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Life is a many splendored thing

Hello everyone,   I am so bored and I would like a nap. If someone could please come bring me a pillow and and maybe a book light that would be much appreciated.   Thank you, TH



Mine and Swine's magical week together

Hello friends! As some of you may know, me and @SWINΞ spent last week together and it was super wonderful! I thought it would be fun to share some pics of the events. When we met it was a bit awkward for the first few seconds but we were quickly smitten We had the funnest night ever The second day, we went to the beach and had a BLAST on the swings at Navy Pier We did a lot of walking around what I thought was a a really cool city! After that we went to Derin's house we nerded out over our various obsessions and I played with all his animals I miss him so much and I can't wait to visit him again!!!!



Taylor Swift is smibby

I love this color on her, I want her to date me   her eyes twinkle in black and white hnnnnn   Taylor Swift gay: CONFIRMED   me gay: CONFIRMED   she didn't just rob a bank in this outfit, she also stole my heart   queen of Madonna impressions! When will your faves   I hope you all enjoyed my gallery show I just made for you all xoxo TH



Kylie albums for Madonna fans

Kylie and Madonna stans should overlap more, in my humble opinion. They're pretty similar artists in that what I like about both of them is their extensive discography of thematically different albums. Obviously, I am an expert on both (it's sarcasm, I promise) so I decided I would compile a list of Kylie albums to listen to based on Madonna albums that you may like. Let's start with the most obvious comparison:          Ray of Light ---> Impossible Princess The Experimental One If you like the more experimental electronic sound of Ray of Light, Impossible Princess might be your Kylie album! While more trip-hop and a bit darker than ROL, it's Kylie's most experimental album and the one she wrote the most songs on, and her writing is quite impressive if you ask me. Also fun fact, Madonna said that Don't Tell Me from Music was inspired by Kylie's Cowboy Style from IP, which is an EXTREMELY fun fact if you ask me!           Bedtime Stories ---> Body Language The R&B One Maybe it's my bias cause each of these are my favorite album by the two artists, but I do think Bedtime Stories fans will see the merits in Body Language as well. BS is more 90s r&b while BL is more 2000s r&b, but they're both each of the artists most cohesive albums musically. While I don't want to say definitively "if you like one, you're sure gonna love the other one!", I do think they could be good jumping off points for one another and both worked for me as vessels to get into each woman's discography.                   Confessions on a Dance Floor ---> Fever OR Light Years The Early 2000s Disco Album Amazing that Kylie put out two, right?? Disco queen! I include both because I personally prefer big anthems like Your Disco Needs You over quiet the repetitive Can't Get You Out Of My Head and even though Fever is probably more similar to Confessions, if you're like me and Fever just doesn't quite do it for you, Light Years is a fun alternative (I know, unpopular opinion). Before I say anything else that could be bad let's just move on!           Erotica ---> Kylie Minogue (1994) The Super 90s Album I first want to say that when I say "dated" I don't mean it in a negative way. Something can sound quintessentially 90s and have that be the best part of it. That's how I feel about these 2 albums and why I think of them similarly. While not her first controversy, Erotica was Madonna's super sexual album that really stirred the pot for women in pop music lyrically and KM94 was Kylie's first non-PWL album and a huge break from her previous sound, so I'd consider both to be big turning points in their careers. If you're interested in sultry 90s music and Erotica is your Madonna album of choice, KM94 might be a good album for you! And even if not, just listen to Confide In Me it's so good I promise           MDNA ---> Kiss Me Once The Messy Album Again, not a bad thing. I know both albums get a lot of hate but I honestly highly enjoy both quite a bit. One of my favorite things is cringy music by otherwise talented artists and these albums definitely work for me on that front. I figured I'd mention them for anyone that's like me that likes this kind of stuff, but I also understand if you like neither, that's ok too!           True Blue ---> Rhythm of Love The Fun Early Album I definitely use the word "fun" too much to describe music, but what can I say? Girls just wanna have fun! These albums are both generally upbeat and boppable. If you're looking for an early discography highlight, these are definitely good picks, and what do you know? Their both the artists third album! Rhythm of Love is more disco inspired 90s pop whereas I'd call True Blue an 80s pop album, I do think fans of one would enjoy the other.   I couldn't find matches for all of the albums that I liked, so sorry if you didn't find your fave on here, but I wanted to add this one for shits and gigs:           Like a Virgin ---> Enjoy Yourself These albums have a lot in common: both are each artists worst album, both are their second albums, and I've never been able to listen to either in full. Similar icons! Although it should be noted that LAV has 2 iconic songs that are more than listenable please don't hurt me   So...yeah, I was bored and thought this would be fun. If you have any other comparisons you'd like to share, I'd love to hear them!



The Queer Woman or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Halsey

I've been really angry since Black Beatles went number one, but there was a point where it went from "this song is bad" to "I'm extremely angry and really upset about this". That point was when I saw this  Then it hit me. I watch men get praised constantly, for some reason this year especially, for having songs that degrade women, songs about mistreating women, because the artist happens to be a minority. Many songs that have reached the top 40 and top 10 this year by black men have had countless lyrics about mistreating women, cheating on women with women who are also in relationships, etc. These things for some reason didn't bother me as much until recently.   When Closer went number 1, people complained. No, the song is not amazing, but people complained because it was Halsey. I saw no one celebrate the fact that there was a queer woman on the top of the charts. I saw no one celebrate the fact that there was a black woman on top of the charts. Someone tell me, I'm genuinely curious and can't find it in a Google search, when's the last time an openly gay or bi woman had a number 1 song? I couldn't find anything.   Songs with awful degrading comments about women get praised constantly yet Halsey gets dragged to the pits for...being a little annoying sometimes? Being "extra"? Yeah annoying people are SO MUCH WORSE than someone who constantly puts down a group of people and talks about treating them badly.    From this point forward, I fully embrace Halsey and her appearance in popular culture. Her success as a bisexual and biracial woman on the pop charts should not be undermined in a world where the success of men who degrade women gets celebrated. I no longer stand for the celebration of men who who popularize the mistreatment of women. Halsey is the only queer person, let alone woman, to have a number one single this year. I am celebrating and I believe more people should be. The song may be about a hetero relationship and she may be "white passing" but that doesn't take away the fact that a queer, black woman is on the longest running number 1 of the year.    That's all I have to say.   But seriously, if someone could tell me the last gay woman to have a number 1 single and the last bi woman to have a number one single, that would be fantastic because I honestly can't find it.


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