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911: The Surreal/Reality Imagery of Gaga's Latest Video

So, I'm sure many of you have already seen Gaga's latest music video for 911. The video is very surreal and confusing for the entirety of the song. The visuals don't seem to make too much sense until the song ends, where the video changes completely and you get a post-song scene that basically explains the whirlwind of visuals you were just subjected to.   Now, with the context of the end scene, it isn't all too hard to figure out what the symbolism was within the video after a few re-



Is "Blackout" Britney's Best Album?

Blackout has perhaps become Britney’s most lauded album among fans and retrospective pop music critics. This is rather significant considering its relatively low impact at the time. The music had taken a backseat to Britney’s media attention and tabloid coverage. The critics were more concerned with her awkward pole-dancing in the “Gimme More” music video or her lip-synced fumbling performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. The album remains a black sheep among her discography, which sees Britne

My Favorite "Legend of Zelda" Music Remixes

Lately I've been getting more and more into vaporwave, electronic instrumentals, lo-fi, & hip-hop beats. These genres are dominated by remixes of popular songs and compositions. The Legend of Zelda is one of my favorites series – as video games, but also for it's music. So, a lot of what I've ben gravitating towards is artists who remix Zelda songs – or just video game music in general. I've found some really great stuff, so I thought I'd share a short list of a few recommendations for anybo

RANKING: Favorite "The Legend of Zelda" Themes

The Legend of Zelda series has birthed some of the most amazing music of any game series in history. This is my ranking for the 30 best musical tracks to come out of this magnificent story ~   The Legend of Zelda (1986) A Link to the Past (1991) Ocarina of Time (1998) The Wind Waker (2002)  Twilight Princess (2006) Skyward Sword (2011) A Link Between Worlds (2013) Breath of the Wild (2017)     30 – 26    



The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker – Review

I must have been around ten or eleven when I borrowed The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker from a family friend. It was the first Zelda I ever played. I wasn’t very good at video games at that age, and being that it wasn’t mine – and that I didn’t have a memory card for my GameCube – I never got past the first few levels of the game. That didn’t stop it from having a pretty big impression on me. It was my first glimpse into the expansive, thrilling, adventure-filled world of Zelda and I would go



My Physical Book Collection

(topic idea stolen from @Chris Morlock)   M Y   P H Y S I C A L   B O O K   C O L L E C T I O N   in alphabetical order by author's last name   F I C T I O N Chimananda Ngozi Adichie - Americana Ben Bova - New Earth Emily Bronte - Wuthering Heights Orson Scott Card - Ender's Game B. Catling - The Vorrh Suzanne Collins - The Hunger Games Suzanne Collins - Catching Fire Suzanne Collins - Mockingjay Joseph Conrad - Heart of Dar



Ariana Grande – 'Sweetener' – First Day Review

S W E E T E N E R Ariana Grande first day listen review     1. Raindrops (An Angel Cried) It's kind of difficult to review this song. She sounds absolutely gorgeous, of course, but it's a very short track with very little to it. It's difficult for me to fully rate or score intros, outros, or interludes.   2. Blazed (featuring Pharrell Williams)



Old Anime Sets

So, if anyone doesn't know, I was fairly active on OGG from around 2011-2014. 2013-2015 was my anime-obsessed era, where I was into two anime shows and basically nothing else   And before you say anything, yes, I am perpetually a 14 year old nerd.   Anyway, because of this, I made plenty of sets for these shows to show my appreciation. I was going through my former graphics folder and found them, and felt a bit nostalgic.   So! I decided to post them here, in c



11 Underrated Deep Cuts from Kelly Clarkson

11 Underrated Deep Cuts from Kelly Clarkson     You Found Me This waste-of-an-opportunity from Kelly’s breakthrough album Breakaway was written by frequent pop collaborator Kara DioGuardi and produced by John Shanks. Just like the title track, “You Found Me” has soaring, full instrumentation that just feels like a breath of fresh air. Kelly ascends into the chorus and beyond without being too over



The Brilliance of the "Like A Virgin" Album Cover

At first glance, the album cover for Madonna’s 1984 album Like A Virgin isn’t necessarily anything special. It does not hold the striking, emotional profile of her debut, nor the statuesque elegance of its successor, True Blue. Instead, Like A Virgin portrays an unsurprisingly seductive, sepia-toned portrait of Madonna. Even the font type used is a simple, unassuming serif in dull tones that sink into the colors of the rest of the cover. To give it its fair due, it could have been much worse: at



LittleDude's Top 5 Holiday/Seasonal Albums

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I've begun to delve into my collection of seasonal music. I'm not a huge listener of holiday music, but I figured I'd write a little something about the albums I turn to around this time of year!     Mariah Carey – Merry Christmas   Mariah Carey’s 1994 Christmas album has become a classic, cemented into pop culture by the holiday hit “All I Want For Christmas Is You”. It is a songI’ve always loved and I enjoy it even more today. I



Mariah's Voice Throughout the Years (Part One)

Debut / Emotions   When Mariah debuted, her tone was very full and rounded – which was probably what lead to initial comparisons with Whitney Houston. But when it came down to it, Mariah’s vocals were very different than Whitney’s. The tone of her lower and mid chest range was husky and soulful, making her sound older than she was. This worked well for soul-inspired songs like “Vision of Love” and “If It’s Over”. Her lower and mid chest belts were technically very well-supported, resul



Taylor Swift "Reputation" First Impression Review

Song by Song Rating:    ...Ready For It – I’m still pretty split on this song. There are quite a few lines that are pretty cringe-worthy, especially the delivery of them. I can’t really enjoy her “rapping” delivery in this song. It sounds pretty forced. That being said, I like the production. The chorus and the bridge are nice. It’s also the perfect track to open the album, I think. – 6/10   End Game – This song actually isn’t all that bad. The production is much more hip-hop



Similarities Between Madonna and Mariah Carey

Similarities Between Madonna and Mariah Carey   Madonna and Mariah Carey are two artists that stans here seem to compare a lot. It always ends up being such an ugly squabble about sales and talent. As a fan of both of these artists, I started to think about things that they had in common – if any. Although it may seem odd to think that these two might have any parallels, but I was able to make a list of statistics about both their personal and professional lives that seem to align.



The Bodyguard (1992) Film Review

The Bodyguard (1992) Starring Kevin Costner & Whitney Houston Directed by Mick Jackson Written by Lawrence Kasdan   So lately I’ve been familiarizing myself with some of Whitney Houston’s music, and after listening to her music from the The Bodyguard I decided to actually try watching the movie. I had quite a few thoughts about it while watching it so here’s a very sloppy review of 1992’s The Bodyguard!   Because people are always obsessed with how successful (or



The 10 Best Mariah + Walter Collaborations

Even though you probably all already know, Walter Afanasieff was Mariah's "main" writing partner in the 90s, proving to be her main collaborator for record-breaking ballads. The two parted ways in 1997, but left us a beautiful library of work to look back on. A few notes and rules! First of all, when I was choosing this list, I did not use any of the original Christmas songs they wrote for Merry Christmas (1994). It was just a rule I thought I'd adhere to, and focus instead on their



The Narrative Genius of The Roof

Mariah Carey’s 1997 album Butterfly is heralded as her greatest effort, and is certainly her most emotional and personal album. Within, fans find many favorites tracks that are often praised for exuding vulnerability.  Songs like “Butterfly”, “Close My Eyes”, and “Outside” deal with topics ranging from her difficult upbringing to her recent split with husband and Sony CEO Tommy Mattola. But one song in particular seems to be praised to high heavens – enough so to be considered overrated by some


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