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Top 10 80s Songs: Whitney

Whitney didnt release much music throughout her career, especially when compared to acts like Madonna and Rihanna, but with what she released, she made history and impact the mainstream radio forever with her one-in-a lifetime voice. Greatest Love of All- Listening to it today and I almost cried. With the voice, the look of young innocence it was hard to imagine that one day this talent would end up where she did. The lyrics of this song have inspired many and Whitney displays it with such passionate vocals that it makes you feel it was written especially for you. One Moment in Time- She used that big voice for another mammothal performance, giving us one out of many moments in time when she made us bald. The live performance of this song at the 1989 Grammys is AMAZING. I Wanna Dance With Somebody(Who Loves Me)- The video was cool and bright,she sounded new and fresh from her debut era and served talent in every line. 30 years later, its considered one of the greatest pop songs of all time. Saving All My Love for You- Her first song to win a major award(a Grammy AND and Emmy eventually) and her first of nearly a dozen chart toppers, Whitney revealed a little on the insight of what it was like to be your love's second, or even last choice. Controversial queen too, people tried to bring her down for it too! How Will I Know- Pre-IWDWS, this feel good song love song which reflects the troubled love life of a young girl. The video is also creative, with all the colors, dancers and imagery. So Emotional- Her voice, her energy her charisma. Mnay people say Whitney was unhappy, but i dont think that started until the Bodyguard era. her, she was smiling and laughing too much to be suffering. But if she was she was a darn good actress. You Give Good Love- At first i avoided this song like a plague whenever i played Whitney's videos on YouTube. It looked ancient and uninteresting, but when I gave it a chance, it blew my mind how good the song was, forgotten when people talk about Whitney's best and the best in soul/R&B music in the 80s in general. All At Once- Someone pointed out one of the lyrics after her death "All at once, i finally took a moment and Im realizing that, you're not coming back" and it broke my heart to see how many people she left heartbroken after her passing.  This song is now an ode to her. Where Do Broken Hearts Go- This is one of my personal favorites. She sounded angelic and looked so beautiful in the video you'll be wondering if she really WAS an angel. I mean i was. She made the heartbreak and hope sound so strong on this track and along with the music they did it with made one of the greatest songs of Whitney's career. Did We Almost Have It All- The album version is simply EPIC.

Moon Queen


Whitney's Albums Officially Ranked

Whitney had amazing songs, despite many people saying she had the weakest discography out of her peers. I just think Whitney didnt go into topics as deep as Janet or Madonna and she didnt write like Mariah, but Whitney deserves to be respected for how she took every song put before her and made it her very own. From 1985-2009 Whitney released seven studio albums, including one Christmas album, two movie soundtracks and several compliation/greatest hits and box sets. Here, i will rank all nine of Whitney's originally recorded material, even though i think all these albums are great. My Love Is Your Love (1998)- Whitney sounded full and strong here and it was amazing to see how she managed to fit in with the younger generation in that era with what was the biggest genre at the time, R&B. Not only were its singles literally some of the best in her career, but it also had gems like "I Was Made to Love Him" and the ode to Bobbi Kristina(RIP), "You'll Never Stand Alone" Whitney Houston (1985)- Her debut really was a great album. She had the vocals that were new and bright and intruging; never before had someone used powerful yet soothing vocals to make pop jams and Whitney's self-title was one of the first to pioneer the young black princess image that Beyonce, Alicia Keys and Rihanna all wore in the beginning of their careers I Look to You (2009)-Whitney;s last album, this recorded was honestly a good final taste of the legend. She covered almost her entire career style, R&B, pop, gospel and adult contemporary with this release. She sounded worn and lively at the same time and she had so much emotion singing power ballads like "I Didnt know My own Strength" and the title track. The Preacher's Wife soundtrack (1996)-I was raised with gospel music and Whitney was too, and she seemed all too happy to get to record a full gospel album(which the Grammys failed ton recognize). She soared though the record version of "I Believe in You and Me", got us foot-stomping with "Step by Step", and grunted and fidled through "Go To the rock" and "I Love the Lord", a personal favorite favorite. Whitney also made gospel global, it reached peaks of No.2 in France and topped the charts in SWI, NLD and SWE. The Bodyguard soundtrack (1992)- I dared to put this lower, but then "i Have Nothing" came on the radio and I could find it in my heart to." I Have Nothing" influenced a generation of vocalist across scores of talent show auditions/performances, "Run to You" and "Im Every Woman" are highlights in Whitney's catalog, and we will always love IWALY no matter how annoying it can get. Whitney (1987)- This is a good album. Safe, sweet and innocent Whitney belting out heartfelt ballads and giving bops, this is the  Whitney everyone loved. Im Your Baby Tonight (1990)- Slick R&B tunes, of course the ballada and great visuals, Whitney did a small but apparent evolution, and here she began to crack free of the pure pop princess image that had given her a record seven consecutive chart toppers, for better and worse as we would see. "Miracle" is such an underrated song by the way  Just Whitney (2002)- I ranked it low along with her christmas album because the GP prefers the other albums better, but this is a solid R&B album. I love "Try It on My Own" and I bop to "Whatchulookinat" and i sing her version of "You light up My Life" on top of my lungs all the time. "With joooooooooooooyyyyyyyyyy"  One Wish: The Holiday Album (2003)- At 40, Whitney wasnt in the best shape in the public eyes yet she recorded a flawless Christmas record. She sang with power, soul and a maturity that was key. Unless you heard her 80s records, you would have never guessed this woman was doing heavy substances at the time.

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Justice League

Writing a toy review was something I always wanted to try, so this is something I'm doing more for myself rather than something I think anyone here will have a great interest in  But here we go...   WONDER WOMAN     This one is OK, certainly a better likeness of Gal Gadot than the BvS version (which was a total butterface and barely even looks like a woman, frankly), but on the other hand the paint apps are really inconsistent - the skin tone on her legs, her chest and her face/arms are all totally different, and now her neck looks way too thick for her body. I do love that they made her lasso a detachable accessory instead of just a molded-on part of her belt, though. I think I still prefer the BvS equivalent overall, but here they are together for comparison.      BATMAN     This one I really like. I appreciate that Mattel went with Batman's alternate "tactical" suit instead of just the same thing from BvS again (which they did do for the Suicide Squad line and got a lot of shit for, so way to learn!). All his new gear is nicely molded, but I'm not crazy about the fact that they went with a cheap cloth cape instead of rubber this time around. And on the likeness, I don't think it looks explicitly unlike Ben Affleck, but it could pretty much be anybody. It's slightly better than the BvS version (which this mold is clearly based on) in that regard, and probably actually a bit worse than the Daredevil toy from well over ten years ago       AQUAMAN     The one on the left being the new version and the right being BvS, I definitely prefer the latter. Both look decently like Jason Momoa, but I like the tattooed paint apps and color scheme of the BvS version better, and the articulation isn't as stiff. The worst thing about the new one is his right hand, which is way too loose and it takes some doing to get the trident in his hand in any effective way.     THE FLASH     This one is definitely my favorite in this whole line. Completely new mold, solid likeness of Ezra Miller, articulation isn't stiff. Good job, Mattel!   CYBORG       Well, I don't know that this one looks especially like Ray Fisher (not that his star has risen enough for him to be recognizable yet anyway), but along with the Flash I think it has the best articulation out of any of the figures in this line. Not a critique of the toy really, but I don't really like how much of his body is robotic  I mean, he's supposed to be a cyborg, not pretty much a robot with a 60% flesh face. Obviously though, that flaw lies with the film's costume designers. He also has an alternate hand, or rather a sonic cannon, which is pretty cool.       SUPERMAN   This one is the absolute worst  And that sucks considering Superman is one of my favorite characters. Like...just look at this likeness...     He looks NOTHING like Henry Cavill, and what's with the creepy glass eyes? I don't even know how they managed to make it this much worse than the BvS version; with the terrible face and the cheap cape, it isn't even close. And worst of all, my toy has TWO RIGHT HANDS! What the fuck, man...?     Here's the way better BvS version.     STEPPENWOLF     This one is the build-a-figure, and...it's OK. Certainly isn't the worst one Mattel has ever done, and it's a logical character choice. He's detailed nicely enough and I like his axe, but he suffers from the worst stiffness of any of them; when I tried to move his arm at all after putting it on, I thought I was gonna break the fucking thing...

Dennis Reynolds


Unread Books Project

My Unread Books Challenge   Okay, so I'm not sure how many people are actually interested in reading this, but the thing is, I am a bookworm. Other thing is, I love to collect books and Donald Duck Pockets (<is what they're called here in Holland) I count a total of 224 books and 116 pockets in my collection.
Problem is, I often buy new books, instead of first reading a descent amount of the books that I currently already own. And visiting the library from time to time doesn't really help with that. So right now, I kinda wanna start my own project of reading more of my own books than purchasing them.  Right now I haven't read 80 of the books that I own.  LORD, HELP ME! It's really confronting to actually see those numbers. I never thought it would be that much, dear Jesus! Out of my Donald Duck Collection I've only read 41 pockets out of the 116.  Who's interested to follow the progress I'm gonna (try) to make?  Disclaimer: I see a ton of books in my collection that I bought when I still went to High School and I actually don't really feel that much of a desire to pick them up and actually read them, but I can't deal with getting rid of them or anything either. I'm already procrastinating.    P.S. If you wish to be removed from any future taglists, please let me know!  

Kim Jiwon


#USUM: Corocoro Reveal Trailer

Hello, Little Luranti   Today, the Pokemon company revealed another trailer for Ultra Sun and Moon. It basically just recaps - and shows in more depth - the new information revealed in Corocoro's leak a few days ago, but since we haven't yet talked about that, have a look below and then see me after the jump! (The Hi Jump... Kick)   Ok, so there's only a little bit to talk about here. Firstly, Necrozma's new forms are confirmed - as leaked - to be the same typings as Solgaleo and Lunala were. However, each form gains the new move Photon Geyser. This move will be either special or physical depending on which of the two is your highest stat. In addition the necrotwins get their own Z-Moves that go off of Sunsteel Strike and Moongeist Beam. These are Searing Sunraze Smash and Menacing Moonraze Maelstrom. These moves do massive damage and also keep the base ability of the move; ignoring and suppressing the abilities of the target Pokemon!     Next up; this little guy returns; the Rotomdex and brings even more features this time. You can now bond with Rotom by answering his questions. His new power; the Roto Loto, allows you to spin his lottery for the chance of gaining some new Rotom Powers. These powers are like O-Powers from Gen Six but seem to be greatly improved with the chances of getting higher level wild Pokemon as well as many of the other returning O-Powers. Finally, Rotom allows you to use two Z-Moves in battle now... but it's expected this is just in-game. A true confirmation will likely be revealed later on.      Ok, so that's it for now. There's only so much they can show in Corocoro's limited pages. I feel like the next trailer will have a pretty big reveal and it will come either next Thursday or the one after. And of course, I'll be here to update you all again. Bye!     



Song of the day [FINISHED]

Completely unrelated to the entry btw, I just love Jeongyeon with all of my heart and wanted a cute gif to start with. To cut straight to the point, for the next 31 days I'll be updating this with one new song, not entirely sure why I'm doing this, perhaps just for the kiis of my few months older self finding this and cackling at my current taste, whatever. I'll try to keep it at least half Western/non-Asian so no need to worry about finding exclusively generic, manufactured music you cannot understand here. Hope someone reads it and maybe finds something for themselves too. Also this could probably be posted in Music Mania but I don't want to pollute other sections, this blog is called unwanted opinions trademark sign for a reason. Day 1: Kanye West - Guilt Trip // One of Ye's most underrated songs and quite possibly top 5 in his entire discography for me. Immaculate production and the mysterious, heavily edited yet enticing chorus are what grabbed my attention at first and after 4 years I still find them just as thrilling and exciting. Day 2: Prince - Lovesexy (starts at 25:14 because he's extra and "artistic vision!!1") // Despite not being hailed as a masterpiece quite as much as Purple Rain or Sign o' the Times, Lovesexy is just as good as its predecessors. It's Prince at the end of his creativity peak and he ended it with a bang - a record that's fun, carefree, sensual but also varied and ambitious. Its title track embodies all that - and more - in a perfect way. Day 3: Kelela - LMK // The entire album is great (stream here or, even better, buy there) but nothing has quite topped this for me, def top 10 songs of the year material. Day 4: (BP) Rania - Style // Classy... sexy... crazy COUTURE... Day 5: St. Vincent - Los Ageless // Her album is sahfjajas amazing and while the closer is probably currently my favourite, I just cannot stop replaying this pre-release single. Day 6: Grizzly Bear - Morning Sound // Can't think of anything to say but I really love this sing xoxo. Day 7: The National - Abel // As much as I like their recent album, it doesn't have a song which would live up to their greatest achievements, such as this one. Day 8: Taemin - Move // At first listen this came off as really stale and uninteresting to me but started working in the context of the more laid back, subtle album. Unlike a lot of his previous songs, whether solo or as a part of SHINee, it doesn't pop off instantly and instead creeps up on the listener more with each repetiton of the chorus. Day 9: DIA - My Friend's Boyfriend // After Eunice threw the first brick at Stonewall, she rode her minion to the studio to record this LGBT anthem, quite a productive day for her, I'd say. Day 10: A.C.E - Callin' // This is esentially the exact same song as their last comeback Cactus, only this time they actually had some budget for the music video and didn't do a gaybait. Normally I'd be mad but Cactus was such an excellent track that for once I don't mind it. Day 11: Beck - Colors // Although I've never really cared too much for Beck, this album was quite disappointing for me, especially considering how strong this opening track is. Nothing else managed to live up to it, unfortunately. Day 12: Queens of the Stone Age - If I Had a Tail // I was reserving this spot for Jessie Ware but having heard her poor excuse of an album, I'm not even gonna entertain the idea of giving it more attention. This was somehow the first song which came to my mind otherwise and whew, it still goes off. Day 13: Junho - Instant Love // How he managed to make Sana not annoying here, I will never know. The album version with additional verse is better btw but the video just has such a gorgeous aesthetic and therefore I'm linking this. Day 14: Robert Plant - Heaven Sent // Something about is just really moody and atmospheric and I'm really feeling it right now. Day 15: Epik High - Love Story // I'm kind of in awe that with all odds stacked against them (a k hip hop release under YG Entertainment? you could just ask to get punched in the face) Epik High managed to come up with one of the better Korean albums I've listened to this year. This was my fave, a really lovely song, even if carried mostly by IU's mellow vocal performance. Day 16: The Horrors - Hologram // Their new album is the 12th best record of the year according to metacritic so you should obviously listen to it now xoxoxo this sing might have my favourite guitar solo of the year too? Day 17: Fleetwood Mac - Dreams // Once every few months I like to remind myself how Rumours is one of the best albums of all time and how Dreams is one of the best songs of all time. Today is that day. Day 18: Mariah Carey - Candy Bling // I feel like Sylk would have a heart attack if I didn't post it so for once I'll be a nice friend THE BEST SONG OF ALL TIME, WHITNEY IS ROLLING IN HER GRAVE, NO OTHER VOCALIST COULD EVER DELIEVER SUCH A STUNNING PERFORMANCE ETC. ETC. SKINNY LEGEND QUEEN OF THE UNIVERSE. Day 19: Eluveitie - King // Won't be able to update tomorrow at all but I'm going to see them live so I'll just assume their best song will be my song of the day <3 Day 20: Espers - Rosemary Lane // Heard it by accident today and am love, it's otherworldly beautiful. Day 21: Oguogu (2/9 of gugudan) - Ice Chu // This is honestly just really fun, upbeat and never fails to cheer me up. The wind instruments give it such an adorable edge. Day 22: Twice - Rollin' // As a hater-turned-Jeongyeon-akgae-turned-minor-fan I was expecting more from their new album, it feels rather empty and hollow BUT just as I was about to give up, this snatched me bald, by far and away the best album track of their career and second-best song overall. Day 23: Nightwish - Scaretale // Happy Halloween! Day 24: Ariel Pink - Feels like Heaven // This has been out for a while now but my lazy ass didn't bother until today and it just so happened to fit my mood perfectly. Day 25: The Doors - Break on Through (To the Other Side) // If there is anything my father taught me taste-wise, it would, above all, be The Doors' love. This song just brings so many good memories, I needed it today. Day 26: Ame No Parade - You // Yes. Day 27: The Cure - A Forest // Dedicated to a long-time-no-see friend whom I finally met today <3 Day 28: Faith No More - Easy // This was used in a random commercial I stumbled upon today and I haven't been able to get it out of my head since. Not that I'm complaining. Day 29: Anderson .Paak - Lite Weight // Because black excellence. Day 30: Camila Cabello - Havana // I'm a petty fag who went out of his way to avoid this for the longest simply because I could not imagine myself even entertaining the idea of enjoying a Fifth Harmony-related song... and yet here we are. Her voice is still disgusting btw. Day 31: Laboum - Hwi hwi // It's just so happy and as tacky as whistling hooks are, they just don't go out of style. Shocked I actually got it to the end, I was pretty sure I'd give up halfway through and there were days I genuinely forgot about it and had to update twice the next one but we're here, I guess. Thanks to everyone who viewed and commented, means a lot xo.



Every film I have ever seen in theatres

I was making this list for another site since I want to keep track from now on, and as I've done before I thought I might as well post it here too  This list is constructed just from memory really, so there may be a couple of mistakes, and they are ordered by U.S./Canadian release dates rather than the order that I saw them (which would be pretty much impossible to recall).   1996 (birth year):   n/a   1997:   n/a   1998:   Antz   1999:   Tarzan
Pokemon: The First Movie
Toy Story 2   2000:   Dinosaur   2001:   Pokemon 3
Monsters, Inc.
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius   2002:   Spider-Man
Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones
Lilo & Stitch
Men in Black II
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Treasure Planet
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers   2003:   Finding Nemo   2004:   Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed
Shrek 2
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Spider-Man 2
Shark Tale
The Incredibles
The Spongebob Squarepants Movie
A Series of Unfortunate Events
  2005:   Robots
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith
Fantastic Four
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
King Kong
Hoodwinked!   2006:   Cars
Over the Hedge
X-Men: The Last Stand
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause
Deck the Halls
Rocky Balboa   2007:   TMNT
Spider-Man 3
Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
The Simpsons Movie
Bee Movie
National Treasure: Book of Secrets   2008:   Iron Man
Hellboy II: The Golden Army
The Dark Knight
Igor   2009:   Watchmen
Monsters vs. Aliens
X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Avatar   2010:   Toy Story 3
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1   2011:   Cars 2
Harry Potter and the Deathy Hallows: Part 2
Hugo   2012:   John Carter   2013:   Oz the Great and Powerful
Pacific Rim   2014:   Captain America: The Winter Soldier
The Amazing Spider-Man 2
X-Men: Days of Future Past
Transformers: Age of Extinction
Guardians of the Galaxy
Gone Girl
Dracula Untold   2015:   Jupiter Ascending
Mad Max: Fury Road
The Martian
Crimson Peak
Jem and the Holograms
The Hateful Eight
Daddy's Home
Star Wars: The Force Awakens   2016:   Deadpool
The VVitch
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Captain America: Civil War
X-Men: Apocalypse
Independence Day: Resurgence
Suicide Squad
Bridget Jones's Baby
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
Doctor Strange
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story   2017:   Split
Kong: Skull Island
Beauty and the Beast
Power Rangers
The Circle
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Alien: Covenant
Wonder Woman
The Mummy
Baby Driver
Spider-Man: Homecoming
War for the Planet of the Apes
Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets
Atomic Blonde
Kingsman: The Golden Circle
Blade Runner 2049
Thor: Ragnarok
Murder on the Orient Express
Justice League
The Greatest Showman
Star Wars: The Last Jedi   2018   Black Panther
The Strangers: Prey at Night
Pacific Rim: Uprising
Ready Player One
A Quiet Place
Avengers: Infinity War
Deadpool 2
Solo: A Star Wars Story
Incredibles 2
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom 
Ant-Man and the Wasp
Mission: Impossible - Fallout 
The Meg
The Happytime Murders
The Predator
The House with a Clock in Its Walls
A Star Is Born
First Man
Bad Times at the El Royale
Bohemian Rhapsody
The Grinch
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald
Creed II
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
Bumblebee   2019   Glass
Happy Death Day 2U
Alita: Battle Angel
Captain Marvel
Avengers: Endgame
Pokémon Detective Pikachu

Dennis Reynolds


#16 Mariah Carey - Me. I am Mariah. The elusive chanteuse. (2014)

#RoyaltyListens #16: Me. I am Mariah. The elusive chanteuse. (2014)   Part 2 of this iconic listening thread   Tracklist:
1) Cry. - 10/10
2) Faded - 10/10
3) Dedicated (ft. Nas) - 8/10
4) #Beautiful (ft. Miguel) - 10/10
5) Thirsty - 9/10
6) Make It Look Good - 9/10
7) You're Mine (Eternal) - 10/10
8) You Don't Know What To Do (ft. Wale) - 10/10
9) Supernatural - 9/10
10) Meteorite - 10/10
11) Camouflage - 8/10
12) Money ($*/..) (ft. Fabulous) - 4/10
13) One More Try - 10/10
14) Heavenly (No Ways Tired - Can't Give Up Now) -6,5/10
15) It's A Wrap (ft. Mary J. Blige) - 8/10
16) Betcha Gon' Know (ft. R.Kelly) - 10/10
17) The Art Of Letting Go - 10/10



#15 Mariah Carey - E=MC2 (2008)

#RoyaltyListens #15: Mariah Carey - E=MC2 (2008) So I've watched my last #RoyaltyListens thread and it has almost been 2 fuckings months since I did one of these. It's an abominiation. Usually I discuss these threads with people, but now I decided to drop one of the air and I'm gonna listen to an album I've wanted to listen to a very long time now. I collect Mariah physical albums and I don't have this one yet, but I'm definetly gonna buy it, so I thought giving this a listen would be fun! Some people say this is Mariahs best album, so I'm kinda hyped. So yeah let's get started! Tracklist:
1) Migrate (ft. T-Pain) - 10/10
2) Touch My Body - 10/10
3) Cruise Control (ft. Damian Marley) - 9/10
4) I Stay In Love - 10/10
5) Side Effects (ft. Young Jeezy) - 10/10
6) I'm That Chick - 10/10
7) Love Story - 5/10
8) I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time - 10/10
9) Last Kiss - 9/10
10) Thanx 4 Nothin' - 10/10
11) O.O.C. - 10/10
12) For The Record - 8/10
13) Bye Bye - 10/10
14) I Wish You Well - 10/10
15) Heat - 10/10
16) 4real4real (ft. Da Brat) - 10/10



The Bodyguard (1992) Film Review

The Bodyguard (1992) Starring Kevin Costner & Whitney Houston
Directed by Mick Jackson
Written by Lawrence Kasdan   So lately I’ve been familiarizing myself with some of Whitney Houston’s music, and after listening to her music from the The Bodyguard I decided to actually try watching the movie. I had quite a few thoughts about it while watching it so here’s a very sloppy review of 1992’s The Bodyguard!   Because people are always obsessed with how successful (or unsuccessful) pop girls are at acting, that will be the first thing I want to talk about. Overall, Whitney did really well. I feel like she added some personality to the character, even though I feel like she was playing just a slightly different version of herself. That being said, the script didn’t give her much to do, and the film didn’t really challenge anyone’s acting abilities, in my opinion. There aren’t too many high emotional moments for the actors.   As a film itself, it isn’t all that impressive. Most of the time the mood and tone of it all felt very flat. Like I said, there aren’t really any high emotional moments, and the entire premise just seemed to be played a little too safe. I think because the entire plot of the film is about a pop star being both followed by a pervy stalker and is being hunted by a hit man, it could have been amped up a bit and made more gritty. I know this is technically a Romance, but even that aspect wasn’t pulled off well. It doesn’t help that the whole film is absolutely ordinary to look at. The cinematography was balls, and it had that typical early 90s grain feel to it, which works for some genres, but just makes this look a bit shoddy.   Honestly the entire film was rather boring – with one of the reasons being that Kevin Costner is the most uninteresting screen presence ever. But I’ll get to that in a bit.   I’m going to start running through some of the scenes and plot points that I noted – mostly stuff that irked me – so minor SPOILERS ahead.   Whitney Houston plays a pop star/celebrity by the name of Rachel Marron, which is by far the dullest name for a star. Kevin Costner’s character’s name is Frank Farmer, which is dumb so I’m just going to refer to him as Kevin Coster. But I digress. One of the main issues for me about Rachel is that there is hardly any build up of character. It’s never really established if she’s both a pop singer and an actress. It seems like acting is her main schtick, since half the songs she sings in the movie are related to a fictional movie-within-the-movie; but she also just sings "Run To You", which Kevin Costner watches the music video of in the film. Her entire celebrity just isn’t explained. I feel like she’s supposed to be like, the biggest star in the world, but I couldn’t really feel it, tbh. She’s also a mother to the worst actor in the film a little boy, yet it’s never established or even inquired as to who the father is, which I feel like is a bit of information that would eventually slip at some point. Rachel just isn’t a fleshed out character.   At the beginning of the film, Kevin Costner is hired as Rachel’s bodyguard and drives to the gate of her mansion. Her doorman is literally an imbecile and everyone is so messy and inattentive I’m surprised she isn’t dead yet. All of her intercoms/doorbells look like garbage, too. Isn’t she supposed to be famous? Y'know, with money? When Kevin Costner arrives they’re rehearsing for a music video – in her house, which is ridiculous. Rachel’s initial reaction to him is one of intrigue, although she doesn’t really seem to like him all that much when his bodyguarding gets in her way and annoys her. While performing at a club, she gets knocked off the stage and the crowd attempts to crowd-surf her without consent (IN WHAT UNIVERSE would a famous artist of this caliber have such shit management & security team) and after Kevin Costner pulls her out and drives her away, she asks him out the very next day. This man is so uninteresting and plain-looking. His main beverage of choice is orange juice – like, at every hour of the day, he wants orange juice. This guy is such a dweeb, I am not convinced Rachel would be into him. Whose type is “Kevin Costner” anyway? Ech.   Anyway, he takes her on a date to see fucking Yojimbo and they have a drink at a country bar. (Actually, he has one beer and she has water. Yawn.) I actually enjoyed this scene a bit, cause it’s about the only real moment where they have some time to build chemistry. They dance to some 99 cent version of "I Will Always Love You" – did they even try to get Dolly’s version? – and they go back to Kevin Costner’s basement house or whatever. Rachel swings around a blatant phallic symbol katana like a fucking idiot, and they have sex. Kevin Costner is supposed to be an uptight, “don’t mix work with pleasure” guy, but after minimal flirtation he just gives in and swirls it up. What a weak bastard. He doesn’t even try. And through all this I still don’t see why she likes this guy. At all. And then they get into a fight, and at a huge party later on, she flirts with the ugliest guy to try and get back at him. They couldn’t find a more appealing person? Holy shit.   Some more shit happens. Whitney is absolutely terrible at lip-syncing her songs and Kevin Costner drinks more damn orange juice. (this is such a stupid quirk that is never explained)   This movie is absolute garbage at trying to recreate Hollywood. All of the other Best Actress nominees look like plain housewives, and the actual Oscars ceremony is lowkey shitty and messy. So many things just didn’t make sense to me. Rachel is there because she’s nominated for Best Actress (for what I’m assuming is a movie called "I Have Nothing") But, the titular song is also nominated for Best Song. Except, some Rachel wannabe performs it during the ceremony while she’s backstage – which make no goddamn sense because if they already had Rachel there they would have taken the opportunity to have her sing it. It’s her song after all. And then Rachel also announces the Best Song award, and I’m quite certain the Oscars would not put a singer of one of the Best Song nominees as the announcer.   There also seems to be a glaring continuity issue. Early in the film, I’m quite certain it is established that Rachel is up for the Academy Award for Best Actress for her part in "I Have Nothing". The announcement is shown on TV while she sings the titular song. As I said, "I Have Nothing" ends up winning Best Song at the Oscars later in the film.  However, when she wins Best Actress, she wins for "Queen of the Night" – a song she performed earlier in the film in a scene that made it seem like it was a new song/music video she was releasing. But it’s a film now? What?   Anyway. She wins Best Actress, the fugly guy she was flirting with earlier attempts to assassinate her but Kevin Costner stops it all. The movie ends on a freeze frame that is not deserving of a freeze frame.    Thank you! That’s it.




@Frozen how are you doing? Are you being the HBIC in charge like I told you? Are you making these hoes pressted?1?1 Are Ash in My wig and Them mass downvoting you? If so good. Continue to spread impact and talent across the forum. The Lounge, HOW, NHB everywhere. You are the only one talented enough to do it.  I’m currently typing this while drinking a Pina Colada on the beach. I’m here in Hawaii with my boyfriend. He’s a lawyer, so he has money. I hope everyone is enjoying fotp, I hope everyone is ok.  Sincerely, knickoleritchypearlpelhear.jaypeg



My NYCC Experience

I started off by heading to Madison Square Garden for a fan Q&A with Peter Capaldi. Some of the questions were really difficult to answer on the spot ("With everything going on in the world today, what advice would the Doctor give?"), but he did the best he could. I never got to know him as well as his predecessors because my interest in Doctor Who dipped around the time that he was cast, but I'm still going to miss him nevertheless. He was so charming and obviously thankful for all of the support from his fans. They played a video at the end of his fans all around the world thanking him for what he brought to the character and the show and you could tell how much it touched him. I stuck around MSG for the Pacific Rim: Uprising panel and changed into my costume and got a closer seat while I waited for it to start. I forgot pretty much everything that happened in the first movie, but this was still one of the highlights of the day. They premiered the first trailer, which was mind-blowing, but not before warning us that they would drag us out of the arena United Airlines style if they caught us trying to leak anything on our phones. Then they played a hilarious homemade video from Charlie Day where he attempted to come up with jingles for the soundtrack. John Boyega was perfect and everything I hoped he would be in person. I feel like I have to change my set on here to something John-related, which might make him the first male AVI I've ever had. After the Pacific Rim panel I went to the Javits Center and wandered aimlessly around the show floor for ages. There was so much stuff to see and even though I was up there for hours I still probably only saw a tenth of it. There are so many booths, exhibits, and vendors and it's impossible to fully appreciate everything unless you stay for the full four days. The coolest attractions were probably a dragon from Middle-Earth: Shadow of War that you could climb and take a picture riding it, a full Alex Ross gallery (one of my all-time favorite comic book artists), a very secretive Star Wars: The Last Jedi booth inside of a spaceship with previews of the new movie with a line that wrapped around the whole place, and Spider-Man and Justice League virtual reality games. There were so many posters, toys, collectibles, comics, books, clothes, and it was easily the most merchandise I've ever seen in one place at a time and that's saying a lot since I went to the Mall of America earlier in the year. I ended up not doing any celeb photo ops, even though I really wanted to do at least one. My dad was kind of a party pooper at times which limited what I could do, so next year I'm definitely saving up money to go all four days with my own friends. He treated it like going to the mall and didn't want to go to Madison Square Garden with me for either of those panels and whenever I expressed interest in something he thought was too nerdy or weird he got judgey and kind of made me feel bad for being interested in it. He probably spent 75% of his time just sitting on a bench or on the floor. There's this company called YogaQuest that gives interactive yoga sessions where they tell a story and there are ones for Star Wars, Doctor Who, etc. and I was curious to see what it was like but he had no interest. In the future if I just go with my friends I won't have to worry about my family judging me for coming out of my shell which they tend to do, and it will be a lot more fun to be with my friends who are my own age and understand the con spirit. Also, this is totally a liberal event (some might even describe it as "SJW" even though I hate that term so much) and it was kind of awkward having my Trump supporter dad there. There were lectures for things like Black Lives Matter, feminism, LGBTQ representation, and mental health in comics which actually seemed super interesting but I missed out on all of it. I felt like I could have been much more uninhibited if I had just gone with school friends or gone alone and met up with online friends. I just want to be young and free and have fun without worrying about getting judged or having my dad try to call me out for having attitude or keep texting me asking where I am. I spent about $150-200 on my costume and it was still one of the cheapest ones there by far. It didn't look nearly as cool as I had hoped. I was with a Black Panther and a Jean Grey who both looked excellent, though. I'm already going to start saving up for next year so I can raise my budget and get the full experience of having passes for all four days, staying in a hotel, doing photo ops, going to afterparties, meeting new friends, buying merch, and having a killer costume. I'm talking coordinating a couple/group theme and getting a professional photographer to shoot us, because I saw a lot of those today and I was just awestruck wishing that was me. Some people think this is extra and my family doesn't understand the thrill of it at all but I'm seriously considering getting into cosplay and designing and creating my own legit costumes and makeup. So many people went all out and looked like they just walked off a movie set, and that's my goal for next time. Also, the vast majority of the cosplayers had amazing bodies so don't let anyone tell you that it's just a bunch of out-of-shape nerds doing it; it was honestly the perfect fitspo so maybe I will start lifting in preparation for whatever I go as next year.  The best part of the whole experience by far was people-watching and seeing all of the amazing costumes. They were so creative and it just made me happy to see so many people getting along and bonding over something that has always resonated with me, and openly celebrating something that might get them bullied elsewhere.



#USUM: The Last Six Weeks

Good evening, my fabulous little Pokemonsters.     It's been a long time since I've done a post on this blog; roughly six weeks. It's certainly not for a lack of news either, I've just been so busy personally, that I had no time to update things. But after today's massive information reveals, I have little choice other than to make all of you aware of the reveals from today and over the last six weeks. So get your asses in gear, strap in (not strap-on) and get ready for the ride of your life.      September 13th     September brought, in-arguably, the biggest news of the #USUM hype season at the time. TWO new Ultra Beasts were shown. This is the first time ever that new Pokemon have been added to the roster within a generation. These Pokemon are UB-Assembly and UB-Burst; their codenames. UB-Assembly's Japanese translation is UB-Lay. Since the reveal in September, UB-Burst has been revealed to be Fire and Ghost-type with a new move; Mind Blown which sacrifices 50% of its HP to deal massive damage. It is based off fireworks, and the ghost-typing element seems to come from its ability to steal the vitality of others. UB-Assembly has since been confirmed to be Rock and Steel-type.        The other Pokemon reveals from the September trailer was the confirmation that the new forms of Solgaleo and Lunala are... not forms of Solgaleo and Lunala, but instead forms of Necrozma. The Dusk Mane form takes control of Solgaleo, and the Dawn Wings form takes control of Lunala. Interestingly, Necrozma also seems to inhibit the typings of the Alolan Legendaries. In today's trailer another update of this controlling sequence was shown with both the legendary and Necrozma being summoned at the altar, and their auras fighting it out.     In September, another unique Z-Move was also revealed. Lycanroc was given a unique Z-Move known as Splintered Stormshards which activates off the Rock-Type move; Stone Edge. And fortunately for everyone involved, Z-Moves don't miss. This move also adds to the effect in where it does damage, but also eliminates terrain effects such as Electric Terrain and Misty Terrain. It was also confirmed that all three Lycanroc forms will get the ability to use the Z-Move. It was also stated that the Rockruff gift gets Fire Fang or Thunder Fang; depending on the version of USUM that you purchase.     September 18th     The only news here was a new poster promoting Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. But they say a picture tells one thousand words. And in this case, it certainly does. Firstly, Hau appears more serious in his demeanour; while Lillie seems to, not only, have toughened up a little bit, but also seems to now be holding a Poke-Ball; implying that she has, or will, become a trainer. Finally, a dark cloud is seen at the top and some new characters who are difficult to make-out from the poster, but were revealed today. We'll go onto them a little bit later.      September 22nd     But for now, let's talk about something hinted in a former trailer. In the trailer on September 13, a Mantine was wearing a ride-saddle at one of the beaches... and with this trailer, it now confirms that Mantine is a ride-Pokemon. Mantine will allow you to surf between islands, while also playing a fun mini-game. It also appears that you can encounter wild Pokemon and possibly trainers as well by surfing between islands during this mini-game.      Next up; the island challenge has returned but also changed. Firstly, Lush Jungle retains Lurantis as its totem Pokemon, but it now seems that there are wild Sudowoodo sprawling around Lush Jungle during the trial. Sophocles's trial on Mount Hokulani does appear to use Vikavolt, but a Togedemaru seems to be facing off with some Charjabug. Acerola's trial near Route 14 is the most interesting as she appears to be warning the player to get out immediately. Alolan Marowak is now also confirmed to be the totem Pokemon of Wela Volcano Park. Finally, Mina does indeed gain a trial in Ultra Sun and Moon.     The other main piece of information with this update is that the regional dex has over 400 Pokemon, compared to 302 with Sun and Moon. This is the second-highest ranking regional dex ever; bested by Pokemon X and Y's 450+ Pokemon. It also, now, appears to explain Kukui's "Alola is full of rare Pokemon" speech from the beginning of Sun and Moon; as trainers can find Tropius, Larvesta, Mareep, Larvitar and Zorua; as well as either Houndoom in Pokemon Ultra Sun, or Manectric in Pokemon Ultra Moon. It also seems that Alola Vulpix is once again said to be exclusive to the Sun variant, as Alola Sandshrew becomes exclusive to Moon again.      October 4th     A trailer was shown last night after a special on the Japanese TV show, Oha Suta. There's not much to discuss about this trailer because a lot of it was shown in more detail in today's much bigger trailer. However, there's a few scenes that were absent from today's information. And these were mainly the dialogue scenes. The main gist of it was the following; Kukui talked about an ancient story where darkness plagued the land and the legendaries of Alola fought against it with light, Burnet takled about how uncommon it is to see cracks in the sky, such as the Ultra Worm Holes, Guzma said something along the lines of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend", while Gladion mentions a possibility that his mother could also die. Meanwhile Lusamine is telling someone to get out quickly because "he's a monster".      October 5th     Finally, we're onto today's trailer. This was, without a doubt, the best trailer thus far and showcased so much about the games, their new characters, their plot and a new Pokemon. Let's begin with the new characters; The Ultra Recon Squad. These are mysterious people that dwell in an area called Ultra Megalopolis; a world where Necrozma has stolen the light. In Ultra Sun, you will meet Dulse and Zossie, and in Ultra Moon you will meet up with Phyco and Soliera. It is not currently known whether these guys are allies or enemies. These guys are also shown to battle using Ultra Beasts themselves.      Ultra Megalopolis will allow you to explore the Ultra Space in full. You can now fly through Ultra Space on Lunala, or ride through it on Solgaleo, and while also playing another cute mini-game, enter various portals that lead you to - as suspected when that Kartana image popped up a while back - the resident Ultra Space Lands of each Ultra Beast. From what we've seen so far, Nihilego remains as it was in Sun and Moon, whereas Xurkitree seems to be in some kind of Electric Jungle, and there also seems to be another sort of jungle and a volcano; where Buzzwole appears to hail from. Pheromosa seems to be in a desert with sandcastle like buildings that look like she's on Planet Namek from Dragonball-Z. Because... talent?     ... and there's one thing left to discuss... or one Pokemon, I should say. Welcome UB-Adhesive to the roster. A Poison-type Ultra Beast. UB-Adhesive is said to display many emotions and can understand human speech if it spends enough time together with mankind. It's head is filled with poisonous venom and it fires this venom at its targets through the needles on its head and body.      Well, that's us finally done for today. Looking back, it's amazing how much new info was shown over the last six weeks. Now, onto the future weeks; it appears likely that new information will come in roughly 2 weeks or so, and then we'd expect a final bit of information in November. If I had to guess, I'd say new Alola Forms and a new battle facility, but that's a guess only. I'm also going to attempt (keyword) to post more on this blog with the Type Tourney series. Leave some discussion and comments down below. See y'all around lovelies.  



FOTP's Holy Trinity: Archive

let's pretend it didn't take me 84 years to make this! don't drag me for tagging you okay pls and thank you!

• Game Thread •

Welcome to the archive for FOTP's Holy Trinity, her first season! Because I wanted to keep everything nice and pretty, here's a cute scoreboard with everyone's stats! Hannah her impact. If you'd like a more detailed look at everyone's progress, you can go to this link where you can see a spreadsheet of everything that went down during the season!   @Infrared Challenge Wins: 4
Golden Trinity: 7
Flop Trinity: 1 @TattooedHeart Challenge Wins: 2
Golden Trinity: 4
Flop Trinity: 0 @#VaccinesMakeKidsAutistic Challenge Wins: 2
Golden Trinity: 4
Flop Trinity: 1   @Kuba Challenge Wins: 1
Golden Trinity: 2
Flop Trinity: 1 @Radio Challenge Wins: 0
Golden Trinity: 1
Flop Trinity: 1 @Parker Challenge Wins: 1
Golden Trinity: 2
Flop Trinity: 1 @Freaky Prince Challenge Wins: 0
Golden Trinity: 0
Flop Trinity: 3 @Beauty Queen Challenge Wins: 1
Golden Trinity: 1
Flop Trinity: 4 @Vulnicura. Challenge Wins: 1
Golden Trinity: 2
Flop Trinity: 1 @SWINΞ Challenge Wins: 1
Golden Trinity: 3
Flop Trinity: 2 @Entea Challenge Wins: 1
Golden Trinity: 1
Flop Trinity: 3 @Shiver Challenge Wins: 0
Golden Trinity: 0
Flop Trinity: 1 @Simón. Challenge Wins: 0
Golden Trinity: 0
Flop Trinity: 2 @Hylia Challenge Wins: 0
Golden Trinity: 2
Flop Trinity: 0 @Party Monster Challenge Wins: 0
Golden Trinity: 0
Flop Trinity: 1 @Zachary Challenge Wins: 0
Golden Trinity: 0
Flop Trinity: 2 @Luca. Challenge Wins: 0
Golden Trinity: 0
Flop Trinity: 1 @Diamond Challenge Wins: 0
Golden Trinity: 1
Flop Trinity: 1 @Milk Challenge Wins: 0
Golden Trinity: 1
Flop Trinity: 1 @Chris Morlock Challenge Wins: 0
Golden Trinity: 0
Flop Trinity: 1 @Kristina Challenge Wins: 0
Golden Trinity: 0
Flop Trinity: 1 @Royalty Challenge Wins: 0
Golden Trinity: 0
Flop Trinity: 1 @Dr. Slay Challenge Wins: 0
Golden Trinity: 0
Flop Trinity: 1 @StrippedX Challenge Wins: 0
Golden Trinity: 0
Flop Trinity: 1   Once again, thanks to everyone who played! And to my talented judges @Hannah, @Sylk and @Chapman.! See you all next season, which should be soon-ish, yes!



A fitting end

I have news.   I have successfully made a account on ATRL. Yes, it is true. I will now be moving to ATRL permanently. I know you will all miss me, and I will miss you all too. But it is for the best. I feel very out of place her. I know a lot of people like me. But I feel like I'm become increasingly more unpopular and hated. A select few group of members, always  posting and being rude.  I try not to let it get to me. But sometimes it does. And so I'm leaving, and hopefully everyone on ATRL will be nice. To the newer and older members on here. I wish you luck, and a tip. Do not gain access to NHB. A select group of older members are trying to make it a true hell hole. Where they can say anything they want, and cyber bully people. All while hiding under the guise of "You knew what you got yourself into". It's really sad. I tried to calm down the vileness in NHB. And was successful for a while. But a few keep trying to keep it alive. Every time I go in there, there is always something negative about me. Every time I make a thread the first posts are always something negative.  I'm labeled a troll, when all I actually wanna do is make people laugh. That's what I first visited this site for. Amusement. Granted I did sometimes go overboard. My crazy HOW threads and Lounge threads. Not hate. Not bullying. The anonymity the internet provides, has made some people incredibly inconsiderate and rude.  A little more news before I go. I was actually 36. That is true. So for all you people who always made fun of me for being "a 40 year old creep". You were close. But I'm no creep. I was just a normal person looking to find friends on this forum. I'm sure many of you could relate. I think this is all I had to say. This will be my last blog, hell, my last post on this site. My first thread I was just kidding, but after thinking. I think this choice is the best for me. Goodbye Fotp, it was a good 2 years.   Sincerely, Jacob. yep, that is my real name.       



Kylie albums for Madonna fans

Kylie and Madonna stans should overlap more, in my humble opinion. They're pretty similar artists in that what I like about both of them is their extensive discography of thematically different albums. Obviously, I am an expert on both (it's sarcasm, I promise) so I decided I would compile a list of Kylie albums to listen to based on Madonna albums that you may like. Let's start with the most obvious comparison:          Ray of Light ---> Impossible Princess The Experimental One If you like the more experimental electronic sound of Ray of Light, Impossible Princess might be your Kylie album! While more trip-hop and a bit darker than ROL, it's Kylie's most experimental album and the one she wrote the most songs on, and her writing is quite impressive if you ask me. Also fun fact, Madonna said that Don't Tell Me from Music was inspired by Kylie's Cowboy Style from IP, which is an EXTREMELY fun fact if you ask me!           Bedtime Stories ---> Body Language The R&B One Maybe it's my bias cause each of these are my favorite album by the two artists, but I do think Bedtime Stories fans will see the merits in Body Language as well. BS is more 90s r&b while BL is more 2000s r&b, but they're both each of the artists most cohesive albums musically. While I don't want to say definitively "if you like one, you're sure gonna love the other one!", I do think they could be good jumping off points for one another and both worked for me as vessels to get into each woman's discography.                   Confessions on a Dance Floor ---> Fever OR Light Years The Early 2000s Disco Album Amazing that Kylie put out two, right?? Disco queen! I include both because I personally prefer big anthems like Your Disco Needs You over quiet the repetitive Can't Get You Out Of My Head and even though Fever is probably more similar to Confessions, if you're like me and Fever just doesn't quite do it for you, Light Years is a fun alternative (I know, unpopular opinion). Before I say anything else that could be bad let's just move on!           Erotica ---> Kylie Minogue (1994) The Super 90s Album I first want to say that when I say "dated" I don't mean it in a negative way. Something can sound quintessentially 90s and have that be the best part of it. That's how I feel about these 2 albums and why I think of them similarly. While not her first controversy, Erotica was Madonna's super sexual album that really stirred the pot for women in pop music lyrically and KM94 was Kylie's first non-PWL album and a huge break from her previous sound, so I'd consider both to be big turning points in their careers. If you're interested in sultry 90s music and Erotica is your Madonna album of choice, KM94 might be a good album for you! And even if not, just listen to Confide In Me it's so good I promise           MDNA ---> Kiss Me Once The Messy Album Again, not a bad thing. I know both albums get a lot of hate but I honestly highly enjoy both quite a bit. One of my favorite things is cringy music by otherwise talented artists and these albums definitely work for me on that front. I figured I'd mention them for anyone that's like me that likes this kind of stuff, but I also understand if you like neither, that's ok too!           True Blue ---> Rhythm of Love The Fun Early Album I definitely use the word "fun" too much to describe music, but what can I say? Girls just wanna have fun! These albums are both generally upbeat and boppable. If you're looking for an early discography highlight, these are definitely good picks, and what do you know? Their both the artists third album! Rhythm of Love is more disco inspired 90s pop whereas I'd call True Blue an 80s pop album, I do think fans of one would enjoy the other.   I couldn't find matches for all of the albums that I liked, so sorry if you didn't find your fave on here, but I wanted to add this one for shits and gigs:           Like a Virgin ---> Enjoy Yourself These albums have a lot in common: both are each artists worst album, both are their second albums, and I've never been able to listen to either in full. Similar icons! Although it should be noted that LAV has 2 iconic songs that are more than listenable please don't hurt me   So...yeah, I was bored and thought this would be fun. If you have any other comparisons you'd like to share, I'd love to hear them!



My Journey Through exHell

" this is a story about a dumb bitch (me)" " there once was a dumb bitch who wanted to know more about his fave" "he wanted to know why Vevo didn't upload the dark child remix mv" "so then he got on google and he searched up why" "then he saw a thread on a website called exhale/breathe heavy he thought it was a porn website" "but then he saw that it was a forums website so he opened it" "he then decided to make an acc cuz it looked cool" "and after 6 months of being a good hoe" "this group of trolls came by and were shitting on britney" "so some random hoe called one of them a fag" "then they got triggered and asked me what I thought of it and if I was offended" "I said idk I'm not gay so I'm not personally offended but if I was I wouldn't really be" "then that SJW son of a bitch said I hated gays and made a big deal" "so after ruining like 5-10 threads with this petty drama" "i upvoted a post which told the SJW to play in traffic so then when they found out they spam reported me" "they played the victim and said I was sending them death threats" "they told like almost everyone on the forum so then I got banned for 1 day & my content was moderated for like 1 or 2 months" "that bitch didn't get anything even though he was calling me  illiterate, homophobic & made fun of my religion" "so after waiting 2 months for it to finish"   "some bitch said Britney would fuck up the Superbowl when the rumors came out so I quoted her and said Britney isn't retarded she knows it's a big deal" "a giant meltdown happened & i was spam reported again (cuz i said the word retard)" "The warning said it'll finish in 7 days" "so after waiting like 1 month and a half" "i messaged the admins and told them it's been a month please remove it" "the cunts didn't answer so i emailed them again they still didn't answer so i was like fuck this shit "and that's when i realized it wasn't exhale it was exHELL" "exHELL" "exHELL"



My top 10 Lady Gaga songs

I thought this would be a cool start for my blog  Still don't know how they work so umm yea anyways from the fame seeker to fartflop these are my top 10 ladey gags songs *feel free to comment yours 1)Alejandro/Just Dance The songs that got me hooked used to be and still is my bop Still don't know they are about tho... 2)Do what you want Ft Xtuna The only song xtuna makes better 3)Telephone Ft.Beyonce 2 queens 1 song=bop 4)John Wayne Love the instrumental 5)Perfect delusion illusion relatable & amazing 6)Applause  THE best song off of fartflop 7)Paparazzi Iconic, amazing, relatable  8)Pokerface F-F-F-Fuck her face F-F-F-Fuck her face 9)G.U.Y *it's just good tbh 10)Lovegame *a bop ( i used to think it was called disco stick)  



Revive -Apple Music-

-Apple Music- Okay, guys, here's the thing. I've been having an Apple Music subscription for a very long time, but I mostly spend it listening to (amazing) soundtracks. Like from the Studio Ghibli movies, Disney movies, even from amazing games like; Monument Valley & Journey and the list goes on. 
But I actually really want to get into some new -underdog- music and artists. So from now on this blog entry is open for any recommendations. I will start with taking on different albums. I think I'll pick about four albums for every week. And I'm open to all kind of recommendations! My music range goes from Tokio Hotel to Lana del Rey, from Britney Spears to Marilyn Manson..  As you guys can see in my Music Collection blog. So, a few things I already picked out myself to try this upcoming week;
  -Up Next-
BTS - Wings
Twenty One Pilots - twenty one pilots
Arizona - Gallery
Frenship - Truce [EP]
(I will post your recommendations here)

Kim Jiwon


A new beginning

I know I haven't posted a blog in a while. However, I feel now is the perfect time to reignite the old dwindled flames. I have just undergone a major transformation. All of my time spent here, has led up to this. Hopefully this will be the final step into achieving my true goal, and ultimate self realization.    There was WinnieThePooh and there was Winniedeng. Both contrasting aspects of myself. One kind, and one wicked. For years I battled with the inner workings of my mind. Longing to achieve a balance in myself. It's not until I took the time, to actually look into a mirror, and see my face. Did I realize what I actually had to do.    This is the final step, I think. NicoleRichiePurpleHair.jpg will be the final step into achieving nirvana. It will a complete and harmonious balance between Winniedeng. and WinnieThePooh. At least I hope so. I've been calculating up until this day. Waiting for the perfect moment to initiate such a drastic and irreversible change.  My heart tells me I made the right decision, and my brain says to listen to my heart. I want to believe this is the perfect plan. But you know what they say...   When men plan, God laughs.



Hannah's Top 15 Chart (Week Three)

Week Three Summary Seven songs from last week return for this weeks chart. After two weeks, Zayn has finally been dethroned from number one as his song, Dusk Till Dawn, drops to number four. The number one spot is taken by a new entry, Demi Lovato's new song, Sexy Dirty Love. Little Mix maintain their spot at number two with Private Show, however Love Me Like You continues to fall and lands at number seven this week. Katy Perry is definitely having a good week on the chart as she has three songs appear this week. Witness rises seven spots and lands at number three, Roulette rises three spots and lands at number 5, and Dark Horse makes its debut at number thirteen. Ariana Grande has two songs on the chart this week as Thinking Bout You falls four spots and lands at number ten and her collab with Cashmere Cat, Quit, debuts at number six. Astrid S continues to cling on for dear life as her feature on the Blonde song, Just For One Night, debuts at number 15. Will next week be the first week without an Astrid S song? I guess we'll find out!   1 NEW Sexy Dirty Love Demi Lovato Peak: 1 Weeks On The Chart: 1 2 = Private Show Little Mix Peak: 2 Weeks On The Chart: 2 3 +7 Witness Katy Perry Peak: 3 Weeks On The Chart: 3 4 -3 Dusk Till Dawn Zayn feat. Sia Peak: 1 Weeks On The Chart: 3 5 +3 Roulette Katy Perry Peak: 5 Weeks On The Chart: 2 6 NEW Quit Cashmere Cat
feat. Ariana Grande Peak: 6 Weeks On The Chart: 1 7 -4 Love Me Like You Little Mix Peak: 2 Weeks On The Chart: 3 8 +1 Take Me Aly & AJ Peak: 8 Weeks On The Chart: 2 9 NEW TG4M Zara Larsson Peak: 9 Weeks On The Chart: 1 10 -4 Thinking Bout You Ariana Grande Peak: 6 Weeks On The Chart: 2 11 NEW Learn To Let Go Kesha Peak: 11 Weeks On The Chart: 1 12 NEW Again Noah Cyrus 
feat. XXXTENTACION Peak: 12 Weeks On The Chart: 1 13 NEW Dark Horse Katy Perry feat. Juicy J Peak: 13 Weeks On The Chart: 1 14 NEW Bodak Yellow Cardi B Peak: 14 Weeks On The Chart: 1 15 NEW Just For One Night Blonde feat. Astrid S Peak: 15 Weeks On The Chart: 1  



"Why do you stan Katy?"

So over the past year, especially since the Witness era started, the question I hear a lot on and offline is "why are you a fan of Katy Perry?" I could give you the cliche answer and give you videos of how she really does have vocal talent and sales and yada yada but let me just give you the real reason why I would dare stan someone as "problematic!!1!1!" as Ms. Katy Perry. Her music means the world to me. When people are out there calling her music trash or horrible or just flat out making fun of it, it does hurt my heart a bit since her music has helped me get through a lot of hard times in my life. When Teenage Dream was released, I was just a freshman in high school. I had my small group of friends but I still felt like a huge outsider. I remember going home, turning on my iPod Touch and blasting Teenage Dream, ET, Pearl, The One That Got Away and Not Like The Movies. Those were my five favorites off of the album btw. Even though two of those songs are more on the sadder side, they still found a way to cheer me up when I was having a bad day. Those bad days were pretty much every day. I would watch her interviews and performances and her off beat personality always put a smile on my face. To this day, I remember watching her TOTGA performance on The X Factor and just falling in love. Prism was released my senior year and much of the same happened. I ADORED that album. I would find every excuse to listen to it. I even got in trouble during class because I tried to hide one of my ear buds and listen to Ghost in class. By this time I had found my niche in school and things were a lot better for me, but I still had my bad days and Katy still found a way to make it all better with her music. Now lets get to Witness. This summer was a really rough summer for me. There was some serious family stuff that I was having to deal with, and it all hit the fan during a family vacation. I remember sitting in the pool, alone, and just singing Witness in my head. To be more specific, the bridge. To many, this album aged like milk and they never even listen to it. People say it gives them cancer, that the album is shit, Katy's a flop, etc. But when I was at my worst these past few months, Witness was able to take my mind off of things for a short while and take me to Katy's world a bit. This album means the absolute world to me, as does all of the songs on the album. I know everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Obviously I know people aren't going to like Katy and the material she releases. I'm not saying you have to. But the next time you ask "why do you stan _______?" maybe remember that this artist holds a special place in that persons heart. I'll always love Katy and I will always support her, no matter what she does, who she marries, what her music is like. Katy, Ariana, Little Mix, all of my faves have helped me in ways that people just couldn't. So for that, I am eternally grateful to them and will always love them.