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    "I wonder what he/she does when they log off?"

    This is a question all of us have asked ourselves at least once, I'm sure. I for one have asked myself this question multiple times, once a day, twice a day, twice a minute! All those times, and more. The lives of those we've encountered on a pop forum, suddenly become interesting. Your friends logs off, and you wonder what they do, and where they go. But you have no way of finding out.

    That's where I come in. You see, my natural Winnian psychology allows to experience with others through a computer screen, or in my case a phone screen. I have the unique ability to detach my spirit from my host body, I say host because I have many physical forms. Some of them you may know, Cabbages, celery, apples, they are usually vegetables, but also sometimes fruit. But that is not important. 

    As I was saying, I can detach my spirit and travel through the Internet modem, Ethernet cable, or wifi signals, and into the room of any member, or person for that matter, imaginable. From there I can then distribute my spirit  to various objects, like socks, tvs, carpets, toys. Any object within any usual home. Then I can watch the persons every day routine for as long as I want. 

    You get to see some really crazy stuff, and somethings more mundane. How they brush their teeth, which shoe they put on first, how many people they text, how many times they've defended the likes of Bjork and Tori Amos. Usual stuff like that. But back to the experience I recently had it showed me somethings about my self. Some things I would have ever known.

    I was sitting up in my room, late at night, browsing FOTP, bored and in need of some crazy cool excitement. When I received a notification, "Liam mentioned you in a topic". The usual of course, lesser known members always mention legends like me in their threads, so they become a hit. But something about that notification sparked my interest. I knew what I wanted and needed to do. Use my Winnian power to investigate Liam's life. 

    For months I had made fun of Liam for being on the site for 6 years plus, and making disgusting jokes about Anne's Frank, and being a general hermit and nuisance to this forum, and he deserves to be banned. But unfortunately, Oinka wouldn't do that. But I digress.

    So I did what you expect, I used transcendence ability to slither my way through Liam's wifi connection, all the way to Australia, or wherever he lives. I don't remember specifications regarding the unspecified. 

    It took my quite a long time, the connection was maybe "1mps". Dangerously slow, slower than Anti's ticket sales. But what could I expect from a 3rd world country, like Austria. I was surprised he even had wifi. When I finally arrived to his computer screen, I was shocked.  His room looked just like I thought. 

    A dump, half-empty Coke bottles littered the ground, the stench of some strange odor lingered overhead, the Hershey's chocolate wrappers lay scattered strategically on the ground like Lilly pads, they were used, I presume, to avoid direct contact with the various different mutations of mold that grew like weeds on the carpet. Synthetic wool carpet,  at that. My personal carpets are Sheeps wool, straight from Switzerland, I was shocked and worried. Those synthetic bristles must have felt torturous on the feet, but I digress. 

    I detached from the computer screen, the air burnt my eyes, so painful. I turned my head left to see a window, the lock knob rusted shut, this room obviously hadn't been aired out in years. That I knew for sure. I took form in a nearby lamp-post, presumably bought from some Australian Walmart imitation, for $1.39, and waited for Liam assume his rightful position as head of the computer screen. 

    I waited for what felt like a eternity, during that time I was able to make out the various scents that inhabited his room, lilac, rose, and other flowers. Disgusting scents to me, must be heaven to him though. I looked to the ground and saw that the wrappers and trash had disappeared, what lay underneath was a pristine whit carpet, devoid of a single stain. The brightness of it burned my eyes, a startling and attention seeking white color. His Window seek didn't miss my second inspection either, now a vibrant yellow painted with lovely acrylic. Yellow is a ugly color to me, but I digress. 

    Then a sound, the sound of a knob turning. Liam entered the room, and laid his jacket and house keys down on his neatly made bed.  The sheets tucked tightly beneath the mistress and bed frame, that kind of tideness would drive me insane, but luckily this wasn't my room. He walked over to his laptop, a 16 inch Gold MacBook Pro, my trusty Microsoft desktop was a step above that over-priced mess. 

    He opened the "Safari" icon, and typed into Google, "". He logged on and browsed for a while, but then logged off after a hour. "YAWN!!", I thought to myself. I waited all this time for him to come home, and he barely stays logged on for a hour. What a snooze fest. 

    I detached myself from the IKEA lamp, and used rode my wifi signals back to my room, it took much longer to get back, than to get there. Which was weird to me. I materialized onto my Kindle Fire HD, that laid untouched in my closet, along with the rest of the junk in there. I hopped and resumed my usual physical form.

    I played a quick little game of hopscotch with the few wrappers that laid scattered strategically across my carpet, which was a dastardly green and white lava, that what's I like to call it. I sat down quickly at my computer and to my surprise it was still on. Guess I had never turned it off. 

    I typed into Google, "", auto-suggestion finish for me as soon as I got to "fo". Thank god for technology right!? I pressed search and was brought directly to the home-page. The notification icon lit by "6 new notifications". I didn't even have to log in.  And that's when it hit me. 

    I hadn't logged in since January. 

  2. V-c


    1st Single - Exhale

    Released: October 24, 2016 





    2nd Single - Candy 

    Released: October 31st, 2016 





    3rd Single - Take Your Time

    Released: November 6th, 2016





    3rd Studio Album - mariah.

    Released: November 13th, 2016





    4th Single - i DO (feat. Janet Jackson)

    Released: November 20th, 2016





    5th Single - Used To Be Mine 

    Released: November 29th, 2016





    Album Re-release: SUPERSTAR

    Released: November 30th 





    6th Single - Rock With Me 

    Released: December 9th 





    Other Releases: 

    Live Album: Mariah LIVE!

    Released: November 5th, 2016 




    DVD: Mariah LIVE!

    Released: November 5th 2016





    Feature: Ariana Grande ft. Mariah Carey - Don't Need Nobody

    Released: November 12th, 2016 by my girl @Hannah. <3





    Holiday Single - Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town 

    Released: November 25th, 2016 




    Thank you to everyone who voted for me in the charts. Thanks to all the judges and players. Thank you. xx


  3. eNPdLQ0.gif

    Welcome ladies and gentleladies!

    The music that I'm about to list is not from this month (or not specifically!), this is just the music I bopped to the entire month.



    Let's start with the album recommendations, shall we!

    Let's me self-promote a bit and recommend you my fanmade "Dangerous Woman" rework, aka "Dangerous Woman: Reloaded." An album full of edits, got rid of some features that I annoyed the pissing fuck out of me and other shite that you will hear when you listen to the album.

    Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman: Reloaded


    #LucaRecommends: Touch It, Thinking Bout You, Forever Boy, Moonlight & Sometimes

    #LucaDoesNotRecommend: Greedy 4 Love, Side To Side, Everyday & Let Me Love You

    If anyone needs a DL link, PM me!


    Moving on to the second album, y'all might not read/listen to this, BUT I am 100% certain you will tear up listening to this soundtrack!

    The Track Team - Avatar: The Last Airbender (OST)


    An unofficial soundtrack due Nickelodeon being a dick and not putting it out managed to be one of the most illegally downloaded soundtrack albums so far.

    Showing nothing but eastern sounds (tsungi horn for example) that makes you think about loved ones, anger, your life, what's good and what's not.

    If you are an emotional person, like me, you will enjoy this thing even if you aren't an Avatar stan.


    #LucaRecommends: The Two Lovers, Peace, Panda Lily, Last Agni Kai/The Phoenix King

    #LucaDoesNotRecommend: Scarf Dance



    Third and final album recommendation I have for you, is the good sis Foxes who's career hasn't been all too well.

    Even though her last album was cute, she can't top her debut! From bops like Let Go For Tonight & Holding On To Heaven to Youth & The Unknown.

    Foxes is truly underrated, iCarly Jepsen could never!

    Foxes - Glorious (Deluxe Version)

    Related image

    #LucaRecommends: Youth, Talking To Ghosts, Let Go For Tonight, Night Glo

    #LucaDoesNotRecommend: Home, Night Owls Early Birds

    If you need a DL, PM me!





    #LucaLISTS: 10 December Faves!

    1.) Lana Del Rey - Radio

    2.) Birdy - Skinny Love

    3.) ZAYN & Taylor Swift - I Don't Wanna Live Forever

    4.) Oh Wonder - White Blood

    5.) Dua Lipa - Blow Your Mind (Mwah)

    6.) Troye Sivan - EASE (feat. Broods)

    7.) Beyoncé - All Night

    8.) Ariana Grande - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

    9.) Olivia O'Brien - hate u love u

    10.) Oh Wonder - Without You


    I was bored. Forgive me, happy holidays theaux.





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    Hi! Welcome to my "Top 10 Albums of 2016" blog! In light on this year reaching an end and inspired by the multiple countdowns that other members have done in the forum, I decided to do one myself. This year has been pretty good to me in terms of music as I've liked a lot of releases, as well as found a lot of new stuff! Now if you know me you know that I like Korean and Japanese music, and yes, of course, there's albums of the language in this countdown. You can also probably guess my #1 correctly since I've been pretty vocal about it. You might find something new in this list that you like! Anyway, starting from #10 and going upwards...


    SHINee are one of the staple groups in K-Pop, they're essential to anyone's experience in the genre and my favorite boy group ever! 1 and 1 features a variety of genres that together make up this great album; from House, to 90's Jack Swing, the album has many many gems in it. The album is a really nice collection of good vocals and production working together. It serves you bops, midtempos, (amazing) ballads.
    #HyuntySTANS: SHIFT, Tell Me What To Do, Feel Good


    Perfume are a techno inspired J-Pop trio, and one of my favorite artists ever. They're definitely not everyone's cup of tea, being such a heavy electronic group that features autotune, vocaloid, high-pitched voices, etc, but being a big electronic fan, that's really what makes me love them so much. COSMIC EXPLORER was preceded by many singles released prior to the album, but most of these were reworked into new versions that in some cases is for the better, and others, for the worst. Either way, the album does a great job at mixing today's EDM trends while still keeping it loyal to their sound.
    #HyuntySTANS: STORY, FLASH, Cosmic Explorer, Pick Me Up


    I was never a JoJo stan, hell I had never listened to a song by her previously to listening to Mad Love., but I was immediately impressed. This is a fantastic comeback album, you can feel the passion she has for music in many of the songs included here. Her vocals are absolutely fantastic - especially on the ballads Music. and I Am., whew - the production is done just right. Bops, mid-tempos, ballads, this album is a ride of emotions that I love to experience!
    #HyuntySTANS: Honest., Vibe., High Heels., Good Thing.


    LEMONADE, the iconic album/movie that shook the world! I could spend a while talking about how amazing the visual part of the album is, but we're talking about the music here so I'll leave that for another time! The album ranges from many, many genres yet manages to stay as a cohesive body of work. The production, the vocals, the lyrics, the theme, the concept, it's all perfectly executed and it's why this is Beyoncé best album ever.
    #HyuntySTANS: 6 Inch, Freedom, Daddy Lessons, Hold Up


    Big shoutout to @blankdreams. for introducing me to this album indirectly via Popfection! This album is seriously an electropop masterpiece, I'm still as amazed as I was the first day I listened to it, and I still love it as much as I did then. The album's production is insane and just massive, seriously praise Joel Little for the amazing work. It's an experience to listen to, let me tell you, especially when you get to the title track which closes the album, whew! Georgia's voice is so interesting and it shines in this album. Plus, the Tove feature is seriously an amazing moment.
    #HyuntySTANS: Conscious, Free, Are You Home, Hold The Line, Recovery, Freak of Nature


    I discovered DEAN not too long ago, and I'm very very glad I did! He's a South Korean alternative R&B artist who released his debut ep "130 Mood: TRBL" earlier this year. With just 6 tracks (and an outro) the album sets a moody ambient from the beginning, with a set of mid-tempos following through. The production (done by himself) is so on point, his vocals are so so smooth, the melodies are really lovely throughout the entire thing, and it all mixes together in this amazing record where every single track is a highlight. I highly recommend you listen to this, you won't regret it. He's almost a Korean The Weeknd, if that gives you any motive to listen to him!
    #HyuntySTANS: 21, D (Half Moon), Pour Up


    I found out about BANKS with Gemini Feed, and I was definitely interested from that point and on. The Altar did not disappoint from the excitement I had built up from before, it exceeded my expectations. I love the dark tone her music has, even in the more upbeat moments of the album. Actually I wanna point out how FLAWLESS the transition from Mother Earth to Weaker Girl is, easily one of the best moments of the album, I love that too much. Her lyrics are flawfree, the production slays. She really did that with this album.
    #HyuntySTANS: Trainwreck, Gemini Feed, 27 Hours, To The Hilt


    Barely a month has passed yet this album found its way into my Top 3 of the year, truly a flawless album. The album keeps his signature dark and moody R&B vibe, but it's evolved, Starboy definitely borrows more pop, electronic and house influences compared to his previous albums, and I'm a huge fan of this. The Daft Punk features really take each of those songs to a new level, and the fact that they're the opener and closer of the album is just a really nice touch.
    #HyuntySTANS: Rockin', Secrets, False Alarm, A Lonely Night, Love To Lay


    Pop perfection at its finest! This is the album that solidified me as an Ariana stan, it's just too damn good. Even though this is always said when talking about it, praise the lord for Focus' backlash that made her change the album's direction! The title track came through and left everyone shook, myself included. Then the rest of the album was just sent from the Pop Gods themselves. It has one of the best songs of this year, the hit that got away, Into You! By the way, Forever Boy > Knew Better
    #HyuntySTANS: Into You, Touch It, Greedy, Thinking Bout You, Side to Side



    Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before, unafraid to reference or not reference, put it in a blender, shit on it, vomit on it, eat it, give birth to it. I really cannot put my love for this album into words, she really left me bald. I'm a huge fan of electronic music - as I've previously stated - and this album being so House-heavy was just a gift. Every single song is fucking perfect, even the interludes! The album is short but that's compensated by the fact that every song is pure perfection. I cannot wait to see what the second volume will sound like, but I'm sure it'll be just as flawless as this one.

    #HyuntySTANS: Lady Wood, True Disaster, Vibes, Flashes, Keep It Simple


    Hope you enjoyed my rambling, and that you might've found something new to listen to!


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    I know I love boys since 8 years but in the last couple of days I think about girls. It sounds dump but I think maybe I turn into a Bisexual person.

    I had a 3 days relationship with a Girl 7 years ago and it was the worst thing ever! I felt it was wrong to do that. Since this expirience I knew I LOVE BOYS!

    My love life is pure trouble, I mean I fell in love and my heart got broken every time. In 2012 I created an account on a Gay Forum/Community.

    I only chatted with guys and 1 year later I met someone from the Forum. We had a blowjob date. It was horrible. Maybe it wasn't the right time or I was depressed at that time.

    The last 2 years I did more of those things. I was never happy after it. It could be that I was really depressed and hurt from other boys in my school.

    I felt like I got colder and colder to these kind of things (especially falling in love with boys). I wanted to be single and I wanted to be happy with it but I was not.

    I don't want to blame it all on my depression, maybe now I think that I should left this road and see if there's something on the other side of the sea.

    I watched a Lesbian porn and I came and it turned me on shock2 I was like "am I Bisexual now?". I found Vaginas never attractive but it made my penis hard.

    I thought about kissing a girl too and it wasn't that bad as I thought. I thought about having sex with a girl but what if I couldn't get hard. That would be so embarrassing.

    My question is am I still gay or am I bisexual?

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    A nice lil mixtape of music I like. A lot of it is really underrated, so give it a listen!



  5. Hello everybody, and welcome back to #TeaOfTheDay


    We're already in day 3, ratings are good (not really, but still) oprah4 

    So onto today's tea, yesterday i promised to talk about one of Gaga's albums, and i'm going to talk about HA best album HA magnum opus HA album that she will never beat in terms of excellence, visuals, singles & longevity, i'm talking about The Fame: Monster.

    On today's hot tea, i'm going to give the reasons on why this album is her best.


    REASON #1:

    It features Bad Romance, her arguably most iconic song with her best music video to date. It's diamond certified in the US despite peaking at #2 (Damn Kesha gaga2)

    REASON #2:

    This album features two of her three #1 songs, Just Dance (which was originally released in the fame but whatevs) and Poker Face (which was also released in the fame...but eh), who's also diamond certified

    REASON #3:

    And last but NOT least, it features S U M M E R B O Y ha MOST UNDERRATED SONG FROM A L L T I M E.


    And with that ladies, i conclude this day, hope you enjoyed the Tea!



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    So the other day I was in the room with my mother when she brings up how she's glad that the "Gorilla Face" won't be in the white house anymore so I asked who this "Gorilla face" was and she says "Michelle (Obama) of course!" dead4

    So then I ask her "Isn't that kinda racist?" um1 Then she says "no it's just Michelle that has a Gorilla face" um1

    So I call her out and ask why it wouldn't still be racist if you said it to a regular black person then she says "Black people aren't gorilla face's if they're hard-working and put effort into their work unlike Michelle not everything is racist Henry!" rih1

    I think a few months back when she was acting racist she said "I'm not racist because I like a lot of black people like Morgan Freeman & Michael Jackson and...."

    Like.... moo3

    Mom moo3

    S  T  O  P moo3

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    jk changed my mind

  6. I've been really angry since Black Beatles went number one, but there was a point where it went from "this song is bad" to "I'm extremely angry and really upset about this". That point was when I saw this 

    Then it hit me. I watch men get praised constantly, for some reason this year especially, for having songs that degrade women, songs about mistreating women, because the artist happens to be a minority. Many songs that have reached the top 40 and top 10 this year by black men have had countless lyrics about mistreating women, cheating on women with women who are also in relationships, etc. These things for some reason didn't bother me as much until recently.


    When Closer went number 1, people complained. No, the song is not amazing, but people complained because it was Halsey. I saw no one celebrate the fact that there was a queer woman on the top of the charts. I saw no one celebrate the fact that there was a black woman on top of the charts. Someone tell me, I'm genuinely curious and can't find it in a Google search, when's the last time an openly gay or bi woman had a number 1 song? I couldn't find anything.


    Songs with awful degrading comments about women get praised constantly yet Halsey gets dragged to the pits for...being a little annoying sometimes? Being "extra"? Yeah annoying people are SO MUCH WORSE than someone who constantly puts down a group of people and talks about treating them badly. 


    From this point forward, I fully embrace Halsey and her appearance in popular culture. Her success as a bisexual and biracial woman on the pop charts should not be undermined in a world where the success of men who degrade women gets celebrated. I no longer stand for the celebration of men who who popularize the mistreatment of women. Halsey is the only queer person, let alone woman, to have a number one single this year. I am celebrating and I believe more people should be. The song may be about a hetero relationship and she may be "white passing" but that doesn't take away the fact that a queer, black woman is on the longest running number 1 of the year. 


    That's all I have to say.


    But seriously, if someone could tell me the last gay woman to have a number 1 single and the last bi woman to have a number one single, that would be fantastic because I honestly can't find it.

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    `-.        .-'.
    `-.    -./\.-    .-'
    -.  /_|\  .-
    `-.   `/____\'   .-'.
    `-.    -./.-""-.\.-      '
    .  /< (()) >\  .-'
    -   .`/__`-..-'__\'   .-
    ,-'   ,` . . ',   `-,

    i was not expecting company

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    will you be there in the end

  7. After overwhelmingly good reviews from critics of the first episode of Phan's Phavorite .GIFs, the network has decided to bring it back for a new special! Today, I'm showing you some of my Phavorites, from Episode 1 and the upcoming Episode 2, but now in Emoticon form! This is the perfect 25-piece collection for any gay on the go! Full list below:


    TcTnRx4.gif I1Pige2.gif l333iaM.gif vtZqLMU.gif inGky5Y.gif

     WNB3Zap.gif sZw6LSA.gif fbSTy75.gif RrnXkp1.gif AqvNmCo.gif

    hhlXj72.gif sX9EFIb.gif yiPunBj.gif YZBm0pD.gif sPwDeUA.gif

    l9USTde.gif 08rdTCd.gif 4VzDxnH.gif OPBHypm.gif 8dHyfqS.gif

    YrQTrmw.gif WFPqScB.gif K1fk80U.gif TQcdRZW.gif mXvOMNU.gif


    Thank you, for visiting the Grand Hall of Phanniemotes.

    As always, stay gay, xoxo Babydoll Phan.


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    Donald J. Trump is our President

    Twitter Notifications and videos of Marches, Riots, Shootings, Lootings

    It's like this is the norm, the everyday

    so many people feel unwanted, chewed, and spit out

    our nation is divided, east and west, north and south

    there are children, adults, family crying, people dying

    there are worries,

    there are concerns of a Republican government and possible a second term

    it feels that we, on the right side of herstory, got defeated

    the majority is not with us and doesn't want to embrace us

    we can spend countless hours on the why and the how

    we can read headlines and articles, saying this can't be true

    I'm sure there are many who rub it in our faces and mock our ideology, calling it just plain stupid

    we wonder from 8 years of seemingly progression, only to ask was it worth it in the end

    our feelings, emotions, thoughts all valid

    waiting for the next catastrophe to happen

    it was not just us, the silent minority

    It was mostly every media outlet and celebrit-ory

    Now on it is on us, all of us

    man, woman, child, and those who chose to not be classified

    no matter what sexual orientation, race, religion and what have you comes to mind

    we must all unite and keep our voices loud

    cause we won't let them get the best of us

    we won't let every policy, law, or bill go without a fight

    cause it is only right, by the mighty generations who came before us

    that we don't hinder progression no matter how much distress

    cause it looks like our future is one big fucking mess

    but if we work together and stay critical

    we can defeat any enemy no matter how big or small

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    Image result for March






    [February 23rd 2002]
    15.  Wherever You Will Go - The Calling  | Week 2 | -1 | Peak 14
    14.  A Thousands Miles - Vanessa Carlton  | Week 1 | NE | Peak 14
    13. Gotta Get Thur This - Daniel Bedingfield | Week 14 | -1 | Peak 7 [1]
    12.  Murder On The Dancefloor - Sophie Ellis Bextor  | Week 12 | -5 | Peak 6
    11. Hands Clean - Alanis Morrissett  | Week 4 | -3 | Peak 8
    10. My Sarcrifice - Creed | Week 6 | -1 | Peak 7 [1]
    09. Chop Suey - System Of The Down | Week 9 | +1 | Peak 08 [1]
    08. Crawling In The Dark - Hoobastank  | Week 2 | NE | Peak 08
    07. For You  - Stand   | Week 1 | NE | Peak 07
     06. In The End - Linkin Park | Week 20 | -3 | Peak 1 [7]
    05. All You Wanted - Michelle Brunch | Week 5 | = | Peak 4 [1] 
    04. You Give Me Something Jamiroquai  | Week 3 | = | Peak 4
    03. Death Defy - Motor Ace | Week 9 | -1  | Peak 1 [2] 
    02. Youth Of Nations - P.O.D | Week 4 | +4 | Peak 05
    01. Hey Baby - No Doubt | Week 9 | +1 | Peak 1 [1] 
    What's Luv? - Fat Joe Feat. Ashanti  | Week 1 | NE | Peak 15
    That Day - Natalie Imbruglia  | Week 2 | +1 | Peak 13
    I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman - Britney Spears | Week 9 | = | Peak 5 [1]
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    Literally loved this album!!! It's pop gold! Here's a track-by-track review!!! Enjoy;))


    1. Dare- A great opener! The lyrics are so clever, and I think this really sets up the whole album! Although it's not my #1 favorite, I still really enjoy it! (7.5/10)

    2. Legendary- This is pure pop! This is giving me some early Madonna vibes!! The lyrics are very cute, and I like the alien vibe in the production! (8/10)

    3. I.C.Y.M.I- OMGG! The sass! But really, this song is sooo fun and it's very tropical. A great single choice! (8.5/10)

    4. Thirsty- OMG! The first Daya song that I fell in love with!! This reminds me of one huge pep rally!! The lyrics are so fun, and I love all the drink namechecks! (9/10)bey3

    5. Love Of My Life- I don't hate this song, but it's not the most memorable. I like the whole doo-wop feel. This song is pretty catchy, but it kinda just blends in compared to the other songs (6/10)

    6. Hide Away- The song was a great song to start her career, although it's not my favorite on the album. I do enjoy it, but it's nothing really special (6.5/10)

    7. Cool- This is ARTTT!!! When I first heard this song, I knew it would be favorite! The lyrics are so clever, and it's just like one huge vacation! This better be the next single!!! (10/10)

    8. Sit Still, Look Pretty- I literally adore this song! The lyrics are so smart!! It really is a great message! It's not the magnum opus, but it still slays! (8.5/10)

    9. Talk- OMG, and I thought it couldn't get any sassier! I literally love this song! It has such an urban vibe, and this would also make a great single! (8.5/10)

    10. U12- OMFG!!! This song gets me so emotional, you don't even know! It gives all the feels, and still slays! Reminds me of an 80's movie soundtrack. Just amazing!! (10/10)antm1

    11. Words- This song reminds me so much of Gloria Estefan! It's not the best, but it's fun!!. I still find myself humming it, and it would make a great dance on tour (7.5/10)

    12. Back to Me- Wow!  This is a BALLAD!!!! I really feel the emotion in her vocals! The lyrics are amazing, and this is just so powerful all together! (8/10)

    13. Got The Feeling- I'm not sure, this song kinda feels like a filler to me!.It's nothing terrible, but I kinda forgot it after one listen. I do enjoy the lyrics and the production though (5.5/10)

    14. We Are- OMG! A great closer!!!! Love the lyrics, and would love to see this in a movie! It really is a great ending, and it really holds the album together! (8.5/10)



    Hope ya guys enjoyed!!







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    Never let another person treat you like you are nothing. Never let someone come into your life and make you a shell of who you once were. Never let someone take complete control of your emotions. Never fear someone that you are supposed to love. Never let in negative people. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to be loved. You deserve to have people in your life that love you for who you are. You deserve the world.

    Love y'all,



    This blog, like I've mentioned before, is about all kinds of love and breakup advice which includes friendships and family.

    but for a few editions I want to focus on the most important type of love..... SELF LOVE. These will all be under the theme of #LoveMyself



    Please read, be open to sharing, asking, conversing, even if you feel like you have a healthy relationship with yourself.  

    You might enlighten others with knowledge that is not mentioned, or pick up a few tips to use on yourself. oprah1



    Dr. H.O.N.E.Y at your service. oprah11 I'm just like you, no better, no worse, just sharing what little I do know in hopes someone will benefit. rav3





    Blog Entry #2: Do I #LoveMyself Enough to Change?






    We received this question in the mail, and we almost overlooked it but we managed to grab a hold of this very important question: rav2 


                               Dear H.O.N.E.Y,

    Why do I always find myself making promises to myself that I never keep, and end up stuck at the bottom because of my own actions? 



    oprah8 hmmm....  A tricky one.



    First, I won't say that I follow what I preach, nor that I have achieved every goal that I've set out to achieve.  oprah11



    I'm not saying I haven't broken new year resolutions before and gained pounds when I said that I'd lose them. I'm not going to pretend that I'm better than anyone and have done/seen it all and everyone has to play catch up with me. I'm just like everyone else, I actually have made plenty of mistakes in my life and I will share some of them in this very blog in future editions. Nobody's perfect, but we have to strive to get as close AS POSSIBLE to our goals/promises to ourselves.







    Whether it's losing weight, quitting smoking, learning French, eating healthier/going green, waking up early, being more active, etc..

    The first step is to acknowledge to yourself WHY you want to achieve this goal in the first place? The important questions you should ask yourself now:


    #1 Is it in fact YOUR GOAL? Or is it a goal enforced/encouraged by others in your family/circle? oprah8


    #2 Do you even care to PUT IN THE WORK in order to achieve it or would achieving it not matter either way? oprah8


    #3 Will it have a positive influence on you/your self esteem? Are you doing it for the right reasons? oprah6


    #4 Are there side effects that could result from you attempting to achieve this goal? If so, are you prepared to face them? oprah8


    #5 Are you willing to continue on this path or do you think it's just a "phase" and then you'll be back to basics? Be HONEST with yourself! oprah12







    I will discuss each one of those questions in a bit. But first I want you to close your eyes for 20 seconds and think about that goal of yours then come back to this. oprah11






    So my experience with this topic hasn't been very successful. Throughout my life I hated many stuff about myself, and wanted to change/achieve stuff. Let's just say that for the main part I have yet to change many stuff that I told myself that I would. However, a few times I have worked hard on changing my bad ways and/or learning to do something that I hated/was scared of, and ended up changing for the better. Sometimes even for the WRONG REASONS. 



    A Main thing I wanted to change during the end of my college years was my major fear of public speaking to a group of a people. My case was really bad, I even had panic attacks in the classroom just if I suspected that I MIGHT be asked to speak or give my opinion on something. It's a condition I've had for many years. I'm deathly shy, but not when people speak to me one-on-one or a group of people that I already know. So I had a huge assignment of a public speech I had to give in class or else I wouldn't pass. I had a friend that helped to gather people so I could train plenty of times on giving speeches until I got used to it. I had a vision of me delivering speeches like Martin Luther with conviction and belief in my message, and that I was going to encourage everyone to follow my message. rav2 So I practiced with groups of people repeatedly until I was used to it and when it came time to go live! in the classroom, I was ready and nailed it. It was a great challenge and an even better reward. I'm happy that I've achieved it and conquered my fear. oprah7




    One instance was when I was a bit heavier during my late teen years. I fell in love with someone that I've been talking to for months in a long distance relationship. I decided that I wanted to lose weight, so by the time me and him met, I'd be snatched and ready to have him be slayed by my beauty. rav2  I had a morning workout routine, then in the afternoon I'd burn fat by dancing to whichever song was on the radio/tv. rav2  I achieved my goal and lost 20 Kilos/44 Pounds in 1 month!  It was a huge achievement, but obviously done for ALL the wrong reasons. I don't advise ANYONE to follow that method or that reasoning for weight loss. oprah2






    A major cause for people to self-sabotage when they're doing so good at a new project or a goal is because of loss of #SelfLove. It's not necessarily the case for everyone that self-sabotages, some just don't care about that goal and are just trying to convince themselves that they do. That's why in future entries in the #LoveMyself series I will give tools how how we can all love ourselves to be able to achieve goals and love other people in a healthy manner. oprah7




    Now back to the important questions:




    #1 Is it in fact YOUR GOAL? Or is it a goal enforced/encouraged by others in your family/circle? oprah8

    A main reason why many people trying to lose weight/cut smoking/get off drugs,etc don't succeed is because it never was their goal  to begin with. Obviously, if achieving something is not your idea, you're less likely to put in the work to achieve it. Listen to your gut instinct. You will know who is the force driving the idea behind this "change". 



    #2 Do you even care to PUT IN THE WORK in order to achieve it or would achieving it not matter either way? oprah8

    If you are not willing to put in the work, then why even make that deceleration to yourself? If it is too much work, then why did you make an agreement with yourself that you'd achieve it? It's like asking for a job and the minute that you're hired you sleep at home and miss work and expect your salary at the end of the month and then complain when your account balance is $0.00 oprah8 



    #3 Will it have a positive influence on you/your self esteem? Are you doing it for the right reasons? oprah6

    If it's something that is superficial like plastic surgery or weight-loss (if both are done with the sole intention of pleasing OTHERS) then it will most likely lead to you getting LOWER self esteem than you already have, because you sought out these changes to please others, not for yourself or your physical/mental/emotional health. There might come a time and you might hate yourself for your decisions or have a setback and gain ALL your weight back and possibly get more weight than you initially had. oprah8 




    #4 Are there side effects that could result from you attempting to achieve this goal? If so, are you prepared to face them? oprah8

    If achieving this goal will harm you or cause small physical or mental side effects then you better be prepared to take them on. If not, then you shouldn't aim so high, maybe try to aim a little lower with a different less severe goal? oprah8 




    #5 Are you willing to continue on this path or do you think it's just a "phase" and then you'll be back to basics? Be HONEST with yourself! oprah12

    This is relevant to many of us. We start on the good path to the promise land, then we lose our way halfway though and stumble and fall. It could happen, yes, true, but it also could be US ALLOWING it to happen. @PoisonCandy and @LG6 Pls Be Good mentioned earlier that they had plans on losing weight but never followed through with their plans. As many people, the obviously committed for 2 seconds then got lazy, don't many of us do that tho? Yes. I'm a living, breathing example of just that. But we can all learn from this bit of info right here:




    For any type of change, you must NOT create a new system for you to follow in order to achieve that goal. You must NOT make a schedule of daily exercises! You must NOT change your diet! You must NOT go to the gym 3-4 times a week! You must NOT sign up for a new health program! You must NOT drop a cigarette and quit cold-turkey on the spot! You must NOT have that drastic change in your life! All of this is counterproductive. It all NEVER WORKS! clap1


    The correct way is to induct healthier alternatives in your day to day life. Do not deprive yourself of anything!! Do not excessively workout daily!! What you have to do is dance more and workout less. Make it a FUN ACTIVITY THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WEIGHT LOSS! Make it a jog with a friend while chatting. Make it an yummy new meal that is - sidebar - also healthy, not a healthy meal that doesn't taste horrible. Make it a REALISTIC LIFESTYLE CHANGE, NOT A NEW REGIME/DIET to achieve a certain goal. clap1  Most successful cases of weight loss and bettering one's health were not done by looking at it as a "diet" with deprivation of certain foods and being forced to work out every minute of every day, most of it is what came in small doses and what can be seen as a "Lifestyle" edit. clap1







    Hopefully this bit of advice can help us and heal us all. oprah7



    If you have additions please post, if you have questions please submit, and if u have topics/questions for future blog entries, please PM me. rav2 



    Thanks for tuning in. rav2  






    Next entry will be a very heavy and serious topic relating to how far people are willing to hurt themselves in life. cry5


  10. brit9 I just updated my iTunes, and I decided its time I finally use this abandoned blog to post a mini-review. brit9 

    Okay so let me sort this out. When I updated I expected a just ever so slightly upgraded version of the previous iTunes. Which I completely adored and loved to use. That entire look was gorgeous and just the right amount of simplistic. Award deserving. 

    I was shocked, to say the least, when the update finished less than an hour ago. But actually, when you get the playlist thing out of the way, the main view looks pretty nice. The design is pretty cute, easy to get around. The covers look nicer with slightly sharper and smaller icons and curved corners. Scrolling is faster with a lot of albums. Its generally a lot better to look at than before. 10/10



    But then, there's the issue with the update. The part where they ruined it so much to me wanting to downgrade back to iTunes 12.4. The way you view albums on their own. They destroyed what made tracklist views so stunning. They removed the album cover based colors and background, which shined prominently in iTunes 11, and even more in the previous installments of iTunes 12. They also fucked over people with long album tracklists. I have Complete Season albums of Glee, each with at least 100 songs. It was pretty easy to get through before, when everything was neatly divided into two halves/columns. But now, its just one thing. Plus, they made the album covers way too large in this view and generally caused a design that's unpleasant to look at. 0.1/10



    So basically. There was an epic glo-up, and then there was a flop. That's Apple for you. brit9 I'm gonna downgrade, if anyone cares to join me.

  11. Disclaimer: I will not be including songs that she's featured in, soundtrack singles, or her Christmas music because I cba to list all of them. I will however include songs such as Bang Bang and E Più Ti Penso because she's credited as one of the main artists.


    14. Bang Bang


    I'm not gonna sit here and lie to you, when this song was first released I definitely bopped to it. It was one of Ariana's first song where she was clearly talking about sex and I was feeling it. Then it was starting to become overplayed and she performed this song everywhere so I quickly became tired of it. Now I realize this song is utter trash and it doesn't deserve a spot on her discography. I instantly skip this song when listening to My Everything.


    13. Put Your Hearts Up


    Elementary schoolers I'm sure ate this song up. It's a cute song with a cute message but that's about it. It's way too childish and way too Nickelodeon. I felt like I downed a bunch of sugar after listening to this song then had to feel my arteries clog. I'm glad she ditched this album concept/direction.


    12. The Way


    This is where the list starts to get hard for me because this is when I start to really love each and every one of these songs. However, The Way has to be placed here just due to the fact that it became very stale for me very quickly. It was nice for the first month it was out but after that I became bored. I still stan it though and I will listen to it when it comes on, but I never have this song on repeat.


    11. Focus


    I can already feel the backlash for this. The reason for this is that I do love this song with Jamie's voice taken out of the chorus. However I never really was able to get into this song. The damage was done far too soon before the fan edit was released. The verses and bridge are spectacular and the music video is definitely one of her best but the song just doesn't do it for me.


    10. Right There


    When Yours Truly was first released, I stanned this song so much and I still do. But the talent that is coming up is just too amazing and too far advanced for this song to be placed any higher. The chorus to this song is definitely the highlights and one of my favorites from the album though. There are just 9 other songs that I believe are even better.


    9. Dangerous Woman


    I overplayed the hell out of this song to the point where I basically never listen to it anymore. Don't get me wrong, I love it still, but the following singles are just better than DW tbh.


    8. E Più Ti Penso


    What a beautiful song. I can't understand a word they are saying but I can definitely feel their emotion and Ari's vocals are on point. Definitely a guilty pleasure of mine.


    7. Side To Side


    (Ignore the mess of this fan made single artwork.)

    This song is a definite bop and anyone that disagrees is incorrect. Nicki's verse serves iconic lyrics and Ariana serves vocals with an iconic message. Careful not to ride that dick too hard unnies!


    6. Problem


    I was obsessed with this song when she first released it. I was so hype the entire time, I even memorized Iggy's rap before the song was even out. The song is near pop perfection that was snubbed from the #1 spot by a very very very thin margin. However, this has the same problem as Dangerous Woman which is that I overplayed the hell out of this song and hardly listen to it now. Still one of her best though.


    5. Baby I


    Best single from the Yours Truly era and that's just a fact! It's the true definition of a bop, unfortunately most people will never even know of this songs existence due to her literally never wanting to acknowledge this songs existence. You think Into You had bad promo? You should have been around when this song became a single. Truly a great song.


    4. One Last Time


    An amazing song that was ruined by a horrible video. I love the vocals in the song and her live performances make this song even better. I'm so glad this was the final single off of My Everything because it was one of her best songs from the album.


    3. Love Me Harder


    Lets get one thing straight, if you see me hating on this song it's only because you all do the most when it comes to loving it. It is a great and sultry song that serves vocals and the video serves beautiful visuals, however y'all act like this is her magnum opus when it really isn't.


    2. Break Free


    An anthem. A bop. A legend. I can listen to this song non stop and never get tired of it. It's great for working out, it's great for getting ready, it's just a great song. The grammar is atrocious but even Ariana hates that part of the song so it can be overlooked.


    1. Into You


    The single to end all singles. This is her true magnum opus. LMH who? I never get tired of this song either. The verses are sultry and the chorus is catchy af while the bridge gives me goosebumps. It is truly her best single ever released. That is until she releases Touch It or Thinking Bout You! This song can be explained by a certain Gaga gif...



    pls don't fight me, I do love most of these songs but some I like more than others. ari1 

  12. Welcome to TFM's Dangerous Woman track ranking! I was kinda bored today so I listened to DW and ranked all 18 songs and added my thots on each track jj2 Hope y'all enjoy!


    #18. "I Don't Care" / Nobody cares about this piece of shit. She can keep it tbh jj4 

    #17. "Jason's Song (Gave It Away)" / At least it's just a Target bonus I guess. 

    #16. "Focus" / Problem's fugly little sister eve1 Cute video, shitty song. I bop to it every once and a while though jj2 

    #15. "Moonlight" / Moonlight is cute and Ari serves vocals but it doesn't fit DW at all. Sounds like it belongs on Christmas & Chill tbh orangu1 

    #14. "Step On Up" / Not as bad as people make it out to be. It's not the best but it's better than Focus and IDC!

    #13. "Everyday" / Although this is a really great bop and I feel like it would be a great single, it's one of the weakest on the album imo. Maybe it's because I hate Future eve1  

    #12. "Leave Me Lonely" / Beautiful song, but I don't really like Macy Gray's voice and it brings the song down for me. Ari's parts slay though. 

    #11. "Be Alright" / Great bop but something feels missing. I waited MONTHS for this song and when it was released, I was disappointed. bummer1 

    #10. "Bad Decisions" / "Ain't you ever seen a princess be a bad bitch?" ICONIC. A fun bop but the next songs are way better.

    #9. "Let Me Love You" / I actually really love this song. I hate Lil Wayne's verse but this song gets way too much hate.

    #8. "Sometimes" / I used to HATE this song, but it has grown on me over the summer. It's actually really good and it should be the next single alex1 

    #7. "Thinking Bout You" / *insert lady_gaga_talented_brilliant_incredible.gif* THIS WILL SLAY LIVE, SHE BETTER PERFORM IT

    #6. "Touch It" / The chorus ended careers tbh. Amazing song and I will fight anybody who disagrees.

    #5. "Side to Side" / THIS INCREDIBLE BOP! FUTURE #1 SMASH alex1 Also, It took me 3 months to finally get what the song means eve1 

    #4. "Greedy" / Yes, this song is a bit basic but I love it sooo much. The key change >>>> (When will Gaga jj2 )

    #3. "Dangerous Woman" / This song is great and the bridge fucking slays. One of my favorite singles of 2016.

    #2. "Knew Better/Forever Boy" / THIS SONG SLAYS. FB > KB but both parts are fantastic and deserve extended versions. 

    #1. "Into You" / This song is pop perfection. Everything about it slays and it deserved to be #1 for 25 weeks. ny12 


    Thanks for reading hunties! Let me know if you agrih with anything here or drag me in the comments!


  13. This ranking is for the one and only queen: Madonna, bitch. ~I Don't Give A paraphrase reference~ I decided to do this because why not? I'm still on my little break but this gives me something to do and I love doing these so far even though they flop.


    WARNING: I'm putting the first one in a spoiler because it is a very unpopular opinion and I don't need y'all bitching. If you open the spoiler, you are agreeing to not be a little bitch.




    True Blue




    This album just doesn't do ANYTHING for me. I rarely listen to it and if I do, it's just the highlights. Pls don't hurt me.

    Highlights: Papa Don't Preach, Open Your Heart, Where's The Party, True Blue

    Can Go Suck A Dick: Love Makes The World Go Round, Jimmy Jimmy


    12: Like A Virgin




    This album has some AMAZING songs but the fillers are FILLERS and so generic and just dated trash. Love Don't Live Here Anymore is underrated.

    Highlights: Angel, Like A Virgin, Love Don't Live Here Anymore, Dress You Up, Shoo-Bee-Doo (pls don't hurt me)

    Can Go Suck A Dick: Material Girl (pls don't hurt me), Over And Over


    11: Madonna




    Pretty dated but pretty catchy and an amazing debut. Not much to say about it really

    Highlights: Lucky Star, Burning Up, I Know It, Holigay, Think Of Me

    Can Go Suck A Dick: Borderline


    10: MDNA




    She could have done better but this album isn't as bad as everyone says. It's just messy tbh. Home of the should have been hit single I'm Addicted. Some songs are borderline G E N E R I C ie Girl Gone Wild, Turn Up The Radio, etc but she pulls some of them off. I wish she didn't try to be so edgy this era but at least we got some holy BOPS.

    Highlights: Girl Gone Wild, Gang Bang, I'm Addicted, Nicki's verse on I Don't Give A, Love Spent, Falling Free, Beautiful Killer, Best Friend

    Can Go Suck A Dick: Give Me All Your No, the rest of I Don't Give A


    9: Hard Candy




    Truly underrated by Madonna stans. It is nowhere near as bad as all of you say it is. Literally only a couple duds. Yeah, she cased trends but she did it PERFECTLY. So many great bops on this album that all of you WASTE. Give It 2 Me should have smashed tbh

    Highlights: Give It 2 Me, Miles Away, She's Not Me, Beat Goes On, Devil Wouldn't Recognize You, Voices, Ring My Bell, the album cover shoot

    Can Go Suck A Dick: 4 Minutes, Spanish Lesson


    8: Like A Prayer



    Blah blah blah art blah amazing blah pure artistry blah blah game changer blah blah blah. IDGAF. Yes, mature artistic game changing iconic controversial album, I agree. But some songs just didn't age well or just suck dick. Hate me. I truly respect the artistry of the album but I still find it a tad overrated. Oh Father is one of my fave songs from her.

    Highlights: Like A Prayer, Express Yourself, Till Death Do Us Part, Oh Father, Keep It Together, Spanish Eyes

    Can Go Suck A Dick: Love Song, Promise To Try, Dear Jessie


    7: Confessions On A Dance Floor




    Used to be my favorite Madonna album but some of it hasn't aged well. I still love it and think it is still almost flawless and a great comeback. This album just delivers so much. Production. Lyrics. Looks. SERVED

    Highlights: Hung Up, Get Together, Sorry, Let It Will Be, Forbidden Love, How High, Isaac

    Can Go Suck A Dick: I Feel Love ripoff, I Hate Myself, Push (me over a cliff)


    6: American Life




    An edgier Ray Of Light. She tried perfecting the formula of Music but made a few missteps but still B+ for effort. I do find this album is pretty overrated by fans because it's so edgy and SOME NOT ALL just wanna seem edgy. This album does have great moments though and she really delivers. Lyrics are SERVED (Except in a couple songs). Same with looks kinda. Nothing Fails was the hit that got away, so magical and one of my faves from her. Easy Ride is probably in my top 10 songs and is a pure masterpiece. Die Another Day is unnecessarily hated on.

    Highlights: Hollywood, Love Profusion, Nobody Knows Me, Nothing Fails, Die Another Day, Easy Ride, the original American Life video

    Can Go Suck A Dick: American Life, the released video of American Life


    5: Ray Of Light




    I used to HATE this album but I have since since the (ray of) light! Basically an updated Like a Prayer except better! Except a couple songs... Anyways, Nothing Reall Matters and Skin should have SMASHED

    Highlights: Swim, Ray Of Light, Skin, Nothing Really Matters, Sky Fits Heaven, Frozen, The Power Of Good-Bye, the vocals

    Can Go Suck A Dick: Shitty/Ashtray


    4: Rebel Heart




    I know I'm going to get hate for this album being so high but it truly is almost flaw free. Messy but still almost perfect. A couple songs should have been cut, a couple songs should not have been changed from the demo (looking at you Rebel Heart. Madonna, what's good?? Avicii slayed that version). I relate to a lot of this album and has a special place in my little gay heart. Hate me for it bitches. So underrated and should have done SO much better. Also, Bitch I'm Madonna BOPS.

    Highlights: Living For Love, Devil Pray, Ghosttown, Unapologetic Bitch, Illuminati, Bitch I'm Madonna, Joan Of Arc, Iconic, Holy Water, Best Night, Veni Vidi Vici, S.E.X., Messiah, Rebel Heart, Auto-Tune Baby, Beautiful Scars, Addicted

    Can Go Suck A Dick: Body Shop, Graffiti Heart


    3: Erotica




    Erotic, Erotic, put your hands all over my iconic copy of this controversial album. So fucking amazing, well written masterpiece. Should have done a lot better than it did. It's dark, beautiful, heartbreaking lyrics. In my opinion, her most mature.

    Highlights: Erotica, Fever, Deeper And Deeper, Bad Girl, Waiting, Words, Why's It So Hard, Secret Garden, Bad Girl video

    Can Go Suck A Dick: Did You Do It?


    2: Music




    Hate me for this, idc. I really think this is her most forgotten album. This album is really sentimental to me so it holds a special place in my heart. I had the CDS of Music when it first came out but I didn't know who it was but it slayed me and I always wondered who it was. Then in 2011, Gaga got me into Madonna and this was the first album I listened to and I stanned. This is a flawless album that should have done better, had more singles, and deserves more all together.

    Highlights: Music, Impressive Instant, Runaway Lover, I Deserve It, Amazing, Nobody's Perfect, Don't Tell Me, Paradise (Not For Me), Gone, American Pie

    Can Go Suck A Dick: The people who discredit this album


    1: Bedtime Stories




    So personal, sad, and incredibly done. There isn't a dull moment on this piece of art. Definitely underrated and deserves so much more than what it got. The singles (except Take A Bow) deserved more. Trend chasing but done immaculately. Some of the songs on this album are in my top 10 of hers. This album really speaks for itself.

    Highlights: Survival, Secret, Inside Of Me, Human Nature, Forbidden Love, Love Tried To Welcome Me, Sanctuary, Bedtime Story

    Can Go Suck A Dick: Your Honesty not making the album




    Ryanism of the day: Don't forget to take care of yourself first

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