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Rachel Green's favorite albums of all time

Hey FOTPers . In this thread I'm going to post about some of my favorite albums of all time where I like/love at least 80%+ of the album.  First off I'm gonna start with my faves: janet. by Janet Jackson: This album made me fall in love with 90s music and culture. For me, this album embodies the 90s music perfectly. There's pop, there's R&B, there's opera, there's new jack swing, there's ballads... It may be my favorite album from Janet tbh. I like every single song on this one but the exceptions are If, This Time, Throb, Any Time, Any Place and Where Are You Now. Those songs have left me bald ever since I first heard them. And the tour was snatching with the costumes being a highlight for me. Moving on... Ray of Light by Madonna: When I first heard this album in 2012/13, I hated it with a passion and only liked Frozen and that was it. Then June 2015 happened when a voice told me to give it a second chance and I'm glad I did tbh. The lyrics, the melodies, her voice, the visuals... Pure p e r f e c t i o n. The Fame Monster by Lady Gaga: Her best era in my opinion. Perfect tour, perfect videos, perfect album with no skippable tracks, something her other albums don't have, but Born This Way comes very close if it wasn't for FOHL and BJ+AF. Stripped by Christina Aguilera: I was hesitating between Bionic and this one but I went with Stripped only because Fighter, Walk Away, Dirrty and I'm OK are on it.  I love me some shady, vulnerable and contoversial Xtina. All of those in one era. Whew she did THAT tbh.  Also this album and the next one I consider them very personal; PRISM by Katy Perry: This album has helped me so much for these past 2/3 years. By the Grace of God, Double Rainbow, Roar, Walking on Air, Unconditionally, Spiritual, Choose Your Battles and It Takes Two to be exact and I'll be forever grateful to Katy for releasing such a great body of work. It deserved to win at least 2 Grammys. HONORABLE MENTIONS (IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER): WILL BE UPDATED SOON  (didn't know that I liked the 90s more than the 80s )

Phoebe Halliwell