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Sylk Answers!


--What is your name?
Sylk  --How old are you? 
18 --Orientation?
home of sexual   --Gender? 
Male --Are you dating anyone? 
Single ! ---Do you have a crush? 
Yes, but they're taken --What country do you live in?
Citizen of the world dahhling --Summer or Winter? 
Winter --How many languages do you know? 
four --Have any tattoos? How many?
None, but I will get a tiny butterfly soon --Have any pets? How many? What are their names
Zero but me and @Hylia will get many in the future and name them after our favs --Ever been to another country? Do you want to?
Yes, I've been to a few places. But I want to go to Iceland and Japan.  --Favorite school subject?
Literature  --Favorite beverage?
H2O --Favorite food?
Croissants  --Do you prefer books, movies, or video games?
Books and Movies perhaps --Do you have any favorite books/movies/games?
The Color Purple is my fav book and WALL-E fav movie --How many blogs do you follow?
I don't follow, I am followed *kiss emoji* --How many followers do you have? 
the sylk fanbase has no number --How many blogs do you have?
five I think i- --Ever been in a physical fight?
Yes, when I was in fourth grade I sent a bully to the ER  --What do you want to do when you're older?
Be a faithful husband to @Jae --Favorite fictional character?
Winnie the pooh --Have you ever broken a bone or had surgery?
Yes when I was a toddler my phat arse brother tripped on me and almost crushed me to death; I broke my arm instead --Favorite genre of music?
I listen to SINGERS i very rarely listen to people who cannot sing --Favorite song? Forever by MC, Unravel by Bjork, Tiger Mountain Peasant Song - Fleet Foxes, Seduction - Val Young, Self Control - Laura Branigan, Living Your Dreams by Raini Rodriguez etc    



Sylk Talk: Honey

I love honey I love it so much it's my fav thing to consume honestly. I carry a little thing of honey with me all the time just eating it wherever I go. Mostly I use my fingers to dip and suck the honey but recently I've learned that that's frowned upon apparently since its 'unsanitary' or whatever. So I've decided to become a bit more civil. However, carrying a spoon seems too much of a clutter for me so what I do is open the honey jar and just shove my tongue right in there! I use the "cat scoop tongue" technique that cats use to drink water. It's the most effective and east method for me + totally sanitary! Some would say my love for Honey comes from Mariah Carey's hit #1 of the same name but that's false. Ever since I was a child I've loved it and preferred it over sugar. I have tried all varieties of honey, natural, artificial, dark etc and also straight from a honey comb. Needless to say I've not enjoyed them all but I still love my honey nonetheless!  I love the thickness of it, the way it tastes and coats my throat, the way it becomes tangy if I eat too much of it at once. I don't always just suck it out of a jar, I sometimes use it in tea, have it with cheese, drizzle over pancakes or have it next to my second fav food of all time: croissants. Honey has so many benefits, besides being fucking delicious ofco: it has many nutrients, rich in antioxidants, natural sugars and ofco it never expires. It's also good for the skin. Someday I'd love to own a spiral honey dipper, they seem so festive. It makes me really sad when I see stuff about bees being endangered we should protect and cherish them for giving us the greatest food of all time: Honey.



How to Eat Hot Spicy Cheetos The Right Way (with Visuals) - Back to bASSics by Chef Sylk

It has come to my attention that many of you don't know how to eat hot spicy cheetos so I have decided to add another entry to my Back to bASSics series. Please refer to the gif below as it shows exactly how to eat hot spicy cheetos. Alot of people just take it out and eat it and that's just barbaric. First we're gonna see the shape of her hand, notice how her hand has formed that claw shape, she delicately uses this "claw" to grab a single hot cheeto and lift it up, now look at this, she lifts the hot cheeto at a 90 degree angle. this allows for all that hot spicy seasoning to stay on the cheeto and as any good cheeto enthusiast would know 2% of the seasoning always fall off no matter what but by picking up the cheeto via this method she is able to preserve that 2% as it falls right back into the bag mixing in with it's delicious cheeto cousins.  Even though it might not seem like it, she's moving like how an African lion moves when it hunts, she gently but ferociously places the cheetos tongue first in her mouth. This technique is called "Cheeto à la carte" invented by the french, when the hot cheetos touches the tongue all the flavors burst into a mosaic of deliciousness as seen by her delightful expression. Also notice how her fingers never touch her lips, this prevents from the seasoning sticking to her fingers when she sends the 'claw' in the bag for another cheeto. Slowly yet moving fast, as to not soak the cheeto too much, she inserts the cheeto in her mouth, clasping her lips together as she crushes and chews enjoying the crunchy, spicy, warm, tangy, vinegary cheeto.  Enjoy! 



The Philosophy of Sylk - Part 1

I think about ants alot. I saw an ant in my room once just walking to his ant friends in a corner. I never open my window so i thought to myself, this ant will never see sun light? heck this ant may never see anything outside of my room. that little corner in my room is all he'll ever know. I like looking at the stars, cause it makes me feel small, it makes feel like an ant. I think, when i travel alot and go to alot of different places, there's a little tea shop in a village in tibet, high in the mountains that i will never get to go because i don't know if it exists or not. maybe it does, but that's okay, we're all just ants really.  



How to Properly Use Condiments - Back to bASSics by Chef Sylk

It has recently come to my attention that some of my fellow fotpers LACK the basic knowledge of how to make use of different condiments to their best advantage. So I have made this table to help and guide them to a proper way of eating condiments.        Condiments   How much to use                How to use                      Ketchup   A little over a teaspoon or a little more! if you're eating a burger or if you're eating fries, always make sure you dip just the tip of the fry and not the whole thing, and you should never dip the burger in the ketchup as all you're gonna taste is the strong vinegary taste of ketchup.                                            Hot Sauce  Little droplets It's a common misconception that the more sauce there is the more it tastes better, this is FALSE. It does not make it taste spicier or better, if you use too much it WILL overpower the flavor of whatever you're eating it with. The best way to eat hot sauce is to use little droplets of it here and there, that way with each bite those droplets burst into a mosaic of deliciousness and elevate the taste! Mayo  A table spoon is recommended Mayo on it's on does not have alot of flavor so it heavy relies on whatever you're eating it with, it's generally recommended that you eat it with something spicy or heavy so the creaminess of the mayo can counter that taste. But again general rule of thumb, never use too much.  Mustard Less than a teaspoon, droplets recommended. Mustard is a very strong condiment so too much of it can be disastrous, use with caution. I personally don't use it much but if you like it then use in moderation pls cause it's very strong and can easily overpower any flavor.  Other  ~  The stronger the taste, the less you use.    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask below!  Enjoy!:)



Diana Ross - I'm Coming Out

This was the first time I told someone, face-to-face. The person I told to always supported the LGBTQ community so I knew their reaction would be positive, but Idk why for some reason I was so scared. It felt like my heart would explode. Thankfully, the reaction was positive. My heart is honestly so full of love rn. But I'm still scared, I'll have to come out to basically everyone I meet in my life, only if they have a terrible gaydar ofco cause you can spot the fag in me from miles away lol.  Honestly can we all just end coming out? I was ghay the second I came out of my mother's womb, maybe even before that, a tiny gay zygote.  Jokes aside, I want to be a parent someday and it would honestly KILL me to know that my child is hurting so much to be who they are, or anyone close to me for that matter.  Thank you to everyone who supported me and gave me the courage to do this. <3 Let's celebrate with this ethereal bop by the queen Riana Rodriguez!  



Sylk's Minecraft Moments

I was deleting some files and I came across my Minecraft data so I thought before I'd delete I'd take some snaps for memories!!  Enjoy!!!   me dog name after @Hylia drowning in me beetroot paddy   me dog Hylia's kid Sylk Jr    Looking over me farm!!!!
  Looking over me cottage me built    me land conquer me make map!!!!   me built wizard tower on mountain    me build portal thingy give me powers   me love gardening   me pig pen and chicken coop me love bacon and kfc nom nom   me sheep pen and cow pen me love wool and milk   me horsey and donkeys    me make bunny farm   me pussies   me kitchen   me bed where me magic happen   me keep secret in the woods   me put zombie spawner me trap them and harvest points like me harvest rep in rep lounge   me do witchcraft    me make portal go to other dimension to escape @Taylor   me look over me farm and do evil laugh   me name me dog after Wendy Williams!
  me bodyguard   me name dog after legend   me cat wig   me cat name after @Aidan.   That's all  



03 - A Moment.

Hello everyone sorry for this bleak moment but I feel a bit upset cause I fear that all the progress that the LGBTQ community has made in the past several years will be wiped out by who's in the oval office right now. I live in a country where LGBTQ is not recognized whatsoever but seeing that happen elsewhere, seeing progress, gives me and everyone else like me hope and that is the greatest gift of all. I truly hope and pray that people fight, raise their voices and protect our community and continue striving for equality everywhere.  The women's march is such a beautiful example. Ultimately it's all of us that have the power, but it's only when we're all together.   



02 - khkujkjh

this is probably the 100th time I've written a lengthy, emotional post on some part or another from my life, and then erased it completely...  I don't know why I'm like this, but I'll just leave this here for now.    I measure every grief I meet with narrow, probing eyes -- I wonder if it weighs like mine -- or has an easier size - Emily Dickinson



01 - Limitless

Today, I did something that I've been wanting to do for a long long time. I deleted my social media accounts. All of them. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Askfm, Snapchat, Whatsapp you name it. The reason is, I was holding on too much to my past. I finished High School almost a year ago, and since then my online social life hadn't been active that much, but still I held on to everything so dearly, every post that I made, ever status that I posted, every picture I uploaded, all those likes and comments. Even though nobody really cared. I did. Cause I felt that's all I had. And then I realized how pathetic I was...to obsess over that pic I uploaded 2 years ago that got 200 likes.. I felt really held back. Like a hoarder from one of those TLC shows. I asked my friends, almost all of them said "Oh noo they're memories..". But they weren't. They just reminded me of my troubled past. They reminded me of my back-stabbing ex "best friends", who I surprisingly was still friends with on Facebook. But most important they reminded me of who I was back then. This messed up teenage boy caught in everybody's drama, trying to be funny to get attention, yea I was basically a slut, I loveeedd attention and I would've done anything to get it back then. Not for the wrong reasons ofcourse, obviously this stems from deep rooted issues which would take years to discuss. But I'm working on it. I'm getting to know myself better as each day passes. And I can't continue if I have reminders around of the person I was. I wanna be limitless. I don't want anything holding me back from doing anything or being anything I want. I wanna live a life where the only thing that I hold dear is my happiness, and not at the expense of others. About a week ago I read something that struck me "Poor is the man whose pleasure depend on the permission of another." - Madonna  Its basically everything I've ever wanted to know.    Thanks for reading.