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  1. Hey y'alllana1


    Today, I'm going to list my most favorite albums of all time, and the ones I could never live without!


    Comment which ones I should do a review on!


    Melanie Martinez- Crybaby

    Lady Gaga- Artpop

    Katy Perry- Prism

    Tove Lo- Queen Of The Clouds

    Daya- Sit Still, Look Pretty

    Fifth Harmony- Reflection

    Ariana Grande- Dangerous Woman



    <3 <3 

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    #RoyaltyListens 1: PRISM (2013) 


    So I'm starting to getting into Katy's music, I'm a fan of her singles and I loved Chained To The Rhytm (yes I know, it's an unpopular opinion!), I wanted to go on with the hype and make a listening thread demi1 I wanted to start with her most recent album, PRISM, so cut the bullshit and let's move on!

    Get in here KatyCats!

    1. Roar (10/10)
    2. Legendary Lovers (10/10)
    3. Birthday (7/10)
    4. Walking On Air (8/10)
    5. Unconditionally (9/10)
    6. Dark Horse, ft. Juicy J (10/10)
    7. This Is How We Do (9/10)
    8. International Smile (10/10)
    9. Ghost (10/10)
    10. Love Me (7/10)
    11. This Moment (10/10)
    12. Double Rainbow (10/10)
    13. By The Grace of God (10/10)
    14. Spiritual (8/10)
    15. It Takes Two (9/10)
    16. Choose Your Battles (10/10)

  2. Im gonna rate all her songs from all her albums basically. I know you guys my not be here for it, but its just a little appericiation towards my fave.

     It starts Thursday.

    Whitney's Discography

    Whitney Houston-1985


    Im your Baby Tonight-1990

    The Bodyguard-1992

    The Preachers Wife-1996

    My love is Your love-1998

    Just Whitney-2002

    I Look to You-2009


  3. Read at your own discretion.



    It’s now 6 o’clock. Halcyon shed a tear and blew her nose as La La Land finished and the rolling credits concluded. She threw the tissue in the pizza box that she and Trevante ordered from Dan’s Pizzeria: a medium supreme pizza that they split between each other. “I wonder if they will still be friends…”
    “I’m sure they will Hal, I’m sure they will…” He gets up and puts the empty box on the counter. “Well I’m gonna go rest for a bit, the gym kicked my ass today… Wanna join?”
    She slowly gets up. “Yeah… I should.” In his embrace, she feels his sweaty waist. “Oh wow, you did gain some more strength…”
    He lifts her chin and they make direct eye contact. Like a moth to a flame, burned by the fire… “Would you like to put them to use?”
    My love is blind, can’t you see my desire? She whispered back with sudden concupiscence. “I would love to…”
    They share a passionate kiss as they slowly get into the bedroom. That’s the way love goes
    As they take off their clothes, Halcyon gets on top of Trevante, ripping off his top and wrapping it around her neck like a rag as she feels herself all over his body. As she starts to settle in, he smiles. “Open them up, baby…” She obeys his command and suddenly feels something grow inside of her, much more powerful than before. The friction has become a lot tenser as if Trevante is driving a car through miles of speed bumps with no signs of slowing down. She hangs on firmly as she starts to feel her legs getting numb. She leans in closer as he goes past the speed limit, barely able to breathe. What was once a silence of cricket chirps and wind howls has turned into a mayhem of bird cries and bee hums…

    Halcyon wakes up the following morning, sore and solo. She finds a note on Trevante’s side, still warm as if he had left not too long ago. Currently at a church service a few miles away. I didn’t want to wake ya but you can come if ya want, they’re pretty accepting. Love ya ~Trev
    She puts the note back down and decides that she may as well go. I mean what could be so bad about it? She goes to take a shower, and later she finds the best dress she can find; a short ruby minidress that doesn’t expose her cleavage and stops at her knees. She puts on some makeup and as soon as she reaches for the earrings, someone knocks on the door. She rushes out to open it and is astonished. “Diamond? Trevor? What are y’all doing here?”
    Diamond walks in along with Trevor. “I forgot to send you the recording last night, but I figured that it would be better to come here and show you.”
    Halcyon stares as everyone sits on the sofa. “What did y’all find?”
    “Very interesting stuff…” Trevor says as Diamond pulls out her phone to play to recording. But just as she is about to hit play, another knock on the door is heard. Halcyon rushes up to open it but the knob already turns.
    “Baby, I’m back!” Trevante arrives with bliss but that quickly fades away. “How’s everyone?”
    “We’re doing wonderfully,” Halcyon said with a stern tone. “May I ask a few questions?”
    He unbuttons his shirt a bit as he sits down with uncertainty. “Yeah, sure.”
    Halcyon gestures Diamond to give the phone and finds a timeframe in the recording worth acknowledging. “What’s this about?” She hits play. Today we have a very special visitor, Mr. Trevante Rhodes! Now, how is our master of seduction do— She pauses it abruptly.
    He’s bewildered. “I… don’t know what that is…”
    Halcyon gives the phone back to Diamond and walks closer to Trevante. “You don’t? Well… you personally know Hannah, so… there’s one red flag—”
    “I do but I don’t.”
    “How so?”
    “She’s changed…” He itches the back of his head. “And I don’t remember going over there yesterday… it must’ve been a mistake.” Diamond gets up to go to the restroom.
    “A mistake? Surely if it was a mistake, you’d perhaps make a U-turn back—”
    “Yes, but…” He rubs his mouth. “I feel like she’s drugging me… like, I can’t remember what happened the day before and what not…”
    “But the question I still have is why do you keep going over there?”
    He gets up. “Because we’re friends and that what friends do—”
    “I can understand that, but when does the line of ethicality become crossed?”
    “Do you realize that what you’re doing is helping them get away with the murder of innocent Floptopians? Do you?!
    Trevante sits back down as Halcyon stares back at him. “Should I turn myself in?”
    Halcyon realizes her fury. “No…” She takes a few deep breaths to calm herself down. “I should go talk to Maraj first. She has the day off, so I’m gonna visit her for a little bit to discuss this recording further and see if it has any relevance to either Alvin or Cosmic.” Diamond comes out of the restroom. “Y’all can stay here and talk for a little while, I trust y’all enough so he can keep his sanity.” As she leaves, she signals Trevante and winks at him. Call me soon.

    Halcyon arrives at Maraj’s house at 99 Roman Street, and it’s a pretty big one. I would die to have a house like this… She gets out of her Kia Soul and lightly knocks on the front door to see if Maraj is there. No answer. She knocks on the door loudly. Still no answer. Then she looks over and finds the doorbell, which she then taps on. She finally heard footsteps and Maraj opens the door, with nothing but a towel wrapped around her. “Halcyon?!”
    “Yes, I need to talk to you about something. It’s a bit urgent…”
    Another set of footsteps is heard. “Ye-yeah, come inside, make yourself at home.”
    Halcyon goes inside and admires the elegant decor of the house. Maraj walks behind her and stares at her dress. “Why are you wearing such a nice outfit?”
    “Well, I was gonna go somewhere with Trevante, but—” She feels her phone vibrate and takes it out. Diamond has sent you an attachment. “I changed my mind…”
    A man wearing a tank top and loose jeans walks up and Maraj turns around to give him a kiss. “Hey there, big daddy…” She turns back. “Halcyon, meet my husband Sean.”
    Halcyon turns and is mesmerized. “Hello, sir. It’s nice to meet you…”
    He grins. “It’s nice to meet you too. I’ve heard all kinds o’ stories about you.”
    “Yeah, I bet.” As they all proceed to sit down on the sofa right beside the door, Halcyon notices something. “What happened? Y’all look tired…”
    Sean looks down. “Uhm well… we just—”
    Maraj puts her index finger on his mouth and hushes him. “She doesn’t need to know that.” She adjusts her towel and looks back to Halcyon. “What did you come to tell us?”
    “Well…” She unlocks her phone. “I had Diamond and her boyfriend go to where the N.U.D.E.S. group is housed, and we both found some interesting statements that could help with the recent cases, considering the fact that Trevante has been attending these meetings.” She finds the recording and goes to play where it left off, but one part stood out that leaves her a bit shocked. Remember Cosmic, about a year ago? Well, the police investigation has reopened because of growing public interest. So, we need to distract them, make sure whatever evidence there is that leads to us, never does.
    Maraj lowers her eyebrows. “Now wait a minute…”
    Halcyon looks back at her. “Do you think this could mean…”
    She looks down. “Shit…” Sean puts his arm around her in concern, while she thinks for a minute. “We need to turn him in right now.”
    “You heard me.” They all get up. “I need to go put some clothes in since I don’t want to go out looking like a prostitute.”
    As Maraj goes upstairs to change, Halcyon’s phone suddenly starts ringing; it’s from Trevante. She picks it up almost immediately. “Hello? Y—”
    Diamond and Trevor are missin—”
    “I didn’t do it—”
    “I didn’t say you di—”
    Hannah did it.”
    “How diD SHE—”
    “I don’t FUCKing know—”
    “I hear a car, what are you doing?”
    “Turning myself in because I’m sick of this shit—”
    “You’re doing the right thing, honey.” She tries to hold back the tears.
    “We were just about to apprehend you—”
    “Consider it done, Hal… I can’t be a smooth criminal anymore…”
    She puts her hand on her mouth. “See you soon then, Trev…” She hangs up and walks up to Maraj, now in an all-black outfit. “Maraj, you don’t need to go. He’s turned himself in…”
    “Well, that’s good…” She picks up the keys. “We’ll just meet up with him.”
    As Maraj opens the door, she notices something sitting in front of the door that makes her faint. MARAJSean notices and instantly rushes to her aid before she lands on the tile floor. Halcyon gets on her knees and checks Maraj’s pulse; she’s gaining back consciousness. She then turns to the figure by the door, and her eyes pop out of her eye sockets; she never felt such fear before. There lay a barely responsive person sitting in a pool of blood with a large laceration on his arm, who appeared to have dragged his way over to the property as there is a red line leading out into the road. “Oh my god…” She gets close and touches the bloody man’s face, and suddenly realizes who he is. A single tear slides down her cheek as she tries to speak. “What the hell… have they done to you… my moonlight…”


    Hylia finishes covering up a hole that holds Goosey’s remains on the other side of the acre, puts down a few tree seeds, and turns to Saiga and Easto who each have shovels in hand. “I have planted the seeds for a big magnolia tree in honor of our conservative friend, and I will see the harvest!”
    Saiga is confused. “But why a magnolia?”
    “Because those trees are popular from his hometown. It’s going to rain tomorrow, so this is perfect.” She turns back. “I’d like to call this Goosey’s Gun. And if anything were to happen to this tree, it will shoot a curse; a curse so strong, it may become fatal.” She points at them and gives a stern warning. “In other words, don’t let this happen again.”

    Characters featured on this episode:

    @Halcyon as Halcyon Banks
    Trevante Rhodes
    @Diamond as Diamond Barrett
    Trevor Jackson (special guest)
    @Hannah as Hannah Suarez (mentioned)
    @Maraj as Maraj Kaplan
    @blankdreams. as Alvin Conley (special guest; mentioned)
    @Cosmic as Cosmic Moon (special guest; mentioned)
    (BigSean Anderson (special guest)
    @Hylia as Hylia Salinas
    @Saiga as Saiga Bartoli (special guest)
    @Impossible Princess as Easto Kenney (special guest)

    The Hurt and The Cure will take place about two months ahead from this point, and someone is put on trial. The episodes will be fairly long so they may take a while to complete, but eventually justice will be served!... or will it?


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    Marina and The Diamonds:

    The Family Jewels

    Electra Heart



    Room 93


    Lana Del Rey:

    Born To Die


    Zella Day:


    Melanie Martinez:

    Dollhouse EP

    Cry Baby

    Florence + The Machine:


    How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful

    Christine and The Queens:



    Art Angels

    Twenty One Pilots:



    This Is Acting

    Lady Gaga:





    Troye Sivan:

    Blue Neighbourhood

    Gwen Stefani:

    Love. Angel. Music. Baby.

    The Sweet Escape

    Lexi James:

    Stop EP

    Micheal Jackson:

    Thriller (Special Edition)



    FKA twigs:


    Marina and The Diamonds:


    Elle King:

    Love Stuff

    Florence + The Machine:


    Fleetwood Mac:



    Room 93

    Melanie Martinez:

    Cry Baby

    Lana Del Rey:



    This Is Acting


    Speed Of Sound (Limited 7' Edition Clear Vinyl)


    btw i don't listen to all of them, and some were gifts or just short-lived obsessions i obtained that i shove into a corner and try to forget about eve1

  4. The Cure for the charts!


    Mother Monster is back! While performing at Coachella, she premiered her brand new song called The Cure which comes in at #1 this week. Ariana Grande stays still with Touch It at #2, Kendrick Lamar appears FOUR times on the chart this week with HUMBLE., XXX., DNA.,& LOYALTY. Miley Cyrus' little sister Noah Cyrus debuts on the chart with her new single Stay Together. Frank Ocean makes his high debut Close To You at #3, the queen of pop Madonna comes in her song from her album True Blue, La Isla Bonita. Bubbling Under includes one of Nicki Minaj's biggest hits Super Bass, Britney Spears' Break The Ice, and DNCE's new collaboration with Nicki Minaj called Kissing Strangers


    After being #1 for 2 weeks, Mariah falls down the artist chart while Lady Gaga reclaims her throne. Ariana Grande rises up another spot as she slowly makes it back to #1 soon, Kendrick Lamar, Kerli, & Ellie Goulding make their new debut on the artist chart this week. Nicki Minaj makes her re-entry into the chart making this her new peak at #5 (yes there is an error on the chart with her, she's supposed to have a new peak!) Kylie Minogue and Britney Spears also takes a few spots down on the artist chart this week.


    Did you like the video that was made for the Top 10? Let me know in the comments below.

    See you all next week!

  5. I was deleting some files and I came across my Minecraft data so I thought before I'd delete I'd take some snaps for memories!! 



    me dog name after @Hylia drowning in me beetroot paddy



    me dog Hylia's kid Sylk Jr 



    Looking over me farm!!!!


    Looking over me cottage me built 



    me land conquer me make map!!!!



    me built wizard tower on mountain 



    me build portal thingy give me powers



    me love gardening



    me pig pen and chicken coop me love bacon and kfc nom nom



    me sheep pen and cow pen me love wool and milk



    me horsey and donkeys 



    me make bunny farm



    me pussies



    me kitchen



    me bed where me magic happen



    me keep secret in the woods



    me put zombie spawner me trap them and harvest points like me harvest rep in rep lounge



    me do witchcraft 



    me make portal go to other dimension to escape @Taylor



    me look over me farm and do evil laugh



    me name me dog after Wendy Williams!


    me bodyguard



    me name dog after legend



    me cat wig



    me cat name after @Aidan.



    That's all :) 

  6. I'm Hermandy Cohen, and here's a sneak preview of the new forum game I'll be hosting this summer!


    Are you blonde, skinny, rich, and a little bit of a bitch?

    Image result for andy cohen gif


    Then you'd be perfect for the first season of Real Housewives of FOTP.



    That's right, one of these mystery women could be you. Gold-diggers, booze-hounds, and those with bad plastic surgery are all welcome...and encouraged!

    Image result for you stole my goddamn house gif


    After a heavy audition process, the 12-to-16 chosen housewives will battle it out through various weekly challenges to receive the ultimate title of Hottest Housewife.

    Image result for real housewives gif


    There will be Barbie dress-up game fashion shows, virtual tea parties and tropical vacations, along with red carpet premieres and shady confessionals.

    Image result for real housewives vacation gif


    Be careful though, since the weakest performers during the challenges will get a foreclosure on their mansion and sent packing from the luxurious FOTP gated community.

    Image result for real housewives vacation gif


    Just create a clever tagline, pick a celebrity to enter as, shape your housewife persona, and prove that you have what it takes to hold your own against the other divas.

    Image result for real housewives gif


    Don't get too nasty, or else you'll be confronted by your fellow housewives at the explosive reunion special.

    Image result for porsha drags kenya gif


    They can also anonymously sell stories about you to the press (a.k.a. me) throughout the season to defame your character.Image result for kelly bensimon gif


    Casting calls begin in mid May, when I'm done with the semester and have enough time to post regularly again.

    Image result for real housewives i can't wait gif


    If you're interested, comment on this post and I'll talk to the game section mods upon my return in order to get the greenlight.

    Image result for ramona singer gifs


    Until then...

    Image result for real housewives gif

  7. Welcome to the FOTP Big Brother 5 Archive!

    Looks a lot better on desktop btw!


    Original thread:


    Season Airdates: March 16 - April 10


    Houseguests, their placements, and their stats:

    1ocsbV1.png     2eV6AKZ.jpg     30NyOPG.png     Q8NS2Yy.png     9G173SA.png     SdQ5AA9.png?1     QudxjTb.png

    1. @Daenerys                   2. @Skyline                       3. @Luca.                         4. @Maraj                        5. @Tomás                       6. @Diamond                    7. @Michael.

    HOH Wins: 4                      HOH Wins: 5                     HOH Wins: 2                      HOH Wins: 3                      HOH Wins: 1                     HOH Wins: 3                      HOH Wins: 2

    Veto Wins: 4                      Veto Wins: 6                      Veto Wins: 2                      Veto Wins: 2                       Veto Wins: 2                     Veto Wins: 0                      Veto Wins: 2

    Times Nominated: 4          Times Nominated: 4          Times Nominated: 6         Times Nominated: 3           Times Nominated: 2         Times Nominated: 4         Times Nominated: 3

    Votes Against: 0                 Votes Against: 7               Votes Against: 3                 Votes Against: 1                 Votes Against: 3               Votes Against: 12             Votes Against: 5

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         *Fan Favorite Winner*


    aJTqwdW.png     ElryYpE.png     L6nuvW2.png     AEbF7aT.png     AmqvomU.jpg     jwNVV5Y.png     ZzLz03g.jpg

    8. @Kuba                          9. @Sylk                           10. @Aidan.                     11. @Royale                     12. @WinnieThePooh        13. @Royalty                   14. @Hermione 

    HOH Wins: 2                      HOH Wins: 1                      HOH Wins: 1                     HOH Wins: 1                      HOH Wins: 0                      HOH Wins: 0                     HOH Wins: 2

    Veto Wins: 0                      Veto Wins: 0                       Veto Wins: 1                     Veto Wins: 3                       Veto Wins: 1                      Veto Wins: 0                      Veto Wins: 2

    Times Nominated: 2          Times Nominated: 5          Times Nominated: 3         Times Nominated: 4           Times Nominated: 3          Times Nominated: 3         Times Nominated: 2

    Votes Against: 5                 Votes Against: 15              Votes Against: 10              Votes Against: 20              Votes Against: 12               Votes Against: 17             Votes Against: 9


                                 Jury   |  Pre-Jury

    Rkb0cSi.png |  5XaKwWe.png     WAkRmgR.png     DPQNy0N.png     bgtbcrl.png     Kdz91CU.png     ZlyQS1l.png

    15. @Alex.                    |  16. @nevermind               17. @TattooedHeart         18. @Saiga                       19. @Cosmic                    20. @Justin Bieber            21. @#Music

    HOH Wins: 0                      HOH Wins: 0                      HOH Wins: 0                      HOH Wins: 1                      HOH Wins: 0                     HOH Wins: 0                      HOH Wins: 0

    Veto Wins: 0                      Veto Wins: 1                       Veto Wins: 0                      Veto Wins: 0                      Veto Wins: 1                      Veto Wins: 0                      Veto Wins: 0

    Times Nominated: 3          Times Nominated: 1          Times Nominated: 2          Times Nominated: 1          Times Nominated: 1          Times Nominated: 2         Times Nominated: 4

    Votes Against: 18               Votes Against: 9                Votes Against: 21              Votes Against: 9                Votes Against: 11               Votes Against: 12             Votes Against: 34


    QOgsqE9.png     zG0ejOe.png     kPgWHgE.png     YIupeQm.png     Q6YSGL8.png     qDXqkFb.png     SdXJ8AP.png

    22. @Coca-Cola                23. @Dreamsssss             24. @SANDCASTLES         25. @Monster.                 26. @Vintage Music          27. @Alaska                     28. @Milk

    HOH Wins: 0                      HOH Wins: 0                      HOH Wins: 0                      HOH Wins: 0                     HOH Wins: 0                      HOH Wins: 0                     HOH Wins: 0

    Veto Wins: 0                      Veto Wins: 0                       Veto Wins: 0                      Veto Wins: 0                      Veto Wins: 0                      Veto Wins: 0                      Veto Wins: 1

    Times Nominated: 1          Times Nominated: 2           Times Nominated: 1         Times Nominated: 1          Times Nominated: 1         Times Nominated: 1          Times Nominated: 1

    Votes Against: 10               Votes Against: 11               Votes Against: 16             Votes Against: 15              Votes Against: 15              Votes Against: 21               Votes Against: 19


    KbqjKNw.png     VaCw66h.png     yF2DgmD.png     t1GYjKB.png

    29. @Taylor                      30. @Zachary                   31. @Count Olaf               32. @blankdreams.

    HOH Wins: 0                      HOH Wins: 0                      HOH Wins: 0                      HOH Wins: 0

    Veto Wins: 0                       Veto Wins: 0                      Veto Wins: 0                      Veto Wins: 0

    Times Nominated: 1          Times Nominated: 2          Times Nominated: 1          Times Nominated: 0

    Votes Against: 14               Votes Against: 35              Votes Against: 16              Votes Against: 2


    Fan Ranking Chart Runs

    *Numbers in red indicate your peak*











    Count Olaf












    Jae / nevermind


    Justin Bieber












    My Everything / Luca.














    Skywalker / Tomas








    Vintage Music






  8. Latest Entry


    I sing about depression

    I sing about losing someone

    I sing about fighting back

    I sing about bullying 

    I sing about rising up

    And ext


  9. The 70s


    - Madonna appeared in small roles of some flop movies. 

    - Madonna and Cyndi Lauper and a few other people made a disco band called Mythological Ageism. First album Glitter Light (1978) did well, while Sepheryn (cover) became a top 5 hit. 


    The 80s

    - Second album Confessions On A Dance Floor (1980) flopped. Its was criticized for being too disco in a time when disco became irrelevant. Madonna and Cyndi wanted to cover ABBA's song and said things could have been different. At this point the band broke up. Apparently Madonna and Cyndi wanted to go in different directions, but rumor had it that Cyndi was jealous of Madonna voice and couldn't take it anymore. 

    hqdefault.jpg    51697_600.jpg

    - In 1981 Madonna released American Dream. A conceptual new wave/pop rock about America being no.1  in world. The album flopped, while Madonna called it ahead of its time.

    Critics said it was too cringe worthy and thought Madonna being patriotic was very calculated and a desperate cry for success. 

    ItQVOED.jpg  JvxOfjm.jpg

    - In 1982 Madonna started to experiment and released a conceptual instrumental album called Impressive Instant. It didn't do well on charts, but critics praised its futuristic beats.

    - In 1983 Madonna starred in Flashdance movie and also did a few songs for the soundtrack that were released as singles. The movie was a huge success, while singles What A Feeling, Into The Groove and Gambler became no.1s.  

    - In 1984, she got Oscar for her role in Flashdance and also a Grammy for What A Feeling. 

    - In 1985 Madonna released Hard Candy, a disco inspired album that became no.1 everywhere. Hit single Candy Shop was praised for its inventive production and smart bland of dance and sex  themes. Another hit single 4 Minutes  was praised for its serious theme and performed at Live Aid. The same year Madonna went on her first solo tour.


    spkiIo6.jpg  gQeEH32.jpg

    - In 1986 and 1987 Madonna focused on her acting career. She did a few movies and all her roles got critical acclaim. Madonna gets an Oscar nomination. 


    - In 1989 Madonna released Rebel Heart. Critics loved it and called a perfect collection of brilliant pop songs. Ghost Town became an instant classic, while Living For Love was praised for its choir and gospel elements. 


    The 90s

    - In 1990, another RH single was released. Bitch I'm Madonna song was described as brave, provocative and game changing. Its video became iconic for Madonna's introduction of a new dance trend: twerking. The same year Madonna released her first compilation called Celebration, with a new song Keep It Together. The compilation did well and Keep It Together was a no.1. In Zimbabwe the single was released with a bonus song called Vague. A second tour, Veni Vidi Vici, became iconic and groundbreaking. Madonna was the first artist who changed her costumes. She also did it in front of the public sometimes. Madonna got banned in Toronto for exposing her thong while singing Hold Tight. 


    - In 1991 Madonna met William Orbit. They married the same year. He produced her new album MDNA.

    - In 1992  MDNA album was released. European trash house dance acid rock  inspired single Girl Gone Wild became a no.1 and influenced the music world. A ballad Give Me All Your Love ( a duet with Vanilla Ice) appeared on The Bodyguard soundtrack too. Madonna wanted to tour, but changed her mind, when she got pregnant and gave a birth to a girl called Lola.

    ENpEoIl.jpg  QYSyowT.jpg

    - In 1994 enlightened Madonna released a new album Bedtime Stories. It was a collection of lullabies for children and was dedicated to Lola. Madonna also released her first book from a hit series Harry Potter. Madonna was praised for her new reinvention and for making kids read instead of doing drugs.

    - Madonna wanted to act in a new movie called Evita, but the director chose Courtney Love for the main role. Disappointed Madonna started to work on a new album called Like a Prayer. It was a second collaboration with Orbit. The adult contemporary album was released in 1997 and flopped. Madonna blamed Orbit and they got divorced.

    - In 1998 her jazz album What's That Jazz  went unnoticed.

    KXSQy9U.jpg    sDrxklf.jpg


    The 2000s

    - The comeback in 2001 : Madonna did vagina rejuvenation and released Like a Virgin album. The album was a big hit, just like its singles (Like a Virgin, Material Girl, Dress You Up, Hey You). Madonna was praised for exploring new themes like materialism and innocence.  She was also called a new force of conceptual art.  Virginity tour was a success and Madonna performed all her iconic hits.


    - In 2002 Madonna released Erotica, which became her best selling album (40 million copies). She was praised for her new conceptual work that talked about a frigid cyborg who desperately wants an orgasm. Thanks to a hit single Sexpress Yourself (a song about sexpressing yourself and not being a hoe), Madonna became a feminist icon. Erotica and Waiting (For Isaac Asimov) were top 10 hits, while Secret Garden peaked at no.84. 


    - In 2003 Madonna released Sex book as a response to George Bush. A book with sexy photos of Madonna's madgina, Britney, Xtina, Justin Timberlake, Backstreet Boys and Oprah. Madonna shocked the world. People were destroying her Erotica CDs. People called Madonna old and a traitor. George Bush claimed he didn't get Madonna's intention, but he liked the book.



    - In 2006 Madonna released a self titled album. Madonna album, inspired by the 70s disco, was a new comeback. Everybody and Lucky Star were no.1 hits. Madonna also released an autobiography called Lucky Star.



    The 2010s

    - In 2010 Madonna released her second compilation, Immaculate Collection that contained her most important songs. 

    - In 2012, while  working on her new album, all her songs in their demo versions leaked. The same year Madonna released her album  titled True Blue as a reference to her emotions during leak gate. 


    - In 2013 Madonna and Lady Gaga formed a pop duo called Goga and Magoga. Their album Iconic flopped. Critics called it "Fiesta del failure" and "An epic fail of epic stars".



    - In 2015 Madonna stated that she thinks that leaking is the future of music. 



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    Hey everyone! I've been gone for a little with dropping in every once in a while. Not that most of you care but I've been gone bc I've been in the hospital for a couple reasons, the main one being that I have bronchial pneumonia and it's really tore up my chest and caused my lung to almost collapse which led to me not being able to breathe on my own. I thought I had just got some kinda cold from being around a lot of people from school and my volleyball team. From all of the coughing I ended up bruising quite a few ribs and they had kept me to do a scan (luckily it was just bruised ribs). I'm finally out after a couple days and very weak, but the whole experience has left me in a dark mindset and provoked my anxiety and depression. That being said I would I would like to drop any games I'm in ( @CHANEL #1) (except TAG bc I can still send answers). I think all I need is a little break from everything including the internet (cash me on Twitter still tho lmao) and it replenish my soul with some yoga or some shit to balance my inner self. I love you all and some more than others.

  10. Honors program life is all work and no play. I don't remember the last time I had a full eight hours of sleep (or even six, for that matter), ate a sit-down meal, read a whole book in one sitting, or had a real conversation with my family beyond them asking "Can we talk?" and myself replying with "Not right now, I'm busy." I've become so swamped with academic responsibilities lately that I don't have time to keep visiting here daily without seriously jeopardizing my future, so I need to cut back on my forum time. I'm not even exaggerating about the amount of work I'm getting either; there have already been a few meltdowns from my classmates about research papers, portfolios, presentations, and final exams and I feel like I'm next. rip4

    I'm not "leaving" FOTP and I won't completely disappear, but I'm definitely going to be less active, provided that my self-control follows through. Being away from you all for so long will be sad for me, but I have to do what's best for myself. If you have an emergency (or if you want to give me your Snapchat username to keep in touch) you can still PM me and I'll see it, because I have email alerts for those. Term ends on the 12th of May, so I'll be back full-time by then. hug1

    Hopefully this isn't too extra and over-the-top, but here is some lovely exit music in true Hermione fashion. Good luck with life and see you this summer! wub1


  11. I thought I'd make one of these posts again in honor of me finally collecting all of 1D's physical music. wub1 

    As always, the artists are in alphabetical (first name) order, the albums are in fave to least fave order (GH, Christmas, etc. albums don't count), and I'm warning you now that that One Direction section IS HUGE. I underlined the Vinyl because I felt like it.

    * = haven't listened to yet (I know I need to fix that with some of these, I'm just really bad at procrastinating with music...)

    Alessia Cara - Know-It-All*

    Aly & AJ - Insomniatic
    Aly & AJ - Into The Rush: Deluxe Edition
    Aly & AJ - Acoustic Hearts Of Winter

    Amanda Perez - Angel

    Annie Lawrence - Everything Changes*
    Annie Lawrence - Light Is Stronger EP*

    Ashley Tisdale - Headstrong

    Avril Lavigne - The Best Thing
    Avril Lavigne - Goodbye Lullaby (Deluxe Edition)*
    Avril Lavigne - Under My Skin*
    Avril Lavigne - Let Go*

    Bea Miller - Not An Apology*

    Beyoncé - Lemonade
    Beyoncé - Beyoncé
    Beyoncé - 4 (Deluxe)
    Beyoncé - B'Day (Deluxe Edition)
    Beyoncé - I Am... Sasha Fierce (Platinum Edition)
    Beyoncé - Dangerously In Love

    Big Time Rush - BTR

    Björk - Post

    Bratz Rock Angelz soundtrack
    Bratz Genie Magic soundtrack

    Britney Spears - Circus (Deluxe Version)
    Britney Spears - Glory (Deluxe Version)
    Britney Spears - Britney
    Britney Spears - Blackout
    Britney Spears - In The Zone
    Britney Spears - Femme Fatale (Fan Edition) (includes Hold It Against Me vinyl)
    Britney Spears - Oops!... I Did It Again
    Britney Spears - ...Baby One More Time
    Britney Spears - Britney Jean
    Britney Spears - The Singles Collection
    Britney Spears - Greatest Hits: My Prerogative
    Britney Spears - B In The Mix: The Remixes

    The Cheetah Girls - TCG
    The Cheetah Girls - The Cheetah Girls 2
    The Cheetah Girls - The Cheetah Girls
    The Cheetah Girls - Cheetah-licious Christmas
    The Cheetah Girls - The Cheetah Girls: One World

    Christina Aguilera - Stripped
    Christina Aguilera - Bionic
    Christina Aguilera - Back To Basics
    Christina Aguilera - Christina Aguilera
    Christina Aguilera - Keeps Gettin' Better: A Decade Of Hits
    Christina Aguilera - My Kind Of Christmas
    Christina Aguilera - Lotus (Deluxe Version)

    Christopher Williams - The City Makes The Man*

    Cimorelli - Up At Night*

    Demi Lovato - Here We Go Again
    Demi Lovato - Demi
    Demi Lovato - Confident (Deluxe Edition)
    Demi Lovato - Don't Forget
    Demi Lovato - Unbroken
    Demi Lovato - Live Walmart Soundcheck

    Elvis Presley - Elvis 30 #1 Hits

    Everlife - Everlife (2007)

    Fetty Wap - Fetty Wap*

    Fifth Harmony - 7/27 (Deluxe)
    Fifth Harmony - 7/27 (Standard)
    Fifth Harmony - Reflection (Deluxe)
    Fifth Harmony - Better Together EP
    Fifth Harmony - Better Together EP (Target version)
    Fifth Harmony - Juntos EP*

    Ginuwine - Ginuwine... the Bachelor

    Jonas Brothers - Jonas Brothers
    Jonas Brothers - A Little Bit Longer*

    Katy Perry - Teenage Dream
    Katy Perry - One Of The Boys
    Katy Perry - PRISM*

    Kehlani - SweetSexySavage (Deluxe)

    Kendrick Lamar - good kid, m.A.A.d city (Deluxe Edition)
    Kendrick Lamar - good kid, m.A.A.d city (2xLP)
    Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A Butterfly

    Kim Possible soundtrack

    Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster
    Lady Gaga - ARTPOP
    Lady Gaga - The Fame
    Lady Gaga - Born This Way (Special Edition)
    Lady Gaga - Joanne*

    Lauryn Hill - The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill*

    Lindsay Lohan - Speak
    Lindsay Lohan - A Little More Personal (RAW)

    Little Mix - Salute
    Little Mix - Get Weird (Deluxe Edition)*
    Little Mix - Glory Days* (standard in physical, deluxe in digital)

    Liz Phair - Whitechocolatespacegg
    Liz Phair - Liz Phair
    Liz Phair - Exile In Guyville

    Madonna - Bedtime Stories
    Madonna - Ray Of Light
    Madonna - Like A Prayer
    Madonna - True Blue
    Madonna - American Life
    Madonna - Hard Candy
    Madonna - Erotica
    Madonna - Music
    Madonna - Like A Virgin
    Madonna - Madonna
    Madonna - Confessions On A Dancefloor
    Madonna - Celebration
    Madonna - Something To Remember
    Madonna - You Can Dance
    Madonna - MDNA*

    Miley Cyrus - Can't Be Tamed
    Miley Cyrus - Bangerz (Deluxe Version)
    Miley Cyrus - Breakout (Platinum Edition)
    Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana - Meet Miley Cyrus
    Miley Cyrus - The Time Of Our Lives
    Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana - Best Of Both Worlds Concert

    Monica - After The Storm*

    One Direction - Take Me Home (Yearbook edition)
    One Direction - Take Me Home (Standard with Zayn slipcase)
    One Direction - Take Me Home (Target edition)
    One Direction - Four (Yearbook edition)
    One Direction - Four (2xLP)
    One Direction - Made In The A.M. (Yearbook edition)
    One Direction - Made In The A.M. (Standard with Liam cover)
    One Direction - Made In The A.M. (Standard with exclusive bracelet)
    One Direction - Made In The A.M. Vinyl
    One Direction - Up All Night (Yearbook edition)
    One Direction - Up All Night (Standard)
    One Direction - Up All Night (Souvenir Edition)
    One Direction - Midnight Memories (Yearbook edition)
    One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful [single]
    One Direction - One Thing [single]
    One Direction - Gotta Be You [single]
    One Direction - More Than This [single] - ultra rare
    One Direction - Live While We're Young [single]
    One Direction - Kiss You [single]
    One Direction - One Way Or Another (Teenage Kicks) [single]
    One Direction - Best Song Ever [single]
    One Direction - Story Of My Life [single]
    One Direction - Midnight Memories [single] Vinyl
    One Direction - Midnight Memories EP
    One Direction - You & I [single]
    One Direction - Steal My Girl [single]
    One Direction - Night Changes [single]
    One Direction - Drag Me Down [single]
    One Direction - Perfect EP

    P!nk - Funhouse
    P!nk - I'm Not Dead (Platinum Edition)

    Phineas and Ferb Across The Second Dimension Soundtrack

    R. Kelly - The R in R&B

    Red Velvet - Ice Cream Cake
    Red Velvet - Russian Roulette
    Red Velvet - The Velvet
    Red Velvet - The Red
    Red Velvet - Rookie*

    Rihanna - ANTi (Deluxe)

    Scar Symmetry - Holographic Universe

    Selena Gomez & the Scene - A Year Without Rain
    Selena Gomez & The Scene - Kiss & Tell

    Solange - A Seat At The Table*

    Taylor Swift - Red (Deluxe Version)
    Taylor Swift - Fearless (Platinum Edition)
    Taylor Swift - 1989 (Deluxe Target Version)
    Taylor Swift - Speak Now (Deluxe Version)*
    Taylor Swift - Taylor Swift*

    T.I. - Paper Trail

    Tori Amos - Little Earthquakes
    Tori Amos - From The Choirgirl Hotel

    Vanessa Hudgens - V

    "Weird Al" Yankovic - Off The Deep End
    "Weird Al" Yankovic - Poodle Hat

    ZAYN - Mind Of Mine (Target version)
    ZAYN - Mind Of Mine (Japan version)
    ZAYN - Mind Of Mine Vinyl

  12. I'm taking the plunge and finally posting this jay1 


    Specific story arcs/"graphic novels"/limited series:


    Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

    Earth X

    The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Volume I

    The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Volume II

    Marvel Zombies



    Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?

    The Ultimates


    X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills




    Superman (Post-Crisis, written by John Byrne/Marv Wolfman)

    Ultimate X-Men (specifically when Mark Millar was writing it)



  13. wZAcUBH.png


    Episode 01 - The Rainbow Wedding (Apr 13th, 2017)

    (POV - Cody, Hylia) 

    Weddings bells chime for TLATON's favorite couple! Hylia and the gang oversee all planning! Unfortunately this wedding will be someone's last. 


    Episode 02 - Love Child (Apr 14th, 2017)

    (POV - Hylia)

    Mayor Tiny comes knocking. Hylia reveals his dark past, but will Diamond take him back? 


    Episode 03 - TBD (Apr 21st, 2017)

    (POV - Lily) 



    Episode 04 - TBD (Apr 28th, 2017)

    (POV- TBD)



    Episode 05 - TBD (TBD)

    (POV - TBD)



    Episode 06 - TBD (TBD)

    (POV - TBD)



    Episode 07 - Killer Within: Pt 2 (TBD)

    (POV - Multiple)



    Episode 08 - Ghost (TBD)

    (POV - Multiple)



    Episode 09 - One Sweet Day (TBD)

    (POV - Multiple)

    What's past is prologue. 





    @Hyun. as Hyun Tanaka 

    @Taylor as Taylor Jerkimayer 

    @Hannah. as Hannah Dimaggio 

    @Daenerys as Cody Garrett 

    @Hylia as Hylia Amos 

    @Halcyon as Halcyon Marek 

    @Diamond as Diamond Dotts 

    @Maraj as Maraj Trin Dad 

    @Kali as Kali Mccormick 

    @Royale as Royale Crawford 

    @Kaulitz. as Billy Frank

    @Dr. Slay as Slay Maflay

    @Juinae as Juinae Hancock

    @Rachel Berry as Rachel Carey

    @Chris Morlock as Chris Ventura

    @Hermione as Mayor Tiny Flittle Cows 

    @TattooedHeart as Lily Uchrich 

    @Skyline as Skyline Vermon 

    @Liam as Liam Decson

    @#Music as Daniel Bobdection 

    @Cosmic - TDB


  14. # Artist                       Song                            LW        PK     WOC      CLM

    1. G-Eazy ft.Kelhani   Good Life                      -            1           1        New Entry

    2. Ed Sheeran-           Galway Girl                  1            1          3         Down 1

    3. Clean Bandit-        Symphony                    -             3          1         New Entry

    4. Mark Jensen-         Solo Dance                  2            2          2         Down 2

    5. Anne Marie-           Ciao Adios                  7             5         3          Up 2

    6. Train-                     Play That Song           9             6          2         Up 3

    7. Lady Gaga-           Come to Mama          5             5          2          Down 2

    8. Years and Years-  Eyes Shut                    -              8          1          New Entry

    9. Ed Sheeran-          Perfect                        4             4          2           Down 5

    10. Lorde-                 Green Light                 3             1          3           Down 7

  15. orange-new-black-season-4-trailer.jpg



    From the creators of the FOTP Hunger Games comes a new ambitious cool hip interesting series, tentatively titled Rep Is The New Black. It sounds a bit shit but using the word NUDES in any form during the making of this is against copyright because well, ahem. The series is set to begin sometime in April, filming is just about to begin, and you and your ass are invited! Auditions for unlimited amounts of roles are on from today, only requirements to fulfill is the weight of under 15 lbs (but if you're over that srsly why are you existing), the confidence for naked sex on camera, and at least 666 views logged on your browser history to (but if you don't have that again srsly why are you here). Go ahead and sign your name up below for a chance to be in the best TV show of FOTP history, and stay tuned!




  16. "Smirk" Jill



    "Bitches Got Me Fucked Up" Jill



    "Secret Smirk" Jill



    "Reported, Blocked, & Shaded in NHB" Jill


    "Suck My Ass" Jill



    "Shy" Jill



    "Coy" Jill



    "Cock.mp3" Jill




    "An Aurora Teagarden Mystery" Jill



    "When's our anniversary, Tim?" Jill



    "Tell Me" Jill



    "Sylk Quoted Me In a Topic and Now I'm Uncomfortable" Jill


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    yep i bought 3 whole jars of pickles today


    because it is true, pickles are fucking amazing 




    n-LOVE-PICKLES-628x314.jpgPickles-in-Glass-Jars.jpg pickles.jpgbread-butter-pickles-prep1-600.jpg



  17. NWxScaY.png

    Wendy Reaction PNGS SE7EN is here! Enjoy!


    Eehhhh Wendy PNG



    Crybaby Wendy PNG



    Horse Teeth Wendy PNG



    i- Wendy PNG



    Pretends to be shocked Wendy PNG



    Horrified Wendy PNG



    Reading Wendy PNG



    Hmmphm Wendy PNG



    Side Lip Wendy PNG



    Serious Wendy PNG



    Reading without glasses Wendy PNG



    Happy Wendy PNG



    Whew Wendy PNG



    Well Well Well.... Wendy PNG



    Reading in her backyard Wendy PNG



    Wig FLEW Wendy PNG




    That's all for now Enjoy! :) 

  18. i dont have a verse I yet and idk if i wanna repeat the chorus 2 at the end a second time jj3

    [chorus 1]
    You can't fix whats broken
    So stop trying
    Stop trying to fix me
    You're such a fool
    For thinking i can be fixed
    I ain't broken
    I'm still in one piece
    But i can't say the same for you

    [verse 2]
    Stop kidding yourself
    I know you wanna let it out
    But it just can't be done
    What's broken will forever heal

    [chorus 1]
    You can't fix whats broken
    So stop trying
    Stop trying to fix me
    You're such a fool
    For thinking i can be fixed
    I ain't broken
    I'm still in one piece
    But i can't say the same for you

    I can't tell you how many times
    Someone's tried to fix me
    I've lost count
    You aren't the first to try
    But you won't be the last

    [chorus 2]
    You can't fix whats broken
    So stop trying
    Stop trying to fix me
    Why ya gotta be such a fool?
    For thinking i can be fixed
    I'm not broken
    I didn't fall to pieces
    But i can't say the same for you, my dear

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    Sometimes you say you’re gonna do something. But when you actually want to start, it seems way harder then you can imagine. It’s kinda hard for me to tell you this, not only because it’s really emotional for me, but also because English is not my very first language. I hope I can tell my story crystal clear and I hope y’all will understand it. I really wanted to share this part of my life with you, because FOTP has become a huge part of my life and I don’t know, it’s kinda nice to talk about it with people who don’t you know in real life. And I know you won’t judge me, because most of you has supported me in the past, so I kinda want to share it with you. Okay, here we go.

    So, I have been obese for almost all my life now. Not so much it becomes dangerously, but just overweight. I’ve tried a lot of things to lose weight, since I was a kid and in my teenage years. I’ve been too several dietists, I tried out several diets, I went to the gym (at some point I went to the gym four times a week), I even went to see a psychologist to discover why I am not losing weight. After I went to the psychologist, I was kinda desperate and went to my GP. Luckily, my GP is a very nice woman, who I can talk to very nice. She understands me and comes with proper solutions. She came with this solution – a reduction of my stomach, a gastric bypass.

    In the first place, I was kinda shook. She told me this was kind of a “last resort” and you can’t return it. So if you do this surgery, you’re bound to it forever. I have overthought this for almost a year – in the mean time I tried to change my life in a healthier one (more fruit, no sugar added drinks), but nothing seemed to work. I didn’t see any results. So I went to my GP again and told her I wanted to do this surgery. I was, and I am still, 200% sure of this decision.

    It was a hard decision though. My life will change forever: when everybody is going out for dinner at restaurants, I can only take a small portion, I can’t drink and go out the way I did and ofcourse a lot of more consequences. I overthought this all, but all these negative can’t compete against the positive things. The most positive thing is that I’ll regain my confidence and a positive self image.

    The surgery is at March 21st and I can’t tell how nervouw I am. Since I have known the date, I haven’t been sleeping well, almost 3 hours a night. I just can’t stop thinking about it. There are so many questions floating through my head. Mainly, because I don’t know what to expect. I have heard very positive stories, but also very negative stories, about the after care after the surgery. I’m just trying to look and holding on to the future. A gastric bypass gives great results. A colleague at my internship did it and she lost 45 kilograms in 9 months. That’s just amazing!

    I hope y’all get it and feel free to ask me anything. <3 I just wanted to let you know this, so you know when I’m not around, or acting different like I do now. <3 I know mass tagging isn't done these days anymore, but I don't care, I just tagged my followers & the people I talk to a lot. lana1 Let me become a really skinny legend soon. whit1 

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    took us like 84 years but here we are




    Released: November 10th, 2016 (Re-released on November 27th, 2016)
    Recorded: 2016
    Genre: Electronic
    Length: 32:20
    Label: Atlantic Records
    Writer and Producer: Troye Sivan




    Released: October 27th, 2016
    Re-released: October 29th, 2016
    Length: 4:18


    SINGLE #2 // LOVE WAS GRAVITY (feat. Ariana Grande)


    Released: November 10th, 2016
    Re-released: November 13th, 2016
    Length: 4:24 / 4:47




    Released: November 27th, 2016
    Length: 4:17





    Artist(s) W1 W2 W3 W4 W5 W6
    Nightmare Troye Sivan 1 1 7 8 15 -
    Love Was Gravity Troye Sivan feat. Ariana Grande - - 2 1 6 8
    Sleepwalker Troye Sivan - - - - 1 4



    Artist W1 W2 W3 W4 W5 W6
    Sleepwalker Troye Sivan - - 2 3 1 2



    # Single


    1 Nightmare Troye Sivan
    2 Love Was Gravity Troye Sivan feat. Ariana Grande
    14 Sleepwalker Troye Sivan


    # Album


    1 Sleepwalker Troye Sivan





    Artist(s) Chart Peak Weeks on Chart
    1 Nightmare Troye Sivan 1 5
    4 Love Was Gravity Troye Sivan feat. Ariana Grande 1 4
    45 Sleepwalker Troye Sivan 1 2




    Artist Chart Peak Weeks on Chart
    2 Sleepwalker Troye Sivan 1 4





    Artist(s) Chart Peak Weeks on Chart
    1 Nightmare Troye Sivan 1 5
    6 Love Was Gravity Troye Sivan feat. Ariana Grande 1 4
    127 Sleepwalker Troye Sivan 1 2




    Artist Chart Peak Weeks on Chart
    5 Sleepwalker Troye Sivan 1 4


    as always thank you to everyone voted for talent <3