both went to our stories. And one of those Snaps that didn’t post is a video of the two of us singing to Don’t Kill My Vibe. THAT’S OUR SONG YOU GUYS. THAT’S *OUR* SONG. THAT SONG IS THE THING THAT LED TO US BEING AT THIS CONCERT IN THE FIRST PLACE TOO. I’M SO *MAD* THAT MY VIDEO OF US SINGING OUR SONG, OUR L/ANNA SONG, IS LOST FOREVER.

    But anyways let me stop with that now and continue with the concert...

    There was someone smoking some marijuana mixed with... something else, I don’t even know. L said it was mixed with “meds” but I’m not sure what that means. All I know is it was uncomfortable, BUT I can say that it was less uncomfortable than the amount of weed that was smoked in front of me by fans at the Kehlani concert. Now that was a whole other level entirely... At least this person was several rows above me and didn’t do it excessively/stopped after like 3 or 4 blunts or whatever (I don’t know drug terminology okay).

    As soon as the opening beats of Humble started, all of us immediately danced and screamed our lungs off like our lives depended on it. I tell you guys “Humble” is gonna be THAT song that brings me back to the concert and energy in the crowd everytime I hear it - just like “Little White Lies” with my One Direction concert.

    When Humble ended, I thought that was it. Even though this is far from my first concert and therefore I know there’s usually an encore song, I just couldn’t imagine what song could POSSIBLY be his encore if it wasn’t Humble. He’d already done Alright, Don’t Kill My Vibe, Swimming Pools, DNA, m.A.A.d city... Like what the heck could it be?

    Finally I decided it had to be The Blacker The Berry. That’s the only one that made sense in my mind to be his encore song if it wasn’t Humble.

    Then he comes back out and... No. His encore song was God of all songs. GOD. Like oh my gosh I may have danced and sung along, but what an awful song to have as your encore song. You’re supposed to go out with a bang, and God definitely doesn’t do that at all. I’m sorry but it doesn’t. I get that it’s one of his favorite songs off the album or whatever, but seriously?

    During the ending of it he points at himself as he sings “this what God feels like” to indicate that all of the fans being in the audience singing along makes him feel otherworldly/like God. Which is cute, but it’s not enough to stop me from thinking that was a terrible encore song. Hahaha.

    The first thing L says to me when we get out of the crowd and start walking back to our hotel is “Beyonce is still the best concert I’ve gone to with you.” I laugh and say “well she’s a hard one to beat, but I think Kendrick is a close second.”

    An all around amazing concert and a lot of fun for sure. :)

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    Recent Entries

    Lana Del Rey - Lust for Life.png

    Lana Del Rey's 5th (6th if you count AKA) anticipated album graced into our lives last friday, and after the disappointment that many fans felt with Honeymoon (including Yours Truly), Lana has reedem herself and showed to the world her talent and passion for the music. Here are my scores and some thoughts on the album.

    Love (10/10) -
    What an opener! Lana generally doesn't disappoint with her openers, and ofcourse, this is NO exception. I can't explain what's so great about this track, but i think that the lyrics play a huge part of it. I would even dare to say that this is my favorite Lana song in terms of lyricism, you can tell she really put effort in this record. The only downfall is that it doesn't set the mood of the album right away, but nevertheless, it's still a fantastic track.

    Lust For Life (ft. The Weeknd) (9.5/10) -

    The title track with two of my favorite singers in the world didn't disappoint at all. This isn't your typical Lana Del Rey song though, there's something more rhytmic about it and out of her comfort zone that i adore. It's an excellent track although the lyrics are kinda...there. But nonetheless, i enjoy it a lot and the video helped it a lot with the score.

    13 Beaches (8/10)

    Cherry (9/10)

    White Mustang (7/10)

    Summer Bummer (ft. ASAP Rocky & Playboy Carti) (7/10)

    Groupie Love (ft. ASAP Rocky) (10/10)

    My favorite track from the album. One of Lana's sexiest songs, Lana is really one of those singers that can evoke any emotion that she wants on a track, and this is what makes the song so great. The ASAP Rocky part is not needed, but it doesn't drag the song at all. Fantastic track.

    In My Feelings (8/10)

    Coachella-Woodstock In My Mind (6/10)

    If i wrote this right after Coachella was released i would have given it a straight 4 or less. Now, the song grew on me but it's still the lowest point on the album, doesn't mean that it's bad, it's just a filler.

    God Bless America - And All The Beautiful Women In It (8/10)

    When The World Was At War We Kept Dancing (10/10)

    This is a club song for Lana's standards, and i love it so much! The track brings me joy and it makes you want to dance with somebody, it literally takes you to the 50's where the world was at war, but this song just makes you want to forget about the bad things and dance.

    Beautiful People Beautiful Problems (ft. Stevie Nicks) (10/10)

    Another 10 in the basket. Amazing song that features a legend like Stevie Nicks. Their voices are so different, that somehow blend in so much it's crazy. I love the track and the lyrics of it, definetly another highlight.

    Tommorow Never Came (ft. Sean Lennon) (7.5/10)

    Heroin (7/10)

    Change (8/10)

    This song gives me Old Money vibes but IMO it's dragged for too long. It's still really good.

    Get Free (10/10)

    The opener was a 10, the closer is a 10. It shows that this time Lana nailed it with the tracklist (sort of). Get Free is like the happy sister of Ride, especially in this part of the song


    Sometimes it feels like I've got a war in my mind
    I want to get off but I keep riding the ride

    I love how Lana acknowledges her best song! A legend, the last minute with just the music playing is gold and should be the soundtrack of a movie. Overall, excellent closer.

    #LanaxGagaScore - 8.43 (Universal Acclaim)

    My Top 3 - Love, Groupie Love & Get Free

    Could Live Without - Coachella-Woodstock In My Mind, Heroin, White Mustang & Summer Bummer

  13. Hey whats up you guys i know it has been forever like almost a year since i havent blogged theres actually a list that i have right now its not much but anyways i would like to congratulate Kesha for her newest song "Praying" which was released July 6, 2017 if you HAVENT heard it yet (though im sure majority of you have) check it out on youtube! you can also download it on itunes, spotify, amazon music and google play. I cant wait for her album 'Rainbow' which will be released i think in......actually i dont know when it will drop lol but if you guys have any idea please leave a comment down below and i will take a look at it and the next time i blog i will definately talk about it. Anyways, onwards to todays blog! i have been playing the single pringle role for far too long and i think its starting to get to me. Lets see, did i ever tell you guys that i'm finally enrolled in college? it's not much but it is a start im enrolled in PBSC a.k.a Palm Beach State College because i have no idea what i want to do as a career so im starting off with having Criminal Justice as one of my majors 👏👏👏👏 yay to me i finally made it thru high school without dropping out (tho i had been thinking about doing it but its a good thing i havent) by the way you guys i know i made it as a joke but dropping out is no laughing matter for as you can see im one of the few in the family (mostly my dad's side my mom went to college but just like me she was the few who even made it pass highschool and made it to college as well) to even made it to college. My dad was a drop out with a G.E.D, my aunt did the same practically all of his family were drop outs (except for me) so he was really proud of me for staying in school and making it to college because just like any good parent he just wants the best for me. As i was saying yes i have made it and im very proud and hopefully i will make it to a university like FIU or maybe FAU i dont know but i will have to work hard and see. Another thing i would like to get off my chest is im getting noticed on youtube however i dont want a bunch of subscribers if im not able to even reach my laptop so i have to wait to find available time to even go on it and not only that i got to figure out this really cool screen recorder its called OBS (you can look it up right now if you like) and let's look at reality i'm not good at tech stuff so if i have time and my laptop with me i can always go on youtube and figure that stuff out. But the point im trying to get across is im getting subs and im so proud of myself and so i really want to achieve becoming a famous youtuber so that i will be better noticed for my videos and then i could go into further achievements like selling my own merch, going to vidcon and meeting fans..Im a little obsessed with attention and being noticed for what i do (just like how im so obsessed with love but we will talk about that another time) and i know this takes time so until then id have to wait so that i can make some adjustments to make my channel look nicer and more professional like other youtubers..by the way if you are a very well known youtuber (known for gameplays and rps) please i would like some advice on how i should make my channel look nicer and how i should record my videos..like is there a special way i should do my intro? my outro? is there a better way to record that i should download and install instead? let me know right away and i will take into consideration. wow that was a mouthful but enough of that i just wanted to get all that off my chest. I guess that is all i have to say for today i hope u guys enjoyed this blog. I will blog again sometime this week if im not busy. I love you guys...your my little pumpkin patch (pumpkins will always be my favorite) 🍊 i know it looks like an orange emoji but if you use your imagination it could be a delicious little pumpkin. Okay i will see you guys next time i love you! goodbye! 😚😚😚

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    Recent Entries

    We're already some time into the second half of 2017, but I'd like to take this moment to reflect on some amazing song releases that were released in the first half! cloud1 Most of these are drag-worthy tbh asdfghjkl 


    10. Mo Bounce - Iggy Azealia

    Never have I ever thought that I'd be bopping to an Iggy song, yet here we are. It has a really fun vibe, and it really fits the digital distortion concept she's going for. I'm sorry that her career is currently crumbling, but I appreciate the music she's putting out lately. Switch & last year's Team are surprisingly good too. 


    9. What You Do - Margaret

    The Polish queen of bops served yet again! I've been jamming out to this since it dropped and to me it still feels so fresh and light. Maybe it's not the most creative effort by her, but it's undeniably catchy!


    8. Cut To The Feeling - Carly Rae Jepsen

    Carly is the only pop girl that consistently make HUGE pop choruses. The song is just so her, and I find it quite funny that her outtakes sound better than most of the pop girls lead singles. Part of me wants her to move on from EMOTION, but another part wants her to keep serving material like this!


    7. Lie - Halsey

    This song doesn't get much love, and I can understand that because the of the short length, the lyrics and Quavo. However, the chorus won me over. It sounds so grand and dystopian, slightly reflective of some Evanescence songs. There might be way better tracks on HFK, but Lie us a standout for me. Even its concept intrigues me, I think we've all had a connection with a person that was breaking but we wanted to pretend otherwise in hopes of saving it.  


    6. Speak To Me - Amy Lee

    As an Evanescence fan, any work by Amy instantly gets me hyped be it her covers or her kids album (dead1) When she dropped this soundtrack single I knew I was in for an emotional ride. The song is so moving & her vocals are angelic, and it shows the growth of her as a person. You can really feel that motherhood had a great impact on her. I'm so excited for Ev's orchestral remakes of their discography!


    5. Plastic - Áine Cahill

    Áine is a really small Irish artist, but she is so incredibly talented. Her sound is really interesting and she's inspired by the same artists I draw inspiration from. I have really resonated with this song for the past while because I've had to deal with fake and toxic people, but only I seemed to think of them that way. It's nice knowing that I wasn't alone in this situation.


    4. Need You - Allie X

    I was really excited for CXII, but I was slightly disappointed because it just didn't appeal to me the way her other work did. However, there was something about the beat and sombre tone of the song that caught me. There's a vulnerable confidence to it which I really love. Again, as mentioned with the previous song, I've cut someone out from my life this year, and I used to be so dependent on them but I never realised how detrimental they were to me. Maybe that's why the song hits so close to home lol.


    3. Disconnect - Clean Bandit & Marina and The Diamonds

    Okay this song is here purely because of my bias rip4It's the first Marina song we've gotten in like two years, and I've been waiting for it ever since it was debuted live. I guess that this really sways my opinion. However, I love the song because it balances a chill and upbeat sound very well. I don't really have complaints about it, but I'm sure that I will when ha album drops!


    2. Heavenly - Lea Michele

    When I heard that Lea Michele was dropping another album, I got strangely excited? My excitement rose when I found out that Ellie wrote a song for this album. When the album dropped, I was blown away. It's a really mature work on Lea's part. I instantly fell in love with Heavenly, it has a gorgeous hook. I think it's one of my favourite songs because it's an amazing collaboration between an artist that I love, and an artist that I'm beginning to love. Her voice is so powerful and makes this song feel so personal.


    1. Chained To The Rhythm - Katy Perry

    Honestly, many songs from Witness could've snatched this title, but I couldn't pay dust to the song that started it all. CTTR is like a fusion of her classic upbeat sound with Witness' deeper themes. Skip's feature is also perfect because it feels like a genuine collaboration between two artists who wanted to share a similar message. It's still as enjoyable now as it was a few months back, and the video is always fun to watch. I remember when it caused a huge discussion here when people were pointing out hidden messages, I didn't really imagine a Katy Perry song making me do research on issues in the world, yet it did!




  14. The Fame


    I always listened to some of the songs on the album but when I listened the whole album I realized how beautiful and well done it is, for me, it's Gaga's best album at the moment

    Favorite Tracks:

    2.Paper Gangsta
    3.I Like It Rough
    4.Brown Eyes
    5.Disco Heaven

    Special Mention to:

    *Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

    I have always loved Paparazzi, I Like It Rough, Disco Heaven, Summerboy, LoveGame and Beautiful Dirty Rich, Paper Gangsta and Brown Eyes were a surprise for me, I used to skip them but hey are SO good, I wish that Gaga would consider to perform them on some tour, but... I kinda doubt it, Paparazzi is THAT song, it's the best single of the album, and Paper Gangsta should have been single too, I Like It Rough is kinda repetitive but it's a bop, Brown Eyes is a very lovely song, Disco Heaven is one of my all time favorite bops, same with summerboy, which is sooo cute and BDR and LoveGame are bops too jj2 

    Less Favorite Tracks:

    2.Again Again
    3.Just Dance

    You may want to kill me (maybe jj2 ) BUT Just Dance is so... meh, I get it, it was the hype for Gaga back in time, but that song is sooooo MEH overrated, is a bop? yes it is, but it's just that, sometimes I skip it jj2 Starstruck is :( idk, and I know Again Again is just like a bonus track but it's still meh jj2 

    Favorite Videos:

    2.Beautiful Dirty Rich
    3.Poker Face
    4.Just Dance
    6.Eh, Eh

    Well Paparazzi's video is iconic, I LOVE Jonas work with videos, and even thought I really like Eh,Eh the video is A MESS moo3 it could have worked better with Summerboy tbh, it's kinda weird but it's not as good as the others released this era jj2 it could have been better

    My singles choices would be like:

    1.Poker Face
    2.Just Dance
    4.Paper Gangsta
    5.I Like It Rough
    7.The Fame

    Poker Face and Just Dances are a MUST on her discography, because we can't deny that these songs were the ones that give her a lot of recognition as an artist, so they are a must, Paparazzi would have been a better third single, more than Eh, Eh, anyways, then Paper Gangsta, amazing song to be single! then maybe as a promotional single I Like It Rough, maybe just in Europe, just a radio single, then LoveGame, then The Fame because i think it's good single material too, a video would have slayed tbh, and Summerboy as a closer, cute song, cute video, cute ending of this era, I think that with a good promo and a good video, maybe an edit or remixes, Summerboy would have been at least at top 15 single


    Just Dance 5/10
    LoveGame 9/10
    Paparazzi 10/10
    Poker Face 7/10
    Eh, Eh 8/10
    Beautiful, Dirty, Rich 9/10
    The Fame 8/10
    Money Honey 7/10
    Starstruck 3/10
    Boys Boys Boys 8/10
    Paper Gangsta 10/10
    Brown Eyes 10/10
    I Like It Rough 10/10
    Summerboy 9/10
    Disco Heaven 9/10
    Again Again 5/10
    Retro, Dance, Freak 6/10

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    Recent Entries

    Rihanna Albums +/- Game



    1st Place: ANTI

    2nd Place: Rated R

    3rd Plce: Unapologetic





  15. ~ Dairy of an Otaku ~


    Hi, guys! Another week has passed, so thought it was about time to post a new entry.
    Let's get on to what I watched past week and what I'm gonna try out next week. :)



    Attack on Titan (Season 2)

    I literally just finished this, and I can't even find words to describe how obsessed I am with this! I binged it within 2 days and now I'm gonna feel down, because I'm gonna have to wait a whole year for the third season. If we're lucky... if you know what I mean. This was an amazing watch and I'll be in suspense 'til 2018 for sure! 
    This left me with more questions than the ending of the first season tho. So many plot twists, so much mystery, too many questions!

    Of course I'm giving this a 10/10 stars! 



    She and her Cat: Everything Flows

    This was a very short watch as there were only 4 episodes and they were all about 7 minutes. I can recommend this to all animal lovers, and especially for owners of the feline furries. ;) 

    WARNING: straight-in-the-feels-alert !

    I'm giving this 9/10 stars. :3





    Alice & Zouroku

    I tried out one episode, and I was pleasantly surprised. At first when I saw the art work of the Anime, it looked cutesy and heartfelt / uplifting. 
    It turned out to be way more dark and grim than I expected though, and I ended up being really intrigued and interested to see how the rest of this story unfolds. The final episode will be uploaded next week, so I'll be reviewing the first season in my next blog entry.



    Polar Bear Cafe

    This looks totally adorable and goofy enough for me to absolutely LOVE!
    It does have 50 episodes though, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to put up a full review by next week.



    Hinako Note

    I've already seen the first episode and completely fell in love with it. Next week the final episode will be uploaded, so full review coming up soon.




    The Eccentric Family

    First things I noticed about this Anime is that it involves; animals, magic, slice of life, perfect ingredients for an Anime that I'll love!
    Trying out the first episode upcoming week.
    There are already 2 seasons, with a total of 25 episodes and the final one will be uploaded June 25th.

    n Kyoto, there are three kinds of residents: humans, raccoon dogs, and tengu. Shimogamo Yasaburou is the third son of the Shimogamo raccoon dog family. His father, Souichirou, had been the head of Kyoto raccoon dog community until he was eaten by the human members of "Friday Club". While taking care of old tengu, fighting with other raccoon dogs, and playing with a psychic human girl, Yasaburou approaches the truth of his father's death.



    Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii Desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii Desu ka? /
    WorldEnd: What do you do at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us?

    I'm really excited to try out one episode of this Anime. On first impression this looks witchy/magical/distopian.. 
    Final episode of the first season will be uploaded on June 27th.

    The fleeting and sad story about little girls known as fairy weapons and an associate hero that survived. This is a world after it was attacked by unidentified monsters known as beasts and many of the species in the world, including humans, had been destroyed. The species that had managed to survive left the ground and were living on a floating island called Regal Ele. Willem Kumesh, wakes up above the clouds 500 years later and couldn’t protect the ones who he wanted to protect. Actually, he was living in despair because he was the only survivor. He then ends up meeting a group of girls while starting an unexpected weapon management job.



    Tsuki ga Kirei

    This just looks very cute and light, which Imma need after those slaughters in Attack on Titan.
    The final episode of the first season will be uploaded on June 29th.

    It’s the third year of middle school. Kotaro, a bookish boy aspiring to become a novelist, and Akane, a track girl who loves to run, meet in the same class together for the first time. They’re put in charge of the equipment for the sports festival, and slowly grow closer via LINE. How does Kotaro deal with his growing feelings for her? Meanwhile, Takumi has been in love with Akane since first year, and Akane’s friend, Chinatsu, becomes interested in Kotaro. A refreshing story of young love set in Kawagoe.




    Clione no Akari

    This one finally has a premiere date, so I'm gonna mark my calendars on
    July 13!


    I enjoyed the first episode of Sagrada Reset, but the final episode is planned for September, so I'm gonna put that one on hold 'til then.


    Well, see you guys again next week!
    Recommendations are still more than welcome and I'll try to fit them in as much as I can.
    Let me know if you no longer wish to be tagged as well. hug1 




  16. Its been a while since Ive done this but basically this is where I share the artists I found in the cracks of the recommended on youtube.

    1. Ängie

    The swedish singer can get a bit obnoxious with her rebellious lyrics, but I guess since sweden isn't fond of "smoking weed and eating pussy" Ängie doesn't shy away from her angst.


    2. Emily Vaughn

    At first listen, it might seem like Emily Vaughn is just another stale pop vocalist that can be replaced by anyone, but she has potential. Her songs "Think Twice" and "What Do You Want" or bops, but check out her most recent single "Mood"


    3. Billie Eilish

    Billie gained some popularity for her song being featured in 13 Reasons why. But as you can see by my current set I am in love with her sound and look. Bellyache is like a weird accoustic bop that turns into this house banger. Check it out


    4. Rico Nasty

    Rico might be a bit annoying with the autotune but I am in love with her debut record, it has this unique sound similiar to Lil Yachty but with the female flare and interesting topics


    5. Ronika

    Although the cover is problematic ew2 I enjoy the majority of her new album "Lose My Cool"

    It has these 80s inspired bops but also unique ones such as Dissolve which I HIGHLY recommend nat1 


  17. After she finishes that movie, she probably would want to take a long break in one of those Giza pyramids, which will preserve her youth and beauty for the next 100 years. Then she will have a literal comeback. Then she would take another another year to adopt to new trends, surroundings and evolved species. She would release a new album about partying in afterlife. Of course, no one would care because all her stans would be six feet under and fossilized. Madonna would flop, while Return of Jesus would be the thing. 



  18. VI-A




    Album - Butterflies

    Released: April 15th, 2017



    Album Re-Release - Butterflies 

    Released: May 01, 2017




    1st Single - You Like This 

    Released: March 27th, 2017



    2nd Singe - Butterflies 

    Released: April 8th, 2017



    Feature Single - Coalition - Christina Aguilera feat. Mariah Carey, Katy Perry & Ariana Grande

    Released: April 14th, 2017



    Feature Single - Scandalous - Erika Jayne feat. Mariah Carey 

    Released: April 14th, 2017



    3rd Single - Silk 

    Released: April 16th, 2017



    4th Single - Dear Tommy 

    Released: April 21st, 2017



    5th Single - Moments 

    Released: April 28th, 2017





    Weekly Singles Charts

    Singles Artist(s)


    W2 W3 W4 W5
    You Like This MC 3 10 22 35 -
    Butterflies MC - 1 9 19 29
    Coalition Christina Aguilera feat. MC & Others - - 4 7 9
    Scandalous Erika Jayne feat. MC - - 17 17 24
    Silk MC - - 3 9 22
    Dear Tommy MC - - - 3 18
    Moments MC - - - - 7
    Late Night (Remix) Rihanna feat. MC - - - - 4


    Albums Artist W1 W2 W3 W4 W5
    Butterflies Mariah Carey - - 1 1 3

    All-Times Charts

    # Single Artist Chart Peak Weeks On Chart
    103 You Like This MC 3 4
    72 Butterflies MC 1 4
    87 Silk MC 3 3
    253 Dear Tommy MC 3 2
    372 Moments MC 7 1


    # Album Artist Chart Peak Weeks On Chart
    13 Butterflies MC 1 3




    Challenge #1 | Label Fest

    Challenge #2 | The Single

    Challenge #3 |Coachella

    Challenge #4 |The Album

    Challenge #5 | The Tour


    To everyone, who voted. Thank You xx