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Welcome to the H.O.E.S. Network! I'm your host Tiny Hermione and I'll be using this space to publish fictionalized stories about my forum friends. cry7

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Simultaneously glamorous and scandalous, The Real Housewives of FOTP is sure to be the most epic forum game yet in terms of shade, drama, kiis, and mess.

Marriages, divorces, births, deaths, purchases, foreclosures, hookups, brawls, rehab visits, and meltdowns will all occur over the course of the explosive first season as the Housewives navigate themselves through challenges involving shopping sprees, dinner parties, fashion shows, tropical vacations and a confrontational reunion.

Sign-ups will begin in a couple of weeks, when I make another post with eligibility criteria and further details.




I made this teaser post to help potential Housewives familiarize themselves with the series and some of its most iconic facets and moments. Hopefully this post will assist in crafting your persona and tagline. Enjoy!


Taglines - Take note. You'll need to come up with something snappy and witty for the opening credits I put together!



Iconic Orange County Moments




Iconic Beverly Hills Moments




Iconic Atlanta Moments



Iconic New Jersey Moments




Iconic New York Moments



I'm Hermandy Cohen, and here's a sneak preview of the new forum game I'll be hosting this summer!


Are you blonde, skinny, rich, and a little bit of a bitch?

Image result for andy cohen gif


Then you'd be perfect for the first season of Real Housewives of FOTP.



That's right, one of these mystery women could be you. Gold-diggers, booze-hounds, and those with bad plastic surgery are all welcome...and encouraged!

Image result for you stole my goddamn house gif


After a heavy audition process, the 12-to-16 chosen housewives will battle it out through various weekly challenges to receive the ultimate title of Hottest Housewife.

Image result for real housewives gif


There will be Barbie dress-up game fashion shows, virtual tea parties and tropical vacations, along with red carpet premieres and shady confessionals.

Image result for real housewives vacation gif


Be careful though, since the weakest performers during the challenges will get a foreclosure on their mansion and sent packing from the luxurious FOTP gated community.

Image result for real housewives vacation gif


Just create a clever tagline, pick a celebrity to enter as, shape your housewife persona, and prove that you have what it takes to hold your own against the other divas.

Image result for real housewives gif


Don't get too nasty, or else you'll be confronted by your fellow housewives at the explosive reunion special.

Image result for porsha drags kenya gif


They can also anonymously sell stories about you to the press (a.k.a. me) throughout the season to defame your character.Image result for kelly bensimon gif


Casting calls begin in mid May, when I'm done with the semester and have enough time to post regularly again.

Image result for real housewives i can't wait gif


If you're interested, comment on this post and I'll talk to the game section mods upon my return in order to get the greenlight.

Image result for ramona singer gifs


Until then...

Image result for real housewives gif



Here is the character guide for the first season of my upcoming show! It is an original story starring my forum friends with elements of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Chronicles of Narnia, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, American Horror Story, Once Upon a Time, Charmed, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, and pretty much all of the trash Tumblr fandoms. rip2


@Hermione as Hermione Granger

Image result for hermione granger quote gif

A recent graduate of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the booksmart and determined Hermione has crossed the pond and is now a freelance hunter of Dark wizards, ghosts, demons, and vampires in America. After observing signs that the long-gone wicked sorceress La Diabla Blanca might be staging an explosive return to power, she posts an advertisement on the World Wide Wizarding Web in search of fellow witches and wizards to recruit and train for a new Coven.


@J.K. Rowling if you're reading this please don't sue me, I'm not making money off of it and it's just a fun fanfic series I'm making for my friends. Love you queen laughcry1


@Sylk as Wanda Williams

Image result for angela bassett marie laveau

A once-powerful witch who founded the first incarnation of the Coven and defeated the nefarious Diabla Blanca...several years ago. She retired and became a recluse after it was discovered that she had been illegally jinxing the charts to make Mariah Carey a skinny legend, and is now a washed-up drunken mess. On top of all of that, she secretly stole three little girls from the hospital room at birth and has raised them as her own daughters. The Coven decides to reach out to their disgraced former ally and her daughters to help take down La Diabla, and despite her rusty magical abilities she can't wait to beat that ass back into Hell once again.


@Taylor as La Diabla Blanca

Related image


Long presumed dead, the powerful Dark sorceress is still lurking in the shadows, waiting for the perfect moment to make an iconic comeback. She finally clawed her way out of the ninth circle of Hell, and she's ready to hunt down the Coven once again and kill Wanda and her companions. It's sure to be a bloodbath of Shakespearean proportions, but they have no idea how soon it's coming.


@Hannah. as Hannah Williams

Image result for willow rosenberg gif

@Coca-Cola as Chanel Williams

Image result for cordelia chase gif

@TattooedHeart as Lily Williams

Image result for willow rosenberg gif

The beautiful and popular sisters at FOTP Central High have a deadly secret: they moonlight as witches. Stolen from the hospital room at birth by Wanda Williams, she raised them fully familiar with all things occultic and supernatural. Hermione is keen to recruit the sisters in the mission to stop La Diabla, whom their adoptive mother defeated when they were only toddlers, but after learning of their true parental lineage they have a falling-out with Wanda and instead choose to dabble in the Dark side to piss off their increasingly delusional mother.


@Honey as Honey-wa

Image result for legolas gif

@Anna-wa as Anna-wa

Image result for luna lovegood giphy

These elf siblings are characterized by their supernatural beauty and gentle nature. Hiding their elongated ears under flowing blonde manes, they can live normal day-to-day lives in the human world without anyone knowing of their true race. A veterinarian and a babysitter by daylight, they act as nurses to the Coven, using their special healing powers in times of need. In reality hundreds of years old, they are blessed with anti-aging genes.


@Daenerys as Dany Darkheart

Image result for daenerys targaryen gif

@Juinae as Juinae the Jabberwocky

Related image

Forever banished to the pages of a storybook in the Coven's library after the last time La Diabla Blanca came to power, the Williams sisters plot to break and enter the Coven headquarters against their mother's wishes and return Dany to the real world. La Diabla's old right-hand woman, Dany has a few tricks up her sleeve and knows exactly where to find her former accomplice. She is trailed at all times by her carnivorous reptilian pet, Juinae the Jabberwocky.


@Hyun. as Hyuna Huang and @Maraj as Maraj Menage

Image result for cho chang cedric diggory gif

This recently-married young couple sees Hermione's ad on the Web and answers it. Once they arrive at headquarters they keep to themselves and don't really do that much other than make out very loudly in their room 24/7, which pisses off Hermione to no end. Hyuna and Maraj are dreadful at combative charms, but they can make intoxicating love potions and seduction spells that no red-blooded man or woman can resist.


@Kali as Kali Jackson

Image result for bitch i will eat you gif

Kali holds the distinction of being the only member of the Coven without any magical abilities or heritage. Unsatisfied with her boring customer service job at the mall, she catches them doing magic on camera and threatens to expose their secret to the public unless they keep her around for their adventures. Hermione reluctantly agrees, but the Coven regularly threatens to wipe her memory and send her packing.


@Liam and @Aidan. as Liam and Aidan Lycanthopyre

Image result for teen wolf twins gif

These hunky twins are actually mutant hybrids: their mother was a vampire and their father was a werewolf. Liam and Aidan's parents died at La Diabla Blanca's hands the last time she was seen on Earth, and now that there are whispers she's returning they want to avenge their parents. The twins are your typical dumb jocks, but also completely obsessed with Kylie Minogue. They're always hitting on Hermione, who usually tells them to shut the fuck up, put a shirt on, and go bother Bella Swan instead.


@QUINN as Quinnda the Good Witch

Image result for glinda gif

Quinnda refuses to get involved in drama or conflict, and instead acts as a fairy godmother of sorts to the Coven. She spends most of her time watching over pop star Katy Perry and being her guardian angel, but she occasionally pops in and out for advice and wisdom when our heroes need her most.


From left to right: @GLORY, @#Music, @Dr. Slay, @Royale & @Halcyon

Image result for harry ron neville dean seamus

I will develop your characters and personalities more in-depth later but I'm tired of writing at the moment tbh and just want to get this published laughcry1

Just know that you'll be in the story! wendy1


I'm sure there will eventually be guest appearances so @Hylia @Jae @blankdreams. @Vertigo-go @Lord Stoneheart @Breathless Mahoney @LanaxGaga @Royalty @Princess Aurora @Saiga @Diamond @Kuba @Michael.@My Everything stay perched too! tehe1

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