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My Fav Live Performances

in no real order but Into the Light, Piece by Piece and Praying have to be the top three    In This Moment - Into the Light makes me cry     Kesha - Blow i love the loud vocals toward the end. so much anger       Marilyn Manson - Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)     Ariana Grande - One Last Time       Miley Cyrus - See You Again     Kelly Clarkson - Piece by Piece     

Chris Morlock


Poetry #2

My life has never been like those that are told and passed down through generations, like the lives that seem to always find a 'happily ever after.' I've seemed to tread through hardship after hardship, bellowing my barks for guidance. Yet, none seemed to find my soul. I've witnessed agony, sheer dread, and utter desolation. Never seen selflessness, pure love, nor absolute satisfaction. I had almost abandoned chasing happiness round and round in circles screaming out in the name of forgiveness, almost reliquished the light that held me on, that so many others christiened "life." But you; you delivered me from the murk and revealed to me the wonders of the universe. I almost gave up.  You found me alone on the pursian rug my mother had given us during holiday, tears, wetting my face. I discovered your hand upon my chest, causing ripples of hope to flourish from your body into mine own. My eyes unsealed to find yours looking fixedly into mine, bearing the same wetness mirrored in mine. I felt my body rise, and my arm extend to dust the tears from your cheek. The repentance I meet within my spirit sends sparks of self-disgust into every crevice of my being. Your hand closes around mine as I feel my body grow weak. What I have done is unforgivable. Your eyes begin to fade, my breath growing heavy. "Love," the only word that finds the energy to escape my lips. My ears catch their final input, your voice whispering your final words to your dying lover, "Goodbye."



Adele's Singles Ranked

Adele, despite all of her commercial success, awards and critical acclaim, hasnt released much in her career(i know, a shocker)-as a matter fact only 14 singles in total from three albums, a timeline that spans a decade. Here i will rank this icons singles so far, since it is a bit too small to do an entire megarate on. There will be no comments; i will let you guys who read decide whether the list is overall accurate. 1. Rolling in the Deep 2. Someone Like You 3. Hello 4. Hometown Glory  5. Chasing Pavements 6. When We Were Young 7. Make You Feel My Love 8. Set Fire to the Rain 9. Skyfall 10. Turning Tables 11. Send My Love(to Your New Lover) 12. Water Under the Bridge 13. Rumour Has It 14. Cold Shoulder    

Moon Queen


#323 | #1 80's Films, #5 Andalouse, #6 Low, #11 LWYMMD

Another number 1 for Jon Bellion with 80's Films making this his 5th number one altogether but falling elsewhere on the chart. New artist on the chart scene Shawn Hook is catching up to Jon for domination, debuting at #2 on the Artist Chart with 4 new songs. One of those songs, Never Let Me Let You Go comes in at #2 with 37 plays. Another discovery is Todrick Hallwith with the very catchy song Low with RuPaul.



#22 Taylor Swift - reputation (2017)

#RoyaltyListens #22: Taylor Swift - reputation (2017) Wow this picure is big. Bigger then I expected. I hope it doesn't stretch the page. If it does, then I'm sorry. Hi, you guys! O my God I am SO excited to finally be able to listen tot his album with you guys. Actually, this is the first time I'm gonna listen to the album in its full length. I listened it once but didn't pay much attention to all the songs individually. So let's do that now! Are you guys ready? Tracklist: 1. ...Ready for it? - 10/10
2. End Game (ft. Future & Ed Sheeran) - 3/10
3. I Did Something Bad - 10/10
4. Don't Blame Me - 10/10
5. Delicate - 9,5/10
6. Look What You Made Me Do - 10/10
7. So It Goes... - 8,5/10
8. Gorgeous - 7,5/10
9. Getaway Car - 10/10
10. King Of My Heart - 10/10
11. Dancing With Our Hands Tied - 10/10
12. Dress - 6/10
13. This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things - 10/10
14. Call It What You Want - 10/10
15. New Year's Day - 10/10



#322 | #1 All Time Low, #13 Unforgettable, #25 LWYMMD, #30 Starboy

Jon Bellion's most popular song All Time Low finally makes it to #1 after 38 weeks in the chart. I was surprised to find out the song hasn't been #1 before since this is my most played Jon Bellion song with 310 plays. Despite overplaying his discography for a 3rd week in a row, other songs by him climb a couple of places with new peaks and even 80's Films enters for the first time. Canadian underrated artist Scott Helman misses out from the #1 spot with Sweet Tooth debuting at #2. Finally, after Unforgettable by Thomas Rhett reached #1 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart last week, the song and also Craving You re-enter.



#21 Rihanna - Unapologetic (2012)

#RoyaltyListens #21: Rihanna - Unapologetic (2012) So my hunty @Simón. totally shocked me today asking me when the listening thread was. So I was totally shook to the core because I didn't had a listening thread planned for today, but then I realised I had free time so I thought: why the hell not? This time another album from my goddess Rihanna. I might do the same thing as with Taylor & Katy and listen to all her albums, since I have been stanning her since the dawn of day. So without any further bullshit: let's start this already iconic listening thread! Tracklist:
1) Phresh Out The Runway - 10/10
2) Diamonds - 8,5/10
3) Numb (ft. Eminem) - 7,5/10
4) Pour It Up - 10/10
5) Loveeeeeee Song (ft. Future) - 6/10
6) Jump - 10/10
7) Right Now (ft. David Guetta) - 10/10
8) What Now - 9/10
9) Stay (ft. Mikky Ekko) - 7/10
10) Nobody's Business (ft. Chris Brown) - 10/10 (solo version), -1/10 (Chris Brown version) 
11) Love Without Tragedy/Mother Mary - 10/10
12) Get It Over With - 6/10
13) No Love Allowed - 10/10
14) Lost In Paradise - 9/10
15) Half Of Me - 10/10
Fuck the Diamonds remixes btw.



Mariah's Voice Throughout the Years (Part One)

Debut / Emotions   When Mariah debuted, her tone was very full and rounded – which was probably what lead to initial comparisons with Whitney Houston. But when it came down to it, Mariah’s vocals were very different than Whitney’s. The tone of her lower and mid chest range was husky and soulful, making her sound older than she was. This worked well for soul-inspired songs like “Vision of Love” and “If It’s Over”. Her lower and mid chest belts were technically very well-supported, resulting in great resonance and wonderful vibrato. (examples)   Mariah’s upper chest belts in this era, although seemingly technically sound, sometimes sounded tight or strained. (Grammy's '92) Mariah made little use of her head voice, ("Can't Let Go") and even rarely – or possibly never – used her falsetto. Her head voice had a similar husky tone to her chest range.   Mariah’s whistle register was extremely bright, sharp, and strong. She played around with it extensively, and showed great agility within the register. ("Someday") She often made impressive, several-octave, immediate jumps from her lower-mid chest register to her whistle register. ("Love Takes Time")   Mariah became well known for her use of melisma and her runs, which she usually contained in her chest registers.   There were few negative qualities hindering Mariah’s vocals in this era. She had not yet done extensive live work, so her voice had not been too effected. Her nodules did impact her singing on a few occasions when she was sick or overworked. ("Emotions")   Music Box / Merry Christmas   Like before, Mariah’s vocals during this era were very full and rounded, however, her mature husky tone was replaced by a tone that was more smooth and buttery. Her lower, middle, and upper chest belts were all supported and firm. This era is often noted for its vocal precision and lack of hindrances. The new, creamy tone is often lauded and is considered one of her strongest vocal eras. This type of sound paired well with her music, which was starting to take more of a pop and R&B style.    Mariah started using her head voice and falsetto ranges slightly more. ("Dreamlover") She began to use her whistle register less, and the quality of it changed. Instead of the very sharp and clear tone of her debut, her whistles started to become a little more airy and breathy in nature; which complimented their use as musical embellishments, as opposed to being a main feature. She did not experiment with octave jumps very often, but she seemed to be able to access her whistle relatively easily.   While her voice in this era seemed to have little downfalls, it is notable that because of illness, she sounded very hoarse and strained on a few dates of her first tour – as well as some performances in 1994.   Daydream   The overall tone of Mariah’s vocals did not seem to change very much between Music Box and Daydream. It retained it's silky, creamy quality. She began to exhibit strong power and resonance during a few performances that arguably rivaled her previous eras. (Madison Square Garden) She strayed away from using her lowest registers most of the time, staying mostly in her mid and upper chest registers. Mariah seemed to exhibit excellent breath control during this era as well.   It could be argued that during this era, Mariah’s upper chest belts could yet again sound somewhat tight or constrained – not as rounded or supported than her mid and lower registers.   Mariah also began to use her voice differently during this era. Although she was always known for her melisma, she expanded this to new levels during this era. She often made complicated and extensive runs that traversed her many registers – including rapidly sliding in and out of her head voice. (Tokyo Dome) Her runs were considerably quick and agile.   The Daydream Era also saw Mariah making much more use of her head and falsetto registers. ("Underneath the Stars") She often traversed into these registers during her runs and when she was riffing with older material. It had a very smooth, breathy tone, but still supported and strong.    Beyond performing older material on tour that required it, Mariah barely used her whistle during this era. Although detectable in background vocals on the album, it was never at the forefront or used live.   Butterfly / #1s   1997 saw the first big major change to Mariah’s vocals – a change that many may consider to be a negative one. Mariah’s tone throughout her registers lost most of its smooth and silky qualities, and was replaced by a more raspy tone. The level of ‘raspiness’ or ‘hoarseness’ varied depending on performances, but it was a permanent change during this era. Mariah still exhibited control over her vocals, and although she was more prone to audible ‘breaks’ during performances, she still remained in-tune. This change also made it more difficult for Mariah to truly project. It is evident that Mariah was aware of the vocal change, as she would often pull the microphone far away from her mouth during belts to avoid amplifying this feature. One could argue that this new raspiness added a level of emotion to her vocal performances. (Patti Labelle Tribute)   Mariah’s lower and mid registers were stronger and more reliable during this era, although she still used her head voice quite often. Sometimes it was very strong ("When You Believe"); other times it was very flimsy, and her background singers had to support it. ("I Still Believe") Although she was able to accomplish it, it was obvious by her facial expressions that using her falsetto (or high head voice) was a difficult task at times. ("Butterfly")   This era saw limited to zero use of her whistle register. They were used as background vocals on Butterfly, but never at the forefront of the music. She performed whistles during her Butterfly Tour, but it could be possible that these were lip-synced.   There are a variety of reasons as to why Mariah’s vocals seemed to have changed so much by 1997. The long and difficult set-list of her Daydream Tour in 1996 overworked and wore out her vocals. She began recording her Butterfly album immediately afterwards, and the excessive use of her head and falsetto registers could have also contributed to the strain on her voice. Mariah was also going through a great deal of emotional stress with the separation from ex-husband and record label exec Tommy Mattola. The nodules on her vocal chords made her voice susceptible to such stress.     To Be Continued…



Fame (Poetry)

Fame     Born into the universe, engrossed in elegance, I emerge. My body, decrepit, my mind, foolish. I exist as nothing. My body swims through the currents of the ocean of submission. I exist as nothing. Friends, family, Satan, they command me to abominate and I listen. I exist as nothing. I sway to the tunes of conformity; I belt the songs of unity. I exist as nothing. My heart quivers to the melodies of allegiance, I never gamble away my name. A monster, grown and harvested for the sake of their delight, I exist as nothing. Though I can feel the light ripping at the fibers of my soul, screaming to set me free, the demons inside myself hold me in place. I exist as nothing.      Hope has faded. My fears have perished. My body, a shell, moves forward through the murk of the universe, forever soul-less. The light has died, the songs have been dampened. I cry alone. Whispers are yelled, shouts are quieted, people know my name, and yet I still know nothing. I exist as a slave. No escape in my clearest of vision, no love to be found. The vultures of fame take all of me, desperate to taste my blood that has been tainted by the alcohol of beauty. I give and do not receive. I try yet do not secure. I exist as everything.



#20 Rihanna - ANTi (2016)

#RoyaltyListens #20: Rihanna - ANTi (2016) So in the first place, I wanted to celebrate 7 years of Loud with a "Loud listening thread" but then I realised I already did one, and it would be kinda lame to do another one lol. So I took the oppurtinity to do one of my fave Rihanna albums: ANTi. It's her latest released album and one of her best, in my opinion. Without any further bullshit, let's dive into this amazing album, but first: let me tag the Rhats. Tracklist:
1) Consideration (ft. SZA) - 10/10
2) James Joint - 5/10
3) Kiss It Better - 10/10 
4) Work (ft. Drake) - 10/10
5) Desperado - 9/10
6) Woo - 8,5/10
7) Needed Me - 10/10
8) Yeah, I said it -  10/10
9) Same Ol' Mistakes - 9/10
10) Never Ending - 8,5/10
11) Love On The Brain - 10/10
12) Higher - 9/10 
13) Close To You - 10/10
14) Goodnight Gotham - 5/10
15) Pose - 10/10
16) Sex With Me - 10/10



Taylor Swift is smibby

I love this color on her, I want her to date me   her eyes twinkle in black and white hnnnnn   Taylor Swift gay: CONFIRMED   me gay: CONFIRMED   she didn't just rob a bank in this outfit, she also stole my heart   queen of Madonna impressions! When will your faves   I hope you all enjoyed my gallery show I just made for you all xoxo TH



Taylor Swift "Reputation" First Impression Review

Song by Song Rating:    ...Ready For It – I’m still pretty split on this song. There are quite a few lines that are pretty cringe-worthy, especially the delivery of them. I can’t really enjoy her “rapping” delivery in this song. It sounds pretty forced. That being said, I like the production. The chorus and the bridge are nice. It’s also the perfect track to open the album, I think. – 6/10   End Game – This song actually isn’t all that bad. The production is much more hip-hop as opposed to electro or trip-hop. I’m not a huge fan of modern rap, but Future’s verse was alright. Ed Sheeran was okay, too. It’s still kind of funny to me how both Ed and Taylor have been trying to ‘rap’ a lot lately. Taylor’s ‘rapping’ feels less annoying in this song, for some reason. Maybe it’s because it fits better with the vibe of the song. Her flow is quicker and slicker, with well written lyrics and a better delivery. I like the chorus a lot. A good next single choice. – 7/10   I Did Something Bad – I quite like the instrumentation and production of this song. It’s definitely much more electronic and dubstep-like. I wish it was a little more catchy. The chorus is fine enough, but I feel like this song could have been bigger with some changes. I don’t mind this song, but it’s not that infectious for me to come back enough times. I don’t like the bridge, the phrase “they’re burning witches even if you aren’t one” is very sloppy sounding and I don’t like the excessive autotune. – 6/10   Delicate – This song is kind of middle of the road for me. It has a very smooth instrumental and vibe. However, it’s very sonically uninteresting. It feels like every other downtempo pop song on the radio in the past year or two, so Taylor’s not really doing anything all that special. That being said, this song has some of the best lyrics on the album. The phrasing isn’t disjointed and it flows rather well. The lyrics aren’t cringey or too self-obsessed, although I do feel like Taylor sort of reuses a lot of the same themes, ideas, and observations. Despite being somewhat boring, I feel it balances out some of the low quality songs on the album. I think it’ll be a grower for me. – 8/10   Don’t Blame Me – I think this is the only song on that album that got me really moving. I was already singing along to the chorus by the end of my first listen. A decently good pop song with a groovy, electro beat. I don’t really have much else to say, other than I really liked it. – 9/10   Look What You Made Me Do – I was very unimpressed by this song when it was first released, but listening to it now, it’s obvious this one of the better composed songs on the album. It still has some cringey moments here and there, and the chorus is a little bit of a letdown after the build-ups of the verses/pre-choruses. I don’t think I’ll ever enjoy the uppity, self-obsession running through this track – and most of the album – but like I said, it’s well-structured and decently produced, so it’s one of the better songs on the album – 6/10   So It Goes... – I take back what I said about ‘Delicate’ being a “middle of the road” song. This song describes that much more. Very typical production and I can’t really dictate any interesting lyrics. I don’t hate it, but it doesn’t really grab me. – 6/10   Gorgeous – I know that everyone really hates this song, and I admit that the lyrics are pretty dumb in places. But it makes up for that by being catchy and having a fun, bubbly production. I honestly don’t think it’s any better or worse than the other singles. If I could carve out the “go home to my cats” line, I would feel much better about this song. – 6/10   Getaway Car – I don’t really know what the fuck the narrative is supposed to be in this song, but that doesn’t really matter. It sounds good. There are some poor rhyming attempts in the pre-chorus. But, this is probably the best chorus on the entire album. The instrumentation and production on the chorus is also really great. I really like this song. I hope it grows more on me, but I get the feeling that it might have the opposite effect. – 9/10   King of My Heart – Oh my god, what a fucking letdown. The verses and the first part of the choruses are all really nice. But the instrumentation and production on the pre-chorus is so disrupting and ugly. It’s literally because of the pre-chorus – and the latter half of the chorus – that make this song so disappointing. I don’t know why they had to add such an annoying trip-hop element to the song, when the other parts sound so good. – 4/10   Dancing With Our Hands Tied – I was impressed by this song the first time I heard it, and listening a second time, I really, really enjoy the instrumentation and production throughout the song, especially the verses. I think the phrase ‘dancing with our hands tied’ doesn’t really make sense and is kind of stupid, but that is overshadowed by the better elements of the song. I think this will be a grower. – 9/10   Dress – This feels like ‘Delicate’ and ‘So It Goes…’ for me. I like the higher, breathy vocals that she’s using on this song. I actually really like the phrase “I only bought this dress for you to take it off”. Sexy! I don’t really have much else to say about this song, other than I do enjoy it. – 8/10   This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things – The only thing this song has going for is the title. I don’t like the verses at all. I really cringe at the whole ‘party-thuggery’ of the whole first verse. The choruses are actually pretty infectious, I can’t lie… I found myself singing along to “did you really think I wouldn't hear all the things you say about may-ay-ay-ay-ay-ayyy”. I don’t know, I’m very torn on this song, I’ll just give a middle rating for now. – 5/10   Call It What You Want – The production is really nice and I do enjoy the tone of it. Like I said when it first came out, I’m not a big fan of the “fuck the haters, they don’t understand us.” theme of the lyrics. However, I found myself enjoying the song overall the second time listening to it. – 6/10   New Years Day – Okay, the first thing I need to say about this song is that it feels like they recorded this with an old piano where some of the keys kind of scratch/check next to each other. I know this sound because my mother’s piano had a few keys like that. Please let me if yo guys know what I’m talking about. It’s either that, or I can hear the foot pedals being pushed. But anyway… the lyrics are very nice and pleasant. There is a soft, and even a somberness to this song that I really enjoy. I feel like Taylor is finally showing her vulnerable side. It’s sad that a ballad would be so typically shoehorned in at the end of the album, but its songs like these this I enjoy from Taylor. Even with that weird sound to it, I really like the piano. It’s tone feels something like Regina Spektor. “Please don’t ever become a stranger who’s laugh I could recognize anywhere” is a really nice lyric. – 10/10   Overview:   Overall, I didn’t hate this album as much as I thought I would. All of the singles were mostly letdowns to me, and the album provided some better tracks, but nothing that really blew me away. There were plenty of songs on her past two album that really caught my attention upon first listen, while this album was pretty moderate through and through.  I just don’t think I enjoy the musical direction Taylor’s been going in. The genre is moving towards a weird electro-dubstep with trip-hop elements. The delivery of her vocals turned to talk-rapping in a few of the songs and I don’t really enjoy it. I actually think working with all of these pop producers has depleted the nature of her songwriting. It’s gotten worse. I wasn’t ever truly impressed by any of her lyrics on Reputation, and there were plenty of times that I rolled my eyes at them. The album is all attitude, coyness, sultriness, and other fuckery. There isn't much vulnerability or emotion available from Taylor. The production and the themes are pretty cold and shallow, and it’s even a disappointment that we don’t get to hear any real instruments until the very last song.   Anyway, I did like some of the songs. I rated each song pretty liberally, but there are plenty of them that I probably won’t go back to.   Songs that I will use: End Game, Delicate, Don’t Blame Me, Getaway Car, Dancing With Our Hands Tied, New Years Day   Songs that I will probably use: Gorgeous, Dress     Based on my song ranking, I give this album a 7/10  



#321 | #1 Wait, #8 All Time Low, #39 Anywhere, #40 New Rules

Jon Bellion is still going strong with 24 appearances in this weeks chart, although Broken Back's newest single Wait climbs to the top making this his first #1. One More Time by Jon Bellion is the highest debut at #2 as last week there were so many Jon Bellion songs that I listened to, this song got snubbed but not this week. Fell in love with Kendji Girac's song Jamais à genoux all over again which is why it's the highest climber, climbing 41 places. Only its third week on the chart, I Was Never Yours by Martin Brothers drops 44 places to #48, making it the highest faller. The longest runner goes to Kendji Girac with his song Andalouse after re-entering the chart and racking up its 112th week since the chart started. Finally, a quick shameless promo shoutout that Jon is up for Best Push at this year's MTV EMAs and you can vote for him here.



#USUM: Rainbow Rocket, Ultra Wormholes & The Battle Agency

Hello. Little Mewtwonsters      A LOT has happened today and there are now THREE trailers we need to discuss as well as other little titbits from the Pokemon website. One of these trailers is in English and two are in Japanese but you really need to view all three of them to have a grip of what's going on. I'll link them below so watch them and then meet me after the jump!      Ok, so now that we're done with that. Where do we begin? Usually I'd go through each trailer one-by-one but there is SOOOO much to discuss this time. So instead, I'm going to discuss the main points first and then round off with little things from the website and the individual trailers. So strap yourselves in coz it's time for a journey through an ultra wormhole!     To the surprise of no-one with half-a-brain that's been updated on #USUM and its leaks, Team Rainbow Rocket is now confirmed. Giovanni is its leader! The team is made up of all teams from the past generations - excluding the Gamecube spin-offs. That's Giovanni, Maxie, Archie, Cyrus, Ghetsis and Lysandre. It also seems like Faba is somehow involved as the seventh member of the rainbow organisation. Giovanni and the other bosses - who allegedly come from universes where they actually completed their objectives - take over Aether Paradise, and after a breaking news segment, it's your job to stop them. Unfortunately for you, these bosses are now super-equipped with a new warehouse of traps, mega evolutions... and legendary Pokemon in their disposal; such as Giovanni using Mega Mewtwo Y.     Next up, let's look more into depth for Legendary Pokemon themselves. All past Legendary Pokemon - note, not mythicals - are now confirmed to return for Ultra Sun and Moon. Some of these are available in both games without any extra objectives (Mewtwo, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Regice, Regirock, Registeel, Uxie, Azelf, Mesprit, Cresselia, Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion and Zygarde). Some of these are version exclusive to Ultra Sun (Ho-Oh, Raikou, Groudon, Dialga, Latios, Heatran, Reshiram, Tornadus and Xerneas) or to Ultra Moon (Lugia, Entei, Kyogre, Palkia, Latias, Regigigas, Zekrom, Thundurus and Yveltal), and the remaining legendaries are available in both games but only when you have certain specific version exclusive Pokemon in your party. These ones are Suicune (Raikou and Entei), Rayquaza (Kyogre and Groudon), Giratina (Dialga and Palkia), Landorus (Thundurus and Tornadus) and Kyurem (Reshiram and Zekrom).      But how do you find these Pokemon? Simple. You travel on Lunala or Solgaleo through the Ultra Wormhole, and just like the Ultra Beasts' own environments, the legendaries also seem to be found in their own locations reminiscent to that of the original games. It doesn't seem to be a massive environment or a fully-fledge dungeon, but it seems similar to the Ultra Space equivalents that the likes of Pheromosa and Xurkitree are now found in.  As it stands, Lugia, Giratina and Mewtwo have been seen in their own environments.      Next, let's have a look at some other old Pokemon that you can get in a new way. These ones aren't really that old; they were established last year in Sun and Moon; Totem Pokemon. That's right, in Ultra Sun and Moon, you can now gain access to these Totem Pokemon. Instead of Zygarde Cells, this year, you are tasked with finding Totem Stickers which are scattered around Alola. And the more of these stickers that you collect, the more Totem Pokemon that you can unlock for use. So far, Gumshoos is available in both games while Lurantis is exclusive to Ultra Sun and Salazzle is exclusive to Ultra Moon. Interestingly, it appeared that Salazzle is no longer a Totem Pokemon in this game as Alolan Marowak is now the Totem at Wela Volcano Park, so either totems from both games are included or some other Pokemon who weren't previously totems will also have totem forms!      Now, let's look at something else that people have been asking for, for a very long time; the return of the Battle Factory. While not a direct copy of the Battle Factory, Ultra Sun and Moon have introduced us to a new facility; the Battle Agency. This facility allows you to rent Pokemon and battle in single battle style against opponents. Each player will use three Pokemon. These Pokemon will have pre-determined stats, movesets and items. By battling through the agency, you can battle other unique characters - like Sophocles - and earn rare items - such as gold bottle caps. As you continue battling, you will earn more powerful Pokemon to use and eventually earn a higher grade. In addition, this feature allows - and is encouraged - for multi-player use. By connecting with other agents online, you'll be able to rent even more powerful Pokemon.      Now, with the main reveals out of the way, let's look at some of the other changes we've seen so far for Ultra Sun and Moon. Firstly, let's begin with the English trailer. The only other thing here to note is that new Island Scan Pokemon are set to appear. From what we've seen so far, these include Charmander, Grovyle and Greninja!      Moving onto the Japanese trailer there's a lot of little things here. We get some new footage of Lusamine dangerously close to an Ultra Wormhole and still looking rather sinister. In the post-game episode, it seems like Team Skull's leader Guzma is helping you against Rainbow Rocket. It also shows a confrontation between the player, Lillie, Guzma, Lusamine and the members of the Ultra Recon Squad at the altar of the Sunne or Moone. Finally, the bottom screen menu in Ultra Sun and Moon looks a lot more exciting than it did in the original releases!     Ok, so that's all from me for today! It's only fifteen more days until Ultra Sun and Moon releases, and actually, I'm pleased - and surprised - to say that we'll have even more information coming in 8 days time; on November the 10th (5am UTC). If I had to guess, I'd say New Alola Forms and the 2nd battle facility will be revealed along with a few more Z-Moves. See ya then Lil Lusamines.  



My CD Collection *Updated*

405 CDs   Adam Lambert - For Your Entertainment Adam Lambert - Trepassing Adam Lambert - The Original High (Deluxe) Adele - 19 Adele - 21 (Limited Edition) Adele - 25 (Target Edition) Alanis Morissette - Jagged Little Pill Alanis Morissette - Crazy EP Remixes Alicia Keys - As I Am Aly & AJ - Into The Rush (UK Editon) Aly & AJ - Insomniatic (Japanese Deluxe Edition) Aly & AJ - 10 Years EP Alessia Cara - Know It All (Japanese Edition) Alexandra Stan - Saxobeats (Japan Standard Edition) Alexandra Stan - Saxobeats (Japanese Deluxe Edition) Alexandra Stan - Cliché (Hush Hush) (Japanese Edition) Alexandra Stan - Unlocked (Japanese Deluxe Edition) Alexandra Stan - Alesta (Japanese Deluxe Edition) Ariana Grande - Yours Truly (Japanese Deluxe Edition) Ariana Grande - My Everything Ariana Grande - My Everything (Japanese Deluxe Edition) Ariana Grande - The Remix (Japan) Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman (Japanese Deluxe Edition) Ariana Grande - The Best (Japan) Ashley Tisdale - Headstrong (Japanese Edition) Ashley Tisdale - Guilty Pleasure (Japanese Edition) Ashlee Simpson - Pieces Of Me (Japanese Edition) Ashlee Simpson - I Am Me  (Japanese Edition) Avril Lavigne - Let Go (Japan Tour Edition) Avril Lavigne - Under My Skin (Japanese Edition) Avril Lavigne - The Best Damn Thing (Limited Edition) Avril Lavigne - The Essential Mixes Avril Lavigne - Goodbye Lullaby Avril Lavigne - Avril Lavigne (Target Exclusive) Backstreet Boys - Backstreet Boys  Backstreet Boys - Black & Blue Backstreet Boys - Millenium Backstreet Boys - Never Gone Backstreet Boys - This Is Us Backstreet Boys - Unbreakable Beyoncé - Dangerously In Love Beyoncé - B'Day (Deluxe) Beyoncé - 4  (Japanese Deluxe Edition) Beyoncé - Beyoncé  Beyoncé - Lemonade  Blink 182 - Greatest Hits Blink 182 - Enema Of The State Billie Piper - Walk Of Life (Japanese Edition) Bridgit Mendler - Hello...My Name Is (Japanese Edition) Britney Spears - Baby One More Time (US Version) Britney Spears - Baby One More Time (Japanese Edition) Britney Spears - Oops! I Did It Again Britney Spears - Britney Britney Spears - Britney (Japanese Limited Edition) Britney Spears - In The Zone (UK Edition) Britney Spears - My Prerogative Britney Spears - B In The Mix Britney Spears - Blackout (Japanese Edition) Britney Spears - Circus (Japanese Deluxe Edition) Britney Spears - The Hits (Deluxe Edition) Britney Spears - Femme Fatale (Japanese Edition) Britney Spears - B In The Mix Vol.2 (Japanese Edition) Britney Spears - Britney Jean (Japanese Edition) Britney Spears - Glory (Japanese Edition) Bruno Mars - Doo Woops & Holligans Bruno Mars - Unorthodox Jukebox Bruno Mars - 24k Magic Cascada - Everytime We Touch EP Calvin Harris - I Created Disco Calvin Harris - 18 Months (Japanese Edition) Calvin Harris - Motion  Carly Rae Jepsen - Tug Of War Carly Rae Jepsen - Kiss Carly Rae Jepsen - Kiss:The Remix (Japan) Carly Rae Jepsen - EMOTION (Japanese Deluxe Edition) Carly Rae Jepsen - EMOTION Remixed (Japanese Edition) Carly Rae Jepsen - EMOTION Side B (Japan)  Cobra Starship - Hot Mess Cobra Starship - Night Shades Charlie Puth - Nine Track Mind (Japanese Edition) Charli XCX - True Romance Charli XCX - Sucker Cher Lloyd - Stick + Stones (Japanese Edition) Christina Aguilera - Christina Aguilera  Christina Aguilera - Christina Aguilera (UK Edition) Christina Aguilera - Mi Reflejo (Japanese Edition) Christina Aguilera - Just Be Free Christina Aguilera - Stripped Christina Aguilera - Back To Basics (Deluxe) Christina Aguilera - Greatest Hits Christina Aguilera - Bionic Christina Aguilera - Lotus (Deluxe) Christina Perri - Head or Heart (Japanese Edition) Ciara - Goodies (Japanese Edition) Ciara - Jackie Ciara - Fantasy Ride (Japanese Edition) Céline Dion - A New Day Has Come David Guetta - Nothing But The Beat (Ultimate Edition) David Guetta - Listen (Japanese Edition) Demi Lovato - Don't Forget (Japanese Edition) Demi Lovato - Here We Go Again Demi Lovato - Walmart Soundcheck Demi Lovato - Unbroken (Japanese Deluxe Edition) Demi Lovato - Demi  Demi Lovato - Demi (Japanese Deluxe Edition) Demi Lovato - Confident (Deluxe) Demi Lovato - Tell Me You Love Me (UK Edition) Destiny's Child - The Writing's On The Wall Destiny's Child - Survivor Destiny's Child - #1's Dev - The Night The Sun Came Up Dido - No Angel Dido - Life For Rent Dua Lipa - Dua Lipa (Japanese Edition) Ed Sheeran - Ed Sheeran  Ed Sheeran - X Ellie Goulding - Bright Lights Emily Osment - All The Right Wrongs Emily Osment - Fight Or Flight (Japanese Edition) Eminem - The Real Slim Shady Enrique Iglesias - Escape Evanescence - Fallen (Japan) Evanescence - The Open Door Faith Hill - Breathe Fifth Harmony - Better Together Fifth Harmony - Reflection (Deluxe) Fifth Harmony - 7/27 (Deluxe) Fifth Harmony - Fifth Harmony  Fall Out Boy - Folie à Deux Garbage - Garbage (Japanese Edition) Green Day - American Idiot Guns N Roses - Chinese Democracy Guns N Roses - Appetite for Destruction Guns N Roses - Use Your Illusion I Guns N Roses - Use Your Illusion II Gwen Stefani - Love.Angel.Music.Baby (UK Edition) Gwen Stefani - The Sweet Escape (Japanese Edition) Gwen Stefani - This Is What The Truth Feels Like (Japanese Edition) Hailee Steinfeld - Haiz (Japanese Edition) Hilary Duff - Metamorphosis (US Version) Hilary Duff - Metamorphosis (Remixes) Hilary Duff - So Yesterday EP Hilary Duff - Come Clean (Remixes) Hilary Duff - Hilary Duff (Japanese Edition) Hilary Duff - Most Wanted (Japanese Deluxe Edition) Hilary Duff - 4Ever Hilary Duff - Dignity (Japanese Deluxe Edition) Hilary Duff - The Best Of...(Japanese Edition) Hilary Duff - Breathe In, Breathe Out Hole - Live Through This Hole - Nobody's Daughter Janet Jackson - Janet Jackson  Janet Jackson - Dream Street Janet Jackson - Janet Janet Jackson - Rhtym Nation (Japanese Edition) Janet Jackson - The Velvet Rope Janet Jackson - Remixed Janet Jackson - Greatest Hits Janet Jackson - All For You (Japanese Edition) Janet Jackson - Damita Jo Janet Jackson - 20 Y.0 (Japanese Edition) Janet Jackson - Discipline (Japanese Edition) Janet Jackson - Unbreakable Jason Derulo - Jason Jason Derulo - Future History Jason Derulo - Tattoos Jason Derulo - Talk Dirty Jason Derulo - Everything is 4  Jamie Lynn Spears - The Journey EP (Fan Made) Jennifer Lopez - On The 6 (Japanese Edition) Jennifer Lopez - JLO Jennifer Lopez - The Remixes Jennifer Lopez - This Is Me...Then (Japanese Edition) Jennifer Lopez - Brave Jennifer Lopez - LOVE? Jennifer Lopez - LOVE? (Japanese Edition) Jennifer Lopez - Dance Again Greatest Hits Jennifer Lopez - AKA (Deluxe) Jesse Mccartney - Right Where You Want Me Jessie J - Who You Are (Japanese Platinum Edition) Jessie J - Alive Jessie J - Sweet Talker (Deluxe) Jojo - Jojo Jojo - The High Road Jordan Pruitt - Permission To Fly  Jordin Sparks - Battlefield (Japanese Edition) Kate Voegle - Don't Look Away Katy Perry - Katy Hudson Katy Perry - One Of The Boys (Japan) Katy Perry - MTV Unplugged Katy Perry - Teenage Dream:The Complete Confection Katy Perry - Prism Katy Perry - Prism (Japan Tour Edition) Katy Perry - Witness (Japanese Deluxe Edition) Ke$ha - Animal (Japanese Edition) Ke$ha - The Remix Ke$ha - Cannibal Ke$ha - Warrior (Deluxe) Ke$ha - Reconstructed Kesha - Rainbow (Japanese Edition) Kelly Clarkson - Thankful Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway (Australian Edition) Kelly Clarkson - My December (Deluxe) Kelly Clarkson - All I Ever Wanted (Deluxe) Kelly Clarkson - Stronger (Japanese Edition) Kelly Clarkson - Piece By Piece (Deluxe) Kelly Clarkson - Piece By Piece (Remixes) Fan Made Kelly Clarkson - Meaning Of Life (Japanese Edition)  Krewella - Get Wet (Japan) Kylie Minogue - Kylie Minogue (Japanese Edition) Kylie Minogue - Enjoy Yourself (Japanese Edition) Kylie Minogue - Rhythm Of Love  Kylie Minogue - Let's Get Into It (Japanese Edition) Kylie Minogue - Greatest Hits Pt 1. (Japanese Edition) Kylie Minogue - Kylie Minogue  (Japanese Edition) Kylie Minogue - Impossible Princess (Japanese Edition) Kylie Minogue - Light Years (Japanese Edition) Kylie Minogue - Fever (Japanese Edition) Kylie Minogue - Body Language (Japanese Edition) Kylie Minogue - Ultimate Kylie (Japanese Edition) Kylie Minogue - X:Special Edition (Japanese Edition) Kylie Minogue - The Bombox (Japanese Edition) Kylie Minogue - Aphrodite (Deluxe) Kylie Minogue - The Essential Mixes Kylie Minogue - The Hits Pt.2 (Japanese Edition) Kylie Minogue - The Abbey Road Session (Japanese Edition) Kylie Minogue - Kiss Me Once Lady Gaga/Stefani Germanotta - Red And Blue  Lady Gaga - The Fame (Japanese Deluxe Edition) Lady Gaga - The Cheerytree Session Lady Gaga - The Fame:Monster (Deluxe) Lady Gaga - The Fame:Monster (USB Version) Lady Gaga - Telephone The Remixes Lady Gaga - Born This Way (Deluxe) Lady Gaga - ARTPOP (Deluxe) Lady Gaga - Cheek To Cheek (Deluxe) Lady Gaga - Joanne (Deluxe) Lana Del Rey - Born To Die:The Paradise Edition (French Edition) Lana Del Rey - Ultraviolence Lana Del Rey - Honeymoon Lana Del Rey - Lust For Life Lea Michele - Louder (Deluxe) Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory Lindsay Lohan - Speak (Japan) Lindsay Lohan - A Little Bit (Raw) (Japan) Leona Lewis - Spirit Leona Lewis - I Am (Japanese Edition) Little Mix - DNA (Deluxe) Little Mix - Salute Little Mix - Get Weird Little Mix - Glory Days (Japanese Edition) Lil' Kim - Hard Core Lil' Kim - Notorious Lily Allen - Alright,Still.... LMFAO - Party Rock LMFAO - Sorry For Party Rocking (Japanese Edition) Lorde - Pure Heroine (Japanese Edition) Lorde - Melodrama Madonna - Madonna  Madonna - Like A Virgin Madonna - Like A Virgin & Other Hits (Japanese Edition)  Madonna - True Blue Madonna - Like A Prayer Madonna - I'm Breathless Madonna - The Immaculate Collection Madonna - Bedtime Stories Madonna - Ray Of Light Madonna - Music (Japanese Edition) Madonna - GHV2  (Japanese Edition) Madonna - American Life Madonna - Visited & Remixed Madonna - Confession On A Dancefloor (Japanese Edition) Madonna - Hard Candy (Japanese Edition) Madonna - MDNA (Japanese Edition) Madonna - Rebel Heart (Japan Tour Edition) Mariah Carey - Mariah Carey (Japanese Edition) Mariah Carey - Emotions Mariah Carey - Music Box (Japanese Edition) Mariah Carey - Daydream (Japanese Edition) Mariah Carey - #1s (Japanese Edition) Mariah Carey - Butterfly (Japanese Edition) No Obi Strip Mariah Carey - Rainbow (Japanese Edition) Mariah Carey - Glitter (Japanese Edition) Mariah Carey - The Remixes Mariah Carey - Greatest Hits Mariah Carey - Chambracelet (Japanese Edition) Mariah Carey - The Emancipation Of Mimi (Japanese Platinum Edition) Mariah Carey - E=MC2 (French Edition) Mariah Carey - Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel (Japanese Edition) Mariah Carey - Me...I Am Mariah The Elusive Chanteuse Mariah Carey - #1s 2015 Marina And The Diamonds - The Family Jewels (Japanese Edition) Marina And The Diamonds - Electra Heart (Deluxe) Marina And The Diamonds - Froot (Limited Edition) Maroon 5 - Songs About Jane Maroon 5 - It Won't Be Soon Before Long Maroon 5 - Overexposed Maroon 5 - V Maroon 5 - Red Pills Blues (Target Edition) Meghan Trainor - Thank You Miley Cyrus - Breakout (Japanese Deluxe Edition) Miley Cyrus - The Time Of Our Lives (Japanese Edition) Miley Cyrus - Can't Be Tamed (Deluxe) Miley Cyrus - Bangerz Miley Cyrus - Bangerz (Japanese Deluxe Edition) Miley Cyrus - Miley And Her Dead Petz (Fan Made) Miley Cyrus - Younger Now Michael Jackson - Thriller Natalia Kills - Perfectionist Natalia Kills - Trouble  NSYNC - NSYNC Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday (Japanese Edition) Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday:Roman Reloaded (Deluxe) Nicki Minaj - The Pinkprint (Deluxe) Ne-Yo - Scala Libre Nirvana - Nevermind  (Japanese Edition) P!nk - Can't Take Me Home P!nk - M!sunderztood (Japanese Edition) P!nk - Try This P!nk - I'm Not Dead (Japanese Edition) P!nk - Funhouse (Australian Edition) P!nk - Greatest Hit...So Far P!nk - The Truth About Love P!nk - Beautiful Trauma Paramore - All We Know Is Falling Paramore - Riot! Paramore - Brand New Eyes Paramore - Paramore (Japanese Edition) Paramore - After Laugh Pink Floyd - The Other Side Of The Moon Phil Collins - Both Sides Peaches - Peaches Queen - Greatest Hits Rihanna - Music Of The Sun (UK Edition) Rihanna - A Girl Like Me (Japanese Edition) Rihanna - Good Girl Gone Bad (Japanese Edition) Rihanna - Rated R Rihanna - Rated R (Remixed) Rihanna - Loud Rihanna - Talk That Talk (Japanese Edition) Rihanna - Unapologetic (Japanese Edition) Rihanna - ANTi Savage Garden - Affirmation Selena Gomez - Kiss & Tell (Japanese Deluxe Edition) Selena Gomez - A Year Without Rain Selena Gomez - When The Sun Goes Down (Japanese Deluxe Edition) Selena Gomez - Stars Dance (Japanese Deluxe Edition) Selena Gomez - For You Selena Gomez - Revival (Japanese Deluxe Edition) Shakira - Laundry Service Shakira - Oral Fixation Vol.1 Shakira - Oral Fixation Vol.2 Shakira - She Wolf (Japanese Edition) Shakira - The Sun Comes Out (Japanese Edition) Shakira - Shakira (Japanese Edition) Shania Twain - Greatest Hits Sky Ferreira - Nighttime,My Time (Japanese Edition) Simple Plan - Simple Plan Simple Plan - Still Not Getting Any Simple Plan - Get Your Heart On Steps - Buzz (Japanese Edition) Sum 41 - Chuck Sum 41 - Underclass Hero Taylor Swift - Taylor Swift (Japanese Deluxe Edition) Taylor Swift - Beautiful Eyes Taylor Swift - Fearless (Japanese Edition) Taylor Swift - Fearless (Japanese Platinum Edition) Taylor Swift - Speak Now (Target Exclusive) Taylor Swift - Red (Japanese Edition) Taylor Swift - 1989 Taylor Swift - 1989 (Japanese Deluxe Edition) Taylor Swift - Reputation (Japanese Deluxe Edition)  The Beatles - Live in Sweden & The USA The Corrs - In Blue The Pussycat Dolls - PCD The Pussycat Dolls - Doll Domination (Japanese Edition) The Veronicas - The Secret Life Of.... The Veronicas - Hook Me Up The Veronicas - The Veronicas  The Weeknd - Kiss Land The Weeknd - Beauty Behind Madness The Weeknd - Starboy TLC - Now & Forever The Hits (Japanese Edition) Vanessa Hudgens - V (Japanese Deluxe Edition) Vanessa Hudgens - Identified (Japanese Edition) No Obi Whitney Houston - Self Titled Whitney Houston - Whitney Houston  Whitney Houston - My Love Is Your Love Whitney Houston - Greatest Hits Whitney Houston - I Look To You (Japanese Edition) Zara Larsson - So Good (Japanese Edition) Zedd - Clarity (Japanese Edition) Zedd - True Colors Zendaya - Zendaya OST : A Cinderella Story OST (Japan) Charlie's Angels OST  Disney Princess Mania Camp Rock OST Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam Hannah Montana 1 Hannah Montana 2 OST/Meet Miley Cyrus Hannah Montana 3 Hannah Montana The Concert (Japan) Hannah Montana The Movie Hannah Montana Forever Best Of Hannah Montana Sonny With A Chance OST The Lizzie Mcguire OST Lizzie Mcguire The Movie OST The Wizards Of Waverly Place OST Victorious OST



#19 Dua Lipa - Self Titled (2017)

#RoyaltyListens #19: Dua Lipa - DUA LIPA (2017) One of my faves! @Zachary I'm so glad that you are joining us sweetie! Anyone that doesn't stan Bad Together will get a block from me btw!   Tracklist: 
1) Genesis - 9/10
2) Lost In Your Light (ft. Miguel) - 5/10 
3) Hotter Than Hell - 10/10
4) Be The One - 10/10
5) IDGAF - 10/10
6) Blow Your Mind (Mwah) - 10/10 
7) Garden - 10/10
8) No Goodbyes - 10/10
9) Thinkin' 'Bout You - 9/10 
10) New Rules - 10/10
11) Begging - 8/10
12) Homesick - 6/10
13) Dreams - 10/10
14) Room For 2 - 9/10
15) New Love -  10/10
16) Bad Together - 10/10
17) Last Dance - 9/10
18) Bang Bang - 10/10