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Atlantis Princess' Weekly Top 10 Artists September

Based on my Last.fm   Week 21 September 6th 2021 1. Rina Sawayama 2. Mariah Carey 3. Red Velvet 4. 9MUSES 5. CL 6. Apink 7. Azealia Banks 8. BoA 9. Chung Ha 10. Evol   Week 22 September 13th 2021 1. Ariana Grande 2. Chlöe 3. pinkpantheress 4. Britney Spears 5. Janet Jackson 6. Namie Amuro 7. Lisa (of BLACKPINK) 8. Little Mix 9. Big Bang 10. BoA  

Atlantis Princess

Atlantis Princess in Charts

Review #RubyReviews: Katy Perry's Albums

Last year I had created a thread meant to rank Katy's discography prior to Smile's arrival. However, I've found myself not agreeing with my own opinion back then. Particularly about one thing. One album. So, basically, this is a revamped ranking PLUS reviews of all of her studio albums. I'm also adding her Katy Hudson album as the last one the rank simply for a lil kii. Also, please read it from the lowest rank towards the top. It would make more sense that way. Idk. Enjoy! 1.        


Ruby in Albums Review

Atlantis Princess' Weekly Top 10 Artists August

Week 17  August 9th 2021 1. Tinashe 2. NICO Touches The Walls 3. Sunmi 4. Hikaru Utada 5. The Weeknd 6. D.O (of EXO) 7. Lee Hyori 8. Wendy (of Red Velvet) 9. Justin Bieber 10. Kumi Koda   Week 18 August 16th 2021 1. Tinashe 2. Hikaru Utada 3. Ariana Grande 4. NICO Touches The Walls 5. Lizzo 6. Girls Generation- TTS 7. Megan Thee Stallion 8. Victoria Monet 9. Christina Aguilera 10. Doja Cat   Week 19 August 23rd 2021 1. Red Velvet

+ versus x - My opinion

I decided to create an album battle for + (plus) and x (multiply). This is my opinion.     The A Team | One Drunk | I'm A Mess U.N.I. | Sing Grade 8 | Don't Wake Me Up | Nina Small Bump | Photograph This | Bloodstream The City | Tenerife Sea Lego House | Runaway You Need Me, I Don't Need You | The Man Kiss Me | Thinking Out Loud Give Me Love | Afire Love Autumn Leaves | Take It Back Little Bird | Shirtsleeves Go

Equals =

Equals = in My opinion

The Honest Vocal Coach Memes

Gifs courtesy of @Billie Frank     Georgina Button:  Yass queen skinny legend versace boots the house down slay queen hunty momma anna oop daddy work charli xcx snatch my wig  Georgina being possessed.  Original:    Meme:    Does Georgina have nits?  The Next Madonna.      Georgina's Divinations.     Georgina's Spells and Curses.      Georgina disappointed.   Don't mess with Georgina.     Little Monster Georgina.   

Cha Eunwoo

Cha Eunwoo in Parody

Atlantis Princess' Weekly Top 10 Artists July

Week 12 July 5th 2021: 1. Namie Amuro 2. Doja Cat 3. Brandy 4. NCT DREAM 5. 2PM 6. BoA 7. EXO 8. Mariah Carey 9. Janet Jackson 10. 5 Seconds of Summer   Week 13 July 12th 2021: 1. Brandy 2. Namie Amuro 3. NCT U 4. Aaliyah 5. Mariah Carey 6. Taeyeon 7. BoA 8. Janet Jackson 9. Chungha 10. EXO   Week 14 July 19th 2021: 1. Namie Amuro 2. Christina Aguilera 3. Britney Spears 4. Doja Cat 5. Ava Max 6. Brandy 7. Bree Runway

My Physical Audio Collection (update: 8/26/2021)

Bold items are new updates links take you to the exact release version listed on Discogs.com   CDs ABBA - Gold (2010) Adam Lambert - Velvet (2020) AFI - Bodies (2021) Alice in Chains - Black Gives Way to Blue (2009) All Time Low - Straight to DVD II: Past, Present, and Future Hearts (2016) All Time Low - Last Young Renegade (2017) The Amity Affliction - Everyone Loves You... Once You Leave Them (2020) Ariana Grande - Dangero

Parody Art

@Billie Frank, this made my day      @Shego's original GIF: The artist should have done this to make the artists look more accurate:       @Ghostface is an FOTP Event Team's member, FOTP's 2019 Best New Member Winner, and FOTP's 2020 nominated Best Staff Member and Member of The Year.  Known for being "too nice", there are actually many sides to him.    The side he shows to everyone:   The sides he does

My FOTP Sets

My set history You can use them if I'm not currently using them (most of these sets are made in VIP sizes...)   Ava Max: Blackpink: Britney: Cha Eunwoo: Christina Aguilera: Conan Gray: Dance of The Sugar Plum Fairy: Gays: Jungkook/BTS: Kai: Kelly Lee Owens:  Kylie Minogue: Park Bo-Gum: Surf Mesa:  Taylor Swift:   Halloween Set Party 2020  

If my FOTP clique were tv/movie characters...

I'm very bored... and since FOTP is dead, I decided to think of different characters for my FOTP clique. By clique, I just mean people who I talk to on a regular basis and/or interact with around the forum, just let me know if you want to be added or removed.      @Billie Frank is Bart. @Free Britney Milhouse @Ghostface Ned Flanders.  @Mario Ralph Wiggum   @Lynk Otto  @Max Martin Prince  @Royalty Ms Edna  @Royale Jessica Lovejoy  @Smiley Akira Apu  @LÉON Mr. Burns   

Atlantis Princess' Weekly Top 10 Artists June

Week 8 June 7th 2021: Namie Amuro  Maneskin Tinashe Britney Spears Ariana Grande Bree Runway Kylie Minogue Mariah Carey Post Malone Rina Sawayama   Week 9 June 14th 2021: Marina Lil Kim EXO BoA Kali Uchis Jorja Smith Maneskin TWICE Charlotte Lawrence  Kim Jaejoong Week 10 June 21st 2021: Namie Amuro NCT 127 Britney

My Top 15 Favourite Futurama Episodes

Wanted to make this list  Listed by production order and not including the movies/season 5.   15. Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love? (S2 E5) 14. Roswell That Ends Well (S3 E19) 13. The Late Philip J. Fry (S6 E7) 12. My Three Suns (S1 E7) 11. Obsoletely Fabulous (S4 E14) 10. Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles (S4 E9) 9. Xmas Story (S2 E4) 8. Bender Gets Made (S2 E13) 7. Love and Rocket (S4 E4) 6. The Luck of the Fryrish (S3 E4) 5. The Priso

Charts Atlantis Princess' Weekly Top 10 Artists

The top 10 artists every week based on my last.fm. I've been doing this for a while for my personal satisfaction but I thought hell, I should post it here too. New top 10 every Monday.   Week 1 April 19th 2021: Aaliyah Saweetie Doja Cat Bree Runway Dove Cameron Megan Thee Stallion Sabrina Carpenter Sofia Carson 50 Cent Bbyafricka   Week 2 April 26th 2021: Janet Jackson SHINee L

Opinion I Arranged a (Slightly) Better Tracklist for Bionic!

Alright, so I'm still currently listening to Bionic because, of course, duh. I'm also in a good mood and somehow feeling a good vibration from nowhere. Anyway, so I only realized now that the transition from Prima Donna to Morning Dessert and Sex for Breakfast to Lift Me Up is one of the ugliest transitions ever in pop music. There's like no relation whatsoever from Prima Donna, which still depicted Xtina in a club and drinking her tenth booze for the night, to Xtina apparently rolling around th


Ruby in Analysis

Comics I've read in 2021

Been into the medium even more than usual this year and after going through everything I'd read so far I decided I wanted to keep track from now on     Annihilation  -    Drax the Destroyer #1-4 -    Annihilation Prologue  -    Annihilation: Nova #1-4 -    Annihilation: Silver Surfer #1-4 -    Annihilation: Super-Skrull #1-4 Black Panther (1998) #1-17 Black Science #1-6 Django/Zorro #1-7 Fables  -    Fables #1-82 -    1001 Nights of Snowfall -    Jack of Fables

A Personalized TM List

Hello Pokemonsters! Welcome to a very quick blog post as we await the next entry of My Pokemon Gym. Doing this series got me thinking about the upcoming TM situation with Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl as it's unlikely TRs will return without a Wild Area. It also got me thinking what 100 TMs would I personally use in a region of my own. I set out a short number of rules, as follows: No MAX Moves or Z-Moves No Signature Moves of Legendary or Mythical Pokemon No Elemental Pledg


RihannaRTT in TMs