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My signatures

My signatures

My signatures are an integral part of fotp history, and I will list them below. It’s hot outside and sit on my porch, sucking a popsicle. It’s cherry flavor, their favorite flavor was always cherry. I sit and reminisce about the times we spent together. And I don’t feel  sad, because those memories bring me happiness. I finish up my popsicle just as they call me inside, they’re still here with me. But I still think about our memories, so that I’ll nver forgot them when they’re gone. I somet



Request your songwriting credit receipts here

Hey gurls   So I work in music publishing and work with songwriting/song info. I won't have access to this info for much longer, so if you have any requests for credit splits/songwriting credits/how much a song is earning this month, for pretty much any song, leave your requests here and I can fetch the info for you   Example: You want to to know how much songwriting credit each songwriter of New Rules by Dua Lipa is getting: Ailin Caroline, 33.33% Ian Eric Kirkpat



↳ Dangerous Woman: Limited Edition Fanbox

- Welcome to my first ever blogpost! The meaning of this blog is actually really simple. I just wanted to share my "portfolio" of all the photoshop edits, music remixes, etc. I've made throughout my life! It mainly features Ariana Grande. I will try to make more photoshop edits inspired by other edits. I create merchandise mockups, CDs, LPs and more. If you're interested in any of my work, please check it out and make sure to leave me feedback! Hope you guys enjoys my little



My 3D Zelda Games Ranking

Hi I had the urge to do this so here it is. I've never played Skyward Sword for some reason (Please port it to Switch thx) Anyway let's see here - I will be ranking from lowest to highest A note that I love every game here and this is actually very hard to do   5 4 3 2 1 Overall, this series has put out consistently good material. Out of the 3D titles, they have not put out a bad game. I am sure whatever is next will continue the legacy



Best and Worst in Music of 2017

Top 5 Albums   05. Taylor Swift - Reputation 04. Lorde - Melodrama 03. Goldfrapp - Silver Eye 02. Ryan Adams - Prisoner 01. The Killers - Wonderful Wonderful   Artists that disappointed me            Haim started so well with a clip of Right Now before the release of the first single. It was so raw and emotional. However, later it turned out the song was reworked for the album. Many songs are too light and jolly


Fantastic Albums You Might Not Know! | Rabbits on the Run by Vanessa Carlton

Fantastic Albums You Might Not Know! | Rabbits on the Run by Vanessa Carlton

"I Don't Know Her!": Fantastic Albums You Might Not Know! Give 'Em a Chance! I'm going to attempt to use this blog to give credit to albums which, in my opinion, are underrated or just unknown in general. You may not like my choices, and that's okay! But trust me when I say you can find beauty in any art if you give it a chance <3  This Entry's Underrated Album: Rabbits on the Run by Vanessa Carlton Vanessa Carlton first made her appearance on the pop scene with the massiv



Dead Or Alive: The Singles

1.Misty Circles 2.What I Want 3.I'd Do Anything 4.That's the Way (I Like It) 5.You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) 6.Lover Come Back to Me 7.In Too Deep 8.My Heart Goes Bang (Get Me to the Doctor) 9.Brand New Lover 10.Something in My House 11.Hooked on Love 12.I'll Save You All My Kisses 13.Come Home with Me Baby 14.Baby Don't Say Goodbye 15.Your Sweetness (Is Your Weakness) (Japan Single) 16.Gone 2 Long (Japan Single) 17.Unhappy Birthday (Japan Single) 18.Rebel R



Memoirs of the Broken Hearted - Part III

part 1  part 2   Someone wise once said "life without love is meaningless" perhaps I snapped when I said that. After breaking up with @Hylia in March, in the wee-hours of my anniversary celebrations, I discovered he had a ring for me, as a gift. I already married him once, gave him full custody of our three children, Tori, Mariah and Sylk Jr. and left his world for good, but going through the divorce, knowing what it meant to be away from him, knowing who I was without him... I kn



Changing my major/career (help please)

Growing up, I always wanted to be a teacher. I played school instead of house, and I loved helping my friends with their homework so I could practice for the future. So many of my classmates hated being quizzed about life after high school, but it never bothered me because I had a plan. I'm very indecisive about many aspects of my life, but this is one area I never had to worry about until now.   Last summer, I finally began my teaching classes after two years of general education and



inspirational monday

Preparing to Clean Your Ass! WHEN DID YOU LAST PAY YOUR ASS A VISIT? Before sticking ANYTHING but a finger in your ass, you should get to know it, both inside and out. The first thing to know is that nothing will easily go in there against its will. You need to relax, coax, sooth and pleasure it first. The worst time to discover your ass is just before sex! Instead book yourself some discovery time. Make sure you’re alone, have an uninterrupted hour, and have turned off t



20 Horror Films To Consider This October

It's nearly October, so here's some good ones you may not have heard of  Many have comedy, sci-fi, thriller mixed in there but they all qualify   Altered States Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon Brain Damage A Bucket of Blood Chopping Mall The Company of Wolves The Curse of the Werewolf Dagon The Entity Fiend Without a Face Frankenstein Unbound Ginger Snaps In the Mouth of Madness John Dies at the End Lord

Dennis Reynolds


| MAL Anime Challenge 2018 |

My Anime List 2018 Anime Watching Challenge. >>FOR ALL INFO, PLEASE VISIT HERE<<   To be honest with you all, I kinda lost track of My Anime List, but luckily I'm trying to revive my profile there. Which means, I stumbled across this challenge and I was eager to participate.   I'll be updating my progress over here including reviews etc. Because I still qualify myself as a Newbie and didn't want to make the challenge too hard to begin with, as I could see my


Imperfect Answers

Imperfect Answers

What is your name? Faith --How old are you?  13 --Orientation? Pansexual --Gender? Female --Are you dating anyone?  Single! ---Do you have a celebrity crush?  Yes, but they're taken --What country do you live in? The United States --Summer or Winter?  Summer --How many languages do you know?  One and a half --Have any tattoos? How many? None --Have any pets? How many? What are their names? I have two boy cats, their na



#JOELosophy #1: Is English not the language for me?

I often think about random questions that I try to resolve but most of the time I end up on Wikipedia   Todays’s question:    Is there a language(s) that are better suited for me out there than my mother tongue? (English)   We are In no control in the beginning of our lives. We don’t get to choose where, when or pretty much if we decide to exist. We are also not in control the language we are born into.    When people immigrant to America and adapt American cul

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