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These are always fun to read so I decided to make my own!  All cds unless stated otherwise!    Ellie Goulding Lights Bright Lights Halcyon Halcyon Days Delirium Halcyon (vinyl) Delirium (vinyl)   Evanescence Bring Me To Life (cd single) The Open Door Evanescence   Florence + The Machine Lungs Ceremonials HBHBHB HBHBHB (vinyl)   Halsey Badlands Badlands (blue vinyl) HF



Kuba's top 10 songs of 2017 (so far)

We're already some time into the second half of 2017, but I'd like to take this moment to reflect on some amazing song releases that were released in the first half!  Most of these are drag-worthy tbh asdfghjkl    10. Mo Bounce - Iggy Azealia Never have I ever thought that I'd be bopping to an Iggy song, yet here we are. It has a really fun vibe, and it really fits the digital distortion concept she's going for. I'm sorry that her career is currently crumbling, but I appreciate th