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About this blog

Just for laughs.

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The fairy tale comes to an end.

Entry #2:   Since the time of entry #1, M and I have made up several times over and over. I promised to love him better, but I couldn't. It was probably my jealousy and insecurity that lead to this bitter end. I just wanted him to treat me better and make me feel wanted. I've communicated this to him many times, but each time he always called me "crazy". When I don't communicate anything and just deleted him from my friend's list, he would be asking, "Why did you delete me? Why d



50 Shades of Ghostface

@Ghostface is an FOTP Event Team's member, FOTP's 2019 Best New Member Winner, and FOTP's 2020 nominated Best Staff Member and Member of The Year.  Known for being "too nice", there are actually many sides to him.    The side he shows to everyone:   The sides he doesn't show to anyone but experts can analyse them:            NeyFace                                           CyclopsFace                                          DevilFace                   



My FOTP Sets

My set history You can use them if I'm not currently using them.   Ava Max: Blackpink: Cha Eunwoo: Christina Aguilera: Conan Gray: Dance of The Sugar Plum Fairy: Jungkook/BTS: Kai: Kelly Lee Owens:  Kylie Minogue: Park Bo-Gum: Surf Mesa:  Taylor Swift:   Halloween Set Party 2020  



The Honest Vocal Coach Memes

Gifs courtesy of @Billie Frank   1. Georgina being possessed.  Original:    Meme:  2. The Next Madonna.     3. Georgina's Divinations.     4. Georgina's Spells and Curses.      5. Georgina disappointed.   6. Don't mess with Georgina.     7. Little Monster Georgina.    8. Happy Georgina.    


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