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1) Glow - Excellent song. I love the opening and how the song builds up. The passion in her vocals is also outstanding in this song. I love how powerful the song is overall 9/10

2) Wait - Perhaps my fave song on the EP. I love the dreamy beginning and again the passion within this song. Overall just a beautiful song 9.5/10

3) Break This Heartbreak - A total bop. While it is a bit lyrically empty - the song flows so nicely and the instrumental breaks are out of this world. An experience 9/10

4) Chasing Ghosts - Very interesting song with a very interesting intro. I love the lyrics and flow to this song overall. However I think I might like the demo a little more 8.5/10

Overall this is a fantastic and solid piece of work. It has interesting and eclectic production as well as good lyrics. I know Kylie + Garibay is most people's faves out of the two - but I think this one is superior. If KM14 was anything like this EP I'd be over the moon

36/40 (90)


Kylie + Garibay

1) Black and White - A fantastic song. The production is a total bop and I really enjoy the lyrics on this track in particular. Heartbreaklie strikes again. I've grown to appreciate Shaggy on this track but still would have liked if he was kept - also the Extended Version is better. Still a 9/10

2) If I Can't Have You - Ok like the first minute of the song is this Sam guy singing so points immediately lost there jj4 The production is fairly good but the song is a bit bland overall. I love her vocals at the very end though 7.5/10

3) Your Body - Ok Giorgio's talking at the beginning should have been KEPT. That being said this is a good song. The production and flow along with her voice are pretty worthy of praise. The song is a bit lyrically empty but Overall it's an 8/10

Overall this EP isn't my fave out of the two. I think Sleepwalker is considerably better (though many would disagree with me). The features drag down the EP IMO but still it's a fairly solid piece of work - and Black and White is literally one of her best songs from the past 7 years.

24.5/30 (81.66)


  • Kylie: 78/100
  • Enjoy Yourself: 53/100
  • Rhythm Of Love: 87.27/100
  • Let's Get To It: 80/100
  • Kylie Minogue: 91.5/100
  • Impossible Princess: 92.83/100
  • Light Years: 82.14/100
  • Fever: 85/100
  • Body Language: 89.82/100
  • X: 84.42/100
  • Aphrodite: 80.62/100
  • Kiss Me Once: 68.21/100


Ranked by score highest to lowest

  1. Impossible Princess 92.83/100
  2. Kylie Minogue 91.5/100
  3. Body language 89.82/100
  4. Rhythm Of Love 87.27/100
  5. Fever 85/100
  6. X 84.42/100
  7. Light Years 82.14/100
  8. Aphrodite 80.62/100
  9. Let's Get To It 80/100
  10. Kylie 78/100
  11. Kiss Me Once 68.21/100
  12. Enjoy Yourself 53/100

This is a review for the Gayest album of all time LIGHT YEARS jj2

1) Spinning Around - One of her most popular and well-remembered songs. Also a total bop and a really fun song. Also very applicable to that point in her career considering her come back. The perfect come back single 10/10

2) On A Night Like This - ICONIC. LEGENDARY. Truly one of her best ever songs to me. Amazing production and a total event of a song. One of my fave Kylie songs ever 10/10

3) So Now Goodbye - Filler number one jj4 This song adds nothing to the album and while it's boppy it's just such a drag honestly 5.5/10

4) Disco Down - EPIC SONG. EPIC PRODUCTION. Great flow of lyrics. One of the best non-singles on this album. The only part I don't like this the vocal effect at the very beginning 9.5/10

5) Loveboat - One of her gayest songs and such a bop. Just totally fun and great production. It's like a vacation in song form 10/10

6) Koocachoo - First of all what does this word even mean lol. Second this song is filler for filth. Fun but just adds nothing to me 5/10


8) Please Stay - Underrated honestly. A nice cute bop with great Latin influenced production 8.5/10

9) Bittersweet Goodbye - A Complete DRAGGGGGGGG of a song jj4 While it does have substance it's just too slow 5/10

10) Butterfly - Also underrated. This song is a total bop and has great production. It's obvious why this was chosen as a club single 8.5/10

11) Under The Influence Of Love - This song is filler but honestly it's such a Bop. Great production overall 8/10

12) I'm So High - This song actually slays kind of wendy38/10

13) Kids - Great production and one of her best collabs for sure. However to me it's a bit overrated 7/10

14) Light Years - Iconic title track. I loveeeeee the production and the lyrics. I also love the stuff about Kylie acting as an attendant and "Flying KM Air" ... ICONIC 10/10

Overall there's not a lot of middle ground on this album. Songs are pretty much either average and filler or very good and outstanding. This is such a fun album and I'm glad Kylie blessed the homosexuals with this Gem jj2

115/140 (82.14%)

Also in the Kylie section moo1

Here I am to review Aphrodite finally. This is the last album review I need to do for Legend K kylie1

1) All The Lovers - A fantastic song, lead, and opening track. It has outstanding production and flow. It's just an overall happy and well made song. One of only two 10/10's I'll be giving on this album. Unfortunately this is basically where the album peaks though.

2) Get Outta My Way - More like Get Outta My SLAY. This song is underrated and hated on too much I think. It was a good choice as a single and I think it has excellent production and lyrics too 8.75/10

3) Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love) - A cute song but it's absolutely filler. The production is okay but it's kind of just there on the album I think. No idea why it was chosen as a single either. Though it barely was a single 6/10

4) Closer - A grower for me. It has pretty good production and flow. Lyrics lack a little though. Overall it's not bad 7.5/10

5) Everything Is Beautiful - This song is soooo underrated. It really is a beautiful song. It has lovely production and flows so nicely. I LOVE the Piano in the song. The perfect cute Kylie bop 9/10

6) Aphrodite - A good title track and encompasses the album well. I like the stomp production of the track and the chorus is a wig snatching event for sure 8/10

7) Illusion - This is a FANTASTIC song. It has some of the strongest production on the entire album and I really like the theme of the song as well. The albums second and final 10/10

8) Better Than Today - A cute song and I think it's hated on a little too much. Another cute Kylie bop with good flow 7.75/10

9) Too Much - This song actually took forever to grow on me but now I think it kind of slays. The powerful intro is great and the pre chorus builds up into a wig snatching chorus. It is a little overproduced but it's still a good song 8.25/10

10) Cupid Boy - I used to think this song was pretty good but it's actually kind of trash. It's just boring overall I think jj4 The whole song just kind of falls flat for me. The song is also too fucking long jj4  5.75/10

11) Looking For An Angel - A very cute bop. I love the intro to the song. However the song lacks lyrically especially in the chorus. I do enjoy this song though 7.25/10

12) Can't Beat The Feeling - A great song. It's a total bop and the production is very good. The chorus is definitely the best part of the song and I love how the song flows too. Another great Kylie bop 8.5/10


Overall I think this album is a bit overrated and it's overproduced in some places. However I do think this is one of her most cohesive sounding albums overall. If you take it for what it is it's a very enjoyable album and very Kylie

Overall Score - 96.75/120 (80.62/100)

1) Better The Devil You Know - Truly one of her signature songs right up there with Can't Get You Out Of My Head. An anthem and marked a more mature direction in her career. The lyrics and production is so sophisticated 10/10

2) Step Back In Time - Another flawless song that uses samples very well. Overall this is a total bop and is one of her most timeless songs also. It further shows her new musical direction 10/10

3) What Do I Have To Do - The same can be said about this song. I love the sophisticated and mature sound of this song. In addition, the music video is perhaps one of her best. Her look is so mature and sexy in her special effortless Kylie way 10/10

4) Secrets - A bit more of a light hearted and fun song. However it's lyrics still show a lyrical maturation for Kylie. The production is also a bop and very well put together 8.75/10

5) Always Find The Time - Another song that uses samples from other songs very well. I Love the production in this song especially as well as the flow of the song 8.75/10

6) The World Still Turns - Here we arrive at the first song I'm not a big fan of on this album. It's a cute song but it doesn't really do anything for me. However, the jazz section in the middle is iconic 7.5/10

7) Shocked - Another iconic single. I actually enjoy both the single and album versions of this song. Both of which are very different to one another. Overall it is a very sophisticated and mature bop. I especially love the lyrics in this song. Especially the rap in the single version 10/10

8) One Boy Girl - One of the BEST on this album. It's so different from everything Kylie had done so far and it is a stand out from this album. I love the songs structure as well. As in Kylie is speaking to the other women featured on thus track - OUTSTANDING 10/10

9) Things Can Only Get Better - An underrated album track imo. The production is great and I love the positive message on this track. An uplifting dance bop 9.25/10

10) Count The Days - Oh God. This track is totally filler and doesn't have the same mature sound and theme seen throughout the album. It would fit better on Kylie or Enjoy Yourself tbh 5/10

11) Rhythm Of Love - A cute title track but it's actually one of my least faves on the album. I find the flow a little bit annoying for some reason and again it doesn't have that same kind of theme seen throughout the album 6.75/10


Overall Comments - This album is excellent and I consider it the best work from her PWL era. It's a major step up in maturity and sound from her first two albums and marks a new direction for her. I enjoy almost all tracks on this album and while it's not one of my personal faves - I actually think that it's objectively one of her best albums kylie1

Total Score - 96/110 (87.27/100)

Felt like doing this so Let's Get To It jj2

1) Word Is Out - I really like this song. It has great 90's production and a good flow. I can see why this single wasn't as successful however 9/10

2) Give Me Just A Little More Time - Complete and total filler but it's still a cute song 6.5/10

3) Too Much Of A Good Thing - TALENT. This song is great and I love the samples that it uses. Great production and flow as well as lyrics 10/10

4) Finer Feelings - One of her best songs. Serves great R&B influenced production. Also has very good lyrics and a good amount of depth 10/10

5) If You Were With Me Now - Cute but boring honestly. Ok production 5.5/10

6) Let's Get To It - Perhaps her best title track (Or one of her best). Chill and sexy and creative. An excellent song and a highlight of the album 10/10

7) Right Here Right Now - A bop with fairly good production. A bit fillerish however 7.5/10

8) Live and Learn - Very underrated. Great production and good lyrics. A feel good song 8.5/10

9) No World Without You - A cute song but it's a little boring. Also lacking production to me 6/10

10) I Guess I Like It Like That - A total 90's BOP with great production and samples. However there's like no lyrics so it loses points there. Still great however 7/10

Overall this album is all over the place but it is still underrated. It serves as a good transition between this and KM94 - which is probably why it's so all over the place. If you cut a little bit of fat this is a very enjoyable album jj2


Ok before I start I just wanna say that Kiss Me Once is still my 2nd least fave Kylord album. However, lately I've been listening to it more and I've actually come to enjoy it to a certain degree. So Here's a new review ...........

1) Into The Blue - Actually a pretty good song. A good opening to the album and it's clear why this was the lead. It has powerful production but there's some aspects of the production I don't like 8/10

2) Million Miles - Great intro. However I don't like how the production develops. Still, it's a good song with fairly good lyrics 7.5/10

3) I Was Gonna Cancel - I still love this song. I think this song has some of the best production on the album. I also like the songs message 9/10

4) Sexy Love - Total Filler but still bops somewhat 5/10

5) Sexercize - Honestly trashy and try hard but overall it's an "Okay" song if you want to get down to a trashy bop 5.5/10

6) Feels So Good - One of the best on the album. I love the intro to the song. I didn't like the flow of the production before but I've come to really love and appreciate it 9/10

7) If Only - A total bop! I love how the song builds and then how the chorus explodes in so powerfully. However there are some parts of the production I don't like 8.5/10

8) Les Sex - Trashy also but it kind of bops. Fairly good flow. But honestly I hate the lyrics of this song. They're annoying lol 5/10

9) Kiss Me Once - The title track is fairly good. Although I kind of feel like it drags on and gets boring 7/10

10) Beautiful - Ewwwwwwwwww. The worst song on this album. The MOST RANDOM Collab. A total drag of a song. Garbage 3/10

11) Fine - This is a great song! For the most part I love the production. I also love the message in this song too. A good end to the standard album 8.5/10

12) Mr. President - Oh my god this song is so trashy and I hate the production. I also hate her vocals on this track too. It manages to be somewhat better than Beautiful tho so it scores a 4/10

13) Sleeping With The Enemy - This is actually THE best track on this album and should have been on the standard version. A gloomy, powerful song with excellent production. Deserved to be on a better album honestly 9.5/10

14) Sparks - This song has grown on me and it's not terrible actually. However I find the production to be really random and kind of messy. Still an okay song 6/10

So overall this album isn't THAT bad but still, she can do way better. It's good to enjoy when you just want to listen to a lighthearted album and have some fun. So yes, I enjoy this album to an extent - BUT I hope her new album will be better

Score: 95.5/140 (68.21/100)

Gonna pump this one out too jj2

1) I Should Be So Lucky - Iconic. Legendary. Flawless 80's single. How could I not give this a 10/10

2) The Loco-Motion - Same again 10/10

3) Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi - Also one of her best 80's singles and underrated. Great production 9/10

4) It's No Secret - A BOP. Totally underrated. Deserves a lot more recognition 9/10

5) Got To Be Certain - Great production on this track and an excellent single 9/10

6) Turn It Into Love - Should have been released as a single everywhere. A great song 9/10

Tracks 7 To 9 - 7) I Miss You 8) I'll Still Be Loving You 9) Look My Way - Gonna give these all 5/10 Because they are the fillers of the album jj2

10) Love At First Sight - A Cute track and I enjoy listening to it sometimes. It has nothing on 2001's LAFS However jj27/10

Overall this was a very good debut album. The single choices are near flawless and the filler is confined to the later part of the album. Even the filler isn't THAT tragic. Overall a solid debut for her


Total Score = 78/100

Just doing this for the kii's because it will take me like Two seconds to review Lmao.

1) Hand On Your Heart - Cute and I can get into it sometimes. For 80's and her standards at the time it's okay 7/10

2) Wouldn't Change A Thing - Cute again and actually a Bop. I like the flow 7.25/10

3) Never Too Late - The best song and best single on this album! A Total 80's Bop! 8/10

4) Nothing To Lose - Underrated and cute Bop 7.25/10

5) Tell Tale Signs - Boring and a drag. Filler. 1/10

6) My Secret Heart - Literally Honestly Truly her WORST song EVER!!!!! Just HORRIBLE 0.25/10

7) I'm Over Dreaming (Over You) - Underrated and a Bop. The best non-single track. Second best on the album 7.5/10

8) Tears On My Pillow - An okay song. Overrated to me. Cute overall but also filler 6.5/10


10) Enjoy Yourself - A Bop. Underrated and rather cute. A nice song 7.25/10

Overall this album isn't as bad as it's made out to be but it's basically Kylie II only with a lot more filler. It also comes across as so filler because it's so similar to Kylie. It has it's moments.


Total Score = 53/100

My Top THIRTY Kylie Songs

Originally completed in the Kylie section and now being posted here jj2

Original Thread


(From Light Years - 2000)

Kicking things off is Loveboat which is one of Legend's Gayest song. Ever since I first listened to Light Years the song always stuck out to me. It's just so happy and Gay I love it

29 - STARS

(From X - 2007)

Drag me all you want but this song is a bop. I love the production. Not to mention this song is about her recovery from Cancer


(From Light Years - 2000)

Another super Gay Light Years bop. The production and flow of this song is legendary. One of her most eventful productions


(From Greatest Hits - 1992)

One of her most underrated singles. A bop and a half and even though it's on a Greatest Hits album I think it's a standout from her PWL era


(From Body Language - 2003)

This song was hard to place because I adore it and it's one of the best on Body Bible. I love the build up at the beginning and the Raplie in the song. A perfect Sexlie song

25 - BABY

(B Side to Fever - 2001)

An underrated bop that should have been on the standard version of Fever. Great production and flow


(From Rhythm of Love - 1990)

Self explanatory. One of the essentials and one of her most memorable songs.


(From Rhythm of Love - 1990)

Self explanatory again.


(From Impossible Princess - 1997)

Here we have some Trip Hoplie. The production on this song is flawless and I love the Jazz elements too

21 - JUMP

(From Impossible Princess - 1997)

More Trip Hoplie! I've come to realize that I have a huge soft spot for Kylie's Trip Hop work. I think she absolutely slays the Trip Hop genre. As soon as this song begins my wig starts to levitate. Absolutely flawless flow and production on this track too. The lyrics flow with the production so well


(From Kylie Minogue - 1994)

Another Iconic Bop and one of her most dynamic songs. The BIR Mix also features more Trip Hoplie!


(From Body Language - 2003)

One of her most underrated songs. I love the production and flow on this track. I also especially love the sounds of the storm as well. A masterpiece.


(From Let's Get To It - 1991)

I don't care what anyone says I think this is one of her most underrated singles, and one of her best songs. I especially love the lyrics on this track. Sexlie strikes again!


(From Rhythm Of Love - 1990)

One of her best singles and I love both the single and album version of this track


(From X - 2007)

Self Explanatory


(From Light Years - 2000)

Self explanatory. Gay anthem!


(From Ultimate Kylie - 2004)

Legendary song. I remember hearing it on the radio TWICE during a car trip back around Christmas 2004. I was so excited. One of my faves forever and always.

13 - THE ONE

(From X - 2007)

Self explanatory. The single mix is a load of shite however.


(From Impossible Princess - 1997)

An underrated track from Impossible Princess. A total bop with happy production, but the song is actually dark. I love that


(From Kylie Minogue - 1994)

Another underrated track. I actually think this is one of her best songs. The production and flow is completely flawless. A total song of the 90's. Perfection


(From Fever - 2001)

Kicking off the Top 10 is the iconic Love At First Sight which is one of her best singles. I remember it being so popular here in Canada and the music video was always on TV. Serves nostalgia big time.


(From Light Years - 2000)

One of her most iconic and epic songs. Perhaps the best on Light Years. The beginning of the music video was always creepy to me as well but I also found it intriguing. Despite seeing Kylie in her panties at the end, my homosexuality stays intact for some odd reason. Legendary song.


(From Fever - 2001)

I always regarded Love At First Sight as my fave Fever single, but it's actually this legendary song. I just love the overall atmosphere and production of the song. Not to mention the music video is also one of the best of her career. I also got to experience this single Mini Era from the day the single was announced. It was so exciting waiting for the music video. The song was also quite successful here in Canada and a Canadian CD Single was issued, which I remember buying brand new in a music shop with a gift certificate I'd gotten for Christmas.


(From Kylie Minogue - 1994)

What can I say about this song other than LEGENDARY AND FLAWLESS. Self explanatory.


(From Body Language - 2003)

Just missing the Top 5 we have Chocolate. Another self explanatory inclusion. Effortlessly sexy, seductive, a masterpiece.


(From Impossible Princess - 1997)

Originally Number One on my last count down and originally Number Three on this count down. I've decided number five is a good spot for this song. I absolutely adore it and don't understand the hate for it at all. I love to semi-orchestral production and the lyrics. I don't care what anyone says I love this song, but I have realized I appreciate other songs a bit more.


(From Impossible Princess - 1997)

Self explanatory. One of her best singles and videos. Serving several Kylie's similar to Come Into My World! Iconic!


(From Kylie Minogue - 1994)

K the next three songs could all basically be number one for me so they were really hard to rank. This one is self explanatory. It might just be her best song overall. A legendary transformation from her PWL days.


(From Impossible Princess - 1997)

Self explanatory. One of her best tracks both production wise and lyrically.


(From Impossible Princess - 1997)

This might be a surprising choice for number one but I love this song to death. The production is epic and I love how dark the lyrics are. Just an overall underrated masterpiece in her discography.



Rhythm Of Love (1990)

  • One Boy Girl
  • What Do I Have To Do
  • Secrets
  • Always Find The Time
  • Things Can Only Get Better

Let's Get To It (1991)

  • Word Is Out
  • Let's Get To It
  • Too Much Of A Good Thing

Kylie Minogue (1994)

  • Dangerous Game

Impossible Princess (1997)

  • Say Hey
  • Dreams
  • Basically like the entire album

Light Years (2000)

  • Spinning Around
  • Under The Influence Of Love

Fever (2001)

  • Can't Get You Out Of My Head
  • In Your Eyes
  • Your Love
  • Love Affair

Body Language (2003)

  • Slow
  • Loving Days
  • Again, Basically the entire album

X (2007)

  • Like A Drug
  • Speakerphone
  • Sensitized

Aphrodite (2010)

  • All The Lovers
  • Get Outta My Way
  • Illusion
  • Can't Beat The Feeling

Kiss Me Once (2014)

  • I Was Gonna Cancel
  • Sleeping With The Enemy


  • B.P.M. (Ultimate Kylie (2004) B Side)
  • Ocean Blue (Light Years B Side)
  • On The Up (Unreleased Body Language B Side)
  • Lovin' You (Unreleased Ultimate Kylie B Side)
  • A Fuck Load more tbh and probably a Fuck Load more overall tbh

This is an album review for Fever By Kylie! This was the album that started it all for Kylie and I way back when. From the moment I heard Can’t Get You Out Of My Head I knew it was stanhood! I’ll be reviewing the full album – B-Sides and all, bar Butterfly, which for some reason was included on the US version of Fever.

1) More More More – A good opening track that is definitely a bop. However, it kind of falls a bit flat lyrically. Production is pretty great, and I love the backing vocals too 7.5/10

2) Love At First Sight – One of her best ever songs! Flawless production, lyrics and everything else! A total masterpiece and one of her most quintessential songs! 10/10

3) Can’t Get You Out Of My Head – Another essential in Kylie’s discography. Her most successful single ever and my first Kylie song due to its success! A total bop that just gets stuck in your head over and over. Literally you can’t get this song out of your head. 10/10

4) Fever – I used to hate the title track for some reason, but now I love it! Unique production with clever lyrics. I love how the song flows and the lyrics are put together really well. The song almost tells a story 10/10

5) Give It To Me – Ew. The worst song on this album! For one, it’s totally filler. In addition to that, the production and overall flow is pretty tragic. Just the total low point of the album 5/10

6) Fragile – A very underrated song! It flows well and sets a very laid-back vibe. However, at the same time the lyrics portray a level of distress and sadness. A good track overall 8.5/10

7) Come Into My World – Fantastic! Another flawless single from the album with a great flow and vibe. I am of course referring to the single version of this song. Cause honestly, to me the album version is tragic 10/10

8) In Your Eyes – My least favourite single from the album. However, the production is great and I love the vocal effects on this track 9/10

9) Dancefloor – Very filler but honestly it totally bops. The production is the highlight of this track 8/10

10) Love Affair – I used to think this song was so filler, and I disliked it quite a lot. However recently I saw the light and realized that it’s a total bop, and I actually really enjoy the lyrics. Especially the chorus 8.5/10

11) Your Love – Kind of filler, and thematically similar to Love Affair. However, I love the atmosphere of this song. I love the guitars in the production as well. Overall, this song is quite good 8.5/10

12) Burning Up – I used to really like this song, but now I kind of view it as filler. While the production is great, the song is kind of empty lyrically 7.5/10

13) Tightrope – A song with fantastic production and flow. The song is also rich lyrically. I think this should have been on the standard version 9/10

14) Good Like That – Good song. I like how it builds at the beginning, and I think the chorus is quite good too. Great production overall too 8.5/10

15) Baby – My fave Fever B Side - Whenever this song comes on I just wanna dance and bop out. I really love how this song builds into a fantastic chorus. The production on this song is also excellent 9.5/10

16) Boy – A good song with a very chill atmosphere in the song. The chorus is the best part of the song. I love how it flows 9/10

17) Whenever You Feel Like It – Uh, cute? That’s all… 6.5/10

18) Rendezvous at Sunset – The production is the best part of this track, but the lyrics are a bit fillerish 8/10

Overall Comments – Honestly, this album is overrated but it’s still great. It will always hold a special place in my heart because it’s the album that was out when I started to Stan!

Total Score - 153/180 (85%)

So in light of Trump becoming president, I'd like to remind you all that at least we still have Kylie! kylie1 This review will be for her 1994 Self-titled album. Sticking to reviewing the standard 10-track album for now kylie1

1) Confide In Me - Her best lead EVER! I also think this might be her best song ever, from an objective and personal point of view. Amazing production, lyrics, and everything else! Completely flaw-free 10/10

2) Surrender - A good song that sets a very chill atmosphere. Sexy production, but doesn't do much for me lyrically  7.75/10

3) If I Was Your Lover - FLAW-LESS! Outstanding production and probably one of her best non-singles. A total 90's gem too! 10/10

4) Where Is The Feeling - I find this song to be one of the most unique in her discography. This because a) You have the album version that's all fun and light-hearted, then b) You have the single version that is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT and is totally sexy and seductive. Like how did she do that jj4  Only a legend! 10/10

5) Put Yourself In My Place - JESUS! ALMIGHTY! CHRIST! An outstanding song. There is so much I could say about it. The production is beyond flawless, and I think this song has some of her best lyrics. I love the whole message and theme of the song too. Just FLAWLESS! 10/10

6) Dangerous Game - Another excellent song. I love how the song starts off so softly, and then it ends so powerfully and in a demanding tone. Her vocals in this song are also great. That High note in the middle of the song yas210/10

7) Automatic Love - Brilliant! Sexy, but light-hearted production overall. I especially enjoy the chorus in this song. 9.5/10

8) Where Has The Love Gone - A total bop with great production, but I feel like the song lacks lyrically. It's also way too long jj4 A filler track overall  7.5/10

9) Falling - Same thing as Where Has The Love Gone jj4  I like this song a bit more tho. 7.75/10

10) Time Will Pass You By - I really love the message of this song. I also love how the song flows as well. A complete bop too! 9/10

Overall Comments: Wow this album is near flawless! It definitely marked a departure for Kylie from her PWL era into a more artistic and mature era for her. Also laid the foundation for Impossible Princess as well. I actually think this might be my 3rd fave Kylie album instead of X! jj2

Total Score - 91.5/100 (91.5%)

This is an album review for X by Kylie kylie1

1) 2 Hearts - Her most random lead like ever, but overall a fairly good track. I love the bass at the beginning 7.75/10

2) Like A Drug - Excellent production, good vocal delivery. I love this track 9.5/10

3) In My Arms - A pop masterpiece! A perfect single choice and just an overall bop! Always makes me feel happy 10/10

4) Speakerphone - Outstanding production and vocal delivery. Could have potentially been a single. I also love the structure of the song 9.5/10

5) Sensitized - Amazing song! Flawless production and vocals. I love the lyrics on this track. Definitely one of the best on the album 9.5/10

6) Heart Beat Rock - A good song, but not one of my faves on this album. Cute overall 7.75/10

7) The One - One of her best songs EVER! Also the best song on this album imo. Completely flawless production. A total bop of a song. The album version is supreme, the single version is a load of shite 10/10

8) No More Rain - A cute song. Very introspective and reflective. However, not one of my faves. 8/10

9) All I See - Um... It's an ok song, but way too slow for me. It just kind of feels like it's missing something. Also a poor single choice imo jj4 6.75/10

10) Stars - Can you say underrated? Because this song is underrated for filth! One of the best on this album, also one of my fave Kylie songs. I love how much it bops, the production is flawless, but at the same time it's also introspective. A great song 10/10

11) Wow - The beginning slays, but after that the song just kind of falls flat to me. Kind of lazy writing, and the song just comes across as filler. The "Wowowowowow" part lowkey also slays tho. I can see why it was a single 7/10

12) Nu-Di-Ty - Uhhh, the song seems just like kind of empty to me lyrics wise. But the production is fairly good. Filler overall 5.5/10

13) Cosmic - A great ending to the album. A very cute introspective song. Definitely the superior slower song on this album 8.5/10

Overall Comments - Kylie is one of the most hard working people in the music industry. To come back from cancer in full force to write another great record, among other things, is absolutely amazing! I loved experiencing this album when it was released! While it does have some low points, it's still an excellent album and has some of Kylie's finest moments on it!

Total Score - 109.75/130 (84.42%)

This is an album review for Body Language by Kylie yas2 My second fave Kylie Album! jj2 I'm going to review the version I have, which is 14 tracks.

1) Slow - Definitely one of her best leads. Absolutely flawless production and very sexy in the unique Kylie way 10/10

2) Still Standing - Great production on this track. I also love the lyrical structure. A very good track overall. 9/10

3) Secret (Take You Home)  - I absolutely adore this track. It's been one of my faves since the album was released. Totally flawless production and we are treated to a bit of Raplie! 10/10

4) Promises - Not one of my faves on the album. Good production still, cute lyrics. Good overall. 7.5/10

5) Sweet Music - A Bop! Definitely a good track to dance to. 8.25/10

6) Red Blooded Woman - I think this song might be one of the most unique in her entire career. The production is a stand out of the album and her career. The song is unlike anything she's done before or after 10/10

7) Chocolate - One of the best songs of her entire career! The production is beyond flawless, the song has amazing lyrics and the entire structure of the song is just a masterpiece. The song is also very sexy and when you bring it all together, it's still totally Kylie. OUTSTANDING!  10/10

8) Obsession - Excellent production, and I also like the theme of this song 9/10

9) I Feel For You - One of my faves since the album was released also. Very unique production, especially with the sounds of a storm. Totally flawless to me 10/10

10) Someday - A cute song with good production, but doesn't do much for me really 7.75/10

11) Loving Days - A powerful song with a really good structure.  I also love the lyrics in this song. 9/10

12) After Dark - A good way to end the standard album. Very sexy and ends the album off in a good mood. Almost flawless! 9/10

13) Cruise Control - Great production, but not one of my faves. 7.75/10

14) You Make Me Feel - Unique production on this track with the insect effects. It also bops for filth! 8.5/10

Overall Comments - This is definitely an album where Kylie really experimented with her sound, and she did it amazingly! I think it's really underrated in her discography and deserves a lot more praise. Everything about the era was flawless. The music, the look and aesthetic, the singles, the videos, Everything! Well done Kylie yas2

Total Score - 125.75/140 (89.82%)

This is an album review for Impossible Princess by Kylie yas2 Seeing as I reviewed my least fave Kylie album (Stream Me Once), I thought I'd now do my ultimate fave jj2

1) Too Far - Not one of my faves on the album. I am not a big fan of the vocal delivery on this track. However, it does bop and has strong production 8.25/10

2) Cowboy Style - Again, not one of my faves on the album, but the song still snatches! It has an incredibly unique production that uses middle eastern-influenced styles to emulate a literal Cowboy Style kind of music, if that makes sense 8.75/10

3) Some Kind Of Bliss  - This is perhaps my fave Kylie song ever yas2 I absolutely love the theme of the song, and the lyrical structure. I also adore the semi-orchestral production mixed with the rock influences. LOVE IT 10/10

4) Did It Again - Another one of my faves. Again, there's a middle eastern influence within the production here which I love. I also love the theme of the song, and how bitchy it actually is. I also love the music video with the multiple Kylie's. ICONIC 10/10

5) Breathe - I love this song! I definitely find it very relatable in regards to the theme of just slowing down and breathing, taking it slow. The song also has some very unique production, perhaps some of the most unique in her entire career 10/10

6) Say Hey - While the song is not that lengthy lyrically, I feel the song is very direct and to the point - I absolutely love the mood of the song. I also thoroughly enjoy the production. However, it gets a bit tedious toward the end 8.75/10

7) Drunk - A total bop that serves feeling and emotion as well. Strong production, and very introspective  9/10

8) I Don't Need Anyone - ONE OF MY FAVES! I absolutely love the theme of this song and how dark it really is. However, at the same time the production is so uplifting and powerful 10/10

9) Jump - A TRIP HOP MASTERPIECE! Also very strong lyrically 10/10

10) Limbo - WHAT THE FUCK THIS SONG IS SOOO GOOD. I love how the song builds at the beginning, and then bursts into a powerful rock-influenced bop. I also love the vocal delivery in this song, as well as the theme and lyrics. I find it very relatable. A masterpiece! 10/10

11) Through The Years - A good introspective song. I love the trip hop and jazz influences within the song 9.5/10

12) Dreams - Very powerful and strong production. I love how this song makes use of the albums title. Overall, doesn't do that much for me personally though 8.5/10

13) Love Takes Over Me - I'm not a big fan of this track. Has strong production, but doesn't do a lot for me lyrically or vocally 8/10

14) Tears - A BOP! Totally reflects the time period of the mid-late 90's. Sad, but the production makes it uplifting in a way 9/10

15) This Girl - Omg this is such a cute song. I love the stripped back production, along with the theme of the song. A great way to end off the bonus part of the album 9.5/10

Overall Comments - A TOTAL MASTERPIECE OF AN ALBUM! This album is so uniquely Kylie. However, at the same time it is a total standout in her career. It's so indie and mixes together so many different sounds. However, it still manages to be cohesive and highly enjoyable. This is the only time in her career where she has done an album like this. Unfortunately, she will likely never do something like this album ever again. The album is introspective, unique and serves bops. Everything I could ever ask for in an album! Excellent work Kylie yas2cry2

Total Score - 139.25/150 (92.83%)

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