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Witness: What Could Have Been?

Opinion Witness: What Could Have Been?

On June 9th 2017, Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson a.k.a. Katy Perry released her fifth studio album (yes, we need to count her Christian music debut album because that's a part of her history) titled 'Witness'. The album was supposed to present Perry in a much different light compared to her previous records. She called it "purposeful pop" era. The album was notably different in its sonic landscape and overall theme, also worth to be mentioned was the production that largely sounded way colder than an



#29 Lady Gaga - Chromatica (2020)

#RoyaltyListens #29: Lady Gaga - Chromatica (2020) This moment has been pushed back a little bit because my baby @Royale had to do some exams, but now he's finally done, and we can do listening threads again! Tomorrow at 9:00 pm Amsterdam time/3:00 PM EDT time, we'll be listening to Lady Gaga's already iconic and recordbreaking sixth album "Chromatica". I have been excited for this listening thread since the day "Chromatica" was announced so I hope to see you all tomorrow at the Chrom


Bionic: What Could Have Been?

Opinion Bionic: What Could Have Been?

Christina Maria 'Xtina' Aguilera released an album titled "Bionic" on June 8th, 2010. The album was supposed to represent her femininity and motherhood, two aspects that don't necessarily linked to each other all the time. It's an album that also 'killed' her momentum in pop music as the critical and commercial receptions it got were abysmal. After the release of the album, she went through several events that would alter the course of her career and changed a portion of her personality as well.



#28 Mariah Carey - Glitter (2001)

#RoyaltyListens #28: Mariah Carey - Glitter (2001) #JusticeForGlitter! To celebrate that "Glitter" is finally available on streaming services, I thought it'd be a great opportunity to do a listening thread of "Glitter"! I have actually listened to this Mariah album maybe once or twice, so I can't really remember how any of the songs sound like, so this is (almost)  going to be a new experience for me. I am very, very, very excited to try out this album and I hope you will all join me



#27 Kylie Minogue - Fever (2001)

#RoyaltyListens #27: Kylie Minogue - Fever (2001) Okay so tomorrow after the "sweetener" listening thread, we decided to do another listening thread. This is a special request from my babe @Simón. - I'm kinda excited to do this listening thread, because I have never EVER listened to a full Kylie Minogue album, except for Golden when it came out. This was also the essence of me doing listening threads, to discover new albums, so I'm very excited to do this one. We'll be doing this afte



#26 Ariana Grande - sweetener (2018)

#RoyaltyListens #26: Ariana Grande - sweetener (2018) Yes, we're back and we're better than ever. I really enjoyed the two listening threads we did last week, we had a lot of fun with the people that showed up, just talking about the albums we listened to (Caution + Talk That Talk btw) and the Royal Clique decided to throw another listening thread. This time it's for Grammy winning artist Ariana Grande. We're listening to "sweetener" tomorrow night (Wednessday 20th) at 8:00 pm Amsterd



What I Think Miley Cyrus Should Consider to Do

Remember just a year ago when Miley Cyrus officially changed her name from Destiny Hope Cyrus to Miley Cyrus? Yeah, it was years ago. What I meant was, remember when she told us that she's going to release a three-part EPs which will be her next official studio album? Yeah, I remember that. Where is it now? None. Nowhere. Gone. Apparently, Miley was going to title the album as "She Is Miley Cyrus" which definitely gave me Barbra Streisand tease. However, I think it wouldn't be wise for



#25 Rihanna - Talk That Talk (2011)

#RoyaltyListens #25: Rihanna - Talk That Talk (2011) After the Caution listening thread, we will be listening to my favorite Rihanna album: "Talk That Talk"  I have always been a big Rihanna stan and when I grew up, I played this album so many times. I'm sure if I had last.fm 2011 this album would have had around 2000 plays, because I used to play this over and over again  I don't know what it is with this album, but this album is so nostalgic to me and I can't wait to listen to it wi



#24 Mariah Carey - Caution (2018)

#RoyaltyListens #24: Mariah Carey - Caution (2018) O my God, I looked it up, and my last listening thread was January 4th 2018! Under light pressure from the Royale Clique, I decided to make another #RoyaltyListen thread where I listen to an album and rank the songs. Basically, we hang out, listen to the album and share our thoughts about the songs on the album! This has always been so much fun to do. This listening thread will be tomorrow evening, 08:00 pm Amsterdam time (so in the e



I finished my manuscript...

All work and no play makes Dennis a dull boy All work and no play makes Dennis a dull boy All work and no play makes Dennis a dull boy All work and no play makes Dennis a dull boy All work and no play makes Dennis a dull boy All work and no play makes Dennis a dull boy All work and no play makes Dennis a dull boy All work and no play makes Dennis a dull boy All work and no play makes Dennis a dull boy All work and no play makes Dennis a dull boy

My Favorite "Legend of Zelda" Music Remixes

Lately I've been getting more and more into vaporwave, electronic instrumentals, lo-fi, & hip-hop beats. These genres are dominated by remixes of popular songs and compositions. The Legend of Zelda is one of my favorites series – as video games, but also for it's music. So, a lot of what I've ben gravitating towards is artists who remix Zelda songs – or just video game music in general. I've found some really great stuff, so I thought I'd share a short list of a few recommendations for anybo


2019 Fire Escape - Dark Bars - Settling Down Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince - Death By A Thousand Cuts - False God If I Can't Have You - No Such Thing - Saint Honesty



My Top 20 Favourite Simpsons Episodes

Been watching this show a lot lately and felt like making this list     20. Bart's Comet (S6 E14)  19. The Otto Show (S3 E22) 18. You Only Move Twice (S8 E02) 17. The Springfield Connection (S6 E23) 16. Mr. Plow (S4 E09) 15. Treehouse of Horror V (S6 E06) 14. Lemon of Troy (S6 E24) 13. Itchy & Scratchy Land (S6 E04) 12. Homer at the Bat (S3 E17) 11. I Love Lisa (S4 E15) 10. The Joy of Sect (S9 E13) 9. Lisa on Ice (S6 E08)


2018 Spinning Bottles - Low - Backsliding Better Off - Goodnight N Go - Everytime Unless It's With You - Deserve - Twice




2017 Only Forever - Cry Baby - Lonely Would You Call That Love - I Don't Think About You - Don't You Pretend Call It What You Want - New Year's Day - Delicate




2016 Just Luv Me - Just Like Me - Man On The Moon Kindly Calm Me Down - Hopeless Romantic - Better Never Got Away - In Love Again - Don't Wanna Love You  




2015 All That - Your Type - Warm Blood Camouflage - Sober - Perfect Stone Cold - Lionheart - For You  




2014 Never Getting Over You - Land Called Far Away - If You Love Me Let Me Go Pretty When You Cry - Old Money - Cruel World Clean - This Love - Wildest Dreams