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CDs and Vinyl I own as of February 12, 2018

Been six months since I last made one of these posts so I'm gonna make a new one. As usual, I underlined the Vinyl, I asterisked the ones I haven't listened to yet (don't bug me, I know I stink at procrastinating on music), and the One Direction section is huge/takes up a full page on my laptop. Yes. Here we go! Artists in alphabetical (first name) order and albums in favorite to least favorite order (not counting things like Christmas/Greatest Hits). Alessia Cara - Know-It-All* Aly &a



Listening Goals of 2018

Making this list so I have it all in one place. Listening Goals of 2018: Lana Mariah Rihanna (everything except ANTi) Loreen Dawn Richards Jhene Aiko - Souled Out Bjork - everything after Vespertine Janet Jackson Lady Gaga - Joanne Katy Perry - Prism and Witness Kesha - Rainbow Sade I'm probably forgetting someone/something but not to worry I'm sure @Vulnicura. will remind me 7489103278409 times unti



My favorite DISCOVERIES of 2017

Now, before it's time to ring out my favorite 2017 albums/songs/etc. (ones that were released in 2017, didn't exist before 2017, yada yada) I want to do something different. My favorite DISCOVERIES of 2017 - that is, my favorite albums and songs that existed before 2017 but that I didn't discover until 2017. So, here we go! Albums (NO ORDER because orders are annoying): Kehlani - Cloud 19 (I know it's technically an EP but so what) Kehlani - You Should Be Here Bjork -



Half-Hearted Care (a poem written by me)

You say you don’t judge me Yet you approve the laws that do You say you won’t hurt me Yet you do with your words, Words that say I shouldn’t be allowed to marry the one I want, Words that say if you can’t create a child you shouldn’t be together Words that say the only love allowed is the kind you experience And not mine. Actions speak louder than words, And your words of love have no merit if your actions don’t echo it. You think just because yo



CDs and Vinyl I own as of August 27, 2017

It's been a while since the last post I made like this so I wanted to make another one. Artists are in alphabetical first name order, and albums are in fave-to-least-fave order (not counting things like Greatest Hits/Christmas/etc. which are in no order). I haven't listened to any of Rihanna's albums other than ANTi (YET) so that's in a random order too. To the newbies to this blog, you better watch out for that 1D section because it IS *huge*. Takes up a whole page on my laptop. And finall



Kendrick Lamar concert (7/21/17)

So first off: This concert was AMAZING. He’s an AMAZING performer for sure. However, this is the first time I’ve gone to a concert for someone who I’m a fan of the craft itself more than the person. In other words, the music and the performance skills is why I came, not really the individual person - whereas I’ve been in love with the person behind the music in all my other concerts - but all that really means is I didn’t have as many fangirl moments over him doing something cute as opposed to s



Meeting Kehlani

When I first got in line two manager-type people came by; one gave me an “Over 21″ wristband after I showed my ID - as well as asking to see my confirmation email which I had printed out - and the other one gave me a VIP necklace.  While I was waiting in line I talked with these two fans a lot - one was named Kim, the other one I can’t remember the name of - and Person 2 had brought flowers to give to Kehlani which was the cutest thing ever. Anyway, when we entered the room it was a ve



Fourth Harmony concert (5/27/17)

Yes I'm finally making a post about this concert. Sorry it took so long but hopefully you'll forgive me (if you even care) hahaha. Also in case you don't know "OT5" means like, favorite fivesome. In the case of this post "OT5H" means Fifth Harmony the fivesome. Just in case you were confused. Anyways... So something amazing happened for once: We arrived early. That never happens in this family. We’re never early to like, anything. But we did. We arrived at our family friends’ house whe



CDs and Vinyl I own as of April 1, 2017

I thought I'd make one of these posts again in honor of me finally collecting all of 1D's physical music.   As always, the artists are in alphabetical (first name) order, the albums are in fave to least fave order (GH, Christmas, etc. albums don't count), and I'm warning you now that that One Direction section IS HUGE. I underlined the Vinyl because I felt like it. * = haven't listened to yet (I know I need to fix that with some of these, I'm just really bad at procrastinating with mus



Wishlist 3/15/17

I have so many albums I want to get and so many artists I want to get into right now, it's not even funny. Artists are in alphabetical (first name) order, but the albums are in no order (the album first listed is the one I want to get first though). Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman Ariana Grande - Yours Truly Ariana Grande - My Everything Bjork - Debut Boyz II Men - II Boyz II Men - Cooleyhighharmony Boyz II Men - Evolution Daya - Sit Still, Look Pretty Destiny's



CDs and Vinyl I own as of February 2, 2017

It's been approx. 5 months since my last time making one of these entries so I thought that was long enough and I should make an updated one now. Artists are in alphabetical order (first name) and albums are in order of fave to least fave (not counting Greatest Hits/Christmas/Remix/whathaveyou). Watch out for that 1D section, it's huge. All Vinyl are underlined. * = haven't listened to yet (I know I need to fix that with some of these, I'm just really bad at procrastinating with music.



Jingle Ball DC (12/12/16)

When I first decided I wanted to go to it, it was because Niall and 5H would both be performing there. You may think it’s ridiculous to go to a whole festival for just two acts out of eleven, but whatevs. I know I’m not the only one who does it. Plus, I didn’t *hate* any of the other acts. I liked Alessia Cara, Daya, and DNCE as well when I was thinking about going. Plus, I had never been to a festival before so I was like why not you know. Then after buying two tickets, I remembered t



CDs & Vinyls I own as of September 5, 2016

So back when Last.FM had a Journals option I used to make entries like this every so often blogging the CDs I own. I can't do that anymore on Last.FM though bc they took the feature away. But @Shiver inspired me to make an entry here documenting the CDs I own now (and Vinyls). On Last.FM I always did them in alphabetical (first name) order and the studio albums (not counting singles/GH collections/etc.) were in order from favorite to least favorite. So I guess I'll stick with that since I d



Beyonce concert (5/3/16)

I really hope I'm doing this right, I've never made a blog post before... So me and my friend L were worried because, as with all stadium concerts, there’s traffic. Lots of it. Unlike my 1D OT4 concert (the most recent stadium concert I went to before this one) though, they actually had a sign that said “Concert traffic, go to -so and so-” so that the concert traffic was separate from the regular traffic. Which is what all stadium concerts SHOULD do to be honest. Anyway, so we wer


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