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    I'm excited to announce this project with y'all, entitled Moonlight; a stripped-down and intimate rework of Dangerous Woman.
    Every song will blend in with one another.


    Release Schedule:
    Full Stream: February 13
    MP3/FLAC Download: February 14

    1. Moonlight
    2. Be Alright
    3. Dangerous Woman
    4. Into You
    5. Greedy
    6. Let Me Love You
    7. Everyday
    8. Bad Decisions
    9. Adore
    10. Touch It
    11. Sometimes
    12. Knew Better
    13. Thinking Bout You
    14. Forever Boy
    15. Focus

    First taste: Forever Boy / Focus (1/9)
    Second taste: Bad Decisions / Adore / Touch It (1/13)
    Third taste: Dangerous Woman / Into You / Greedy (2/6)





  1. 1ET0uwD.png


    Hello dear and devoted Sh-tans! Fashionably late as ever, Mother Shivster is finally here to tell you exactly what you should have been listening to during the year gone by, and where your taste took some drastic turns for the worse. Without further adon't, let's get started with this iconic ranking because I don't have the time or patience to write much more in this intro after having just written most of these rihviews right now!





    Essentially ranking at number 10 by default because that’s the exact number of albums I had any amount of interest in in 2016, Kaiser Chiefs’ comeback album is not much more than an embarrassing mess. Despite ditching a well-crafted and identifiable sound for a miserable Avicii-era Coldplay knock-off, it was pretty much a commercial failure – and honestly, deservedly so. Gone are the powerful lyricism, huge singalong hooks, and maybe even the entire band themselves, minus singer Ricky Wilson…? And in come a bunch of mode-du-jour autotuned moans, intrusive samples and an overall lack of inspiration. A huge disappointment with only a couple of highlights that have kept me coming back for just a tiny bit more. It speaks volumes that their 2014 release Education, Education, Education & War managed to chalk up more plays from me last year.

    omg quen fucking slay me hunty you look 3 months old YAS
    Why Do You Do It To Me?, Good Clean Fun, We Stay Together

    Delete it fat!
    Parachute, Indoor Firework, Happen in a Heartbeat, the horrid production that permeates through the whole album







    The shortest entrant on this list, with just five tracks and clocking in at under 23 minutes in total, maybe this self-titled EP could’ve ranked higher had it been just that little bit longer, because every song on it is fire.mp3. From the crazy rave that is Savage to the not-so-subtle parody of fellow Pendulum side project Knife Party’s Destroy Them With Lazers, it’s a one continuous albeit very short party, and definitely not the kind you’d invite your parents to. Unfortunately that means there’s not much more to say about it as it’d be much quicker for you to just listen to the whole thing yourself!

    omg quen fucking slay me hunty you look 3 months old YAS
    Savage, Destroy Them With Drums, Fire

    Delete it fat!
    Truly too short and too good to delete anything





    After having ranked the original Emotion at number 6 last year I’ve come to rethink my decision, and I’ve now come to the conclusion that it was in fact the best release of 2015. The production, lyrics and overall quality of that album were just beyond all of my expectations for an artist at that point, especially for the “Call Me Maybe girl”. The same can’t be said for Side B, however, and I doubt I’ll be looking back at this list in 2017 and thinking, “Hmm, actually yeah, those 8 tracks were phenomenal”. Don’t get me wrong, they’re all good, but they’re just not as good as the original release and it’s very easy to understand why they weren’t included, with a couple of exceptions like Cry and Higher which would’ve easily nestled in among the others. Some, like Store, seem hugely cringeworthy at first but you come to realise that they actually have a lot of meaning and aren’t just a cheap throwaway. All in all it’s another quality release from Carly, but I’m expecting much, much bigger things from her next studio album.

    omg quen fucking slay me hunty you look 3 months old YAS
    Cry, Higher, First Time

    Delete it fat!
    Lowkey Fever but it’s still a bop





    Against all odds.mp3, Glory has actually managed to rank lower in 2016 than Britney Jean did respectively back in 2013. However, I think that’s more to do with the overall quality of the albums I enjoyed that year, with 2016 being much more of a close race with more releases for me to rank, because Glory is quite obviously a step up in almost all aspects. The production is less tacky (with some obvious exceptions that sounded dated upon release like Make Me and Just Luv Me) and her vocals, for the most part, are well under control and sound better than they have done for years (and actually belong to her). Unfortunately there are also a few missteps on the album and I feel as though, whilst the highs are higher than Britney Jean’s, the lows are much lower because they’re just a bit dull and don’t bring the cheap entertainment factor. It’s obviously a big step in the right direction, but maybe not big enough.

    omg quen fucking slay me hunty you look 3 months old YAS
    Do You Wanna Come Over?, Change Your Mind (No Seas Virgen), Love Me Down

    Delete it fat!
    Better, Invitation, Make Me, Just Luv Me


    messy audio sorryyy





    I’ve always considered The Qemists a bit of a filler artist among my other faves, only there to provide a cute alternative whilst I’m waiting for new stuff by acts like Pendulum, The Prodigy and Nero whose music I prefer. However, Warrior Sound was a very nice surprise to come across earlier on last year and I eventually fell in love with every track, which was very easy to do considering how consistent the production and quality is throughout the album. On the other hand, that is also their downfall, since it often becomes difficult to distinguish tracks from one another (am I listening to Requiem, Our World or the title track right now? God only knows, and I don’t have the time to whip out my iPod to check) so it would’ve been nice to hear a bit more variety from them. Nevertheless this has definitely been the album of theirs with the most replay value as far as I’m concerned and I’m very much looking forward to anything they put out in future – although hopefully without another six year gap between these two albums.

    omg quen fucking slay me hunty you look 3 months old YAS
    We Are the Problem, New Design, Warrior Sound

    Delete it fat!
    Nothing is particularly bad but it can get a bit samey. Maybe Push the Line






    After three quite frankly amazing albums in a row, I thought I’d be in for a real treat with White Lies’ fourth effort, especially since it was coming after a slightly longer gap than the every-two-years schedule they’d stuck to before. But in many ways, Friends just feels a bit…lacking. There’s nothing bad that you can really pinpoint, but that being said there’s nothing particularly special either, and in many ways it feels like a slightly more commercialised extension of their last (and quite possibly best) album, 2013’s Big TV, at least in terms of production. Luckily the material itself doesn’t suffer at all because of this and of course I am more than ready to embrace another set of songs in a style that I already know and love! There’s no song on the album that I instantly loved, and although that may be off-putting for a first listen it only made me appreciate each track more and more as time went on.

    omg quen fucking slay me hunty you look 3 months old YAS
    Swing, Morning in L.A., Hold Back Your Love

    Delete it fat!
    Nothing really but I guess Don’t Fall is a bit of a drag sometimes





    Before hearing Perfect Illusion I had very high hopes for Gaga’s fifth album. After hearing Perfect Illusion I felt as though I’d be lucky if I even enjoyed half of it. But you know what? Queen CupcakKe was right. The new material isn’t bad, it’s just different. Even the lead single grew on me quickly when I heard it within the album, although it certainly wasn’t the best that the newly transformed Joanne had to show us. The trademark massive electronic production is in Gaga’s past – for now – but at this point in her career I think that’s a step in the right direction, regardless of how well the album may be received commercially. In terms of overall quality the album is fire. The bouncy and tropical (but definitely NOT tropical house, thank fuck) Dancin’ in Circles is the obvious standout track and needs to be released as a single as a matter of urgency. John Wayne harks back to the quirky days of Gaga’s peak, whilst the quite frankly SHUNNED bonus track Just Another Day goes even further, feeling like something straight out of the Stefani era. And whilst the one credited collaboration – Hey Girl – may be one of the most disappointing tracks of her career to date, those working behind the scenes certainly helped to add a new sense of character to Gaga’s ever-developing sound. That said, I still prefer ARTPOP. Oops!

    omg quen fucking slay me hunty you look 3 months old YAS
    Dancin’ in Circles, John Wayne, Angel Down

    Delete it fat!
    Grigio Girls, Angel Down (Work Tape), lowkey Million Reasons and Hey Girl






    I’ve always been a very casual fan of Green Day – ever since I was a child they’ve been a part of my life somehow – but I never imagined I’d ever be buying an album of theirs again, the first and last one in my collection being American Idiot at the start of this year. Then again, 2016 was such a bizarre year that it essentially became a meme for everyone, and this band were no exception. References to social issues on Revolution Radio are so thinly veiled with clichés that they might as well have used your dead great grandmother’s moth-eaten net curtains to mask them, but they’re the same curtains that you wouldn’t want to have thrown away because they still have that charm to them that you know, love and cherish. At times it can all be a bit cringeworthy, but for the first time in over a decade they’ve brought back the power and politicism that was missing from their music, and from rock music in general, and for that I can only applaud their efforts.

    It’s not all doom and gloom on this album though. Songs like Bouncing Off the Walls are fun enough lyrically to entertain the listener, and even the ones with stronger messages like Too Dumb to Die and Bang Bang bring excitement with their monstrous production. The only thing I have left to say is that I hope more young artists in this stagnant and uninteresting industry will follow the example set here and get their listeners to think again.

    omg quen fucking slay me hunty you look 3 months old YAS
    Say Goodbye, Outlaws, Too Dumb to Die

    Delete it fat!
    Youngblood, Troubled Times





    It’s eclectic yet cohesive. Classic yet modern. And it’s got heaps of bass in all the right places. Before hearing one particular song, Ariana wasn’t even on my radar_(bonus_track).mp3. Prior to that the only thing I’d ever really enjoyed by her was One Last Time, and even then I never actively listened to the track. Into You changed everything. All over the internet I was seeing rave reviews about this amazing, bombastic new track and although I had my reservations I knew that I had to hear it. So I grabbed my headphones and not even four minutes and five seconds later I had found Jesus.

    This experience led me to listen to each of the new tracks she revealed day by day leading up to the release of Dangerous Woman, and several times I was astounded. Greedy had me abusing both the repeat and share buttons, and Side to Side quickly made its way onto several of my playlists. Not only that, but literally every single song on the album is a grower (not counting the three extra super special rare etc. whatever bonus tracks because I don’t use them) and at this point in time there’s only one which I find near unlistenable. That’s pretty incredible for a relatively straightforward pop album, but that’s probably also why it’s had such a huge impact for me. The songs that seemed almost underwhelming still presented themselves with a certain sheen which wouldn’t let me get away without re-listening to them time and time again.

    omg quen fucking slay me hunty you look 3 months old YAS
    Into You, Greedy, Touch It

    Delete it fat!
    Leave Me Lonely, I Don’t Care



    And that means that the best album of 2016 and next recipient of the Golden Medoner is...

























    We’d been waiting so long that we all really should have been ready, but in RIHality none of us were. For the first time since 2010’s Loud, Rihanna, despite being my (joint) favourite singer, has managed to SNATCH the Golden Medoner and become Shiver’s Official™®© Album of the Year!

    From the moment I heard Consideration I knew that I was not going to be let down by Anti. It may not be her best album (it’s actually only my fifth favourite of hers overall), and like any album it has its lows (some of them extreme lows), but they’re nothing you can’t look past when they’re sitting next to career highlights such as Desperado, Never Ending and of course Love on the Brain. I even get my life from some of the trashiest bops like Pose and James Joint and I don’t even care because that’s exactly what they should be: carefree. 

    The real highlight of this album in my opinion comes at the halfway point and bears the name Same Ol’ Mistakes. Some might say that including a carbon copy of such a recent song on what should have been the biggest comeback album of the year is one of said mistakes. I think it’s genius. Rihanna doesn’t sound at all out of place on this track even though she literally doesn’t change anything about it, proving just how easily she can morph and adapt herself to previously unexplored genres, bringing new life to something which itself hadn’t even died. And likewise, Anti doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not. It doesn’t just try to present itself as a fantastic album – it is a fantastic album.

    omg quen fucking slay me hunty you look 3 months old YAS
    Same Ol’ Mistakes, Love on the Brain, Desperado

    Delete it fat!
    Yeah, I Said It, Woo, Goodnight Gotham




    Thank you for reading fatties ly XoXhiver

  2. Kylie Minogue (1994)

    After her departure from PWL with a greatest hits package and one final single, a cover of Kool and The Gang's 'Celecbration', the mid-nineties brought the signing of Kylie to Deconstruction Records and with the new label came new music. Working with Brothers In Rhythm and M People, the sound of the album swayed across many different genres but stuck in the pop area. Even from the album cover, Kylie is past the bubblegum pop for now - and experimenting with lyrical contect in not only love, but also sex, lust and confessions. While this album wasn't her most successful it did debut at #3 on Australian music charts. Lead single 'Confide In Me' peaked at #1 in Australia. Kylie was back and in full force mature pop mode. Many critics call this one of her key re-invention points, something she would eventually be known for. It was the perfect combination of pop and indie, with Middle Eastern influences in the strings. Second single 'Put Yourself In My Place', a ballad discussing a breakup and moving on, uses elements of trip-hop. Its stunning composition means it remains another fan favourite, and the video made for the song is one of the best she's ever done, being inspired loosely by Barbarella. 'Where Is The Feeling?' served as the final single from the period, and using a completely different composition from the album version, the BIR Dolphin Mix transformed it into a dark, spoken club track. BIR's Bish Bosh Mix used a few more elements from the original track and was a lighter mix that used her singing vocals, and was the version performed on any TV performances at the time. The intro of this mix is unmistakably similar to 2001 Fever track Dancefloor. The album itself often takes a while to grow on new fans - but it is always realised to be one of her best. With intricate and lengthy compositions, this album has to be the most experimental album she's ever done. And it was executed amazingly.


    LOVE IS WAITING (9/10)

    This little bop was pushed to a Japanese bonus track position on the album, but this little dance track never fails to make me get out of my seat. The lyrical quality is quite good for the track, and the little bursts of guitar at the end of some bars completes the track. It is also to be noted the piano intro is very reminiscent of the melody of 1991 track Right Here, Right Now. Horns, piano, a choir and Minogue's super strong voice - what more could you ask for?


    Originally a St Ettiene track (they also produced this version), this song is so groovy, and Kylie's spoken words over her long notes in the background paired with violins is just perfection. This song may be a little uptempo but it's instrumentation is super relaxing. Another Japanese bonus track and B-side to Confide In Me, this gorgeous little track is not one in her discography to be missed.


    IF YOU DON'T LOVE ME (9/10)

    A track that's solely piano and Kylie's raw, echoing vocals. A heartfelt cover of Prefab Sprout's song, this beautiful track showcases Kylie's high range. It is said to be Kylie's tour manager Seany's favourite, and while he was injured right before the Aphrodite Les Folies Tour, she decided to add this to the setlist in honour of his recovery. When she sang it to the crowd... the whole room stood in silence and soaked in her stunning vocal ability and the stunning lyrics. This track is beautiful, personal and emotional. Amazing.



    This could have easily been a 90s club hit. The uptempo beat, bass and piano, with Minogue's fierce vocals make this a potential hit. It's very underrated and I've rarely seen another fan talk about it. The lyrics are lovely, and the oooohs through the track match it well. Another track no one should miss in her discography!



    will be adding more tracks later - I'm going outjj2

  3. Hi. jj2

    If you're feeling like you're worth 1000 dollars today, or you just wanna pretend like you're a supermodel strutting down the runway that is your 3 meters long carpet, or break your spine as you attempt to do a death drop, this playlist is for you. Or you just want some music to listen to while you're sipping on your whiskey / liquor / coffee / tea / sprite / whatever and read the latest issue of Vogue, then this music is also for you. Enjoy. tea2

    (The genres are mostly house and electronic with a little mix of funk and jazz)














    I hope you found something new that you might enjoy. Or, if not, at least you actually bothered, and that's what matters. sia2 kylie1

  4. So I got moved up to a different class so im taking state history and the seating chart is all fucked up so I'm isolated from everyone else including my other friend except for this one little asshole that sits behind me rip4

    Just yesterday and the previous days before this guy was all whispering in my ear and being all uncomfortably touchy-feely like poking me, touching my hair, trying to tickle my sides, then massaging me etc and whispering in my ear saying stuff like "you want this big dick in you don't you" or "you wanna suck this big cock big boy" or any other "perverted straight guy trying to act gay" talk ALL AS A "JOKE" fall2

    He even had me in English class where he kept poking or trying to tickle me whenever he came in out of nowhere until I decided to move seats in that class sia4

    I'm literally too afraid to do anything cause of all the "omg im a straight guy acting gay no homo" talk in the school and idk what to do sia4

    Including that just today I heard this guy in P.E. class talking to one of my other friends and asked them "so you like the pussy? the booty? you like eating vaginas?" So then my friend replies to him and "well no" then he says "oh well are you saying you like guys then?" and he replies "no i'm not a pervert i just like girls" then the other guy is just looking confused and kept asking him a bunch of more sex questions and etc. rip4

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    so i've had it for 4 yrs now and it's shit.

    it terrorizes me and meds dont work. they only make me feel drugged but dont stop the attacks


    i've thought about it alot and hell no, i dont want to live with this my whole life, with a state that cant be cured at all


    i'm sad but i guess life's a bitch for some people

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    Hey everyone,


    I had this idea in my head for a while and I hope you like it!


    I thought i'd take albums, and then basically write a " visual album version " concept of it. Including cast, plot summary for each song, etc.


    I hope you guys like it and comment which albums you think I should do first...




    Drama King

  5. Hello all! I bought four CDs and my second row is now too tight to fit my maxi singles cry6




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    Basically I make fan made videos and I got a YouTube channel as well so I decided to make a list of all the songs I used in my for each singer/band. This also includes mash ups rav2 Let's start


    Songs I used by Katy Perry :


    Hot N Cold

    I Kissed A Girl

    Thinking Of You

    California Girls

    Last Friday Night

    The One That Got Away

    Walking On Air

    Love Me

    Dressing Up

    Part Of Me


    Dark Horse



    Teenage Dream

    Wide Awake


    Songs I used by Ariana Grande :

    Into You


    Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart

    Bang Bang

    Love Me Harder

    Break Free

    One Last Time

    Love Is Everything

    Santa Tell Me


    Songs I used by Kelly Clarkson :


    Because Of You

    Let Your Tears Fall

    Heartbeat Song


    I Forgive You

    My Life Would Suck Without You


    Songs I used by Marina And The Diamonds :

    Power & Control

    The State Of Dreaming

    Primadonna Girl

    I'm A Ruin


    Living Dead


    Fear and Loathing





    Songs I used by Lana Del Rey :

    Summertime Sadness

    West Coast

    This Is What Makes Us Girls

    Dayglo Reflection

    Once Upon A Dream


    Songs I used by Nicki Minaj :



    Moment 4 Life

    Va Va Voom

    Pound The Alarm

    Young Forever

    Whip It

    Turn Me On



    Songs I used by Ashley Tisdale :

    We'll Be Together

    How Do You Love Someone ?

    Acting Out

    It's Alright, It's Okay

    Not Like That

    Be Good To Me


    Songs I used by Beyoncé :

    6 Inch

    Drunk In Love


    Love On Top

    Best Thing I Ever Had




    Songs I used by Avril Lavigne :


    My Happy Ending

    What The Hell

    I Love You

    Here's To Never Growing Up


    The Best Damn Thing




    Songs I used by Mariah Carey :



    When I Saw You



    We Belong Together

    When You Believe

    All I Want For Christmas Is You



    Songs used by Jennifer Lopez :

    On The Floor

    Charge Me Up

    Wrong When You're Gone

    Follow The Leader

    Dance Again



    Songs I used by Carly Rae Jepsen :

    Boy Problems

    Call Me Maybe

    Your Heart's A Muscle

    Making Most Of The Night

    Let's Get Lost

    Tonight I'm Getting Over You

    Run Away With Me

    Never Get To Hold You

    When I Needed You

    Favorite Color

    Body Language

    I Didn't Just Come Here To Dance

    All That

    Your Type

    I Really Like You

    Good Time

    Songs I used by P!nk :

    Get The Party Started

    Raise Your Glass


    Just Give Me A Reason

    True Love

    Songs I used by The Weeknd :
    Can't Feel My Face
    I Feel It Coming
    Earned It

    Songs I used by Lady Gaga :

    Just Dance



    Love Game



    Born This Way

    Electric Chapel

    Dancin' In Circles

    Heavy Metal Lover

    You And I

    Perfect Illusion

    Just Another Day

    Million Reasons

    Poker Face


    The Edge Of Glory




    Marry The Night

    Eh,Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)

    I Want Your Love

    Bad Romance

    Songs I used by Lindsay Lohan :


    A Beautiful Life (Bella Vita)

    To Know Your Name


    Very Last Moment In Time

    Songs I used by Tove Lo :

    Stay High

    Talking Body

    Cool Girl

    Songs I used by Charli XCX :


    Break The Rules

    Boom Clap

    Secret (Shh)

    Songs I used by Rihanna :

    This Is What You Came For

    Needed Me



    Pon De Replay



    Who's That Chick ?

    Right Now



    Only Girl (In The World)

    Don't Stop The Music

    Where Have You Been ?

    Bitch Better Have My Money

    Can't Remember To Forget You

    You're The One



    What's My Name ?

    Songs I used by Britney Spears :

    Change Your Mind

    Slumber Party

    Make Me

    Baby One More Time

    Oops! I Did It Again




    My Prerogative

    I'm A Slave 4 U

    Hold It Against Me

    I Wanna Go

    Oh La La

    I'm Not A Girl,Not Yet A Woman

    Scream And Shout


    Gimme More

    Break The Ice


    If You Seek Amy

    Born To Make You Happy

    From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart

    Work B!tch

    I Will Still Love You


    Songs I used by Kesha :

    Tik Tok

    Crazy Kids

    Wherever You Are

    Die Young


    Tease Me





    Last Goodbye

    Only Wanna Dance With You

    Songs I used by Madonna :

    Ray Of Light

    Rebel Heart

    4 Minutes


    Like A Virgin

    Take A Bow


    Bedtime Story

    Gang Bang

    Like A Prayer


    Me Against The Music

    Nothing Really Matters

    Express Yourself

    Girl Gone Wild

    Papa Don't Preach

    B!tch I'm Madonna


    Living For Love

    Crazy For You

    Songs I used by 

    Songs I used by Adele :

    Someone Like You
    Rolling In The Deep
    When We Were Young
    Love In The Dark
    Rumor Has It

    Songs I used by Hilary Duff :


    My Kind
    Breathe In Breathe Out
    Come Clean
    Someone's Watching Over Me
    Hey Now !
    Break My Heart

    Who's That Girl ?

    I Am

    Songs I used by Demi Lovato :

    Old Ways

    Give Your Heart A Break
    Stone Cold
    Cool For The Summer
    Here We Go Again
    You're My Only Short
    In Real Life
    Yes I Am
    Without The Love
    Heart Attack
    Really Don't Care

    Made in the USA
    Neon Lights
    World Of Chances
    Stop The World
    Fire Starter
    I Hate You, Don't Leave Me
    In Case
    Two Pieces
    Who's That Boy
    Until You're Mine

    This Is Me
    Brand New Day
    Gift Of A Friend
    Body Say

    Songs I used by Taylor Swift :

    A Place In This World
    I'm Only Me When I'm With You
    Today Was A Fairytale
    Better Than Revenge
    Speak Now
    I Almost Do
    The Best Day

    Tell Me Why
    Forever And Always
    Should've Said No
    Wildest Dreams
    Last Kiss
    White Horse

    The Story Of Us
    I Wish You Would
    All You Had To Do Was Stay
    We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
    I Know Places
    Love Story
    New Romantics
    You're In Love
    I Knew You Were Trouble

    You Belong With Me
    The Way I Loved You
    Safe and Sound
    Sweeter Than Fiction
    Two is better than one
    Shake It Off
    I'd Lie

    I'm Only Me When I'm With You
    How You Get The Girl
    Bad Blood
    Blank Space
    Out Of The Woods
    Welcome To New York
    This Love

    Songs I used by Miley Cyrus :

    If We Were A Movie
    Adore You
    Hands In The Air
    Wrecking Ball
    We Can't Stop
    Can't Be Tamed

    I Wanna Know You
    My Heart Beats For Love
    You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home
    7 Things
    I Learned From You
    The Climb
    Just Like You
    Party In The USA
    The Time Of Our Lives

    Songs I used by Selena Gomez :

    Kill 'Em With Kindness
    I Promise You
    Save The Day
    Slow Down
    Come & Get It
    Hit The Lights
    When The Sun Goes Down
    Music Feels Better
    Nobody Does It Like You
    Forget Forever
    Like A Champion
    The Way I Loved You
    We Don't Talk Anymore

    I Want You To Know

    Songs I used by Sia :

    Move Your Body

    Cheap Thrills

    Breathe Me

    Songs I used by Christina Aguilera :

    Not Myself Tonight

    Genie In A Bottle

    Can't Hold Us Down


    Lady Marmalade

    What A Girl Wants

    Ain't No Other Man




    Come On Over (All I Want Is You)

    Feel This Moment


    I Turn To You

    Songs I used by Natalia Kills :

    Break You Hard


    Love Is A Suicide



    Then I used other songs I'll list later 

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    So, after New Year's and my crush telling me how he wants us to just be friends, he has now been low-key flirting with me over snapchat. We are still talking every day, we still want to see each other, I am just so confused. How you gonna kiss me, tell me you want to be friends as you like another guy more and then flirt with me. 

    I can't complain too much as I do like him and I want him to flirt with me, but I want his whole attention, I don't want to be second best. oprah4

  6. Image result for cyndi lauper shineCYNDI LAUPER - "SHINE" (2001/2004)


    Cyndi Lauper broke out in 1983 with her blockbuster debut She's So Unusual. The album spawned multiple Top 10 hits including the 80s classics "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" and "Time After Time". Her 1986 sophomore album True Colors was not as successful but still managed to have multiple hits including the title track which has become an LGBT anthem in the years since its release. However after her first 2 albums, she experiences a slump in success caused by a mixture of label problems and lack of promotion. Her third album A Night to Remember (or "A Night to Forget" as Cyndi once called it) had mixed responses in sales and critical reception. Her next 2 albums Hat Full of Stars and Sisters of Avalon received very little attention from the mainstream, resulting in poor commercial performance. However, despite the lack of commercial success these albums would show a development in Cyndi's artistry, stripping away the "weird" image of the 80s and showcasing a more mature side of Cyndi. Shine was originally planned to be a dance album, but the style developed in a continuation of these previous 2 albums. However, just like those albums, Shine would have minimal chart success and also suffered a worse fate than those previous 2 albums.

    The album was originally supposed to be released in 2001 via Adel records, her first album after finishing her contract with Epic Records. But the album's release was constantly moved back and postponed. Adel records then folded and the album's release was cancelled. Cyndi bought back the tracks from Adel Records and was now effectively an independent musician without a record label. Cyndi put together a 5 track EP with some songs from the album ("Shine", "It's Hard to Be Me", "Madonna Whore", "Water's Edge" and a remix of "Shine") and toured with the EP. Eventually, Cyndi would sign back with Epic, but the full album never had an official release until 2004 and this was only in Japan. There have been no plans to release the full album in any other countries (if you try to search for this album on iTunes or Spotify, you will only find the EP version). This is unfortunate, because I believe that this album is one of Cyndi's very best. It showcases a variety of music styles, more so than any of her other albums. It also could have been a potential comeback album if has the right amount of label support, but of course this was impossible under the circumstances at the time.

    In this review, I will give my opinion on each the songs from this album. I will also provide a YouTube link to each track (if I can find it on YouTube).

    01. Shine
    I know that many people may disagree with this opinion, but the title track is a contender for the best song of Cyndi's discography. It begins with a wonderful string arrangement before drums and vocals are brought in. Cyndi's vocals are powerful and the energy of this song never stops until the very last second. The song lyrically follows the same theme as "True Colors", encouraging the listener to be more confident in themselves. She tells the listener 'I'll stand by you, don't try to push me away' and tells us 'don't be afraid, it will all be OK'. "Shine" is a song that can make you feel better even if you don't feel good, and it takes a special type of song to accomplish that.

    02. It's Hard to Be Me
    This track sees a return of the 'rockier' 80s Cyndi. The song is about a celebrity who tries to show a different side of their personality but finds this difficult to do because of how they are portrayed in the media, 'If you could see all my depth and complexity, I think you'd agree, It's Hard to Be Me'. The song was supposedly written about Anna Nicole Smith, who tried to buy the song as the theme tune to her reality show but Cyndi declined. I haven't found any confirmation that this was true but it certainly is interesting if Anna Nicole Smith thought this song would be a good way of representing herself on a reality show.

    03. Madonna Whore
    No, this is not about the Madonna. This is actually about the Madonna-Whore Complex (look it up). This track is slightly slower than the previous song, featuring the use of guitars, drums and flutes. With lines such as 'Every woman's a Madonna, every woman's a whore, you can try and reduce me but I'm so much more', this song has a feminist message which Cyndi has always included in her music since her debut.

    04. Wide Open
    One of my favourite tracks on this album. The track features a rich instrumentation and brings up the pace of the album after the previous song. Lyrically, the song is about wanting more from life ('Wide Open for anything') and moving away from an unsatisfactory life ('I used to cast out wishes that never came back again').

    05. Rather Be With You
    This track has a slight Motown-influenced song. Lyrically, the song is about wanting a relationship to return to how it was ('Wish I could make us all brand new') but Cyndi feels that this relationship can be fixed ('I think we'll make it through, 'cause if it's all the same I'd rather be with you'). This track was a grower for me, at first I didn't take much notice of it, but the more I listened to it, the more I liked it.

    06. Who Let in the Rain (New Version)
    This song originally appeared on the album Hat Full of Stars and for some reason was re-recorded for this album. Usually I am hesitant about song re-recordings but this one works out well. There are only minor differences to the original, but this version sounds more 'modern' than the original. The song fits in this album nicely and this shows the connection in styles between Hat Full of StarsSisters of Avalon and Shine. This song follows a similar theme to "Rather Be With You", concerned with troubles within a relationship ('When love gets strong, people get weak, sometimes they lose control and wind up in too deep'). This song is one of my favourite songs from Cyndi's discography and I love both versions of this song.

    07. Comfort You
    One of the more experimental songs on the album (and also one of my favourites), this song has influences of new wave and electronica and also features some of the best lyrics on the album. The track is essentially about Cyndi wanting to comfort her partner despite the world facing so many problems ('An ocean of humanity, some wash up along the street'). The way Cyndi intertwines the themes of a troubled relationship with the themes of a troubled world is reminiscent of her songwriting style on Hat Full of Stars, especially with songs like 'That's What I Think' and 'Who Let in the Rain'.

    08. Eventually
    One of my favourite songs from the album. This track reminds me of the songs included on Madonna's album Ray of Light (which is my favourite Madonna album too). Like with the previous song, this one of the more experimental moments on the album. Lyrically, the track tells us of a number of conversations that Cyndi has with different people and she comes to the conclusion that our actions will always affect each other ('What comes floating to me, eventually will come floating back to you').

    09. Valentino
    Another very strong track follows from the previous two. This song features a similar instrumentation to "Shine" but with a darker edge. This track tells the story of a young girl from Sicily who has a unhappy marriage when she is older and she wants to escape with a handsome man named Valentino ('Waiting for Valentino, his dark eyes lock on mine').

    10. This Kind of Love
    One of the slower and stripped down songs on the album. The song is essentially about a relationship that isn't good for either person involved. In my opinion, this one of the weaker tracks on the album, but it's still a good song.

    11. Higher Plane
    Shine was originally planned to be a dance album, but much of the songs were changed from their original sound. This song is the only track that holds some resemblance to the original sound for this album, but it still manages to fit quite well in the tracklist. The simple lyrics are proof of the intended dance sound for this song ('Make the music and the rhythm carry me away') but this is certainly not a bad thing.

    12. Water's Edge
    This song is a little sister to "Time After Time" and is every bit as flawless. The song is about reflection, loneliness and wanting to be protected ('I wish you could wrap yourself around me, I am gripped by a loneliness') and it is without a doubt one of her best songs from her 2000's albums.

    13. I Miss My Baby (I haven't been able to find a YouTube link for this song)
    This song was originally a bonus track for Japan, but since the album didn't get released anywhere else, it's status as a 'bonus track' is irrelevant. This song is the most 'stripped back' on the album, with a simple guitar and drum sound. The song is about someone missing their partner while sleeping in bed alone. Overall, it's a simple but effective track to end the album.

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    All My Avatars I've Used Or Made!



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    UpteNfS.gif   xBSFZak3.gif  K1aMYLAu.gift3XXvebn.gifYPx8KMp.giffMDW4xI.gif tumblr_inline_n40ng5wGjl1qb1qrm.gif


    Error loading avatar  7gOFIRF.gif7i3EC0D.gifK3GkmAU.gifandykid_zps8z3dgk0g.gifQFkVQ39.gif   ghscz5h.gif  holdingontoyoutWO_zpsiwb1wm70.gifride_zpsrsjhfcwc.gifcarradio1_zpssjmfvguk.gifso_zpska9x4hc1.gifcarradio_zpskvadzt34.gifSTRESSSSED_zpsdkqzacdh.gifHIT_zpsmoa1mtgr.gifouy_zpscvj80het.gif08_zpszyud23ph.gif09_zpsaocnzkif.gif05_zpsnqknalze.gif256906boyaloud.gifyNly5Gm.gifHi0tRUH.gif   uJGtZLq.gif87OOpnK.gifYk6Xfu9.gif  jgJuZ9o.gif  marnie--1upof.gifmarnie1rxt9.gif 



    2012 - Earlier 

     167pl44.gif  rihannaaj2phj.gifAnimation1adorable.gifAnimation1.gif4.gifAnimation12.gif

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    "I wonder what he/she does when they log off?"

    This is a question all of us have asked ourselves at least once, I'm sure. I for one have asked myself this question multiple times, once a day, twice a day, twice a minute! All those times, and more. The lives of those we've encountered on a pop forum, suddenly become interesting. Your friends logs off, and you wonder what they do, and where they go. But you have no way of finding out.

    That's where I come in. You see, my natural Winnian psychology allows to experience with others through a computer screen, or in my case a phone screen. I have the unique ability to detach my spirit from my host body, I say host because I have many physical forms. Some of them you may know, Cabbages, celery, apples, they are usually vegetables, but also sometimes fruit. But that is not important. 

    As I was saying, I can detach my spirit and travel through the Internet modem, Ethernet cable, or wifi signals, and into the room of any member, or person for that matter, imaginable. From there I can then distribute my spirit  to various objects, like socks, tvs, carpets, toys. Any object within any usual home. Then I can watch the persons every day routine for as long as I want. 

    You get to see some really crazy stuff, and somethings more mundane. How they brush their teeth, which shoe they put on first, how many people they text, how many times they've defended the likes of Bjork and Tori Amos. Usual stuff like that. But back to the experience I recently had it showed me somethings about my self. Some things I would have ever known.

    I was sitting up in my room, late at night, browsing FOTP, bored and in need of some crazy cool excitement. When I received a notification, "Liam mentioned you in a topic". The usual of course, lesser known members always mention legends like me in their threads, so they become a hit. But something about that notification sparked my interest. I knew what I wanted and needed to do. Use my Winnian power to investigate Liam's life. 

    For months I had made fun of Liam for being on the site for 6 years plus, and making disgusting jokes about Anne's Frank, and being a general hermit and nuisance to this forum, and he deserves to be banned. But unfortunately, Oinka wouldn't do that. But I digress.

    So I did what you expect, I used transcendence ability to slither my way through Liam's wifi connection, all the way to Australia, or wherever he lives. I don't remember specifications regarding the unspecified. 

    It took my quite a long time, the connection was maybe "1mps". Dangerously slow, slower than Anti's ticket sales. But what could I expect from a 3rd world country, like Austria. I was surprised he even had wifi. When I finally arrived to his computer screen, I was shocked.  His room looked just like I thought. 

    A dump, half-empty Coke bottles littered the ground, the stench of some strange odor lingered overhead, the Hershey's chocolate wrappers lay scattered strategically on the ground like Lilly pads, they were used, I presume, to avoid direct contact with the various different mutations of mold that grew like weeds on the carpet. Synthetic wool carpet,  at that. My personal carpets are Sheeps wool, straight from Switzerland, I was shocked and worried. Those synthetic bristles must have felt torturous on the feet, but I digress. 

    I detached from the computer screen, the air burnt my eyes, so painful. I turned my head left to see a window, the lock knob rusted shut, this room obviously hadn't been aired out in years. That I knew for sure. I took form in a nearby lamp-post, presumably bought from some Australian Walmart imitation, for $1.39, and waited for Liam assume his rightful position as head of the computer screen. 

    I waited for what felt like a eternity, during that time I was able to make out the various scents that inhabited his room, lilac, rose, and other flowers. Disgusting scents to me, must be heaven to him though. I looked to the ground and saw that the wrappers and trash had disappeared, what lay underneath was a pristine whit carpet, devoid of a single stain. The brightness of it burned my eyes, a startling and attention seeking white color. His Window seek didn't miss my second inspection either, now a vibrant yellow painted with lovely acrylic. Yellow is a ugly color to me, but I digress. 

    Then a sound, the sound of a knob turning. Liam entered the room, and laid his jacket and house keys down on his neatly made bed.  The sheets tucked tightly beneath the mistress and bed frame, that kind of tideness would drive me insane, but luckily this wasn't my room. He walked over to his laptop, a 16 inch Gold MacBook Pro, my trusty Microsoft desktop was a step above that over-priced mess. 

    He opened the "Safari" icon, and typed into Google, "". He logged on and browsed for a while, but then logged off after a hour. "YAWN!!", I thought to myself. I waited all this time for him to come home, and he barely stays logged on for a hour. What a snooze fest. 

    I detached myself from the IKEA lamp, and used rode my wifi signals back to my room, it took much longer to get back, than to get there. Which was weird to me. I materialized onto my Kindle Fire HD, that laid untouched in my closet, along with the rest of the junk in there. I hopped and resumed my usual physical form.

    I played a quick little game of hopscotch with the few wrappers that laid scattered strategically across my carpet, which was a dastardly green and white lava, that what's I like to call it. I sat down quickly at my computer and to my surprise it was still on. Guess I had never turned it off. 

    I typed into Google, "", auto-suggestion finish for me as soon as I got to "fo". Thank god for technology right!? I pressed search and was brought directly to the home-page. The notification icon lit by "6 new notifications". I didn't even have to log in.  And that's when it hit me. 

    I hadn't logged in since January. 

  9. eNPdLQ0.gif

    Welcome ladies and gentleladies!

    The music that I'm about to list is not from this month (or not specifically!), this is just the music I bopped to the entire month.



    Let's start with the album recommendations, shall we!

    Let's me self-promote a bit and recommend you my fanmade "Dangerous Woman" rework, aka "Dangerous Woman: Reloaded." An album full of edits, got rid of some features that I annoyed the pissing fuck out of me and other shite that you will hear when you listen to the album.

    Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman: Reloaded


    #LucaRecommends: Touch It, Thinking Bout You, Forever Boy, Moonlight & Sometimes

    #LucaDoesNotRecommend: Greedy 4 Love, Side To Side, Everyday & Let Me Love You

    If anyone needs a DL link, PM me!


    Moving on to the second album, y'all might not read/listen to this, BUT I am 100% certain you will tear up listening to this soundtrack!

    The Track Team - Avatar: The Last Airbender (OST)


    An unofficial soundtrack due Nickelodeon being a dick and not putting it out managed to be one of the most illegally downloaded soundtrack albums so far.

    Showing nothing but eastern sounds (tsungi horn for example) that makes you think about loved ones, anger, your life, what's good and what's not.

    If you are an emotional person, like me, you will enjoy this thing even if you aren't an Avatar stan.


    #LucaRecommends: The Two Lovers, Peace, Panda Lily, Last Agni Kai/The Phoenix King

    #LucaDoesNotRecommend: Scarf Dance



    Third and final album recommendation I have for you, is the good sis Foxes who's career hasn't been all too well.

    Even though her last album was cute, she can't top her debut! From bops like Let Go For Tonight & Holding On To Heaven to Youth & The Unknown.

    Foxes is truly underrated, iCarly Jepsen could never!

    Foxes - Glorious (Deluxe Version)

    Related image

    #LucaRecommends: Youth, Talking To Ghosts, Let Go For Tonight, Night Glo

    #LucaDoesNotRecommend: Home, Night Owls Early Birds

    If you need a DL, PM me!





    #LucaLISTS: 10 December Faves!

    1.) Lana Del Rey - Radio

    2.) Birdy - Skinny Love

    3.) ZAYN & Taylor Swift - I Don't Wanna Live Forever

    4.) Oh Wonder - White Blood

    5.) Dua Lipa - Blow Your Mind (Mwah)

    6.) Troye Sivan - EASE (feat. Broods)

    7.) Beyoncé - All Night

    8.) Ariana Grande - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

    9.) Olivia O'Brien - hate u love u

    10.) Oh Wonder - Without You


    I was bored. Forgive me, happy holidays theaux.





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    Hi! Welcome to my "Top 10 Albums of 2016" blog! In light on this year reaching an end and inspired by the multiple countdowns that other members have done in the forum, I decided to do one myself. This year has been pretty good to me in terms of music as I've liked a lot of releases, as well as found a lot of new stuff! Now if you know me you know that I like Korean and Japanese music, and yes, of course, there's albums of the language in this countdown. You can also probably guess my #1 correctly since I've been pretty vocal about it. You might find something new in this list that you like! Anyway, starting from #10 and going upwards...


    SHINee are one of the staple groups in K-Pop, they're essential to anyone's experience in the genre and my favorite boy group ever! 1 and 1 features a variety of genres that together make up this great album; from House, to 90's Jack Swing, the album has many many gems in it. The album is a really nice collection of good vocals and production working together. It serves you bops, midtempos, (amazing) ballads.
    #HyuntySTANS: SHIFT, Tell Me What To Do, Feel Good


    Perfume are a techno inspired J-Pop trio, and one of my favorite artists ever. They're definitely not everyone's cup of tea, being such a heavy electronic group that features autotune, vocaloid, high-pitched voices, etc, but being a big electronic fan, that's really what makes me love them so much. COSMIC EXPLORER was preceded by many singles released prior to the album, but most of these were reworked into new versions that in some cases is for the better, and others, for the worst. Either way, the album does a great job at mixing today's EDM trends while still keeping it loyal to their sound.
    #HyuntySTANS: STORY, FLASH, Cosmic Explorer, Pick Me Up


    I was never a JoJo stan, hell I had never listened to a song by her previously to listening to Mad Love., but I was immediately impressed. This is a fantastic comeback album, you can feel the passion she has for music in many of the songs included here. Her vocals are absolutely fantastic - especially on the ballads Music. and I Am., whew - the production is done just right. Bops, mid-tempos, ballads, this album is a ride of emotions that I love to experience!
    #HyuntySTANS: Honest., Vibe., High Heels., Good Thing.


    LEMONADE, the iconic album/movie that shook the world! I could spend a while talking about how amazing the visual part of the album is, but we're talking about the music here so I'll leave that for another time! The album ranges from many, many genres yet manages to stay as a cohesive body of work. The production, the vocals, the lyrics, the theme, the concept, it's all perfectly executed and it's why this is Beyoncé best album ever.
    #HyuntySTANS: 6 Inch, Freedom, Daddy Lessons, Hold Up


    Big shoutout to @blankdreams. for introducing me to this album indirectly via Popfection! This album is seriously an electropop masterpiece, I'm still as amazed as I was the first day I listened to it, and I still love it as much as I did then. The album's production is insane and just massive, seriously praise Joel Little for the amazing work. It's an experience to listen to, let me tell you, especially when you get to the title track which closes the album, whew! Georgia's voice is so interesting and it shines in this album. Plus, the Tove feature is seriously an amazing moment.
    #HyuntySTANS: Conscious, Free, Are You Home, Hold The Line, Recovery, Freak of Nature


    I discovered DEAN not too long ago, and I'm very very glad I did! He's a South Korean alternative R&B artist who released his debut ep "130 Mood: TRBL" earlier this year. With just 6 tracks (and an outro) the album sets a moody ambient from the beginning, with a set of mid-tempos following through. The production (done by himself) is so on point, his vocals are so so smooth, the melodies are really lovely throughout the entire thing, and it all mixes together in this amazing record where every single track is a highlight. I highly recommend you listen to this, you won't regret it. He's almost a Korean The Weeknd, if that gives you any motive to listen to him!
    #HyuntySTANS: 21, D (Half Moon), Pour Up


    I found out about BANKS with Gemini Feed, and I was definitely interested from that point and on. The Altar did not disappoint from the excitement I had built up from before, it exceeded my expectations. I love the dark tone her music has, even in the more upbeat moments of the album. Actually I wanna point out how FLAWLESS the transition from Mother Earth to Weaker Girl is, easily one of the best moments of the album, I love that too much. Her lyrics are flawfree, the production slays. She really did that with this album.
    #HyuntySTANS: Trainwreck, Gemini Feed, 27 Hours, To The Hilt


    Barely a month has passed yet this album found its way into my Top 3 of the year, truly a flawless album. The album keeps his signature dark and moody R&B vibe, but it's evolved, Starboy definitely borrows more pop, electronic and house influences compared to his previous albums, and I'm a huge fan of this. The Daft Punk features really take each of those songs to a new level, and the fact that they're the opener and closer of the album is just a really nice touch.
    #HyuntySTANS: Rockin', Secrets, False Alarm, A Lonely Night, Love To Lay


    Pop perfection at its finest! This is the album that solidified me as an Ariana stan, it's just too damn good. Even though this is always said when talking about it, praise the lord for Focus' backlash that made her change the album's direction! The title track came through and left everyone shook, myself included. Then the rest of the album was just sent from the Pop Gods themselves. It has one of the best songs of this year, the hit that got away, Into You! By the way, Forever Boy > Knew Better
    #HyuntySTANS: Into You, Touch It, Greedy, Thinking Bout You, Side to Side



    Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before, unafraid to reference or not reference, put it in a blender, shit on it, vomit on it, eat it, give birth to it. I really cannot put my love for this album into words, she really left me bald. I'm a huge fan of electronic music - as I've previously stated - and this album being so House-heavy was just a gift. Every single song is fucking perfect, even the interludes! The album is short but that's compensated by the fact that every song is pure perfection. I cannot wait to see what the second volume will sound like, but I'm sure it'll be just as flawless as this one.

    #HyuntySTANS: Lady Wood, True Disaster, Vibes, Flashes, Keep It Simple


    Hope you enjoyed my rambling, and that you might've found something new to listen to!


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    A nice lil mixtape of music I like. A lot of it is really underrated, so give it a listen!



  10. Hello everybody, and welcome back to #TeaOfTheDay


    We're already in day 3, ratings are good (not really, but still) oprah4 

    So onto today's tea, yesterday i promised to talk about one of Gaga's albums, and i'm going to talk about HA best album HA magnum opus HA album that she will never beat in terms of excellence, visuals, singles & longevity, i'm talking about The Fame: Monster.

    On today's hot tea, i'm going to give the reasons on why this album is her best.


    REASON #1:

    It features Bad Romance, her arguably most iconic song with her best music video to date. It's diamond certified in the US despite peaking at #2 (Damn Kesha gaga2)

    REASON #2:

    This album features two of her three #1 songs, Just Dance (which was originally released in the fame but whatevs) and Poker Face (which was also released in the fame...but eh), who's also diamond certified

    REASON #3:

    And last but NOT least, it features S U M M E R B O Y ha MOST UNDERRATED SONG FROM A L L T I M E.


    And with that ladies, i conclude this day, hope you enjoyed the Tea!



  11. I've been really angry since Black Beatles went number one, but there was a point where it went from "this song is bad" to "I'm extremely angry and really upset about this". That point was when I saw this 

    Then it hit me. I watch men get praised constantly, for some reason this year especially, for having songs that degrade women, songs about mistreating women, because the artist happens to be a minority. Many songs that have reached the top 40 and top 10 this year by black men have had countless lyrics about mistreating women, cheating on women with women who are also in relationships, etc. These things for some reason didn't bother me as much until recently.


    When Closer went number 1, people complained. No, the song is not amazing, but people complained because it was Halsey. I saw no one celebrate the fact that there was a queer woman on the top of the charts. I saw no one celebrate the fact that there was a black woman on top of the charts. Someone tell me, I'm genuinely curious and can't find it in a Google search, when's the last time an openly gay or bi woman had a number 1 song? I couldn't find anything.


    Songs with awful degrading comments about women get praised constantly yet Halsey gets dragged to the pits for...being a little annoying sometimes? Being "extra"? Yeah annoying people are SO MUCH WORSE than someone who constantly puts down a group of people and talks about treating them badly. 


    From this point forward, I fully embrace Halsey and her appearance in popular culture. Her success as a bisexual and biracial woman on the pop charts should not be undermined in a world where the success of men who degrade women gets celebrated. I no longer stand for the celebration of men who who popularize the mistreatment of women. Halsey is the only queer person, let alone woman, to have a number one single this year. I am celebrating and I believe more people should be. The song may be about a hetero relationship and she may be "white passing" but that doesn't take away the fact that a queer, black woman is on the longest running number 1 of the year. 


    That's all I have to say.


    But seriously, if someone could tell me the last gay woman to have a number 1 single and the last bi woman to have a number one single, that would be fantastic because I honestly can't find it.

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    i was not expecting company

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    will you be there in the end

  12. After overwhelmingly good reviews from critics of the first episode of Phan's Phavorite .GIFs, the network has decided to bring it back for a new special! Today, I'm showing you some of my Phavorites, from Episode 1 and the upcoming Episode 2, but now in Emoticon form! This is the perfect 25-piece collection for any gay on the go! Full list below:


    TcTnRx4.gif I1Pige2.gif l333iaM.gif vtZqLMU.gif inGky5Y.gif

     WNB3Zap.gif sZw6LSA.gif fbSTy75.gif RrnXkp1.gif AqvNmCo.gif

    hhlXj72.gif sX9EFIb.gif yiPunBj.gif YZBm0pD.gif sPwDeUA.gif

    l9USTde.gif 08rdTCd.gif 4VzDxnH.gif OPBHypm.gif 8dHyfqS.gif

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    Donald J. Trump is our President

    Twitter Notifications and videos of Marches, Riots, Shootings, Lootings

    It's like this is the norm, the everyday

    so many people feel unwanted, chewed, and spit out

    our nation is divided, east and west, north and south

    there are children, adults, family crying, people dying

    there are worries,

    there are concerns of a Republican government and possible a second term

    it feels that we, on the right side of herstory, got defeated

    the majority is not with us and doesn't want to embrace us

    we can spend countless hours on the why and the how

    we can read headlines and articles, saying this can't be true

    I'm sure there are many who rub it in our faces and mock our ideology, calling it just plain stupid

    we wonder from 8 years of seemingly progression, only to ask was it worth it in the end

    our feelings, emotions, thoughts all valid

    waiting for the next catastrophe to happen

    it was not just us, the silent minority

    It was mostly every media outlet and celebrit-ory

    Now on it is on us, all of us

    man, woman, child, and those who chose to not be classified

    no matter what sexual orientation, race, religion and what have you comes to mind

    we must all unite and keep our voices loud

    cause we won't let them get the best of us

    we won't let every policy, law, or bill go without a fight

    cause it is only right, by the mighty generations who came before us

    that we don't hinder progression no matter how much distress

    cause it looks like our future is one big fucking mess

    but if we work together and stay critical

    we can defeat any enemy no matter how big or small

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