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About this blog

I'll be posting my favorite albums here :) Hope you enjoy 

I'll post them without any order, maybe when i finish them, i'll rank them with my preferences

Entries in this blog


Lady Gaga - The Fame

The Fame I always listened to some of the songs on the album but when I listened the whole album I realized how beautiful and well done it is, for me, it's Gaga's best album at the moment Favorite Tracks: 1.Paparazzi 2.Paper Gangsta 3.I Like It Rough 4.Brown Eyes 5.Disco Heaven Special Mention to: *Summerboy *Beautiful, Dirty, Rich *LoveGame I have always loved Paparazzi, I Like It Rough, Disco Heaven, Summerboy, LoveGame and Beautiful Dirty Rich,



Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman

Dangerous Woman Omg this album is just so amazing  my top 3 of 2016 tbh  she could manage this era so well too, it's just a masterpiece  grammy worthy   Favorite Tracks: 1.Sometimes 2.Thinking Bout You 3.Everyday 4.Greedy 5.Moonlight Special Mention to: *Into You *Dangerous Woman I can't believe i slept over Moonlight and Greedy so much time omg they are so fucking good and nice single material (actually i doubt that they will be released at some poi



Nicole Dollanganger - Natural Born Losers

Natural Born Losers I found her in like January and i loved her stuff  but this is my favorite work, followed by Ode to Dawn Wiener... anyway, i don't think that everybody would like it, she's so dreamy, but i love it Favorite Tracks: 1.Angels of Porn II 2.You're So Cool 3.Mean 4.White Trashing 5.Alligator Blood Special Mention to: *American Tradition *In The Land I think Angels of Porn II is the best song on this album, the easiest to listen and get



Melanie Martinez - Cry Baby

Cry Baby One of the best albums of 2015 for me, nice debut tbh, i'm gonna add Dollhouse EP Songs too (Dead To Me and Bittersweet Tragedy) because i think they deserved a spot on the album  I think this album has a lot of great lyrics really Favorite Tracks: 1.Training Wheels 2.Teddy Bear 3.Pity Party 4.Soap 5.Carousel Special Mention to: *Cry Baby *Dead to Me *Tag You're It Training Wheels and Teddy Bear are love songs, well, Teddy Bear is more like



Duffy - Endlessly

Endlessly All I can say is that it's an underrated album, better than Rockferry and deeper, but it was ruthless ignored  maybe you will remember Amy Winehouse or Adele while listening some of her songs, I do  but in a good way, i think she was inspired a lot of Amy (i'm talking about her musical compositions) Favorite Tracks: 1.Endlessly 2.Hard for the Heart 3.Don't Forsake Me 4.Too Hurt To Dance 5.My Boy Special mention to: *Well, Well, Well If you lis



Goldfrapp - Tales of Us

Tales of Us I've been listening this album since December/January when @Hylia(if i'm not wrong  ) recommended me to listen Clay, and I absolutely love it  no filler tracks on this album, a pure masterpiece... I'm waiting for their next album  Favorite Tracks: 1.Clay 2.Stranger 3.Thea 4.Jo 5.Drew Less Favorite Tracks: None  Favorite Videos: 1.Drew 2.Stranger 3.Jo 4.Annabel 5.Laurel My Singles Choice would be like: 1.Thea 2.Clay



Britney Spears - Blackout/Circus

Blackout  this album is just...   i guess i can quote someone   Favorite Tracks: 1.Heaven on Earth 2.Toy Soldier 3.Outta This World 4.Piece of Me 5.Get Naked Heaven on Earth has been my favorite track since i listened to it, and i love it with every single part of my body Special mention to: *Hot as Ice *Gimme More *Radar Less Favorite Tracks: none Favorite Videos: 1.Piece of Me 2.Gimme More 3.Break The Ice I don't



FKA Twigs - M3LL155X/LP1

M3LL155X Even thought its an EP, its worth listening, better than some albums released, and i like this more than LP1   Favorite Tracks: 1.Glass & Patron 2.In Time 3.I'm Your Doll 4.Mothercreep 5.Figure 8 I love Glass & Patron so much  i can imagine me dancing to it  same with In Time, and I'm Your Doll chorus >>>>>>>>>>> Less Favorite Tracks: None Favorite Videos: 1.Glass & Patron 2.I'm Your Dol



Natalia Kills - Trouble

Trouble one of the best albums of 2013  i want another album like this one  this is talent omg  even if people hate her for her attitude on x factor a year ago, they should listen to this   Favorite Tracks: 1.Trouble 2.Rabbit Hole 3.Problem 4.Controversy 5.Devils Don't Fly TROUBLE >>>> CARREERS  what a powerful song  also Rabbit Hole and problem are a fucking bop  Controversy is just... weird but in a good way, you'd love it, and Devils Don't Fly is a



Madonna - Bedtime Stories/Rebel Heart

Bedtime Stories This is what an artistic peak is   and the saddest thing is that is so underrated Favorite Tracks: 1.Love Tried to Welcome Me 2.Inside of Me 3.Sanctuary 4.Take a Bow 5.Secret I can't believe that i thought that Take a Bow was an average song  it's fucking not  also Sanctuary >>>  i can imagine a video better than Bedtime Story one  and Love Tried to Welcome Me destroys carreers   Special Mention to: *Human Nature *Bedtim



Tori Amos - Boys for Pele

Boys For Pele It took me like 10 minutes to realize this is better than To Venus and Back and my fav album  even better than american god posse   :Favorite Tracks 1.Not the Red Baron 2.Father Lucifer 3.Professional Widow 4.Muhammad My Friend 5.Talula Special Mention to: *Marianne *Beauty Queen/Horses Less Favorite Tracks 1.Mr Zebra just that track  i don't get it   Favorite Videos: 1.Hey Jupiter 2.Caught a Lite Sneeze 3.Talula



Muse - Absolution/Black Holes and Revelations

Both my favorite muse albums ever, so I'll talk about both   Absolution I can say that it's one of the first albums i fell in love with, masterpiece  you should listen this album ASAP Favorite Tracks: 1.Apocalypse Please 2.Endlessly 3.The Small Print 4.Thoughts of a Dying Atheist 5.Ruled By Secrecy Special Mention to: *Hysteria *Blackout  believe me this album is a masterpiece   Less Favorite Tracks:  NONE  just unnecesary intro and in



Cher Lloyd - Sorry I'm Late

Sorry I'm Late I love this album a lot, I don't get why people says that it's bored, it's not, it's a personal and solid record, one of the best tbh, and it's sad that it's sooo underrated and forgotten, Goodnight is one of the cutest song ever and i love it   Favorite Tracks: 1.Goodnight 2.Sweet Despair 3.Bind Your Love 4.Sirens 5.Human Special Mention to: *Killin' It *M.F.P.O.T.Y Too much potential songs like Goodnight, Killin' It, Bind Your Love th



Marina And the Diamonds - Electra Heart

Electra Heart I identify with this album sometimes  I love it since I listened for the very first time, it was 2013  I love the fact that she did a lot of videos for this album, tho I think this album worth it all, if you haven't listen you should   Favorite Tracks: 1.Fear and Loathing 2.Starring Role 3.Homewrecker 4.Bubblegum Bitch 5.Teen Idle Special mention to: *Buy The Stars *Valley of the Dolls *Living Dead *Lonely Hearts Club I love her voca



No Doubt - Rock Steady

Rock Steady No Doubt was one of the first bands I listened to and still one of my favorite bands ever  This and Tragic Kingdom are my favorites albums from ND, but I wanted to start with Rock Steady  This album brings me memories  at 2013, this was my favorite album tbh  I love the Jamaican sound on the album, it fits so good on Gwen's voice, also i love the fact that William Orbit and Prince were on the album as producers   Favorite Tracks: 1.Rock Steady 2.Underneath It Al



Tinashe - Aquarius

Aquarius I love this album so much, I think actually we need more albums like this, to top the charts, get nominations, anything, because they really worth it I think that with a better performance, this album would have had a big impact on music. Also, i'd like to add that when i saw her on concert, I was slayed, the choreo, the vocals, everything  i want to live that moment again  but i guess i'll have more chances to see her again when she gets more acknowledgment Fav


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