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Pictures of my cat

Here are a few pictures I have amassed of my favorite cat beast, Maxx.      




yep i bought 3 whole jars of pickles today   because it is true, pickles are fucking amazing          squirm  



Temptations @ the Animal Shelter

This is the 2nd time I'm going to the animal shelter this week (btw sorry @TattooedHeart I forgot to take a pic the last time but I'll take one today)   The West Los Angeles animal shelter can be a depressing place. Some dogs look vicious and sad but they've just been through a lot and need a caring person to adopt them and show them love, man. I hope to be one of those people soon. As of now my place of residence does not allow pets but I might be moving some place else soon that will, then I could maybe start looking to adopt.    Strong temptations to just take 10 dogs home, especially this Labrador mix named Alabama. I can't get overly attached because he might be taken soon, or I won't be allowed to adopt due to my age or income. I don't know. It'll be alright though.        Chipotle is still a thought in the back of my mind. I just ate 4 hot dogs. Maybe all this food turns to muscle or smthn. 



Hot Dog Dilemma

I want to go to the grocery store and buy some hot dogs and hot dog buns for later. I should probably eat a banana before going but then I need I have to put a banana in my protein shake later. 2 much banana.   -------- If I do indulge in hot dogs later I'm not sure if I'm going to be hungry enough to get a double steak & chicken burrito at Chipotle after.... & I've been craving Chipotle for a week now.     Idkkkkk...    ~ Damn I also think the chicken breasts I bought a few weeks ago are gonna go bad soon if I don't cook them... but that requires a lot more work and I kinda really want hot dogs. I could totally do both but a friend invited me to his house later to watch netflix.   --------------that means he will probably order pizza that I wouldn't have to pay for. So maybe no need to cook chicken or buy chipotle if i can get a free large dominos pizza all to myself. ---------------guess I'll see how this plays out + the protein shake is so filling       I wanna go to the gym after buying the hot dogs I hope it's not crowded. I hate when it is bc then my whole workout has to be adjusted if people are using shit I wanna use. Plus it starts smelling bad. At least theres hot ppl there.           I go to the gym with a pretty set plan in my mind and i hate when 2 many people being there messes it up a bit. It's Friday so if I go around 12~1 i'll probably be fine. Doing legs today.                 ---- Jae


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