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MY life, MY thoughts, MY decisions  rih6

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What should I do?

I'm totally confused again. I don't know who I should put into my Top 10 artists. I have 2 singers who are amazing but I can't choose because they are almost equal to me. I listed some things I like about them and some things I don't like. Maria Mena: I love her ballads and her voice, it's so fragile. I love that she is from Norway. I love that she has 7 albums. I sarted to follow her in Summer 2010. I don't really like that most of her songs sound the same. I don't really like her look, she reminds me of the girlfriend from my crush. Well she was mostly just there. I listend to her stuff but I never really care for her. Amy Macdonald: I love that she is mostly a rock singer (she makes folk-rock-pop music), she well known in Europe, she really pretty and she's from Scottland. I started to follow her in June 2012. The bad things are that she only has 4 albums and she had a 4 1/2 years break. Who should I choose? Amy Macdonald (left) and Maria Mena (right)



I'm confused

I know I love boys since 8 years but in the last couple of days I think about girls. It sounds dump but I think maybe I turn into a Bisexual person. I had a 3 days relationship with a Girl 7 years ago and it was the worst thing ever! I felt it was wrong to do that. Since this expirience I knew I LOVE BOYS! My love life is pure trouble, I mean I fell in love and my heart got broken every time. In 2012 I created an account on a Gay Forum/Community. I only chatted with guys and 1 year later I met someone from the Forum. We had a blowjob date. It was horrible. Maybe it wasn't the right time or I was depressed at that time. The last 2 years I did more of those things. I was never happy after it. It could be that I was really depressed and hurt from other boys in my school. I felt like I got colder and colder to these kind of things (especially falling in love with boys). I wanted to be single and I wanted to be happy with it but I was not. I don't want to blame it all on my depression, maybe now I think that I should left this road and see if there's something on the other side of the sea. I watched a Lesbian porn and I came and it turned me on I was like "am I Bisexual now?". I found Vaginas never attractive but it made my penis hard. I thought about kissing a girl too and it wasn't that bad as I thought. I thought about having sex with a girl but what if I couldn't get hard. That would be so embarrassing. My question is am I still gay or am I bisexual?



JoJo | Mad Love | Review

1. Music. 5/5
It shows how fragile she can be. Her story about her family is really great and detailed. Her emotions at the end makes this ballad really vulnerable.
2. I Can Only. 5/5
This song is better than Fuck Apologies. The beat is hard and the lyrics are amazing. Alessia is good but JoJo snatched her when it comes to the voice.
3. Fuck Apologies. 5/5
A great song over a trippy beat. It's really empowering.
4. FAB. 5/5
Like Fuck Apologies it has a "I don't give a fuck" vibe and kicks bitches in the ass.
5. Mad Love. 5/5
Now we get to a little bit of a soul song. Her vioce fits perfectly in this vibe.
6. Vibe. 5/5
Her voice is cool and I love the tropic theme of this song. It's the most basic song but still amazing.
7. Honest. 5/5
The first song "Cold" is really good. Her voice is amazing. Honest starts really good. The transition doesn't sound bad.
8. Like This. 5/5
It starts like a slow R&B song but then it gets a bit faster. What a sex anthem. The bridge sounds a bit off but is still good.
9. Edibles. 5/5
The instrumental is really amazing. It's just so good. The chorus & the bridge are the best things of this song. The piano at the end is everything.
10. High Heels. 5/5
It starts really hard and edgy. The chorus is a bit strange but the vocals. The best revenge song of Joanna.
11. I Am. 4/5
It's really uplifting and empowering. Her vocals are good. I prefer the Live Verison over this.
12. Clovers. 5/5
The beat goes hard! She nearly raps on it!! This slays so hard. The Chorus is amazing.
13. Reckless. 5/5
The piano is so haunting and amazing. The chorus makes a twist into a great R&B, slow jam song. One of the best moments on the Deluxe.
14. Good Thing. 4/5
It's really upbeat and I enjoy it. It's a bit better than the demo version.
15. Rise Up. 5/5
It sounds like a really cool R&B song. So current and her vocals are amazing too. A great ending for this album. Summ up:  73/75   =   97%
This is the best album of the year. JoJo changed the Pop World with this album. I hope we will hear more from her. She is the best vocalist on the planet.



The Malibu Sessions Review

Gypsy Heart: The first 1:30 minutes are amazing but the rest isn't that good for me. 3/5
Goldmine: a great feel good song. 4/5
Cruisin: I hate the first 30 seconds but the rest is good. 4/5
Like Tomorrow Never Comes: the first 2:20 minutes are good but then. 2/5
Only You: This song slays me. The begining is a bit country. 5/5
Good Thing: This is a great song but at the end it sounds boring. 3/5
Runnin': It's a chill out song and really good. 4/5
Never Got Away: It starts slow but it breaks my heart everytime I hear it. 5/5
Don't Wanna Love You: It's a great song but something is missing. 4/5
In Love Again: It's one of the best songs here. I think the Piano was changed a bit but it's still amazing. 5/5
Now:  This song speaks to me so much. A perfect ending for this album. 5/5

I'm not really blown away from it like I was in her last albums. I think it's my least fave album from her. But it's still great.




1. Alibi 4/5
I like the beat, it makes it so creepy but the piano at the end sounds wiered.
2. Goddess 5/5
I love the trap beat. It's a fucking bop.
3. Waiting Game 5/5
This song screams perfection. I love the lyrics and the haunting effects and the piano.
4. Brain 5/5
It starts really ghosty and I love that she changes her voice so much in it.
5. This Is What It Feels Like 3/5
It's really creepy and I love the instrumental and her voice is strange too but it's a good song.
6. You Should Know Where I'm Coming From 5/5
Her voice is so raw and emotional, it makes me cry.
7. Stick 2/5
I like the lyrics but it's boring and too long.
8. Fuck Em Only We Know 5/5
It a timeless bop IMO. A highlight for me.
9. Drowning 5/5
This song is just epic.
10. Beggin' For Thread 1/5
This song doesn't fit in the album at all. i don't like it.
11. Change 5/5
It has a 60s or 80s vibe and it fits really good here.
12. Someone New 5/5
I love that this is totally different from the rest of the album. It's a highlight for me.
13. Warm Water 4/5
This song screams sex to me. It's a new sex anthem.
14. Under The Table 5/5
It starts slow and pretty but at the end she blows me away with her vocals.
15. And I Drove You Crazy 3/5
It's a bit slow for a bop.
16. Fall Over 1/5
Her vocals in the begining are amazing but the rest isn't that good.
17. Before I Ever Met You 1/5
It's really boring and slow.
18. Bedroom Walls 5/5
I love the sirens at the begining. The lyrics are making me cry. 69/90   76,6 %   BANKS - THE ALTAR
1. Genimi Feed 5/5
I love the begining and the beat is amazing.
2. Fuck With Myself 5/5
The beat is sick and the lyrics are great too.
3. Lovestick 4/5
It's a good song but it gets a bit boring because she repeats baby really strange.
4. Mind Games 5/5
It reminds me of a mix between Brain & Drowning. I love her vocals in the chorus.
5. Trainwreck 5/5
This is a fucking bop, a highlight.
6. This Is Not About Us 3/5
It's funny and has a good beat but It's one of the weaker tracks.
7. Weaker Girl 5/5
I love the strings at the end. It kills me.
8. Mother Earth 5/5
It reminds me a little bit of Someone New but the vocals could've been better. It's still epic. Another highlight.
9. Judas 5/5
It's amazing. The melody and the lyrics.
10. Haunt 4/5
It's a great song. The beat is great too.
11. Poltergeist 2/5
The weakest song of this album.
12. To The Hilt 5/5
I love her voice and the keyboard in it.
13. 27 Hours 5/5
I thought it would be a bop like most of the songs but I'm glad that this ended up as a ballad.
14. Better 5/5
I love the nearly acapella half. It reminds me a bit off Goddess. 63/70   90 %



Carly Rae Jepsen - E•MO•TION: Side B Review

First Time 4/5 I never liked it when it came out 6 months ago but it grew on me before the EP came out but compared to the rest it's a bit boring but still amazing.  Higher 5/5 I loved it since the previews and the chorus is so catchy and fun. This needs to get a video. The One 5/5 This song fits perfectly in my life. I just want to have fun and don't want to be the one. Fever 5/5 This song breaks me everytime. I love how emotional she is there and the 'I stole your bike' line. Perfect.  Body Language 4/5 It's a funny bop to track and I love the beginning but it'seems not as perfect as the other songs. My least fave song on this EP. Cry 5/5 It reminds me of the person who E•MO•TION was about and it almost makes me cry. I love the 80's style and her high notes. Store 5/5 It's funny and heartbreakingat the same time. I love that she leaves him after she said she's going to the store. It''s her second Meme song ever.   Roses 5/5 After my first full listen I didn't really liked it but it grew on me so much. It reminds me of a softer Black Heart especially with the Blossom Tree line.   OVERALL 38/40 It's another Pop masterpiece from Carly Rae. It has some bops and some ballads, all the stuff I need. I think it''s a bit more stripped down and rawer than E•MO•TION was. Listen to it and stan ha  this and next year could be Carly's year  



Tinashe - April Moon

Release Date: 8th April 2016 Tracklist: 1. April Moon 2. Secret 3. Pour Your Love On Me 4. Same Old Me 5. Up We Go 6. They're On 7. In The Meantime 8. No To Me 9. Have It 10. I'm Coming 4 U 11. You Playin' 12. Down With Ur Luv 13. Solo 14. Joyride (Trailer)   Today Tinashe dropped her new album April Moon! It's Tinashe's 6th Studio Album and follow up to Amethyst. Secret the first single premired on 11th March 2016. Tinashe confirmed that Same Old Me is the next single and will come out next month. She alsp said she will drop another album called Joyride this year. The last song is a preview for the next record. 



Artist of the Month #January

DEMI LOVATO My AOTM is Demi Lovato. I discoverd her in September 2014 but I was too bussy with TS. I really liked Unbroken & Demi but her persona wasn't that interesting. Ine year went by and I heard Confident. I was slayed by her again. I had a struggle with her because she was a bit strange and something wasn't that great about her. I decided to buy 3 albums from her this month, since that month I "officially" follow her. January was a great month for Demi, she had some radio promo, live performences and some sweet selfies. I hope that the little love is growing more and that she still slays my life.  



2011 was a great year

for me 2011 was the best year ever I started following Natalia, Jessie and Kelly (but I knew her a year ago) I had a mini job where I could buy new music I had bad luck in love but I didn't really cared The weather was perfect all in one the year was PERFECT


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