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My Top 20 Favorite Britney Songs

MY TOP 20 BRITNEY SONGS  hey y'all i thought i'd make a list of my top 20 favorite knee songs! enjoy  Honorable mentions: Lonely , I will be there , Toy soldier , DYWCO , Just like me , Get Naked , Breathe on me , Everytime , Intimidated , SMS , Ooh lala , Seal it with a kiss , Don't Cry & Passanger 20) Perfume 19) Mannequin 18) Just luv me 17) Piece of me 16) Satisfaction 15) S&M (remix) 14) Gasoline 13) Just begun having my fu



My Blu-ray collection

I love collecting these sort of media items and of course discussing the items themselves. Do you have any of the same titles, and which ones interest you the most? Really, I'd be interested in hearing any general thoughts. - An arrow indicates that the films are sold in a set to explain what seems like an alphabetizing error. -   10 Cloverfield Lane (2016) 1941 (1979) 28 Days Later... (2002) Alien: Covenant (2017) Allied (2016) Amadeus (1984) American Psycho

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My DVD Collection

All right, so I don't seriously think anyone is gonna sift through the hundreds of movies on this list, but I was backing it all up from the IMDb list I add to anyway and since I've done blog entries like this before, I figured why not....   The TV series that I own on DVD/Blu-ray are already listed in a separate entry: https://fotpforums.com/blogs/entry/815-my-tv-series-collection/   #-Z   2010 (1984) 22 Jump Street (2014) 300 (2006) The 300 Spartans (1962)

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Gaming | Vol. 1

Gaming | Vol. 1 Hiya, people! It's been a while since I posted a blog, and I'm really getting back into the gaming scene, specifically for my Nintendo 3DS, so I thought I'd jot something down for a new blog entry. I'll post some of my all time favorite games, which ones I have and which ones I definitely want to have. It all happened when I downloaded the free app; Animal Crossing, Pocket Camp. I got addicted to it in no time. Now I can't wait to get my hands on Animal Crossing New



The Brilliance of the "Like A Virgin" Album Cover

At first glance, the album cover for Madonna’s 1984 album Like A Virgin isn’t necessarily anything special. It does not hold the striking, emotional profile of her debut, nor the statuesque elegance of its successor, True Blue. Instead, Like A Virgin portrays an unsurprisingly seductive, sepia-toned portrait of Madonna. Even the font type used is a simple, unassuming serif in dull tones that sink into the colors of the rest of the cover. To give it its fair due, it could have been much worse: at



CDs and Vinyl I own as of February 12, 2018

Been six months since I last made one of these posts so I'm gonna make a new one. As usual, I underlined the Vinyl, I asterisked the ones I haven't listened to yet (don't bug me, I know I stink at procrastinating on music), and the One Direction section is huge/takes up a full page on my laptop. Yes. Here we go! Artists in alphabetical (first name) order and albums in favorite to least favorite order (not counting things like Christmas/Greatest Hits). Alessia Cara - Know-It-All* Aly &a



2017 FOTP Faves Album Megarate Results

SONG COUNTDOWN 63.  Mind Maze | 5.087 62.  Gorgeous | 5.092 61.  Old Flames (Can't Hold a Candle to You) | 5.214 60.  Into Me You See | 5.467 59.  Dress | 5.792 58.  Emotional | 6.100 57.  Tomorrow Never Came | 6.163 56.  Bigger Than Me | 6.178 55.  End Game | 6.192 54.  Miss You More | 6.315 53.  Hunt You Down | 6.410 52.  Coachella - Woodstock in My Mind | 6.422 51.  Hymn | 6.423 50.  Act My Age | 6.489 49.  Deja Vu | 6



2016 FOTP Faves Album Megarate Results

SONG COUNTDOWN 77. Forward | 4.353 76. I Don't Care | 4.645 75. Jason's Song (Gave It Away) | 4.677 74. Private Show | 4.833 73. Goodnight Gotham | 4.970 72. James Joint | 5.333 71. Pose | 5.576 70. What You Need | 5.733 69. Step on Up | 5.742 68. Woo | 5.788 67. Hey Girl | 5.806 66. Sinner's Prayer | 5.839 65. Come to Mama | 5.935 64. Just Like Me | 6.133 63. Grigio Girls | 6.194 62. Invitation | 6.233 61. Just



Memoirs of the Broken Hearted - Part II

part 1 here   As many of you already know me and @Hylia have worked things out, not just for the sake of our three beautiful children but also for ourselves. We are so much in love. But there is always that little space, it's very tiny, but it's there. It came to be when I ran into my ex @Jae, he asked me for a drink, no strings attached, I said sure it is New Years Eve what could go wrong? Hylia away to attend Walmart-con in Europe, the kids at @Kali's... what could go wrong?  A



how a gassy uber driver almost killed me yesterday

i just felt boogie yesterday cause i had a 30% discount and i overslept so i decided i wont wait for a cab ill just get an uber cause itll be faster. what WOULD have been a 7-8 minute drive to campus ended up being 30 minutes mainly cause the dumbass wouldnt look at the map and just decided to cross a street KNOWING THAT HE CANT FUCKING CROSS IT BECAUSE HE WOULD BE DRIVING AGAINST THE ROAD AND THAT ALONE TOOK HIM 10 MINUTES. i just had my earphones on and didnt care to listen 👂 to what he was sa




Without you I am destitute Always losing So much to prove I wonder what will I do When you decide to choose Will take me when you leave Or leave me lonely Endless time to grieve  My love is yours  It is my will Until you choose My time stands still It is so cold My heart of gold It’s getting old @Saiga please pick 



Movies I've Seen

The picked movies are some of my favorites   Sweeney Todd Spy The Hunger Games Insidious It Follows Saw VI Incredibles Finding Nemo Finding Dory The Boy Lights Out The Shallows Before I Wake The Happening Dreacmcatcher On the Road Nightmate on Elm Street Shutter Island The Suffering Satanic The Divide Take Shelter The Road to El Do

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Review-ish - Camilla

Hey y'all and welcome to my review (kinda)  of camila's debut album! Can't wait to listen since I've heard nothing but good things about this album 1-Never Be The Same  It's not really that good I expected more since it's the starter but it's ok the chorus kinda annoys me but it's a ok song 2-All these years its very cool  I really do like it it's pretty good I'd listen to it by the beach or smth  3-She loves control  the beginning is really bad but the rest is



Albums I Listened

1.    1966 - Revolver - Beatles 2.    1966 - Pet Sounds - Beach Boys 3.    1967 - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - Beatles 4.    1968 - Waiting for the Sun - The Doors 5.    1971 - Led Zeppelin IV - Led Zeppelin 6.    1972 - Transformer - Lou Reed 7.    1976 - Hotel California - Eagles 8.    1976 - Coney Island Baby - Lou Reed 9.    1978 - An American Prayer - Jim Morrison 10.    1979 - The Wall - Pink Floyd 11.    1982

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My Edits

Here are some photos I created, edited, photoshopped etc Madonna used the first photo in her show and Steven Klein reposted the third on IG    

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