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  1. Hello. Little Mewtwonsters 




    A LOT has happened today and there are now THREE trailers we need to discuss as well as other little titbits from the Pokemon website. One of these trailers is in English and two are in Japanese but you really need to view all three of them to have a grip of what's going on. I'll link them below so watch them and then meet me after the jump! 



    Ok, so now that we're done with that. Where do we begin? Usually I'd go through each trailer one-by-one but there is SOOOO much to discuss this time. So instead, I'm going to discuss the main points first and then round off with little things from the website and the individual trailers. So strap yourselves in coz it's time for a journey through an ultra wormhole!




    To the surprise of no-one with half-a-brain that's been updated on #USUM and its leaks, Team Rainbow Rocket is now confirmed. Giovanni is its leader! The team is made up of all teams from the past generations - excluding the Gamecube spin-offs. That's Giovanni, Maxie, Archie, Cyrus, Ghetsis and Lysandre. It also seems like Faba is somehow involved as the seventh member of the rainbow organisation. Giovanni and the other bosses - who allegedly come from universes where they actually completed their objectives - take over Aether Paradise, and after a breaking news segment, it's your job to stop them. Unfortunately for you, these bosses are now super-equipped with a new warehouse of traps, mega evolutions... and legendary Pokemon in their disposal; such as Giovanni using Mega Mewtwo Y.




    Next up, let's look more into depth for Legendary Pokemon themselves. All past Legendary Pokemon - note, not mythicals - are now confirmed to return for Ultra Sun and Moon. Some of these are available in both games without any extra objectives (Mewtwo, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Regice, Regirock, Registeel, Uxie, Azelf, Mesprit, Cresselia, Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion and Zygarde). Some of these are version exclusive to Ultra Sun (Ho-Oh, Raikou, Groudon, Dialga, Latios, Heatran, Reshiram, Tornadus and Xerneas) or to Ultra Moon (Lugia, Entei, Kyogre, Palkia, Latias, Regigigas, Zekrom, Thundurus and Yveltal), and the remaining legendaries are available in both games but only when you have certain specific version exclusive Pokemon in your party. These ones are Suicune (Raikou and Entei), Rayquaza (Kyogre and Groudon), Giratina (Dialga and Palkia), Landorus (Thundurus and Tornadus) and Kyurem (Reshiram and Zekrom). 




    But how do you find these Pokemon? Simple. You travel on Lunala or Solgaleo through the Ultra Wormhole, and just like the Ultra Beasts' own environments, the legendaries also seem to be found in their own locations reminiscent to that of the original games. It doesn't seem to be a massive environment or a fully-fledge dungeon, but it seems similar to the Ultra Space equivalents that the likes of Pheromosa and Xurkitree are now found in.  As it stands, Lugia, Giratina and Mewtwo have been seen in their own environments. 




    Next, let's have a look at some other old Pokemon that you can get in a new way. These ones aren't really that old; they were established last year in Sun and Moon; Totem Pokemon. That's right, in Ultra Sun and Moon, you can now gain access to these Totem Pokemon. Instead of Zygarde Cells, this year, you are tasked with finding Totem Stickers which are scattered around Alola. And the more of these stickers that you collect, the more Totem Pokemon that you can unlock for use. So far, Gumshoos is available in both games while Lurantis is exclusive to Ultra Sun and Salazzle is exclusive to Ultra Moon. Interestingly, it appeared that Salazzle is no longer a Totem Pokemon in this game as Alolan Marowak is now the Totem at Wela Volcano Park, so either totems from both games are included or some other Pokemon who weren't previously totems will also have totem forms! 




    Now, let's look at something else that people have been asking for, for a very long time; the return of the Battle Factory. While not a direct copy of the Battle Factory, Ultra Sun and Moon have introduced us to a new facility; the Battle Agency. This facility allows you to rent Pokemon and battle in single battle style against opponents. Each player will use three Pokemon. These Pokemon will have pre-determined stats, movesets and items. By battling through the agency, you can battle other unique characters - like Sophocles - and earn rare items - such as gold bottle caps. As you continue battling, you will earn more powerful Pokemon to use and eventually earn a higher grade. In addition, this feature allows - and is encouraged - for multi-player use. By connecting with other agents online, you'll be able to rent even more powerful Pokemon. 




    Now, with the main reveals out of the way, let's look at some of the other changes we've seen so far for Ultra Sun and Moon. Firstly, let's begin with the English trailer. The only other thing here to note is that new Island Scan Pokemon are set to appear. From what we've seen so far, these include Charmander, Grovyle and Greninja! 




    Moving onto the Japanese trailer there's a lot of little things here. We get some new footage of Lusamine dangerously close to an Ultra Wormhole and still looking rather sinister. In the post-game episode, it seems like Team Skull's leader Guzma is helping you against Rainbow Rocket. It also shows a confrontation between the player, Lillie, Guzma, Lusamine and the members of the Ultra Recon Squad at the altar of the Sunne or Moone. Finally, the bottom screen menu in Ultra Sun and Moon looks a lot more exciting than it did in the original releases!




    Ok, so that's all from me for today! It's only fifteen more days until Ultra Sun and Moon releases, and actually, I'm pleased - and surprised - to say that we'll have even more information coming in 8 days time; on November the 10th (5am UTC). If I had to guess, I'd say New Alola Forms and the 2nd battle facility will be revealed along with a few more Z-Moves. See ya then Lil Lusamines.





    #HuntySUGGESTS: Please, Firetiger, Anarchy, Razorblade

    #HuntySKIPS: Intro, Grade & Liquor, No. 1 Lady


    Neon Hitch (her actual name) is an English singer, songwriter, and stoner. She was featured on a decently big hit a couple years back by Gym Class Heroes called "Ass Back Home", but has really struggled commercially as an artist, considering that she scrapped her last album concept, Eleutheromaniac, due to monetary issues. I'm relatively new to her discography, but I've pretty much immersed myself in her discography for the past few months. "Fuck U Betta," "Get Over U," and "Yard Sale" constitute my pre-Anarchy trinity, though "Picasso," "Click Click," "Some Like It Hot" and "Subtitles" are all masterpieces!

    Going into this album, I was expecting a lot considering the relative quality of her previous work. However, upon first-listen, I was left incredibly disappointed by the overall cheapness of the album, literally. The production is really cheap on songs like "Neighborhood", though I can't really fault her for it considering her various monetary predicaments in the past. But like .... ~50% of the album is either literally freestyled or just comes off as freestyled. The album comes off as quite rushed, which is disappointing.

    However, there are a lot of standouts on Anarchy that made the wait ultimately ... mildly worth it. "Please" is a lovely ballad that I personally believe ranks among the best of her discography. It's just a really simple love ballad and I think it's more resonant than a lot of the cuts on the album.. A lot of the album comes off as a drugged haze (all shade to Neon tbh!), but "Firetiger" is a really soulful mess that I also think has a lot of resonance as a whole. According to @Americunt, it was actually intended to be a tribute to Amy Winehouse for three reasons (her being roommates with Amy, the whole tiger/"Lioness" conceit, and the general Frank-esque air to it), which made it come off as a lot more moving to me altogether. I also liked the title track for being boppy (albeit freestyled af), and "Razorblade" for being generally cool. It's a messy album, but the highlights are really nice.

    Altogether, I'm not entirely sure if I personally thought the wait for Anarchy was ENTIRELY worth it, considering all the lowlights, but the highlights are awesome and definitely snatch my edges!


    #HuntyNITPICKS: Ultimately, you'll prefer it if you're a previous stan of Neon Hitch, but songs like "Please" and "Firetiger" are really beautiful so check those out first tbqmfh  tLcu9tG.gif




    #HuntySUGGESTS: Symmetry of Two Hearts, Home. Careful Whisper, Won't Do

    #HuntySKIPS: Little Bit, Into the Night, All in the Name


    Bright Light Bright Light is the stage moniker of Welsh singer-songwriter Rod Thomas, and his music can loosely be surprised as nu-disco-influenced dance music. His music is very fucking gay, but Choreography is definitely more flamboyantly gay than his previous albums. There's literally a song about rough anal on this album, whereas the gayest he got on Life Is Easy was the saccharine "Lust for Life." Basically, if you're homosexual, you should check out his music because sometimes some male musical dick isn't that bad!

    Honestly though, my biggest problem with Choreography was with how bloated it was. It's so gay it's almost hard to swallow (no pun intended!), especially considering the lengths of some songs. Apparently this album was intended to be a concept album of sorts, akin to some kind of stage production, which is why everything is so big and overblown. I understand what he was going for from an artistic perspective, but if you compare songs like "All in the Name" to songs like "There Are No Miracles" ... it's a little much.

    Altogether it was a good album though! This album was mostly very hit-and-miss, but the standouts were really nice. "Symmetry of Two Hearts" is definitely my favorite from the album, mostly because it's like shimmering in gay camp. A lot of this album comes off as a male and gay Light Years considering how campy it is in general. Of course, there are a lot of points on the album that are introspective and emotional, like the midtempos "Home" and "Won't Do". Another standout is "Careful Whisper", which is one of the best ballads on here imo. Bright Light x2 ultimately wound up doing the ballads better justice than he did the uptempos, which was funny considering that I thought he did the opposite with his last album.

    Ultimately, I thought it was a step down from Life Is Easy, but I personally thought that that was a great album regardless, so it would be hard to top either way. I'll just have to listen to Make Me Believe In Hope in full first to fully assess the quality of this album in comparison to the rest of his discography. 


    #HuntySUGGESTS: but only if you identify as gay




    #HuntySUGGESTS: White Light (Single Edit), Indecision, Make It Up, Touch

    #HuntySKIPS: Kidz 'N' Stuff, The Space Tapes, White Light (Extended Cut)


    Shura is the stage name of a winter lesbian named Alexandra Lilah Denton, and she's a singer, songwriter, and producer. I've been into her since "Touch", but my interest as her has been fluctuating over the years: I never liked "2Shy", always felt super indifferent towards "Just Once", but I did like "Indecision" and I did love "White Light". Her music is like ... vaguely chillwave, but she's incorporated heavier beats for this album which was nice!

    The process of waiting for this album was excrutiating to say the least given her fucking nerve to make us wait so many years of almost complete silence to wait for shit like "The Space Tapes". The fucking audacity ... this album can be so self-indulgent in that sense to the point that it's almost ridiculous. "The Space Tapes" is legitimately a 10 minute song which is literally three random acapellas, from three different songs on this album, stitched together under an ugly waltz instrumental. She really went fucking overboard and Pitchfork to the max. tLcu9tG.giftLcu9tG.giftLcu9tG.giftLcu9tG.giftLcu9tG.giftLcu9tG.gif . She even tainted her best song by elongating it and tacking on a different closer to it, which was ridiculous also. The last two songs literally make up a 20 minute long lull. C'mon hunty ...

    She's lucky I like her though! The production here is like really rich and it works a lot better for the more immersive songs on the album like "White Light" and "Touch". "Make It Up" and the title track are the two best new cuts from Nothing's Real, but they still strike me as mildly fillery tbh. The strongest songs on the album are the pre-release singles barring "The Space Tapes'. "White Light" has a really nice groove to it that strikes me as disco-influenced, which is cool though I do prefer the curtailed single cut because it was spread pretty thin across the album extended cut. "Indecision" and "Touch" are super glossy and really resonant, which is also something I can even say about "2Shy" which I don't even care about that much. I really wished she remastered "Just Once" though and put it on the album because there were a lot of places that it'd have worked out for her better than certain album tracks (i.e. "Kidz 'N' Stuff I mean wow pls).

    Overall, it was a disappointment but it was still good! It was one of the stronger albums released this month but definitely not the strongest, as that probably went to something a lot more coherent like For All We Know. Maybe the album will be more effective for people who are first sampling Shura, but the contrast between the already-released singles and the now-released album tracks is .... glaringly obvious.


    #HuntySUGGESTS: ultimately, it could've been a lot better, but I think it'll sound a lot better to fresh ears than it did for me! I did like it regardless though



    also I just wanted to remind everyone of the superior single!

    vls3imO.jpg  > C1zabGJ.jpg

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  4. The title is pretty self-explanatory. 




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    CnAjC7R.gif   rEKJY8Q.gif




  5. Ariana-Grande-Shares-ltigtDangerous-Woma

    feeling like I'm the only person that likes every single cover except the Japanese ver. tbh.



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  6. Sleepwalker

    1) Glow - Excellent song. I love the opening and how the song builds up. The passion in her vocals is also outstanding in this song. I love how powerful the song is overall 9/10

    2) Wait - Perhaps my fave song on the EP. I love the dreamy beginning and again the passion within this song. Overall just a beautiful song 9.5/10

    3) Break This Heartbreak - A total bop. While it is a bit lyrically empty - the song flows so nicely and the instrumental breaks are out of this world. An experience 9/10

    4) Chasing Ghosts - Very interesting song with a very interesting intro. I love the lyrics and flow to this song overall. However I think I might like the demo a little more 8.5/10

    Overall this is a fantastic and solid piece of work. It has interesting and eclectic production as well as good lyrics. I know Kylie + Garibay is most people's faves out of the two - but I think this one is superior. If KM14 was anything like this EP I'd be over the moon

    36/40 (90)


    Kylie + Garibay

    1) Black and White - A fantastic song. The production is a total bop and I really enjoy the lyrics on this track in particular. Heartbreaklie strikes again. I've grown to appreciate Shaggy on this track but still would have liked if he was kept - also the Extended Version is better. Still a 9/10

    2) If I Can't Have You - Ok like the first minute of the song is this Sam guy singing so points immediately lost there jj4 The production is fairly good but the song is a bit bland overall. I love her vocals at the very end though 7.5/10

    3) Your Body - Ok Giorgio's talking at the beginning should have been KEPT. That being said this is a good song. The production and flow along with her voice are pretty worthy of praise. The song is a bit lyrically empty but Overall it's an 8/10

    Overall this EP isn't my fave out of the two. I think Sleepwalker is considerably better (though many would disagree with me). The features drag down the EP IMO but still it's a fairly solid piece of work - and Black and White is literally one of her best songs from the past 7 years.

    24.5/30 (81.66)


  7. After she finishes that movie, she probably would want to take a long break in one of those Giza pyramids, which will preserve her youth and beauty for the next 100 years. Then she will have a literal comeback. Then she would take another another year to adopt to new trends, surroundings and evolved species. She would release a new album about partying in afterlife. Of course, no one would care because all her stans would be six feet under and fossilized. Madonna would flop, while Return of Jesus would be the thing. 



  8. AUERrIJ.png

    Character Guide

    Episode One - "Trouble In Chicago"

    • • •


    Hannah. 23 years old. The oldest sister in a family of three kids. The sister that keeps everything going. She hops out of bed, puts her clothes on, and heads down stairs, ready to start the day as usual. Her father, Sylk, is laying passed out on the floor. She sighs and calls for her younger brothers, Taylor and Cody, to come help carry him out. Usually they just drop him off in the yard and leave him there until he wakes up, but this time she had something else in mind. All three of them picked him up and carried him out the back door, down the steps, and into the back yard. They lay him down for a brief moment so that Taylor and Cody can listen to Hannah's plan, and just to rest. "Maybe he should drop a few pounds," Taylor says. "Yeah, at least then if he's gonna leave us to carry his rank ass out of the house every day he wouldn't be as hard to carry." Cody says. They all laugh. "Okay, here's what we're going to do..." Hannah says. "We'll carry him to the nearest dumpster and drop him off there. Even if it gets emptied while he's still in there, it won't really make a difference in our lives." Taylor and Cody both agreed with the plan. They once again lift his body back up and carry him to the nearest dumpster where they eventually drop him off and head back to the house.


    Taylor. 18 years old. The youngest sibling by 9 months, a senior in High School. He has plans to study and train to become an EMT. He leaves the house and heads over to his friend Lily's house. He arrived at her house and knocked at the door, but instead was greeted by her brother, Hylia. Hylia smiled and grabbed onto Taylor's shirt, pulling him into the house. They made their way back to his room and closed the door. "Is your father home?" Taylor asks. "No, he's probably being arrested for DUI as we speak." Hylia replies. They both take off their clothes and start going at it. Suddenly, they hear the front door open and quickly get their clothes back on and try to act natural. Lily walks down the hallway and into her bedroom. They both let out a sigh of relief. Hylia's father is nothing shy of a vile creature, hated by everyone in the city, been in and out of prison more times than you could count on both hands. Oh, and one more thing - Taylor and Hylia would both be shot dead right then and there if he caught them.


    Cody. 18 years old. The middle sibling, older than Taylor by 9 months, he is also a senior in High School. Most people would describe him as... a grade A asshole. It's too bad smarts can't buy a better personality. He heads home with a black eye that he got after getting into a fight with a guy at school, a guy who happens to be dating a girl he slept with... on multiple occasions. This is not an anomaly when it comes to Cody's sex life, he is the definition of a whore. It'd take less time to name the girls he hasn't slept with as apposed to the ones he has. He gets home and goes straight to the fridge to get an ice pack and apply it straight to his eye. Hannah comes down stairs and notices the black eye, she just rolls her eyes and moves on. Cody then heads over to his "friend" Maraj's house, where they sit outside on the front steps, pop a pack of cigarettes, and start smoking.


    Sylk. 50. The father of three children. A raging alcoholic. Blows all of his disability checks on booze and Mariah Carey CDs. His eyes start to open, all alone in a dumpster, in the dark... "What the fuck?!?!" Sylk screams. He manages to get the lid off the dumpster and climbs out, somehow smelling even cleaner than he did before he got thrown in there. He makes his way down the alley, stumbling as he walks, and eventually makes his way to his street. He walks up the sidewalk and up to the front door, into the house. Everyone is having dinner and pays no attention to him until he says "Hellloooooo, my wonderful family, I'm home!" Everyone looks at him and then goes back to their food. "Ungrateful rodents." Sylk mumbles under his breath. Sylk makes his way into the kitchen and grabs a bottle of booze, then he stumbles back out of the house and falls down the steps into a huge pile of dog shit. "Fuck," he says. "Why must I always fall head first into Jennifer Lopez's discography?" he exclaims, angrily wiping the shit off his face with a leaf. Sylk then lays back down and falls asleep outside in the front yard, most likely knocked out from all the drugs he combined earlier.


    The neighbors, Aidan and Diamond, make their way into the house with a fresh pan of lasagna. "Hey bitches!" Diamond says, strutting into the house in a new pair of heels. "Are those heels Versace?" Hannah asks. "Yeah, my baby got them for me as a gift for our 3rd anniversary!" Diamond replies. "Wow, I wish I had a man that wasn't cheap." Hannah says. "Maybe you should get out and find yourself a sugar daddy, I'm sure there's lots of old geezers out there that can still get it up and would love to buy you shit." Diamond says. They sit down and the whole family begins eating. Yet another long day behind them in the Gallagher household.



    Main Cast:


    @Hannah. as Hannah Gallagher

    @Sylk as Sylk Gallagher

    @Taylor as Taylor Gallagher

    @Daenerys as Cody Gallagher

    @Hylia as Hylia Mylkovich

    @TattooedHeart as Lily Mylkovich

    @Aidan. as Aidan Balls

    @Diamond as Diamond Fisher

    @Hyun. as Hyun Jackson

    @Maraj as Maraj Jackson

    @Saiga as Saiga Lishman

    @AwayForAWhile as Winndy Gallagher


    Re-occurring Roles/Guest Stars:


    @Kali as Kali Smart

    @Jae as Jae Jackson
    @Royale as Royale Carey
    @Juinae as Juinae Slithers
    @Halcyon as Jakob Pratt
    @Skyline as Sky Evans
    @Dr. Slay as Slay Mylkovich
    @Goosey as Terry Mylkovich
    @Hermione as Tiny Hollander

    @blankdreams. as Blank Lishman

    @My Everything as Luca Lishman

    @Michael. as Michelle Nikolaev



  9. FRjpBk5.png

    *NOTE: The events, characters and firms depicted in this dream story are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or banned, or to actual firms, is purely coincidental. 

    So, it all started with me on a date with this really hot guy, like he was so fucking hot, black, totally my type, tall and a had deep voice, we were clearly enjoying each others company he was totally into me, the only thing weird was his two little kids were there...yup he had kids. But Dream-Sylk was surprisingly fine with that, infact I was getting along just fun with the kids, being a mother to them and all. So after we finish eating, he tells the kids to go back to the car and we'll be right there, so I have a moment and one thing leads to another and we go like in the back or whatever and do the nasty. Once the nasty is done, (which was amazing I might add) Both the man and the kids suddenly disappear and I'm back at my place on my laptop, I suppose it's the next day or whatever? So I open my laptop, log in on Fotp, and I'm SHOOK. The Homepage looks different, there's an admin announcement, that fotp was being sold to someone. The entire layout had already been changed, all the Fotp favs are under one section and the main section is titled "Mariah Carey, Queen of Music" I'm like wtf is this shit??? So I scroll down, I have no idea how to use this new fotp, but I look at the status bar and there is a status from @Hermione that says "Wtf did Sylk do? sob1" and another status from @Aidan. that says "Sylk done fucked up. He betrayed the Kylie section, he betrayed all of us." and then another one from @Hannah that is just a sob1 crying emote. Her rep was negative 100k, all the statuses had like 333+ downvotes and there were comments from Onika like "there's nothing we can do now." And I'm like WTFFF is going on, then suddenly the page refreshes and there's a new status from @Daenerys "HE'S ONLINE" I get scared and shut my laptop and go to sleep.

    Then next day or whatever, apparently all of fotp lives close by so I come to hang out at the rep clique's usual hang out place, which is like a coffee shop, just like how it is in Friends but 10x cooler, but the coffee shop is burned down, and Hannah, @Hylia, @Saiga, @Hyun., @Taylor  @Halcyon @TattooedHeart @Diamond @Dr. Slay @Maraj etc are all helping clean up, they suddenly spot me and Hannah jumps me and starts attacking whilst yelling "what did you doooo??", Taylor and Daenerys hold her back. And I'm like "wtf did I do?"
    Now, mind you, this was a long ass dream so there's a huge plot hole here somewhere but Saiga starts explaining what happened, he says that fotp was bought under the name Sylk, and turned into a profit seeking pop forum. You have to pay to be on fotp now and only discuss about Mariah, everyone has negative rep except for Sylk and Aidan is banned every other week. So I'm like wtf I would never do that. But none of them believe me, so I ask for my girl Kali (@Yuna) since she would side with me, but they all tell me that after what happened Kali was so disgusted at what I had done, she decided to leave fotp forever. After hearing that I basically start bawling and have a meltdown. Seeing me cry and all everyone suddenly believe me, and we all have a group hug. We all start talking and come to the conclusion that this is all a plan orchestrated by none other than the anti-rep clique, the people who've always hated us, this is their plan to tear apart the rep clique/nudes. We all basically turn into Nancy Drew, and me DETERMINED to get Kali back, also start investigating. We learn that Onika does not know any of this tom foolery, and the sale of fotp hasn't yet went through, so we decide to get brave and make an offer on it, Onika tells us that the other buyer aka the fake "Sylk" has upped their original offer after hearing about us so we basically have a bidding war, ultimately Onika gets fed up and proposes a battle, and I say yes! All ya'll start hating me saying that the anti-rep clique which also consists of the mods have a much larger army than us, we would never be able to fight them, but I like give a motivational speech and what not and all ya'll show up, all NUDES members, past and present plus all the rep clique supporters like Hermione, @Royale, @Royalty, @#Music @Malfoy, @Coca-Cola @Cosmic @Vilppu @Skyline @Juinaeetc like literally everyone I'm friends with one here show up, ready to support and fight alongside us.

    The day of the battle arrives, and it's EXACTLY like the Battle of the Bastards episode from Game of Thrones except ofcourse 10x cooler. One one side, the rep clique army all mixed up and in a jumbled pattern, while the opposing army all in large numbers and perfectly coordinated. Suddenly, @Tasso appears from behind yelling Sylkkkkk and everyone takes out their weapons to attack him but I wave a hand and all ya'll stop (btw I look so fucking bad ass here) Tasso tells me that mods aren't involved in this, I'm like what?? then who is? Tasso tells me that the mod + Lana clique actually want us to win, cause I became a lana stan not too long ago and I get along with all the mods, so that kind of created an inconspicuous alliance between us. We're all shook! Then who are these people fighting us? I ask.

    Suddenly the leader of the army on the other end steps out... and I look through my binoculars and I'm SHOOK it's none other than Count Olaf, he gives a speech about how we never respected him and accepted him in the rep clique or Big Brother game, thus he has gathered all our haters and created a dupe army, and planned to tear apart the rep clique by using it's most important and key member aka Sylk! The hot guy with the kids was actually a hitman sent by him that was supposed to kill me, but I gave him good sex so he spared my life apparently. And he also burned down the coffee shop hang out place so there wouldn't be chance of us getting back together, but his plan didn't work. "But it does not matter, now we end this once and for all." Count Olaf declares. We all start shaking, our army barely visible on the field, and theirs spread wide across, as far as the eye could see. They start marching forward and we have no choice but to fight. So the battle begins and we're basically losing, many of us are killed. I'm on the verge of dying, when Hylia saves me and we kiss and have a moment where he tells me to do what I was meant to do, what my purpose in life is. Suddenly, I get up and start hitting a whistle note and out of nowhere three huge dragons appear, Count Olaf and his army are SHOOK. But we're still outnumbered, so suddenly, we hear a siren and Witness (the song) starts playing, we look over our shoulder and all of fotp is here to fight including the mods, the lana, katy, taylor, xtina, beyonce etc etc all the cliques, Americunt, Hunty Bear, fab LanaxGaga, Philip, Anna-wa, Honey, Entea, Rupaul etc everyone I've ever known on fotp is here and leading the army is none other than KALI!!! We all fight and Count Olaf's army retreats, basically at this point I start waking up slowly so it's all very disjointed, but we won ofcourse. And FOTP was restored, Onika and @Lachlan bestowed me with Member of The Century along with a Hall of Fame AND a Mariah + Kylie perm Section, with not 4 but 300 Wendy Emotes! I made up with everyone, Taylor, Hannah, Hyun, Daenerys etc etc and Kali and we all hug and we all collectively upvote Count Olaf's ban log. 
    The End. 

  10. NWxScaY.png

    Wendy Reaction PNGS SE7EN is here! Enjoy!


    Eehhhh Wendy PNG



    Crybaby Wendy PNG



    Horse Teeth Wendy PNG



    i- Wendy PNG



    Pretends to be shocked Wendy PNG



    Horrified Wendy PNG



    Reading Wendy PNG



    Hmmphm Wendy PNG



    Side Lip Wendy PNG



    Serious Wendy PNG



    Reading without glasses Wendy PNG



    Happy Wendy PNG



    Whew Wendy PNG



    Well Well Well.... Wendy PNG



    Reading in her backyard Wendy PNG



    Wig FLEW Wendy PNG




    That's all for now Enjoy! :) 

  11. The Fame


    I always listened to some of the songs on the album but when I listened the whole album I realized how beautiful and well done it is, for me, it's Gaga's best album at the moment

    Favorite Tracks:

    2.Paper Gangsta
    3.I Like It Rough
    4.Brown Eyes
    5.Disco Heaven

    Special Mention to:

    *Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

    I have always loved Paparazzi, I Like It Rough, Disco Heaven, Summerboy, LoveGame and Beautiful Dirty Rich, Paper Gangsta and Brown Eyes were a surprise for me, I used to skip them but hey are SO good, I wish that Gaga would consider to perform them on some tour, but... I kinda doubt it, Paparazzi is THAT song, it's the best single of the album, and Paper Gangsta should have been single too, I Like It Rough is kinda repetitive but it's a bop, Brown Eyes is a very lovely song, Disco Heaven is one of my all time favorite bops, same with summerboy, which is sooo cute and BDR and LoveGame are bops too jj2 

    Less Favorite Tracks:

    2.Again Again
    3.Just Dance

    You may want to kill me (maybe jj2 ) BUT Just Dance is so... meh, I get it, it was the hype for Gaga back in time, but that song is sooooo MEH overrated, is a bop? yes it is, but it's just that, sometimes I skip it jj2 Starstruck is :( idk, and I know Again Again is just like a bonus track but it's still meh jj2 

    Favorite Videos:

    2.Beautiful Dirty Rich
    3.Poker Face
    4.Just Dance
    6.Eh, Eh

    Well Paparazzi's video is iconic, I LOVE Jonas work with videos, and even thought I really like Eh,Eh the video is A MESS moo3 it could have worked better with Summerboy tbh, it's kinda weird but it's not as good as the others released this era jj2 it could have been better

    My singles choices would be like:

    1.Poker Face
    2.Just Dance
    4.Paper Gangsta
    5.I Like It Rough
    7.The Fame

    Poker Face and Just Dances are a MUST on her discography, because we can't deny that these songs were the ones that give her a lot of recognition as an artist, so they are a must, Paparazzi would have been a better third single, more than Eh, Eh, anyways, then Paper Gangsta, amazing song to be single! then maybe as a promotional single I Like It Rough, maybe just in Europe, just a radio single, then LoveGame, then The Fame because i think it's good single material too, a video would have slayed tbh, and Summerboy as a closer, cute song, cute video, cute ending of this era, I think that with a good promo and a good video, maybe an edit or remixes, Summerboy would have been at least at top 15 single


    Just Dance 5/10
    LoveGame 9/10
    Paparazzi 10/10
    Poker Face 7/10
    Eh, Eh 8/10
    Beautiful, Dirty, Rich 9/10
    The Fame 8/10
    Money Honey 7/10
    Starstruck 3/10
    Boys Boys Boys 8/10
    Paper Gangsta 10/10
    Brown Eyes 10/10
    I Like It Rough 10/10
    Summerboy 9/10
    Disco Heaven 9/10
    Again Again 5/10
    Retro, Dance, Freak 6/10

  12. I haven't talked about this much before, but after everything that's been going on in the news I feel compelled to share my own story. I want to preface this by saying that it isn't my intention to derail the #MeToo movement, which is primarily about abuse and harassment perpetrated by men and women's solidarity and I hope that this doesn't come off as whataboutism since I'm a guy and one of my stories involves a girl.


    I was sitting in chorus class in eighth grade. At this point in my education all of my friends had dropped out of chorus, so I was the last one left and I was pretty much a loner in there. In between songs, our teacher took a break and let the class talk to their friends for a few minutes. This girl who had previously always winked at me and brushed up against me creepily approached me, and started by touching my leg and then began working her way up until she was in my lap and touching my dick through my pants and humping me. She was saying all kinds of perverted things and gave me this evil look in her eye which told me that she knew exactly what she was doing and she was going to get away with it, and I tried to fight her off (slapping her and trying to throw her off of myself) but she wouldn't let go and kept laughing. She even tried to take off my pants. She was really strong despite her size, but looking back I think I was afraid to do any serious damage even in self-defense because she was a girl and it would look bad if I hurt her. Almost everyone else was busy doing their own thing and talking to their friends so they didn't even notice, except for a few people who were watching. They thought it was funny and didn't even try to help me. The part that hurt the most was that it was in broad daylight in a room full of people, and hardly anyone noticed and none of those who did cared or asked if I was okay.

     Our chorus class was a split block with a lunch break in between, so I had lunch at the same time as this girl and she followed me around for the next few days and tried to make me feel uncomfortable. It seemed like she was everywhere I looked, with those creepy eyes and that smile. She even said a few times that she had a surprise for me (thank god I never found out what it was). I ended up staying a few minutes after class one day and telling our teacher that this girl kept following me, and even though I was trying to keep it together I ended up crying but didn't reveal what really happened. My teacher could tell that there were more details I wasn't sharing with her but she didn't ask any questions. I ended up quitting chorus later that week because I "wasn't interested anymore," even though I loved to sing. I told my friends, my family, my teacher, and my guidance counselor the same thing and no one questioned it.

    There were a few reasons why I never said anything. First of all, this girl was a special needs student so I thought people would excuse it by saying she didn't know any better and she didn't know what she was doing...which is complete bullshit, because I saw it in her eyes. She was one hundred percent aware of what was going on and lived for the fact that she made me feel embarrassed and powerless and would get away with it because she wouldn't be held accountable even if I were to say something. Also, male victims of sexual harassment tend to face ridicule and are made fun of for not wanting it. They're told that they must be gay for not wanting to get laid, and not that being gay is a bad thing but it's not a good label to have in middle school where kids will bully you for it. People already teased me for being fruity, and coming forward with this just would have made it worse. I also felt like what happened "wasn't bad enough," because I never got drugged and raped or anything like that. I've never called it assault and I've always considered it harassment, but truthfully I don't know where one draws the line. Even the online friends I've confided in about this thought the mental image of a special needs girl humping me in the middle of chorus class was funny and didn't seem too concerned about how I felt or thought it was that serious. And lastly, there were rumors that she herself was being raped by her grandfather and I didn't want her to get in trouble if she might have been an abuse victim herself.


    The next time, I was 16 and working at my first job. It was at an amusement park and I operated kiddie rides. There were two new employees one day, and they set off my gaydar. They were in their early/mid 20s, and after their very first shift the taller, younger one came up behind me while I was clocking out for the day and whispered "Hey Hermione" right in my ear in this flop trying-to-be-seductive-but-coming-off-as-extremely-creepy deep voice. I probably jumped up several inches because it completely took me by surprise. When I did, I saw that he was winking. I replied "Hi" in a shaky voice because saying hi back is my natural reflex and then I bolted out of there. Once again, this was in a room full of people and nobody noticed.

    I later started hearing rumors that they lived together and were secretly engaged, and even though they didn't talk about their relationship at work it was obvious that they were a couple. Since they ran the adult rides I barely saw them except for pre and post-shift (when they always stared at me, with looks I couldn't tell were dirty or aroused), until one day when my assigned ride was on the border between the kiddie and adult rides. The shorter, older one was operating the one right next to me, and after an hour of no interactions he walked over to the fence between our rides when our side of the park was empty and we had no customers. This was about two months after they started working there, and I was now newly 17. Between customers he would come over and ask me questions like how old I was, what school I went to, what some of my hobbies were, and finally officially introduced himself. We gossiped a little bit about the place too, and he told me that he trained our manager on his very first ride years ago and decided to come back this year since he moved back to the area.

    The questions eventually turned to my sexuality, which were obviously making me uncomfortable especially since he had asked my age and knew I was a minor. The age of consent is 17 here, but I still felt like it was inappropriate for this 23 year old man I barely knew to be asking me this stuff especially since I was still in high school and looked like a little boy. He also said that all the other guys who worked there were ugly, including my friends, and that I was the only cute one. He kept leaving and going to the fence on the other side of his ride where his boyfriend was working (the one who whispered in my ear), and I got the feeling he was reporting my answers back to him and they were planning something. They kept looking over at me with lust in their eyes. Eventually he asked if I would want to come home with them after work and hang out (presumably for a threesome), and my heart started racing. I said no and he looked really offended and then asked why, and I said, with my voice shaking, "Don't you think I'm too young to be hanging out with you guys?" and he didn't really say anything else. Another one of my coworkers eventually came over to my ride while the guy was busy, and I told her everything while holding back tears. She wasn't that busy that day so she agreed to stay with me for the rest of my shift, because I knew he wouldn't try to talk to me again if someone else was there to hear it.

    I wrote an email to our boss saying what happened, but I never had the courage to send it. It sat in my drafts for a few weeks, and I finally decided against it and deleted it. 17 is the age of consent so flirting with me was technically legal even if I was still a minor, and they backed off once I wasn't interested. Not to mention that I doubted my managers would even believe my story, since he had history with them and I was just a kid at my first job. I told my coworkers and it turned into the hot gossip at work (and again, treated like a joke rather than something that actually messed with me) but it never made its way to the managers, and a year later I found out that they tried the same thing with my friend and even told him that he was the only cute one and the rest of us were ugly. I told him what happened at the time, but he never confessed that they tried hooking up with him too until a text much later on. Apparently they messaged him on Facebook too, and he was still 16 at the time. We walked everywhere together at work after that, because we were both afraid of being alone around these guys. The worst part of this story is that I have the older guy's Twitter, and around the Kesha trial he was tweeting all of this stuff about how horrible Dr. Luke is despite being creepy and preying on underage boys himself. I never told my family about this because they're pretty homophobic, and I didn't want it to add to their negative image of gay people.


    I still know all three of their names, both the girl from middle school and the gay couple from my old job, and I could expose them if I wanted but I have this weird desire to protect them from the consequences for some reason even though they deserve it. I'm fine now and don't have any long-term issues from either instance, but it sucks so much that I'm made to feel like I'm overreacting for this stuff because it's "not as bad" as other cases people have spoken up about. Whenever I think about them I tend to second-guess myself and wonder if my feelings are justified and that I'm not just being oversensitive or a drama queen. Anyway, I know this doesn't really have an inspiring message but I just needed to get it out because I'm sick of bottling it up. I don't need your pity nor your assessment of whether this was "real" sexual harassment.

  13. ☆ Welcome to the FOTP Big Brother: All Stars Archive! 


    Original Thread:

    Season Airdates: June 30 - July 24


    Houseguests and their stats


    ☆ Final Two 


    1. @Michael.

    HOH Wins: 4

    Veto Wins: 4

    Times Nominated: 6

    Votes Against: 18


    2. @Diamond

    HOH Wins: 4

    Veto Wins: 0

    Times Nominated: 3

    Votes Against: 27


    ☆ Jury 


    3. @Cosmic

    HOH Wins: 2

    Veto Wins: 0

    Times Nominated: 4

    Votes Against: 1



    4. @Simón.

    HOH Wins: 0

    Veto Wins: 3

    Times Nominated: 3

    Votes Against: 5

    *Fan Favorite Winner*


    5. @Maraj

    HOH Wins: 2

    Veto Wins: 3

    Times Nominated: 4

    Votes Against: 15



    6. @Liam

    HOH Wins: 1

    Veto Wins: 2

    Times Nominated: 1

    Votes Against: 2



    7. @Hyun.

    HOH Wins: 2

    Veto Wins: 2

    Times Nominated: 7

    Votes Against: 13



    8. @Daenerys

    HOH Wins: 2

    Veto Wins: 2

    Times Nominated: 3

    Votes Against: 5



    9. @Sylk

    HOH Wins: 1

    Veto Wins: 1

    Times Nominated: 2

    Votes Against: 5


    10. @Skyline

    HOH Wins: 1

    Veto Wins: 1

    Times Nominated: 2

    Votes Against: 13


    11. @Alex.

    HOH Wins: 1

    Veto Wins: 1

    Times Nominated: 3

    Votes Against: 15


    12. @Zachary

    HOH Wins: 0

    Veto Wins: 0

    Times Nominated: 2

    Votes Against: 11


    13. @RihannaRTT

    HOH Wins: 1

    Veto Wins: 1

    Times Nominated: 1

    Votes Against: 5


    14. @barbiej33p

    HOH Wins: 2

    Veto Wins: 1

    Times Nominated: 2

    Votes Against: 17


    15. @Kuba

    HOH Wins: 0

    Veto Wins: 0

    Times Nominated: 1

    Votes Against: 7



    Pre-Jury ☆


    16. @Aidan.

    HOH Wins: 0

    Veto Wins: 1

    Times Nominated: 2

    Votes Against: 1


    17. @Tomás

    HOH Wins: 0

    Veto Wins: 0

    Times Nominated: 1

    Votes Against: 9


    18. @Hermione

    HOH Wins: 1

    Veto Wins: 0

    Times Nominated: 2

    Votes Against: 21


    19. @Milk

    HOH Wins: 1

    Veto Wins: 0

    Times Nominated: 2

    Votes Against: 9


    20. @Saiga

    HOH Wins: 0

    Veto Wins: 1

    Times Nominated: 1

    Votes Against: 9


    21. @Lachlan

    HOH Wins: 0

    Veto Wins: 0

    Times Nominated: 2

    Votes Against: 18


    22. @Royalty

    HOH Wins: 0

    Veto Wins: 0

    Times Nominated: 2

    Votes Against: 14


    23. @Royale

    HOH Wins: 0

    Veto Wins: 0

    Times Nominated: 1

    Votes Against: 14


    23. @Taylor

    HOH Wins: 0

    Veto Wins: 0

    Times Nominated: 1

    Votes Against: 19


    24. @Rachel Berry

    HOH Wins: 0

    Veto Wins: 0

    Times Nominated: 0

    Votes Against: 0


    25. @Power Dutchess

    HOH Wins: 0

    Veto Wins: 0

    Times Nominated: 1

    Votes Against: 13


    26. @Luca.

    HOH Wins: 0

    Veto Wins: 0

    Times Nominated: 1

    Votes Against: 19


    Shooting Star Advantage Winners ☆



    The winner of the first Shooting Star Advantage will be granted immunity during which ever eviction they like, up until the final five. After being nominated because of the Veto, Maraj chose to use this advantage on Day 8 which resulted in Zachary being nominated.
    The winner of the second Shooting Star Advantage will receive a special Veto.This veto will give this person the power to not only save themselves/a fellow houseguest that is on the block, but they will also be given the power to name the replacement nominee. This power can be used at any time, up until the final five.



    The winner of the third Shooting Star Advantage will get the power to nominate a third nominee during any week they choose. It can only be used once and if that third nominee saves themselves with the veto, there will not be a replacement nominee. This power can only be used before the final 10.
    The winner of the fourth Shooting Star Advantage will wield the power to completely overthrow whichever HOH they so choose.That means if a person chooses to use this power, they will be dethrone the current HOH, their nominees will be cancelled, and two new nominees will be chosen. This power can only be used before the final 10. St6T8kQ.png
    The winner of the fifth Shooting Star Advantage will be safe all the way until jury. They can still win HOH and Veto's but they can not be nominated until the jury phase has begun.
    The winner of the sixth Shooting Star Advantage will be granted the power to steal any other shooting star advantage from the other houseguests with the advantage. The winner then chose to steal the second Shooting Star Advantage from Hermione. wrGJPkE.png
    The shooting star is now dead and will not be giving any advantages. The first Dead Shooting Star Disadvantage will be that whoever wins will NOT be allowed to play in the next five HOH's or Veto competitions.
    The winner of the second Dead Shooting Star Disadvantage will be forced to nominate themselves in the one of the next three evictions. If they do not decide which week they will nominate themselves, they will be named the third nominee during the third eviction. 8Lislvd.png
    The winner of the third Dead Shooting Star Disadvantage will be given 3 votes against them the next time they are nominated for eviction.
    The winner of the fourth Dead Shooting Star Advantage will not be able to participate in the final HOH competition if they get to the final three, leaving the choice to the other HouseGuests hTBT21l.png


    ☆ Thank you all for playing FOTP Big Brother: All Stars! ☆

    ☆ FOTP Big Brother 7 will begin Q4 2017! 

  14. This ranking is for the one and only queen: Madonna, bitch. ~I Don't Give A paraphrase reference~ I decided to do this because why not? I'm still on my little break but this gives me something to do and I love doing these so far even though they flop.


    WARNING: I'm putting the first one in a spoiler because it is a very unpopular opinion and I don't need y'all bitching. If you open the spoiler, you are agreeing to not be a little bitch.




    True Blue




    This album just doesn't do ANYTHING for me. I rarely listen to it and if I do, it's just the highlights. Pls don't hurt me.

    Highlights: Papa Don't Preach, Open Your Heart, Where's The Party, True Blue

    Can Go Suck A Dick: Love Makes The World Go Round, Jimmy Jimmy


    12: Like A Virgin




    This album has some AMAZING songs but the fillers are FILLERS and so generic and just dated trash. Love Don't Live Here Anymore is underrated.

    Highlights: Angel, Like A Virgin, Love Don't Live Here Anymore, Dress You Up, Shoo-Bee-Doo (pls don't hurt me)

    Can Go Suck A Dick: Material Girl (pls don't hurt me), Over And Over


    11: Madonna




    Pretty dated but pretty catchy and an amazing debut. Not much to say about it really

    Highlights: Lucky Star, Burning Up, I Know It, Holigay, Think Of Me

    Can Go Suck A Dick: Borderline


    10: MDNA




    She could have done better but this album isn't as bad as everyone says. It's just messy tbh. Home of the should have been hit single I'm Addicted. Some songs are borderline G E N E R I C ie Girl Gone Wild, Turn Up The Radio, etc but she pulls some of them off. I wish she didn't try to be so edgy this era but at least we got some holy BOPS.

    Highlights: Girl Gone Wild, Gang Bang, I'm Addicted, Nicki's verse on I Don't Give A, Love Spent, Falling Free, Beautiful Killer, Best Friend

    Can Go Suck A Dick: Give Me All Your No, the rest of I Don't Give A


    9: Hard Candy




    Truly underrated by Madonna stans. It is nowhere near as bad as all of you say it is. Literally only a couple duds. Yeah, she cased trends but she did it PERFECTLY. So many great bops on this album that all of you WASTE. Give It 2 Me should have smashed tbh

    Highlights: Give It 2 Me, Miles Away, She's Not Me, Beat Goes On, Devil Wouldn't Recognize You, Voices, Ring My Bell, the album cover shoot

    Can Go Suck A Dick: 4 Minutes, Spanish Lesson


    8: Like A Prayer



    Blah blah blah art blah amazing blah pure artistry blah blah game changer blah blah blah. IDGAF. Yes, mature artistic game changing iconic controversial album, I agree. But some songs just didn't age well or just suck dick. Hate me. I truly respect the artistry of the album but I still find it a tad overrated. Oh Father is one of my fave songs from her.

    Highlights: Like A Prayer, Express Yourself, Till Death Do Us Part, Oh Father, Keep It Together, Spanish Eyes

    Can Go Suck A Dick: Love Song, Promise To Try, Dear Jessie


    7: Confessions On A Dance Floor




    Used to be my favorite Madonna album but some of it hasn't aged well. I still love it and think it is still almost flawless and a great comeback. This album just delivers so much. Production. Lyrics. Looks. SERVED

    Highlights: Hung Up, Get Together, Sorry, Let It Will Be, Forbidden Love, How High, Isaac

    Can Go Suck A Dick: I Feel Love ripoff, I Hate Myself, Push (me over a cliff)


    6: American Life




    An edgier Ray Of Light. She tried perfecting the formula of Music but made a few missteps but still B+ for effort. I do find this album is pretty overrated by fans because it's so edgy and SOME NOT ALL just wanna seem edgy. This album does have great moments though and she really delivers. Lyrics are SERVED (Except in a couple songs). Same with looks kinda. Nothing Fails was the hit that got away, so magical and one of my faves from her. Easy Ride is probably in my top 10 songs and is a pure masterpiece. Die Another Day is unnecessarily hated on.

    Highlights: Hollywood, Love Profusion, Nobody Knows Me, Nothing Fails, Die Another Day, Easy Ride, the original American Life video

    Can Go Suck A Dick: American Life, the released video of American Life


    5: Ray Of Light




    I used to HATE this album but I have since since the (ray of) light! Basically an updated Like a Prayer except better! Except a couple songs... Anyways, Nothing Reall Matters and Skin should have SMASHED

    Highlights: Swim, Ray Of Light, Skin, Nothing Really Matters, Sky Fits Heaven, Frozen, The Power Of Good-Bye, the vocals

    Can Go Suck A Dick: Shitty/Ashtray


    4: Rebel Heart




    I know I'm going to get hate for this album being so high but it truly is almost flaw free. Messy but still almost perfect. A couple songs should have been cut, a couple songs should not have been changed from the demo (looking at you Rebel Heart. Madonna, what's good?? Avicii slayed that version). I relate to a lot of this album and has a special place in my little gay heart. Hate me for it bitches. So underrated and should have done SO much better. Also, Bitch I'm Madonna BOPS.

    Highlights: Living For Love, Devil Pray, Ghosttown, Unapologetic Bitch, Illuminati, Bitch I'm Madonna, Joan Of Arc, Iconic, Holy Water, Best Night, Veni Vidi Vici, S.E.X., Messiah, Rebel Heart, Auto-Tune Baby, Beautiful Scars, Addicted

    Can Go Suck A Dick: Body Shop, Graffiti Heart


    3: Erotica




    Erotic, Erotic, put your hands all over my iconic copy of this controversial album. So fucking amazing, well written masterpiece. Should have done a lot better than it did. It's dark, beautiful, heartbreaking lyrics. In my opinion, her most mature.

    Highlights: Erotica, Fever, Deeper And Deeper, Bad Girl, Waiting, Words, Why's It So Hard, Secret Garden, Bad Girl video

    Can Go Suck A Dick: Did You Do It?


    2: Music




    Hate me for this, idc. I really think this is her most forgotten album. This album is really sentimental to me so it holds a special place in my heart. I had the CDS of Music when it first came out but I didn't know who it was but it slayed me and I always wondered who it was. Then in 2011, Gaga got me into Madonna and this was the first album I listened to and I stanned. This is a flawless album that should have done better, had more singles, and deserves more all together.

    Highlights: Music, Impressive Instant, Runaway Lover, I Deserve It, Amazing, Nobody's Perfect, Don't Tell Me, Paradise (Not For Me), Gone, American Pie

    Can Go Suck A Dick: The people who discredit this album


    1: Bedtime Stories




    So personal, sad, and incredibly done. There isn't a dull moment on this piece of art. Definitely underrated and deserves so much more than what it got. The singles (except Take A Bow) deserved more. Trend chasing but done immaculately. Some of the songs on this album are in my top 10 of hers. This album really speaks for itself.

    Highlights: Survival, Secret, Inside Of Me, Human Nature, Forbidden Love, Love Tried To Welcome Me, Sanctuary, Bedtime Story

    Can Go Suck A Dick: Your Honesty not making the album




    Ryanism of the day: Don't forget to take care of yourself first

  15. Doctor Strange and Mr. Fantastic (these are somewhat old and you can't take them out of the box without cutting it open, so I won't be doing so)




    The Shadow (debated getting the regular version or the Lamont Cranston/Alec Baldwin one that turns into the Shadow, landed on the former). Again, not gonna open it.




    Batman (1989) blast shield (action figure included) and Batwing, still boxed.




    Movie-based Dick Tracy toys that I had wanted for a really long time, and was lucky to find for very cheap (Dick Tracy, Big Boy Caprice, Flattop).




    And this doll.




    Ultimate Thor and AoU Hulk.




    Black Widow and Lady Deathstrike.




    And the Penguin.





  16. Read at your own discretion.




    After a night to be remembered, Room 57 is a total mess; champagne everywhere, confetti scattered about, even a bottle of lotion that sits face down on the coffee table. Halcyon, lying on the couch wearing only nude lingerie and a leather jacket, slowly wakes up and is a bit hungover. She looks around and sees Trevante exiting the bathroom wearing nothing but ripped up jeans and a gold chain. She rubs her head and feels her frizzled hair. “How long was I out?”
    “For almost 12 hours. You were stone cold when we finished.”
    “I must’ve been drinking too much, huh…”
    “Nah, just enough to keep it on the grind.”
    She gets up and drowsily swings around him. “Grinding on who?”
    He smirks. “Me…”
    She laughs softly. “Of course it’d be you…” They lean in towards each other. “I’m just so blessed to be around you once again…”
    “Well, it’s been a long time… but I’m back in town.”
    They begin to kiss each other when Halcyon steps on a small shard of glass, stunning her. She looks around and sees half a dozen empty bottles of liquor thrown around, one of which is broken. “Oh wow, so I was pretty wasted…”
    “We were all pretty much wasted, but we’ll clean up this mess and have your place spotless in no time.”
    As Trevante begins to pick up stuff from afar, Halcyon looks back on the coffee table and notices the lotion. “Who’s lubricant is that?”
    “Oh, that’s Milan’s!”
    “Who’s Milan?”
    He comes back with three empty bottles in hand. “An old friend of mine, I invited him over since we haven’t seen each other in years… but I’ll give this back to him later.”
    Halcyon grabs the lubricant and hands it to him. “But what’s it doing here?”
    “He brings it in case shit gets heated down under.” Halcyon throws up in her mouth a little. “But let’s get this space cleaned up before anything important happens.”

    Flashback: Monday Night

    It’s a party at a rich dude’s house! Well, more like a party at a middle-class woman’s apartment. Well nothing ever last forever, no… Endless chatter and laughter fill the room as they all celebrate Trevante’s return. An hour into the party, everyone is sitting down and pretty much drunk.
    Halcyon scoots over and reaches for the champagne bottle on the coffee table. She pops it open and fills everyone’s glasses, all 8 of them. “Ok shut up!” Everyone stops to listen. “Not only do I toast to my hubby over here, who just got out of jail… but I also, want to toast to the newly engaged couple down there!” She points to Diamond and Trevor, and the rest begin to cheer. “So, let’s raise our glasses for them all!” Everyone grabs their glasses to toast, and proceed to drink the liquor. They all then slam their glasses down with ecstasy. Halcyon checks the bottle and notices that it’s empty. “Yo, can one of y’all check if there’s anymore of this?”
    Trevante gets up as Halcyon lays the bottle down on the table. He opens the fridge to his surprise. “There’s 2 more in here.”
    “Great! Come back over, I have an idea,” Halcyon says as Trevante returns. “How about we play truth or dare?”
    She claps. “Okay, it’s a go! I’ll spin first.” Halcyon does the first move, and after a moment it stops. “Maraj… truth or dare?”
    Maraj sits up from Sean’s embrace. “I’m feeling a bit spicy tonight, so I’ll say… dare.”
    “Well… I’ve got something for ya,” Halcyon gestures her. “I dare you to kiss me.”
    “Oh hell yeah—”
    Don’t be afraid to catch feels… Halcyon climbs on over to Maraj and they begin making out. As everyone is enjoying the moment, Sean, sitting right beside the two, takes his phone out to capture it. “Oh god, look at this shit yo.”
    After a full minute, they let go of each other. Halcyon gets back over to Trevante, realizing she may be bisexual. But before she gets too deep into that thought, somebody knocks on the door. She gets up and walks over to the door, to find out it’s her neighbor.
    Halcyon pauses the Beats Pill and fixes her hair. “Oh, hi Olaf. What’s the word?”
    “I don’t want to sound like a dick, but can you turn your music down? I’m trying to sleep and stuff.”
    “Oh…” She puts her hand on her chest as Rashad gets up to refill the drinks. “I’m sorry about that, we’re in the middle of something… do you have any noise isolators?”
    He squints at her. “...no?”
    “Here,” she says as she quickly grabs the Beats Studio headphones sitting beside the door. “You can borrow these, they help me sleep sometimes. I listened to Lust for Life in these once and it knocked me out faster than sleeping pills.”
    “Oh thanks, but do you know when I should bring these back?”
    “Anytime. Have a good rest!” She closes the door and resumes the music. Tell me how you feel right now, ‘cause all I wanna do is keep it real right now… “Ok who wants to spin the bottle next?”
    “A-YO,” Milan shouts.
    “Alright, big boy.” Halcyon sits back down and Maraj suddenly gets up. Halcyon looks to Sean. “What’s she doing?”
    “She says she need a break, so…,” he shrugs.
    “I really don’t blame her, too many drinks can fuck you up…”
    Milan spins the bottle and it stops at Diamond. She speaks before Milan asked the question. “Dare!”
    “I… dare you to let me give you a lapdance… with your fiancé’s permission.”
    Trevor looks at him. “I don’t care, just as long as ya don’t go beyond a lapdance.”
    Now we’re talkin’!” Release, let go, and have a good time… Diamond gets up and pulls out a chair as the bass gets deep. Milan takes off his black tee and wraps it around her neck as he goes Magic Mike on her. With fresh glasses of champagne, everyone else begins to cheer and woot at them as they get into the groove of the song.


    After about 30 minutes of sweeping and spraying and even more sweeping, Halcyon’s apartment is back to the way it was before the chaos. Halcyon checks her phone and sees a flood of texts via random numbers. You might wanna check the forums, they’re talking about you, one read. “Huh?”
    “What’s wrong babe?”
    Halcyon logs into FOTP and sees about 100 new notifications from the past 12 hours. She hits one of them and finds a post in the Official Picture Thread, showcasing photos from last night, including some semi-NSFW photos hidden under a spoiler. “We have an even bigger mess to clean up now.”
    “And that is?”
    “Our reputation.” She hands him the phone, showing a picture of Trevante licking Halcyon’s chest as she signals the camera.
    “I think Sean took that… but how did it—”
    “It’s all over FOTP,” she says as she crosses her arms. “My job could very well be in jeopardy here, one more crack in the glass and I’m done.”
    He hands it back to her. “Don’t worry babe, shit happens to the best of us… y’know what they say: what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”
    She chuckles a bit. “Obviously, since I come out a stronger person every day after we make love.”
    They both wrap each other in their arms for a moment, and then Trevante checks the time. “Well, I gotta give this back to Milan, he’s probably waiting on me…”
    He grabs the lubricant and goes to open the door. But when he does, a dark figure stands in front of him. “Where do you think you’re going, boy?” With a strong push, he sends Trevante flying right back into the living room, sprints over and puts him in a chokehold. “Heaven wasn’t ready for me, but they will be ready for you!”
    Halcyon dashes towards the two men. “GET OFF OF HIM NOW.” She pushes the figure away from Trevante and punches him in the face. As Trevante gasps for air, Halcyon grabs her firearm from under the sofa cushions and cocks it. “Who the fuck are you and why are you in my crib?”
    “See for yourself,” he says as he lifts his head for the sunlight to reflect.
    “Yep.” He wipes the blood dripping from his nose. “I came here to get my revenge on the person who killed me.”
    Trevante? No no no no, he was just proven innocent—”
    “Because there wasn’t enough evidence to prove it. He hired somebody to take me over to this mansion, where I was held for a year, and I died trying to escape from it all.”
    She eyes Trevante, who is finally able to breathe normally again. “Is this true?”
    “No, he’s lying. I didn’t do shit—”
    “I’m lying? Bitch I know you called them when I was waiting outside—”
    Halcyon becomes curious and turns back to Cosmic. “How do you know?”
    “I mean, he knows these chicks, so something must’ve been up.”
    “Do you know what happened to Alvin?”
    “Who killed him?”
    He gets up. “Me.”
    Holy shit… Wide-eyed with a side of twitching, Halcyon stares at him as she lowers her gun. “Trevante, call the police… we’ve got a suspect on our hands.”
    Before he could even make a sound, Halcyon, furious, kicks Cosmic out onto the back balcony. Trevante grabs his phone and dashes into the kitchen. “Hello? We need officers out here immediately—”
    Halcyon goes outside and pins Cosmic down to the floor. “Why did you kill Alvin?”
    “He was forcing me to review Divide or else… he would kill me at the castle on the hill.”
    “So you decided to kill him?”
    “Yes…” Halcyon remains indifferent. “I felt threatened okay, it ain’t my fault—”
    “Bullshit.” Halcyon punches him again, but as she grabs for her gun, she notices something odd. She puts her finger on his philtrum, where blood started gushing out from the impact. “This… this isn’t blood, it’s… blue?” Cosmic suddenly reaches for Halcyon’s throat, and she pushes him right back down. She steps away and points the gun to his head. “Who the hell are you?”
    “I’m Cosmic—”
    “No you’re not, stop lying.”
    “Yes I—”
    “If you were, your blood wouldn’t be so discolored.”
    “That’s because I’m immortal.”
    She shoots him in the leg. “How ‘bout that for immortal?”
    “You c—”
    She puts her left heel on his throat. “Look… I don’t want to kill you, but you’re just not the same person I thought you were… I guess the moonlight faded away, how unfortunate…” She cocks her gun again. “Any last words, old friend?”
    Police sirens can now be heard pulling into the property. “Payback is a bad bitch, and Hal, you’re the baddest…”
    She gets puzzled. “What?”
    “You got him back… I knew you would…”
    “Got who back?”
    His voice suddenly changes. “I know everything.”
    Shook, Halcyon shoots him in the face, killing him. She looks up to the sky and takes a few deep breaths, when the door bursts open. Maraj and a fellow officer step outside and notice a pool of blue blood surrounding the body. “What happened here?”
    “Somebody claiming to be Cosmic showed up to kill Trevante, but I put an end to it before ‘he’ did anything.”
    “He looks just like I remember him as.” She touches the blood, noticing how abnormally cold it is. “This is some horror story shit over here.”
    “At this point, I honestly don’t know anymore…”
    “It’s probably some ancient virus.” Maraj signals the officer to take care of the body as she and Halcyon go back inside. “So… why else was he here?”
    “He confessed to killing Alvin.” Maraj’s eyes begin to grow. “He killed him because Alvin forced him to review an album that he despised, so instead of talking it over he chose to murder him.”
    “Explains the bloody copy…” She looks down with her arms crossed.
    Halcyon checks her texts and notices an unopened message sent from Diamond. She opens it and then notices a video is attached. As she plays the video, she steps away from everybody and within a moment becomes appalled. That plan sounds so… good… Trevante notices Halcyon just standing there. “Are you ok?” She turns around raising her eyebrow and chewing her tongue. “Hal—”
    In almost an instant, she slaps him so hard, a dark mark is left on his face. “How can you do this to me?!”
    “Do what—”
    “Betray me like this, I thought I could trust you to not go back over there—”
    He realizes what she’s talking about. “I-I can explain—”
    “Yeah… you BETTER before I—”
    “I wasn’t aware that I was being recorded, a’ight?”
    She stops. “You weren’t?”
    “No…” He begins to stutter. “I-I had an idea then that could’ve helped with their endeavors, but she advanced and took me over…”

    Flashback: April

    In the middle of a meeting, Hannah and Trevante enter the guestroom to talk in private. When she closes and locks the door, Hannah stands in front of him and crosses her arms. “So… what’s your idea?”
    “Well…” He folds his hands. “I feel like maybe we should try and be more incognito.”
    “When we go out to places, y’all should put on some disguises.” She starts rubbing on his suit. “I know somebody from the business who would be more than willing to help out.”
    “You do, huh?”
    “Yes…” He notices Hannah unbuttoning his lust dress shirt. “What’s going on?”
    “Oh, I thought it was getting a bit hot in here, or is that just me?”
    He looks up and begins to feel the heat. “Yeah… I guess it is.”
    Trevante proceeds to take off his suit and shirt, which further catches Hannah’s attention. She takes off her fur to catch his. “You can finish the honors so we can discuss it further.”


    “From that point, I just let down my guard… I don’t know.”
    Halcyon looks down, trying not to punch the wall beside her. “That bitch.”
    “And I’m sorry for falling for her, it wasn’t my intention yet—”
    “She exploited you.”
    Trevante stares at her. “Exactly.”
    He falls on his knees, and she does the same. “I forgive you… I know a lot is happening and I don’t want to make it worse than it already is… for the both of us.” She gets up. “But we should go over there.”
    He also gets back up. “Why?”
    “To give her a piece of my ass.”
    Maraj, who’s been watching them the entire time, looks at Halcyon’s wardrobe. “But first y’all need to change your damn clothes, the party’s been done with for the past 12 hours.”
    Halcyon notices she’s still wearing the nude lingerie and that Trevante needs a shirt. “Shit…” She looks around, but then her mind clicks. “I do have something we can use.”

    “These guns that are being given to you are to defend yourselves, not to play with yourselves,” Hannah states as Jay lays 5 guns down on the table before them. “If you mistake this for a sex toy, you better have a suicide note ready!… Sylk…”
    Sylk looks up. “What?”
    “Remember whenever the Floptopia Awards were held and you decided to stick a pistol up your ass to bypass the security, only to have it go off before we even left?”
    She shakes her head and pets her hair. “No… It was a bleak moment darling, truly bleak.”
    Suddenly, something massive drops from the ceiling. It lands like a bullet triggered from a moon-sized gun, but it wasn’t a meteor, a rock, nor The Rock. It was… “Saiga?”
    “Yes, hello you fags,” Saiga says as she brushes the debris off from that landing.
    Everybody grabs their gun and points it at her, but Jay gives out a warning. “Don’t shoot yet. These are fully loaded, just a reminder.”
    Taylor looks to him and smirks. “That’s not the only thing that’s fully loaded.”
    “Can you not make a sexual remark for once?”, Hannah snaps. “And you always bring that up at the wrong time, so go take your imaginary dick and throw it out into the woods.” She turns back to Saiga. “Anyways, back to this bitch—”
    “Well this bitch is yearning for your man, so I can suck the youth out of him.”
    “No, the other one.”
    Trevante? He’s in jail.”
    “Well then, that’s too bad.” Saiga takes out a copy of MDNA from her pocket. “¡Mirad! My secret weapon: mediocre pop music…”
    Unexpectedly, Lily bursts. “NO—”
    A bullet gets fired from somebody’s gun, with an aim at Saiga, but the jewel case blocks and sends it back in the girls’ direction. The bullet barely misses Hannah and hits Eithne in the shoulder. Everyone witnesses her collapsing to the floor.
    Lily drops her gun to check up on her, but it’s too late. Eithne takes her final breath in Lily’s arms. I feel the fever… “We lost her, girls.”
    Taylor just stands there. “Aw, now she can’t see Kylie become global, what a bummer.”
    “When has she ever been global,” Cody comments.
    Hannah loses it. “SLUTS, this is serious. Y’all are such imbeciles I—” Her eyes see Saiga running towards the record player. “Fuck no—”
    Hannah grabs her bat and sprints over. She starts swinging it when Saiga begins to wield a knife, missing her. Hannah hits Saiga in the ankle, dropping her to the ground and losing grip of the knife. Before she is able to grab it, the front entrance door opens with thunderous force. Hannah becomes irritated. “This again…”
    Halcyon, Trevante, and Maraj march into the property with body armor and jawlines for days. Saiga notices Trevante. “Well, why don’t you look at that? He’s not even in a jumpsuit!” She begins to slowly walk up to them. “Te he estado esperando.” {I’ve been waiting for you.}
    Halcyon, recognizing Saiga’s dialect, raises her gun. “No lo estás tocando.” {You’re not touching him.}
    “¿Y qué te hace pensar que alguien me va a detener?” {And what makes you think that someone’s gonna stop me?}
    “Esta.” {This.}
    Halcyon shoots and the bullet successfully hits Saiga right in the chest. She collapses to the ground and dies in a pool of purple blood. Hannah walks up to the trio, pretending to be shocked. “Oh wow, you just saved us!”
    “Nah, I only did that to save him.” Halcyon puts the gun back in her pocket.
    Trevante is astonished. “Since when did you learn Spanish? Police academy?”
    Halcyon grins. “College.” She proceeds to crack her knuckles. “What did y’all do to Cosmic?”
    Cosmic?” Hannah raises an eyebrow. “I only know of an Alex.”
    “Ok… what happened to Alex?”
    “Alex was a bitch honestly,” Cody blurts out.
    Then Sylk explodes. “We held him hostage for a year because he wouldn’t o—”
    Hannah swings the bat at her and Sylk gets knocked out. Halcyon looks at Hannah suspiciously, which causes her to finish Sylk’s sentence. “He wouldn’t obey my rules.”
    “What rules?”
    “I forget. They're new so I have to keep count.”
    Halcyon lets out a big sigh. “Now, why did you lure Trevante into that room?”
    “Oh you’ve seen the tape? I knew you would,” Hannah says as she puts her hair down. “But he was the one who wanted to go in and ask me in private.”
    “But didn’t you make the first move?”
    “Yes I did… he may be the master of seduction, but he himself is so easy to trick—”
    In a burst of anger, Halcyon slams Hannah against the wall. “You whore—”
    Hannah picks up her bat after it fell from the impact. “I didn’t know we were talking about yourself here!”
    “So I’m a whore for sleeping with your accomplice?” She looks to Trevante, who’s now giving her a what-the-fuck expression. “No offence.”
    “No. You’re a whore, because you would rather—”
    Before Hannah could finish her sentence, the lights go out. As everyone becomes bewildered, Sylk gains back consciousness and hits a whistle note. The noise is so powerful, some of the windows begin to crack and the lights begin to flicker back on. When the power is fully restored, there is a change. “Where did Saiga go?”
    Sylk, how can she go anywhere when she’s dea—” Hannah stops as she looks over to where Saiga used to be. There was no visible sign that she was even there; no cracks or blood. “What the hell? Did one of you skanks do anything to it?”
    Out of nowhere, a dark figure wearing a cowboy hat appears in that spot. Hannah drops her bat and picks up Eithne’s gun as everyone else draws theirs. The figure takes off her hat and throws it on Eithne’s body. “Looks like my harvest is going well. More food for me, I guess.”
    Hylia… don’t do this.”
    “And why shouldn’t I?” She looks to Hannah. “I’ve been silent all these years, witnessing a catastrophe unfold from right under me, and now y’all are gonna pay.”
    “Why did you even tell the whole community about the—”
    “Because we’re manipulators, it’s what we do, dumbass. We tell people lies and make them seem true, not the other way around.”
    Hannah begins to shoot at Hylia, but the bullets deflect right off. “What the…”
    “Oh, did I mention I’m completely bulletproof? It’s not a sorta fairytale, sweetie.” She brings out the same knife from the night before. “I built this sanctuary from my own blood, sweat and tears, and I will die protecting it from traitors like you.”
    “I’ve never seen anything like this before,” Halcyon gasps. “What do we do?”
    “Hold up, I’ve got the perfect idea,” Maraj declares. She brings out her radio and signals the police. “Bomb squad? I need some explosives as soon as possible, 69 Skinny Lane. Over.”
    Hannah turns to Maraj. “Are you seriously doing this?”
    “There’s no other choice.”
    As the sound of the squad car comes closer, Hylia’s voice deepens to a demonic roar. “I swear by the goddess Tori Amos, I will have all of your heads on a silver platter.
    Hal, watch out!”
    Hylia dashes across the foyer, but then someone fires a shot at the chandelier, knocking it off its hinges. It comes crashing down on top of Hylia, trapping her. She tries to escape, but the heavy light won’t budge an inch. “I will get y’all back and I will see the harvest, I guarantee it!
    “Everyone, get out before it explodes!”
    An officer begins to escort everybody out of the building, and Halcyon and Trevante rush out safely. She looks at him with awe. “Did you fire that shot?”
    “I had to, she was coming for you.”
    As the other girls get out on their own, Jay carries Hannah on his shoulder. An air grenade is thrown into the foyer as she shouts at him. “I refuse to leave without my diamonds and pearls!”
    “Those are just materialistic items you can replace.”
    “But they’re all I have left…” When she finally frees herself, the grenade goes off and glass goes everywhere. Thick dust smoke begins to make its way out from the roof as she and Jay look on from a distance. “I guess I need to start licking donuts again.”
    “And there will be plenty of them for you to lick, honey.”
    Hannah turns around and notices Maraj carrying some handcuffs. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”
    “Your time is up,” Halcyon says. “You and your sisters will be booked to the FOTP Jail for abducting and conspiring to murder Mr. Cosmic Moon.”
    As the 5 remaining girls get their wrists slapped, Cody speaks out. “No worries! I’ll have Jimmy bail us all out and we’ll forget this ever happened.”
    Halcyon winks at them. “We’ll see about that.” Hannah gasps as Halcyon turns her back to them. “I’ll let the Sheriff know that y’all are coming. Maraj, take them away.”

    As Maraj and the officers escort the girls into the squad car, Halcyon and Trevante get back into the Kia Soul. She takes a few deep breaths. “3 months in the making, and we finally got them…”
    “Yeah, we got ‘em good,” he sighs. “And again, I’m sorry for everything that’s happened, for turning my back against you.”
    “It’s fine. We all make mistakes sometimes. Some small, and some big… that’s life. Those mistakes are what make us who we are; imperfect, yet immaculate.”
    They stay silent for a moment as everyone leaves, leaving behind a mansion with extensive damage. Trevante then looks her right in the eyes. “I love you.”
    Halcyon, stunned, looks back at him. She feels a tear rolling down, but he wipes it off. “I love you, too.”
    They lean in slowly to kiss each other, but then the radio comes back on. Mystery solved! Now, back to our countdown. They hold hands as the music begins. It’s like, I just love a cowboy, you know? I’m just like, I just, I know it’s bad. But I’m just like, can I just like, hang off the back of your horse, and can you go a little faster?!
    He smirks. “Do you wanna go cause some trouble?”
    “Trouble?” She laughs as she feels her heart beat faster. “I love trouble.”

    Characters featured on this episode:

    @Halcyon as Halcyon Banks
    Trevante Rhodes
    Milan Christopher (special guest)
    @Diamond as Diamond Barrett
    Trevor Jackson
    @Maraj as Maraj Kaplan
    (BigSean Anderson (special guest)
    @xoxo, olaf as Olaf (special guest)
    Rashad Jennings (special guest)
    @Cosmic as Cosmic Moon
    @Chapman. as Alvin Conley
    @Hannah as Hannah Suarez
    @Sylk as Sylk Bird
    Jayceon "The Game" (special guest)
    @Saiga as Saiga Bartoli
    Pietro Boselli (mentioned)
    @Taylor as Taylor Carillo
    @TattooedHeart as Lily Spence
    @Daenerys as Cody Knox
    @Aidan. as Eithne Burke
    @Hylia as Hylia Salinas
    Jimmy Garoppolo (mentioned)

    This is the end... for now.

    Thank you guys so much for reading this and for having the patience to wait this long. I didn't think it would take me 4 months to complete this season, but things just kept getting in the way. As time becomes even more limited for me, and after writing this for so long, I'm burned out, so I'll be taking a hiatus. I don't know how long it'll be until I can start writing this again, but I promise it'll be very soon. Lastly, I would like to thank my friends and everyone in NUDES for motivating me to keep doing this. In the middle of July, about a third into writing this episode, I just wanted to quit because I felt like this had no purpose anymore, and I also felt like hardly anybody was interested in this as they once were. But my oh my did y'all prove me wrong, and thus I resumed work and here's the final product. So thank y'all so much for allowing me to do this and once again, I promise that the follow up will come very soon. I may even throw a few surprises in between while we wait. But until then, see you on the next case.


    ~ xoxo, Halcyon.

  17. oR3rVlP.png

    PcQwfU5.png 2vhcu1h.png

    Another number 1 for Jon Bellion with 80's Films making this his 5th number one altogether but falling elsewhere on the chart. New artist on the chart scene Shawn Hook is catching up to Jon for domination, debuting at #2 on the Artist Chart with 4 new songs. One of those songs, Never Let Me Let You Go comes in at #2 with 37 plays. Another discovery is Todrick Hallwith with the very catchy song Low with RuPaul.


  18. Its been a while since Ive done this but basically this is where I share the artists I found in the cracks of the recommended on youtube.

    1. Ängie

    The swedish singer can get a bit obnoxious with her rebellious lyrics, but I guess since sweden isn't fond of "smoking weed and eating pussy" Ängie doesn't shy away from her angst.


    2. Emily Vaughn

    At first listen, it might seem like Emily Vaughn is just another stale pop vocalist that can be replaced by anyone, but she has potential. Her songs "Think Twice" and "What Do You Want" or bops, but check out her most recent single "Mood"


    3. Billie Eilish

    Billie gained some popularity for her song being featured in 13 Reasons why. But as you can see by my current set I am in love with her sound and look. Bellyache is like a weird accoustic bop that turns into this house banger. Check it out


    4. Rico Nasty

    Rico might be a bit annoying with the autotune but I am in love with her debut record, it has this unique sound similiar to Lil Yachty but with the female flare and interesting topics


    5. Ronika

    Although the cover is problematic ew2 I enjoy the majority of her new album "Lose My Cool"

    It has these 80s inspired bops but also unique ones such as Dissolve which I HIGHLY recommend nat1 


  19. Latest Entry

    city looiiiiiiitesbusinesss noiiiites 


    ... no need to ask


    hes a smooth operator


    the only redeeming feature about my body is my collar bones is that a bad thing? 

  20. I'm totally confused again. I don't know who I should put into my Top 10 artists.

    I have 2 singers who are amazing but I can't choose because they are almost equal to me.

    I listed some things I like about them and some things I don't like.

    Maria Mena: I love her ballads and her voice, it's so fragile. I love that she is from Norway. I love that she has 7 albums. I sarted to follow her in Summer 2010. I don't really like that most of her songs sound the same. I don't really like her look, she reminds me of the girlfriend from my crush. Well she was mostly just there. I listend to her stuff but I never really care for her.

    Amy Macdonald: I love that she is mostly a rock singer (she makes folk-rock-pop music), she well known in Europe, she really pretty and she's from Scottland. I started to follow her in June 2012. The bad things are that she only has 4 albums and she had a 4 1/2 years break.

    Who should I choose?


    Amy Macdonald (left) and Maria Mena (right)

  21. I know many of u don't care to know or forgot about this already but I still want to do it to close the chapter on a high note with an explanation on why things went the way they went.


    I'm not blaming anyone for anything. I can say I blame myself for biting off more than I can chew and for blowing up when I did. The timing also wasn't right, the FOTP drama was on its highest and my personal life at work was getting worse and worse until I left work in November.



    I'd like to thank the players of Reincarnation for playing & apologize to each one of them for how the game fizzled out:

    @Jae @PhCh @Jony @Kirjava @Entea @Honey @SANDCASTLES @SWIN3 @Pageant Material @Nocturn @frankgutz


    I'd like to apologize to the new players also:

    @Perfect Intrusion @delete it fat @The Emancipation of Momo @Coca-Cola



    I'll keep it as short as I can, but I'm going to be candid. So The first week when the game started was without a doubt MY FAV WEEK ON FOTP. That was when everything was going great and everyone was still interested in the game. I loved the game and the story. This game allowed me to be creative and get in touch with one of my fav hobbies which is story-telling. Obviously things took a huge turn when I blew up and the way I did it. I still feel bad about that day and wish it never happened, but that's life I guess... who doesn't have regrets? 


    The main reasons I brought back the game after that and got courage and momentum to do so is because of @QUINN @frankgutz @Hannah. and I thank them for that. So when I brought back the game, things were not going how they were on the first week. Players were not as invested in the game. I'm the type of person that feeds off on energy, if I feel people are enthusiastic about my project I feel the same. With time I stopped being interested in producing this game but continued anyway. Then some drama happened with a player in PM and I just was over the game. I put in on hold and focused on creating and releasing the first issue of Pop Addiction Magazine with @Nocturn, @GLORY, @Entea, and @Princess Aurora. After it I decided to return and give a final week where the conclusion to the story happens and the winner would be crowned, but due to many players being busy in their personal lives, and I don't blame them cos they only signed up to play 3 weeks, but due to that and especially some players that were more enthusiastic like @frankgutz among others and the lack of interaction, I just had no more motivation to keep going. My main goal with the game was to entertain FOTPers and make FOTP a fun place and that goal was no longer being met so I felt that there's no point in continuing this.


    The game was too much effort to make, it took me days to prepare one update and interact with the players via pm and thread, and I simply couldn't do it without any enthusiasm and motivation. There are also many other reasons I won't divulge into publicly cos my intent is not to stir up any drama, but to those people they will be informed via pm if there is something concerning them in particular.


    Other stuff I prepared for the game before I decided to cancel it:

    • Songs I produced and sung by people online, the songs were going to be used in the storyline and as a soundtrack (which was gonna be put together), one song was written by @Perfect Intrusion and me and I had another girl sing it and it was gonna be a song for a character that was an up and coming singer. 
    • I was planning a crossover between Reincarnation and #PopIndustry. I apologize to @CHANEL #1 that it never took off and we couldn't get it done, but there were many reasons why that in particular couldn't happen along with the lack of motivation and timing issues.
    • I was and still am writing a novel version of the story of Reincarnation, I was planning on having it being a side thing for players to read and get more detail on everything. I'm planning on maybe sharing parts of it and then in the future I might release it as a novel as a whole thing.



    Hopefully none of this deterred you all from joining any future games of mine, I hope none of u left the game with a sour taste in their mouth, I promise in any future project of mine I'll think hard about the execution of my ideas and choosing more wisely on how I'm going to execute them within the time frame I set in the start, either that or making simple projects that won't be time consuming to prepare and present.



    I just want to thank these people for supporting my game when it was on:

    @Hannah. @Hyun. @Royalty @Max  @blankdreams. @Anna-wa @Princess Aurora



    About the future:

    I don't know what will happen in the future. I've decided to start posting chapters from the Reincarnation novel for now. If there is a Re-Reincarnation season, who knows, but it'll be next fall, if ever. 


    Special Thanks:

    Thank you @Onika for your support from the start and thanks for removing the section cos seeing the section week after week when I just couldn't give more to the game was very hard and made me feel like I've disappointed the players. Thank you @blankdreams. for encouraging me to do this game and for starting it off with me. Thank you @frankgutz for stepping up to the plate when I needed you. Thanks to the players that talked me down from a ledge when I needed it.



    Sorry if I disappointed anyone. I wish u all the best both in FOTP and irl. <3

  22. Hey whats up you guys i know it has been forever like almost a year since i havent blogged theres actually a list that i have right now its not much but anyways i would like to congratulate Kesha for her newest song "Praying" which was released July 6, 2017 if you HAVENT heard it yet (though im sure majority of you have) check it out on youtube! you can also download it on itunes, spotify, amazon music and google play. I cant wait for her album 'Rainbow' which will be released i think in......actually i dont know when it will drop lol but if you guys have any idea please leave a comment down below and i will take a look at it and the next time i blog i will definately talk about it. Anyways, onwards to todays blog! i have been playing the single pringle role for far too long and i think its starting to get to me. Lets see, did i ever tell you guys that i'm finally enrolled in college? it's not much but it is a start im enrolled in PBSC a.k.a Palm Beach State College because i have no idea what i want to do as a career so im starting off with having Criminal Justice as one of my majors 👏👏👏👏 yay to me i finally made it thru high school without dropping out (tho i had been thinking about doing it but its a good thing i havent) by the way you guys i know i made it as a joke but dropping out is no laughing matter for as you can see im one of the few in the family (mostly my dad's side my mom went to college but just like me she was the few who even made it pass highschool and made it to college as well) to even made it to college. My dad was a drop out with a G.E.D, my aunt did the same practically all of his family were drop outs (except for me) so he was really proud of me for staying in school and making it to college because just like any good parent he just wants the best for me. As i was saying yes i have made it and im very proud and hopefully i will make it to a university like FIU or maybe FAU i dont know but i will have to work hard and see. Another thing i would like to get off my chest is im getting noticed on youtube however i dont want a bunch of subscribers if im not able to even reach my laptop so i have to wait to find available time to even go on it and not only that i got to figure out this really cool screen recorder its called OBS (you can look it up right now if you like) and let's look at reality i'm not good at tech stuff so if i have time and my laptop with me i can always go on youtube and figure that stuff out. But the point im trying to get across is im getting subs and im so proud of myself and so i really want to achieve becoming a famous youtuber so that i will be better noticed for my videos and then i could go into further achievements like selling my own merch, going to vidcon and meeting fans..Im a little obsessed with attention and being noticed for what i do (just like how im so obsessed with love but we will talk about that another time) and i know this takes time so until then id have to wait so that i can make some adjustments to make my channel look nicer and more professional like other youtubers..by the way if you are a very well known youtuber (known for gameplays and rps) please i would like some advice on how i should make my channel look nicer and how i should record my videos..like is there a special way i should do my intro? my outro? is there a better way to record that i should download and install instead? let me know right away and i will take into consideration. wow that was a mouthful but enough of that i just wanted to get all that off my chest. I guess that is all i have to say for today i hope u guys enjoyed this blog. I will blog again sometime this week if im not busy. I love you guys...your my little pumpkin patch (pumpkins will always be my favorite) 🍊 i know it looks like an orange emoji but if you use your imagination it could be a delicious little pumpkin. Okay i will see you guys next time i love you! goodbye! 😚😚😚