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Kings Of Suburbia Super Deluxe Edition

Tokio Hotel  Kings Of Suburbia  Super Deluxe [Limited] Edition I want to share the story with you guys of what a pain in the *** it was to get myself this beautiful edition!  It was September 2014 and I was stressing out because it was really hard to get one of those limited copies of beautiful boxes! And as a die-hard Tokio Hotel, and them being my #1 and all, I just simply had to have it! The first meltdown I had was when they were only available through the German Amazon, which



New Pokemon Announcement!

A new playable Pokemon character will be announced for Pokken Tournament on January the 15th. This Pokemon is teased as its name includes the character 'ラ'. Could we finally see the iconic Rattata for everyone out there named Joey, or might we see the ever impressive hardening Metapod? Both of these are high possibilities. Other possibilities include Water-Ground starter Swampert, electric legendary Raikou, or maybe they'll throw an atrocious curve ball right at us by sending Gyarados into the m



Who's That Pokemon? (Ep3: Clefairy)

Clefairy. The uh... Fairy Pokemon. Clefairy is a Fairy-Type Pokemon (previously a Normal-Type pokemon until GameFreak decided that the Fairy Pokemon should be a Fairy Pokemon). Clefairy evolves via moon stone into Clefable, another Fairy Pokemon, and evolves from Cleffa when friendship is high. I always, mostly always, usually, sometimes, very rarely stick to my word, and this is no exception. Clefairy was actually the original travelling partner for our anime protagonist Ash, until she got reje



Roy Woods' 'Get You Good', taken from his EP 'Exis'

About Roy Woods Denzel Spencer (born April 18, 1996), better known by his stage name Roy Woods (stylized as Roy Wood$), is a Canadian rapper and R&B musician from Brampton, Ontario. He attended Turner Fenton Secondary School for three years before switching to St. Augustine for his final year of high school. Before his music career took off, he was often recognized for his commitment and talent in Football. The origin of his name comes from a youth that lived in the same building as him



My Top Ten Psychic-Type Pokemon

#10. Malamar Malamar is a Psychic and Dark type Pokemon introduced in the Kalos region. The anime features a group of three evil Malamar abducting and brainwashing Officer Jenny and other humans and Pokemon, in an attempt to take over the world. It is also the evolved form of Inkay; the first Kalos Pokemon caught by Team Rocket. I've never used a Malamar for a full playthrough, but I would love to. Unfortunately their stats aren't up to much, but their backstory and design is just so fascin



Cali & El Dandee's single 'Por Fin Te Encontré'

Been a stan of Cali & El Dandee for quite awhile and when they released this bop I couldn't stop listening to it, loving the dembow beat that is Juan Magan's doing I think since he's a DJ. Just makes me shake my booty and the best part is El Dandee's part (rap) he's so sessai, wish he had a longer part in the song tbh . It's a very popular track amost the lattino community and is heading for the 100M views mark.    




Seeker by Arwen Elys Dayton first book read by me in 2016 **** Great! Would definitely re-read it.  This book was not what I expected it to be. It surprised me on many levels. It never bored me for even 1 second, a true pageturner! The characters are very vivid and they surprised me plenty of times. The storyline itself also went from character to character, but at the end, they all fell into one place. Some people are not what they seem, and about some characters I'm still not su



GameFreak starts work TODAY!

It's been a difficult year for all us little Pokemonsters. Suffering through the announcements of Super Mystery Dungeon, Pokken Tournament and even a full Corocoro scoop on Volcanion; who we all knew existed over a year ago. But now, our ship is finally coming in... for most probably another disappointment! But let's forget about that and examine the picture posted by Junichi Masuda; the game freak logo and half of the Earth. GameFreak is only usually involved in main series games, and if you lo



Lost Frequencies' remix single of Lea Rue's 'Sleep'

About Lea Rue Belgian singer-songwriter LEA RUE’s professional debut is simply astonishing. Signed by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike themselves to their Smash The House label, her first single "I Can't Say No!" took off with amazing results in her home country Belgium. Together with her countrymen Lost Frequencies Lea Rue is that exciting new sound that current dance music was craving for. Norwegian DJ duo Broiler picked up on this and delivered an even more successful remix of the original.



Falling asleep with phone on.. #GRiNDR

So hunties last night I was chatting to a few guys on #GRiNDR and I eventually fell asleep at like 5AM with my phone left on, unlocked   I realized I left it on when my sister came into my room and woke me at noon. I think she saw it. I think she saw the 8-inch dick pick my sock fetishist baby sent me   I'm a #DiSCREET phaggot. Y'all gotta help me. Any #TiPS?     @Mint @Jony Ive @The Bride Of Satan



When friends/cousins use your phone. mad5

this was literally me    I was at a family gathering last week and my cousin borrowed my phone for a text. I just couldn't stop looking at her from a distant despite the numerous locks I did: camera, gallery, internet, messenger apps, emails, etc. I even put a lock on my memos and my phonebook.   Anxiety builds up real fast, I swear, this is a really weird time for phones tho. Yuh feel naked every time someone uses your phone.    But mainly I was downloading porn whilst



#LP1 - Rising Ruby (Ep2): Bug, Bug, Bug, BUG!!!

Ah, what a wonderful night of sleep that was. Well, if you excuse the fact there was hundreds of trainers all cramped in the one Pokemon Center and I woke up with Torchic trying to peck my hair out. I could have traded you for Treecko, you know? That Pokemon Center sure ain’t all it’s cracked up to be, but I guess it’s better than camping out.  But enough complaining, it’s time to resume my Pokemon journey. Next stop: Rustboro City. Just how far is it anyway? I check out the town map installed o



Who's That Pokemon? (Ep2: Rhydon)

A new year and a new episode. And what better way than to start the year by going right back to the very beginning; a very good place to start. Many uneducated on Pokemon trivia would believe that Pikachu would be the first Pokemon ever created, but let me inform you otherwise. Meet the real first Pokemon created; Rhydon. Rhydon is known as the Drill Pokemon, and is a ground and rock type. It evolves from Rhyhorn quite lave in their evolutionary line; at level 42, and later gained a new evolutio



Louis Vivet's single 'Best Thing' featuring Gavrielle

About Louis Vivet Nicolas II and Aria S, aka Louis Vivet, have effectively risen the ranks of Los Angeles’ burgeoning dance collective after a seminal breakthrough year. The duo boast a sound that’s founded on house music, one that also possesses clear influences from deep/UK styles, progressive house, and pop. LV's live performances have resonated with audiences, highlighted by a diverse track selection that reflects their artistic diversity. When they aren't producing or performing, you'l



Jupiter Project's single 'Sweet Disguise'

About Jupiter Project Things have been steadily shining bright for rising indie R&B duo, Jupiter Project. The boys from down-under have recently hit charting success with their latest single 'With You' and are ready to make an international statement with the release of their eagerly anticipated album. Gavin Correia and Marty Rich; otherwise known as Jupiter Project, aren’t new to the scene in their native New Zealand, where they have played major international festivals such as Rh



Starting my Tsum Tsum Collection

So, it's time to start my first Blog Entry and I decided to bother you guys with one of biggest passions; DISNEY ! I once already started a (flop) thread about Disney Tsum Tsum, and I don't expect this one to work either, but I'm just curious to see, if maybe you guys can help me choose. January 5th I'm going to make my very first Disney Tsum Tsum order, but I'm having trouble picking.. They're all so cute to me, so I'm gonna open a Poll to see which ones you guys would pick. Choices are:



Entea's EOY 2015 Music Charts: Introduction

x   Since I'm new what a better way to start of this blog by posting my EOY of 2015, this way you can get a sense of who I stan for. Call me lazy but I will be copying and pasting from my last.fm profile and not in the form of a detailed countdown. The reason for this is that most of you will probably think 99% of my chart entries are irrelevant and also I'll just over think the layout and spend ages actually making it.   I have tried to make my last.fm data as acuate as



#LP1 - Rising Ruby (Ep1): Rare Pokemon???

Hi. Nice to meet you. My name is Jenna, a female trainer. I just moved to Littleroot Town in the Hoenn region of Pokemon. After arriving, I went and introduced myself to my neighbour. A sexist twat of a boy. His name was Brendan or something; the son of some professor in the area. I'll be having words with him about his son's sexist attitude when I meet him. Offering to catch me a Pokemon coz I'm a girl and can't manage it myself. Well fuck you too. Swiftly after, and without wasting a moment, I



My Top Ten Water-Type Pokemon

Welcome to My Top Ten Water-Type Pokemon countdown. This blog will also features various types of countdowns (searchable by the countdown tag) in addition to the Who's That Pokemon series. It will continue other series in due time, with one coming later this afternoon. This series will feature my top five, top ten, or top twenty (or top anything really) of anything Pokemon. My opinions on various Pokemon subjects do change extremely often so my #1 today might not be my #1 tomorrow. With that in