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    Hi, guys! Another week has passed, so thought it was about time to post a new entry.
    Let's get on to what I watched past week and what I'm gonna try out next week. :)



    Attack on Titan (Season 2)

    I literally just finished this, and I can't even find words to describe how obsessed I am with this! I binged it within 2 days and now I'm gonna feel down, because I'm gonna have to wait a whole year for the third season. If we're lucky... if you know what I mean. This was an amazing watch and I'll be in suspense 'til 2018 for sure! 
    This left me with more questions than the ending of the first season tho. So many plot twists, so much mystery, too many questions!

    Of course I'm giving this a 10/10 stars! 



    She and her Cat: Everything Flows

    This was a very short watch as there were only 4 episodes and they were all about 7 minutes. I can recommend this to all animal lovers, and especially for owners of the feline furries. ;) 

    WARNING: straight-in-the-feels-alert !

    I'm giving this 9/10 stars. :3





    Alice & Zouroku

    I tried out one episode, and I was pleasantly surprised. At first when I saw the art work of the Anime, it looked cutesy and heartfelt / uplifting. 
    It turned out to be way more dark and grim than I expected though, and I ended up being really intrigued and interested to see how the rest of this story unfolds. The final episode will be uploaded next week, so I'll be reviewing the first season in my next blog entry.



    Polar Bear Cafe

    This looks totally adorable and goofy enough for me to absolutely LOVE!
    It does have 50 episodes though, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to put up a full review by next week.



    Hinako Note

    I've already seen the first episode and completely fell in love with it. Next week the final episode will be uploaded, so full review coming up soon.




    The Eccentric Family

    First things I noticed about this Anime is that it involves; animals, magic, slice of life, perfect ingredients for an Anime that I'll love!
    Trying out the first episode upcoming week.
    There are already 2 seasons, with a total of 25 episodes and the final one will be uploaded June 25th.

    n Kyoto, there are three kinds of residents: humans, raccoon dogs, and tengu. Shimogamo Yasaburou is the third son of the Shimogamo raccoon dog family. His father, Souichirou, had been the head of Kyoto raccoon dog community until he was eaten by the human members of "Friday Club". While taking care of old tengu, fighting with other raccoon dogs, and playing with a psychic human girl, Yasaburou approaches the truth of his father's death.



    Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii Desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii Desu ka? /
    WorldEnd: What do you do at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us?

    I'm really excited to try out one episode of this Anime. On first impression this looks witchy/magical/distopian.. 
    Final episode of the first season will be uploaded on June 27th.

    The fleeting and sad story about little girls known as fairy weapons and an associate hero that survived. This is a world after it was attacked by unidentified monsters known as beasts and many of the species in the world, including humans, had been destroyed. The species that had managed to survive left the ground and were living on a floating island called Regal Ele. Willem Kumesh, wakes up above the clouds 500 years later and couldn’t protect the ones who he wanted to protect. Actually, he was living in despair because he was the only survivor. He then ends up meeting a group of girls while starting an unexpected weapon management job.



    Tsuki ga Kirei

    This just looks very cute and light, which Imma need after those slaughters in Attack on Titan.
    The final episode of the first season will be uploaded on June 29th.

    It’s the third year of middle school. Kotaro, a bookish boy aspiring to become a novelist, and Akane, a track girl who loves to run, meet in the same class together for the first time. They’re put in charge of the equipment for the sports festival, and slowly grow closer via LINE. How does Kotaro deal with his growing feelings for her? Meanwhile, Takumi has been in love with Akane since first year, and Akane’s friend, Chinatsu, becomes interested in Kotaro. A refreshing story of young love set in Kawagoe.




    Clione no Akari

    This one finally has a premiere date, so I'm gonna mark my calendars on
    July 13!


    I enjoyed the first episode of Sagrada Reset, but the final episode is planned for September, so I'm gonna put that one on hold 'til then.


    Well, see you guys again next week!
    Recommendations are still more than welcome and I'll try to fit them in as much as I can.
    Let me know if you no longer wish to be tagged as well. hug1 




  2. Its been a while since Ive done this but basically this is where I share the artists I found in the cracks of the recommended on youtube.

    1. Ängie

    The swedish singer can get a bit obnoxious with her rebellious lyrics, but I guess since sweden isn't fond of "smoking weed and eating pussy" Ängie doesn't shy away from her angst.


    2. Emily Vaughn

    At first listen, it might seem like Emily Vaughn is just another stale pop vocalist that can be replaced by anyone, but she has potential. Her songs "Think Twice" and "What Do You Want" or bops, but check out her most recent single "Mood"


    3. Billie Eilish

    Billie gained some popularity for her song being featured in 13 Reasons why. But as you can see by my current set I am in love with her sound and look. Bellyache is like a weird accoustic bop that turns into this house banger. Check it out


    4. Rico Nasty

    Rico might be a bit annoying with the autotune but I am in love with her debut record, it has this unique sound similiar to Lil Yachty but with the female flare and interesting topics


    5. Ronika

    Although the cover is problematic ew2 I enjoy the majority of her new album "Lose My Cool"

    It has these 80s inspired bops but also unique ones such as Dissolve which I HIGHLY recommend nat1 


  3. After she finishes that movie, she probably would want to take a long break in one of those Giza pyramids, which will preserve her youth and beauty for the next 100 years. Then she will have a literal comeback. Then she would take another another year to adopt to new trends, surroundings and evolved species. She would release a new album about partying in afterlife. Of course, no one would care because all her stans would be six feet under and fossilized. Madonna would flop, while Return of Jesus would be the thing. 



  4. I have no idea where to start, but I know I have to do this. I can’t bottle up these thoughts and feelings any longer; I need to release them so I can move on with my life and be one step closer to finding inner peace. If you aren’t interested in what I have to say that’s perfectly understandable and I respect that, but if you’re willing to hear me out your time and attention are much appreciated.


    Now that the school year is over, I’ve had so much more free time to reflect on myself, specifically on my past. College has been the best time of my life so far, and one of the many opportunities it bestowed upon me was a distraction: a distraction from the pain of losing some of my best friends. They no longer wanted anything to do with me, and while in hindsight it had been bubbling up for a while, it was sudden and unexpected to me at the time. I felt betrayed and humiliated that my group of friends had seemingly conspired against me, but schoolwork and student life forced me to put it on the back-burner and confront it another day. It helped at the time by making me too busy to give it any thought, but it also never allowed me to properly deal with what I felt. As a writer I’m naturally very structured and organized, and I think all great stories should have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Mine had the first two, but the last few pages were just ripped out of the book entirely. I never got closure with my friends, whether it was “Have a great life, I wish nothing but the best for you” or “Fuck you, never contact me again.” If I had to guess, I’m sure their response would have been much closer to the latter, but even that would have hurt less than the deafening silence I received.


    Two things that I really wish we could have done before parting separate ways were apologizing and forgiving. Looking back, our fights were so petty and stupid that I don’t even remember the details of what they were about, but I’m sure I was at fault most of the time. I’m not going to shift the responsibility from myself by saying I’m pretty much a different person now, because even though I may have changed a lot since then, it was still me. Instead, I’m going to own up to everything that I did wrong during the time period that we knew each other:

    • I’m sorry for calling you ugly and insulting your appearance.
    • I’m sorry for treating you like you were dumb and making of you for not knowing certain things.
    • I’m sorry for acting like the queen bee of our group and dictating everyone else’s choices and actions.
    • I’m sorry for being so obsessed with whether you or your faves did something “problematic.”
    • I'm sorry for using not having eaten as an excuse to be nasty and mean.
    • I'm sorry for being able to dish out criticism but not take it.
    • I’m sorry for talking about you behind your back to our other friends.
    • I’m sorry for trying to get you to fight my battles for me.
    • I’m sorry for not being able to admit when I was wrong.
    • I’m sorry for being jealous and controlling, and assuming that we were an official romantic item just because we both had crushes on each other.
    • I’m sorry for continuing to mention a toxic and unhealthy environment that we left and would all be much better off not thinking about.
    • I’m sure there’s more, so to cover all the bases I’m sorry for every way I’ve ever hurt you.

    I also forgive you for every way you’ve ever hurt me, because there are almost as many. Life is far too short to hold onto grudges, and they’re not worth my energy. It’s not my place to tell you that you can’t continue to think of me in a negative light though, so if you don’t accept this apology then that’s fine too.


    We have little to nothing in common these days, but if you were to reach out to me today I would be completely open to having a conversation and catching up. I don’t see us ever being close friends again, but I think it’s always important to be civil with someone in the long run no matter how much you dislike them in the present. Harboring resentment and ill will only leads to bitterness and bad karma, and my life is going way too well for me to allow either of those things to poison it.


    As much as the dissolution of our friendship hurt me, I strongly believe that it needed to happen in order for me to grow up and change my ways. I definitely regret how I handled things with you, but I learned so much about myself and how rewarding and fulfilling the world can be once you stop being a drama queen and just enjoy life. I’m in a much better place now, and the only thing that’s missing is being able to share it with you. If you’ve made it this far, thank you for hearing me out despite what your opinion of me may be at this point in time. After I publish this I have no future plans of ever acknowledging you again without your initiation, so if this is it for us, I hope you’re doing okay, I'll never forget the good times we had together, good luck with your future endeavors, and goodbye.

  5. I hadn't gone to one of these since I was about 15, so when I heard they were putting on one for ten days in my local city (with better rides than I was used to as well, my previous city didn't really get the full treatment), I was pretty excited. I had it in my head that I was gonna try all the badass shit that I was too much of a pussy to go on as a kid, and...I sorta did.


    The first thing I tried was one of two rollercoasters that were there, and this line took fucking forever. As the wait is coming to an end I ask the two 11/12 year old girls in front of me if all the lines are this long and fortunately they tell me that's not the case. They also begin to recommend to me all of the most hardcore rides, but just by name so it didn't mean as much at the time. Later when I actually saw them, I was sorta impressed. I mean, two little girls went on this thing that went about four in the air, spinned and turned completely upside down. Is that not some majorly fucked up shit?


    I was worried I was gonna lose my cool at last minute when the rollercoaster actually began (with the two 11 year old girls, mind you...), but I held it together pretty good. Just sorted gritted my teeth a bit. After this I went on probably the worst/scariest ride that I did, the Ring of Fire:



    On this one, I did scream. A lot. I also had my eyes shut like a steel fucking trap about 99% of the time. You probably couldn't have made me open them unless you put some Clockwork Orange shit on me beforehand.




    After that, I went on the nice, serene, no-screams ferris wheel.





    I was still not completely over the Ring of Fire, so I kept up with the lower key rides for a little while dead2 I was pretty disappointed with the haunted house, they had this werewolf that looked a matted bear. But then I went to the "Video Box" or something, and although it wasn't all that great, I saw this. Stan.




    Went to the funhouse as well, seeing a deformed version of yourself is always enjoyable.




    I finally started going on the real, non-pussy rides again, starting with the Swing Tower. But there happened to be two different little girls (maybe 15) who weren't even holding the safety bars jj4 I of course gripped them for dear life.



    And then probably my favorite ride, the Starship 4000. The gravity effect is really cool, went on this one a few times. Also once they were playing Poker Face. Stan again.



    There were a few others in between that I don't quite recall, but the final ride I went on was the Crazy Mouse - another rollercoaster, but one that spins while you're on it. As I was a loner and they like to have so many people on certain rides, they put on this carny named Willem with me, who says this is gonna be a "VIP" ride. I had no idea what he meant, but it turned out their definition of VIP was "have two carnies spin around the rollercoaster like mad before it even starts so it spins even fucking crazier the whole time".



    I tried to psyche myself up to go on the Drop of Doom, but nah, the suspense of that thing is just too fucked up carla1 

  6. VI-A




    Album - Butterflies

    Released: April 15th, 2017



    Album Re-Release - Butterflies 

    Released: May 01, 2017




    1st Single - You Like This 

    Released: March 27th, 2017



    2nd Singe - Butterflies 

    Released: April 8th, 2017



    Feature Single - Coalition - Christina Aguilera feat. Mariah Carey, Katy Perry & Ariana Grande

    Released: April 14th, 2017



    Feature Single - Scandalous - Erika Jayne feat. Mariah Carey 

    Released: April 14th, 2017



    3rd Single - Silk 

    Released: April 16th, 2017



    4th Single - Dear Tommy 

    Released: April 21st, 2017



    5th Single - Moments 

    Released: April 28th, 2017





    Weekly Singles Charts

    Singles Artist(s)


    W2 W3 W4 W5
    You Like This MC 3 10 22 35 -
    Butterflies MC - 1 9 19 29
    Coalition Christina Aguilera feat. MC & Others - - 4 7 9
    Scandalous Erika Jayne feat. MC - - 17 17 24
    Silk MC - - 3 9 22
    Dear Tommy MC - - - 3 18
    Moments MC - - - - 7
    Late Night (Remix) Rihanna feat. MC - - - - 4


    Albums Artist W1 W2 W3 W4 W5
    Butterflies Mariah Carey - - 1 1 3

    All-Times Charts

    # Single Artist Chart Peak Weeks On Chart
    103 You Like This MC 3 4
    72 Butterflies MC 1 4
    87 Silk MC 3 3
    253 Dear Tommy MC 3 2
    372 Moments MC 7 1


    # Album Artist Chart Peak Weeks On Chart
    13 Butterflies MC 1 3




    Challenge #1 | Label Fest

    Challenge #2 | The Single

    Challenge #3 |Coachella

    Challenge #4 |The Album

    Challenge #5 | The Tour


    To everyone, who voted. Thank You xx 

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    Recent Entries


    I first did a track by track review but then I realised that I don't have a lot of things to say about certain songs so I'll have a more general review on it. This would be my second Khia album, the first one being her latest release Queendom Cum. In my first listen of this album, the differences between LoveLocs and Queendom Cum is very noticeable. Queendom Cum relies more on  Khia's signature crude style and features her louder, sassier side. LoveLocs, besides having way more songs, also has Khia dabbling in a variety of sounds with most songs sounding distinctively from each other. Similar to Queendom Cum, LoveLocs also has the most ridiculous interludes/skits scattered throughout the album that sometime don't even necessarily serve as segues more than being amusing.  

    The Mirror Mirror skits have her talking about a mirror and then something about psychics and to be honest I don't even know what she goes on talking about, I don't even think she does. The album opener, I'm Hot has a more grittier, tribal sound in comparison to whatever the fuck the intro was. Unfortunately the song doesn't really go anywhere and suffers from rather weak production and a very repetitive basic chorus. Fool Proof Love showcases a unique sound that is unlike anything I've ever heard or expected from her. Together with its intro the song goes on for almost 10 minutes and while it does get a bit tired right before the outro, which could have come slightly earlier, she manages to keep my attention through most of the song. Although more production like extra percussions throughout the songs and strings/piano in the outro would have made it a strong track. With the next track LoveLocs, while I do get a rough idea of the song, the execution was slightly messy. After a certain point the whole song just jumbles up into one big loop without a single standout moment and the whole bunch of sounds gets disoriented and isn't easy on the ears. With most of the album, You Deserve It deserved better (vocal) production and besides the chorus, everything else is forgettable and just feels like filler. It also has a dated feeling to it, something that belongs in the late 00s, but it does have a solid concept. The album then suddenly takes a brief unexpected dance turn with Lazerpop and My X. Lazerpop sounds like an absolute joke of a song with the most random fucking lyrics, and is the kind of mess that I live for. It's also one of those songs that a youtube twink would dance to wearing only his underwear, his mom's heels and a wig that looks like it got caught in a blender while filming the whole thing in his living room with his webcam. My X, while it does sound dated (2006-2008), actually has enjoyable production but still does sound like a b-side. With Psychic Eyes, Khia goes back into an R&B sound, but honestly I don't know how to feel about it. It doesn't have a single standout moment and is ultimately very forgettable, being another case of filler verses, except it doesn't have an interesting chorus either. Following it is another song I don't really know how to feel about, Running 2 You. Sounds completely unfinished and the vocals are way louder than the instrumental. It has a very unique sound to it, but unique doesn't mean a thing if it doesn't sound good. The album then ends off with Mirror Mirror Rooster, a very country funky (hope I'm not being racist) fun song that still ends up being forgettable and runs for too long similar to LoveLocs.

    While I do appreciate the diversity in the album, it ultimately suffers due to weak production and a lot of weird choices.


    Average: 7.93/10






  7. FRjpBk5.png

    *NOTE: The events, characters and firms depicted in this dream story are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or banned, or to actual firms, is purely coincidental. 

    So, it all started with me on a date with this really hot guy, like he was so fucking hot, black, totally my type, tall and a had deep voice, we were clearly enjoying each others company he was totally into me, the only thing weird was his two little kids were there...yup he had kids. But Dream-Sylk was surprisingly fine with that, infact I was getting along just fun with the kids, being a mother to them and all. So after we finish eating, he tells the kids to go back to the car and we'll be right there, so I have a moment and one thing leads to another and we go like in the back or whatever and do the nasty. Once the nasty is done, (which was amazing I might add) Both the man and the kids suddenly disappear and I'm back at my place on my laptop, I suppose it's the next day or whatever? So I open my laptop, log in on Fotp, and I'm SHOOK. The Homepage looks different, there's an admin announcement, that fotp was being sold to someone. The entire layout had already been changed, all the Fotp favs are under one section and the main section is titled "Mariah Carey, Queen of Music" I'm like wtf is this shit??? So I scroll down, I have no idea how to use this new fotp, but I look at the status bar and there is a status from @Hermione that says "Wtf did Sylk do? sob1" and another status from @Aidan. that says "Sylk done fucked up. He betrayed the Kylie section, he betrayed all of us." and then another one from @Hannah that is just a sob1 crying emote. Her rep was negative 100k, all the statuses had like 333+ downvotes and there were comments from Onika like "there's nothing we can do now." And I'm like WTFFF is going on, then suddenly the page refreshes and there's a new status from @Daenerys "HE'S ONLINE" I get scared and shut my laptop and go to sleep.

    Then next day or whatever, apparently all of fotp lives close by so I come to hang out at the rep clique's usual hang out place, which is like a coffee shop, just like how it is in Friends but 10x cooler, but the coffee shop is burned down, and Hannah, @Hylia, @Saiga, @Hyun., @Taylor  @Halcyon @TattooedHeart @Diamond @Dr. Slay @Maraj etc are all helping clean up, they suddenly spot me and Hannah jumps me and starts attacking whilst yelling "what did you doooo??", Taylor and Daenerys hold her back. And I'm like "wtf did I do?"
    Now, mind you, this was a long ass dream so there's a huge plot hole here somewhere but Saiga starts explaining what happened, he says that fotp was bought under the name Sylk, and turned into a profit seeking pop forum. You have to pay to be on fotp now and only discuss about Mariah, everyone has negative rep except for Sylk and Aidan is banned every other week. So I'm like wtf I would never do that. But none of them believe me, so I ask for my girl Kali (@Yuna) since she would side with me, but they all tell me that after what happened Kali was so disgusted at what I had done, she decided to leave fotp forever. After hearing that I basically start bawling and have a meltdown. Seeing me cry and all everyone suddenly believe me, and we all have a group hug. We all start talking and come to the conclusion that this is all a plan orchestrated by none other than the anti-rep clique, the people who've always hated us, this is their plan to tear apart the rep clique/nudes. We all basically turn into Nancy Drew, and me DETERMINED to get Kali back, also start investigating. We learn that Onika does not know any of this tom foolery, and the sale of fotp hasn't yet went through, so we decide to get brave and make an offer on it, Onika tells us that the other buyer aka the fake "Sylk" has upped their original offer after hearing about us so we basically have a bidding war, ultimately Onika gets fed up and proposes a battle, and I say yes! All ya'll start hating me saying that the anti-rep clique which also consists of the mods have a much larger army than us, we would never be able to fight them, but I like give a motivational speech and what not and all ya'll show up, all NUDES members, past and present plus all the rep clique supporters like Hermione, @Royale, @Royalty, @#Music @Malfoy, @Coca-Cola @Cosmic @Vilppu @Skyline @Juinaeetc like literally everyone I'm friends with one here show up, ready to support and fight alongside us.

    The day of the battle arrives, and it's EXACTLY like the Battle of the Bastards episode from Game of Thrones except ofcourse 10x cooler. One one side, the rep clique army all mixed up and in a jumbled pattern, while the opposing army all in large numbers and perfectly coordinated. Suddenly, @Tasso appears from behind yelling Sylkkkkk and everyone takes out their weapons to attack him but I wave a hand and all ya'll stop (btw I look so fucking bad ass here) Tasso tells me that mods aren't involved in this, I'm like what?? then who is? Tasso tells me that the mod + Lana clique actually want us to win, cause I became a lana stan not too long ago and I get along with all the mods, so that kind of created an inconspicuous alliance between us. We're all shook! Then who are these people fighting us? I ask.

    Suddenly the leader of the army on the other end steps out... and I look through my binoculars and I'm SHOOK it's none other than Count Olaf, he gives a speech about how we never respected him and accepted him in the rep clique or Big Brother game, thus he has gathered all our haters and created a dupe army, and planned to tear apart the rep clique by using it's most important and key member aka Sylk! The hot guy with the kids was actually a hitman sent by him that was supposed to kill me, but I gave him good sex so he spared my life apparently. And he always burned down the coffee shop hang out place so there wouldn't be chance of us getting back together, but his plan didn't work. "But it does not matter, now we end this once and for all." Count Olaf declares. We all start shaking, our army barely visible on the field, and there's spread wide across, as far as the eye could see. They start marching forward and we have no choice but to fight. So the battle begins and we're basically losing, many of us are killed. I'm on the verge of dying, when Hylia saves me and we kiss and have a moment where he tells me to do what I was meant to do, what my purpose in life is. Suddenly, I get up and start hitting a whistle note and out of nowhere three huge dragons appear, Count Olaf and his army are SHOOK. But we're still outnumbered, so suddenly, we hear a siren and Witness (the song) starts playing, we look over our shoulder and all of fotp is here to fight including the mods, the lana, katy, taylor, xtina, beyonce etc etc all the cliques, Americunt, Hunty Bear, fab LanaxGaga, Philip, Anna-wa, Honey, Entea, Rupaul etc everyone I've ever known on fotp is here and leading the army is none other than KALI!!! We all fight and Count Olaf's army retreats, basically at this point I start waking up slowly so it's all very disjointed, but we won ofcourse. And FOTP was restored, Onika and @Lachlan bestowed me with Member of The Century along with a Hall of Fame AND a Mariah + Kylie perm Section, with not 4 but 300 Wendy Emotes! I made up with everyone, Taylor, Hannah, Hyun, Daenerys etc etc and Kali and we all hug and we all collectively upvote Count Olaf's ban log. 
    The End. 

  8. Read at your discretion.




    In distress, Trevante sits back for a few minutes in a praying position, begging God for forgiveness and strength. Diamond looks on, feeling sorry for him. “Would you like anything, Trev?”
    He sniffles. “I need a ride… I’m turning myself in.”
    They all get up. Trevor looks at him with shock. “Woah woah w—”
    Diamond sternly hushes him before he could form another word. “It’s for the better.” She turns to Trevante. “I can drive you to the police station; you’re just too perturbed to drive yourself.”

    They all get in Diamond’s car, with Trevante on the passenger side. Diamond starts the car and sees the pain on his face. “If you need to, call her.”
    “Okay…” He picks up his phone and goes to call Halcyon. “I don’t know what to say…”
    “Just say what’s on your mind, let it out.”


    Halcyon gets out of bed late in the afternoon, wearing that same crimson lingerie from the first dance. She turns on the TV to WPTO-5. The murder trial of Trevante Rhodes will end today, the young man is accused of murdering Alvin Conley and Cosmic Moon. The jury will decide whether or not he’s a free man on Monday. She goes to the restroom to check up on herself and looks in the mirror. She notices wrinkles are starting to appear under her eyes; she hadn’t kept a regular sleeping schedule since Trevante’s arrest and it had affected her performance as a detective. I’m shocked I haven’t been laid off yet… She proceeds to take a shower, turning it up to hot to imitate his warm caresses. After a few minutes, she gets out to fill up a glass of water and takes some ibuprofen. The TV anchor is now talking about the president’s recent golf vacation. If my tax dollars went to something far more productive than a tangerine moistening on grass, I’d greatly appreciate it, she thought to herself. Suddenly, her phone rings; it’s from Maraj. She sits down on the sofa and answers. “Hello?”
    “It’s me. I’m concerned about you…”
    “I’m fine, don’t worry about it.” She lights up a cigarette.
    “I know how close you and Trevante were, and perhaps still are.”
    “I mean… it’s hard, but I’m slowly getting over it, you know.”
    “Do you know his trial finishes today?”
    “Yeah…” She exhales a big puff of smoke.
    “Are you stable enough to testify before the court?”
    “Probably. I’ll try my best to keep my emotions locked, I’ve always been good at that. I just need to get my mind off of him for a few moments…”
    “Alright, I’ll see you this afternoon.”
    Halcyon rubs her nose. “See you later.” She puts her phone down and goes to change into a nice outfit. She put on a snow white blouse with a black undershirt that exposed her cleavage a bit, and black bell-bottom capris with dark red heels. She brushes and straightens her hair, and puts it up in a ponytail. She then turns off the TV and grabs her phone and wallet. I think I need a drink…

    Hannah is fast asleep in her master bedroom when her alarm goes off. This was not your ordinary alarm; this one sent a flying frisbee into the air and it wouldn’t turn off unless it’s put back into place. It started playing a song she loathed. GREEDYYYYY, OOOOOH. You know that I’m greedy for love! “This bitch—” She gets up and starts swinging. The disc gets stuck on the chandelier above her bed. “Well, shit. I hope this isn’t as stable as Taylor and Cody’s three-way with that quarterback…” She hangs on to the chandelier, which is surprisingly secure, and gets close to it.
    Sylk enters and notices Hannah hanging firmly. “Oh my god, do you need help?”
    “No. What did I say about having goats on my bed?” After some time, she finally has a grip on the disc. “Here, catch!” She throws it to Sylk. “Put it back so my ears can start healing.” Sylk puts the disc back and the music stops. Hannah gets back down and fixes her hair to the side. “Besides, I need a shower.”
    “Do you not realize that Trevante will be in court today?”
    Sylk stares down for a moment, but then it clicks. “Oh yes.”
    “Yes sweetie, I need to be there for my partner in crime. I’ll be going solo since we need to keep it low as the cops may very well still have us on their radar. Capisce?”
    “Sì, dahling…”
    “I see you’ve been learning from Pietro. I’d watch your dick if I were you…” Hannah turns her back to Sylk. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get myself ready and not in the presence of Greedy stans.”

    The small courtroom is starting to get full as the clock ticks closer and closer. Maraj stands by the plaintiff's table as volunteers set up the evidence for the proceeding. “You can put that over by the knife, and make sure she’s got gloves so she won’t contaminate any of it.” She turns around and sees Hannah enter. As she approaches, they both shake hands, and Hannah then sits beside Trevante at the defendant’s table. Maraj notices some chemistry between the two, but doesn’t think anything of it. As soon as she checks her watch, Halcyon arrives. Maraj has a sudden feeling of relief. “There you are.”
    Halcyon takes off her sunglasses as they both sit down. “Told you I’d be here, fresh as a daisy.”
    “How did you even get here?”
    “I walked. Luckily I don’t live very far and I needed some exercise.”
    All RISE. An officer enters from the right side door as everyone stands up. “Judge Zolanski presiding, court is now in session.”
    Judge Zolanski entered from the left side door and proceeded to walk her way to the desk. “Good afternoon, everyone. I just had myself some Starbucks to keep myself in check. You all can sit now.” The officer hands over a folder with information about the case. “Thank you, Tinasha.” She puts on some reading glasses as she fixes her curly blonde hair. “So, this is Case #8738268374, against Mr. Rhodes. For the last time in this trial, will you please stand?” Trevante stands, while Hannah remains seated, looking at him with a poker face. “It is my understanding that you are being charged with 2 counts of first degree murder; one for the death of Mr. Conley and the other for Mr. Moon. Correct?”
    “Yes, ma’am.”
    She takes off the glasses. “Do you understand that these charges combined can have you imprisoned for a decade, at minimum?”
    “Yes, ma’am.”
    “Last question: do you understand that you are innocent until proven guilty?”
    Hannah lowers her eyes as Trevante clears his throat. “Y-yes, ma’am.”
    “Ok, let’s begin. Bring out the jury. Detective Banks, step forward.” Trevante sits back down as Halcyon walks over to the evidence in front of her. The jury is then summoned and they all sit at their respective seats. She puts on the gloves that have been left there earlier. The judge folded her hands. “You can begin.”
    “Ok, so—” Halcyon begins pointing at the objects. “—what I have here are bloodstained posters, a knife, a handgun, and this… ‘hand.’”
    “Can I stop you there?” Judge Zolanski asks in confusion. “Is this for or against the defendant?”
    “Neither. We tried not be biased in any way and we performed the appropriate procedures to determine whether or not the suspect’s DNA is on any of these matter.”
    Convinced, she lets Halcyon continue. “Carry on.”
    Halcyon picks up the stack of posters. “So these flyers, that may have been supposed to be put up around the time of Mr. Conley’s murder, have his blood on them. Also, they have his fingerprints on them, so he may have had them in his hands during the incident.” She puts down the stack and points at the hand. “Now, to this thing. When we dug this up shortly after, we were convinced that this was an actual, decomposing hand; there were ants all around it as if they were eating up the decaying skin. But, as it turns out, that’s not the case—”
    Someone in the audience shouted out. WHAT?! “Order!” Judge Zolanski bangs the gavel down once.
    “I say this because when we brought it into our lab, we found out that the critters weren’t feeding on the skin; they were feeding on the blood. We then realized that it wasn’t real skin… it was wax; a very well made wax sculpture of Mr. Conley’s hand, which is not creepy at all. The ‘blood’ is actually just very pure ketchup, which explained why the ants were after that instead.”
    “Wow, this just escalated a bit quickly…” Judge Zolanski puts her hand on her hand, trying to figure out what the hell was just said. “What about the gun and the knife?”
    “Well, we felt these were used during Mr. Moon’s murder.” Halcyon clears her throat, trying not to get emotional. “We’ve done the DNA examinations for both the gun and the knife.” She picks up the gun. “This is, obviously unloaded, a semi-automatic pistol. We found fingerprints on this and found no match from the suspect.” She then picks up the knife. “This is a small pocket knife. What I personally found a bit suspicious on this knife, is the engraving. H.Suarez.” Hannah turns to Halcyon’s direction. “I don’t know who this person is, but I’m assuming he or she has something to do with this case, because the DNA on this knife doesn’t match the suspect either.”
    “Well then, uh… Any final statements for the jury?”
    “Yes… He may not have touched any of this, but it doesn’t mean he’s completely innocent, neither does it make him completely guilty.” Halcyon glances at Trevante. “This is only the beginning.”
    “Good enough. Jury, you know what to do. The lawyers will have their final statements ready in a little bit, but until then, I call for a recess.” Judge Zolanski hits the gavel twice and then leaves from the same door that she came in.
    All RISE. As everyone gets up to go their own ways, Halcyon stands there, with her hands on the table as she looks at Trevante. Trevante blows her a kiss as he is escorted back into jail. She catches it as a single tear falls on her cheek. I definitely need a drink, no more than two…
    Hannah stares on as Halcyon and Maraj leave at the main entrance. “Peasants…” Her phone starts vibrating in her pocket; it’s from Lily. “Hey lover. I was about to exit the courthouse.”
    “Well, good because I need to let you know about something.”
    “Ok, what happened?”
    Pietro happened.”
    She laughs ecstatically. “We been knew, sweetie! Have him come over and tell him that dinner is ready.”

    Halcyon walks over to the bar across the street and sits herself down. The bartender welcomes her and asks if she wants anything. “I’d like two Blue Moonlights, please.” He nods and gets to work. She looks around to watch one of the many flat-screen TVs in the place; a few sports anchors are doing a football season review and are speaking in jargon that she doesn’t really understand. Trying not to get too confused, she looks around for someone to chat with, and catches her eye on this one handsome man sitting by himself on a booth. When the bartender gives her the two shots, she gives him $20. “You can keep the change.” He smiles and goes to the next patron.
    Halcyon grabs the two drinks and walks up to the man, who was watching the same TV that she did. “Do you mind if I sit down with you? You look lonely…”
    The man smiled. “Sure!”
    She sits down and raises one of the glasses. “Wanna shot?”
    “Don’t mind if I do.”
    He takes the other glass and they toast each other. They divulge the shots and put the glasses down simultaneously. As they cool off a bit from the burn, Halcyon sits up. “So… what do you do for a living?”
    “I play football…”
    “Professionally. The NFL.”
    “Wow…” She looks into his eyes as she gets interested. “That must be very rough…”
    “It is…” He starts talking with his hands. “But I’m just eternally grateful to be doing what I love and loving what I do. I bow down and pray to the Lord each and every night, to try to fix all of my wrongs and to make every day better than the last.”
    “Amen, amen…”
    “Now, what do you do for a living?”
    “I work as a detective for the police department here.”
    “Oh, that’s cool!”
    Halcyon’s curiosity rises. “Are you from here?”
    “Nah, actually I’m from Jacksonville.”
    “Oh, that’s not far from here! What made you decide to visit?”
    “One of my brothers suggested me to vacation here and all he had were positive thoughts, so I decided to stay here for the week. Everything’s pretty spot on so far, so I may stay longer.”
    “Wow, I’m glad you’re enjoying it here. It really is a fun town once you get familiar with everything.” She looks down for a moment and then back at him. “What’s your name?”
    Rashad Jennings,” he says with a wide smile on his face. “And yours?”
    She puts her hands behind her head so she can take out her ponytail. “Halcyon Banks,” she says while straightening out her hair. “But you can call me Hal.”
    Hal…” He nodded. “What a lovely name.”
    “It is…” She fixed her hair away from her face. “My parents were pacifists. They thought that solving conflicts with violence was like spreading a wildfire; it would only do more harm than it would do any good. So, when I was conceived, they wanted to pass on that gift of peace…”
    “So they named you Halcyon…”
    “After the bird… and that’s how I found my calling to be a detective. To help bring peace and justice to those who need it…”
    “I have huge respect for people in uniform. It must be a stressful job.”
    “It is very tough, mentally… but being able to bring some closure is what motivates me to keep doing it.” She looks up at the TV as the anchors are now discussing Rashad’s statistics during the season; she doesn’t understand the numbers, but judging from the positive feedback, those numbers must mean something. “Impressive…”
    “Mmhmm…” He scratches his chin. “It takes a lot of grindin’ to get up there.”
    “Well, I do love a strong and handsome man,” she says as she raises her eyebrow.
    He smiles. “And I love a tough and gorgeous woman…”
    She blushes. I’ve never had such a passionate conversation with a man before. They lock eyes to each other, and Halcyon instantly feels a connection. But then she checks her watch; it’s about 6 o’clock. “I’m sorry, uh, I gotta get back h—”
    “I can take you there if you’d like.”
    She stops. “Really? You’d do that for me?”
    He smirks. “Really. My little red Corvette is parked just over here.”
    “Ok…” She stares, still captivated over his physique. “Let’s go.”


    “Yesterday was insane. You and your friends were really into the groove.”
    “Yeah, we try we try.”
    It was late in the morning, in a nice and luxurious hotel suite near Orlando. Diamond and Trevor are laying next to each other, and the bed is still roughed up from all of the commotion. Trevor zips up his jeans as Diamond checks her nails. “Do you know whatever happened to that Slay kid?”
    She finds a hangnail and tears it out slowly. “Last time I heard from her was about a month ago, and she said she was going to Miami for something. I haven’t heard back from her since.”
    “Oh wow…”
    “But, what I do know is that room service is going to have a field day trying to clean up this shit.”
    He goes around and leans in close to her. “Well I’m gonna have a field day on y— oh wait, I already did that.”
    She cackles. “Aw stop it, babe…” They share a kiss for a moment. “This week has been phenomenal. Just me and you, all to ourselves… we’re like a perfect couple on our honeymoon.”
    “Yes, which reminds me…” He gets up to get something out of the nightstand.
    “What’s going on?”
    Trevor comes back with a small black box that fit the palm of his hand, and kneels before her. “Ms. Diamond Barrett…” He opens the box, unveiling an expensive silver ring. “Will you marry me?”
    Stunned, she tries not to choke up as she puts the ring on her right hand. “Yes… yes of course I do!”
    They lean against each other once more and start to make out, but stop before it got too intense. “Maybe we should get back home.”
    “Yes, we should… before we get caught.”

    Back at 69 Skinny Lane, there are repetitive knocks on the main door. Hannah swiftly puts on a pink lace robe to cover up her body as she hears it from the distance. The knocks become thunderous. “Coming! Hold your damn stilettos!” Hannah dashes out of her room, down the stairs, and into the foyer, all without tripping over the tail of the robe. She then opens the door and acts as if nothing dramatic had just happened. “Hi! You must be Jay.”
    “Yes I am. I assume somebody here called and needed a bodyguard—”
    “Indeed, that person would be me.” She smirks and blinks her eyes repeatedly.
    “Do you have a specific timeframe that you’d want me around?”
    “Not really, but, if I may ask, do you live alone?”
    “Yeh, but I don’t have an actual roof—”
    “Good, because I have a room available that you to stay in for a while.”
    “Oh wow, thank you.”
    “No problem… I just have one condition.” Hannah suddenly gives him a stern glare. “Don’t you tell anyone about what goes on here. Otherwise… you can find yourself back on the streets looking for a new client and you’ll regret ever meeting me. Deal?”
    They both shake hands.
    “Okay, we’re gonna be good friends.” As they both enter into the mansion, Hannah fixes her robe as it almost exposed her right breast. “And trust me, I’m not a whore.”

    Halcyon gets back home after a long day at the gym. Worn out, she lays down and relaxes on the sofa, feeling the cool breeze on her sweaty skin. As she takes long deep breaths, her phone suddenly goes off; Diamond had texted her. Have any plans 4 monday 😊
    “No why?”
    Shall we meet up @ the office? I can set a reservation for 4
    “Sounds like a plan ❤️”
    Ok ttyl 😉
    Halcyon throws the phone onto the coffee table and takes a long needed nap, to relax herself from all of the stress and anxiety that has surrounded her for so long.

    Once done texting Halcyon, Diamond turns her phone off and starts the car. Trevor looks at her with questioningly. “Why do you do that?”
    “Because the last thing we need is to get killed the very day we got engaged.”
    “True…” He goes back to his phone, scrolling through his Instagram feed.
    “Should we stop by Hannah’s place before we arrive? It won’t be for a while though.”
    “Whatever you’d want, baby.”
    She blushes. “But, in the meantime… I found this drive-in theater a few miles from here and they’re gonna play Moonlight, maybe you and I can watch it together, under the moonlight…”


    At dusk, and after many miles and countless hours of driving, Diamond and Trevor pull into 69 Skinny Lane, exhausted. Diamond fixes her hair out of her face and into a ponytail. “We’re only gonna be here for a few minutes, she wants to ask me something.”
    “Ok, but why would she ask you?”
    “I don’t know, but I’m not gonna say no.”
    They both get out and knock on the door, only to have Jay answer. “Who are you two?”
    Diamond gulps up a bit. “Hi, we are just—”
    “Let them in.” Hannah walks up from behind. “They don’t bite.”
    They both follow Hannah inside, and she points to an empty chair. “Trevor, can you sit here for a minute? Me and your fiancée need to discuss something privately.”
    Diamond becomes startled. “How did you know I—”
    “I saw the ring—it’s beautiful by the way.”
    They climb up the stairs as Cody walks by. “Oh look who decided to show up.”
    Irritated, Hannah raises her hand. “Now is not the time for your bullshit, red head.”

    After a relaxing meeting with Rashad, Halcyon decides to call it a night; she got his phone number, which was a feat in itself since she’s never had that opportunity. I guess the third time really is a charm… She strips down to a carmine red outfit and puts on a snow white robe. She sits down and turns on the TV to watch the latest episode of Scandal, waiting for him to come over. After a few moments, she gets up and grabs a match to light up a special candle, and the smell of jasmine fills the room.

    Hannah enters her bedroom with Diamond, and closes the door behind her. “I need a short break from my minions like honestly…”
    “I can imagine.”
    They both sit on the bed. “Let me be honest, I like you. I really do… I normally don’t ask anyone for favors, but before you go back, I need to ask you something.”
    Diamond gets closer. “Ok…?”
    “Where does Halcyon live?”
    She widens her eyes. “Why would you wanna know that?”
    “We live off of gossips and scandals, I thought you knew this already.”
    Diamond has questions. “But, don’t you already know where she lives?”
    “Yes sweetie, which leads me to ask you the real favor… send the tape.”
    “How do you know I have it?”
    “I can track whatever happens to my files. And also you’re welcome for giving you material to please your lady wood with.”
    She gasps. “Shut up… fine, it’s a deal.”

    There is a knock on the door. Halcyon blows out the match after lighting the candle. “Come in!” Rashad enters the apartment wearing a brown dress shirt and jeans with a gold chain hidden underneath. Halcyon walks over and hugs him. “Hey! It’s nice to see you again.”
    “It’s nice to see you, too.”
    She feels her hands on his arms. “Would you like to talk and maybe… a massage?”
    “Oh yes, I desperately need one tonight.”
    She smiles. “Well… let’s go, I have my bed all squared away.”

    As she and Hannah walk out into the hallway, Diamond is still puzzled. “I still have one question.”
    “Ask away.”
    “Why did you leave me here to burn?”
    Hannah turns around. “I didn’t. You were the one who called me first—”
    “Yes because I needed some help—”
    “And you’ve got your help yet you’re still not satisfied.”
    “I am satisfied—”
    “Then what are you bitching about?”
    Diamond becomes dumbfounded. “I…”
    “That’s what I thought.” They continue walking down into the foyer and Hannah makes the call. “GET YOUR ASSES OVER HERE, IT’S TIME TO ASSEMBLE.”

    On the bed, Rashad takes off his shirt and lies on his chest with his arms wrapped under his head. “Since when did you learn to be a masseuse?”
    Halcyon swings her hair to her right as she puts lotion on her hands. “During my first year of police training, my ex started having pains in his lower back, so I taught myself the art of massaging when I had the time.”
    “Did he enjoy it?”
    “Oh yes he did.” She rubs the lotion on her palms. “I did it a couple times a week, and his pain was gone in about a month.”
    As she starts applying pressure on his shoulders, the release hits him almost immediately. “Oh… my goodness, that feels great…”
    She smirks as she continues to massage around his shoulder area. “I told you.”
    “Yeah, I’ve been in need of one in a while.”
    “I bet.” She starts rubbing around his lower back. “All of those vigorous workouts can really stiffen up your muscles.”
    “Yes, especially since I run all over the place within a 360 foot radius.” He moans as she continues massaging him. “How’s life been lately for you?”
    “Well, seeing my boyfriend in a jumpsuit sets me off a bit, but all in all I’ve been doing great.”
    “Yes…” She stops to go put moisturizing cream on her hands. “Do you know him?”
    “Yeah, we’re actually close friends.”
    She starts rubbing the cream all over his back. “I see…”

    In the dining area, the group is fully assembled. “Taylor. Cody. Sylk. Eithne. Lily. My fellow sluts. We are gathered here tonight for a special mission,” Hannah speaks with Diamond standing beside her.
    “To find out that Kylie is truly a global legend?” Eithne speaks out.
    “No, because we would be out there all night and find absolutely nothing.”
    “Kylie local,” Taylor mumbles and snickers.
    Eithne elbows her. “Shut the fuck up.”
    “...anyways, with the help of Diamond here, I have come up with an idea that may haunt our little detective for a while. But the first thing we need to do is go over to her residence.”
    “Why?” Cody asks.
    “Oh…” She smirked ominously. “I’m glad you asked. Follow me this way.” They all get up and walk towards the main door. “Jay, guard the house; me and my minions are gonna have some fun.”

    Halcyon washes her hands in the master bathroom. “How was that?”
    Rashad sits up to stretch and feels refreshed. “That wasn’t bad at all. Better than paying some hundred dollars for a poor job.”
    She sits down next to him. “Would you like anything else?”
    He thinks about it for a moment, but looks back at her flirtatiously. “Just a touch…”
    Halcyon is shocked at first, but becomes aroused. “And a rhythm…” She slowly takes off her robe to reveal her red lingerie as they start gaining chemistry. She turns around, and he caresses her from behind. She feels something pumping. “Master of anticipation…”
    Rashad mumbles to himself. “I hope my girl doesn’t—”
    She gets caught off guard. “You already have somebody?”
    “Nah, it’s just my ex… I don’t want her to find out about this or she’s gonna ruin me.”
    Reassured, she gets back into the mood. “Okay…” She starts touching all over him. “Promise not to tell Trevante?”
    He smirks. “I promise…”
    She turns back around and gives in to his lust. “Don’t you keep it all to yourself now…”

    Hannah drives the black-red SUV towards the Venus Inn with Diamond on the passenger side. “How this vehicle can hold seven people is beyond me.”
    Hannah shrugs. “Well, we’re used to it.” Lily, Eithne, Cody, Taylor and Sylk are all sitting in the back. As soon as they arrive, it starts to rain. “Shit, I forgot it’s June. Quick, someone get the camera before Hurricane Angelus begins pouring down delusion!”
    Sylk grabs the Nikon camera from the floor and as soon as she opens the door, Taylor pushes her out, sending her spiraling out onto the property. “You son of a—”
    “Haha, cunt!” Taylor shouted. “See you in a minute.” She closes the door as the vehicle is parked near the complex.
    Now soaked, Sylk goes to hide somewhere under the roof and checks the camera. It turns on. “Thank Legendriah Iconrey this thing is waterproof…” She goes to find a staircase. “Now, where the hell is Room 57?”

    Rashad and Halcyon make out as he gets on top of her. Halcyon stops for a moment and puts her arms around his neck. “Are you ready to give this Corvette a test drive?”
    He leans in as he lets down his guard. “You bet…”
    They resume making out as he begins to thrust. Skin to skin, her arms are now wrapped tightly around his face as she tries to find a place to breathe. Her phone starts to go off. Diamond has sent you an attachment. “J-just ignore it…”
    “Are you sure…?”
    “Yes… I’ll take care of it tomorrow…”
    All of a sudden, there is a quick flash outside the window, followed by a loud crash, sounding almost like a gunshot. They both look in that direction, and Rashad is shocked. “What the hell just happened?”
    “Probably heat lightning, it does that everytime it rains here…” She turns his face back. “It’s nothing to worry about…”
    He shakes his head. “Well… I have your word.”
    Halcyon puts her left hand on her chest and her right hand on his. “And you have my heart…”

    Sylk walks around the balcony and finds an open window to the bedroom, seeing Rashad’s bare ass. “I’m jealous… oh yes…” She sets up the camera to take a shot when suddenly some lightning hits close. Astonished, she loses her balance and falls off the railing, landing face first onto the grass. With only a few scratches, she slowly gets up as the vehicle speeds by and comes to a halt.
    “Get in bitch, MC14 is leaking!”
    Sylk suddenly rushes over and gets in the car. Hannah forcibly hits the gas pedal and the car charges away from the apartment. Within a minute, they come back to the mansion, only to find a large fire burning from behind. They all get out of the car as Jay rushes over to them. “Girls, I got some bad news—”
    “A tree is on fire,” Cody bursts out indifferently. “It’s fine, nothing will happen.”
    Hannah is shook. “But… this isn’t just any tree, skank.”
    “What’s so special about it?”
    She turns around to face Cody, with her eyes filled with concern. “It’s Goosey’s Gun.”


    Halcyon checks herself out in the bathroom. She fluffs her hair as her bed hair game is strong, and washes her face. As soon as she starts drying off, she hears a deep and barely audible voice. Look at yourself, Hal.
    She slowly puts down the towel. “Who are you?”
    Who do you think? She looks back at the mirror and sees silhouette of a slim man appearing from behind. The person standing before you, isn’t you. She was once brave, now she is weak. She was once honest, now she is treacherous. She was once beautiful, now she is inferior.
    “I’m still all of those adjectives and more, thank you.”
    You may be, but you’ve imprisoned yourself. You may have tried to free yourself, but you threw away the key. The man walks up beside her. Tell me, what the fuck happened to you?
    Halcyon becomes infuriated. “Nothing, you—” She suddenly sees herself punching the mirror, spreading broken glass everywhere. Some of the glass gets punctured into her hand and is now a bloody mess. Feeling lightheaded, she puts her other hand on her head and turns around, just to see she’s alone once again.
    But then, she feels something tap on her shoulder, and she hears him again, this time more clearly. Hello… it’s me…
    “Oh, fuck—” She loses consciousness and collapses, leaving behind a small pool of blood and a big price to pay.

    Characters featured on this episode:

    Trevante Rhodes
    @Diamond as Diamond Barrett
    Trevor Jackson
    @Halcyon as Halcyon Banks
    @Chapman. as Alvin Conley (special guest; mentioned)
    @Cosmic as Cosmic Moon (special guest; mentioned)
    @Maraj as Maraj Kaplan
    @Hannah as Hannah Suarez
    @Sylk as Sylk Bird
    Pietro Boselli (mentioned)
    Onika as Judge Zolanski (special guest; uncredited)
    @TattooedHeart as Lily Spencer
    Rashad Jennings (special guest)
    @Dr. Slay as Slay Le (mentioned)
    Jayceon "The Game" (special guest)
    @Daenerys as Cody Knox
    @Taylor as Taylor Carillo
    @Aidan. as Eithne Burke

    Did I lie when I said this episode was gonna be fairly long?


    Stay tuned for the season finale to find out what happens next! There will be drama, and lots of it.


  9. DISCLAIMER: If you're a skinny legend and care to preserve your skinny legendness, close the tab this blog entry is not for you.


    I'm using times new roman for that cookbook cred, feel free to fuck off if you don't like it. Yes, the rumors are true ladies I am back by popular demandT following the release of my groundbreaking recipe for ratchet red velvet cake that I plagiarized from multiple internet blogs. THIS TIME THOOO I documented the cheesecake I made and it's baked cheesecake cause that in my opinion is the only relevant type of cheesecake and I do not fuck with the gelatin and whipped cream stuff because its gross and we only stan QUALITY I don't care if it's cheaper! It's called culturally appropriative cheesecake because it has orange and cardamom and I'm p sure that's like a Moroccan combination or sth but anyway here goes!






    Garnish: (optional)

    ⅔ cup of sugar

    ⅔ cup of water

    An orange

    Pinch of salt



    24 digestive biscuits (the original recipe called for graham crackers but we don't have that cause america doesn't let us have nice things)

    ⅓ cup butter

    2 cardamom pods

    1  teaspoon of ground cardamom



    1 cup of sour cream

    ¼ of a cup of flour

    32 ounces (900 grams) of cream cheese

    1½ sugar

    ⅔ cup of milk

    4 eggs

    1 tablespoon of vanilla extract

    1½  teaspoon of cardamom

    1 tablespoon of orange zest



    1. Melt your butter on low heat and add in your crushed cardamom pods (by crush i mean just have them open up), and leave it on for like 10-15 minutes on the lowest setting to make brown butter it'll have more of a nutty flavour I mean you're clogging your arteries either way so you might as well get the most of it. Just make sure to NOT burn it the second you start smelling it turn it off it'd be good to go. It should have this colour or slightly darker bc of the lighting:


    2. Throw your biscuits in a bag and smash them into a soft crumb, doesn't have to be too soft of crumb a little chunk is fine we all love a chunky woman. 

    3. Mix the butter, ground cardamom and biscuits together until combined. Fit it into the already lightly greased spring-form pan using your fingers make sure to go around all the edges, they don't have to be perfect just have it even on the bottom and set it aside.


    4. Preheat the oven to 175C or 350F.

    5. Mix the flour with the sour cream idk why i took a pic of this but here it is


    6. Combine the cream cheese and sugar with a wooden spoon then keep mixing till most of the sugar is dissolved, it takes some time but if you can masturbate then you can do this.

    7. Whisk in the eggs one egg at a time, then add in the milk. should look like this:


    8. At this point it is very important to not overmix the batter, you're gonna add in the sour cream and flour mixture, then the milk and then fold in the orange zest, cardamom, and vanilla and if you're feeling very adventurous you can throw in some lemon zest as well! If it doesn't feel like lush on a stick and/or look like this throw it away and start again:


    9. Pour this spicy batter to the set crust and bake it for 1 hour, the edges should puff up and there should be a slightly fluid center if you jiggle the pan: that's when you know it's ready.  Turn off the heat and leave it in the oven uninterrupted for 4 hours then put it in the fridge to set for a few hours until cooled.

    10. In the meantime if for some fucking reason you always end up with a crack like me (usually a result from temperature/overmixing), you can cover it up with a topping! I'm topping it with some candied orange slices. Of course you can totally ignore this and throw some marmalade that was thinned out with a bit of juice/water on top of her because life is too short buuuuuuttt I'm gonna make some just to show off anyway.

    11. Combine the water, sugar, crushed cardamom and pinch of salt into a medium saucepan on medium high heat. 

    12. Thinly slice the orange, get the seeds out and put it into the saucepan. Once it starts boiling, lower the heat cover the pan and let it simmer for 30 minutes.

    13. After 30 minutes, put them on a plate that has parchment paper on it and let it set. As for the syrup idk you can add it to your morning coffee it'll taste artisanal ig. But here's what they're gonna look like it's v easy to make them: (the black specs are cardamom im not a nastee bitch)


    14. Place them on top of the cake however you want. You can cut the orange slices in half and line them around the cake except I didn't because I thought of that afterwards. Anyway, get your lives and hope you enjoyed this!! (:


  10. I have a Whitney Houston track-by-track review i have to do today, so this one is gonna be quick. Today I will be listening to Katy Perry's fifth studio album, Witness, which was released on Friday.


    Now lets get this clear. I disapprove of the hype for this song when it really isnt THAT great. But off the album, it is a highlight and truthfully is a song her fans can be proud of. 

    Hey Hey Hey-8.7/10

    Now that I'm re-listening to the album, Hey Hey Hey is a nice record. I like how she sounds so baby-ish and the lyrics are, like some others say, an anthem.


    The lyrics are fun. The production is great. She sounds great and i officially deem this song one of the best in her career. A clear single choice to end this era.

    Swish Swish-8.5/10

    Why does Nicki have to drag her beef in this song? Didnt she already address her Remy Ma thing with No Frauds? Anyways, the song has a nice beat, but as a follow up to Bon Appetit single-wise it falls a bit short.

    Deja Vu-7.8/10

    Katy seemed to be dreaming when she made this song. She doesnt sound as focus as the last three tracks, but the chorus in some ways saves it.


    I like how this track is, too me, drastically different from her previous material. The beat drops, the key changes, not much of the TD or PRISM Katy. And to be quite honest it isnt bad.

    Mind Maze-7.5/10

    Mind Maze was panned by the iconic critic @Royalty giving it a 5/10. I say 8 because i find it, like Power, artistically intresting...a rather deep saying for an artist like Katy Perry.

    Miss You More-8/10

    This song was crafted well and the lyrics are heartfelt.

    Chained to the Rhythm-10/10

    I expressed my like for this song since it was released. At first, i didnt really grasp the hook and the melody was a bit off, but after listening to it a couple times, i confirmed its greatness.


    Ok song. Not marvelous and not bad, Its cute.

    Bon Appetit-10/10

    This bop doesnt deserved to be disliked. I know the Migos controversy makes it a bit uncomfortable to listen to, but its a song radio should click to as its great. I to be quite honest, i like the Migos part on it.

    Bigger Than Me-8.6/10

    Its a fan favorite and its conusing, but the"its happening" part is echoing in my head so it must be a hook.

    Save As Draft-10/10

    Probably the most sentimental track on this album, it reminds me of "Unconditionally"


    This has some R&B influence, a bit of a 70s groove melody-wise. I think its one of the truly best off the album. 

    Into Me You See-8/10

    The first verse made me so sad. She must have wrote this from the heart. My only complaint is that it too soft. I almost forgot it was playing at one point.

    Overall Rating:8.606

  11. I'm back back back back back again for my second review because I'm bored as fuck!

    Today I'm going to review Carly Rae Jepsen's "Emotion" (stylized as "E•MO•TION"). At first, diving into this album I didn't have too many high expectations. I was tempted to listen to the whole album after hearing the brilliant singles "Run Away With Me" and "Your Type", both songs making a lasting impression on me, however my thoughts on Carly Rae Jepsen were still conflicted after the bubblegum pop endeavours of her earlier work including the single we'll never forget, "Call Me Maybe". Although both singles blew me away I still assumed they were singles for a reason and that the rest of the album would be mediocre at best by Jepsen's standards. However, my bias was certainly proved wrong because this is such an incredible and underrated pop album, definitely proving Jepsen as a strong pop musician. Unlike her earlier work, although this album still has a fun and light-hearted feeling to it, it simultaneously feels much more creative and intuitive which makes the biggest difference in Jepsen's overall presentation and makes for an album that proves able to be fun and entertaining yet insightful to some degree, which is what I think Jepsen was really missing in her early stuff. Without further ado, let me jump into a track-by-track review.


    1. Run Away With Me: Honestly, an absolutely perfect album opener. This is one of the strongest lead singles from a pop album I've heard in a long time and it's a shame it didn't receive the mainstream recognition it deserved. Right off the bat, this is my favorite track off of the album. Sometimes, having the first track be strongest can be a weak quality in an album, because it sets up for disappointment. However, although Run Away With Me is the strongest track, the others manage to keep up with the mood and path that it sets, which allows this song to serve as a brilliant opener which gives us an opening vibe to prepare us for the rest of the album, which is wonderful. Not only that, but the upbeat thematics of the song also make it a strategic placement for the album opener. Everything about this song makes for a perfect pop song. Not only are Jepsen's vocals amazing, but the synth production is absolutely outstanding and puts me in such a good mood. Also, for such a light hearted song, the lyricism is actually not bad, and there are some really awesome lines thrown in there, such as "I'll be your sinner in secret". Overall, this is an absolute flawless execution of a pop song and I think it's by far one of the standouts on the album - and an obvious choice for lead single. 10/10


    2. E•MO•TION: Ironically, after the absolutely brilliant standout as our opener, I feel like this title track is one of the weakest. Now, thankfully it doesn't necessarily ruin the brilliant vibe that "Run Away With Me" sets us up with, but it definitely throws it off a bit. The production on this one is much less distinct, and an overwhelming upbeat-ness clouds the fact that this song really lacks any unique character or personality of it's own. It gets lost in the midst of the album as a filler track. This lack of distinction also makes this song a let down as a title track. It's mostly the production on this one that sets it off course, opting for a briskly bubblegum sound which does little to solidify the uniqueness Jepsen aimed for. Lyrically, it's nothing special either. The vocals are yet again quite nice but nothing to save this song from being any less forgettable. If this song wasn't the title track, I would forget it existed. 4/10


    3. I Really Like You: Now this is "Call Me Maybe" done right! This is what the title track was aiming to create but failed at. Although flamboyantly bubblegum, I Really Like You mixes adorably upbeat bubblegum moods and themes with a synth-pop edge that makes for a song that manages to feel unique and characteristically realized which is exactly what the title track was missing. Probably the most light-hearted song on the album, this song is just pure dreams, smiles and rainbows, and it's amazing!! A brilliant choice as a single, if you ask me. The lyrics are of course quite simple but executed in the best way possible. The instrumental is flawless and the touch of the "hey!"s in the background, and other little details like that, bring the song to it's full potential. Jepsen's vocals once again prove to be really strong, but this time, heightened by a complimentary instrumental and atmosphere. This song is a prime example of the absolute perfect way to create a bubblegum pop song and it's one of the most brilliant standouts on the album. 10/10


    4. Gimmie Love: Now, this track is such a wonderful "key change" of sorts through the album. The first three tracks prove to be wholly upbeat, happy and fun, which although really entertaining, could get very tiring and reductive if the whole album was like so. Gimmie Love is the much needed break from overwhelming upbeatness, and in a really strategic position, too, at track number four. The vocals are simple but beautifully executed. Although the instrumental is much lower-key than the other three tracks, it still finds a way to define it's self individually, which again, was what the title track was missing. And even though it's a lower-key song, there's still a wonderful catchyness about it and there's a nice kick and cute beat to make the song remain fun and pop without having to be an overwhelming bundle of joy and happiness. The lyrics are simple and cute, but conceptually, nothing too special, but again, this is a really cute track and a much needed break on the album. 9/10


    5. All That: Now, this is TRULY a breakaway track and something so fresh and unseen for the album. I love every single element that Carly experimented with for this song. Although this song had a lot of potential to become any other little sweet ballad or poetic love song, it became so much more because of it's production and full realization. Carly and her team did such a fucking outstanding job at making this a throwback 80s ballad without (a.) becoming lost in trying to recreate a theme and in turn, having the song come off as pretentious and dumb (b.) not committing to the theme enough and failing at paying homage to such an iconic style, or (c.) failing to add a new, unique and individual aspect to it and instead having the song just become a knock-off or nothing more than a parody. The 80s style is recreated in such a brilliant way and the execution is so authentic because it still manages to feel signature - like a Carly Rae Jepsen song, or at least like a song off of this album, rather than a parody or copycat. Even the conceptualization of the lyrics is absolutely fucking genius and this doesn't even have to be the most spectacular song in terms of vocals to really be a huge standout. Flawless! 10/10


    6. Boy Problems: Moving on to one of the other singles on the album, we have this adorable little tune, Boy Problems. Firstly, I'd like to say that I really like the concept and the execution behind the lyrics. It doesn't have to be the deepest or most intuitive song ever written to still have some lyrics that are written really, really well, and I actually really appreciate the lyricism in this track - although it's simple in nature, it's effective in concept. This song is super groovy and again piggybacks off of that lovely 80s throwback style that the whole album has been serving. Again, similar to "All That", the song doesn't seem to lose it's own identity in an attempt to pay homage which is key for executing a throwback style. Can I also say that I really appreciate those adorable "na na na na na na"s in the choruses that really add something so spicy and fun to this song. However, I do think that the track, especially as a single, is just missing a certain little something. Maybe it needed a really powerful vocal moment, or some more kick to the production - there's just a little feeling missing that wont let me give this one a ten. Still, though, a great song. 9/10


    7. Making The Most Of The Night: My god, this album is just filled with powerful song after powerful song. It's crazy that thus far, the only song that's let me down at all was the title track it's self. And let me say, this track right here is for sure the second best on the album behind "Run Away With Me". From the very start of the song it has such a powerful and unique energy. There's something so whimsical and magical about that intro that makes me vibeeeeeee. Then those beats kick in god damn. In isolation, all of the elements of this track are done brilliantly. The vocals are absolutely lovely, and unlike "Boy Problems", Jepsen varies and fluctuates her voice throughout the track which really adds something big to it's overall feeling. The production is also done flawlessly and is one of the more unique production jobs on the album. The 80s throwback vibes are still there, but this feels completely revolutionized in terms of instrumental, and the uniqueness of those lullaby effects and whimsical sounds means that this song has such a huge identity of it's own. Even the lyrics are really well written and put a smile on my face. This is the epitome of well-executed pop music. 10/10


    8. Your Type: CAN CARLY SLAY JESUS DO NO WRONG OH MY GOD. Yet ANOTHER amazing fucking track on this album, what the fuck?! Jesus, I have so much to say about this one. This is the song that inspired me to look further into Carly, specifically this album, because of how truly amazing it is, and because of how huge of a stretch it is from her earlier stuff. This song is actually so god damn incredible and is put together with such finesse, it's crazy, honestly. First of all, that absolutely amazing production which manages to keep the song's emotions flowing, yet also have such a sick kick that you can get down to and cry along with at the same time. The lyricism on this song is, in my opinion, the best on the entire album. The lyrics are so beautiful, raw and emotional and they're only heightened by the vocals. I can literally feel Carly' whole heart as she sings and it's so vulnerable and amazing. You can really, really tell that this song was written from a place of some really deep emotion (no pun intended) and that's so respectable. This song is just so intuitive and creative and proves Carly as quite a genuine and artistic force in modern pop. I also love the fact that this track was chosen as a single because it makes it feel even more authentic knowing that it's one of Carly's favorites, too. 10/10


    9. Let's Get Lost: To be honest, I'm actually so thrilled to finally have a bad song after that seemingly-endless streak of flawless tracks. Yeah, this one is.... not good. This track is such a vibe-ruiner, to be completely honest. As the album is flowing, we're getting such powerful songs like "Your Type" and "All That - and then really flawless bangers like "Run Away With Me" and "Making The Most Of The Night" and then this song shows up, and honestly, it just feels so juvenile. There's seriously something so kidz bop about this track and it's not cute. The production on this one is so much lower-key than the rest of the album, but still tries to serve some high-energy, dance-power, but it does not work at all. That idea was executed millions of times better on "Gimmie Love". Honestly, this is just a bad song, nothing much to say. There's nothing special in her vocals at all, and she demonstrated some really great range and singing ability earlier on in the album. Hell, even the title track had some salvageable vocals. This one is just boring. I also really dislike the lyrics - they portray Carly as sort of a callous, player-ish character and it gives me bad vibes. 2/10


    10. LA Hallucinations: Thankfully, LA Hallucinations jumps in to save the course of the tracklist once again! Thank lord for this song because "Let's Get Lost" really set the album off course. This is such a standout on the album in terms of uniqueness. It's a lot different than a lot of the other material on here, but still manages to feel cohesive and in-place which is a great feat. From the very beginning of that instrumental, you can feel something fresh and new which I really appreciate. I also love that this song actually feels less-80s inspired. It's nice to take a little second away from the whole 80s thing. It's still cohesive in terms of 80s inspiration, there's some digital vibes going on, but overall, it feels like it's its own little moment on the album and I really like that. The verses are absolutely incredible and THAT GIGGLE IN THE FIRST VERSE GETS ME EVERY MOTHERFUCKING TIME HONEY. There's something trappy about this song and I love it. The lyrics are also so fucking cool, and such a brilliant and much-needed break from all of the romance themes. In fact, looking back, all songs except "Making The Most Of The Night" were centered around themes of romance, this break from that is so lovely. The choruses aren't as strong as the verses in my opinion, but still really cool. However, I do think that the bridge is the weakest point in this song, it's not necessarily bad, but not good compared to the rest of the track. Also, similar to "Boy Problems", I do feel like this track is missing a little something something here and there. Never-the-less, a brilliant song. 9/10


    11. Warm Blood: Fuck me UP. Talk about a standout!! This song is truly such a special moment on the album and I think everybody who's a fan of this album has so much fucking respect for every single thing that Carly did on this track. This is such a huge step-away from the rest of the album and holy fuck, it's so amazing. Carly really broke away from some of the more commercial, radio-friendly sounds she was rocking with and created something so fucking cool, unique, creative, artistic, intuitive, experimental, and everything in between. Let's start with the lyrics which are AMAZING. Do I care that we're back to romance? Not at all. Wanna know why? BECAUSE BITCH CAN WRITE. The lyrics are actually so flawless and I'm shook. The production on this track is the strongest on the whole entire album which is saying a lot because the production is by far one of the strongest features on the album. Holy fuck, all of the amazing experimentation, the sickening vocal effects, and that deadass amazing synthy kick, this is one seriously well-produced song. Even the vocals are so god damn cool, they're lower key yet they still manage to express some huge vocal talents. This is by far the most unique song on the entire album and it's such a huge standout, I love this one so much. So proud of Carly. 10/10


    12. When I Needed You: Blegh. Really, really disappointed in this ending. I'm gonna keep this one short because there's little to say about this song at all. Production is really....... uhhhh. Reminiscent of title track and "Let's Get Lost". Lyrics..... really suck. Vocals are unimpressive. The only redeeming quality in this track is those little "You come to me in dreams at night" moments which are cute. This track is.... bad. Such a weak note to end such a great album on, really, really disappointing. 2/10


    Overall: 105/120 or 88%

    Favorite songs: Run Away With Me, I Really Like You, Making The Most Of The Night, Your Type, Warm Blood

    Least favorite songs: Emotion, Let's Get Lost, When I Needed You


  12. #RoyaltyListens 10: Katy Perry - Witness (2017)

    Afbeeldingsresultaat voor katy perry witness cover

    So after my Katy Perry listening threads ended, I promised to do one for Witness once it was released. Tomorrow is the day: after 4 years of waiting, Witness will finally be HERE! I'm going to do this tomorrow, but let's get hyped now sistren! I'll post a Spotify link here tomorrow, so everybody can listen with us. 

    So let's get hyped sisters, and be there tomorrow at 10.00 pm European time!

    1) Witness - 10/10
    2) Hey Hey Hey - 9/10
    3) Roulette - 10/10
    4) Swish Swish (ft. Nicki Minaj) - 10/10
    5) Déj``a Vu - 10/10
    6) Power - 8/10
    7) Mind Maze - 5/10
    8) Miss You More - 10/10
    9) Chained To The Rhythm (ft. Skip Marley) - 10/10
    10) Tsunami - 10/10
    11) Bon Appétit (ft. Migos) - 10/10
    12) Bigger Than Me - 10/10
    13) Save As Draft - 9/10
    14) Pendulum - 9/10
    15) Into Me You See - 10/10
    16) Dance With The Devil - 8/10
    17) Act My Age - 10/10

  13. Latest Entry

    This entry is really just for me to vent. It's not really a blog entry. If anyone decides to comment on this just know I may not respond. I just need to let stuff out. 

    I miss you more and more everyday. 

    I really feel like the last time we spoke part of me left and part of you left too. 

    I know you fucked up. 

    I should hate you. But I don't. 

    I know your story. I know things have been difficult for you. 

    And no matter how hard I try I can't bring myself to hate you. 

    All I can do is miss you. Miss how happy I was with you. How happy we were. 

    And I know you miss me too. I know you miss that too. 

    We both know. 

    We just don't know how to go forward. 

    I want to give you another chance. I know that is foolish of me. But everyone does make mistakes. And I am not saying what you did was okay. But I can't deny what I felt for you just because of it. 

    We have history. We have baggage. But that does not mean we can't still make it. 

    I can't talk to anyone about you or us. They won't understand. They'll tell me everything I don't want to hear. Everything I don't need to hear. 

    Maybe they'd be right. They probably would be.

    But this has happened to me before. 

    And I never missed someone like this then. 

    You're different. 

    Deep down I feel differently about you than everyone else. 

    And it's not just the hopeless romantic in me talking. 

    I truly feel it. 

    I don't want to say the L word. But idk. You make me want to say it.

    And I think you want to say it too. I think we both do. I just don't think we know how.

    I miss you so much. 

    I know you miss me too.

    I want to try again. That way I can know for sure if we are meant to have a second chance. 

    I think you do too. 

    I don't know how to ask you though and neither do you.

    It's like we're both on opposite sides of a door. 

    We know the other is just beyond the wood. Sitting on the other side. 

    We both want to knock. To hear the other knock back. 

    But taking the first step is scary. 

    The territory is unknown. 

    I hope one of us decides to knock. 

  14. Welcome back, my pokesisters.




    It's been a good few months since I've last talked to you, and in that time we've had irrelevant news about Pokemon events and movies, different playthroughs of Pokemon games and endless discussion about the cutscenes in Pokemon Sun and Moon. But today was different; we were shown a Pokemon Direct by Nintendo's Youtube channel; which announced new Pokemon games on different platforms. You can watch the Direct at the link below:



    As you can see there were some new games announced. The first was 'Pokemon Tournament DX'; an updated title of 'Pokemon Tournament', for release on the Nintendo Switch. The second game is the upcoming 'Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon' on the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. Finally, the Nintendo Virtual Console will also start hosting the 1999 games, 'Pokemon Gold and Silver' in September this year. We'll go into detail about each of them today! 




    As previously stated, the 1999 releases of 'Pokemon Gold and Silver' will be released to the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console later this year. These will be released in their original form just like 'Pokemon Red and Green, Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Yellow' last year as downloadable releases for the Virtual Console. These will also be compatible with Pokemon Bank in the future to allow transfer of these Pokemon and finally allow connectivity across all seven generations. The Virtual Console issues of 'Pokemon Gold and Silver' will be released on September 22, 2017. 




    Next up; 'Pokken Tournament DX'; another game that will release on September 22, this year. This game is an updated version of 'Pokemon Tournament' for the Wii U and certain Arcades; and is being released on the Nintendo Switch console; as Pokemon's first entry there. It comes with all characters from the Wii U version, Scizor, Darkrai and Empoleon from the Arcade version and the new Generation 7 Pokemon; Decidueye. New support Pokemon will also be added; and all of these support Pokemon and playable Pokemon will be available right from the get-go of the game. New modes will also be added such as Team Battle Mode and Group Battle Mode; as well as the ability to watch replays. 'Pokemon Tournament DX' launches on September 22. 




    And finally, the news that we're all here to Witness (buy it on iTunes on June 9th); 'Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon'; the newest main series games. These titles are an "alternative storyline" of 'Pokemon Sun and Moon' - which implies that they are more resemblant of 'Pokemon Platinum' than 'Pokemon Black 2 and White 2' - and will be released on the Nintendo 3DS worldwide on November 17th this year! 




    First up, we have these alternative designs of the box legendaries Solgaleo and Lunala. These appear to be new forms which have something to do with the legendary Pokemon, Necrozma; as they seem to have absorbed its prism armor. In addition, the undersides of these Pokemon now seem to have a much more "fire and ice" coloring than their original counterparts. Both of these are sure to play a significant role within the game. 




    Going through the trailer with immense detail. we see that we start in what appears to be the same house as in 'Pokemon Sun and Moon', and Route 1 appears to be slightly more vibrant color-wise. We have a Wingull fly over our heads and bypass a lady with an Alolan Meowth. Later, we are seen with all three starter Pokemon in a location that could be Iki Town, or could be further down Route 1. Then we are shown a ranch filled with Pikachu, a caretaker in a green top and a pond with a waterfall. We are then shown an angry Togedemaru, a Mimikyu swooping down from above, and showcasing its undercloth, and a pouncing Lycanroc (Midday Form)l all in different locations - a grey building (Mt. Hokulani Observatory?), a dark forest (unknown location; possibly Lush Jungle or Verdant Cavern?) and then a mountain-esque area (Vast Poni Canyon?).. Finally, we see the alternative box legendaries and a the male trainer wearing a black Z-ring surrounded by prismatic colors. 




    Masuda then talks about the games themselves. While he's doing this more images are shown; we see an area with a Pikachu caravan, a little lake (which appears to fall into a waterfall), and then Pikachu and Slowpoke on the other side. I believe this could be a previously unexplorable area on Melemele Island where the waterfall leads to; close to Iki Town. He also states that this game is an alternative story taking place in the same world as 'Pokemon Sun and Moon' but featuring Pokemon that didn't appear in the original versions. This more-than-likely means either a) New Alola Forms, b) Pokemon that weren't in the Alola Dex before, c) New Forms for Gen 7 Pokemon, d) all of the above. Don't get any hopes up about new actual Pokemon designs as I think they'll be wasted until we have any evidence to the idea. He states that New Features will be added to the title as well. 




    That's all from me for today. Be on the lookout for any more news over the coming weeks; we still have E3 and Corocoro but don't expect too much, if anything, from there at this stage. Are you expecting new mega forms, new alola forms, new Ultra Beasts plots? Do tell all, and don't forget to pre-order 'Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon'; out November 17!



  15. Latest Entry

    1.Diamond Heart


    3.The Cure

    4.John Wayne

    5.Dancin' In Circles

    6.Perfect Illusion

    7.Million Reasons

    8.I Want Your Love

    9.Come To Mama

    10.Angel Down

    11.Til It Happens To You

    12.Grigio Girls

    13. Just Another Day

    14.La Vie en Rose

    My rework of Joanne, it's called "The Cure" now.

  16. Latest Entry

    When I first got in line two manager-type people came by; one gave me an “Over 21″ wristband after I showed my ID - as well as asking to see my confirmation email which I had printed out - and the other one gave me a VIP necklace. 

    While I was waiting in line I talked with these two fans a lot - one was named Kim, the other one I can’t remember the name of - and Person 2 had brought flowers to give to Kehlani which was the cutest thing ever. :)

    Anyway, when we entered the room it was a very short line from where I was standing. Like honestly I met 5H when they were an opening act and this M&G line was way shorter than that M&G line. It was weird but I was excited (and nervous, really really nervous). I said out loud “oh my gosh she’s actually real” thankfully she didn’t hear me because she was with another fan at the time but wow. I was shaking so hard throughout the whole line, and throughout the whole time I talked to her.

    So I saw that people were kind of just posing for a picture and then leaving and mentally I was like “oh no I won’t get to tell her the things I need to tell her”. But then when it was my turn I asked the people taking the pictures (one with their camera, and one with your camera/phone, both at the same time) if I could talk to her first. They said yes, so I left my bag (minus a few things I got out of it) next to them and then walked over to her.

    I asked if she would write “TTD” on the piece of paper I had because I wanted to get my first tattoo in her handwriting. I told her it meant Through The Dark, but I didn’t have enough time to really explain to her why I wanted to get that as a tattoo/what it meant. But I think just the words ‘through the dark’ gave her at least a clue of why that was important enough for me to get a tattoo of it.

    I also asked her to sign something else and she did, but I won’t say what it was because it’s a surprise for one of my friends - dun dun dun.

    So finally, I got my bi pride flag out and unfolded it. Kehlani asked me “what is this?” and I told her it was the bi pride flag. I asked her if she would hold it for the picture, which she did, and then I gave her a little smooch on the cheek.

    I told her that the song she made on her first mixtape about loving a girl (“First Position”, I couldn’t remember the name of it at the time though because I was freaking out too much about her being in front of me to think) meant a lot to me because I’d never heard a song like that [about girls]. She thanked me for saying that.

    At some point we hugged, I can’t remember if it was when I just got there or as I was leaving but yeah.

    I went back over next to the photographers to get my bag. Kehlani called me like “oh don’t forget your stuff” (referring to the ‘TTD’ paper and the thing I had her sign for my friend). I hadn’t forgotten, I was gonna come right back and get them, but the fact that she reminded me meant a lot.

    Then on my way out one of the security people gave me a poster signed by Kehlani, her CD, and a tsunami pendent(??? at least I think it’s a pendent). I gave them a letter for Kehlani from one of my other friends (not the one I got her to sign something for). 

    Then I went over to the bar area and one of the kind workers got me some water even though they weren’t *technically* supposed to do that yet because they’re not open yet. I was so thirsty because that M&G ate up so much of my energy jkfl;adfkj;la (but in a good way of course).

    Wow she’s such an amazing person with an amazing smile and I’m so glad I got to meet her.

  17. I don't know whats with my mom. I never go to her and call her stupid or dumb or fat or any insults to her because I know she's my mom, and even if something does happen like getting mad or sarcastic at her, sometimes I do apologize. But when we were talking she got mad and told me "What are you, retarded?", and turned turned off the lights. She knows I hate the dark so she just left me in it. Just a few months ago she told me I was "half baked" which I thought was a "your retarded" remark, and called me stupid the other day, and other unmentionables. I don't know, I expect this kind of stuff from a school bully not your own mother.


    EDIT 1: My mom had apologized, we talked a little, it's all good



    EDIT 2: Yes there isn't much context behind it, and the thing I did might of been stupid, but it's just small simple situations, and I wouldn't see any justifiable reasons of calling your own son "retarded"

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    Devil Pray- Madonna

    Requester: @Milk

    Ok, so this is my first review.

    At the start I like the drum clap thing, it's very catchy. Her tone is very fitting to this particular song. I like the god referances. OMG the pc is goals, her tone is so serious!! Then this chorus... 

    AHHHH I FEEL ALIVE. Ooh save my soul this is amazing. Did she work with Aviici or something on this. The bridge bit is also quite nice. Chilled. Then I like how it goes back up into the echoey bit.

    Final Score: 84/100

    Rating: Handled by Jesus.

  18. Latest Entry





    Released: April 7th, 2017
    Recorded: 2016-2017
    Genre: Alternative, Synthpop
    Length: 33:44
    Label: Interscope Records
    Writers and Producers: Troye Sivan, Joel Little




    Released: April 4th, 2017
    Length: 3:26




    Released: April 17th, 2017
    Remixed: by Zedd; April 27th, 2017
    Length: 4:32 / 5:02




    Released: May 1st, 2017
    Length: 4:36





    Artist(s) W1 W2 W3 W4 W5
    Lucky Ones Troye Sivan 13 8 20 30 -
    Heart Allie X feat. Troye Sivan - - 7 21 23
    Tribe Lady Gaga feat. Kesha & Troye Sivan - - 1 4 14
    Butterfly Effect Troye Sivan - - 2 1 10
    Chasing Paths Troye Sivan - - - - 3



    Artist W1 W2 W3 W4 W5
    Chronos, Chapter 1: The Past Troye Sivan 1 1 2 3 7



    # Single Artist(s) Chart Peak

    Weeks on Chart

    13 Lucky Ones Troye Sivan 8 4
    20 Heart Allie X feat. Troye Sivan 7 3
    3 Tribe Lady Gaga feat. Kesha & Troye Sivan 1 3
    2 Butterfly Effect Troye Sivan 1 3
     48  Chasing Paths Troye Sivan 3 1




    Artist Chart Peak Weeks on Chart
     1  Chronos, Chapter 1: The Past Troye Sivan 1 5



    # Single Artist(s) Chart Peak

    Weeks on Chart

    111 Lucky Ones Troye Sivan 8 4
    192 Heart Allie X feat. Troye Sivan 7 3
    49 Tribe Lady Gaga feat. Kesha & Troye Sivan 1 3
    28 Butterfly Effect Troye Sivan 1 3
     334  Chasing Paths Troye Sivan 3 1




    Artist Chart Peak Weeks on Chart
     1  Chronos, Chapter 1: The Past Troye Sivan 1 5


    thank you to all the legends who voted for talent <3




  19. This was the first time I told someone, face-to-face. The person I told to always supported the LGBTQ community so I knew their reaction would be positive, but Idk why for some reason I was so scared. It felt like my heart would explode. Thankfully, the reaction was positive. My heart is honestly so full of love rn. But I'm still scared, I'll have to come out to basically everyone I meet in my life, only if they have a terrible gaydar ofco cause you can spot the fag in me from miles away lol. 

    Honestly can we all just end coming out? I was ghay the second I came out of my mother's womb, maybe even before that, a tiny gay zygote.  Jokes aside, I want to be a parent someday and it would honestly KILL me to know that my child is hurting so much to be who they are, or anyone close to me for that matter. 

    Thank you to everyone who supported me and gave me the courage to do this. <3

    Let's celebrate with this ethereal bop by the queen Riana Rodriguez!


  20. I'm totally confused again. I don't know who I should put into my Top 10 artists.

    I have 2 singers who are amazing but I can't choose because they are almost equal to me.

    I listed some things I like about them and some things I don't like.

    Maria Mena: I love her ballads and her voice, it's so fragile. I love that she is from Norway. I love that she has 7 albums. I sarted to follow her in Summer 2010. I don't really like that most of her songs sound the same. I don't really like her look, she reminds me of the girlfriend from my crush. Well she was mostly just there. I listend to her stuff but I never really care for her.

    Amy Macdonald: I love that she is mostly a rock singer (she makes folk-rock-pop music), she well known in Europe, she really pretty and she's from Scottland. I started to follow her in June 2012. The bad things are that she only has 4 albums and she had a 4 1/2 years break.

    Who should I choose?


    Amy Macdonald (left) and Maria Mena (right)

  21. Simultaneously glamorous and scandalous, The Real Housewives of FOTP is sure to be the most epic forum game yet in terms of shade, drama, kiis, and mess.

    Marriages, divorces, births, deaths, purchases, foreclosures, hookups, brawls, rehab visits, and meltdowns will all occur over the course of the explosive first season as the Housewives navigate themselves through challenges involving shopping sprees, dinner parties, fashion shows, tropical vacations and a confrontational reunion.

    Sign-ups will begin in a couple of weeks, when I make another post with eligibility criteria and further details.




    I made this teaser post to help potential Housewives familiarize themselves with the series and some of its most iconic facets and moments. Hopefully this post will assist in crafting your persona and tagline. Enjoy!


    Taglines - Take note. You'll need to come up with something snappy and witty for the opening credits I put together!



    Iconic Orange County Moments




    Iconic Beverly Hills Moments




    Iconic Atlanta Moments



    Iconic New Jersey Moments




    Iconic New York Moments


  22. Hey y'alllana1


    Today, I'm going to list my most favorite albums of all time, and the ones I could never live without!


    Comment which ones I should do a review on!


    Melanie Martinez- Crybaby

    Lady Gaga- Artpop

    Katy Perry- Prism

    Tove Lo- Queen Of The Clouds

    Daya- Sit Still, Look Pretty

    Fifth Harmony- Reflection

    Ariana Grande- Dangerous Woman



    <3 <3 

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    Marina and The Diamonds:

    The Family Jewels

    Electra Heart



    Room 93


    Lana Del Rey:

    Born To Die


    Zella Day:


    Melanie Martinez:

    Dollhouse EP

    Cry Baby

    Florence + The Machine:


    How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful

    Christine and The Queens:



    Art Angels

    Twenty One Pilots:



    This Is Acting

    Lady Gaga:





    Troye Sivan:

    Blue Neighbourhood

    Gwen Stefani:

    Love. Angel. Music. Baby.

    The Sweet Escape

    Lexi James:

    Stop EP

    Micheal Jackson:

    Thriller (Special Edition)



    FKA twigs:


    Marina and The Diamonds:


    Elle King:

    Love Stuff

    Florence + The Machine:


    Fleetwood Mac:



    Room 93

    Melanie Martinez:

    Cry Baby

    Lana Del Rey:



    This Is Acting


    Speed Of Sound (Limited 7' Edition Clear Vinyl)


    btw i don't listen to all of them, and some were gifts or just short-lived obsessions i obtained that i shove into a corner and try to forget about eve1