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After she finishes that movie, she probably would want to take a long break in one of those Giza pyramids, which will preserve her youth and beauty for the next 100 years. Then she will have a literal comeback. Then she would take another another year to adopt to new trends, surroundings and evolved species. She would release a new album about partying in afterlife. Of course, no one would care because all her stans would be six feet under and fossilized. Madonna would flop, while Return of Jesus would be the thing. 



2016 Movies

The movies I plan to watch:


The Witch

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny
Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children
Florence Foster Jenkins
10 Cloverfield Lane
The Handmaiden


Midnight Special 

Assassin's Creed

Sadako vs Kayako 


The Other Side of The Door 
Don’t Knock Twice





The movies I watched so far:


maxresdefault.jpg  MV5BMTcxNTAwNDU3Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMTk5ODQ3ODE@._V1_UX477_CR0,0,477,268_AL_.jpg  b7afccad-8652-4d30-bd6a-1aa12e20a94d.jpg

  •   Kill Command was  good. Basically a movie where robots take the control and attack humans. A Terminator type of movies. I like such movies.Plus, there was Thure Lindhardt.
  • Absolutely Fabulous is one of my favorite comedy series and I was very happy when the movie was announced. Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie didn't deliver anything new, but it wasn't disappointing. I was surprised that they managed to make it on the level of the series. All the stuff that worked well in series, worked well in the movie too. Too bad that many jokes from the series were recycled in the movie, but  I enjoyed them.
  • Bridget Jones's Baby was great. The first movie was brilliant, while the sequel was weak. I thought the third movie would be pretty much like the second one. I also thought it would be about Bridget, her baby and baby problems. The movie is none of those. a pleasant surprise. 


highrise_-_h_2015.jpg  maxresdefault.jpg  ghostbusters-2016-625x324.png

  • High-Rise was weird. It wasn't a bad movie, but honestly I expect more.
  • Arrival was amazing in every way. Great story, great acting, great visuals...  Some people said it is a rip off of The Abyss, but too many movies have similar stories (people trying to make a contact with aliens). In Arrival everything is well executed.
  • Ghostbusters wasn't popular because of its all female cast. A lot of unnecessary hate was expressed towards this movie. Too bad, because it was a fun and pleasing movie.


b634b4b45375c5b419492f38ef90da77187a3f13.jpg   39DgNHikYGhtGrbtXuavLY1qpqi.jpg  Independence-Day-Resurgence-2016-after-credits-hq.jpg 

  • Boo! A Madea Halloween was a decent comedy and a typical Madea movie. Madea movies are hit and miss, but this one has got solid substance.

  • The Boss was bad. The story, characters... It was pointless and uninspiring. 

  • Independence Day: Resurgence was trash. It was fun at times, but it is just one of those movies with nice visuals, while everything else was horrible.


doctor-strange-2-benedict-cumberbatch_64.jpg  580956e606c0a.jpg  maxresdefault.jpg

  • Doctor Strange was a great movie. I really liked it and enjoyed it. It is a different type of Marvel heroes movies, so that makes it special. The amain actor was charming, the visuals were stunning, while the story and its world were interesting. The only thing I didn't like were the scenes where the main character reference popular artists. It was cringe worthy and not funny at all.
  • Inferno was solid objectively, but after The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons  I expected more. It was weaker in comparison to previous parts. It felt like the characters were running and solving puzzles for the sake of it. 
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was good, but certainly not better than Harry Potter movies. I think that movie's setting (USA, 1926) makes it weird and different. The story was weak, while the capturing of  beasts reminds of Pokemon and similar Japanese  franchises. Special effects were good, while the fantastic beasts were entertaining and interesting. Eddie Redmaynen as a main character was a weird choice. Maybe they wanted a wired looking actor for a weird character, but I felt like any minute Newt Scamander could throw that wand and start having gender/sexual identity issues (The Danish Girl).


MV5BMzY5NDEyODc2Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMTQ3ODk4ODE@._V1_CR0,59,640,360_AL_UX477_CR0,0,477,268_AL_.jpg   resident-evil-the-final-chapter-reviews-227994.jpg  22-nocturnal-animals-adams.w1200.h630.jpg

  • X-Men: Apocalypse was fun overall. The main reason why I watched it was Egyptian theme and the main antagonist. Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique is just awkward. 
  • Resident Evil: The Final Chapter was just another Resident Evil movie. It was fun, but like other parts, it had a bad story. Too bad, the movies could have been great if they were closer to the ideas of the video games.
  • Nocturnal Animals is the second movie by Tom Ford. It was very dark, interesting and creepy at times. Tom Ford is very good as a movie director. The actors/actresses he chooses always do a great job, while his movies are visually very stylized and fashionable. 

DRUsUqg.jpg  cO64tXq.jpg  4I80huS.jpg

  • Suicide Squad was fun and that's it. It is a typical superhero movie with no substance.
  • A Dark Song is an Irish independent horror movie that involves the use of magic. Slow, but interesting. 
  • Cell is an science fiction horror based on Stepehen King work  and starring John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson. It is pretty much a recycle of of any other movie that involves zombies, although this one is about an electronic signal that turns people into killers. 


MW-FE255_Split_ZG_20170123120533.jpg  Brody-AMasterfulEmilyDickinsonMovie2.jpg  KE5Kf9A.jpg

  • Split is a psychological horror-thriller film written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan. James McAvoy was great and the story was interesting. One of the better movies by Shyamalan.
  • A Quiet Passion is a biographical movie about American poet Emily Dickinson. Very charming, but also very depressing. I didn't know anything about Emily Dickinson, so this movie was educating. 

  • Blair Witch is a  found footage horror movie. It is a direct sequel to The Blair Witch Project. It was a solid work, but I expected more, especially if we take into consideration the fact that all modern found footage horror movies were based on The Blair Witch Project, which was groundbreaking. 



  • Gods of Egypt is horrible. The story is so uninspiring and dumb, the CG effects are cheap, the presentation of Egyptian mythology is silly, the acting is bad... 

The 70s


- Madonna appeared in small roles of some flop movies. 

- Madonna and Cyndi Lauper and a few other people made a disco band called Mythological Ageism. First album Glitter Light (1978) did well, while Sepheryn (cover) became a top 5 hit. 


The 80s

- Second album Confessions On A Dance Floor (1980) flopped. Its was criticized for being too disco in a time when disco became irrelevant. Madonna and Cyndi wanted to cover ABBA's song and said things could have been different. At this point the band broke up. Apparently Madonna and Cyndi wanted to go in different directions, but rumor had it that Cyndi was jealous of Madonna voice and couldn't take it anymore. 

hqdefault.jpg    51697_600.jpg

- In 1981 Madonna released American Dream. A conceptual new wave/pop rock about America being no.1  in world. The album flopped, while Madonna called it ahead of its time.

Critics said it was too cringe worthy and thought Madonna being patriotic was very calculated and a desperate cry for success. 

ItQVOED.jpg  JvxOfjm.jpg

- In 1982 Madonna started to experiment and released a conceptual instrumental album called Impressive Instant. It didn't do well on charts, but critics praised its futuristic beats.

- In 1983 Madonna starred in Flashdance movie and also did a few songs for the soundtrack that were released as singles. The movie was a huge success, while singles What A Feeling, Into The Groove and Gambler became no.1s.  

- In 1984, she got Oscar for her role in Flashdance and also a Grammy for What A Feeling. 

- In 1985 Madonna released Hard Candy, a disco inspired album that became no.1 everywhere. Hit single Candy Shop was praised for its inventive production and smart bland of dance and sex  themes. Another hit single 4 Minutes  was praised for its serious theme and performed at Live Aid. The same year Madonna went on her first solo tour.


spkiIo6.jpg  gQeEH32.jpg

- In 1986 and 1987 Madonna focused on her acting career. She did a few movies and all her roles got critical acclaim. Madonna gets an Oscar nomination. 


- In 1989 Madonna released Rebel Heart. Critics loved it and called a perfect collection of brilliant pop songs. Ghost Town became an instant classic, while Living For Love was praised for its choir and gospel elements. 


The 90s

- In 1990, another RH single was released. Bitch I'm Madonna song was described as brave, provocative and game changing. Its video became iconic for Madonna's introduction of a new dance trend: twerking. The same year Madonna released her first compilation called Celebration, with a new song Keep It Together. The compilation did well and Keep It Together was a no.1. In Zimbabwe the single was released with a bonus song called Vague. A second tour, Veni Vidi Vici, became iconic and groundbreaking. Madonna was the first artist who changed her costumes. She also did it in front of the public sometimes. Madonna got banned in Toronto for exposing her thong while singing Hold Tight. 


- In 1991 Madonna met William Orbit. They married the same year. He produced her new album MDNA.

- In 1992  MDNA album was released. European trash house dance acid rock  inspired single Girl Gone Wild became a no.1 and influenced the music world. A ballad Give Me All Your Love ( a duet with Vanilla Ice) appeared on The Bodyguard soundtrack too. Madonna wanted to tour, but changed her mind, when she got pregnant and gave a birth to a girl called Lola.

ENpEoIl.jpg  QYSyowT.jpg

- In 1994 enlightened Madonna released a new album Bedtime Stories. It was a collection of lullabies for children and was dedicated to Lola. Madonna also released her first book from a hit series Harry Potter. Madonna was praised for her new reinvention and for making kids read instead of doing drugs.

- Madonna wanted to act in a new movie called Evita, but the director chose Courtney Love for the main role. Disappointed Madonna started to work on a new album called Like a Prayer. It was a second collaboration with Orbit. The adult contemporary album was released in 1997 and flopped. Madonna blamed Orbit and they got divorced.

- In 1998 her jazz album What's That Jazz  went unnoticed.

KXSQy9U.jpg    sDrxklf.jpg


The 2000s

- The comeback in 2001 : Madonna did vagina rejuvenation and released Like a Virgin album. The album was a big hit, just like its singles (Like a Virgin, Material Girl, Dress You Up, Hey You). Madonna was praised for exploring new themes like materialism and innocence.  She was also called a new force of conceptual art.  Virginity tour was a success and Madonna performed all her iconic hits.


- In 2002 Madonna released Erotica, which became her best selling album (40 million copies). She was praised for her new conceptual work that talked about a frigid cyborg who desperately wants an orgasm. Thanks to a hit single Sexpress Yourself (a song about sexpressing yourself and not being a hoe), Madonna became a feminist icon. Erotica and Waiting (For Isaac Asimov) were top 10 hits, while Secret Garden peaked at no.84. 


- In 2003 Madonna released Sex book as a response to George Bush. A book with sexy photos of Madonna's madgina, Britney, Xtina, Justin Timberlake, Backstreet Boys and Oprah. Madonna shocked the world. People were destroying her Erotica CDs. People called Madonna old and a traitor. George Bush claimed he didn't get Madonna's intention, but he liked the book.



- In 2006 Madonna released a self titled album. Madonna album, inspired by the 70s disco, was a new comeback. Everybody and Lucky Star were no.1 hits. Madonna also released an autobiography called Lucky Star.



The 2010s

- In 2010 Madonna released her second compilation, Immaculate Collection that contained her most important songs. 

- In 2012, while  working on her new album, all her songs in their demo versions leaked. The same year Madonna released her album  titled True Blue as a reference to her emotions during leak gate. 


- In 2013 Madonna and Lady Gaga formed a pop duo called Goga and Magoga. Their album Iconic flopped. Critics called it "Fiesta del failure" and "An epic fail of epic stars".



- In 2015 Madonna stated that she thinks that leaking is the future of music. 





Madonna is currently working on a new album. Rumor has it that one song is called Donde Estas Los Hit Makers? and has been described as a new La Isla Bonita.





Bananarama is a British pop group best known for their 80s hits such as Really Saying Something, Cruel SummerRobert De Niro's Waiting and their cover of Venus.

They released 10 albums so far. In the end of the 80s Siobhan Fahey left the group and a new girl joined them and left them in 1991. Since then Bananarama acts like a duo.


Bananarama is singles act and their albums have been collections of fillers most of the time. Don't even bother with their 90s and 2000s stuff. It is  shit. The 80s is the only period when they released some great and solid material. After the 80s, their music became worse than those 80s fillers. 


220px-Banana_dss.jpg  220px-Banana_ba.jpg  220px-Banana_tc.jpg  220px-BananaWow.jpg


Songs you should have in your pop collection:

From Deep Sea Skiving (1983) album: Really Saying Something, Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye

 From Bananarama (1984) album : Cruel Summer, Robert De Niro's Waiting

From True Confessions (1986) album : Do Not Disturb, Venus

From Wow! (1987) album: I Can't Help It



What about albums?

  The only album that you might check out is True Confessions. It isn't amazing, but it has their most iconic song, Venus, and contains the most solid material. 

2016 was a poor year music wise. jj3 I had even problems to make a top 5 of favorite albums.



Top 5 Albums


05. Gwen Stefani - This Is What the Truth Feels Like


It wasn't that bad like some people like to claim. There are a lot of gems. Using  some of the best songs as bonus material on deluxe edition was a bad idea. She choose some of the most basic songs to represent her album (Used To Love You is an exception).

Highlights: Splash, Obsessed, Loveable, Rocket Ship, Rare


04. Roxette - Bad Karma


Roxette has always been able to deliver jolly pop songs and catchy melancholic ballads. Their music can be cliche too, but who cares. Good Karma is  one of their best albums and the best one since Have A Nice Day that was released in 1999.

Highlights: Why Dontcha?, Good Karma, You Can't Do This to Me Anymore


03. Blossoms - Blossoms


Blossoms is the self-titled debut album by English rock band Blossoms. Many songs have been released before the album as singles or on extended plays, so there isn't a lot of new material. I like their mix of classic rock and modern electronic music.

Highlights: Charlemagne, Getaway, At Most A Kiss, Cut Me and I'll Bleed


02. Kate Bush - Before The Dawn


Since there wasn't a lot of stuff I liked in 2016, I decided to include this love album by Kate Bush. Like any other work by Kate Bush, it is brilliant. I thought it would be impossible to recreate some of those songs on stage, because they are very complex and have so many details, but Kate Bush pulled it off. Although all songs are pretty much the same like original versions it isn't a bad thing at all. Actually, there is a different feel because all songs have been performed live and Kate's voice shines and delivers a lot of strong emotions. Hounds of Love is even more emotional than the album version. 

Highlights: Hounds of Love, King of the Mountain


01. Shura - Nothing's Real


This album amazed me. I like everything about it. The lyrics, the production, melodies... A brilliant synthpop album with 80s elements.

Highlights:  Tongue Tied, 2Shy, Make It Up




Artists that disappointed me:

 Not only Chairlift delivered a weak album (Moth) music wise, but it turned out to be their last one. jj3 Romeo is good. The album cover slays too.

Garbage made a mistake when it decided to leave the catchy electropop elements and focus on harder rock sound. Strange Little Birds is everything I don't want from them. trash1 

Good album cover. jj3 

Bat For Lashes fucked it up this time. The Bride is too conceptual, cohesive and boring. eve1 




Reinvention of 2016


Everybody expected an electropop album, maybe with disco elements this time, but Lady Gaga surprised everyone and delivered  organic music with elements of rock/country/folk.

I don't like the entire album, but there are a few gems I enjoy. People and some "fans" who think she delivered a bad album should have  several seats. Just because it isn't your cup of tea doesn't make it bad.




Favorite songs of 2016 (not counting the ones from the top 5 albums above)

Lady Gaga - Diamond Heart

Lady Gaga - Joanne

Britney Spears - Do You Wanna Come Over

Lady Gaga - Perfect Illusion

Lady Gaga - Sinner's Prayer

Britney Spears - Just Love Me

Blood Orange - Better Than Me

Beyonce -  All Night

Red Hot Chili Peppers - The Getaway

Britney Spears - Clumsy

The Weeknd - Starboy

The Dandy Warhols - Styggo

Mr. Tophat feat Robyn - Trust Me

Martin Solveig - Do It Right (feat Tkay Maidza)

Rihanna - Kiss It Better

Coasts - You

Ladyhawke - Chills

The 1975 - Love Me

Tegan and Sara - U-turn

Foxes -  Feet Don't Fail Me Now

Foxes - Money

Capital Cities - Vowels

Ryan Adams -Do You Still Love Me

Jonas Blue - By Your Side (feat Raye)

Hooverphonic - In Wonderland

Vaults - Cry No More

Kitten - Church

Kitten - Heaven

Femme - Dumb Blond

Femme - Locoluvva

Femme - S.O.S.

Chairlift - Romeo


The 60s


Satyricon (1969), also known as Fellini Satyricon, is a weird fantasy drama directed by  Federico Fellini.  Wiki: "The film is divided into nine episodes, following the scholar Encolpius and his friend Ascyltus as they try to win the heart of the young boy Gitón, whom they both love, within the film's depiction of a surreal and dreamlike Roman landscape and culture."


The 70s

 I didn't watch these movies, but they seem interesting and some of them are well known. 

250px-Death_in_Venice_Poster.jpg   22830-sebastiane-0-230-0-345-crop.jpg?k=    220px-Pink_Narcissus_FilmPoster.jpeg


The 80s

220px-Another_Country_1984_film_poster.j   215px-My_Beautiful_Laundrette_Poster.jpg    215px-Maurice_Theatrical_release_poster.   220px-Law_of_Desire.jpg  215px-Torchsongtrilogyposter.jpg


Another Country (1984) is a good movie. Maybe a little bit boring in comparison to the other movies here. It explores homosexuality/homophobia and hypocrisy. Basically, Rupert Everett is a gay guy who is disappointed with society and boys who had sex with boys, but they don't want to label themselves as gay or bi because of the reputation, so they pretend to be straight and are homophobic. My Beautiful Laundrette (1985) is a gorgeous comedy drama that deals with racism, besides homosexuality. Maurice (1987) is a romantic drama in early 20th-century England. It also deals with hypocrisy and homophobia of that time. I won't spoiled anything here, but I loved the twist. Law of Desire (1987) is a movie directed by Pedro Almodovar and that should say a lot. It tells a story about Pablo (a film director), Juan (Pablo's love interest) and Antonio (Antonio Banderas), who is in love with Pablo. Torch Song Trilogy (1988) is comedy drama about a gay man who works as a drag queen/torch singer.


The 90s

220px-My_Own_Private_Idaho.png  220px-The_Wedding_Banquet_1993_poster.pn     220px-Happy_Together_poster.jpg  220px-In_and_Out.jpg  220px-Edgeofseventeenposter.jpg

My Own Private Idaho (1991) is an interesting movie directed by Gus Van Sant and starring Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix. I wished it had a happy ending. The Wedding Banquet (1993) was directed by Ang Lee and tells a story about Wai-Tung Gao and Simon, a gay couple whose happinesses is interrupted by Wai-Tung's parents who decide to come to USA from Taiwan and marry him to a girl. Happy Together (1997) is a brilliant and artistic drama directed by Wong Kar Wai and follows two gay characters from China who try to renew their relationship in Argentina. In & Out (1997) is a solid romantic comedy starring Kevin Kline and Tom Selleck. Edge of Seventeen (1998) is a decent coming of age movie set in the 1984. I liked the 80s fashion and music.  


The 2000s

215px-Aff_presque_rien.jpg    220px-La_mala_educacion_film_poster.jpg    220px-Summer_storm_2004.jpg  A_Home_at_the_End_of_the_World_film.jpg

 220px-Brokeback_mountain.jpg   220px-A_Single_Man.jpg    


Presque rien (2000) is a French Belgian drama focused on a holiday romance. Bad Education (2004) is another gay themed movie directed by Pedro Almodovar. It is a drama that focuses on sexual abuse by Catholic priests, transsexuality and drug use. Summer Storm (2004) is a German coming-of-age drama about unrequited love. A Home at the End of the World (2004) is a drama (based on a novel of the same title) about a complex relationship between two male characters (one of them is played by Colin Farrell) and AIDS. Brokeback Mountain (2005) is another great movie by Ang Lee. I guess I don't need to say anything about it because it is one of the most iconic gay movies of the 21th century.  A Single Man (2009) is a debut movie by  Tom Ford. It was based based on the novel of the same name by Christopher Isherwood. Since Tom Ford is a fashion designer, the movie is visually elegant and stylized. It features a fashion model Jon Kortajarena, whose role was small. Jon wants to be an actor, but he sucks at it.  


The 2010s

250px-Worried_About_the_Boy_DVD_cover.jp    220px-Keep_The_Lights_On_poster.jpg    CallMeByYourName2017.png

Worried About the Boy (2010) is a biographical movie about 80s pop star Boy George and his band Culture Club. It is a great movie with so many interesting facts and it portraits many popular artists of the 80s like Billy Idol, Steve Strange (leader of Visage) and Marilyn. Although it is a TV movie, it is well made. Keep the Lights On (2012) is an American drama based on a true story and shows a  complicated  relationship between Erik (a filmmaker) and Paul (a lawyer with drug addiction). Call Me by Your Name (2017) is a coming of age drama set in Italy. Good actors, great story, beautiful sceneries. 




While I focused more on movies with romantic note, I enjoyed these ones too. To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar (1995) is "an American comedy film, starring Wesley Snipes, Patrick Swayze, and John Leguizamo as three New York drag queens who embark on a road trip." While The Birdcage (1996) is also a comedy, focused on drag queens, effeminacy, conservative people and other stuff. Madonna's dancer appeared in this movie. 


220px-Towongfoo.jpg    250px-Birdcage_imp.jpg

John Hughes is an iconic movie director and writer. Sixteen Candles was his debut as a director. 

It was critically acclaimed, while I think that it is a solid movie. xtina11



The main issue is movie's plot. There is no plot. At least I felt that way. jj3  We just see a bunch of teens hanging out in school, at party, at home... Typical teen problems and situations. Molly Ringwald plays her eternal role: an "unattractive" girl that gets a hot boy in the end.


The things in this movie are so shallow. Samantha (Molly Ringwald) is in love with  Jake Ryan who is popular, hot and has a girlfriend. One day, she did a sex quiz on a paper and that paper accidentally ends up in the hands of Jake instead of her best friend Randy. In that quiz, she revealed that "she is a virgin and is saving herself for Jake".

There is also a geeky freshman Ted who likes Samantha, but she doesn't like him. In school Jake asks  Ted about Samantha and later Ted  tells that to Samantha. Samantha is excited and she accepts everything without any doubt. Like hot guys fell in love with her all the time. eve1 


Later, at a party in Jake's house, Jake tells that Ted that he is tired of partying and shallow girls. He wants a serious girl now. jj3 Apparently, he "became" smarter, wiser and serious. Oh and at the same time he asks geeky freshman to take his drunk girlfriend Caroline home with his car. Ted doesn't even know how to drive. orly1 


Next day, Caroline wakes up in Ted's arms in the car. They talk and share a kiss. orly1 Suddenly, a popular and shallow girl likes a geek. Nothing happened during the night, but she doesn't ask herself "Was I raped?" or whatever. She acted like this was just an another ordinary day.  jj3 


In the end of the movie, Jake appears in front of Samantha and later they share a kiss. This was their first true contact. moo3 The whole movie seemed pointless with many random characters. 



Without any doubt, Gilmore Girls is a great TV show and probably one of the best of all time. It is warm show and and makes cozy.  Perfect option for Autumn and Winter. lj1 

Anyway, sometimes this show can be so unbelievable and some characters so annoying. jj3 


Lorelai and Rory

Lorelai is the mother and Rory her daughter. Sometimes it feels like it is the other way around. Lorelei can be so childish. And sometimes both girls can be childish.

I get that Lorelai wants to be like a best friend to Rory, but that will never happen, because she is her mother. um2 At some moments, Lorelai has a point and right to be mad (when Rory leaves Yale and moves out without talking to Lorelai), but her behavior was so childish. It was like watching 2 teen girls/best friends ignoring and avoiding each other after a big fight. Loreali, gurl, you are mother. Act like one. 


Lorelai and her parents

Her parents are SNOBS, especially Emily (Lorelai's mother). Sometimes Lorelai and Rory might be snobby, but Emily is the obvious queen.

Lorelai's  problematic relationship with her parents is understandable. They can be a nightmare, especially Emily, who is one of those characters from Hell. They had a plan for Lorelai's life and later the same one for Rory and that shows why Lorelai wasn't happy with them and their lifestyle. 

In one episode, Emily found out that Rory started to date Dean  again, while Dean  was still married, but separated. Then Emily threw a party for Rory where  all young and rich boys from high society were invited, with a mission to find an appropriate man for Rory. Really? Emily can pretend to be classy and moral, but this was so low and so weird. Basically, an orgy with clothes.


Although Lorelai's parents can be a nightmare, Lorelai can be hard too. Sometimes it  seems that she has no respect for them. When they are being polite and ask her to do something she is being childish and goofy and bitching about it. In the most normal occasions Lorelai, instead of being  an adult, acts like a circus freaks and is able to tell 100 jokes and nonsense things in 1 minute. Shut up!


When Rory wanted to be a student at  Chilton Academy, Lorelai needed help (money) and she asked her parent to help. They decided to help, but the girls had to come to their dinner every Friday. Of course, Lorelai instead of being grateful acts like a child. They are her parents for fuck's sake. Show some respect and see them more often. um2 

Lorelai is such a brat person because she says shit about them, and then dares to ask them for help when no one other can help. trash1 

During the show, Lorelai manages to pay Rory's school, which means that her parents' help becomes unnecessary and "bye bye to Friday dinners". eve1 Later, Lorelai is in deep shit again and guess who comes to the recuse. jj3 


In season 2, Lorelai doesn't even tell her mother that she is about to marry Max and her best friend Sookie tells that to Emily. trash1 

In the final season, when Rory got a job and must travel a lot,  Emily thought that means no more Friday dinners, but Lorelai said she will keep coming. Thank God for that. sia1 

Rory's relationships

Through Rory's relationships, we can see that Rory isn't so innocent and good. Sometimes, she doesn't even fight for her love. Like that episode when Emily arranges that orgy and when Dean sees Rory with those rich guys (assholes) he tells Rory that he doesn't belong there and leaves her. Rory is sad, but that's it.  She doesn't talk about or try to fight for him in the next episodes. Like it never happened. um2 And then, "shockingly", she is with Logan, one of those rich guys. 


The best option for Rory  was Dean. He really loved her. On one site I read how he is stupid and bad option for Rory. I disagree. Dean isn't stupid. Sure, Rory is smarter than him, but just because Dean has no opinion on Milton, Byron or some philosopher, doesn't necessarily mean he is stupid. um2 You can't expect every smart person to know shit fact from literature or whatever. 

Jess and Logan had more in common with Rory. Jess likes to read and later writes a book, while Logan worked at Yale Daily News or whatever. But...Jess was a bad boy and   a cave man who didn't want to show his emotions. Actually, he did, but during many moments it seems like he doesn't care, he doesn't fight, just runs away. Later, when his book is published, it seems that he got his shit together and acts like an adult.

Logan is rich brat, a snob sometimes. Irresponsible. Good thing: his money can fix a lot of problems. eve1 He can be a good guy too, but...Dean was just better.


When Rory was dating Dean, when he was married, Luke (Loreali's boyfirend, Jess' uncle, cave man) was acting like an asshole to Dean. Luke said how he isn't good for Rory and claimed he is unstable, because when Rory left Dean in the past, Dean got married.  Really Luke? Maybe Dean did get over Rory and was happy with his wife. Just because he became unhappy and later cheated his wife with Rory doesn't make him unstable. lj1 Yes, it is wrong what he did, but Rory is to blame too. After all, she is a "good girl" who means no harm.

It seems that Rory is the unstable one, who can't decide whom to love. Dean, Jess, married Dean, Logan. 

Funny, how Luke called dean unstable because  of marriage stuff and later Lorelei has sex and marries Christoper after a fight with Luke. sia2 


Lorelai's relationships

I will never understand Lorelai's  true desires. She had an opportunity to be with Max. He asked her to marry him, she said yes and later she left him. Apparently, she didn't love him. Then why was she with him? moo3 

Christopher is Rory's dad, but he and Lorelai have never got married, until season 7. eve1 I think Christopher is Lorelai's Dean - her first love and they had a complicated history.

If Christoper was only important to Lorelai when she was a teen, then why the fuck did she want to be with him? If it was Luke all the time, why did she waste her time? During the show, Lorelai wants to be with Christopher (who was in a relationship at that time) and he feels the same, but when he finds out that his girlfriend is pregnant, he changes his mind. In season 7, they got married, but it turned out Lorelai just had "happy face" mask. 


And there is Luke. A cave man. He is a good man and really loves Lorelai, but sometimes he can be like Jess. Instead of reacting and  fighting, he is being quiet and does things wrong way. Like postponing his wedding day with Lorelai. 


I forgot about Jason. fall1 


Lane Kim and Mrs. Kim

Lane Kim and her mother would be a perfect option for a Gilmore Girls spin off. Lane was such a  cool character and their relationship was so funny, complex and interesting. oprah2 

The best moments were those when you expected Mrs. Kim to act the way she usually does,  but she does the opposite. gaga13 



And this:




WTF moments: Luke's out-of-nowhere daughter, April, looked like younger version of Mia from The Princess Diaries. 

S19mFXV.jpg  LUhRM4e.jpg


 I think this was a story mistake:

- After leaving Yale, Rory figures out that she still wants to be a journalist and decides to go back to Yale. She also gets a job at Stamford Eagle Gazette. Around that time, she becomes an editor of the Yale Daily News. Later, her work for Stamford Eagle Gazette magazine has never been mentioned. 


Also,  Jackson became a new town selectman and later admits that he doesn't want that job. In some of next episodes, suddenly we see that Taylor is the town selectman, without any explanation. eve1 





Gilmore Girls in a nutshell:



Annoying TV Characters

Usually the most annoying characters are the ones who are dumb as fuck, but there are always exceptions.

Also, after watching the same shows more times, I noticed how some of those main characters can also be annoying.




Hyacinth Bucket  is a main character in Keeping Up Appearances, a British comedy series. She might be annoying, but she is a brilliant character.

Wiki: Hyacinth Bucket  who insists her surname is pronounced Bouquet (although in reality,  is an over-bearing, social-climbing snob, originally from a poor working-class background, whose main mission in life is to impress others with her lifestyle and perceived affluence and refinement. She's terrified that her background will be revealed, and goes to great lengths to hide it. Hyacinth likes to spend her days visiting stately homes (convinced she will meet and strike up a friendship with the upper class owners, especially if they are aristocratic) and hosting "executive-style" candlelight suppers.



Joey Tribbiani (Friends)

With every season, Joey was dumber and dumber. The weirdest thing was one or two episodes where Joey knew some interesting facts, while other superior characters didn't.


Lorelai and Rory (Gilmore Girls)

Great show, but they can be really exhausting. Lorelai, instead of acting like an adult, can be very childish, while Rory, who is a good girl, can be a bitch.



Will & Grace

Will was always the responsible and mature one, but there are a lot of moments where he acted like a baby and was a hypocrite. Grace...what a lazy and stupid  bitch. Shut your holes.


Marie Barone (Everybody Loves Raymond)

Wiki: Intrusive, controlling, manipulative and over-nurturing (at least with Raymond), she is a housewife who excels in cooking, cleaning, and other things dealing with keeping a good home and family.

She is usually a bitch to Debra, Raymond's wife.


Eric Forman (That '70s Show)

An ordinary geek-ish boy. Seems like a good guy, but sometimes he was such an asshole to his girlfriend Donna and his family.


Michael Kelso (That '70s Show)

Dumb, superficial, no manners, childish...



Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory)

Very intelligent and weird geek, but at the same time very stupid because he doesn't understand life and people. He acts like a baby. The worst part of the show are other characters who let him get away with it.

10. Muse

220px-Grace_Jones_-_Muse.jpg    trash1

09. Fame

220px-FAMe.jpg    trash1

08. Portofolio


What makes this basic disco album better than previous two messy works is a great reinvention of La Vie en rose.

07. Bulletproof Heart


Brilliant album cover, but most of the songs here sound unfinished, amateurish and dated for the time when it was released. Grace wasn't in her zone and it is hard to understand how she made this after so many qualitative and unique albums. The album may seem as a disaster at first, but it is actually a mixed bag, especially if we focus only on standard edition.

Trash songs would be Someone To Love, Kicked Around, Paper Plan, Crack Attack and bonus songs Dream and Don't Cry Freedom. They are just awful. Love On Top Of Love is basic, but tolerable. The best songs are Seduction Surrender and Amado Mio, while  Driving Satisfaction, Bulletproof Heart and On My Way are good too.

06. Inside Story


A good album full of catchy songs. Maybe it let down some fans, because Grace delivered something more commercial and very close to pop music. However, this isn't a sellout album. It has Grace Jones style, only it is more accessible.

05. Hurricane


An epic comeback after a long break. Grace maybe didn't slay the charts, but she showed that she still has a lot to offer.  This is an  electronica album with Grace's typical r'n'b and reggae elements. William's Blood is a masterpiece.

04. Warm Leatherette


After messy and basic disco albums, Grace had finally delivered a great album with an interesting and unique sound that mixes different genres.


03. Living My Life


An awesome album that was released after Nightclubbing. It used the same elements like the mentioned album, but most songs here are original material instead of covers.

02. Slave to the Rhythm


This album may seem like a remix collection of the same song, but it is  actually a brilliant conceptual work that interprets the same song in different ways.

01. Nightclubbing


New wave, reggae, disco, rock, synthpop... All genres work well together and create magic. Grace delivered a few original songs, while the cover songs, after Warm Leatherette covers, confirmed that Grace is one of those artists whose cover songs are equal to or even better than original versions.



10. Tesla Boy - The Universe Made of Darkness


09. MS MR - Secondhand Rapture


08. Lady Gaga - ARTPOP/Katy Perry - PRISM



07. Chvrches - The Bones of What You Believe


06. CSS - Planta


05. New Order - Lost Sirens


04. Goldfrapp - Tales Of Us


03. Arcade Fire - Reflektor


02. Haim - Days Are Gone


01. Hurts - Exile


This ranking is from Music Mania and I made a few changes. eve1



15. Class Actress - Movies



Technically an EP, Movies is a synthpop work produced by Elizabeth Harper, Giorgio Moroder, Neon Indian and Mess Kid. This is the first work by Class Actress as a solo artist. Movies is inspired by "the films of '80s excess, glamor and self-discovery" and Harper wanted it to be "a dark story of a woman who explores the glamorous fantasy life of a Hollywood party girl." Songs are catchy and have dark atmosphere , while the production is polished and evokes the 80s synthpop music works.

Highlights: More Than You, Movies

14. Marina and the Diamonds - Froot


One of the better pop albums this year. Marina still manages to deliver unique pop music with interesting lyrics. Like Janet's Unbreakable, this album is very cohesive and because of that I feel like I am listening to the same song over and over again. I am not saying it is bad or something, but a little bit  of differently structured songs would have made the album diverse a little bit.

Highlights: Savages, I'm A Ruin, Happy

13. Janet Jackson - Unbreakable


I am not a fan of this kind of music, but I find this album very listenable. I like the mix of r'n'b, electronic beats and funk. 

Highlights: Lessons Learned, No Sleeep

12. Chvrches - Every Open Eye


Another good collection of catchy synthpop gems. I expected the band to experiment a little bit and deliver something new.

Highlights: Leave A Trace

11. Grimes - Art Angels


The whole album is like a soundtrack of some Japanese video game. Full of weird beats and catchy melodies. An example of pop as an art form. Her most accessible album.

Highlights: Belly Of The Beat,  REALiTi

10. Lana Del Rey - Honeymoon


An album definitely better than Ultraviolence and very accessible.  It is a great collection of dreamy and cinematic ballads.

Highlights: The Blackest Day, Art Deco

9. MS MR - How Does It Feel

While their debut album was an indie pop album with rock and dream pop elements, this album delivers catchy dance electropop songs and ballads. The production  isn't anything new, but the best part of this album are melodies. It got mixed and negative reviews mostly from the critics, but it is one of the better pop efforts this year. Anyone who is looking for another catchy pop album should check this out.

Highlights: Cruel, Leave Me Alone

8. Duran Duran - Paper Gods


With this album and the previous one (All You Need Is Now) Duran Duran have truly returned to form after a series of 90s and 2000s albums that were lacking Duran Duran vibe. These two albums perfectly executed their signature 80s sound in modern style, especially Paper Gods. Paper Gods is full of catchy pop rock songs produced by Mark Ronson, Nile Rodgers and Duran Duran.

Highlights: Butterfly Girl, Danceophobia

7. Hurts - Surrender


After Exile, a dark album with industrial beats and their best work, Hurts delivers a lighter and more cheerful album. Surrender isn't perfection. It has some fillers, cringe-worthy moments and uninspiring songs, but it is one of the better synthpop releases this year. The album has signature melancholic vibe, no matter if it is a ballad or a dance song. The weak side of the album is trend following (EDM), but there are a few good EDM songs. One of the best songs is Lights produced by Ariel Rechtshaid and it is weird because he produced only that one song  on the album. Another great song is Perfect Timing (only produced by Hurts), a ballad which evokes the 80s and whose chorus melody reminds of Alanis' Ironic. This album could have been flawless piece of pop music if Hurts was more experimental and if Ariel worked on more songs.

Highlights: Perfect Timing, Lights

6. Kate Boy - One


A cohesive electropop album which includes all songs released during previous years as singles and an EP. It delivers a few new songs and that is album's biggest weak point. Also, the album uses the same beats in every song. Some might like it, some might be annoyed. A little bit of experimentation would have been welcomed. Anyway, it is a great collection of well executed electropop gems.

Highlights: Northern Lights, The Way We Are

5. Telekinesis - Ad Infinitum


After indie rock/shoegaze albums with raw sound, Telekinesis released a similar one, this time with the 80s synthpop beats. This isn't the first time they used electronic sound, but this is the first album where it is dominating. Their best album.

Highlights: In A Future World, Courtesy Phone

4. Madonna - Rebel Heart


It is undeniable that Madonna is in her zone again. After generic, soulless, trend following Hard Candy and a mixed bag called MDNA, any true fan will adimt that. The passion is there. Madonna was willing to experiment and she did. Thematically, it doesn't deliver anything new. Typical Madonna themes: sex, love, relationships, biographical songs, provocation through religion... Many of the songs evokes some of Madonna's classic works,. which is  a good thing. Even some songs that production wise remind of Hard Candy are better and more passionate than anything on Hard Candy. 

It is a great album  of so many different songs. Its diversity doesn't make it to be just a collection of random sounds. Actually, it is surprisingly cohesive. However, the order of songs at certain parts is weird. The main reason is the leaking of the album, which forced Madonna to release a few random songs and so the order of those songs was used for the album too. Speaking of leaks, many songs have been improved, but also some songs didn't need a make over. S.E.X. for example. The demo was a catchy pop song with silly lyrics, but the final version is a soulless song with hip hop vibe and without Madonna vibe. Madonna is a pop artist and people want that. On the other hand, Veni Vidi Vici is a perfect example how an artist should incorporate  hip hop beats into a pop song. Madonna was using hip hop elements in the 90s too and she has always pulled it off. At this point, it shouldn't be a problem.

The most experimental songs are Holy Water and Iconic, which have dark vibe. The best part of the album are ballads which evokes the quality of classic Madonna ballads. The worst songs are Bitch I'm Madonna, S.E.X. and Autotune Baby which sound like outtakes or jokes.

Highlights: Holy Water, Inside Out, Iconic, Veni Vidi Vici, Joan Of Arc

3. Brandon Flowers - The Desired Effect


This album is so simple, yet so good. It was praised by many sites and magazines and appeared on a few best albums list, but it  should have been more celebrated. I don't understand why it wasn't more successful, because many songs have hit statuses, especially singles. Brandon didn't just deliver a great album, but also good videos. The Desired Effect is a fantastic synthpop/rock work that sounds like it was made in the 80s and updated with a modern production in 21th century. The album is timeless and a recommendation for all fans of 80s music.

Highlights: Lonely Town, Can't Deny My Love, Untangled Love

2. Florence and the Machine - How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful


It is big and it is beautiful. A flawless album full of energy, passion and creativity. Kate Bush influence is still there, mixed with rock sound, while Florence's voice is hypnotizing. Their best album so far.

Highlights: What Kind Of Man, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful,  Delilah,  St. Jude

1. Ryan Adams - 1989


This album is is a track-by-track cover of Taylor Swift's 1989. Cool and interesting idea and a fantastic result. While Taylor's album is a modern pop inspired by the 80s, Ryan's version is a rock album that sounds like it was made in the 80s. A lot of brilliant reinventions, especially Shake It Off. A warm, simple, catchy and timeless album.

Highlights: Bad Blood, Wildest Dreams, Style, Shake It Off

I decided to do this differently for Madonna albums, so some albums will share the same spot.. She has so many different and great albums, so it is hard to rank them.

Also, I based this ranking on standard editions. I didn't want to judge albums by their songs on deluxe editions, which are just bonus songs. lj1


10. Hard Candy


It is horrible. Anybody who thinks it is good is delusional. Nothing on this album is worthy to be mentioned as important song in Madonna's discography. She might have been more involved on this than on MDNA, but that doesn't justify its quality. She brought Timbaland on this mess, because she stanned him then and somehow she forgot her own music style while allowing him and Pharrell to take control. This was her first truly trend-following album. Mostly because of Timbaland. On the other side, Pharrell did commercial crap. Following trends isn't always a bad thing, but she simply didn't pull it off. It doesn't sound like Madonna, although its catchy beats evoked her early works. Some songs have good lyrics like DWRY, but sound like work of some other artist. Horrible vocals, bad lyrics mostly, too commercial and safe, weird beats and productions that suit Pharrell's work more... Random and unnecessarily moments during the songs like "get stupid" and "see my booty get down".

09. Like A Virgin


This one brought her worldwide fame, but it is a more commercial and less interesting version of her cool debut. A lot of fillers. Only singles are interesting and LDLHA. 

08. MDNA


With a better songs choice, this album could have been much better. It is a mixed big. Half of the stuff are amateurish, unfinished and simply bad and that is unforgivable for a woman who used to be a perfectionist. The other half has solid and some great songs. The good thing about this album is that Madonna sounds like  Madonna. The worst thing here isn't the album itself, but its era. All great songs were ignored, while the basic and commercial sounding ones were released as singles.

07. I'm Breathless


An unexpected music style from Madonna. Good vocals, good lyrics and nice production. Personally I prefer more LAV and MDNA, but as an album it is stronger than the ones mentioned above. 

06. Madonna


Its best songs are the singles obviously Besides, it has 2 solid songs and 2 fillers.

05. American Life


An album that some fans hate and some like. It is a weird album, because its songs sounds like demo kind of. That's why it isn't everyone's cup of tea. Anyway, Madonna was passionate and delivered interesting production and nice lyrics.

04. Rebel Heart


Bitch I'm Madonna is the only cringe-worthy and really bad song overall on standard edition. Illuminati is nonsense and Holy Water is cheap, but production wise both songs are good. Some cliche lyrics, some great lyrics. Some safe songs production wise, some songs with edgier production. Overall, it is a good and enjoyable pop album. It could have been even better if only the better songs were chosen (some of them are on deluxe edition instead of being on standard edition).

03. Confessions On A Dance Floor/True Blue

220px-Confessions_On_A_Dancefloor.jpg    220px-True_Blue_Madonna.png

True Blue was Madonna's first more serious pop album, while Confessions On A Dance Floor was her first more casual and fun after so many mature albums. Both albums are full of bops and almost any of them could have been a good single choice.

02. Bedtime Stories/Music

220px-Bedtime_Stories_Madonna.png    220px-Music_Madonna.png

On Bedtime Stories the only trend-following song was Take Bow. Other songs also prove that she was inspired by music of other people at that time, but she pulled it off. There are maybe 2 weak songs, but most of the songs have brilliant lyrics, which are some of her best. One of the best produced Madonna albums.  Music is also a great album, with experimental production and good lyrics.

01. Like A Prayer/Erotica/Ray Of Light

220px-Madonna_-_Like_a_Prayer.jpg    220px-Erotica_Madonna.png    220px-Ray_of_Light_Madonna.png 


Madonna's masterpieces. They have different atmospheres, but all are connected with flawless substance (great production, great lyrics, great concepts).

I did this ranking in Music Mania, so I decided to update it and make some changes.

I can't believe Lana's album was so high and Taylor's album was so low. eve1



220px-Kylie_Minogue_-_Kiss_Me_Once_%28Of    15. Kylie Minogue - Kiss Me Once

I don't like any Kylie album as an entire piece, but over the years I have always been looking forward to her albums and finding some pop gems. Kiss Me Once is one of the most solid pop albums this year. It has some really nice tunes, but also a couple of fillers. It isn't experimental like X. Maybe Aphrodite supposed to be her sexy album, but this album is definitely her most sensual and sexiest album ever. A song called Sparks appeared only on Japanese edition. Too bad, because it was one of the best songs that deserves to be on the standard edition.

Highlights: Million Miles, Sexy Love, Les Sex, Fine, Sparks

MZsiA13.png    14. Lana Del Rey - Ultraviolence

The queen of melancholy delivering another good album. It doesn't bring anything new, what we haven't heard on her previous works, but that's not a flaw. It is more cohesive than her previous works and very dreamy. I think this album isn't so accessible and catchy to general public like her other works.

Highlights: Ultraviolence, Old Money

220px-Big_Music%2C_Simple_Minds%27s_albu    13. Simple Minds - Big Music

A solid rock album. The good thing is that Simple Minds sound with this album just like their 80s stuff. The album is coherent and all songs have similar atmosphere and mood. There is a cover of The Doors' Riders On The Storm on a deluxe edition.

Highlights: Honest Town, Midnight Walk

220px-Soc-imnotbossimtheboss.jpg    12. Sinead O'Connor - I'm Not Bossy, I'm the Boss

Very listenable and very catchy rock album. Sinead is still capable to write interesting lyrics. There is nothing new on this album. It is similar to her previous works, but that isn't a bad thing.

Highlights: 8 Reasons, James Brown, Take Me To Church

gXkzxex.jpg    11. Tori Amos - Unrepentant Geraldines

Tori is one of those artists who do their own thing. She never tries to make music for masses, even when she makes more accessible stuff like Cornflake Girl. This album is good, but it is just another Tori Amos album. She is too much focused don baroque pop stuff on her latest works. Where is the energetic Tori from the 90s who made piano rock anthems? That would be the only criticism. Good album, good lyrics, nice melodies and compositions.

Highlights: Maids of Elfen-Mere, Wedding Day, America

q8JkTeQ.jpg    10. Ramona Lisa - Arcadia

Caroline Polachek, a member of Chairlift band, released her first solo album this year, under the name Ramona Lisa. It is one of the most interesting albums this and the most unique on this list. She wanted to make an album that will be electronic, but to have an organic vibe. She succeed at it. It is dreamy, surreal, nostalgic and melancholic. Ramona used only her laptop and its MIDI music. She didn't use real instruments or external microphones. It is very creative and not one of those catchy albums that are liked by general public.

Higlights: Backwards & Upwards, Dominic

220px-Kings_queens_cover.jpg    09. Billy Idol - Kings & Queens of the Underground

I am glad he returned and delivered an album that's has the vibe of his classic works (albums:Billy Idol, Rebel Yell, Whiplash Smile, Charmed Life). Like many artists, Billy Idol had also ups and downs. With 1990 album Charmed Life Billy proved he isn't just an 80s act, but 1993 album Cyberpunk was his first bad album and one of the worst albums in general. It had a good concept, but its execution was horrible. Mixing trashy techno/house with rock wasn't was a bad idea, but it could have been well made. Some rock bands succeeded at it. Still, the album has some gems. Billy returned on the music scene in 2005 with Devil's Playground album. It was a solid album, but it didn't have classic sound and was too loud. New album, Kings & Queens of the Underground, is a return to formand has good positions on charts. Song Postcards from the Past reminds of his 80s hit Rebel Yell, while up tempo ballads One Breath Away and Nothing To Fear have the quality of his 80s ballads.

Highlights: Postcards from the Past, One Breath Away

220px-Kelis_-_Food.png    08. Kelis - Food

I like the artists like Kelis, the artists who keep making music even if they aren't super successful. The reason why they should keep making music is simple: they make good music. Instead of following trends and doing what is currently hot like many other singers, Kelis decided to play her own game and she is good at it. I have never expected her to be musically adventurous. She really transformed herself into a princessof reinvention musically.From r'n'b and hip hop albumstoFlesh Tone which mixed electronica, dance, pop and house. Now, her album Food mixeselectronica and soul and she pulled itoff. The album represents a modern approach to soul, while being catchy and accessible to general public.

Highlights: Rumble, Breakfast

RSPkyVk.png    07. Coldplay - Ghost Stories

Definitely one of the better albums in Coldplay's discography. The only really bad song is A Sky Full Of Stars, which is too commercial and too basic. It seems this song was a template for their next album. Ghost Stories has dreamy,  yet accessible songs. Very strong and cohesive album and a big improvement after solid Mylo Xyloto.

Highlights: Magic, All Your Friends

220px-La_Roux_-_Trouble_in_Paradise.png    06. La Roux - Trouble In Paradise

After the futuristic electropop album with the 80s elements, La Roux deliversanotherelectropop album. This time it is less futuristic and more organic and tropical. La Roux is still inspired by the 80s music, but she said she is inspired by a different type. A source of inspiration she found in Italo-disco, funk and "weird, late '70s and early '80s sci-fi disco", dub and ragga. The album is very cool, sexy, light and much warmer than her debut album. It is full of catchy melodies and definitely the album of summer thanks to its tropical vibe.

Highlights: Tropical Chancer, The Feeling

220px-The_Horrors_-_Luminous%2C_album_fr    05. The Horrors - Luminous

Dreamy, melancholic, nostalgic...Luminous is a continuation of Skying album which represented the new sound of The Horrors, while leaving uninspiring gothic rock and garage rock. While it has been criticized for being too similar to Skying and not delivering some new elements, Luminous is definitely a qualitative album

Highlights: Sleepwalk, Mine And Yours

220px-TTTSC.png    04. The Ting Tings - Super Critical

After their disappointing Sounds from Nowheresville album, Super Criticalis a return to form. Super Criticalhas the fun vibe typical for their debut album We Started Nothing, but it has funky atmosphere and ismuch catchier than debut album. Sounds from Nowheresville album was supposed to sound like their debut album and a song called Hands (which supposed to be the first single of the second album), but the plans were changed when Hands became a hit song and The Ting Tings decided to leave the catchytunes. What a stupid decision.Super Critical album is very radio friendly and any song could be released as single.

Highlights:Failure, Wrong Club, Wabi Sabi

220px-Dum_Dum_Girls_-_Too_True_cover.jpg    03. Dum Dum Girls - Too true

An awesome indie pop/rock album. It evokes 80s rock music and new wave. The songs are very ethereal, melancholic and melodic. Too True is their best album, perfectly crafted and very cohesive.

Highlights: Rimbaud Eyes, Under These Hands

220px-Taylor_Swift_-_1989.png    02. Taylor Swift - 1989

She surprised me with this album. I became mildly interested when there was an information how the album was inspired by the 80s and the year 1989. As a fan of the 80s music and the 80s revival, I decided to give it a try. Actually, just a few songs have the 80s vibe. The album is full of catchy and modern pop/synthpop gems. The album isn't groundbreaking or original, but it is warm and charming. This is a great direction for Taylor. Her music is becoming more mature and stronger.

It isn't surprising that this album was so successful. It is very accessible musically, without being tacky, basic or typical music for the masses. Ryan Adams made a cover album of 1989 in 2o15 and only showed how Taylor's album is brilliant. Strong melodies, cool lyrics, charming, catchy and most importantly timeless.

Highlights: Out Of The Woods, Wildest Dreams, Wonderland, Bad Blood, New Romantics

220px-Ryanadamsselftitled.jpg    01. Ryan Adams - Ryan Adams

Just like his cover album of Taylor's 1989, this is another 80s inspired album. I don't know how many his albums are truly inspired by the 80s, but Ryan is obviously in his 80s phase and I hope there will be more works like this and 1989. Many tricks, effects and vibes he used here, he also used on 1989, only that he went further with 1989 and made it to sound like it was made in the 80s.

This album has great lyrics, great music, melodies... Another timeless album in Ryan's discography.

Highlights: Gimme Something Good, Kim, Shadows, Feels Like Fire



I was surprised and excited when Sailor Moon Crystal was announced. I especially liked the idea that the anime will be exactly based on manga.

I thought that nothing could go wrong and a qualitative show will be delivered. When the first pics appeared on the net, I didn't like the new looks of the characters that much, but it wasn't disaster and the main reason why I didn't like it that much was the original anime style  that I got used to.

The worst thing in this remake was CGI animation, that was dropped later. Other bad things were the repeating of certain  scenes like transformations and the animation of attacks.

However, I noticed that in season 1 characters used their powers in different ways and so the typical repeating  of special attacks was skipped. If you don't know what I am talking about then let me explain. Every character has special powers/attacks and for every  attack  a long animation was made. But in season 1 we can see that some characters use their powers without those long animations, that became annoying after too many repeating. You can see that Sailor Mars uses fire or Sailor Jupiter uses thunder  without saying the magic word. eve1  That was a good thing and made the battle more exciting. Oddly, the people behind the remake forgot about that in season 2 and season 3, as far as I remember.


One of the problems was that the battles were based on manga battles and were too literal. In a few seconds an enemy appears and is defeated. In rare cases the battles are exciting and epic. I understand that they wanted manga concept, but making more exciting and complex battles wouldn't ruin the original story and creator's concepts. um2

Adapting  manga into anime shouldn't be just moving work from one artistic form to another. Many things can't be showed in manga like in anime, but the producers forgot abut that.

They had opportunity to make great battles, show the motifs and stories of every character... Also, it was  a bad idea that enemies (main antagonists, not monsters)  are usually killed in the same episode where they were introduced or were on their first mission. I know that would be against manga story, but still... It could have been more complex and exciting. I wanted to know their stories too, the relations among them and other stuff.

Funny how they want everything to be according to manga, but certain things were skipped I think.


The producers/creators had a chance to deliver different animations of transformations and attacks, but sadly they are pretty much the same like in the original anime. The worst transformations are the ones of Uranus and Neptune.


The quality of show changes from episode to episode. Also, the dialogues and monologues can be very lame. The most annoying thing is when Sailor Moon names every fucking senshi during battles. Why can't she just say "hey guys" or something? um2

Also, why Sailor Moon has to be the one to finish the monsters and enemies? um2What about Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and  Venus? 

They only look like some sidekicks and useless TBH. Especially in every next chapter of manga and this new anime. However, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto can destroy enemies without problems and without Sailor Moon's help.  In the third season , the producers/creators had chance to explore the feelings of inner senshis, when superior outer senshis appear, but that didn't happen.


Chibiusa was important to story in some cases, but as a worrier she is completely useless. Just send her back to future.  sia2


It isn't that show is bad overall, but it wasn't so exciting. Maybe I expected too much and set the bar too high. xtina11

However it is unforgivable to use CGI animation, not just in this show, but in general. CGI and anime don't go together. Everything what a qualitative anime needs is clean and polished style with a lot of color shades.

It is surprising that producers/creators weren't more creative while making this show. Following manga too literally made the anime too monotone when it comes to fighting scenes.


However, I am still grateful that we got an anime that is based on original  manga story. lj1

Welcome to the first WTF Movies post. This is some kind of a review/comment on certain movies and  messy moments.

The Princess Diaries is just an another cliche/crap attack from Hollywood. Bad story, bad acting, bad characters... It was fun to watch, but a waste of time. aura1 

Mia is the main character. An unattractive and clumsy girl who finds out that she is a princess. Later she turned into pretty girl. Surprise, surprise. God forbid if this
was a movie about an unattractive princess finding happiness and true love. awk1

e4i9lyS.jpg  oXp6R1t.jpg


Mia doing rat face in front of the mirror and cat's reaction.

RMGXbiD.jpg     khRZ8ib.jpg


Lilly is Mia's best friend. She is a nice girl, but look at that hairstyle. Did she fall on a box full of  hair clips? um2


Michael  is Lilly's brother and Mia's friend. He is in love with Mia, but Mia doesn't show interest. He loves Mia just the way she is. Of course, messy Mia will realize that in the end of the movie.



   Josh is rich (I assume), the most popular and sexy guy in school. Really? Just look at him. He isn't ugly, but... He looks like a frog after too much facelift. And his skin has a
color of anus, which was very IN during the early 2000s. eve1 Mia is in love with him.  When rat Mia transforms herself into pretty Mia and becomes popular in school,
he will show interest in her. Mia, instead of realizing he is just a superficial asshole, will think her dreams are coming true.



The mean girls. Anna, Lana and Fontana. Yes, that are their names. And yes, that is Mandy Moore. And yes, they are cheerleaders (Shocking, right?).



Jeremiah is a geek of this movie. Usually geeks are unattractive and clumsy in American movies, but here we have a handsome guy  (the sexiest in the movie) who
just loves science, magic tricks and whatever. Oddly, mean girls or anyone don't think he is attractive. He is a geek and that says all about him and his look.
Also, he is Lily's boyfriend. Lily is annoyed when he does magic tricks. At one point in the movie, she describes him as Happy Houdini. Really Lilly?


The best scene in the movie. Mia putting bitch in her place.


After Mandy Moore was put in her place, she complains to Vice Principal Geraldine Gupta (played by Sandra Oh), but Principle Geraldine doesn't care.


And this girl in the front. She appears several times during the movie, doing some weird gestures and has some  lesbionic DIY hairstyle.



The Next AHS Season

They should take a tip from Salem and Penny Dreadful. sass1 Both are superior to AHS series in every aspect. nat2 If you didn't watch them, then do it. It is pointless to argue and try to prove something. 


Ryan Murphy should stop fucking around and recycling his shit. um2 I know he doesn't want to make something too serious and wants some fun and humor in his show, but when things start to become "deja vu" moments and cliche it is time to get serious  and deliver something which won't be just another shit wrapped up in a lovely package. rav2


- The next season should have a good story and a good theme. Speaking of good story and theme, I mean something more original and creative. I don't want another rehash of (or homage to) horror movies or whatever.

- Typical butchering and violence that is supposed to "shock" you  is YAWN.

- Pairing the same people is YAWN.

- It should be scary for a change. Yes, latest seasons had some scary moments, but it could have been even scarier.

- Skip the actors/actresses who aren't able to play different roles. Yes, I am talking about people like Emma Roberts.

- Sex scenes have become forced. No passion, no relations to story. YAWN.

- Hyping and promising something different is not welcomed.

- I love good visuals, settings and costumes, but a great story is more important.

- The same people playing similar roles is YAWN. For example, Jessica Lange in every season played a bitch or a woman who wants beauty and fame. For a change, Angela Bassett could play that role and be the star of the show instead of the same actor/actress.



Hotel  was fun, but that's all. Some good acting, some bad acting. Great visuals, beautiful visuals. Some good concepts that tanked into average crap. The best part was its soundtrack. eve1



Alphabeat are a Danish pop band and they released 3 albums so far.

I don't understand why this band isn't more popular. They make very accessible and catchy pop music. um2

The biggest success they achieved in their country. They had some success in some other European countries (The Netherlands, UK).


Genres: dance pop, Europop, indie pop, house, wonky pop, power pop, synthpop jj2 

Their second album is more synthpop and has 90s elements. lj1 They also remixed some Gaga song and cover her two songs as a mash up (Telephone/Bad Romance).


On one side, they make jolly songs like Fascination (which isn't my cup of tea) and on the other  synthpop songs with polished production and fun beats. lj1


Their albums had different editions and different tracklists with some different songs. Mess. moo3


Give them a try. alex1







Musical Duos


Duos have always been fascinating to me. They always have interesting style musically and visually. Rolling Stone made a list of best duos and it didn't include any of the duos I am writing about. It seems pop/synthpop shouldn't be taken seriously, because they focused  mostly on rock music.





The duo of all duos. Ground breaking. Artistic. Serious and mature.  They didn't just communicate through music, but also through their artistic videos. They even were one of the first (if not the first) acts to release video albums. In music, they mixed a lot of different genres. They started as a new wave act and transformed into synthpop sensation. Then they started to experiment. Soul , rock, blues rock, folk, pop...it is all there.

Must have albums: Sweet Dreams, Touch, Be Yourself Tonight


Pet Shop Boys

I haven't checked out their all work, only the 80s albums. Judging by some 90s singles and latest stuff, they didn't capture the magic like they used to in the 80s. Their early works are a bland of disco, synthpop and dance pop, while they focused mostly on electronica after the 80s.

Must have albums: Please, Actually


Soft Cell

They never managed to make anything  brilliant or successful like their debut, Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret, but not mentioning them here would be a crime. Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret is one of the best albums of all time full of synthpop/new wave bops.  Their sound is very dramatic, cinematic, weird and their songs even evoke cabaret/Broadway style only wrapped in synthpop.Their  later works are solid though.

Must have albums: Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret



They are a very underrated pop rock act. Yes, they have a lot of cheesy material, but even that material is superior to the music of many other acts. Their albums feature catchy  melodies and melancholic ballads. Very simple albums, full of bops.

Must have albums: Look Sharp!, Joyride


Tears For Fears

Great lyrics, serious themes, brilliant melodies and production. Their early albums, the best works, are a mix of new wave, synthpop and pop rock elements. They didn't afraid to experiment with other  genres such as psychedelic rock, indie rock, jazz and blues. Their third album (The Seeds of Love), released in 1989, was a departure from signature sound. However, their 4th album (Elemental), released in 1993, was focused on modern production at that time and captured the spirit of their 80s works. Something what many 80s acts failed to do in the 90s. Fans of The Killers, Brandon Flowers and Haim should enjoy their music.

Must have albums: The Hurting, Songs from the Big Chair, Elemental



An awesome act that experimented a lot. The first album was trip hop with ambient music landscapes. The second and theird album were an unexpected reinvention – a mix of electroclash and synthpop.  Those synthpop albums were ahead of their time, because  almost every electropop act today sounds like more commercial version of Goldfrapp. 4th album was folktronica mixed with dream pop, while the 5th album was another synthpop gem heavily inspired by the 80s. The sixth folktronica album evoked the dark atmosphere of their debut.

Must have albums: Black Cherry, Supernature, Head First


The Knife

Definitely the most unique duo here. Very experimental electronic music. Dark music mixed with Olof's demonic voice and Karin's girlie voice creates a spooky atmosphere.  It is really hard to describe them, you will have to listen to them.

Must have albums: Silent Shout


The Ting Tings

They are weird. And when I say weird, I don't mean musically weird. Can you imagine they didn't like the fact that their song Hands was being played on a radio? It was supposed to be underground and they decided to scarp their second  album they have been working  on at that time. The result: they decided to go in another direction and released Sounds from Nowheresvill as the second album,  which became their worst one. Too bad, they should have made a second  album in style of Hands, a song which continued the synthpop/indie rock style  of their debut. 

Must have albums: We Started Nothing, Super Critical



One of the latest brilliant duos. I accidentally discovered them while reading some reviews on Slant Magazine. While reading a review on their Something album, the reviewer  compared one song to Kate Bush and I decided to check them out. They make ethereal music with elements of indie pop, synthpop and electronic.  Some of their songs are very complex with creative lyrics and some songs are light and catchy pop gems. Their work is also inspired by the 80s.

Must have albums: Something



If this was the 80s or the 90s, probably they would have been celebrated as huge pop stars. Their first album was called Happiness, but it delivered everything expect happy music. Their style is melancholic and moody  synthpop (dance songs and ballads) with  sometimes dark and mature and  sometimes cliche lyrics.

Must have albums: Exile


Kate Boy

The last  duo I discovered. They released their first album in 2015, with many singles during previous years. Their debut is very cohesive, but lacks experimentation.  Still, a great collection of bops.

The 90s: Transister



Wiki: "Transister is an alternative rock band, formed in Los Angeles, by music industry veterans from both the United States and the United Kingdom. Despite only having released one album to moderate sales, their work has been featured on a number of film soundtracks. Tracks from the album were featured on a number of film soundtracks, including Nightwatch, Wild Things, Never Been Kissed, Charlie's Angels and Cheaters."



Album: Transister (1997)

Singles: Head, Dizzy Moon, Look Who's Perfect Now

Soundtrack: Apart from the album songs that have appeared in some films, there are two original songs. House To Myself appeared in Nightwatch, while Another Town appeared in Charlie's Angels.


An interesting article: http://blog.twenty20k.com/2012/03/13/flashback-transister-transister/


You will like this if you like:  Hooverphonic, Sneaker Pimps, Republica, Garbage, alternative rock.



Too bad they released only one album and it is weird they weren't bigger. Many of their songs are so catchy and have hit statuses. alex1 A brilliant 90s gem like Look Who's Perfect Now should have slayed charts. lj1 





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