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About this blog

So I enjoy writing album reviews but never really wanted to open a thread for them so I figured now that we have this blog feature I might as well use it for that moo1

So I'll be posting reviews of new albums that come out as well as older albums as I discover them or just random albums in general. 

Basically whatever I'm listening to atm. 

So yeah. Stay tuned jj2

Entries in this blog

Dangerous Woman Review | BLUE.

This past week something has occurred that I never thought would happen in a million years. I am actually stanning an Ari album. I don't Like Yours Truly at all. It's not my kind of music. My Everything has some cute songs but otherwise it's just nothing special imo. Dangerous Woman however is amazing. Ariana completely shattered my expectations. She really could have kicked off the era in a worse way. Focus is completely crap. I'm so glad she ditched the Moonlight title and album. Cause I'm sur




Okay ladies now let's get in formation cause it's time for my LEMONADE review. I feel I've had enough time to let the album fully set in before going in to review it.  That being said this review will be a review of the album alone. Purely the music. I am not reviewing the film accompaniment and will not be factoring it into my thoughts on the music. However, I will mention the film briefly at the start of this review as I my initial thoughts on the album were totally different than they are



Only Human Review | BLUE.

Okay I wanna start by saying that Only Human is definitely not Cheryl's best album. The three singles are some of the best tracks on the album. The album came out in 2014 but it's taken till now to really completely grow on me. I've finally given up on my hopes for it to top or be better than her opus, A Million Lights. Having given that up I've been able to appreciate the album for what it is. I'm not gonna deny though that some songs on the album are just flat out not good. But it is what it i