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About this blog

Setting this up to post an informed and educated response to the eternal question “How can you be gay and be studying to be a Pastor?”

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Poetry #2

My life has never been like those that are told and passed down through generations, like the lives that seem to always find a 'happily ever after.' I've seemed to tread through hardship after hardship, bellowing my barks for guidance. Yet, none seemed to find my soul. I've witnessed agony, sheer dread, and utter desolation. Never seen selflessness, pure love, nor absolute satisfaction. I had almost abandoned chasing happiness round and round in circles screaming out in the name of forgiveness,



Fame (Poetry)

Fame     Born into the universe, engrossed in elegance, I emerge. My body, decrepit, my mind, foolish. I exist as nothing. My body swims through the currents of the ocean of submission. I exist as nothing. Friends, family, Satan, they command me to abominate and I listen. I exist as nothing. I sway to the tunes of conformity; I belt the songs of unity. I exist as nothing. My heart quivers to the melodies of allegiance, I never gamble away my name. A monster, grown and harvested for the sake


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