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  1. So I was looking to optimize my entertainment centre, being tired of switching cables and plugs all the time and wanting to have it all hooked up to my TV at once, and after a lot of effort this is how I did it. I took these pictures for my uncle (originally a video of me switching from device to device to prove it was possible, but that was a mess rip4 not to mention that it's a terrible idea to have that many things on at once, even for a demonstration), but I thought some here may appreciate this.


    So here's what it took to make this possible (obviously this doesn't include the TV itself or any of the devices):

    - 5-way HDMI switcher

    - 8-way AV switcher

    - 12 outlet power strip (I keep the less important devices on this just to be power efficient)

    - 7 outlet power strip

    - HDMI cable for original Xbox


    And here's how it's actually set up with my television:


    HDMI 1

    Blu-ray player


    HDMI 2

    5-way HDMI switcher

    - Satellite receiver (also the power source for Super Famicom Classic Edition via USB)

    - Xbox 360

    - Super Famicom Classic Edition

    - PlayStation Classic

    - Xbox



    8-way AV switcher

    - VCR (with Atari Flashback 8 running through it)

    - Retron 2 (NES/SNES)

    - Nintendo GameCube

    - Nintendo Wii

    - Nintendo 64

    - Sega Genesis Classic Game Console

    - Dreamcast

    - PlayStation 2



    Sega Genesis












    So that's the whole shebang dead1 maybe some will think it's as cool as I do, or some may have some tips on how to make this better, (although I think it's about as power efficient and convenient as it could be, and I have plans to get rid of the coaxial connection for the real Sega Genesis and do away with the Classic on a regular basis altogether), say a TV that already has a good deal of HDMI and AV ports. And obviously when I inevitably get more HDMI devices, another 5-way switch box is in the card for that first port which is just the Blu-ray player right now).


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  2. tt1lb8fglsn01.jpg


    I must have been around ten or eleven when I borrowed The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker from a family friend. It was the first Zelda I ever played. I wasn’t very good at video games at that age, and being that it wasn’t mine – and that I didn’t have a memory card for my GameCube – I never got past the first few levels of the game. That didn’t stop it from having a pretty big impression on me. It was my first glimpse into the expansive, thrilling, adventure-filled world of Zelda and I would go on to play many other games in the series – but I always wanted to go back to Wind Waker and play through it fully. Since completing Breath of the Wild, I made it my mission to play through all of the Zelda games I had yet to beat – preferably in chronological order. After completing Ocarina of Time, I was finally able to get my hands on a used GameCube and a copy of Wind Waker.


    My replay of Wind Waker was both a familiar and somewhat struggling experience. Unfortunately, I feel as if some of the wonder I had for the game when I was younger had dissipated, and I was treated to a different experience altogether. That being said, Wind Waker is one of a kind and really stands out amongst the other games in the series, and I’d like to lay  out the pros and cons is possesses.


    The first thing I’d like to talk about is the style. Personally, I am more of a fan of realistic and older-Link designs, but I can’t deny the appeal of Wind Waker’s cell-shaded, “cartoony” style. It was revolutionary at its time and created a whole new look for the series that became the standard for upcoming games. It still isn’t my favorite style for a series like Zelda, but the game is truly pleasing and wonderful to look at. I applaud how colorful, atmospheric, and stunning the visuals are for the original – and especially the HD remake.


    When you load up the game, after the title screen, the first thing you’re introduced to is the prologue. It is simply a text with image affair, but the combination of the old, wood-cut-style artwork, the renaissance-tinted theme, and the tone of the backstory makes for probably the best opening Zelda has pulled off. It truly makes you feel the legend of the story you’re about to play – connecting it with Ocarina of Time while giving you more information in the time that has passed since then: the triumph of the Hero of Time, but the somber, daunting realization of the Hero’s failing to return and Hyrule being swallowed into darkness yet again. It adds a history that I wish was throughout the game a bit more, but it certainly sets up the game wonderfully.


    Wind Waker possesses my favorite iterations of some designs – particularly the enemies. The Moblins and Bokoblins possibly have their best designs in Wind Waker. They adhere to the more toony style quite well, while still being imposing and formidable enemies. The strutting gait of the spear-wielding, top-heavy Moblins strike both amusement and fear as you attempt to tiptoe past them in the Forbidden Fortress. Even the Miniblins are vicious little creatures, boinging  about with high-pitched chattering as they surround you in high numbers. Another creative and interesting take on a common Zelda enemy is the Wizzrobe. These are my favorite! In Wind Waker, these evil magicians take on dark-toucan, plague-doctor appearance, appearing in your way with an alarming siren and ghostly, warbled chuckles. Even their echoed, low-pitched yell as they’re struck by your sword is appealing. Other classic enemies like Peahats (both huge and small), Keese, and ChuChus appear in unique yet familiar designs – with ReDeads being particularly effective in their slack-jawed, mummified eternal screams that cause you to freeze in terror.


    Wind Waker also boasts the reemergence of Phantom Ganon in his coolest design: swirly and ghostly, dark as a black hole and outlined in neon blue, a massive sword and a horned helmet. Despite the simplicity of the battle, I have always found the tense back-and-forth batting of Phantom Ganon’s fireball to be particularly effective and I’m glad we get to see him a few times in Wind Waker.


    What would a Zelda game be without its score? In fact, the music is astounding in just about every game – and Wind Waker is no exception. As I mentioned before, the opening theme – titled “The Legendary Hero” on the soundtrack – is an adaptation of The Legend of Zelda’s main theme with flourishes of despair and uncertainty through the accompaniment of renaissance instruments. Probably the most famous level theme of the game is Dragon Roost Island. This uplifting track is truly one of the best compositions to arise from the series; with jaunty, quick strums of guitars, percussions claps, and an airy whistle-flute singing a memorable melody. It adds a new flavor to Zelda we haven’t quite seen before – something a little foreign, maybe a little tropical – while inspiring a familiar tone of uplifting adventure, calling to mind the vibrant blues and greens of the ocean and the grass on the titular island. It’s fair to say that the rest of the game boasts other gems: while the temple/dungeons themes are more ambient, the happy, domestic themes of Windfall Island and Outset Island are some of my favorites. They inspire warmth and joy far better than any “village” themes from past Zelda games. The music that accompanies your Ocean travels, which serves as the game’s overworld theme, is pleasantly  more less bombastic than it’s predecessors, but with a similar sense of excitement. The subdued strings and horns with a steady marching drum beat pairs perfectly with the sailing adventure.


    The general gameplay is where I’ll probably get more into the cons than the pros – but lets meet in the middle for now. The islands that make up the games levels generally have an “outside” portion and an “inside” portion, with the “inside” areas being a little more invested and often leading to the dungeon or temple you have to beat. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but the shortness of the “outside” portions was a detriment for me, because I enjoyed the scenery and interaction with the environment in those areas – particularly on the Forest Haven. That being said, the actual levels and islands of the game are overall very satisfying to play. The difficulty level is pretty low. My only criticism of the controls is that Link is fairly quick-moving and with the camera not always linked to your advantage, it can cause some problems. Whenever Link hits a ledge, he takes an enormous leap of faith off of it. I don’t think I died once in this game from enemies, but I did unintentionally jump to my death on a number of occasions.


    My biggest issue with the gameplay is actually what makes it special: the ocean and the wind waker. Unlike it’s predecessor, Ocarina of Time, I would say that Wind Waker returns to the general open overworld dynamic of most Zelda games. You can’t play any level in any order you’d like in terms of the storyline, but the map of the open ocean is fairly free to explore in any way you like. This is a good thing, but the fact that it is an ocean is at times detrimental to the accessibility of the locations – specifically paired with the wind waker. In the game, you have to use the wind waker to set the direction of the wind in order to sail. This is a fairly realistic dynamic, and I understand where they are coming from, but this gives you a directional handicap that at times makes it difficult to truly explore the open world freely. If you need to turn ninety degrees – or, god forbid, turn around entirely – you will most likely have to break out the wind waker again to change the direction of the wind so you can move. The reason why this was such an annoyance to me is because most of the islands on the map are fairly small, and sometimes on your journey you see multiple places on the horizon and in your peripheral that you want to check out, but the wind prevents you from going from one place to another with free will. There were many times where I found myself wanting to turn around, or circle around an island (especially if I was coming at it from the wrong angle) but the wind got in my way. This ultimately prevented me from doing a lot of exploring that I usually try to do in all of my Zelda experiences.


    Battling enemies on the ocean is a nightmare. Most of the time I found myself avoiding them altogether or jumping over them, but there are certain areas of the game that forces you to deal with the enemies in your midst. The directional limitations I just mentioned are often at your disadvantage when dealing with enemies. While they move freely around you, you’re forced to mainly stop in your tracks to battle them. You cannot move while using your main seafaring weapon – a cannon – anyway. The cannon is oftentimes a struggle to aim and use against multiple enemies at once. Getting hit by an enemy attack sends Link flying from his boat into the water, which only adds to the clunky nature of the fights and prolongs it even further. 


    Some lower-level grievances I have are finding treasure chests. Link procures treasure charts along your travels, which allows said treasure to appear as a little glowing ring on the ocean when you are around it. However, the closer you get to it makes the glowing ring disappear and you have to rely mostly on your ears to sense how loud the shimmery sound effect of the treasure is before trying to anchor it up. This can often lead to many trail and errors of sinking your anchor only to hit nothing, moving an inch forward, and trying to get the treasure once more. I often found myself leaving the vicinity until the glowing ring appeared once more and repositioning myself to try and get a better shot at approaching it once more. More important treasures (like triforce shards) appear as a pillar of light in the water and disappear even sooner as you approach it than normal treasures. It wasn’t until the end of my playing experience did I realize you can open your treasure charts and just align your cursor to the X on the map for a more accurate hit.


    The ocean itself is a joy to sail in if you’re just coasting from point A to point B. The design of the waves, the wind, and the sky are beautiful to look at. I applaud Nintendo for trying out something new for their overworld, but it was mostly a miss for me in terms of gameplay.


    Towards the end of the plot, Link must find the broken shards of the Triforce of Courage – quite similar to what you have to do in the original Legend of Zelda. In the GameCube version, you have to find eight triforce charts, get them translated, and then get all eight triforce shards. This was a little excessive in my opinion, especially since finding the triforce charts consisted of fun puzzles and challenges of skill – which was actually one of my favorite parts of the game – while actually finding the triforce shards was just more treasure chest hunts in the ocean – which we all already know how I feel about that.


    I’m sure I could go even further into what this game offers. Although it may seemed as if I harped on a lot of things about this game, to assume I dislike it is far from the truth. It is still a tightly made and enjoyable game. The dungeons and temples aren’t as challenging as those in Ocarina of Time, but they aren’t so boring to be unenjoyable. The Forest Haven and Wind Temple are two of my favorites, while the final battle with Ganondorf actually felt like I was having a sword fight with him! Teaming up with Zelda to defeat Ganondorf was satisfying and was a great gameplay dynamic. The colors, themes, and designs of the islands are vibrant and appealing. Wind Waker also introduced us to the Rito and Koroks, two additions I love, which have since appeared in other Zelda titles. Like I said, I could go on and on about what I love about this game, along with some things that irked me.


    Is it my favorite Zelda game? No. It is in my top three? Probably not. But, as a Zelda game, it is already miles ahead of many and one I would still put in as one of the most enjoyable games to play or watch.



  3. i got bored so i used the Manson wiki site ( http://www.mansonwiki.com/wiki/Main_Page ) to make a chronological ordered playlist in itunes

    if i miss anything let me know sksk


    note: theres another demo cassette called "Satan on Fire" released somewhere between 1991-1993 as a side band/project (Satan on Fire) by the vocalist (MM) and bassist (Twiggy) 


    jan xx 1990 the raw boned psalms (demo cassette)  - nobody knows the true tracklist
    may xx 1990 the beaver meat cleaver beat (demo cassette)
    sep xx 1990 big black bus (demo cassette)
    dec 26 1990 grist-o-line (demo cassette)
    mar xx 1991 lunchbox (demo cassette)
    dec xx 1991 after school special (demo cassette)
    may xx 1992 live as hell (demo cassette)
    aug xx 1992 the family jams (demo cassette)
    jan 17 1993 refrigerator (demo cassette)
    july 12 1994 GET YOUR GUNN (single) - REVELATION #9
    july 19 1994 portrait of an american family
    feb 06 1995 LUNCHBOX (single) - DOWN IN THE PARK
    oct 25 1995 smells like children (promo version) - ABUSE PART ONE/ABUSE PART TWO
    oct 25 1995 smells like children
    oct 08 1996 antichrist superstar
    feb 18 1997 lost highway soundtrack - APPLE OF SODOM
    feb 25 1997 private parts album - SUCK FOR YOUR SOLUTION
    july 29 1997 spawn soundtrack - LONG HARD ROAD OUT OF HELL
    aug 04 1998 dead man on campus soundtrack - GOLDEN YEARS
    sep 15 1998 mechanical animals
    dec 22 1998 flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood album - THE OMEN (DAMIEN II) (w/ DMX)
    aug 03 1999 detroit rock city soundtrack - HIGHWAY TO HELL
    nov 16 1999 last tour on earth - ASTONISHING.../GET MY ROCKS OFF/ROSE AND A BABY RUTH
    may 22 2000 marshall mathers lp album - THE WAY I AM REMIX (w/ Eminem)
    oct 17 2000 blair witch project 2 album - SUICIDE IS PAINLESS
    nov 14 2000 holy wood
    jan 23 2001 2000 years or human error album - BREAK YOU DOWN (w/ Godhead)
    dec 04 2001 not another teen movie soundtrack - TAINTED LOVE
    feb 19 2002 queen of the damned soundtrack - REDEEMER
    mar 21 2002 resident evil soundtrack - MAIN THEME/SEIZURE OF POWER/REUNION/CLEANSING
    feb 11 2003 we're a happy family album - THE KKK TOOK MY BABY AWAY
    may 05 2003 golden age of grotesque
    jun 02 2003 THIS IS THE NEW SHIT (single) - MIND OF A LUNATIC
    sep 02 2003 party monster soundtrack - THE LA LA SONG
    sep 28 2004 lest we forget - PERSONAL JESUS
    oct 24 2006 nightmare before christmas soundtrack - THIS IS HALLOWEEN
    may 25 2007 HEART SHAPED GLASSES (lead single)
    jun 05 2007 eat me drink me
    apr 07 2009 WE'RE FROM AMERICA (lead single)
    may 15 2009 ARMA...GEDDON (single)
    may 20 2009 high end of low
    jun 17 2009 LOVEGAME (single) - LOVEGAME REMIX
    mar 20 2012 NO REFLECTION (lead single)
    apr 25 2012 born villain
    nov 05 2013 avril lavigne album - BAD GIRL (w/ Avril Lavigne)
    dec 09 2014 silent so long album - HYPOTHETICAL (w/ Emigrate)
    dec 15 2014 DEEP SIX (lead single)
    dec 23 2014 THIRD DAY OF A SEVEN DAY BINGE (single)
    jan 05 2015 CUPID CARRIES A GUN (single)
    jan 20 2015 the pale emperor
    feb 26 2016 countach album - CAT PEOPLE (w/ Shooter Jennings)
    july 21 2017 atomic blonde soundtrack - STIGMATA
    sep 11 2017 WE KNOW WHERE YOU FUCKING LIVE (lead single)
    sep 20 2017 KILL4ME (single)
    oct 06 2017 heaven upside down
    dec 08 2017 24 hours to live soundtrack - GOD'S GONNA CUT YOU DOWN
    jun 15 2018 CRY LITTLE SISTER (single)
    july 11 2018 HELTER SKELTER (single) (w/ Rob Zombie)

  4. Hello Pokemonsters! 


    It's been a long three months since the first Sword & Shield trailer dropped. Since then, we've had very little information and are finally entering info season where reveals will be a lot more common. The first of these reveals will happen TONIGHT - at the Pokemon 2019 Press Conference; which will cover a range of topics of interest to Pokemon fans. This conference will take place at 9pm EDT tonight but is not expected to reveal major details on Sword & Shield. However, a Pokemon direct focusing on these games has also been announced for June 5th at 9am EDT. There's a range of possibilities about what might get revealed there, but first, let's recap the information we have so far. If you haven't seen the Sword & Shield trailer, you can view it below:




    So where do we begin? Well, with all games, the main focus has to be on the Pokemon themselves; so here we have Grookey - the grass monkey, Scorbunny - the scorching fire bunny, and Sobble - the water-type sobbing bubble of sadness. Not much else is known about the starter Pokemon other than their designs and current typings thus far. While its currently impossible to say for sure, the suggestions for final-evolution typings include either Grass/Rock or Grass/Psychic for Grookey, Fire/Electric or Fire/Steel for Scorbunny and Water/Ghost for Sobble. 




    Next we'll look at the region itself. Behold the Galar region. Evidently based on the United Kingdom, there are different theories on whether the region is indeed flipped upside down or just jumbled about. However, the map shows that there's a hefty bit of countryside at the bottom of the map, and a very lake-district / Loch Ness feel above that. Followed by massively big cities in the upper half of the map as well as references to Stonehenge and other UK historical details. Finally, it should be mentioned that the region has been designed to follow the shape of a sword, but any reference to the Shield title is non-existent. 


    Galar Region Map


    Some other important information from the first trailer includes; the return of old Pokemon in the new region (such as Pikachu, Hoothoot and Minccino) and the return to previous traditional game methods of random encounters, the potential heavy focus on train services - which may indicate a portion of the game or a fast-travel feature replacing Fly, character customisation which was later confirmed by newer screenshots, and... the grand return of Pokemon gyms. While no real information has come out about these gyms, we also see the player wearing a UK football-like uniform when entering a stadium (which possibly could be one of the gyms). These gyms will most likely play a bigger story focus than ever before.




    That's all for the information from the first trailer. Whilst there wasn't that much concrete information displayed, there has been a lot of speculation after many potential hints being found within the trailer and the region map. However, I've decided just to leave this post as the facts for the current time being. With a 15 minute Pokemon Direct on the horizon for next week, there's bound to be many, many more facts in future. In the meantime, don't forget about tonight's press conference! That's all folks!

  5. Author's Note: I find it disturbing how so many male celebrities and fictional characters are romanticized by fangirls despite their abusive tendencies, so I wanted to write a song illustrating how ridiculous it is by stretching the analogy. It's called "Harley Quinn," and it's about a girl who sees a hot serial killer on the news and becomes obsessed with stanning him, not realizing she could be his next target. It might be the most fun I've ever had writing something, and I'm particularly proud of the homicidal bae part. wendy1

    I'm not confident enough to upload myself singing it, so I'm just posting the lyrics and you'll have to use your imagination for the production and melody. Imagine it as a catchy tongue-in-cheek bubblegum pop song like "Sweet but Psycho," "I Don't Want It At All," and "How to Be a Heartbreaker." Tell me what you think below, and if you want to read anything else I've done!



    Harley Quinn



    Freddy, Michael, Jason, him

    Comes out when the lights are dimmed

    Wanna be his Harley Quinn

    Harley Quinn, Harley Quinn

    When the Psycho strings begin

    They all run but I give in

    Wanna be his Harley Quinn

    Harley Quinn, Harley Quinn


    Verse 1

    The town police, said lock your doors

    A killer's out, out for blood and gore

    I saw his face, on CNN

    I'm gonna make, make him my boyfriend



    He called me 'bout my favorite scary movie home alone

    I fought it but I can't resist the structure of his bones

    Kill count higher than an episode of Game of Thrones

    I'm not even bothered though, bothered though, bothered though



    Freddy, Michael, Jason, him

    Comes out when the lights are dimmed

    Wanna be his Harley Quinn

    Harley Quinn, Harley Quinn

    When the Psycho strings begin

    They all run but I give in

    Wanna be his Harley Quinn

    Harley Quinn, Harley Quinn



    Chased me down the alleyway

    I don't care what people say

    That's my homicidal bae

    'Cidal bae, 'cidal bae

    Freddy, Michael, Jason, him

    Comes out when the lights are dimmed

    Wanna be his Harley Quinn

    Harley Quinn, Harley Quinn


    Verse 2

    He's on the prowl, and so am I

    I wanna be, be his alibi

    Now all the bodies, pile up

    But who gives a damn, 'cause baby I'm in love



    He called me 'bout my favorite scary movie home alone

    I fought it but I can't resist the structure of his bones

    Kill count higher than an episode of Game of Thrones

    I'm not even bothered though, bothered though, bothered though



    Freddy, Michael, Jason, him

    Comes out when the lights are dimmed

    Wanna be his Harley Quinn

    Harley Quinn, Harley Quinn

    When the Psycho strings begin

    They all run but I give in

    Wanna be his Harley Quinn

    Harley Quinn, Harley Quinn



    Chased me down the alleyway

    I don't care what people say

    That's my homicidal bae

    'Cidal bae, 'cidal bae

    Freddy, Michael, Jason, him

    Comes out when the lights are dimmed

    Wanna be his Harley Quinn

    Harley Quinn, Harley Quinn



    You better back, up with that knife

    Cause I'm your final, final girl for life

    We're Ryder-Slater, in the school

    I love the guys, who disregard the rules



    Freddy, Michael, Jason, him

    Comes out when the lights are dimmed

    Wanna be his Harley Quinn

    Harley Quinn, Harley Quinn

    When the Psycho strings begin

    They all run but I give in

    Wanna be his Harley Quinn

    Harley Quinn, Harley Quinn



    Chased me down the alleyway

    I don't care what people say

    That's my homicidal bae

    'Cidal bae, 'cidal bae

    Freddy, Michael, Jason, him

    Comes out when the lights are dimmed

    Wanna be his Harley Quinn

    Harley Quinn, Harley Quinn

  6. My Manga Collection


    A Silent Voice
    A Silent Voice vol. 1
    A Silent Voice vol. 2
    A Silent Voice vol. 3
    A Silent Voice vol. 4

    Attack on Titan
    Attack on Titan vol. 1

    Blue Exorcist
    Blue Exorcist vol. 1

    BUNGO Stray Dogs
    BUNGO Stray Dogs vol. 1
    BUNGO Stray Dogs vol. 2

    Children of the Whales
    Children of the Whales vol. 1
    Children of the Whales vol. 2
    Children of the Whales vol. 3

    Deathnote black edition vol. 1
    Deathnote black edition vol. 2

    Dr. Stone
    Dr. Stone vol. 1

    Edens Hero
    Edens Zero vol. 1

    Escape Journey
    Escape Journey vol. 1

    Flying Witch
    Flying Witch vol. 1

    Fruits Basket
    Fruits Basket Collector's Edition vol. 1

    Haikyu!! vol. 1

    Horimiya vol. 1
    Horimiya vol. 2
    Horimiya vol. 3
    Horimiya vol. 4

    Laid-Back Camp
    Laid-Back Camp vol. 1

    Little Devils
    Little Devils vol. 1

    Made in Abyss
    Made in Abyss vol. 1
    Made in Abyss vol. 2
    Made in Abyss vol. 3
    Made in Abyss vol. 4

    My Hero Academia
    My Hero Academia vol. 1
    My Hero Academia vol. 2
    My Hero Academia vol. 3
    My Hero Academia vol. 4
    My Hero Academia vol. 5
    My Hero Academia vol. 6

    No Matter how I look at it, it's your guys' fault I'm not popular
    No matter how I look at it, it's your guys' fault I'm not popular vol. 1
    No matter how I look at it, it's your guys' fault I'm not popular vol. 2
    No matter how I look at it, it's your guys' fault I'm not popular vol. 3
    No matter how I look at it, it's your guys' fault I'm not popular vol. 4

    The Ancient Magus' Bride
    The Ancient Magus' Bride vol. 1
    The Ancient Magus' Bride vol. 2
    The Ancient Magus' Bride vol. 3
    The Ancient Magus' Bride vol. 4
    The Ancient Magus‘ Bride vol. 5
    The Ancient Magus‘ Bride vol. 6
    The Ancient Magus‘ Bride vol. 7
    The Ancient Magus‘ Bride vol. 8

    The Girl from the Other Side
    The Girl from the Other Side vol. 1

    The Promised Neverland
    The Promised Neverland vol. 1
    The Promised Neverland vol. 2
    The Promised Neverland vol. 3
    The Promised Neverland vol. 4
    The Promised Neverland vol. 5
    The Promised Neverland vol. 6
    The Promised Neverland vol. 7
    The Promised Neverland vol. 8

    Tokyo Ghoul
    Tokyo Ghoul vol. 1

    ToraDora! vol. 1

    Wotakoi: Love is hard for Otaku
    Wotakoi: Love is hard for Otaku vol. 1


    Count: 59

  7. Been thinking of doing this for a while so here it is

    This ranking will not include Y Kant Tori Read or Midwinter Graces or Gold Dust as I personally do not consider them main albums toward her discography

    Therefore 13 albums will be included in this ranking from my least fave to most fave - And I will be pointing out some of my fave tracks from each album




    Night of Hunters


    Simply put I am not a pure classical gay

    I love the concept surrounding this album of writing lyrics for already existing pieces of music but I myself cannot get into it

    I much prefer classical and orchestral reworkings of artists songs like what she did next with Gold Dust

    Fave Tracks - Nautical Twilight



    Strange Little Girls


    Another album with a concept that borrows heavily from already existing work - This one consists entirely of covers of songs originally performed by men

    I have never really been able to get into this album for some reason and should probably re-visit it soon

    Fave Tracks - 97 Bonnie and Clyde | Enjoy The Silence



    Unrepentant Geraldines


    Another one I have not really been able to get into - And another one that relies somewhat on a concept that involves already existing work

    I am noticing a theme here - I prefer when Tori is more original

    This album does have a few standouts but I rarely re-visit it

    Fave Tracks - Trouble's Lament | Promise | Giant's Rolling Pin wendy3



    American Doll Posse


    This is a massive album and I think that has somewhat effected my being able to get into it entirely

    However she goes OFF many times during this record and for that we have to stan

    Leave it to Tori to drag America through the mud

    Fave Tracks - Big Wheel | Bouncing Off Clouds | Programmable Soda | Fat Slut wendy3



    The Beekeeper


    Ok let us get to the real snappery now - This album is super underrated

    I have seen it get dragged as one of her worst but it has so many gems in it

    It really feels like you are strolling through a garden when listening to it - Or driving to Ireland in my Saab with Hunty @Hylia

    Fave Tracks - Sweet The Sting | The Power of Orange Knickers | Sleeps With Butterflies | Witness | Ireland | Martha's Foolish Ginger | The Beekeeper



    Scarlet's Walk


    I love this album for its incredibly rich and original concept

    It was bold and very needed at the time it was released and again you can always rely on her to spill the tea about the state of America

    Fave Tracks - Amber Waves | A Sorta Fairytale | I Can't See New York | Taxi Ride | Gold Dust



    Under The Pink


    Whew all immaculate albums coming up this is getting hard

    A worthy follow up to the groundbreaking Little Earthquakes yet I do not think it matched the same level that LE achieved

    That being said - This is a consistent and interesting album that I always like listening to in full and not to mention it contains the classic Cornflake Girl

    Fave Tracks - Pretty Good Year | God | Past The Mission | Baker Baker | The Wrong Band | The Waitress | Cornflake Girl | Space Dog | Yes Anastasia



    Boys For Pele


    This album I feel cemented Tori's legacy despite only being her 3rd

    The bold cover and never ending lashings she delivered in the songs established her as a force to be reckoned with

    Fave Tracks - Horses | Blood Roses | Father Lucifer | Professional Widow | Mr Zebra | Caught A Lite Sneeze | Muhammad My Friend | Hey Jupiter | Talula | In The Springtime Of His Voodoo | Putting The Damage On



    To Venus and Back


    Tori didn't have to make such a drastic style change but she gone and done it ANYWAY

    The change in style really paid off for her and sees her experimenting with electronica and trip hop while still keeping many elements of the piano sound she had established for herself

    As a fan of trip hop this album is a huge favourite of mine and she pulls it off incredibly well

    Fave Tracks - Juarez | Concertina | Glory of the 80s | Lust | Spring Haze | 1000 Oceans



    Native Invader


    I discovered Tori thanks to @Hylia not long before this album was released and it became an immediate fave as soon as I heard it

    Another album that shows her ability to comment on the current state of America very well - She delivers more lashings

    This is also one of her more heavily produced albums and shows further experimentation

    Fave Tracks - Reindeer King | Wings | Breakaway | Wildwood | Chocolate Song | Bang | Climb | Bats | Benjamin | Upside Down 2



    Abnormally Attracted To Sin


    Whew another album which sees her experimenting with trip hop and electronica - I truly consider this to be one of her best works

    It really does have a sinister sound at parts (Especially the title track which is a trip hop masterpiece) and was my go to album when I visited NYC last year - So now it reminds me of NYC

    It also contains one of my most adored Tori songs - Fire To Your Plain

    I also saw someone drag it on Twitter the other day so to them I say kiss my ass

    Fave Tracks - Give | Strong Black Vine | Flavor | Not Dying Today | Fire To Your Plain | Police Me | That Guy | Abnormally Attracted To Sin | 500 Miles | Mary Jane



    From The Choirgirl Hotel


    Tori's ability to write deeply personal songs never fails to amaze me as she does it in such a way that is cathartic for her while being relatable to her fans

    This album has many career standouts that I personally regard as classics - And I feel this is one of her most iconic records

    Fave Songs - Spark | Cruel | Black Dove (January) | Raspberry Swirl | Jackie's Strength | i i e e e | She's Your Cocaine | Hotel | Playboy Mommy | Purple People



    Little Earthquakes


    This is probably extremely cliche as I would bet many regard this as her best album

    Most artists debut albums are not normally their best however this is a big exception

    However this album is truly groundbreaking and deeply personal as it is influenced considerably by her rape - It truly helped create a discussion surrounding rape and sexual violence in the states

    It gave a voice to victims and they found safety and understanding in this album

    In addition to this it contains songs that I personally feel are very relatable - I think it is a very coming of age album in addition to its personal themes

    Fave Songs - Literally all of them

    So that is that

    If you have never checked out Tori before or have thought about doing it I would highly encourage it

    I think her discography has something for everyone and for sure something that everyone can relate to

    Thanks again to @Hylia for introducing me to her

  8. Latest Entry

    My signatures are an integral part of fotp history, and I will list them below.

    It’s hot outside and sit on my porch, sucking a popsicle. It’s cherry flavor, their favorite flavor was always cherry. I sit and reminisce about the times we spent together. And I don’t feel  sad, because those memories bring me happiness. I finish up my popsicle just as they call me inside, they’re still here with me. But I still think about our memories, so that I’ll nver forgot them when they’re gone. I sometimes wish we lived forever. Just look at world now, Normani is gone, Ally is gone, Dinah is gone, Lauren is gone, and I’m still standing. My name is Camila Cabello, and I want to take you on a journey through the development and creation of my most personal album yet, simply titled M(e)ila. Put your safety goggles on now, this is where the darkness comes to light...


    I was on various drugs when I chose this username, and now I must suffer the consequence of it. This is not a publicity stunt, I’m actually worried for my mental health. Please if anyone is reading this, please help me. Please buy Charmbracelet on iTunes , you know the shtick. Send me receipt verification, and then I’ll get better. Please, please, please do this for your friendly neighborhood troll, I know you want to see more of me in this upcoming year. Please do this for me and help me, and help him.


    It was unusually chilly this Halloween night. I had decided to attend one of my towns infamous Halloween party’s that night, and was enthralled. The party was excellent, lots of people had really great costumes and I had gone as a pirate. The party was on the outskirts of my small town a little whiles away in the wood. I had drunkily dozed off in One the tents, and when I had awoken everyone had already gone. I checked my phone and it was around 1am. I only had 3% battery so I had about enough to make one call, I decided to try my local taxi service, Brocka Taxis. My town was very small, and at the time didn’t have Uber or Lift. Luckily, they picked up and said I was lucky I had called as they were doing their last drives of the night. They said the wait would be around 30 minutes so I waited in silence. My phone died shortly after the call, I stood by the street I walked to in the cold. I watched my breath in the freezing air to pass the time. A little time after, I saw the headlights of a car begin to materialize in the distance. I waved my hands and they honked on notice. The slowly pulled up to me and I read the little motto I had come to know. “Brocka Taxis, We’ll never say never!”. I was glad at that time, cause if they could I’d be stranded here. I got in the taxi and was greeted to a rather good looking women in her late 20s. I said hi and introduced myself just to be cordial, she replied back “Hello, I’m Brandy, where are you headed?”. My stomach dropped and I almost gasped. “Excuse me what did you say?”, I questioned nervous. “I said Hi, I’m Brandy, where are you headed?”, she replied with a slight giggle at the end. I saw her shoot me deathly glare in the rear view mirror along with a taunting smile. Desperate, I told her my location, she smiled and what she said next to me stunned me. “Ah, I know where that is, we’ll have to take the freeway though, that sound good?”. She smiled with that again, I shuddered. We sat in silence for minutes, even though they felt like hours, as she awaited my response. I gathered all the courage I had in me and replied, “No, no thank you actually”. She chuckled slightly to herself, and unlocked the doors, I had no idea she had even locked them. I got out and immediately started walking back the other direction, I heard her start to drive along side me and I held my head down. “You have a safe night” she said as she drove on off. I looked up shortly after and the car was gone, not a skid mark or anything just vanished. It was a long dark walk home that night, my only company the Full moon. 


    My sweet sweet nana loves gays, but gays like me, you see. I’m normal, my nana loves me because I don’t act like a typical gay. One day my nana saw to gays kissing on tv, she turned the channel and whispered a silent prayer to God, “damn them to hell god, and abomination”. I giggled, it’s ok my sweet nana loves gays, gays like me. Another time I recall, my nana was walking to the store and saw to young teen boys holding hands, “Disgusting!” She screamed, the ran out of embarrassment. She told me when she got home, I lightly chucked to myself this time, my sweet nana loves gays, gays like me. One day I was in my room, dancing around to toxic, when my nana barged with laundry, “what the fuck are you doing! Come pray with me now!”, i was embarrassed,  but I was acting weird. So we prayed, and she’s looked at me a little funny since. But i guess it’s ok, my nana loves gays, gays like me? 


    Ugh, I dread the day I turn 30. I know it’s so so far away, but it scares me. That’ll be the day my life ends, I’ll be a old fart rocking in chair by the fireplace reminiscing about how things used to be. Mariah Carey will be playing on the radio, no nevermind, it’ll be playing on whatever music technology my grandkids leave for me on table. They’ll barely visit their poor old grandpa. Every second will feel like years as I await my imminent death. Those below the age of 25 will laugh at me as I leave my house to get the mail. Spitting in my face, calling me a “old fag”. I’ll run, no limp, back into the house using my walker. I’ll cry, and wait until mother Mariah calls me back to the Lovely Place to live with her for all eternity. Where she lives there’s no beginning and there is no end, and it’ll feel like you’re dreaming, but you won’t be sleeping. 



    “Happy Black History Month” reads the status posted by fotpforums user @DespunkThoseFawkingBawls

    “Ugh leave this forum you fucking annoying race baiting freak” replies user @Madonna despite the status just being posted 4 seconds ago. 

    It may be 3:32am where the madonna stanning user lives. But that didn’t stop him from logging and and checking Winnie’s post history for updates. Just like it didn’t stop him the other 2321 times. 

    “This will make him leave!” The Madonna Stan thinks, a demented smirk sprawled across his face. He sits inches away from the HP laptop screen, the 376x282 low definition display burning his corneas to a crisp. But he doesn’t care. He never cares.

    All her cares about is the moment when Winnie wakes up, and sees that notification. How will he feel? Will he weep? Will he become enraged? Will he wallow in sorrow? Or will he ignore the notification, just like the other 674 stacked in his notification box from the same user. 

    The madonna user wonders if he’ll ever be acknowledged again. And for a brief moment he wonders if his efforts are in vain? Should he perhaps put this energy somewhere productive? But he doesn’t like thinking logically. It hurts his head. 

    He steps two feet over to his twin-sized mattress, nuzzled comfortably in the corner of his 6x6 room. His head lays roughly on the bare mattress, not a bed sheet or pillow in site. As he drifts off to sleep, the stinging sensation from screen watching for 13 hours still present. A smile sprawls across his face. “I bet he’ll be pressted” he thinks as he drifts off to sleep.

    But I won’t be, and I never am. 

  9. yX6O1JC.png







    Nj2aD2a.png Nx0Pxb1.png GhC3rXc.png

    Collector's Box • thank u, next (Digipak) • Fold Out Poster

    7hsp1TC.gif L5RRwRT.png DAMYhYB.png

    Art Book (with Translucent Cover) • Art Book (Front and Back) • Art Book Inside


    Enamel Pins



    Comment down below what you think!

  10. Hey gurls


    So I work in music publishing and work with songwriting/song info. I won't have access to this info for much longer, so if you have any requests for credit splits/songwriting credits/how much a song is earning this month, for pretty much any song, leave your requests here and I can fetch the info for you :)


    Example: You want to to know how much songwriting credit each songwriter of New Rules by Dua Lipa is getting:

    Ailin Caroline, 33.33%

    Ian Eric Kirkpatrick, 33.33%

    Emily Warren Schwartz, 33.33%

    (half of their percentages go to their publishers)


    The shares aren't always split evenly, sometimes some artists who claim to write these songs are only getting 1-2% while their cowriters have 25% or even up to 50% of the work. So anything you are curious about feel free to ask (and then use the receipts in BG)

  11. Top 5 Albums


    05. Taylor Swift - Reputation


    04. Lorde - Melodrama


    03. Goldfrapp - Silver Eye


    02. The Killers - Wonderful Wonderful


    01. Ryan Adams - Prisoner




    Artists that disappointed me

    220px-Something_To_Tell_You_Haim.png    220px-Hurts_-_Desire.png    


    Haim started so well with a clip of Right Now before the release of the first single. It was so raw and emotional. However, later it turned out the song was reworked for the album. Many songs are too light and jolly. The worst part is that they sound the same. It isn't a bad album overall, but after a cool debut, I expected more. This was too commercial for Haim.


    The 4th album of Hurts becomes even more commercial sounding. Songs have cliche lyrics and basic production. Hurts are the best when they get darker lyrically and production wise. 

  12. "I Don't Know Her!": Fantastic Albums You Might Not Know!
    Give 'Em a Chance!

    I'm going to attempt to use this blog to give credit to albums which, in my opinion, are underrated or just unknown in general. You may not like my choices, and that's okay! But trust me when I say you can find beauty in any art if you give it a chance <3 

    This Entry's Underrated Album: Rabbits on the Run by Vanessa Carlton


    Vanessa Carlton first made her appearance on the pop scene with the massive hit "A Thousand Miles," which is known now a days for being a cult classic more than an actual chart topper. To many, this song was Vanessa Carlton's only notable song, cementing her status as a "one-hit-wonder." Many people were not even aware that the single was accompanied by the debut album Be Not Nobody, assuming that the single was the only work released to the public. However, not only did she create one album, but five albums in total. 

    Vanessa, like many other popstars at first, was a slave to the image that her label concocted for her. The music she desired to create was not something the general public or the record label was interested in. Her first three albums were specifically pop, generally following the same pattern. While artistic growth in terms of complexity and writing styles were still strikingly prevalent as the albums progressed from her first, second (Harmonium), and third albums (Heroes and Thieves), nothing really prepared her small group of fans to the shift she would take in her fourth. 

    Finally able to release music she was truly interested in, Vanessa began to craft what is, in my humble opinion, her greatest work to this date. After a long hiatus that spanned 2007 to 2011 (release year), Rabbits on the Run was finally available to the public. The album itself spawned no successful singles, it received good reviews by critics. Stephen Erlewine from AllMusic remarked that "This [was] music made with no audience in mind: it is strikingly personal." And it shows. Carlton shifted drastically from pop music directly to an indie-like approach. 


    What this album aesthetic feels like to me:
    When I listen to this album I feel a strong sense of wondering and peace. It really has the ability to draw out very raw and personal emotions from deep within, allowing me to mull them over. Sound dramatic? Probably. But it is the best way to describe how I feel during this album. When I imagine a good aesthetic for this album, I picture a quiet night after a long, taxing day full of emotion. In a cabin by the woods during spring, with cold rain tapping gently on the window, a glass of wine in hand, a good book, and warm blankets to cuddle up in. Or possibly taking a walk in a mysterious enchanting forest. 


    A Brief Track by Track Review:

    A beautiful way to begin the album. This song is very light-hearted and hopeful about finding new love after it is lost. (7/10)

    I Don't Want to Be a Bride 
    A summery song about finding your true love, but not wanting to have to "wear white" to spend forever with them. The imagery used in this song is well crafted and is showcased by Vanessa's warm vocals. (8/10)

    This is the song that truly began my love of Vanessa. Not only is this one of, if not the best songs on the album, but it also happens to be one of my favorite songs of all time. To me, the lyrics are extremely relatable and thought provoking. "I've never been so sure that after all these years I'll never learn that heavenly creatures never come," Vanessa sings as she pours her heart out into the mic. This song is about feeling fooled by a relationship, love, or crush. The narrator feels tired of waiting and searching for that special someone, lamenting that she is wasting away her time waiting for her "new age." (10/10)

    Fairweather Friend 
    A feathery song about an old lover/friend who only seems to think about fame or the luxuries of life. Vanessa knows that this person is only faking it through life without really ever facing reality. (6/10)

    Hear the Bells
    One of the more mysterious songs on the album, "Hear the Bells" is a song that wrestles with the vagueness of life and the difficulties of life. Rampant metaphors are seen through this song, as Vanessa moves through the different ways she searches for an answer. This track has a charm about it that is hard to explain, which may have something to do with its overall unexplained overall message. However, this could be a perfect metaphor for life itself: not sure how to figure it out, but it is fascinating to try. (8/10)

    Dear California
    This song is the closest this album gets to pop as a whole. Its deep lyrics are contrasted breezily with an upbeat and danceable rhythm. I can't help singing along to this song or tapping my foot when it comes on my shuffle. Great song to sing in the car! "But he loves me as I leave, so I've gotta go!" (9/10)

    Tall Tales for Spring 
    This. This is the song that is arguably the crowning jewel of the album. Deliciously mischievous with wicked lyrics and an involved instrumental, this song conjures the almost cynical side of the phenomena of love, life, spirituality, and "madness of the heart." Truthfully, I'm not sure exactly what this song is truly trying to tell the listener. However, this is what I believe makes it so intriguing. Production wise, this is the most intense song of the album, which comes as an insane jolt of energy compared to its rather calm and easy sister songs. If a listener was to pick only one song to listen to from this album, I'd highly suggest this one. This song and its counterpart In the End are magnificent and crown the album with grace and pride. (10/10)

    A few choice lyrics that happen to be some of my favorite:

    "The wicked in me is surely the wicked in you.
    We pray to a ghost that we've never met.
    Time turns for a cure from the scientists for
    Madness of the heart."

    "Hawking will tell us no tall tales this spring, 
    Our minds hold the ciaos that started everything."


    Get Good
    Taking it down a notch after the previous song, this piece reminds me of a rainy day in a cafe. The topic is recovery after a rough patch in life. Vanessa encourages a friend to take a minute, breathe, and take a moment "to get good again." (8/10)

    The Marching Line
    A lone piano starts off this track, capturing attention immediately. This song slowly swells like the slow anxiety of walking up to your destiny and future. While this is the track that is most somber, it is by no means a dud. Essentially, Vanessa reflects on how her future is calling and she must leave all of what she knows behind in order to fulfil her life. She will sail on a ship with no captain, off into the grey seas. "Fortune tellers, fortunes tell her..." (9/10)

    In the End
    Never fails to give me chills. This is the best way to end the album. I had mentioned previously that this was the counterpart to Tall Tales for Spring, this is because the instrumental is TTFS slowed down and given a more ambient sound. While the song itself is considerably short and only has a handful of lyrics, it is easily the most haunting and magical track on the album. In the End reflects on how death is inevitable and unavoidable, after all it's the way of all things. As I listen to this song, I imagine sinking deep into a black, peaceful ocean. And with this song the album comes to a close. (10/10)

    Highlights of the Album
    Tall Tales for Spring, London, In the End, The Marching Line, & Dear California 

    Overall Rating: 7.8/10 

    Thank you for reading my first blog post! Hopefully if this goes well I'll do more!

  13. 7de7f83507f6e8ae39a979d1392ad945.jpg

    1.Misty Circles
    2.What I Want
    3.I'd Do Anything
    4.That's the Way (I Like It)
    5.You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)
    6.Lover Come Back to Me
    7.In Too Deep
    8.My Heart Goes Bang (Get Me to the Doctor)
    9.Brand New Lover
    10.Something in My House
    11.Hooked on Love
    12.I'll Save You All My Kisses
    13.Come Home with Me Baby
    14.Baby Don't Say Goodbye
    15.Your Sweetness (Is Your Weakness) (Japan Single)
    16.Gone 2 Long (Japan Single)
    17.Unhappy Birthday (Japan Single)
    18.Rebel Rebel (UK Single)
    19.You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) (Sugar Pumpers Radio Edit)
    20.Sex Drive
    21.Hit and Run Lover (Japan Single)
    22.You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) (Metro 7" Edit)
    Other Singles (Pre-Misty Circles & Debut album):
    1.I'm Falling
    2.Number Eleven
    3.It's Been Hours Now
    4.The Stranger

  14. part 1 

    part 2


    Someone wise once said "life without love is meaningless" perhaps I snapped when I said that. After breaking up with @Hylia in March, in the wee-hours of my anniversary celebrations, I discovered he had a ring for me, as a gift. I already married him once, gave him full custody of our three children, Tori, Mariah and Sylk Jr. and left his world for good, but going through the divorce, knowing what it meant to be away from him, knowing who I was without him... I knew I could not go back. I left with my fingers bare that night. Needless to say, Hylia and I have remained excellent friends since, our number one priority will always be our kids. But I still see that ring box sitting on the desk in his living room everytime I go to visit the kids. Does he still love me? I wonder.

    Despite the doubts, I was persistent to stay single there after, even though guys were coming left and right I decided that I needed some time off, ofcourse @Jae kept texting me, @Aidan.  kept leaving flowers at my door, and @Winnie. kept stalking me, but I was done with men. I was done with all of them. I even deleted the picture of @SWINΞ I had kept when I had grown quite the crush on him. It felt liberating. Something was different in me, I felt new, even my friends @Arya and @Mitski said so.

    It's a funny thing really, it's easy to be in your world, build it exactly to tend to your needs, easy to be alone but we have a biological desire to welcome another in this bubble that we've built. Nature's way to bend you. So it made complete sense when i met someone, it was the universe's way of telling me, the time was right. My October nights were suddenly filled with conversation about love and life, talk that went on till the sun came up, even though we both had work we didn't care. His words were so beautiful, the way he spoke, his thoughts, his mind, it amazed me. I had never felt such a fire before, except maybe with Hylia. But this was so much more.

    Still I was scared, I did not want to lose him. I guess after losing so many people in my life. I really wanted this to work. I have not told him yet, but I feel alot of love for him, yes I love him. And I wanna tell him, soon. But uncertainty still echoes at the far back of my mind, Does he still love me?

    To be continued.... 

  15. Here are a few pictures I have amassed of my favorite cat beast, Maxx. 


    zQqoYdV.gif JAQSM9o.gif 


  16. Image result for ben howard banner

    Artist/s: Ben Howard

    Song: Oats in the Water

    Album: The Burgh Island - EP

    Genre: Indie folk

    Language: English

    Release Year: 2012

    Written By: Ben Howard

    Produced By: Chris Bond

    I stumbled across this song when watching The Innocents, that voice is incredible gaga13

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    • 337

    Recent Entries

    What is your name?

    --How old are you? 




    --Are you dating anyone? 

    ---Do you have a celebrity crush? 
    Yes, but they're taken

    --What country do you live in?
    The United States

    --Summer or Winter? 

    --How many languages do you know? 
    One and a half

    --Have any tattoos? How many?

    --Have any pets? How many? What are their names?

    I have two boy cats, their names are Gizmo and Furby

    --Ever been to another country? Do you want to?
    Nope. But I want to go to many places 

    --Favorite school subject?
    Consumer Science

    --Favorite beverage?

    --Favorite food?

    --Do you prefer books, movies, or video games?

    --Do you have any favorite books/movies/games?
    Friendle is my favorite book, First Period is my favorite movie, and Wii Sports is my favorite game

    --How many blogs do you follow?
    I don't follow any

    --How many followers do you have? 

    --How many blogs do you have?

    --Ever been in a physical fight?
    Yes, when I was in sixth grade a bully punched me multiple times and I punched him back

    --What do you want to do when you're older?
    Be a singer

    --Favorite fictional character?
    Jughead Jones

    --Have you ever broken a bone or had surgery?
    No, not yet

    --Favorite genre of music?
    Either Pop or R&B

    --Favorite song?

    We Belong Together by Mariah Carey

  17. I often think about random questions that I try to resolve but most of the time I end up on Wikipedia moo12 

    Todays’s question: 


    Is there a language(s) that are better suited for me out there than my mother tongue? (English)


    We are In no control in the beginning of our lives. We don’t get to choose where, when or pretty much if we decide to exist. We are also not in control the language we are born into. 


    When people immigrant to America and adapt American culture (or even do so in their homeland) they do so because of personal preference

    So my question is if there is another language out there that is better suited for me? Maybe my mind would prefer a language that has a different sentence structure. Maybe my body prefers the physical feeling that my mouth, vocal chords and lips feel in another language. Maybe my ears prefer the sounds of a language with a different use of vowels. moo12 

    I have wondered this for some time and have narrowed it down to either one of the Baltics ( Lithuanian or Latvian),  Basque, Berber, or Hebrew. moo12 


    But then another question arises, would I have preferred a language that is now dead or extinct, or the archaic version of a language ? moo12 


    let me stop before I get a headache moo12 


    do you think there is a better language out there for you?