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    I feel like I haven't been updating my blog, I'm the Blog King, btw. 

    Will end my hiatus soon, my fave is killing me with all this wait

    I can only release the kraken once, prepare for the flood.



    Carlos Dela Rosa


  2. It's a FLAME!



    So.... this week of the Last.FM Chart was pretty.... interesting. Most of the songs last week vanished off the charts and now a whole bunch of new artists on this chart, Tinashe slams onto the chart with her new single 'Flame' which debuts comfortably at #1. Even a demo from Katy Perry called 'Witness' even debuted on the chart this week at #3. Ariana Grande sits still and pretty at #2 with 'Thinking Bout You', which makes Ariana Grande the FIRST artist to have a song be on the charts for 6 WEEKS STRAIGHT! Nicki Minaj's 'No Frauds' does a deadly drop down to #10 this week sadly, Zara Larsson's album track 'Funeral' & 'Symphony' w/ Clean Bandit debuts respectively at #8 & #9. First time debuts include Dawn Richard, Maren Morris, Brantley Gilbert, & Tove Lo.

    Can next week please be a little bit better and not a huge mess?

    Let's hope and pray for this chart's future, see you all next week!!

    ***Also the ARTIST CHART will be back next week due to so many PM's about bringing it back, I never knew y'all liked that chart so much lol.***

  3. I'm taking the plunge and finally posting this jay1 


    Specific story arcs/"graphic novels"/limited series:


    Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

    Earth X

    The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Volume I

    The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Volume II

    Marvel Zombies



    Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?

    The Ultimates


    X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills




    Superman (Post-Crisis, written by John Byrne/Marv Wolfman)

    Ultimate X-Men (specifically when Mark Millar was writing it)



  4. Don't Knock Twice
    Arbor Demon
    The Lake on Clinton Road
    The Remains
    The Witching
    The Harvesting
    The Haunted World of El Superbeasto
    Pokémon the Movie: Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel
    Trick 'r Treat
    The Stare (Japanese)
    The Crooked Man
    Devil in the Dark
    TMNT Half-Shell Heroes: Blast to the Past (Kid movie, xD)
    Ju-on: The Grudge (Japanese)
    Johnny Frank Garrett's Last Word
    The Axe Murders of Villisca
    The Other Side of the Door
    Sadako vs. Kayako (Japanese)

    The Autopsy of Jane Doe
    Return to House on Haunted Hill

  5. wZAcUBH.png


    Episode 01 - The Rainbow Wedding (Apr 2nd, 2017)

    (POV - Cody, Hylia) 

    Weddings bells chime for TLATON's favorite couple! Hylia and the gang oversee all planning! Unfortunately this wedding will be someone's last. 


    Episode 02 - Love Child (Apr 9th, 2017)

    (POV - Hylia)

    Mayor Tiny comes knocking. Hylia reveals his dark past, but will Diamond take him back? 


    Episode 03 - TBD (Apr 16th, 2017)

    (POV - Lily) 



    Episode 04 - TBD (TBD)

    (POV- TBD)



    Episode 05 - TBD (TBD)

    (POV - TBD)



    Episode 06 - TBD (TBD)

    (POV - TBD)



    Episode 07 - Killer Within: Pt 2 (TBD)

    (POV - Multiple)



    Episode 08 - Ghost (TBD)

    (POV - Multiple)



    Episode 09 - One Sweet Day (TBD)

    (POV - Multiple)

    What's past is prologue. 





    @Hyun. as Hyun Tanaka 

    @Taylor as Taylor Jerkimayer 

    @Hannah. as Hannah Dimaggio 

    @Daenerys as Cody Garrett 

    @Hylia as Hylia Amos 

    @Halcyon as Halcyon Marek 

    @Diamond as Diamond Dotts 

    @Maraj as Maraj Trin Dad 

    @Kali as Kali Mccormick 

    @Royale as Royale Crawford 

    @Kaulitz. as Billy Frank

    @Dr. Slay as Slay Maflay

    @Juinae as Juinae Hancock

    @Rachel Berry as Rachel Carey

    @Chris Morlock as Chris Ventura

    @Hermione as Mayor Tiny Flittle Cows 

    @TattooedHeart as Lily Uchrich 

    @Skyline as Skyline Vermon 

    @Liam as Liam Decson

    @#Music as Daniel Bobdection 

    @Cosmic - TDB


  6. # Artist                       Song                            LW        PK     WOC      CLM

    1. G-Eazy ft.Kelhani   Good Life                      -            1           1        New Entry

    2. Ed Sheeran-           Galway Girl                  1            1          3         Down 1

    3. Clean Bandit-        Symphony                    -             3          1         New Entry

    4. Mark Jensen-         Solo Dance                  2            2          2         Down 2

    5. Anne Marie-           Ciao Adios                  7             5         3          Up 2

    6. Train-                     Play That Song           9             6          2         Up 3

    7. Lady Gaga-           Come to Mama          5             5          2          Down 2

    8. Years and Years-  Eyes Shut                    -              8          1          New Entry

    9. Ed Sheeran-          Perfect                        4             4          2           Down 5

    10. Lorde-                 Green Light                 3             1          3           Down 7

  7. Read at your own discretion.



    Halcyon was lying motionless on the cold hard ground of Trevante’s living room for a minute until she woke up, disoriented. What kind of trouble did I just walk into? She slowly got up and felt her pockets to make sure nothing was stolen; luckily everything was there, her phone and her keys were all she brought inside. She noticed both Hannah and Trevante were gone, but then she heard something outside. FUCK. She grabbed the gun on the counter and ran as fast as she could through the hallway out to the front of the house to see a black-red SUV parked nearby. She can see the license plate clearly and is shook. Hannah sees Halcyon and demands the driver to speed off; the car immediately ran into the oncoming traffic and took off. She lowered the gun and got her phone out to call Maraj, distraught.
    “I need you to write this number down, right now.”
    “Ok… Ok, I’m ready.”
    “What is this—”
    “It’s a license plate number. I want you to track this thing down.”
    She pauses, trying not to weep. “They just abducted Trevante.”
    Maraj gasps in disbelief. “I’ll tell the team here this number so we can track those rats down.”
    Halcyon tries to smile. “Thank you. I knew I could always count on you.”
    She puts her phone down and locks up the Kia Soul to stay on the property. I wish I had some of his cigarettes right now… She walked a block to get into her apartment; everything was the way it was since the morning. She took off her leather jacket and sat on the sofa, trying hard not to start bawling. But then she remembered who to call next. I know she has to do something with them later

    Diamond had just gotten home from her shift as a waitress for Sean’s Diner. Her boyfriend, Trevor Jackson, is sitting in the foyer playing Color Switch when she entered. He gets up to embrace her, as he notices she is a bit down.
    “What’s wrong babe?”
    “Nothing,” she looks down and she suddenly looks happy. “I actually had a good day.”
    “You got good tips?”
    “Excellent tips. I made $50 worth of tips just for a few hours!”
    “That is excellent!”
    “Now I just hope more days like this happen.” She feels his arms. “Ooh, I see you just pumped some iron?”
    They get close. “Yes, I did…”
    “Mmm, honey…”
    They start to kiss and lay down on the couch, with Diamond on top of Trevor. She proceeded to take off her blouse when she had a thought; she has a shadowing with N.U.D.E.S. in a little bit.
    “Do you think they’ll mind if I look a bit messy?”
    “I don’t think so at all.”
    “Okay.” Relieved, she proceeds to take off her blouse.
    “Your parents didn’t name you Diamond for nothin’ cuz that body is fire.”
    “My body is?” She puts her hand on his abdomen and starts rubbing it. “Your body is fire.”
    They start to lip-lock but then Diamond’s phone starts ringing. Surprised, she gets up and sees who it is: Halcyon. “Excuse me, I gotta take this, it’s from my friend.”
    “No worries, take your time.”
    She nods and she answers the phone. “Hey, Halcyon. How’s it going?”
    “I’m fine, I guess. Listen, I know you go to that meeting shortly, but I just want you to pay very close attention to what goes on there. I have a suspicion that they may be onto something.”
    “And you got me and Maraj’s personal numbers, so please call either of us if anything happens and we’ll be there right away.”
    “Will do.”
    She hangs up as soon as the same black-red SUV pulls up. “Looks like they’re here.”
    Trevor puts his shirt back down as they lean in for a kiss. “I’ll see you soon.”
    “I’ll text you when I’m on my way.” She smiles as she exits the house.

    Hannah gets out to greet Diamond. “Hey, sweetie! You must be Diamond Barrett?”
    “Yes I am, ma’am.”
    “Ok, just take a seat in the back with Sylk and Slay here and we’ll take you to our place.”
    Diamond gets in on the left seat, while Slay is in the middle and Sylk is at the end; Slay is tweeting about the latest Tinashe single, and Sylk is watching the latest Wendy Williams aftershow on YouTube. How ya doin?
    “So what does N.U.D.E.S. stand for exactly?” Diamond asks Hannah as they pull out.
    “Good question: it doesn’t stand for anything, we just like how it spells.”
    “But why would you call yourselves ‘nudes’ then?”
    “Well, the term is very catchy and it fits all of our personalities, so why not?”
    “Wait… who’s driving?”
    “Oh that’s Eithne, we’ll introduce you to her later.” Eithne sighs, but Hannah continues. “But all 5 of us leaders live here, breathe here, sleep here— you get the idea.”
    Diamond hears a loud thump in the back and is curious, but decides against saying anything. As she fixes her blouse, she looks at what Slay has tweeted. Flame is FIRE *fire emoji* The car then stops at the destination; it was a white mansion which can easily accommodate 5 people. She looks at the address near the mailbox: 69 Skinny Lane.
    “This house used to be owned by the great Hylia Salinas until she, unfortunately, passed away. So sad…” Hannah pauses. “Anyways, let’s get inside!”

    Lily is standing right outside the entrance as the group walked up.
    Hannah stops. “Hey, lover…” They start kissing and heavy petting; Diamond raises an eyebrow and Slay looks at them with distaste.
    “…anyways, let me show y’all inside.” Eithne opens the door and Diamond stares with amazement; she’s never seen a house or any place for that matter be so elegant. It’s almost like a celebrity lives here for a secret vacation. They pass the foyer and its massive chandelier to go to the main room, which has a fireplace and a flat screen TV. How the hell can they afford all this?
    “Are we gonna leave those two outside?” Diamond asks Eithne.
    “Yeah, they can’t resist each other so we may as well…”
    Diamond and Slay sit on the sofa as Sylk calls for the other two leaders. One was wearing a silky green mini-dress whose texture resembled that of a snake, and the other wore a golden dress with a fur neckline.
    Taylor, Cody, meet our pledges.”
    “Hey, sluts.” They say altogether.
    Hannah and Lily come inside with a box that seemed suspicious to Diamond. She proceeds to text Halcyon about this. There’s a box here and it doesn’t seem right. 69 Skinny Lane.
    Diamond, what do you do?” Cody asks.
    She puts her phone back. “Well, I work for a diner a few miles away.”
    “Is that it?” Taylor responds. “Do you have any special talents?”
    “Not, that I know of—”
    Boring. What about you, Slay?”
    “I love art and I do art.”
    Taylor is curious. “Do you have any Photoshop experience?”
    “Yes, I do—”
    “I love you already.”
    Hannah and Lily pass on by with the box and drop it in front of the fireplace. Diamond’s phone starts vibrating as Halcyon texts her back. I’m on my way, stay where you are.
    Sylk, can you open this box for us?” Hannah asks.
    “Not until you admit Mariah is a skinny legend.”
    “We’ve had this discussion a million times already, no she is not. Ariana outsold Moo’s entire discography with just 3 albums sweetie.”
    “Okay, well I’m not opening the box then.”
    Annoyed, she finally says, “Mariah is indeed a skinny legend. I was wrong, and you were right. Now, can you please open this box?”
    “I’ll be happy to.”
    Sylk opens up the large white box to reveal a small pistol. She is baffled as to why the gun is the only thing in the box. Diamond thought, if there was only a gun in that box, then what was the thumping from the trunk

    Screaming suddenly echoes throughout the room. Eithne brings out a man tied to an office chair with tape on his mouth. The man is in distress and can’t move an inch. Diamond and Slay both gasp with horror as he is placed in front of them. “Trevante?! How the hell—”
    Hannah turns around. “Diamond, you know this guy?”
    “Well, I do too. I wanted him to tell me the truth about what’s been going between him and Halcyon, but he won’t budge. So, we’re gonna make him do it the old fashioned way…”
    “Okay, you sluts!” Taylor bursts out, with pistol in hand. “Who wants to shoot his brains out?”
    “No no no no no no no… NO.”
    “We heard you the first time, Platinum.”
    Slay gets up. “I… guess I’ll do it.”
    “Now we’re talking.” Taylor gives her the gun. “On a count of 3, I want you to pull the trigger, his wailing is getting as bad as listening to Joanne for a week.” Slay begins to sweat vigorously. “1… 2… and SH—”
    An explosion erupts at the entrance. Lily and all 5 leaders flee, while Diamond and Slay jump behind the sofa. Trevante is left where he is, hardly able to breathe. Multiple footsteps can be heard along with Halcyon’s echoed voice. Put your hands where I can see them! Once Halcyon arrives, no is there but those 3. Now Maraj’s voice can be heard. I want every one of you to check the entire premises. I
    Halcyon notices Trevante struggling and sprints over towards him. She rips the duct tape from his mouth as he tries to speak. “—and they tried to kill me… That hurt like a bitch…”
    She proceeds to untie his hands from the chair. “Well, I’m here now, baby.” Once his hands are free, she looks into his eyes with tears. “I’m just so happy you’re alive…”
    Trevante slowly gets up and they embrace each other, feeling a warmth and comfort they never felt before. One of the officers comes back to Maraj with some bad news.
    “There’s no sign of the suspects.”
    “No one?”
    “No one.”
    Shit…” Maraj closes her eyes. “Well, we can keep looking tomorrow as we need to investigate more into Mr. Conley’s murder.” She notices Diamond and Slay still hiding at the back. “Hey, Halcyon…”
    Halcyon stops and turns around. “Yes?”
    “Do you mind if I take these young ladies back home?”
    She comes over and sees them. “Yes, of course, you can.” She winks at Diamond, and Diamond winks back. “Alright y’all, let’s go!”

    Halcyon and Trevante get into the Kia Soul and looked at each other as if they never seen each other for the past decade.
    Halcyon wipes her tears. “I’m sorry that that just happened to you…”
    “It’s alright…”
    “No, it isn’t… Getting abducted is never okay… I mean, from what I’ve heard she’s been envious of me for years since I’ve been a part of the department but I never knew she would actually come at me like this…”
    “I don’t think she’s envious of you, specifically…”
    She stares at him suspiciously. “Why do you think that?”
    “I’ve known her since I was a kid and she always hated the police; she always hated the government—”
    “Why, though?”
    He pauses. “I guess it’s just the fear of getting caught…”
    Halcyon blew her nose. “We can talk about this more when we get back to my apartment.” She checked her wallet and found some spare dollars. “Would you like to go out somewhere to eat for a little while? I found a place out on Main Street that has excellent steaks.”
    “Yes, I’m starving.”
    She sets up the GPS to the restaurant as she pulls out of the property. The entrance to the mansion is damaged by the impact of the compressed air grenade she had thrown. Hopefully, the owner will get that fixed soon

    They arrived back to the apartment around dusk when Halcyon noticed something dubious; the door to Room 57 was slightly open.
    “Oh my god did someone just break into my house?!”
    She started to think that she may not have locked her door, but then she realized something; her ex-boyfriend had the other key. Well, this is going to be awkward… She and Trevante both opened the door to find someone going through the bedroom. Trevante starts darting towards the bedroom.
    Trevante, I can handle this… Let me do it.” Halcyon grabs the gun out of the TV cabinet and goes into the bedroom to confront this person. “Turn around, sir, and put your hands out where I can see them.” He follows her order, and she lowers her gun in shock. “Benjamin?!”
    “I can explain—”
    “Yes, please explain why you’re in my house—”
    “I just needed to grab a few things—”
    “Like what?”
    “Some of my clothes.”
    She put her hands on her forehead. “Okay, but you could’ve at least let me know—”
    “I did—”
    “A week ago…”
    She checks her phone and doesn’t see any texts or calls from him within the past week. “You’re a fucking liar.”
    “I ain’t lying I swear—”
    “You aren’t lying yet you lied to me about not sleeping with any other women—”
    “That was a mistake and I’m sorry.”

    Frustrated, Halcyon sits on the bed as Trevante enters.
    “A real man doesn’t practice infidelity with his girl, man…”
    “But a real man doesn’t tell other men what do and what not to do—”
    As the two men go at it, Halcyon starts taking off her clothes to reveal black and nude lingerie. She then gets up to stop them.
    “How about we both agree on one thing?”
    She puts her hand on Trevante’s chest and kisses Benjamin on the cheek, which turns them on almost instantly. She layed back down on the bed and signals them to come on over. Once they do, she pulls on Benjamin’s chain, sending him on top of her. “Are you ready for this, you bad boy?”
    “Anytime, babydoll…”
    Trevante proceeds to take off his dress shirt as Benjamin and Halcyon make out. She bites her lip as she takes his wife-beater off, and throws it at Trevante’s direction. Benjamin begins to take off his jeans when Trevante finishes undressing. Halcyon rolls over and kisses him as she feels on his shoulders. She now pulls on his gold chains and gives him a hickey on the neck. “Allow me to take all of your stress away…” She rubs her fingers down his body and starts to eat his sausage, then she feels a slap on her ass.
    “Oh, my… god…”
    Benjamin is going full force on her, while Halcyon eats Trevante out. She lets out a faint moan as Benjamin gets weaker. But then, there is a slight pause. What could he be waiting for? Trevante looks over and sees Benjamin pick up something from the floor, and he raises it at her.
    Hal, WATCH OUT—”
    Trevante finds an empty vodka bottle and hurls it at Benjamin’s head, knocking him out. The object in his hand is thrown out of his hand, landing near the door. Halcyon, confused, looks over in that direction while Trevante picks it up.
    “What is that, babe?”
    “It looks like… a pocket knife.”
    “He always brings his little knife wherever he goes—”
    “Yeah, but why would he bring it out during a ménage à trois…”
    “I—” She sits and thinks about it. “That could explain why he’s even here in the first place: he may be trying to kill me…”
    “Why would he try to kill you?”
    She shrugs. “Maybe jealousy… Or it may be part of a bigger plot…” She wipes her hair from her face. “We should put some clothes on and have him detained…” She looks back at him. “I never realized how big your dick is, wow.”
    He smirked and chuckled a bit. “Well… I’m flattered.”
    She fixes her lingerie. “You really are a treasure…”

    Characters featured on this episode:

    @Halcyon as Halcyon Banks
    Trevante Rhodes
    @Hannah. as Hannah Suarez
    @Maraj as Maraj Kaplan
    @Diamond as Diamond Barrett
    Trevor Jackson (special guest)
    @Sylk as Sylk Bird
    @Dr. Slay as Slay Le
    @Aidan. as Eithne Burke
    @Hylia as Hylia Salinas (mentioned)
    @TattooedHeart as Lily Spence
    @Taylor as Taylor Carillo
    @Daenerys as Cody Knox
    @blankdreams. as Alvin Conley (special guest; mentioned)
    Don Benjamin (special guest)

    That was interesting wasn't it? Is Benjamin a part of the N.U.D.E.S. girls' big plan or is he just seeking revenge from an earlier conflict? Stay tuned!


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    From the creators of the FOTP Hunger Games comes a new ambitious cool hip interesting series, tentatively titled Rep Is The New Black. It sounds a bit shit but using the word NUDES in any form during the making of this is against copyright because well, ahem. The series is set to begin sometime in April, filming is just about to begin, and you and your ass are invited! Auditions for unlimited amounts of roles are on from today, only requirements to fulfill is the weight of under 15 lbs (but if you're over that srsly why are you existing), the confidence for naked sex on camera, and at least 666 views logged on your browser history to (but if you don't have that again srsly why are you here). Go ahead and sign your name up below for a chance to be in the best TV show of FOTP history, and stay tuned!




  9. Latest Entry



    Bananarama is a British pop group best known for their 80s hits such as Really Saying Something, Cruel SummerRobert De Niro's Waiting and their cover of Venus.

    They released 10 albums so far. In the end of the 80s Siobhan Fahey left the group and a new girl joined them and left them in 1991. Since then Bananarama acts like a duo.


    Bananarama is singles act and their albums have been collections of fillers most of the time. Don't even bother with their 90s and 2000s stuff. It is  shit. The 80s is the only period when they released some great and solid material. After the 80s, their music became worse than those 80s fillers. 


    220px-Banana_dss.jpg  220px-Banana_ba.jpg  220px-Banana_tc.jpg  220px-BananaWow.jpg


    Songs you should have in your pop collection:

    From Deep Sea Skiving (1983) album: Really Saying Something, Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye

     From Bananarama (1984) album : Cruel Summer, Robert De Niro's Waiting

    From True Confessions (1986) album : Do Not Disturb, Venus

    From Wow! (1987) album: I Can't Help It



    What about albums?

      The only album that you might check out is True Confessions. It isn't amazing, but it has their most iconic song, Venus, and contains the most solid material. 

  10. "Smirk" Jill



    "Bitches Got Me Fucked Up" Jill



    "Secret Smirk" Jill



    "Reported, Blocked, & Shaded in NHB" Jill


    "Suck My Ass" Jill



    "Shy" Jill



    "Coy" Jill



    "Cock.mp3" Jill




    "An Aurora Teagarden Mystery" Jill



    "When's our anniversary, Tim?" Jill



    "Tell Me" Jill



    "Sylk Quoted Me In a Topic and Now I'm Uncomfortable" Jill


  11. Latest Entry

    yep i bought 3 whole jars of pickles today


    because it is true, pickles are fucking amazing 




    n-LOVE-PICKLES-628x314.jpgPickles-in-Glass-Jars.jpg pickles.jpgbread-butter-pickles-prep1-600.jpg



  12. NWxScaY.png

    Wendy Reaction PNGS SE7EN is here! Enjoy!


    Eehhhh Wendy PNG



    Crybaby Wendy PNG



    Horse Teeth Wendy PNG



    i- Wendy PNG



    Pretends to be shocked Wendy PNG



    Horrified Wendy PNG



    Reading Wendy PNG



    Hmmphm Wendy PNG



    Side Lip Wendy PNG



    Serious Wendy PNG



    Reading without glasses Wendy PNG



    Happy Wendy PNG



    Whew Wendy PNG



    Well Well Well.... Wendy PNG



    Reading in her backyard Wendy PNG



    Wig FLEW Wendy PNG




    That's all for now Enjoy! :) 

  13. I have so many albums I want to get and so many artists I want to get into right now, it's not even funny. Artists are in alphabetical (first name) order, but the albums are in no order (the album first listed is the one I want to get first though).

    Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman
    Ariana Grande - Yours Truly
    Ariana Grande - My Everything

    Bjork - Debut

    Boyz II Men - II
    Boyz II Men - Cooleyhighharmony
    Boyz II Men - Evolution

    Daya - Sit Still, Look Pretty

    Destiny's Child - Destiny's Child
    Destiny's Child - The Writing's On The Wall
    Destiny's Child - Survivor
    Destiny's Child - Destiny Fulfilled

    DNCE - Swaay

    Frozen soundtrack

    Halsey - Room 93
    Halsey - Badlands

    Hyuna - Bubble Pop

    In Flames - Come Clarity

    Janelle Monae - The Electric Lady

    Kesha - Animal/Cannibal
    Kesha - Warrior Deluxe
    Kesha - I Am The Dance Commander (I will buy all these used so I don't give money to The Evil One)

    Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett - Cheek To Cheek

    Lana Del Rey - Born To Die

    Liz Phair - Exile In Guyville
    Liz Phair - Whip-Smart
    Liz Phair - Somebody's Miracle
    Liz Phair - FunStyle

    Madonna - Rebel Heart (Amazon tried to recommend me the Clean/Edited one and I was like...)

    Mary J. Blige - My Life

    Moana soundtrack

    One Direction - Night Changes single CD
    One Direction - Perfect single CD

    Rihanna - Good Girl Gone Bad
    Rihanna - Talk That Talk
    Rihanna - Loud
    Rihanna - Unapologetic
    Rihanna - A Girl Like Me
    Rihanna - Music Of The Sun

    Scar Symmetry - Pitch Black Progress
    Scar Symmetry - The Unseen Empire
    Scar Symmetry - Symmetric In Design

    Selena Gomez & The Scene - When The Sun Goes Down (my original copy of it broke and I had to throw it away... a few years ago)
    Selena Gomez - Revival
    Selena Gomez - Stars Dance

    Solange - A Seat At The Table

    Tinashe - Aquarius

    TLC - SexyCool
    TLC - Fanmail
    TLC - Ooooooohhh... On the TLC Tip
    TLC - 3D

    Tori Amos - From The Choirgirl Hotel

    TVXQ - Mirotic
    TVXQ - Spellbound 7

    "Weird Al" Yankovic - Straight Outta Lynwood
    "Weird Al" Yankovic - Weird Al
    "Weird Al" Yankovic - In 3D
    "Weird Al" Yankovic - Dare To Be
    "Weird Al" Yankovic - Polka Party!
    "Weird Al" Yankovic - Even Worse
    "Weird Al" Yankovic - UHF
    "Weird Al" Yankovic - Alapalooza
    "Weird Al" Yankovic - Bad Hair Day
    "Weird Al" Yankovic - Running With Scissors
    "Weird Al" Yankovic - Alpocalypse
    "Weird Al" Yankovic - Mandatory Fun

  14. i dont have a verse I yet and idk if i wanna repeat the chorus 2 at the end a second time jj3

    [chorus 1]
    You can't fix whats broken
    So stop trying
    Stop trying to fix me
    You're such a fool
    For thinking i can be fixed
    I ain't broken
    I'm still in one piece
    But i can't say the same for you

    [verse 2]
    Stop kidding yourself
    I know you wanna let it out
    But it just can't be done
    What's broken will forever heal

    [chorus 1]
    You can't fix whats broken
    So stop trying
    Stop trying to fix me
    You're such a fool
    For thinking i can be fixed
    I ain't broken
    I'm still in one piece
    But i can't say the same for you

    I can't tell you how many times
    Someone's tried to fix me
    I've lost count
    You aren't the first to try
    But you won't be the last

    [chorus 2]
    You can't fix whats broken
    So stop trying
    Stop trying to fix me
    Why ya gotta be such a fool?
    For thinking i can be fixed
    I'm not broken
    I didn't fall to pieces
    But i can't say the same for you, my dear

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    Sometimes you say you’re gonna do something. But when you actually want to start, it seems way harder then you can imagine. It’s kinda hard for me to tell you this, not only because it’s really emotional for me, but also because English is not my very first language. I hope I can tell my story crystal clear and I hope y’all will understand it. I really wanted to share this part of my life with you, because FOTP has become a huge part of my life and I don’t know, it’s kinda nice to talk about it with people who don’t you know in real life. And I know you won’t judge me, because most of you has supported me in the past, so I kinda want to share it with you. Okay, here we go.

    So, I have been obese for almost all my life now. Not so much it becomes dangerously, but just overweight. I’ve tried a lot of things to lose weight, since I was a kid and in my teenage years. I’ve been too several dietists, I tried out several diets, I went to the gym (at some point I went to the gym four times a week), I even went to see a psychologist to discover why I am not losing weight. After I went to the psychologist, I was kinda desperate and went to my GP. Luckily, my GP is a very nice woman, who I can talk to very nice. She understands me and comes with proper solutions. She came with this solution – a reduction of my stomach, a gastric bypass.

    In the first place, I was kinda shook. She told me this was kind of a “last resort” and you can’t return it. So if you do this surgery, you’re bound to it forever. I have overthought this for almost a year – in the mean time I tried to change my life in a healthier one (more fruit, no sugar added drinks), but nothing seemed to work. I didn’t see any results. So I went to my GP again and told her I wanted to do this surgery. I was, and I am still, 200% sure of this decision.

    It was a hard decision though. My life will change forever: when everybody is going out for dinner at restaurants, I can only take a small portion, I can’t drink and go out the way I did and ofcourse a lot of more consequences. I overthought this all, but all these negative can’t compete against the positive things. The most positive thing is that I’ll regain my confidence and a positive self image.

    The surgery is at March 21st and I can’t tell how nervouw I am. Since I have known the date, I haven’t been sleeping well, almost 3 hours a night. I just can’t stop thinking about it. There are so many questions floating through my head. Mainly, because I don’t know what to expect. I have heard very positive stories, but also very negative stories, about the after care after the surgery. I’m just trying to look and holding on to the future. A gastric bypass gives great results. A colleague at my internship did it and she lost 45 kilograms in 9 months. That’s just amazing!

    I hope y’all get it and feel free to ask me anything. <3 I just wanted to let you know this, so you know when I’m not around, or acting different like I do now. <3 I know mass tagging isn't done these days anymore, but I don't care, I just tagged my followers & the people I talk to a lot. lana1 Let me become a really skinny legend soon. whit1 

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    took us like 84 years but here we are




    Released: November 10th, 2016 (Re-released on November 27th, 2016)
    Recorded: 2016
    Genre: Electronic
    Length: 32:20
    Label: Atlantic Records
    Writer and Producer: Troye Sivan




    Released: October 27th, 2016
    Re-released: October 29th, 2016
    Length: 4:18


    SINGLE #2 // LOVE WAS GRAVITY (feat. Ariana Grande)


    Released: November 10th, 2016
    Re-released: November 13th, 2016
    Length: 4:24 / 4:47




    Released: November 27th, 2016
    Length: 4:17





    Artist(s) W1 W2 W3 W4 W5 W6
    Nightmare Troye Sivan 1 1 7 8 15 -
    Love Was Gravity Troye Sivan feat. Ariana Grande - - 2 1 6 8
    Sleepwalker Troye Sivan - - - - 1 4



    Artist W1 W2 W3 W4 W5 W6
    Sleepwalker Troye Sivan - - 2 3 1 2



    # Single


    1 Nightmare Troye Sivan
    2 Love Was Gravity Troye Sivan feat. Ariana Grande
    14 Sleepwalker Troye Sivan


    # Album


    1 Sleepwalker Troye Sivan





    Artist(s) Chart Peak Weeks on Chart
    1 Nightmare Troye Sivan 1 5
    4 Love Was Gravity Troye Sivan feat. Ariana Grande 1 4
    45 Sleepwalker Troye Sivan 1 2




    Artist Chart Peak Weeks on Chart
    2 Sleepwalker Troye Sivan 1 4





    Artist(s) Chart Peak Weeks on Chart
    1 Nightmare Troye Sivan 1 5
    6 Love Was Gravity Troye Sivan feat. Ariana Grande 1 4
    127 Sleepwalker Troye Sivan 1 2




    Artist Chart Peak Weeks on Chart
    5 Sleepwalker Troye Sivan 1 4


    as always thank you to everyone voted for talent <3

  15. GbsJjBy.png

    Scream Queens: FOTP Row

    Episode Seven - It's Party Time


    Taylor sits at her vanity, head hanging down, tears falling down leaving streaks of mascara on her face. "It's ok Taylor. Don't let Jakob and his horrible dad get to you like that. It's our last night here, lets make the most of it." Taylor lifts her head up and looks at herself in the mirror. She puts her hair up in a ponytail and starts to fix her eye makeup and the makeup that is covering up her black eye. They suddenly hear a knock on the door so Diamond gets up to see who is there. As she unlocks the door and opens up the door, the sound of blasting music and party goers floods the bedroom. "Hey y'all, sorry I'm late. Let's get this over with please." Hannah says rushing through the door, holding a bottle of vodka. Hannah then sees Taylor sitting at her vanity, wiping the tears from her face. "What happened to her?" Hannah whispers to Diamond as she passes off the bottle. "The dinner with Jakob's dad didn't go very well." Diamond whispers back. "Ok ladies." Taylor says as she finishes up the last of her makeup, collects herself, and stands up. "Let's have our final toast." She continues as she goes over to the dresser and picks up three shot glasses. "Wait shouldn't we wait for Hylia to get here?" Hannah says as Taylor hands her a shot glass. "She texted me saying that she's not gonna be able to make it to the party in time and to start without her so..." Diamond says as she pours a shot of vodka into Hannah's glass. "Don't either of you find it kind of odd that we haven't seen Hylia in days?" Hannah asks. "Meh, not really. She's probably riding Mr. Onika's dick some more times before she leaves forever." Taylor says. "The sad part is that Mr. Onika is actually married. Can you imagine the feeling of finding out that your husband has been cheating on you with some college slut?" Diamond says. "Who cares. If that's what they want, let her get that dick. For now, I want to have a toast with my sisters and dance the night away one last time." Taylor says as she gets her shot glass filled with vodka. "Ladies, this one is for us. I know this year has been pretty rough but we stuck it out and made it out alive." Taylor says reaching her glass out. "And Hannah, I know we kind of lost touch this year, but I'm glad you're here tonight." She continues, looking at Hannah with a small smile on her face. "Taylor....I just wanted to say I'm sorry for what happened this afternoon. Everything just got completely out of control and..." Hannah says before getting cut off. "Don't worry about it. I deserved it honestly." Taylor says. "Aww this is so cute! We're all true sisters again!" Diamond says with a huge smile on her face.

    "Cheers bitches!" Taylor shouts as all three girls extend and clink each others shot glasses against one another. Each girl then downs their shot, Hannah and Taylor take it like champs however Diamond has to force it down. "Whew, that's some strong stuff." Diamond says as she looks any the vodka label. There is then another knock on the door. "Is that Hylia?" Hannah shouts. "No it's Royale! Let me in, it's an emergency!" Royale shouts from the other side of the door. Taylor sighs and rolls her eyes as she unlocks the door and lets Royale in. "Ok girls, I have some pretty bad news..." Royale says as she enters the room. Taylor closes the door and stands with her arms crossed. "Well? Spit it out bitch!" Taylor says. Royale then takes a huge breath. "Tiny was bailed out of jail. He's free." She says. "Why should we care? Tiny isn't the killer." Hannah says. "Oh ok lets not get crazy now. Tiny is definitely not guilt free at this point." Diamond says. "Why not? He was rotting in a jail cell when Slay was killed." Hannah says. "Well, he could have had a partner or something." Royale says. "That's true. However I highly doubt Tiny is going to shown up to the biggest party of the year and start killing people. Him showing up would automatically get the police called." Taylor says. "Well thank you for the update sweetie, now go get some cock! You've been single all year, stop starring at our tits and start staring at some dick!" Taylor says as she rushes Royale out of the room.

    Before Taylor has the chance to close the door, a foot steps in and stops the door from closing. "Hey fucker move your foot." Taylor says as she opens the door before realizing who was standing there. Diamond sees Hyun standing in the doorway and she automatically feels pissed off. "And just where the hell have you been?" Hyun says as he enters the room. "Whoa dude, who said you could come in my room?" Taylor says. Diamond then storms out of the room and Hyun throws his hands up in the air. "Do either of you know what her deal is?" Hyun asks Taylor and Hannah. "Leave me out of this." Hannah says, grabbing her bottle of vodka and leaving the room.

    Aidan and Sylk lay in a bed in a dark bedroom. They are completely undressed except for their underwear. Sylk lays in the bed as Aidan is on top of her, kissing her as hard as possible. "Are we allowed to be in here?" Aidan says as he and Sylk stop making out. "Who the fuck cares at this point." Sylk says, shoving Aidan's face back onto hers. Aidan begins taking Sylks' underwear off.

    Diamond is walking quickly through the house with an annoyed expression on her face. Hyun follows quickly behind her. "Babe seriously where have you been? I wanted to fuck in the hot tub earlier! They put bubbles in there, no one would have known!" Hyun yells as he follows Diamond. Diamond ignores him and keeps walking. "Why are you so mad, bitch? I didn't;t fucking do anything!" Hyun yells. Diamond stops dead in her tracks but doesn't turn around right away. "You're completely right, you didn't do anything." Diamond says, facing away from Hyun. "That's exactly why I'm pissed. You don't do ANYTHING but ask me to make you cum. When was the last time you ever did anything for me?" Diamond says as she turns around, looking angrier than ever. "Babe, you getting my dick in you is plenty for you." Hyun says as he bites his lip and tries reaching for her ass, however before he's able to, Diamond slaps him across the face and whispers, "We're done." before storming off. "FINE! I don't need you anyway! I can get any girl I want anyway! No chick can deny me!" Hyun yells. "Fuck off!" Diamond yells back. Hyun stands around for a few seconds before he sees a few hot girls in the crowd and starts walking towards them.

    Taylor stands outside in the alley way, constantly looking at her phone. She receives a message from Jakob saying "Here." but she can't see him. A person wearing a hooded graduation gown then appears behind her. Taylor turns around and she has a huge smile on her face. "Jakob is that you?" Taylor says. "Come on Jakob, knock it off..." She continues. No answer. "Jakob...." She says as she stops walking and starts to walk backwards. However she quickly stops as she walks right into Jakob who was standing right behind her. "Hey I'm right here." Jakob says. Taylor quickly turns around and gives him a hug. She then turns back around to see that the person she was talking to is now gone. "Taylor please forgive me..." Jakob says. "I know what my dad did was fucked up, but I can't stand up for you. Not to him at least." He continues. "But why not? I thought you loved me. I thought you wanted to be with me." Taylor says. "Oh trust me, I do. You have given me the best sex I have ever had." Jakob says. "But my dad is paying for all of my stuff right now, if I stand up to him, I'll be the most poor person on earth. I'll be like Diamond, but hotter and with a better personality." He says. "Then when are we going to be able to be together?" Taylor asks, sounding defeated. "Later this summer when my dad officially hands the company down to me. He'll announce his retirement, make me the new CEO, and then we can run off and get hitched." Jakob says with a smile on his face. "Oh wow Jakob, that sounds wonderful." Taylor says giving Jakob a kiss. She then gives him a huge hug, but Jakob looks off into the distance with an suspicious look on his face.

    Aidan and Sylk lay back in the bed, Aidan wrapping his arm around Sylk. Both have big smiles on their faces. "Do you think we should go back out to the party?" Aidan says. "Who cares about the party when the only entertainment we need is each other?" Sylk says. They begin passionately kissing each other and Aidan starts getting on top of Sylk again. However, the door starts to creek open. Aidan and Sylk only notice the door opening due to the pounding music and party goers start to get louder. "Whoa hey, occupied!" Aidan says, quickly getting off of Sylk. "Hey dude, leave!" Sylk says as she throws a pillow at the person standing in the doorway. "Hey it's great you graduated buddy. Take that gown off now though, no one here is impressed. And scram while you're at it." Aidan says. The person then walks into the room, slowly closes the door behind them, and locks it. "What the hell are you doing, get out of here!" Sylk yells. The person in the hooded graduation gown begins to slowly get closer and closer. "Aidan..." Sylk says, as she starts to get more and more scared. The person then whips out a knife and charges at the couple. Aidan then pushes Sylk out of the bed right as the killer stabs Aidan in the head. Sylk then looks and screams as loud as possible, however the party outside blocks out her cries. The killer then takes the knife out of Aidan's head and watches his lifeless body fall. They then look at Sylk who is now crawling backwards, terrified. Sylk isn't able to get much further until she hits the wall. The killer then starts walking over to Sylk, holding the knife up. Sylk lets out a huge scream before the killer holds the knife up and swings it down at Sylk.



    * means you are a series regular but do not appear in this episode

    @Taylor- Taylor Swenson

    @Hannah.- Hannah Rogers

    @Diamond- Diamond Jones

    @Hylia- Hylia DeMarco*

    @Sylk- Sylk Travers

    @Liam- Lia Evans*

    @Royale- Royale Mason

    @Daenerys- Cody James*

    @Hyun.- Hyun DeMarco*

    @Kali- Ms. Kali*

    @Michael.- Michelle Probst*

    @Aidan.- Aidan Chen

    @Halcyon- Jakob Rockefeller

    @Maraj- Maraj Probst*

    @Tiny Little Bows- Tiny Wiser*

    @TattooedHeart- Lily Chapman*

    @Dr. Slay- Slay Patterson*

    @Rachel Berry- Rachel Berry*

  16. daHzQY5.png


    Here we goo! moo5

     Artists Top 10


    1. Zara Larsson (NEW)

    "Queen Bershka charts for the first time thanks for her album leak! Lorde was coming for that #1 spot but she & blankdreams blocked ha for filth on Thursday night!!"


    2. blankdreams (+2)

    "Yes the album's comingggg"


    3. Lorde (+4)

    "Queen Lorde manages to snatch ha first Top 5 in the Artists Top 10! Her single Green Light got some slight Shower FM payola but it didn't work much cuz listeners can't reach such low notes & the shower's resonance makes low stuff a mess!!"


    4. Bruce Springsteen (NEW)

    "King Bruce came and SNATCHED!! I started listening to him cuz idk I wanted to get into new artists! yas2"


    5. Katy Perry (NEW)

    "Kety isn't getting many bathroom spins so it will be hard for her to get to #1 until she drops her album or maybe a new song! CTTR is what keeps her afloat atm!"


    6. Madonna (-3)

    7. Janet Jackson (NEW)

    8. Adele (NEW)

    9. Jon Bellion (-7)

    10. Lana Del Rey (NEW)



    11. Tove Lo (-2)

    16. Michael Jackson (-8)

    24. Ed Sheeran (-18)

    32. Taylor Swift (-31)

    Ok Taylor tanked HARD this week, I was expecting a drop but DAAAMN lmfao2

    40. ZEDD (-35)

    N/A Calvin Harris lmfao2



    Songs Top 10 


    1. Lorde - Green Light (=)

    "Green Light manages to stay atop the Songs chart for another week, it is having a great support from Alarm FM - every morning she gets a stream... Not everyone has that!"


    2. Katy Perry - Chained To The Rhythm (+4)

    "Kety is coming for that #1 week after the release of her latest single! Too bad that Lorde had this week on lock!"


    3. Zara Larsson - One Mississippi (NEW)

    "H&M has the world shook with her new ablum! Quite a good debut for her, but I don't see her lasting long - these songs won't be added to shower playlists so she's about to tank hard"


    4. Tove Lo - Cool Girl (-2)

    "Nuthing really new about this, Cool Girl is strong on Shampoo streaming and it's getting bigger and bigger every week... will it ever reach #1?"


    5. Jon Bellion - Fashion (-1)

    "This wasn't a good week for Jon Bellionsus, he was almost left out of the Artists top 10 and his biggest song atm (Fashion) is getting red updates in shower playlists - unless he drops a new single and starts picking up streams... this might be the end of this era!


    6. Zara Larsson - Symphony ft. Clean Bandit (NEW)

    7. Bruce Springsteen - Cover Me (NEW)

    8. Madonna - Express Yourself (-6)

    9. Madonna - Vogue (-1)

    10. Adele - Fastlove (GRAMMY Tribute) [NEW]


     Albums Top 10


     1. Zara Larsson - So Good (NEW)

    "Great debut for H&M tbh tehe1 Ha leak blocked the soundtrack from #1! Queen served but she will definitely drop next week to #5 or so since no songs will be added to playlists"


    2. Howl's Moving Castle Soundtrack (NEW)

    " @Kali, @Dr. Slay, @Kaulitz. & @Sylk tehe1 I love so much this soundtrack tbh!!! yas2 Might hold the #2 position next week tbh"


    3. Bruce Springsteen - Born In The U.S.A. (NEW)

    "I really really like this album, sounds quite a lot like the one I'm recording 'melody' & 'feeling'-wise rip2 Iconic cover btw! It will definitely do as good next week!!!"


    4. Tove Lo - Lady Wood (+1)

    "Ooop! Tove coming for wigs? Will the album hold enough till Pt.2? tehe1 It's all thanks to Cool Girl's shower slayage tho! This album will never hit #1 though, peaked back in November!"


    5. Jon Bellion - The Human Condition (-3)

    "A flop they said!1! Peaked in June & I feel it's gonna finally leave the Top5 after almost a year of slayage yas2"


    6. Madonna - Like A Prayer (+1)

    7. Janet Jackson - Unbreakable (NEW)

    8. Christina Aguilera - Back To Basics (=)

    9. Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman (NEW)

    10. Janet Jackson - Rhythm Nation 1814 (=)  



    Thoughts? wendy1 Taylor ha DROP lmfao2 Jon Bellion can start kissing the Top 5 goodbye! lmfao2 Bershka ha one week hit! kii1 Xtuna seems to hold onto that #8 position WITHOUT features in the Album charts tehe1 we expect ha to leave next week!

    Ok so this week I'll recommend y'all these albums:

    Howl's Moving Castle Soundtrack (classical music tho kii1)

    Bruce's Born In The U.S.A. (anthem after anthem!)


    Janet Jackson's Unbreakable (an AWESOME album ny1)

  17. AUERrIJ.png

    Character Guide

    Episode One - "Trouble In Chicago"

    • • •


    Hannah. 23 years old. The oldest sister in a family of three kids. The sister that keeps everything going. She hops out of bed, puts her clothes on, and heads down stairs, ready to start the day as usual. Her father, Sylk, is laying passed out on the floor. She sighs and calls for her younger brothers, Taylor and Cody, to come help carry him out. Usually they just drop him off in the yard and leave him there until he wakes up, but this time she had something else in mind. All three of them picked him up and carried him out the back door, down the steps, and into the back yard. They lay him down for a brief moment so that Taylor and Cody can listen to Hannah's plan, and just to rest. "Maybe he should drop a few pounds," Taylor says. "Yeah, at least then if he's gonna leave us to carry his rank ass out of the house every day he wouldn't be as hard to carry." Cody says. They all laugh. "Okay, here's what we're going to do..." Hannah says. "We'll carry him to the nearest dumpster and drop him off there. Even if it gets emptied while he's still in there, it won't really make a difference in our lives." Taylor and Cody both agreed with the plan. They once again lift his body back up and carry him to the nearest dumpster where they eventually drop him off and head back to the house.


    Taylor. 18 years old. The youngest sibling by 9 months, a senior in High School. He has plans to study and train to become an EMT. He leaves the house and heads over to his friend Lily's house. He arrived at her house and knocked at the door, but instead was greeted by her brother, Hylia. Hylia smiled and grabbed onto Taylor's shirt, pulling him into the house. They made their way back to his room and closed the door. "Is your father home?" Taylor asks. "No, he's probably being arrested for DUI as we speak." Hylia replies. They both take off their clothes and start going at it. Suddenly, they hear the front door open and quickly get their clothes back on and try to act natural. Lily walks down the hallway and into her bedroom. They both let out a sigh of relief. Hylia's father is nothing shy of a vile creature, hated by everyone in the city, been in and out of prison more times than you could count on both hands. Oh, and one more thing - Taylor and Hylia would both be shot dead right then and there if he caught them.


    Cody. 18 years old. The middle sibling, older than Taylor by 9 months, he is also a senior in High School. Most people would describe him as... a grade A asshole. It's too bad smarts can't buy a better personality. He heads home with a black eye that he got after getting into a fight with a guy at school, a guy who happens to be dating a girl he slept with... on multiple occasions. This is not an anomaly when it comes to Cody's sex life, he is the definition of a whore. It'd take less time to name the girls he hasn't slept with as apposed to the ones he has. He gets home and goes straight to the fridge to get an ice pack and apply it straight to his eye. Hannah comes down stairs and notices the black eye, she just rolls her eyes and moves on. Cody then heads over to his "friend" Maraj's house, where they sit outside on the front steps, pop a pack of cigarettes, and start smoking.


    Sylk. 50. The father of three children. A raging alcoholic. Blows all of his disability checks on booze and Mariah Carey CDs. His eyes start to open, all alone in a dumpster, in the dark... "What the fuck?!?!" Sylk screams. He manages to get the lid off the dumpster and climbs out, somehow smelling even cleaner than he did before he got thrown in there. He makes his way down the alley, stumbling as he walks, and eventually makes his way to his street. He walks up the sidewalk and up to the front door, into the house. Everyone is having dinner and pays no attention to him until he says "Hellloooooo, my wonderful family, I'm home!" Everyone looks at him and then goes back to their food. "Ungrateful rodents." Sylk mumbles under his breath. Sylk makes his way into the kitchen and grabs a bottle of booze, then he stumbles back out of the house and falls down the steps into a huge pile of dog shit. "Fuck," he says. "Why must I always fall head first into Jennifer Lopez's discography?" he exclaims, angrily wiping the shit off his face with a leaf. Sylk then lays back down and falls asleep outside in the front yard, most likely knocked out from all the drugs he combined earlier.


    The neighbors, Aidan and Diamond, make their way into the house with a fresh pan of lasagna. "Hey bitches!" Diamond says, strutting into the house in a new pair of heels. "Are those heels Versace?" Hannah asks. "Yeah, my baby got them for me as a gift for our 3rd anniversary!" Diamond replies. "Wow, I wish I had a man that wasn't cheap." Hannah says. "Maybe you should get out and find yourself a sugar daddy, I'm sure there's lots of old geezers out there that can still get it up and would love to buy you shit." Diamond says. They sit down and the whole family begins eating. Yet another long day behind them in the Gallagher household.



    Main Cast:


    @Hannah. as Hannah Gallagher

    @Sylk as Sylk Gallagher

    @Taylor as Taylor Gallagher

    @Daenerys as Cody Gallagher

    @Hylia as Hylia Mylkovich

    @TattooedHeart as Lily Mylkovich

    @Aidan. as Aidan Balls

    @Diamond as Diamond Fisher

    @Hyun. as Hyun Jackson

    @Maraj as Maraj Jackson

    @Saiga as Saiga Lishman

    @AwayForAWhile as Winndy Gallagher


    Re-occurring Roles/Guest Stars:


    @Kali as Kali Smart

    @Jae as Jae Jackson
    @Royale as Royale Carey
    @Juinae as Juinae Slithers
    @Halcyon as Jakob Pratt
    @Skyline as Sky Evans
    @Dr. Slay as Slay Mylkovich
    @Goosey as Terry Mylkovich
    @Hermione as Tiny Hollander

    @blankdreams. as Blank Lishman

    @My Everything as Luca Lishman

    @Michael. as Michelle Nikolaev



  18. Sleepwalker

    1) Glow - Excellent song. I love the opening and how the song builds up. The passion in her vocals is also outstanding in this song. I love how powerful the song is overall 9/10

    2) Wait - Perhaps my fave song on the EP. I love the dreamy beginning and again the passion within this song. Overall just a beautiful song 9.5/10

    3) Break This Heartbreak - A total bop. While it is a bit lyrically empty - the song flows so nicely and the instrumental breaks are out of this world. An experience 9/10

    4) Chasing Ghosts - Very interesting song with a very interesting intro. I love the lyrics and flow to this song overall. However I think I might like the demo a little more 8.5/10

    Overall this is a fantastic and solid piece of work. It has interesting and eclectic production as well as good lyrics. I know Kylie + Garibay is most people's faves out of the two - but I think this one is superior. If KM14 was anything like this EP I'd be over the moon

    36/40 (90)


    Kylie + Garibay

    1) Black and White - A fantastic song. The production is a total bop and I really enjoy the lyrics on this track in particular. Heartbreaklie strikes again. I've grown to appreciate Shaggy on this track but still would have liked if he was kept - also the Extended Version is better. Still a 9/10

    2) If I Can't Have You - Ok like the first minute of the song is this Sam guy singing so points immediately lost there jj4 The production is fairly good but the song is a bit bland overall. I love her vocals at the very end though 7.5/10

    3) Your Body - Ok Giorgio's talking at the beginning should have been KEPT. That being said this is a good song. The production and flow along with her voice are pretty worthy of praise. The song is a bit lyrically empty but Overall it's an 8/10

    Overall this EP isn't my fave out of the two. I think Sleepwalker is considerably better (though many would disagree with me). The features drag down the EP IMO but still it's a fairly solid piece of work - and Black and White is literally one of her best songs from the past 7 years.

    24.5/30 (81.66)


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  19. Tokio Hotel - Dream Machine


    So, my Dream Machine Box finally arrived! And I almost had a heart attack when I found out it was signed! 

    The thing is, only the first 500 copies were supposed to be signed, and I ordered from the second batch, when the first batch was already immediately sold out. So I was legit #SHOOK when I opened the packaging and saw that mine was signed! So HAPPY!

    This beautifully illustrated box features:

    - Dream Machine album
    - Dream Machine album acoustic
    - Vinyl of the "What If" single
    - Bill's personal Bucket List
    - Bills personal Notebook 

    Now in this notebook are all the lyrics partially handwritten and typed up, other personal notes from him and a LOT of cute pictures.


    I'm so in love with it! <33


  20. uYWxW7s.png


    Here is the character guide for the first season of my upcoming show! It is an original story starring my forum friends with elements of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Chronicles of Narnia, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, American Horror Story, Once Upon a Time, Charmed, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, and pretty much all of the trash Tumblr fandoms. rip2


    @Hermione as Hermione Granger

    Image result for hermione granger quote gif

    A recent graduate of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the booksmart and determined Hermione has crossed the pond and is now a freelance hunter of Dark wizards, ghosts, demons, and vampires in America. After observing signs that the long-gone wicked sorceress La Diabla Blanca might be staging an explosive return to power, she posts an advertisement on the World Wide Wizarding Web in search of fellow witches and wizards to recruit and train for a new Coven.


    @J.K. Rowling if you're reading this please don't sue me, I'm not making money off of it and it's just a fun fanfic series I'm making for my friends. Love you queen laughcry1


    @Sylk as Wanda Williams

    Image result for angela bassett marie laveau

    A once-powerful witch who founded the first incarnation of the Coven and defeated the nefarious Diabla Blanca...several years ago. She retired and became a recluse after it was discovered that she had been illegally jinxing the charts to make Mariah Carey a skinny legend, and is now a washed-up drunken mess. On top of all of that, she secretly stole three little girls from the hospital room at birth and has raised them as her own daughters. The Coven decides to reach out to their disgraced former ally and her daughters to help take down La Diabla, and despite her rusty magical abilities she can't wait to beat that ass back into Hell once again.


    @Taylor as La Diabla Blanca

    Related image


    Long presumed dead, the powerful Dark sorceress is still lurking in the shadows, waiting for the perfect moment to make an iconic comeback. She finally clawed her way out of the ninth circle of Hell, and she's ready to hunt down the Coven once again and kill Wanda and her companions. It's sure to be a bloodbath of Shakespearean proportions, but they have no idea how soon it's coming.


    @Hannah. as Hannah Williams

    Image result for willow rosenberg gif

    @Coca-Cola as Chanel Williams

    Image result for cordelia chase gif

    @TattooedHeart as Lily Williams

    Image result for willow rosenberg gif

    The beautiful and popular sisters at FOTP Central High have a deadly secret: they moonlight as witches. Stolen from the hospital room at birth by Wanda Williams, she raised them fully familiar with all things occultic and supernatural. Hermione is keen to recruit the sisters in the mission to stop La Diabla, whom their adoptive mother defeated when they were only toddlers, but after learning of their true parental lineage they have a falling-out with Wanda and instead choose to dabble in the Dark side to piss off their increasingly delusional mother.


    @Honey as Honey-wa

    Image result for legolas gif

    @Anna-wa as Anna-wa

    Image result for luna lovegood giphy

    These elf siblings are characterized by their supernatural beauty and gentle nature. Hiding their elongated ears under flowing blonde manes, they can live normal day-to-day lives in the human world without anyone knowing of their true race. A veterinarian and a babysitter by daylight, they act as nurses to the Coven, using their special healing powers in times of need. In reality hundreds of years old, they are blessed with anti-aging genes.


    @Daenerys as Dany Darkheart

    Image result for daenerys targaryen gif

    @Juinae as Juinae the Jabberwocky

    Related image

    Forever banished to the pages of a storybook in the Coven's library after the last time La Diabla Blanca came to power, the Williams sisters plot to break and enter the Coven headquarters against their mother's wishes and return Dany to the real world. La Diabla's old right-hand woman, Dany has a few tricks up her sleeve and knows exactly where to find her former accomplice. She is trailed at all times by her carnivorous reptilian pet, Juinae the Jabberwocky.


    @Hyun. as Hyuna Huang and @Maraj as Maraj Menage

    Image result for cho chang cedric diggory gif

    This recently-married young couple sees Hermione's ad on the Web and answers it. Once they arrive at headquarters they keep to themselves and don't really do that much other than make out very loudly in their room 24/7, which pisses off Hermione to no end. Hyuna and Maraj are dreadful at combative charms, but they can make intoxicating love potions and seduction spells that no red-blooded man or woman can resist.


    @Kali as Kali Jackson

    Image result for bitch i will eat you gif

    Kali holds the distinction of being the only member of the Coven without any magical abilities or heritage. Unsatisfied with her boring customer service job at the mall, she catches them doing magic on camera and threatens to expose their secret to the public unless they keep her around for their adventures. Hermione reluctantly agrees, but the Coven regularly threatens to wipe her memory and send her packing.


    @Liam and @Aidan. as Liam and Aidan Lycanthopyre

    Image result for teen wolf twins gif

    These hunky twins are actually mutant hybrids: their mother was a vampire and their father was a werewolf. Liam and Aidan's parents died at La Diabla Blanca's hands the last time she was seen on Earth, and now that there are whispers she's returning they want to avenge their parents. The twins are your typical dumb jocks, but also completely obsessed with Kylie Minogue. They're always hitting on Hermione, who usually tells them to shut the fuck up, put a shirt on, and go bother Bella Swan instead.


    @QUINN as Quinnda the Good Witch

    Image result for glinda gif

    Quinnda refuses to get involved in drama or conflict, and instead acts as a fairy godmother of sorts to the Coven. She spends most of her time watching over pop star Katy Perry and being her guardian angel, but she occasionally pops in and out for advice and wisdom when our heroes need her most.


    From left to right: @GLORY, @#Music, @Dr. Slay, @Royale & @Halcyon

    Image result for harry ron neville dean seamus

    I will develop your characters and personalities more in-depth later but I'm tired of writing at the moment tbh and just want to get this published laughcry1

    Just know that you'll be in the story! wendy1


    I'm sure there will eventually be guest appearances so @Hylia @Jae @blankdreams. @Vertigo-go @Lord Stoneheart @Breathless Mahoney @LanaxGaga @Royalty @Princess Aurora @Saiga @Diamond @Kuba @Michael.@My Everything stay perched too! tehe1

  21. I know many of u don't care to know or forgot about this already but I still want to do it to close the chapter on a high note with an explanation on why things went the way they went.


    I'm not blaming anyone for anything. I can say I blame myself for biting off more than I can chew and for blowing up when I did. The timing also wasn't right, the FOTP drama was on its highest and my personal life at work was getting worse and worse until I left work in November.



    I'd like to thank the players of Reincarnation for playing & apologize to each one of them for how the game fizzled out:

    @Jae @PhCh @Jony @Kirjava @Entea @Honey @SANDCASTLES @SWIN3 @Pageant Material @Nocturn @frankgutz


    I'd like to apologize to the new players also:

    @Perfect Intrusion @delete it fat @The Emancipation of Momo @Coca-Cola



    I'll keep it as short as I can, but I'm going to be candid. So The first week when the game started was without a doubt MY FAV WEEK ON FOTP. That was when everything was going great and everyone was still interested in the game. I loved the game and the story. This game allowed me to be creative and get in touch with one of my fav hobbies which is story-telling. Obviously things took a huge turn when I blew up and the way I did it. I still feel bad about that day and wish it never happened, but that's life I guess... who doesn't have regrets? 


    The main reasons I brought back the game after that and got courage and momentum to do so is because of @QUINN @frankgutz @Hannah. and I thank them for that. So when I brought back the game, things were not going how they were on the first week. Players were not as invested in the game. I'm the type of person that feeds off on energy, if I feel people are enthusiastic about my project I feel the same. With time I stopped being interested in producing this game but continued anyway. Then some drama happened with a player in PM and I just was over the game. I put in on hold and focused on creating and releasing the first issue of Pop Addiction Magazine with @Nocturn, @GLORY, @Entea, and @Princess Aurora. After it I decided to return and give a final week where the conclusion to the story happens and the winner would be crowned, but due to many players being busy in their personal lives, and I don't blame them cos they only signed up to play 3 weeks, but due to that and especially some players that were more enthusiastic like @frankgutz among others and the lack of interaction, I just had no more motivation to keep going. My main goal with the game was to entertain FOTPers and make FOTP a fun place and that goal was no longer being met so I felt that there's no point in continuing this.


    The game was too much effort to make, it took me days to prepare one update and interact with the players via pm and thread, and I simply couldn't do it without any enthusiasm and motivation. There are also many other reasons I won't divulge into publicly cos my intent is not to stir up any drama, but to those people they will be informed via pm if there is something concerning them in particular.


    Other stuff I prepared for the game before I decided to cancel it:

    • Songs I produced and sung by people online, the songs were going to be used in the storyline and as a soundtrack (which was gonna be put together), one song was written by @Perfect Intrusion and me and I had another girl sing it and it was gonna be a song for a character that was an up and coming singer. 
    • I was planning a crossover between Reincarnation and #PopIndustry. I apologize to @CHANEL #1 that it never took off and we couldn't get it done, but there were many reasons why that in particular couldn't happen along with the lack of motivation and timing issues.
    • I was and still am writing a novel version of the story of Reincarnation, I was planning on having it being a side thing for players to read and get more detail on everything. I'm planning on maybe sharing parts of it and then in the future I might release it as a novel as a whole thing.



    Hopefully none of this deterred you all from joining any future games of mine, I hope none of u left the game with a sour taste in their mouth, I promise in any future project of mine I'll think hard about the execution of my ideas and choosing more wisely on how I'm going to execute them within the time frame I set in the start, either that or making simple projects that won't be time consuming to prepare and present.



    I just want to thank these people for supporting my game when it was on:

    @Hannah. @Hyun. @Royalty @Max  @blankdreams. @Anna-wa @Princess Aurora



    About the future:

    I don't know what will happen in the future. I've decided to start posting chapters from the Reincarnation novel for now. If there is a Re-Reincarnation season, who knows, but it'll be next fall, if ever. 


    Special Thanks:

    Thank you @Onika for your support from the start and thanks for removing the section cos seeing the section week after week when I just couldn't give more to the game was very hard and made me feel like I've disappointed the players. Thank you @blankdreams. for encouraging me to do this game and for starting it off with me. Thank you @frankgutz for stepping up to the plate when I needed you. Thanks to the players that talked me down from a ledge when I needed it.



    Sorry if I disappointed anyone. I wish u all the best both in FOTP and irl. <3