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inspirational monday

Preparing to Clean Your Ass! WHEN DID YOU LAST PAY YOUR ASS A VISIT? Before sticking ANYTHING but a finger in your ass, you should get to know it, both inside and out. The first thing to know is that nothing will easily go in there against its will. You need to relax, coax, sooth and pleasure it first. The worst time to discover your ass is just before sex! Instead book yourself some discovery time. Make sure you’re alone, have an uninterrupted hour, and have turned off t



how a gassy uber driver almost killed me yesterday

i just felt boogie yesterday cause i had a 30% discount and i overslept so i decided i wont wait for a cab ill just get an uber cause itll be faster. what WOULD have been a 7-8 minute drive to campus ended up being 30 minutes mainly cause the dumbass wouldnt look at the map and just decided to cross a street KNOWING THAT HE CANT FUCKING CROSS IT BECAUSE HE WOULD BE DRIVING AGAINST THE ROAD AND THAT ALONE TOOK HIM 10 MINUTES. i just had my earphones on and didnt care to listen 👂 to what he was sa



Merry Christmas every1 💫💖🎁

even though jesus doesnt exist and all religions were implemented with the interest of inferiorizing women everywhere but enjoy that boxed wine of yours 💋💋   i wanted to make and post a boston cream style yule log (maybe i still will its not like people will stop stuffing their faces) but ive been a little sick these past few days 🤒 hope everyone else is having a good time.    with love - MINT 



sza’s armpit smells like rotten onions 😷

spent the past week face plastered to laptop, living off asparthame coffee creamers and cheeseburgers from mcd that have 4 extra patties and discarding the bread because im to skinny for carbs keeping in mind the meat probably has rats in it but its the only thing i can afford that isnt canned tuna because america etc how are you spice qirls doing 👄



maximum joy

city looiiiiiiitesbusinesss noiiiites    ... no need to ask   hes a smooth operator   the only redeeming feature about my body is my collar bones is that a bad thing? 



the culturally appropriative cheesecake

DISCLAIMER: If you're a skinny legend and care to preserve your skinny legendness, close the tab this blog entry is not for you.   I'm using times new roman for that cookbook cred, feel free to fuck off if you don't like it. Yes, the rumors are true ladies I am back by popular demandT following the release of my groundbreaking recipe for ratchet red velvet cake that I plagiarized from multiple internet blogs. THIS TIME THOOO I documented the cheesecake I made and it's baked cheesecake