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I’m going to pretend I was bored and that I didn’t do this survey because I’m a flop. If any of you girls want to do this too comment or  tag me so I can get to know ya   What is your name? Joel B : How old are you? 22  C : Orientation? Gay   D : Gender? Male E : Are you dating anyone? No I hate men they’re trash   F : Do you have a crush? Yeah but he doesn’t feel the same way   G : What country do you live in? You Es Ay  H : Summer or Winter? Winter I : How many languages do you know? one with some random bits of others cause I whore to all kinds of men J : Have any tattoos? How many? none but this is these are similar to to what I want  K : Have any pets? How many? What are their names Chihuahua and I am not giving out her name or social security soz L : Ever been to another country? Do you want to? Canada & Mexico. I want to go to Australia, Greece and Spain M : Favorite school subject? P.E N : Favorite beverage? Sangria O : Favorite food? Any kind of pizza P : Do you prefer books, movies, or video games? Video Games Q : Do you have any favorite books/movies/games? L.A. Noire, Civilization Series, Tropico Series, 007 R : How many blogs do you follow? none cause I make my own gurlfwend S : How many followers do you have? a personal attack   T : How many blogs do you have? 3 henny U : Ever been in a physical fight? yeah and that heffa learned her lesson V : What do you want to do when you're older? become a contestant on a revived early 2000s competition show W : Favorite fictional character?  Daredevil  X : Have you ever broken a bone or had surgery? broken a knee   Y : Favorite genre of music? Chillwave Z : Favorite song? Atm  it’s Kept Woman by Fleet Foxes



My Emote Collection FOTP Edition

@Michael.1                   @Manel1                      @Kyoteki1    @fab1                           @Urbanov1                  @Ursula1     @Winnie.1                     @Winnie.2                    @Régine Filange1



Adam Lambert: The Singles

1.No Boundaries
2.Time for Miracles
3.For Your Entertainment
4.Whataya Want from Me
5.If I Had You
7.Sure Fire Winners
10.Better Than I Know Myself
11.Never Close Our Eyes
13.Ghost Town
14.Another Lonely Night
15.Welcome to the Show (feat. Laleh)
16.Two Fux



Lana Del Rey: The Singles

1.Video Games
2.Born to Die
3.Blue Jeans
4.Summertime Sadness
5.National Anthem
6.Blue Velvet
8.Dark Paradise
9.Young and Beautiful
10.Once Upon a Dream
11.West Coast
12.Shades of Cool
14.Brooklyn Baby
15.Black Beauty
16.High by the Beach
17.Music to Watch Boys To
19.Lust for Life (feat. The Weeknd)
20.Summer Bummer (feat. ASAP Rocky and Playboi Carti)
21.Groupie Love (feat. ASAP Rocky)
22.God Save Our Young Blood (with Børns) Promotional singles:
1.Off to the Races
3.Burning Desire
4.Terrence Loves You
6.Coachella - Woodstock in My Mind Remix singles:
1.Summertime Sadness (Remix) (vs Cedric Gervais)
2.Young and Beautiful (Remix) (vs Cedric Gervais)



Lorde: The Singles

2.Tennis Court
4.Glory and Gore
5.Yellow Flicker Beat
6.Magnets (With Disclosure)
7.Green Light
8.Perfect Places
9.Homemade Dynamite
10.Homemade Dynamite (Remix) (feat. Khalid, Post Malone and SZA)



Aaliyah: The Singles

1.Back & Forth
2.At Your Best (You Are Love)
3.Age Ain't Nothing but a Number
4.Down with the Clique
5.The Thing I Like
6.Are You Ready?
7.If Your Girl Only Knew
8.One in a Million
9.4 Page Letter
10.Hot Like Fire
11.Got to Give It Up
12.The One I Gave My Heart To
13.Journey to the Past
14.Are You That Somebody?
15.I Don't Wanna
16.Try Again (feat. Timbaland)
17.Come Back in One Piece (feat. DMX)
18.We Need a Resolution
19.More Than a Woman
20.Rock the Boat
21.Miss You
22.I Care 4 U
23.Don't Know What to Tell Ya
24.Come Over




DisneyRejects - Some random ass concoction I made  Physical - After the eyeconic Olivia Newton John ANTHEM XX✘X - Literally me after a week of using tumblr  Ø. -A MISTAKE  Venus as a Boy - After Bjorks best song Xanadu - Physical’s short lived evolution  Nautica - after the EYECONIC department store brand  the N Word - try hard/American Life era  Joel - Me. I am Mariah. Era  




I got a long list of ex-lovers, they’ll tell you I’m insane     welcome to the first entry of my oh so flopsessful blog! I’ve been casually going over my messy post history on here and this is where I’ll jot down some thots on them...   I had so many people on this site I could consider lovers. A lot of the relationships ended without closure because Im unfaithful and it kills me inside. (Such a bop)    lets start with @Carlos i know you’re supposedly straight and I support you and we had our messiness in the kety section with @QUINN and @California boy and I ABANDONDED you flops to live a lucrative life in BGs bringing ramifications to our section (tho @Benji takes some blame too) I just want you guys to know you helped me transition into forums and were so friendly with wide open arms and unconditionalllll love that I cherish.mp3 our times beating everyone in the weekly sections posts counts.   Next, I would like to say that you, @Kali were an amazing friend during my reinvention era, and you really helped me bring out the me I am Mariah in me. I got introduced to music that I still play today, you are so spot on with your taste and suggestions and I never answered your Pm and I am so sorry I didn’t pm u back and that I didn’t save our friendship like I should have if t really meant that much to me.  I hope one day we can rekindle that fire we had.   @Sailor Venus idk if we are still married but if we are, please post more in the OPT I love seeing your pics   @Oblivia I love you Alex and I miss you. I hope to catch up with you sometime and I can’t help but remember when I was going through my Taylor Lautner phase that you mentioned it brought out the homosexual in you and I’m glad I was able to help ❤️ @Lust I miss talking to you too and I’m sorry I let Mafia flop lmao. I owe you. Your pizza thread is so iconic and I might look for it again to bump it. @Angelus I miss doing first listens with you in the Madonna section and hope you’re doing well and I wanna do another with you. Perhaps Rebel Heart?  @P.O.P you took me under your wing in the Kylie section and made me an ever gayer person when you got me into her music. (there goes my Masc4Masc lewk) I miss posting borderline porn gifs with you in Kylie randomosity so I hope to see you soon there YOU SLUT. @Systemagic U little flop u need to post more so that I can quote you and tell you how amazing your taste is.  @Jae Hi bae. Love you. Sorry for leaving u high and dry for MONTHS for Filth on a declining forum  I’ll make it up to u soon ❤️❤️ @Shiver AY, you and me need to talk more about alternative M U S I C and I need u to get me into more jams because Big TV legit made me straight.    Ahhh this felt nice.    Cause you know I love the players, and you love the game   



Basim | Umuligt | June 11th, 2018

Artist/s: Basim Song: Umuligt Album: Umuligt - Single Genre: Pop Language: Danish Release Year: 2018 Written By: Basim & Carl Altino Produced By: Basim & Carl Altino   About Basim Basim is a Danish teen pop singer with a contemporary R&B style who rose to fame on the television show X Factor in 2008. Born Basim Moujahid of Moroccan heritage, he grew up in Høje-Gladsaxe, a large housing project on the outskirts of Copenhagen. Inspired by British contemporary R&B star Craig David, Basim initially rose to fame as a contestant on season one of the Pop Idol-style Danish reality show X Factor. While he fell short of winning the show, he finished in fourth place and exhibited enough potential to earn a major-label recording contract with Universal Music. Later in 2008 he made his full-length album debut with Alt Det Jeg Ville Have Sagt, which reached the Top Ten of the Danish albums chart and spawned the hit singles "Alt Det Jeg Ville Have Sagt," "Jeg Vil," and "Lad Ikke Solen Gå Ned," the latter featuring Lis Sørensen. x   http://basim.lnk.to/Umuligt



Album Rankings: Madonna

Like my singles and album track choices, my ranking of Legendonna's material is purely based of personal taste.    Like A Prayer- From top to bottom() holds some of the best and most musically interesting of her career like the title song, Oh Father and her Prince collaboration, Love Song Confessions on a Dance Floor- Dance music has always been her strength and no album of the specific genre that Madonna has made holds its quality (looking at you MDNA)  Ray of Light- This album kinda bores me actually but it has some REALLY good songs so it averages out its dull parts with the greatness of some of its tracks Like A Virgin- We love a strong sophomore effort True Blue- Live to Tell is that song and thats that on thaT. Madonna- House introductory bops like Borderline and Holiday, others wish Bedtime Stories- R&B Madonna is cute Music- Country/electronic sound does look like it would make sense but being Madonna it works to an extent Erotica- Rain is a good song  American Life MDNA- It has Girl Gone Wild on it, that enough for me Hard Candy- Released when she was 50 and she still sounded intact(as much as someone like Madonna can) so i applaud ha for that Rebel Heart- Living for Love and B**** Im Madracula bop Soundtracks: Im Breathless- Vogue is one of her top five of all time Evita- Her closest in sounding as good as Whitney Who's That Gilr- cause it has to go somewhere  

Bright Moon


Best Album Tracks off the Albums: Madonna (Personal Choices)

I've been thinking about this  and wanted to make a thread but that felt reductive so i decided to make a blog post, entry, whatever, about it. Best Album Tracks: Madonna Single: Holiday- Its a bop and earned her a spot on the market Album track: Physical Attraction- the non-singles werent as cute so PA wins ths won, tho Think of Me has caught my eye as well Single: Material Girl- this one was so hard as like all the singles off this album except Angel are a ten, but this was the first Madonna song i had on repeat when i got my iPod way back in the day and it holds a place among my all-time faves. Album track: Pretender- She's pretty good herself, this may change tho, just like the debut Single: Live to Tell- YES i think its the best because im a sucker for ballads and even though Madonna cant really sing to well, she gave off the vibe needed for the song. Album track: Where's The Party Single: Like A Prayer- her best song, why wouldnt it be her best single off the album?  Album track: Till Death Do Us Part- this is also one of my fav of her songs, it tells a sad but raw story in a digestible way Single: Rain- The lyrics and melody SPEAK to me. A great song Album track: Secret Garden Single: Take A Bow- I love R&B and Madonna served with this one and the US charts thought so as well as  became her longest-running number one there. Album track: Love Tried to Welcome Me-  Single: The Power of Goodbye- one of her best ballads, a powerful song by melody alone. Album Track: To Have And Not to Hold Single: Music- a 21st century bop, rightful number one, etc. Album track: Paradise(Not for Me) Single: Hollywood- Madonna continues to go against the norm here Album track: Intrevention Single: Sorry- should have been as big as Hung Up, one of her best PERIOD Album track: Future Lovers/ Like It or Not Single: 4 Minutes- I like the Celebration version better but its still alright  Album track: She's Not Me Single: Girl Gone Wild- a bop and one of the sexiest visuals served by a pop girl Album tracks: Beautiful Killer Single: Living for Love- one of my personal faves Album track: Illuminati

Bright Moon


Mine and Swine's magical week together

Hello friends! As some of you may know, me and @SWINΞ spent last week together and it was super wonderful! I thought it would be fun to share some pics of the events. When we met it was a bit awkward for the first few seconds but we were quickly smitten We had the funnest night ever The second day, we went to the beach and had a BLAST on the swings at Navy Pier We did a lot of walking around what I thought was a a really cool city! After that we went to Derin's house we nerded out over our various obsessions and I played with all his animals I miss him so much and I can't wait to visit him again!!!!



My Lyrics (fixed link)

ive shared a few before eons ago but i thought i'd share out of sheer boredom. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1U2lLMNUm36_bzFVe-lVdxkoJZRBxOLKP?usp=sharing @Just Whitney @Régine Filange  

Chris Morlock


Past-Future Forum Names

Yeah, yeah ], yeah we already have that on our profile pages, but does it look (or seem in this case) like i care? A bitch has to get them views and upvotes so here are my former names on FOTP and, if you feel like it of course, tell me what names you think i should use again and they will be in bold. I will also post future names that i can/may use.   the great helper22(i dont get this one, it was so...ugh)- July 2016-April 2017 I Am...Me- April-July 2017 *MOONFLOWER*- July 2017-October 2017 *Starlight*- October 2017-January 2018 Moonflower- January 2018-July 2018 Just Whitney- July 2018-present Brightflower Bright Moon Diamond Child Dawn & Dusk Gloria Jerusalem

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Two Years of FOTP

i cant even believe i havent posted one of these since January my gosh. Anyways later this month marks me two years on the forum and if im honest, i've changed so much.    I joined FOTP in July 2016 in the summer summer before sophomore year in high school. I was the strict Celine, Mariah and Whitney stan that cut down anyone who dared to say anything about my fave. I mean, im still like that, but I've learned to accept the truth about people and appreciate whats right and true. In these last two years I've had some downs like gaining even more weight, getting pressured to do things that i really don't want to, had to leave some people i love behind and in result, had to move on and my family was and still is going through a not so pleasant time. Yet good things happened too. I'm not fully out to anyone because of my parents so its not like its official news that I'm gay, but everyone assumes so considering how i act and just present myself. What was good was that i was able to admit to myself that I am gay. For so long i tried to lie to my friends and those who truly cared about me who i was and to myself. Then in freshman year it all changed. I meant some people who loved me for me. They were there for me when i had a crush, there for me when i was sad, there for me when my parents were on their anti-gay rants. They made me more free about who i am and tho I'm not out officially, I'm not exactly worried what people in school say-like i said its all my parents. Sure I'm still confused about myself because religion has been drilled in me since i could think for myself and if I'm honest, I'm never letting that go because i feel that God is real and if I'm gay than that's how i was meant to be, right? He says that he loves all his children and if I'm not doing anything immoral like being a pedo or a criminal of any sorts, i can be punished for loving someone. FOTP played a large part in that too. My eyes have been opened to other opinions on everything and through here, I've learned to accept that my opinions are my opinions and I don't have to mold myself in a mindset that I don't want or believe in. So to a good 2 years on this forum and to whatever future i have with it.   So this was a messy paragraph, but i really hope it makes sense overall. Gosh my first since January and THIS is what I post...

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FOTP Big Brother 7 Archive

Welcome to the FOTP Big Brother 7 Archive!   Original Thread: Season Airdates: October 28 - November 19, 2017   Houseguests and their stats   Final Two 1. @Lust HOH Wins: 2 Veto Wins: 4 Times Nominated: 3 Votes Against: 2 2. @Hermione HOH Wins: 3 Veto Wins: 3 Times Nominated: 3 Votes Against: 10   3. @Luca HOH Wins: 3 Veto Wins: 4 Times Nominated: 4 Votes Against: 1 *Fan Favorite Player* 4. @Hyun. HOH Wins: 2 Veto Wins: 2 Times Nominated: 4 Votes Against: 3   5. @Electra Heart. HOH Wins: 2 Veto Wins: 0 Times Nominated: 4 Votes Against: 23   6. @Alex. HOH Wins: 1 Veto Wins: 1 Times Nominated: 6 Votes Against: 12   7. @Sweetener HOH Wins: 1 Veto Wins: 1 Times Nominated: 1 Votes Against: 3   8. @Kuba HOH Wins: 2 Veto Wins: 2 Times Nominated: 3 Votes Against: 10   9. @Maria HOH Wins: 1 Veto Wins: 1 Times Nominated: 3 Votes Against: 15 10. @Cosmic HOH Wins: 1 Veto Wins: 1 Times Nominated: 3 Votes Against: 7 11. @Barbie HOH Wins: 2 Veto Wins: 1 Times Nominated: 1 Votes Against: 4 12. @Diamond HOH Wins: 1 Veto Wins: 0 Times Nominated: 3 Votes Against: 11 13. @StrippedX HOH Wins: 0 Veto Wins: 1 Times Nominated: 1 Votes Against: 7 14. @Jae HOH Wins: 0 Veto Wins: 0 Times Nominated: 2 Votes Against: 9 15. @Milk HOH Wins: 0  Veto Wins: 1 Times Nominated: 5 Votes Against: 24             16. @Urbanov HOH Wins: 1 Veto Wins: 0 Times Nominated: 2 Votes Against: 12 17. @Sylk HOH Wins: 1 Veto Wins: 0 Times Nominated: 1 Votes Against: 10 18. @Royale HOH Wins: 1 Veto Wins: 0 Times Nominated: 1 Votes Against: 9 19. @Tomás HOH Wins: 0 Veto Wins: 1 Times Nominated: 1 Votes Against: 12 20. @Michael. HOH Wins: 0 Veto Wins: 1 Times Nominated: 2 Votes Against: 14 21. @SWINΞ HOH Wins: 0 Veto Wins: 0 Times Nominated: 1 Votes Against: 10 22. @fuck HOH Wins: 0 Veto Wins: 0 Times Nominated: 1 Votes Against: 10 23. @Royalty HOH Wins: 0 Veto Wins: 0 Times Nominated: 1 Votes Against: 11 24. @Onyx HOH Wins: 0 Veto Wins: 0 Times Nominated: 1 Votes Against: 11 25. @Zachary HOH Wins: 0 Veto Wins: 0 Times Nominated: 1 Votes Against: 15         Royale Sweetener Jae SWINΞ Electra Heart. Luca. Urbanov Alex. StrippedX Milk Michael. Royalty   Kuba Hyun. Cosmic Hermione Maria Diamond Lust Onyx fuck Barbie Sylk Tomás   Hope everyone enjoyed the season last year! Sorry it took so long to get this posted! Hope to see some of you at the end of August.... 




I'm a lazy hoe and I can't have 100 bookmarks so I'm gonna put them all in one!           QUEEN SOSO PAPADIMA/ΣΩΣΩ ΠΑΠΑΔΗΜΑ GIFS

Madame X


Sylk Talk: Honey

I love honey I love it so much it's my fav thing to consume honestly. I carry a little thing of honey with me all the time just eating it wherever I go. Mostly I use my fingers to dip and suck the honey but recently I've learned that that's frowned upon apparently since its 'unsanitary' or whatever. So I've decided to become a bit more civil. However, carrying a spoon seems too much of a clutter for me so what I do is open the honey jar and just shove my tongue right in there! I use the "cat scoop tongue" technique that cats use to drink water. It's the most effective and east method for me + totally sanitary! Some would say my love for Honey comes from Mariah Carey's hit #1 of the same name but that's false. Ever since I was a child I've loved it and preferred it over sugar. I have tried all varieties of honey, natural, artificial, dark etc and also straight from a honey comb. Needless to say I've not enjoyed them all but I still love my honey nonetheless!  I love the thickness of it, the way it tastes and coats my throat, the way it becomes tangy if I eat too much of it at once. I don't always just suck it out of a jar, I sometimes use it in tea, have it with cheese, drizzle over pancakes or have it next to my second fav food of all time: croissants. Honey has so many benefits, besides being fucking delicious ofco: it has many nutrients, rich in antioxidants, natural sugars and ofco it never expires. It's also good for the skin. Someday I'd love to own a spiral honey dipper, they seem so festive. It makes me really sad when I see stuff about bees being endangered we should protect and cherish them for giving us the greatest food of all time: Honey.



S E S S I O N | T H R E E

It's just 3 movies this time, 2 of which got a lot of votes in the past 2 polls and a new movie.         Session #3 is TODAY SATURDAY 8:30 PM EST Check the Countdown timer       VOTE FOR 2 MOVIES OUT OF THE 3 vote here           1. Girls Trip (2017) | Submitted by @H.O.N.E.Y        2.  Tomb Raider (2018)| Submitted by @P.E.T.E.R.           3. The Space Between Us (2017) | Submitted by @Anna-wa             More info: This is also a #DisneyNight session so we will be watching a Disney film too.        




From the producer, writer and director of the hit FOTP series TLATON! Sylk Production Company presents.. CLOTHES, BED AND BEYOND... A series centering around a megastore and it's employees. It's stories of love, betrayal, drama are up for sale.    CONFIRMED CAST: 
@Dr. Slay
@Dookie Quill
@Aidan. *more to be revealed soon   EPISODE GUIDE: Episode - 01 - Pilot
Episode - 02 - The Forbidden Aisle
Episode - 03 - Possibly, Maybe
Episode - 04 - Blackout
Episode - 05 - The Art of Letting Go
Episode - 06 - What Happens in the Parking Lot, Stays in the Parking Lot 
Episode - 07 - The Beyond   Release date and more info coming soon! stay tuned little sylkmonsters  



Old Anime Sets

So, if anyone doesn't know, I was fairly active on OGG from around 2011-2014. 2013-2015 was my anime-obsessed era, where I was into two anime shows and basically nothing else   And before you say anything, yes, I am perpetually a 14 year old nerd.   Anyway, because of this, I made plenty of sets for these shows to show my appreciation.
I was going through my former graphics folder and found them, and felt a bit nostalgic.
  So! I decided to post them here, in case anyone would appreciate a look back when I actually attempted
to do fun stuff with my sets  I realize some of my color/texture choices aren't always the best.   ALSO, I still love these shows, so no snark     Shingeki No Kyojin / Attack on Titan:        Free! Iwatobi Swim Club: