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About this blog

So here I'm basically just gonna post about my music collection and do reviews so yes let's get going ladies bey2 

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My Troye Concert Experience WITH PICS XO

Okay so yesterday I saw Troye live for the second time and it was insane so I thought I'd share my experience here! I GOT FRONT FUCKING ROW So firstly I'm literally the biggest Troye fan ever, I've loved him since I was literally 11 and it's been so incredible seeing him grow into the young man he is today, and seeing how fucking famous he's getting. I'm so insanely proud of him and he forever will be one of my biggest role models - he grew up in the same town as me and he's a fucking gay i



Ranking Britney's Discography

Listen yeah I am copying @Hylia here I'm not gonna sit her and lie - ha impact Anyway I've only been a Britney fan for a few weeks and have only listened to all her albums around 5 times through so I'm not a megastan yet however I thought it would be a good idea to record my first impressions rankings because I want to So without further ado, let's start    #8 Britney Jean Okay honestly the only good thing this album has is its cover. The songs are literally t



Lemonade Review

Look, I know every man and his dog are doing a Lemonade review at the moment but hey what can I say, it's a new Beyoncé album. It's a big deal. Anyway, first: Pray You Catch Me. This bitch slayed the fuck out of me within the first 10 seconds of this song. I seriously thought I was listening to a Bjork album at the very start. The vocal layering and overall acapella sound gave me major Medúlla vibes, which is the greatest thing possible as I am a hardcore Björk stan (Yes I know, I stan tale




Seeing as my last review was about two and a half months ago I thought I'd rihvive this blog with another Beyoncé review. So here is my review of the best self titled album ever released, and the second best album period. (my favourite album will be reviewed next time  ). I'm going to give each song a score out of 5 for the visual and a score out of 5 for the audio, and add them together to get a score out of 10 for the entire package. I'm doing this because I believe that this album is best wi



Lana Del Rey - Ultraviolence Review

So today I'm going to be reviewing Ultraviolence by Lana because it's my favourite album of all time by my favourite singer   Cruel World - 10/10 I love this as an opener. I love the drums and the electric guitar, they come together to make an epic instrumental. The only thing that slightly bothers me is all the choruses have slightly different lyrics, so I never know which variation is coming up when I'm singing along haha. But for an almost 7 minute song, it's very surprising to me h



Glory First Impressions Review

Yeah the album isn't even officially out but here is my first impressions review of all the tracks. Invitation - I'm still not over the fact that the intro song is called invitation  So smart imo. I think this song works really well as an opener, it's an 'invitation' to the rest of the album through a relatively lowkey song that sets the bar for the rest of the album. I loooove the vocal effects and this was an instant favourite from the album for me. 10/10   Make Me... I still lo


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