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Welcome to TFM's Dangerous Woman track ranking! I was kinda bored today so I listened to DW and ranked all 18 songs and added my thots on each track jj2 Hope y'all enjoy!


#18. "I Don't Care" / Nobody cares about this piece of shit. She can keep it tbh jj4 

#17. "Jason's Song (Gave It Away)" / At least it's just a Target bonus I guess. 

#16. "Focus" / Problem's fugly little sister eve1 Cute video, shitty song. I bop to it every once and a while though jj2 

#15. "Moonlight" / Moonlight is cute and Ari serves vocals but it doesn't fit DW at all. Sounds like it belongs on Christmas & Chill tbh orangu1 

#14. "Step On Up" / Not as bad as people make it out to be. It's not the best but it's better than Focus and IDC!

#13. "Everyday" / Although this is a really great bop and I feel like it would be a great single, it's one of the weakest on the album imo. Maybe it's because I hate Future eve1  

#12. "Leave Me Lonely" / Beautiful song, but I don't really like Macy Gray's voice and it brings the song down for me. Ari's parts slay though. 

#11. "Be Alright" / Great bop but something feels missing. I waited MONTHS for this song and when it was released, I was disappointed. bummer1 

#10. "Bad Decisions" / "Ain't you ever seen a princess be a bad bitch?" ICONIC. A fun bop but the next songs are way better.

#9. "Let Me Love You" / I actually really love this song. I hate Lil Wayne's verse but this song gets way too much hate.

#8. "Sometimes" / I used to HATE this song, but it has grown on me over the summer. It's actually really good and it should be the next single alex1 

#7. "Thinking Bout You" / *insert lady_gaga_talented_brilliant_incredible.gif* THIS WILL SLAY LIVE, SHE BETTER PERFORM IT

#6. "Touch It" / The chorus ended careers tbh. Amazing song and I will fight anybody who disagrees.

#5. "Side to Side" / THIS INCREDIBLE BOP! FUTURE #1 SMASH alex1 Also, It took me 3 months to finally get what the song means eve1 

#4. "Greedy" / Yes, this song is a bit basic but I love it sooo much. The key change >>>> (When will Gaga jj2 )

#3. "Dangerous Woman" / This song is great and the bridge fucking slays. One of my favorite singles of 2016.

#2. "Knew Better/Forever Boy" / THIS SONG SLAYS. FB > KB but both parts are fantastic and deserve extended versions. 

#1. "Into You" / This song is pop perfection. Everything about it slays and it deserved to be #1 for 25 weeks. ny12 


Thanks for reading hunties! Let me know if you agrih with anything here or drag me in the comments!


Ranking Gaga's Albums

Hello FOTP jj2 

I love seeing y'all rank albums and stuff in blog posts so I wanted to do one myself jj2 

Today, I will be ranking Gaga's discography yas2

Here we go bey5 






It's easily her worst imo, but it's fun. Messy and fun jj2 

I truly believe this era could've been so much more successful alex1 #Justice4Venus alex1 #Justice4GUY alex1 #Justice4Gypsy alex1 


BEST: Gypsy, Venus, Sexxx Dreams

WORST: Jewels n Drugs (her worst song btw vomit1 ), Swine (I don't see the appeal at all rih9 )




The Fame


A flawless debut oprah2 Outsold discographies oprah2 Diamond certified hit oprah2 When will the others oprah2 

One of the first albums I ever bought and the album that made me a stan cry7 Pop perfection tbh cry7 


BEST: Paparazzi, Poker Face, Summerboy, Starstruck

WORST: Beautiful, Dirty, Rich (it's not terrible but compared to the other songs... jj4 )








Even the haters can't deny how amazing this album is. This 8-track masterpiece is incredible from beginning to end alex1 

BEST: Bad Romance, Speechless

WORST: All the tracks are amazing, but Teeth is probably my least favorite 


P.S. this is my favorite Gaga album cover, I love both versions soo much cry9 




Born This Way


Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before, unafraid to reference or not reference, put it in a blender, shit on it, vomit on it, eat it, give birth to it.

I instantly fell in love with this masterpiece. cry6 It features my all-time favorite Gaga song (The Edge of Glory) and other flawless gems like Heavy Metal Lover, Judas, The Queen, Marry the Night, Scheiße, Electric Chapel etc etc  cry6  

Born This Way is one of my favorite albums ever and it has gotten me through some rough times. I'm so glad it exists. cry9cry9cry9 


BEST: The Edge of Glory, Judas, Heavy Metal Lover, Scheiße

WORST: Highway Unicorn is the track I usually skip orangu1 


Well there you have it jj2 

I don't expect anyone to read this but it felt nice to write my thots out jj2 

I have a feeling this ranking will change when LG5 drops, it's coming to snatch that #2 spot from TFM lj1 

Until next time!


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