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Wendy Reaction Pics | SE7EN

Wendy Reaction PNGS SE7EN is here! Enjoy!   Eehhhh Wendy PNG   Crybaby Wendy PNG   Horse Teeth Wendy PNG   i- Wendy PNG   Pretends to be shocked Wendy PNG   Horrified Wendy PNG   Reading Wendy PNG   Hmmphm Wendy PNG   Side Lip Wendy PNG   Serious Wendy PNG   Reading without glasses Wendy PNG   Happy Wendy PNG   Whew Wendy PNG   Well Well Well.... Wendy PNG   Reading in her backyard Wendy PNG   Wig FLEW Wendy PNG     That's all for now Enjoy!  



Wendy Reaction Pics | 2017

The first Wendy Reaction Pics collection of 2017!     Straight faced Wendy PNG   i- Wendy PNG   Laughing Wendy PNG   Distorted Disgusted Wendy PNG   Shook Couch Wendy PNG   Wiping Tears Wendy PNG   i- Wendy while holding Tea Cup PNG   Serious Wendy PNG   Oh My God Wendy PNG   Natural Breasts Wendy PNG   Drinking Juice Wendy PNG   Excited Wendy PNG   Sexy Wendy PNG   Showing Receipts Wendy PNG   First Time in her Studio Basement Cry Wendy PNG   Showing Joanne CD Wendy PNG   Orly Wendy PNG   Perplexed Wendy PNG   Grossed Out Wendy PNG   Going to the Supermarket Wendy PNG   Turban Wendy PNG   60s Themed Wendy Holding Mic PNG   Showing off her jumpsuit Wendy PNG   Tired Wendy PNG   SHOOK Showing off her jumpsuit Wendy PNG   Here's the Imgur Album Link! Enjoy   http://imgur.com/a/YAugl



Wendy at 50! | Stand Alone Wendy Reaction Pics Collection!

Here's a short stand alone wendy reactions pic collection! The edits are all made from Wendy at her 50th birthday party red carpet image!   Original Wendy At 50   Bloated Wendy at 50   udsfueghfjekjkj Wendy At 50   Can Opener Wendy At 50 (@Hylia special)    Shrek Wendy At 50   Shook Wendy At 50   Negative Wendy At 50   Portal Wendy At 50   Frozen Wendy At 50   Pencil Sketch Wendy At 50   Skinny Wendy At 50     that is all! enjoy  



Wendy Reaction Pics Collection PNGS: PART 2 + NEW FIRST EVER WENDY REACTION GIF!

Here's another collection of the Wendy Reaction Pics! Enjoy For Part 1 click here   Smirk Wendy 3 Shocked Glasses Wendy   Shocked Dressing Room Wendy   Shocked Wendy The Re Up    Shook Wendy 2   Teary Eyed Wendy   The Fuck Wendy   Deep Thought Wendy 2   Whip my hair back and forth Wendy   Weird Dance Wendy 2 (a @Hylia special)   Bulging Eyes Wendy    Closet Wendy   Hot Topics Explanatory Wendy   Deep Thought Wendy 3   Give Up Wendy   Mmm Hmm Wendy   Give Up Wendy 2   Monster Wendy Normal    Shaking Wendy   Ogre Wendy   Doesn't Make Any Sense Wendy   Heart Wendy   Orly Wendy   AND FOR THE FIRST TIME...   SHOOK WENDY GIF   Here's an Imgur link:http://imgur.com/a/NXPJu Thank you everyone! Enjoy!  



Wendy Reaction Pics PNGS: The RE-UP! + New Reactions Pics!

The Wendy Museum Presents.. Thanks to @Skyline who helped resize the gifs since the abnormal sizes of them were of inconvenience to a few! Here are all the Wendy Reaction Pics! + New ones at the end!  Note: a few of the pics have been re-titled and the pics are arranged in alphabetical order!   Annoyed Wendy
Apologetic Wendy
Beautiful Wendy
Breakdown Wendy
Bulging Eyes Tea Wendy
Celebratory Wendy
Confused Wendy
Curious Wendy
Deep Thought Wendy
Disgusted Wendy
Emotional Wendy
Excited Hot Topics Wendy
Explanatory Wendy Exhausted Wendy
Fake Laugh Wendy 
Frantic Wendy 
Funny Wendy
Glowing Wendy
Hhmmph Wendy 2 Hhmmph Wendy 1 Hhmmph Wendy THE RE UP 
Holding Back Tears Wendy
Laugh Wendy 2 
Laugh Wendy 
Light Shady Smile Wendy 
Make Up Free Explanatory Wendy
Make Up Free Laugh Wendy
Monster Wendy 2
Monster Wendy 
Naive Wendy
NonChalant Wendy 
Opp Wendy 
Patriotic Wendy 
Pre-SHOOK Wendy
Receipts Wendy 2 
Receipts Wendy 
Receipts Wendy 3
Schoolgirl Wendy
Screeching Sound While Crying Wendy 
Shady Smile Wendy   Shady Wendy  Shady Wendy 2 Shady Wendy The RE UP  
Shaking Wendy   
Shocked Wendy 2 
Shocked Wendy B&W
Shocked Wendy 
SHOOK Wendy 
Smirk Wendy 2 
Smirk Wendy Zoom In On The Food
Smirk Wendy 1 
Surprised Wendy 
TADA! Wendy 2
TADA! Wendy 
Tears Streaming Down The Cheeks Wendy 
Upset Wendy 2
Upset Wendy  Weird Dance Wendy 
Weird Eyes Wendy 
Wendy Stare
WenTEA 2 
WenTEA 1
Wiping Tears Really Hard Wendy 
Wiping Tears Wendy    thank you all <3



My Wendy Reaction Pics Collection PART 2!

After the success of my previous Wendy Reaction Pics Collection! I decided to hunt garage sales and troll my local antique shops and look for more! Here's another collection I complied!    "SHAKING Wendy Jpg"    "Naive Wendy Jpg"   "Upset Wendy 2 Jpg"   "Glowing Wendy Jpg"   "Deep Thought Wendy Jpg"   "Holding Back Tears Wendy Jpg"   "Curious Wendy Jpg"   "Laugh Wendy Jpg"     "Crying So Hard You Can't Even Finish The Sentence Wendy Jpg"   "Hhmpph Wendy Jpg"    "Weird Dance Wendy Jpg"    "Explanatory Wendy Jpg"   "Explanatory Without Make Up Wendy  Jpg"    "Screeching Sound While Crying Wendy Jpg"   "Shocked Wendy 2 Jpg"    "Patriotic Wendy Jpg"    "Confused Wendy Jpg"    "Fake Laugh Wendy Jpg"   "Shady Wendy 2 Jpg"    "Schoolgirl Wendy Jpg"    "Hhmmph Shady Wendy Jpg"    "Funny Wendy Jpg"    "Shock Wendy Black&White Jpg"    "Beautiful Wendy Jpg"    "Apologetic Wendy Jpg"      That's it for now! Enjoy  



My Wendy Reaction Pics Collection!

Hello everyone, so My Strange Addiction episode was cancelled by the producers so I decided to make it into a blog!   Here's my exclusive collection of Wendy Reaction Jpgs!  "Smirk Wendy Jpg"   "WenTEA Jpg"   "Wendy Stare Jpg"   "Laugh Wendy Jpg"   "Upset Wendy Jpg"   "Shook Wendy Jpg"   "Celebratory Wendy Jpg"   "Bulging Eyes wenTEA Jpg"   "Excited Wendy Jpg"   "Shady Wendy Jpg"   "Shady Wendy The Re-up Jpg"   "Shocked Wendy Jpg"   "Pre-Shook Wendy Jpg"   "Smirk Wendy Zoom In On the Food Jpg"   "Surprised Wendy Jpg"   "Weird Eyes Wendy Jpg"   "Tears Streaming Down Cheeks Wendy Jpg"   "Annoyed Wendy Jpg"   "Monster Wendy Jpg"   "Sigh Wendy Jpg"   "Wiping Tear Wendy Jpg"   "Wiping Tear Really Hard Wendy Jpg"   "Breakdown Wendy Jpg"   "Shady Smile Wendy Jpg"   "Light Shady Smile Wendy Jpg"   "Nonchalant Wendy Jpg"   "Opp Wendy Jpg"   "Tada! Wendy Jpg"   I recently added a new piece to my collection and I'm honored to unveil it to the world for the first time! "Receipts Wendy Jpg"   That's it for now folks!    



The Wendy Emote Museum UPDATE #2! - 19th June 2016 + IMPORTANT Announcement!

Ladies and Gentlemen Welcome to The Wendy Emote Museum!   We know this update has been long overdue! The scientists at the Sylkmonster Research and Development Labs have been working tirelessly on creating new Wendy emotes for you, and the process that comes after the creation of these emotes are long and unending, but we are glad to say, that the day has finally arrived!  And now giving our commencement speech with an IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT , please welcome the President and CEO of the Wendy Emote Museum, SYLK!!! "Hello everyone, I know you all have been asking me when the new update will come, well you don't have to ask me anymore. Its here! Before I talk about the new emotes and unveil our dedicatees, let me tell you a little story. From the very start I have said that having an entire Wendy emote collection on this website has been a dream of mine. I remember when I first submitted wendy-1, and this might come as a surprise to all of you, but it got rejected! I was brokenhearted. But there is a side of me, that is a master at covering up such emotions, and I did exactly that. I started joking around with Onika, begging her to bring justice for wendy-1, and then one day.. I don't know if he was fed up of my constant nagging, but he put it in. Wendy-1 was in the system. It was without a doubt the happiest day of my FOTP-life. Then the wendy-2 happen. I was over the moon. With the growing number of Wendy emotes, either selected or rejected, I thought it would be a great idea to launch a Wendy Emote Museum where I can post all the emotes that I made and dedicate them to my fellow fotpers. Create something that would remain forever. All the six new wendy emotes made for that April launch of the museum were rejected. But it was alright, I wasn't too upset about that. I was just really happy that I had made this new museum and It was all too exciting. Over the past 2 months, I researched, edited gifs frame by frame and came up with over 20 new Wendy emotes, but then I was tasked with reducing this huge number to an appropriate one, so I did. The emotes you see below, they are a piece of my heart. Instead of submitting all of them, I chose the best ones and sent them in. I haven't heard back from the FOTP staff till now so I assume they all might've been rejected. I know it's silly to have this weird fetish-esque connection to emotes that I seem to have, but when you really put in the hard work into creating these HQ, static-free emotes, they become a part of you. So, It's with a heavy heart that I announce that these will be the LAST batch of Wendy emotes from me. It was a personal decision to stop the production of new emotes. This is the last and final update for the Wendy Emote Museum .The Wendy emotes and all its dedicatees will always remain a part of me, no matter what.  And now without further adieu, I present to you all: The Wendy Emotes"    - Dedicated to @ChooseyLover<3 - Dedicated to @Saiga <3 - Dedicated to @Skyline <3 - Dedicated to @WinnieThePooh <3 - Dedicated to @Hylia <3 - Dedicated to @Alejandreaux <3 - Dedicated to @Mystical Monkey <3 - Dedicated to @Dr. Slay<3 - Dedicated to @TaylorNation™ <3   JUNE UPDATE! - Dedicated to @Kali <3 You have been so incredibly nice to me on here, and you have indirectly and directly taught me alot of things about myself and for that I will forever be grateful  <3  - Dedicated to @Honey <3 I am so grateful to have a friend like you on here. You are so generous and amazing, I love you <3 - Dedicated to @LG5 Pls Dont Flop <3 When you first joined, I was convinced that your perm ban would follow a week or two later, but you have proved me and everyone else wrong <3 - Dedicated to @Justice <3  When I look at you, you remind me of a younger, more prettier version of myself. Thanks for joining FOTP and being my friend <3 - Dedicated to @#MusicNotTheBling <3  You have recently become a hunty of mine and have slowly been climbing the list <3 - Dedicated to @LadyGootgoot <3 You are so amazing and nice to me! Thank you for not betraying my trust and exposing me! Love you so much xo - Dedicated to @Mystique <3 Thanks for collaborating with me on this emote. Although we've had some bumps here and there, you're on my hunty list regardless <3  - Dedicated to @Liam <3 No one spills tea like you do Great-grandpa <3  - Dedicated to @Nicole Richie <3 Thanks for always being honest to me Eddie. You're one of my favorite people on here xo <3  - Dedicated to @Impossible Princess <3 How did I forget about you aka my vag-sis xo - Dedicated to ALL <3 Thank you for supporting  my stupid obsession with Wendy emotes <3      Thank you for coming everyone! Good night!   NOTE: The wendy emotes are PRIVATE property, so if you use it outside of FOTP aka our partner, you will be held liable. And if we see our emotes on other forums, we will not hesitate to launch a lawsuit. Xoxo 



The Wendy Emote Museum - April 27 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen Welcome to The Wendy Emote Museum   Over the past year, the Wendy Emotes have emerged as one of the most used and loved emotes on this site!  Although only two emotes were approved, the Sylkmonster Research and Development Lab has worked tirelessly for day and night to create an assortment of Wendy emotes that will now be put to display in here! The Sylkmonster Org has worked very closely with the FOTP staff into creating this archive, that will house all Wendy emotes, created by us.  And now ladies and gentlemen, here is the President of our organization Sylkmonster!!!!  "I am so honored to unveil these emotes to you all. I had a dream.. that one day we will have an entire collection of wendy emotes, here on fotp, and tonight, that dream has never been closer! I want to dedicate each of these emotes to my fellow fotpers, whose love and support has always been the pillar to my strength! Ladies and Gentlemen I give you, the Wendy emotes"   I wanna dedicate this emote to my fotp twin @ChooseyLover. This was the first Wendy emote ever created and it is really close to my heart, as are you. Xo   I wanna dedicate this emote to the one and only @Saiga. When I look upon this emote, it reminds me of how we spill tea in pms. Love you xo   I wanna dedicate this emote to none other than @Skyline. You have always been there for me, and what a better way to thank you then forever immortalizing your name in here! Xo I wanna dedicate  this emote to my hunty @WinnieThePooh I have no words here, so I'll continue this in bed tonight! xoxo   I wanna dedicate this emote to my one and only true love @Hylia. There is no other person who makes my bussy moist as you do my love. And when I look at this emote it reminds me of all the kiii that we have. Love you forever and always xo   I wanna dedicate this emote to @Alejandreaux. Cause everytime talent (aka Alejandreaux) wins, I feel like what Wendy is feeling in this emote. Xoxo   I wanna dedicate this emote to the one and only @Newton. You brought me on this site and taught me everything about fotp. When I look at this emote, I see noone but you. LOVE U Xo   I wanna dedicate this emote to my rightful successor @Dr. Slay. When I look at this emote, it reminds me of how much tea you spill and the kiis you give me. Love you xoxo   I wanna dedicate this emote to who else but @TaylorNation™. When I look upon this emote, it reminds me of ha leadership and dragging qualities. Love you sis xoxo   I wanna dedicate this emote to everyone else who I dont remember right now cause  my charging is about to die lol. Its only fitting really. But fear not, if your name is not mentioned, the Wendy Museum Staff will update every month with new emotes! Xoxo   So there you have it! I'd  also like to take this moment to officially  announce.. The Sylky Williams Show It is currently in production and will air sometime in May! Stay preacht ladies!   Thank you for coming everyone! Good night!   NOTE: The wendy emotes are PRIVATE property, so if you use it outside of FOTP aka our partner, you will be held liable. And if we see our emotes on other forums, we will not hesitate to launch a lawsuit. Xoxo