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Destination #2

WELCOME TO INDIA   The Beach What better way for you to cool off than take a swim. But quickly you notice it's not just the sun that's hot. (John Abraham -Actor/producer) (Siddharth Malhotra - actor) (Varun Dhawan - actor)  

G like MC


Exotic Departures

HAUS OF WHORES JR. PRESENTS:  EXOTIC DEPARTURES WELCOME Join us as we venture to exotic lands and explore the breathtaking beings that inhabit them. Please Select Your Destination Below. More destinations available soon Destination #1   Destination #2  

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Destination #1

WELCOME TO AUSTRALIA   Welcome to our first destination!  Please feel free to explore around and don't forget to comment which guys you decided to take with you back on the ship!  The Beach After hours stuck on that boat you can't feel ever more thankful for dry land. But there's more to be thankful for as you look around . (Jesse Metcalfe - Actor) (Eamon Sullivan -Olympic Swimmer) IG: Eamon

G like MC