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    So basically I started having pain earlier this week and the doctors kept telling me it was either a pulled muscle or an inflamed nerve. The pain kept getting worse, until yesterday when I started feeling better. Then all of a sudden last night at around 10:30 something happened (don't wanna go into detail) and my parents rushed me to the ER, and it turned out it was actually a cyst causing my pain and that it had abscessed. They had to make an incision right there and drain it, and they had to fill it so tomorrow I have to go back so they can change the filling. They told me there's s chance it could come back, and that if it does they're gonna recommend surgery. Everyone has assured me that things will be fine because it might not come back and that if it does it'll be easy to fix, but the whole thing still has me scared.


    Just wanted to post about this somewhere.

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    post your favorite backs here


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    latest?cb=20160312073753So i'm just to lazy to describe  this album, so i will use numbers. 7/10 nice work i guess. rach1

  1. mYspA9Q.jpg



    This past week something has occurred that I never thought would happen in a million years. I am actually stanning an Ari album. I don't Like Yours Truly at all. It's not my kind of music. My Everything has some cute songs but otherwise it's just nothing special imo. Dangerous Woman however is amazing. Ariana completely shattered my expectations. She really could have kicked off the era in a worse way. Focus is completely crap. I'm so glad she ditched the Moonlight title and album. Cause I'm sure it would have been a ME rehash or some other basic shit. Now, while I find the album to be amazing, the art direction sure as hell isn't. The album shoot bar a few pics, the messy polaroid-esque covers (which some do like @Hyun.mad1)

    Anyway, I plan to a track by track review for the entire album. That will include all bonus tracks. So, without further adieu, let the review commence!


    Okay, so this was the original album title and the original album was probably much more in the vein of this and Focus. Thank the fucking gods she ditched it. Unfortunately she did not ditch this song. Don't get me wrong Moonlight is a cute little bop but it does not fit on the album at all. And is there a worse place to put it than right at the fucking start. It's literally like a god damn lullaby. Like Ari sis come on. I get she likes it a lot. But just throw it on an EP with Focus and put that out. Don't sacrifice the crucial opening moment of an album just because you still wanna include your fav song from an album concept you scrapped. Anyway, rant over. Moving on.


    Now this should have opened the album. It sets the mood straight away. It's amazing. Ari executed a flawless midtempo. One of many on the album. When this was released as the first taste of Dangerous Woman I was hooked. Had this not came out I probably wouldn't have given a fuck about the album. For the first time something Ariana did actually captured my attention. This song is pure gold. It's so good. The vocals in the hooks slay lives. "I wanna savor / Save it for later /The taste of flavor / Cause I'm a taker / Cause I'm a giver / It's only nature / I live for danger". Can we just stop and discuss the fucking slayage of that line. This is what the true opening song should have been. It would have been such a killer, powerful opening. Ari why did you pass up this opportunity oprah13 


    I really loved this song when she first performed it on SNL or whatever show it was. I love how it has a very very slight tinge of the tropical house trend without being reductive. The finger snaps throughout are a nice touch. It's easy and breezy. I don't know how well it really fits on the album necessarily. It strikes me as a song that was probably written for Moonlight and made it onto Dangerous Woman. Luckily Be Alright fits a lot more on the album than Moonlight. I think this would have worked slightly better had it been placed before Side To Side. The reggae/tropical vibes would have complimented each other nicely. 


    Okay Ariana. Where the fuck were you hiding this. THIS IS A FUCKING MASTERPIECE. What a song. It's been a while since a song has slayed me so fucking hard. Everything about this song shits on careers. And it's a shame this will probably never get the level of slayage it deserves chart wise. First we got the heavenly pre-chorus and then it comes crashing into the phenomenal chorus. Okay now can we discuss THE FUCKING BRIDGE. It's so fucking epic. This song is just everything. Ari sis. Why did you waste time on Foshit when you are capable of producing stuff like this. This is a conspiracy. She is single handedly trying to ruin has success. Ari stop this madness right now and make the bops the singles and give em flawless videos and let them slay like they deserve to oprah13 


    Ariana and Nicki are legit the dream team. They can do no wrong together. What even is this piece of reggae slayage. This song got me moving side to side in some kinda fucked up line dance shit and I don't even know. This song does things to me. Then Nicki comes in with ha caribbean tinged verse and I just die and transcend to heaven where we all be moving side to side and bopping demi1 Slay with that dick bicycle. This song is just so infectious. It gets stuck in your head so fucking quick. The pre-chorus just builds before it crashes into the chorus which just gets you moving without even realizing it. Fuck Jay Z and Bey. Nicki and Ari need to do an album together alex1 I LIVE for this yas2 


    If I didn't decide this was gonna be a track by track review I would pretend this doesn't exist. First of all I detest Lil Wayne. Second this song is such a snoozefest. Like Ari must have thought everyone be too tired of dancing side to side that she needed to give them nyquil in audio form. Good bye. rip1 


    Then right out of fucking nowhere Ari jerks you back to consciousness from the abysmal state of drowsiness she just induced you into with ha operatic GRRREEEEEEEEEDDAAAAAYYYYYYYY opening to this song. This song is such a bop demi1 The pre-chorus is repetitive but does its job of being catchy as hell. The then chorus comes crashing in and got me just like demi1yas2alex1 And the the GREEEEEEEDDDDDDAAAAAAYYYYYY returns in the chorus and got me like xtina10 The chorus is just so infectious. The whole song is a total ear worm. Ari sis why did you have to smash a clunker in between to smashes um2 


    Woo lawd. This song. This is how you do a fucking midtempo. The atmosphere of this song is fucking incredible. Macy Gray really makes this song. Her sections are phenomenal. They really add a much needed dimension to this song. Her deep vocals give a darker, rougher feeling to the song and it is so so great. Ari and Macy could do such an epic film noir video for this and it would slay so fucking hard. Come through queens alex1 This is so much better than the snoozefest two songs back ny12 


    This was great then the chorus came in. Good bye sis. rip1 


    The opening la la la la la la's really threw me off. I was like wtf is this folk shit dead2 This song is cute overall. It's another that seems like its from Moonlight to me. Not one of my faves but its definitely not bad by any means. It's one of those cute album tracks that is just there.


    This album seems to be taking a downward turn with the last few tracks. This is a traditional Ari ballad imo. Nothing crazy special about it. But it's cute and not the worst song so that's a plus I guess orangu1 


    Okay now the bops are back. This is great. We got dat hood love, we got dat good love demi1 I don't make bad decisions but I'm gonna bop to this like I do alex1demi1 This song continues a common element throughout most of the uptempos on the album with having a huge crashing chorus. Which I really love so this album is straight up my alley. 


    Okay why the fuck was this holy anthem kept till so far at the end alex1 Ari sis this is incredible. This song oozes sex out of every pore without trying to hard. The chorus is fucking immense. The pulsing in the chorus just pounds into your skull when listening through good headphones. And the fucking bridge yet again. The vocal effect is so great and the quick build up to the final explosion which completely demolished my weave. Ari blew it clean off. Obliterated every fucking follicle alex1 Everybody wanna touch it alex1 yassss queen yas2 


    Normally I hate when artists pull this. Half a song stitched onto a full song. Like stop being a lazy hoe and complete the first part and separate the two for fucks sake orangu1 I still hate that Ari did it but at least both parts are flawless. Actually that makes me hate ha for doing it even more. Bitch get your shit together ny12 


    Okay queue the tears. This song hits me in places so fucking hard. I legit cried. It's so relatable and its so heavenly and beautiful. The gloriously sparse first chorus fall6 The bridge into the last epic chorus fall7 This song is fucking incredible oprah4 Ari sis how did you create such a masterpiece fall2 I relate to this just soo much ny3 I can't even deal cry3 brb I need to cry again cry4cry5 


    Ari bringing that motivational anthem. This just gets you going and on your feet demi1 Just pumps you up cry6 It's a tad repetitive but I think it works in this songs case. I really really love the a cappella final lines. I think its a great way to end the song oprah1 


    This is cute but not really anything special imo. But I can bop to it a bit. And her vocals are pretty great on here. Props to Ari for closing the album on a high note clap3 



    Alright, so Dangerous Woman is hands down my favorite album from Ariana. It's also her best and anyone who thinks otherwise can fight me. lj1 Again I'm so glad we got this over Moonshit. I don't even wanna imaging what kind of a mess that would have been. Ain't no one here for yo lullabies and Problem rehashes Ariana lj1 Pull yourself together and get the quality music out. We know you can as so many songs on Dangerous Woman are more than proof of that lj1 I definitely plan to be bopping hardcore to this album for quite a while lj1 It's just so good lj1 Ari really outdid herself lj1 Not that that was difficult by any means but still lj1 


    And with that my incredibly messy Dangerous Woman review is finished kesha4 If you actually read the whole thing I hope you enjoyed it kesha4 I hope you also manage to get the life back that you wasted on reading this kesha4 And before the Ari stans come in to drag me from dragging Moonshit kesha4 Lemme say I do not give a fuck kesha4 Y'all are grown ass thinks and should not be listening to these lullabies kesha4 Next y'all gonna be asking yo daddies to sing this shit to you kesha4 Step yo bussies up and stan the true bops on the album kesha4 This has been a review by BLUE. in case you didn't already know kesha4 Goodnight sluts kesha4 

  2. Ariana-Grande-Shares-ltigtDangerous-Woma

    feeling like I'm the only person that likes every single cover except the Japanese ver. tbh.



    pqiowepoitiwqegi[riogrwqtcpwp[qwupoweoruqwrqw[eupoewupo[qewuuewqiopqewiorycpeqwyryewoirypqweriopweqpryqweporycopwwyeqyipoqopq FUCKING SLAY ME WITH EVERYTHING LITERALLY EVERYTHING QPPQEHFEHWFWRGHREWIGOPRIEPHIPHPpoishiopghewipofghpoiwerhpoiehrgoiphoerwihoiprehgioprehoiphweroipgpuphhgpoirpre INTO YOU. SIDE TO SIDE. GREEDY (OWIAHFOHW) EVERYDAY. FOREVER BOY. TOUCH IT. AW;EGHOQWHIOWHQRIOPRHFIO




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    Last night, I went to the ANTi World Tour in New Orleans.

    I'm just basically gonna tell y'all the story.

    So, Here it is:

    The concert started at 7:30, so we left at 6:15 so we would get there around 7:00/6:45.

    When we arrived, it was around 7:05. We walked in the arena/stadium/whatever it's called, and I got merch.

    I got the $50 longsleve shirt which had a picture of Rihanna and it had the tourdates on the back and I got a foam finger.

    I didn't really like it that much because: 1. It was longsleve and 2. It was itchy as hell.

    So, we went to our seats and waited for a couple minutes before we decided to go get nachos.

    When we were walking, I saw the merch stand and I went to go return my shirt.

    I returned my longsleve shirt and I got 2 $25 dollar shirts instead.

    We went back to our seats and Travis Scott came on. I had no idea who he was before the concert

    He performed a couple of songs and proceeded to smoke weed on stage. anna1

    Legit I couldn't escape the smell of weed. It was disgusting. ew1

    After he left the stage, we waited like 40 minutes for her to come out.

    Some dude in back of me spilled his beer all over my white shirt. I was about to fight a bitch. rih10

    When the lights dimmed down, I legit screamed at the top of my lungs (and peed a little).

    She performed Stay first. Everyone was singing. Ngl, I cried a little. brit2

    When she performed Love The Way You Lie Pt. 2, everyone was quiet because, let's be real. It floppedT. brit10

    After, she performed a few more songs on some bridge looking thing.

    When she performed Woo, I was bopping so hard. yas1

    Everyone was gridin' up on there girlfriends/boyfriends when she sang 'Sex With Me'.

    I was standing there with my cousin like. brit10

    She performed a bunch of more songs, but I'm not going to get into detail because my hand hurts. dead4

    I fell down when she performed BBHMM. Legit, this was me: fall5

    When she performed man down, my poor bussy was sore from bopping so hard.

    OH MAMA. fall6

    MAMA. fall7

    MAMA. fall3

    I SHOT A MAN DOWN. fall2


    She ended with Kiss It Better. When it ended, she said "Thank you, New Orleand. I can't wait to come back.'



    That's basically all. Hope you enjoyed reading it. I had a wonderful time and I hope y'all get to experience a Rihanna concert one day.


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  3. TL;DR hack: just read everything that's bolded! jj2 


    In an era where payola is the key to success and Twitter overhypes anyone who's seen the top 10 of the hot 100, when is not refreshing to discover a new artist? DVSN is a Drake-approved and Drake-signed Canadian duo made up of the producer Nineteen85 and the singer Daniel Daley that I discovered sometime last month after letting YouTube go wild with it's whole autoplay feature. Never really went back to listen to their stuff after that night but I was bored and had figured they had an album out by now because unlike RCA, :), Drake knows he has a flop label and doesn't mind letting his flop signees provide the world with some tunes!




    The Line and With Me are probably the most notable tracks on this album, both being singles and both being 7 minutes long. With Me is the better of the 2. The lyrics are repetitive trash that can be summed up with the line, "Fuck with me now", but where the song exceeds is in it's sound. Showing it's true roots in R&B, it almost creates a feeling of rolling around in the sheets with someone who you're blindly in love with. It's probably the shortest 7 minute track known to man, the production just leaves you wanting more.

    In complete contrast, you have The Line, which is one of the most boring, try-hard "I want to be PBR&B so bad!" songs I've heard since that ugly song Blue from Beyonce's self-titled! Though the lyrics are much much better than With Me and most of the tracks on the album, the sound is so cringe, so bad, and so long. One of the best things about With Me is when a female vocalists and a choir of sorts sneaks in with a cute "yeah yeah yeah yeah" adlib that creates such a heavenly feeling because it is simply done right. But The Line literally takes that adlib and makes it a sample, looping it for at least 6 WHOLE MINUTES which doesn't sound bad until you realize that the sample sounds like some obese lion seal sending out a depressing mating call or better yet!! :) like they drugged some poor guy and recorded him trying to sing while choking on a dick! How come Sampha isn't credited for his OBVIOUS appearance on this album? :) Not only does it just sound horrible but it often crashes with the the verses and no level of synth can hide that! I don't even care about any of The Line's good qualities because every single one of them were done better on With Me. 

    The bottom line is that from the start, it's very important that you know DVSN is capable of perfection but just as capable of trash. They show it best in attempts to remake their golden tracks. This can be seen in a song like Hallucinations, where the lead singer's falsetto is used to create this amazing atmosphere of tranquility. You can feel the song get better and better with every wave of synths, making an effortless slow jam but this same falsetto is taken to lead Try/Effortless and falls flat in the aspect of what it could've been, only ending up sounding like some rejected Nick Jonas demo that got bamboozled with a bunch of trendy sound effects. 



    Don't get me wrong, of course I love my fave but everyone knows that all Drake has done with his OVO sound label is sign people who remind him of himself. I support him and everything he's done/is doing for urban but he is more than likely an egotistical maniac who is aware that every male in R&B/rap wants to sound and be their own version of Drake. DVSN is one of Drake's many clones, they've just added their own unique flavor to the formula. A lot of this can be credited to the fact that the producer of the duo is Nineteen85, a longtime producer of Drake who is responsible for bops like Hotline Bling, Truffle Butter and One Dance.

    While at many points in the album you can hear similarities in the production, all of the songs are taken to a level that Drake's production usually shies away from. Unlike Drake's amazing but usually repetitive beats, DVSN's production is very interactive with the lead singer but often times can feel overdone. It doesn't change the fact that Angela's instrumental sounds like a calmer version of the second half of Drake's Furthest Thing and Too Deep sounds like it could be an extensions of How Bout Now's hook. The good thing is that if all else fails in a Drake song, you will always have a great beat to jam out to. The bad thing is that if all else fails in a Drake song, the lyrics ripped directly from the man-diary of a fuckboy was 100% the main reason why! Throughout the 10 songs on SEPT. 5TH, the lyrics fail to vary from your everyday, "I guess I actually might've hurt my ex", "sex will fix all of our problems, lol its not a big deal" and my personal favorite "you're different from the rest, I guess I'll be a decent person!" 

    In a way, it's not exactly hard to love the lyrics in songs like Hallucinations, The Line and Angela where the effort put into the lyrics are more than evident, they try to tell a story, they attempt to paint a picture and it's executed. You can even appreciate the lyrics in songs like Too Deep and In + Out where they at least sound sexy and completely fit with the atmosphere that's created. And yet, you'll never cringe harder than when you sit back and try to make sense of the writing in Sept 5th, With Me and Do It Well, the latter serving Drake's stripper fetish better than he has himself!



    Just putting that out there. Though Daniel Daley's falsetto is truly ear candy, his enunciation sucks ass. Usually, I don't mind that. I stan Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, FKA twigs, Ariana Grande and Tinashe and though they are all known for being talented, none of them are exactly known for their ability when it comes to pronouncing the English language. What makes it so bad on this album is that he mumbles every chance he gets because someone told him that was his signature sound but was cruel enough to make him believe that was a good thing!

    His vocals can actually add to the music in a song like Too Deep, where he depends on ad-libing and chopping his parts up for the sake of our ears the beat. Daniel's voice could even be useful when he actually sounds like he's not on his deathbed, like in SEPT 5TH and Try/Effortless. But the philosophy of mumbling equating to sounding sexy, one that has been popularized by the likes of Justin Bieber, proves it's own theory wrong once again. Even when he's mumbling he's so nasally and it certainly doesn't help. He's probably only had one octave his whole life and that wont change no matter how much he attempts to scream in the second half of With Me and The Line. The fact that he can half-ass screaming but can't half ass his voice cracking :) No like we seriously need to reflect on this, he wouldn't let himself scream full out to make up for his lack of vocal ability but he still cracked harder than Mariah trying to whistle after the 90's  1438716144482s.jpg

    Anyways, it's more than clear that the star here is the production and not the singing itself. If there was any time in this album where the vocals were truly expanding the sound and not just holding it back, it would be when the mystery female singer and her choir squad came in and made Daniel sound like, well.. Daniel, it doesn't get any worse than him!



    This album isn't ugly, but it still needs some contour to smooth out the rough edges. For anyone who enjoys a good PBR&B, soul album, this album is a great addition to your library and though you'll very rarely go back to listen to it in full, when a song like Too Deep or Hallucination pops up on shuffle, you'll be in a thoughtless reverie of good music. But god bless you if The Line shows up instead carla1 


    With amazing production but lyrics that lack consistency in quality and vocals that can become beyond annoying if you listen too close, I give it a 7.7

    Replay: Too Deep, With Me, Hallucinations, Angela

    Skip: Another One, Do It Well

    Delete: The Line 


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    Leona Lewis - Glassheart

    A woman stands against a pink-coloured brick wall. Her long dark brown flowing hair is pulled to one side and she stares directly at the camera. She has two star-shaped beauty spots, one beneath each eye. Her red and black sequin dress sits across her shoulders.


    Album Artist: LEONA LEWIS

    Genre: R&B/Synthpop

    Dr. Puke presence: MINIMUM (co-wrote "Lovebird")


    1.- Trouble

    This song is about heartbreak. But not the typical heartbreak a la "Too Little Too Late" or "Leave (Get Out)" (R.I.P. JoJo blog In this case Leona is telling her lover it's not her fault he's suffering because she already warned him. I think it's a bop and a good choice as a lead single, her vocals are great as always and the chorus is powerful but repetitive. I don't think it would grow on me to be honest.


    Rate: 4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas11px-Star_empty.svg.png11px-Star_empty.svg.png


    2.- Un Love Me


    WHAT A BEAUTIFUL BALLAD! I'm a ballads lover and I must confess this one slayed me Once again, it's a break up song, she was cheated but she can't break the relationship because she is still feeling things and remembering memories cry5 Fierce vocals. It's catchy, the chorus is nice but the best part are the other verses. It's a 4 minutes song but it's so short at the same time cry9 I could be listening to it all day.

    Rate: 4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas


    3.- Lovebird

    Another break up song. I loved this one too! Lyrically I think it's wonderful the way she compares a overprotective relationship and the freedom with a bird and its wings. Nothing new really but I think it's cute. It's a pretty dum dum diddy song (I'm not mad, the chorus says this ny6) but that's it. rav2 I don't see it as a second and last single, a really bad choice.

    Rate: 4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas11px-Star_half.svg.png11px-Star_empty.svg.png


    4.- Come Alive

    It's hard to understand the song, she pronounces well it's not that rav1 It gives me heartbreak vibes too but on the other hand it's a song that clearly talks about sex, and how she embraces the pain but I don't know what kind of pain brit10 I think it could be a good song... For Eurovision brit10 Because I swear I've listened to a bunch of similar songs in there jj4 But this one is not even catchy. brit2

    Rate: 4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas11px-Star_empty.svg.png11px-Star_empty.svg.png11px-Star_empty.svg.png


    5.- Fireflies

    Beautiful song. I wish I could understand the meaning of this one cry1 The sun is a hole full of fireflies, there's no night, there's no day, it's all light lotus1 The melody is beautiful from the start to the end.

    Rate: 4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas11px-Star_empty.svg.png


    6.- I To You

    Heartbreak. Again. A song that talks about a mother who loves her husband but he doesn't really love her. She's not sure about it, she would give it all for their relationship just for their babies. But on the other side she demands the true alex1 She wants to know his feelings alex1 Cute song

    Rate: 4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas11px-Star_half.svg.png11px-Star_empty.svg.png


    7.- Shake You Up

    FINALLY. Stop ballads! Stop feeling fragile alex1 You can tell from the start that this one has nothing to do with the rest. wendy2 Her vocals are orgasmic and this one it's catchy, it gives me Circus vibes I don't know why.

    Rate: 4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas11px-Star_empty.svg.png


    8.- Stop The Clocks

    WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SONG. YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO THIS cry2 A mid-tempo, R&B delight oprah2


    I'd rather spend my life
    Motionless with you
    Than dancing with another


    Rate: 4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas


    9.- Favourite Scar

    PERFECT oprah9 What a bop shock1 all eyes on me  in the center of the ring  in the middle of the street screaming out your name alex1 The message lets me speechless alex1 The moment when you love someone too much that even the things they hurt you are irreplaceable, that's why the song is called like that. alex1

    Rate: 4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas


    10.- When It Hurts

    It's another mid-tempo ballad similar to Favourite Scar. Nothing new but nice.

    Rate: 4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas11px-Star_half.svg.png


    11.- Glassheart

    The "heart" of the album. It should have been the lead single. It's a meaningful song and a song you could bop to in the disco demi1 It's a shame it was only the title of the album jj3

    Rate: 4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas


    12.- Fingerprint

    Emotional ballad to close an emotional album. cry9

    Rate: 4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas


    Bonus tracks (CD-2)

    1. Colorblind

    The melody is beautiful and she sounds like an angel but this verse is so cringe I can't give it 5 stars


    I am colorblind
    Coffee black and egg white


    Rate: 4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas11px-Star_empty.svg.png


    2. Sugar

    Sugar still tastes like sugar and there are a lot of songs already on the album that sound like this one jj4 Nothing special on this song.

    Rate: 4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas11px-Star_empty.svg.png11px-Star_empty.svg.png11px-Star_empty.svg.png


    3. Collide (Afrojack remix) with Avicii

    Something different inside the album is appreciated. Nice bonus track

    Rate: 4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas11px-Star_empty.svg.png11px-Star_empty.svg.png


    I loved this album! Great vocals + great lyrics + Leona's incredible voice are always a perfect mix. There are 5 or 6 songs that talk about the same, that's the only thing I didn't like. I would expect a little more of variety maybe? But the album is called Glassheart, so I think it makes sense.

    Standard Edition: 4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas11px-Star_empty.svg.png

    Deluxe Edition: 4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas4/5 estrellas11px-Star_empty.svg.png11px-Star_empty.svg.png

    Gif reaction to the album:

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  4. I haven’t written about my life for a long time now. Maybe most of you thought I may have finally found someone. Finally found what I was looking for, but no. As of today I am starting to feel that love is just not made for me. Whenever love comes around the bad luck start.

    Let’s first go back to February. In January I talked about Steve right? Well, he suddenly told me he was seeing someone now, so I was no option for him anymore. Okay, that isn’t a first for me. YAY, again!

     Then something else happened. Let’s just say I tried something new. I slept with someone who I didn’t even knew on forehand and to be honest, it was kind of nice. It was maybe even the best sex I’ve had so far, but afterwards I didn’t feel right. It just isn’t made for me. I only do it when I desperate, which I was at that time.

    I also had some new dates again. First off, the weirdest one. I had a date with a Syrian Refugee. I know right… But he was so hot on his pictures, I just wanted to meet him. Well, he was kind of disappointing in real life, but on the other hand. Now I got a full on source to tell me what it is like in those refugee camps and everything. I want to know about stuff like that. It was a nice afternoon, but it stayed with that. Then there was Richard, a very cute guy, with a lot of same interests as me. We drank some beers at his house and kissed. It felt quite good. But, you can already guess it so far. In the end he didn’t wanted to go through with it. He just came out of a relationship and wasn’t sure what to do now. He told me that I shouldn’t worry, that I’m a cute guy and that he actually liked me.

    Yeah sure. How many times have I heard this so far now? I can’t even count them anymore.

    Then there was Ferry. Also a cute guy, but his pictures were just way better. But, I actually quite liked him as a person. It felt like quite a good match. So in the end I was like, let’s try this. This could work.

    But no. He didn’t want to.

    I know you have written me a lot of great things. I need to hold on, I will find someone etc. But let’s be very real here. Is it normal for someone to have this bad luck in life? As of this moment I’m just not sure anymore and it just hurts me. I can't even remember if I talked about every date in this blog. Some don't even stay with me, because I get rejected and I move on. Like said before past dates all find their true match, while I just swerve from date to date and it never seems to work. In the end guys just don’t seem to like me. I’m unlovable. I’ve never felt this much pain in my head, cause I more and more feel like it just isn’t made for me. Love.

    Yeah I’m 21. Yeah I will find it. Keep saying those things to me. But as of this day. When I got my new rejection, it felt more real to me. I’m lost. Maybe not everyone finds their match. Maybe there are some people who just need to live their life alone.

    Maybe I am one of those. There is no love allowed for me.

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    Okay, so I really wanted this blog feature to happen but so farI didn't know what to use it for:

    So, I decided to share something very very personal with you. I'm not gonna talk much about the inspiration behind this. Let's say I have something really complicated going on that keeps me floating between depression and happiness. I think it's called love.


    I literally wrote this fragment a few minutes ago but I wanna share it with you before I start hating it like I always do with my creations. I'm obsessed with water metaphors, nudity, shower sex and yeah that's kinda where this is coming from. carla1 

    The title came to my mind while writing which has never happened before. I usually write songs based on titles. So, probably this is why I feel so strong about this because I came up with a title after covering my feelings in metaphors and visual concepts.

    It's called "Silk". I hope it's not too corny. Let me know what you think:


    But everytime we touch
    My skin is clear
    No more scars, no more wounds
    Pure complexion
    For a moment I'm healed of disease
    Naked and I feel free, released
    Dressed in your love
    My favourite clothing piece

    Your love covers me like rain
    Washes down the sorrow and the pain
    I see it dripping down, I'm drained in your love
    And turned inside out
    I wear your love like it's made of silk
    A precious and unique fabric
    Not everyone can see, but for me it's real


  5. 18k1yfrh6au5ljpg.jpg




    Here I will be posting my city's local chart  5LNmjtg.gif


    it's based entirely on airplay and TV airplay  5LNmjtg.gif

    Stay Tooned!  5LNmjtg.gif

  6. Pom Pom

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    Trust (often stylised as TR/ST) is a Canadian synthpop music group from Toronto, formed 2010. The band is signed to the Arts & Crafts record label. Their full-length debut album, TRST, was released on 28 February 2012.

    The band was formed by Robert Alfons (of Winnipeg) and Maya Postepski (also of the band Austra). The pair met in late 2009, started writing songs together, and formed the band in January 2010. The duo insist that they are more than just an Austra side project.


    d4046615ae4b4649b319fa326636ca36.jpg d7d4d5fa61814346c3ba39039df04b1f.jpg

    TRST                         Joyland

    Get into him! (Fun fact: their song 'Candy Walls' played on American Horror Story: Hotel)



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    I, for one, am a huge sucker for love songs. I have countless favorites, so I thought I'd share my top favorite ones for other fellow FOTPers!





    What If - Colbie Caillat 

    You want a bubbly feeling in your chest? You want a carefree melody? Those classic young love influenced lyrics? Well this is definitely for you. This song just gushes with all of those nostalgic feelings that you would get while experiencing your first crush. This song could make most people want to fall in love, a talent that Miss Caillat possesses in her music.

    Perfect for: A sunny day on a beach, walking with someone you adore xtina6 

    Favorite Lyric: "What if we were made for each other? Born to become best friends and lovers."







    Looking Through Patient Eyes - P.M. Dawn

    This song is bound to get you in just the first three seconds. This beautiful song is about a man who loves a woman, but has a few trust issues when it comes to love. P.M. Dawn's lyrics are unmatched in this track. It was if he was reciting poetry to you in his soft voice. This song overflows with a sense of fondness of the singer's muse. Absolutely stunning.

    Perfect for: Reminds me of a song that could be played over a montage of two people falling deep in love

    Favorite lyric: "Whatever it is I do, I try to think about you. I have a love for you that nothing hides."






    Guitar String/Wedding Ring - Carly Rae Jepsen

    Leave it to Miss Carly Rae to create such a perfect, upbeat, and innocent song. Carly captures the essence of the saying "love doesn't have a price," stating that if her muse cut a piece of guitar string she'd wear it like a wedding ring. This song is incredibly cute and really reminds the listener of those good old days where love was a simple subject.

    Perfect for: Fantasizing about that infatuation of yours, no not the dirty stuff, those gooey sweet emotions we all have secretly or not jj2 

    Favorite lyric: "You're in the country, I'm in the town. You're a bird in the water, I'm a fish on the ground."






    Baby Be Mine - Michael Jackson

    Good old classic Michael! This beautiful song is actually one of the few songs on Thriller that didn't make the singles cut, which is ridiculous! This song is all around feel good! It's Michael's charm at it's finest. This is a song you can't help dancing along with in your seat. It holds all the elements of a classic 80s song, but yet some how still feels and sounds fresh. Absolutely perfect.

    Perfect for: Driving at night with your crush kesha1 

    Favorite Lyric: "I can't be still, you thrill me, baby be mine."






    Enchanted - Taylor Swift

    This song... Talk about a masterpiece. Taylor manages to capture many fans' hearts with this one song. Easily one of her best songs, Enchanted truly leaves the listener... Well, enchanted. The original title track for Speak Now does not disappoint in the least. From the acoustic beginning to the powerful chorus, this song can make anyone blush along with the narrator. 

    Perfect for: Ever have that one crush that just always made your heart melt? The one that you never quite forgot about. This one is for you.

    Favorite lyrics: "The lingering question kept me up, 3 a.m. 'Who do you love?' I wondered till I'm wide awake."

    "This night is flawless, don't you let it go. I'm wonder-struck, dancing around all alone. I'll spend forever wondering if you knew, I was Enchanted to meet you."






    You're Beautiful - James Blunt

    This one almost doesn't need an explanation. Don't know this classic song? You should. Arguably James Blunt's most known song, this little ballad is enough make anyone become empathetic for the singer. In this track, James swoons over a beautiful woman who he swears is an angel. But, to his dismay, he cannot be with because she already is taken. 

    Perfect for: Ever fall in love with someone you can't have? Give this song a listen. I promise you won't be disappointed.

    Best lyric: "You're beautiful, you're beautiful, you're beautiful, it's true. I saw your face in a crowded place and I don't know what to do, 'cause I'll never be with you." brit2 






    Damn - LeAnn Rimes

    No pun intended, but DAMN. With vocals that could kill careers and a melody that could bring enough emotion to cry, this song really packs a punch. LeAnn's vocals manage to capture the listener, surrounding them with intense feelings. What ever her goal was with this song, I can promise you she accomplished it. In the song, LeAnn describes a struggle with her lover, knowing that there's a chance that they could break her heart one day. She is tempted to push her lover away, but gives in to the love anyways.

    Perfect for: Everything I swear to god. But perfect for dreaming about snuggling up with your crush.

    Favorite lyric: Holy god the last part.

    Sadly I cannot find a video for this one, but by all means if you want me to send you a DL link so you can listen, PM me :) 





    Can You Feel The Love Tonight? - Elton John

    Gorgeous song! Elton really captures the beauty of love in this well known piano driven ballad. It is a song almost too hard to describe besides just plain beautiful.

    Perfect for: A night under the stars while holding hands. antm1 

    Favorite lyric: "There's a time for everyone, if they only learn."






    Vanilla Twilight - Owl City

    Only Adam Young could capture such beautiful scenery and a sense of peace in a song such as this. This pretty tune is about missing a loved one who is far away from you. Layers upon layers are what make up this song. If you listen hard enough you can hear a new sound almost every time.

    Perfect for: daydreaming or walking around the streets at night

    Favorite Lyric: "When violet eyes get brighter and heavy wings grow lighter, I'll taste the sky and feel alive again. And I'll forget the world that I knew, but I swear I won't forget you. Oh if my voice could reach back through the past I'd whisper in your ear, Oh darling I wish you were here."


    Extremely honorable mentions:







    Everything - Lifehouse

    Finally, we have my favorite love song of all time. Though this song has had some controversy whether or not this is a religious song or not, it is said, by the lead singer, to be about every kind of love. With a slow build and a hauntingly beautiful melody, this song pulls you in to a euphoric state of mind as you listen to Jason Wade's gorgeous vocals. This stunning ballad is best played loud and proud. If the verses weren't enough to make you fall in love, the chorus will definitely seal the deal.. Jason sings out words of absolute praise towards his lover, not just any words of praise, the words that any human would die to hear. "You're Everything..."

    Perfect for: Wedding day ny3

    Favorite lyric: "How can I stand here with you and not be moved by you?"



    Well, that's it! There are my top 10 favorite love songs! Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have found a new song you may like! :) 

    (if anyone wants any dl links pm me jj2 )

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    After a long research of all the albums (more or less relevant) released the last year, I decided to put down a list of the bestest (pun intended)  of them... Here we go sass1 


    20. Meghan Trainor "Title"


    A portrait of Meghan Trainor sporting a green fur jacket, posing afront a blue backdrop, with her name and the title, "Title" appearing in the portrait's corners.   


    I just didn't like it much, repeats the formula over and over... But there were so many bad albums this year anna1  


    19. Zedd "True Colors"



    A bit messy, some bops scattered around garbage. Autotune Selena is flawless here jj2 


    18. Selena Gomez "Revival"

     Selena Gomez - Revival (Official Deluxe Cover).png


    It has like 6 hits, the rest is forgettable.... #Me&MyGirlsForSingleASAP


    17. Imagine Dragons "Smoke + Mirrors"

     Two hands bound by tape release a hummingbird into the air. The dark green background is littered with various lines and geometric shapes with numbers and symbols written into the top of the artwork. The words "Imagine Dragons" and "Smoke + Mirrors" are printed in white at the center of the artwork.


    Can't remember the album right now, I guess... quite forgettable???


    16. Leona Lewis "I Am"

     Leona Lewis - I Am (Official Album Cover).png


    I love the singles, they are pure gold. Then there's "You Knew Me When" which is another Diane Warren nice ballad. The rest is quite lazy and dated. bey2 

    15. Kendrick Lamar "To Pimp A Butterfly"

     Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp a Butterfly.png


    I stan this rap masterpiece!cry7  It's amazing! It got low score 'cause I did the mean of the scores of each song, so since there were some dope (available on iTunes and Spotify) songs and meh ones sia3 


    13. Demi Lovato "Confident "

     Demi Lovato - Confident (Official Album Cover).png


    She played with my emotions with this album, God For The Summer is a "When Will Your B-Lister Faves?" bop.cry7  Too good.... Then Godfident slayed the shit out of me, Stone Gold snatched our faves weave.... But the album has nothing as good....jj2


     12. One Direction "Made In The A.M."

     One Direction - Made in the AM (Official Album Cover).png


    I DON'T KNOW WHY THEY CHART SO HIGH IN MY LIST!!!!! anna1 due to my system, some bad artists got too many points, since they have THOUSANDS of little singalong bops....



    11. Coldplay "A Head Full Of Dreams"

     Coldplay - A Head Full of Dreams.png


    This album is just plain garbage compared to Ghost Stories, although it has more and better bops. Adventure Of A Lifetime, Hymn For The Weekend, Everglow, Amazing Day and Up&Up are the best ones. sia3


    10. MIKA "No Place In Heaven (Deluxe Edition)"

     Mika No Place In Heaven.jpeg


    ahs1  OMFG!!!!! GOOD GUY IS A POP MASTERPIECEEEE!!!!!! The rest is quite average, the bonus tracks are the best ones doe aretha1


    9. Filfth Harmony "Reflection "

    Fifth Harmony - Reflection (Official Album Cover).png 


    anna1 Charted too high.... There are many inoffensive bops... but nothing special...anna1


    8. The Weeknd "Beauty Behind the Madness "

    The Weeknd - Beauty Behind the Madness.png 


    Now this is a good album! Cohesive with thousands of bops!!! Lana slayed me hard...

    Losers, Tell Your Friends, The Hills, Can't Feel My Face, Shameless, In The Night and Prisoner are the best ones

    Often is also a good one, just that I don't really like the "i just fucked 2 bitches 'fore a saw you"


    7. Ellie Goulding "Delirium (Deluxe)"

     Ellie Goulding - Delirium (Official Album Cover).png


    This album helped me believe in pop again.cry7  Too good to describe it, so many bops to choose from!!!!
     Aftertaste, Something In The Way You Move, On My Gold, Godes, Holding On For Heaven, Love Me Like You Do, Don't Need NoBOPy, We Can't Move To This Paradise, Army, Lost And Found by Jesus, I Do What I Love, Paradise and Goldside are THE BOPS... brit2 She could've released a BOP album out of them. ahs1 


    6. Lena "Crystal Sky"



    This gal needs more recongnition!alex1  It's only known over there in Germany. She slayysss!!! When Will Ur Faves Have A Discography As Perfect As Hers??? (Right now she sounds a bit like Ellie, but nevermind) cry6 

    Too many bops to choose from:






    5 . Fleur East "Love, Sax and Flashbacks..."

     Fleur East - Love, Sax and Flashbacks (Official Album Cover).png


    SLAAAAY QUEEEENNN B!!!!!!!!! Wait.... she's not Beyoncé....

    FLEUR CAME 2 SNATCH OUR WEAVESS!!!!!! She's very talented, looking forward for her next releases jj2 





    4. Adele "25"

     Adele - 25 (Official Album Cover).png


    She delivered, a bit overrated tho... My favourite song of her is River Lea... I hope she stops making music soon, she is not evolving into anything and has collected enough money to live happily for ages mj1


    3. Lana Del Rey "Honeymoon"

     Lana Del Rey - Honeymoon (Official Album Cover).png


    One of the best albums of the year by far, every song is amazing,oprah2  almost as good as Born To Die.oprah4  I feel like she's increasing the reverb she uses each year tina1

    I'm worried, 'cause in two more albums we won't be able to hear what she says...



    2 . Carly Rae Jepsen "EMOTION"

     Carly Rae Jepsen - Emotion.png





    1. Madonna "Rebel Heart (Super Deluxe Edition + Unreleased Demos)"

     Black-and-white image of Madonna, with black strings going criss-cross over her face


    yas2 so many bops!!! so much quality!!!! (kanye fucked up a bit the songs) love ittt!!!!!!!!cry1 

    I hope she released some of the unreleased like Queen or Trust No Bitch!!!!!!!



      I hope you like my compilation of the best albums of the year bey1

      In my original list I had like 40 albums... So I made it short and easy for you all bey4

    Which albums would u have included in that Top10?

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    But fuck it. The Lumineers just released the first single, Ophelia, off their sophomore album, Cleopatra. cry1cry2imready1 


    Okay. Can't say I was really impressed. I'm pretty sure there'll be better songs off the soon-to-be-released album but I can't blame them. Their self-titled debut will be hard to top. But I have so much faith in the band and Wesley and I know they ain't gonna bring me down. antm1 

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    Why do their other stans hate this album? It's not their best (that would be Tales of Us!) but it's the best 80s throwback album I've ever heard


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  7. Future's new album and his mixtape with Drake have definitely been high points in his career, both artistically and commercially. However, he's taking shots at Ciara on Twitter now.

    It's about their child, conveniently named Future. I don't know what possessed Ciara to name her child after the stage name of a man with multiple children from different mothers, but it did. And she named her child fucking Future. Smart move, Ci.

    Anyhow, apparently, Future has to go through lawyers to see his child, yada yada yada, he's mad. Ciara hasn't commented, but admittedly, I don't think Future calling her a bitch with control problems on social media is something I would honor. These tweets only seem to be fueling a fire and pushing him further from his child. I would think that Future was trying to use Ciara's name for the kerfuffle, but let's be real. It isn't 2005. Ciara is ir-rel-e-vant. Future is more relevant than her.

    Also, considering that he has like five kids from other mothers who I'm pretty sure he has never even been photographed with, it's weird that Future would be so pissed about this child and none of his others. Here are the tweets he posted. Waiting for Russell Wilson to see this and beat Future's ass.

    (Yes Future. because a radio interview is silence)

    Anyway, what are the thoughts on this? Future or Ciara?

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    So hunties last night I was chatting to a few guys on #GRiNDR and I eventually fell asleep at like 5AM with my phone left on, unlocked oprah2


    I realized I left it on when my sister came into my room and woke me at noon. I think she saw it. I think she saw the 8-inch dick pick my sock fetishist baby sent me oprah2


    I'm a #DiSCREET phaggot. Y'all gotta help me. Any #TiPS? oprah2 


    @Mint @Jony Ive @The Bride Of Satan

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    let me just complain a bit in my first blog entry as you'll repeatedly see me do anyway.


    i'll first complain about something vital for my well being, WINTER OR ITS LACK OF in this case.


    winter is supposed to be this fucking amazing season, white as the semen coming out of a huge uncut dick. also supposed to be cold like the sweat on your body after he finally cums and gives you 3 anal orgasms.




    in Romania there are fucking 14 degrees Celsius. you can go outside wearing some sweater you worn in September and everyone's joking about maybe going to the beach and catching a nice tan. except they might as well just could go and comeback looking like Xtincta after falling asleep in her tan machine.


    i feel like this is a truly disgusting phenomenon. on top of it all, one of these days i dressed as any sane person would during winter: a sweater, my jacket and some pants. i got sweaty of course and on top of this tropical heat we're going through there was also WIND. now i'm battling what i think it is a life threatening cold; i can't even breathe through my nose.


    i am truly DONE and i feel like the lord's testing me. what's next, jesus? what could possibly happen that's even worse than this living hell? will you let a copy of Confident at my door step then force me to sit through and listen to IT? hit the ON button to my suicide watch then...

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