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My top 30 albums of all time

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Note: if theres no spotify link available, ive posted a wikipedia article to the album instead (only for #30)




30 Willam - The Wreckoning (2012)

Highlights: Starfucker; Chow Down; She Doesn't Know

29 Cane Hill - Too Far Gone (2018)

Highlights: Erased; Lord of Flies; The End.

28 Lady Gaga - ARTPOP (2013)

Highlights: MANiCURE; ARTPOP; Mary Jane Holland

27 Rihanna - Loud (2010)

Highlights: S&M; Complicated; Man Down

26 All Time Low - Future Hearts (2016)

Highlights: Dancing with a Wolf; Missing You; Kids in the Dark



25 Flyleaf - Memento Mori (2010)

Highlights: Beautiful Bride; In the Dark; Arise; The Kind; Stay (bonus track on youtube)

24 Madonna - American Life (2003)

Highlights: American Life; Die Another Day; Love Profusion

23 Adore Delano - Till Death Do Us Party (2014)

Highlights: My Address is Hollywood; Party; I Look Fucking Cool

22 Mariah Carey - E=MC2 (2008)

Highlights: Migrate; I Stay in Love; Touch My Body

21 Beartooth - Aggressive (2017)

Highlights: Hated; King of Anything; Sick of Me (acoustic)



20 Britney Spears - Circus (2008)

Highlights: If U Seek Amy; Unusual You; Blur

19 Halsey - BADLANDS (2015)

Highlights: Control; Strange Love; Ghost

18 Palisades - Palisades (2017)

Highlights: Memories; Through Hell; Personal

17 Lana Del Rey - Ultraviolence (2014)

Highlights: Cruel World; Brooklyn Baby; Old Money; Is This Happiness (bonus track on youtube)

16 Pierce the Veil - Collide with the Sky (2012)

Highlights: One Hundred Sleepless Nights; The First Punch; Tangled in the Great Escape



15 Aquilo - Silhouettes (2017)

Highlights: I Gave it All; Waiting; Human

14 Halestorm - Vicious (2018)

Highlights: Do Not Disturb; Skulls; Heart of Novocaine; Letters (bonus track on vimeo); 

13 Marilyn Manson - Holy Wood (2000)

Highlights: The Fight Song; Disposable Teens; In the Shadow of the Valley of Death; The Nobodies (acoustic bonus track on youtube)

12 Paramore - RIOT! (2007)

Highlights: crushcrushcrush; That's What You Get; We Are Broken

11 Escape the Fate - Ungrateful (2013)

Highlights: Live Fast, Die Beautiful; I Aone; Desire



10 Kesha - Animal + Cannibal (2010)

Highlights: Blind; Kiss N Tell; Animal; The Harold Song; Blow; Cannibal

09 Marina - Electra Heart (2012)

Highlights: Lies; Sex Yeah; Starring Role; Buy the Stars (bonus track on youtube)

08 Taylor Swift - Red (2012)

Highlights: All Too Well; 22; State of Grace; The Moment I Knew

07 Crown the Empire - The Resistance (2015)

Highlights: Maniacal Me; Machines; Millennia (acoustic)

06 10 Years - From Birth to Burial (2015)

Highlights: Miscellanea; Moisture Residue; From Birth to Burial; Survivors?



05 My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade (2006)

Highlights: Famous Last Words; Welcome to the Black Parade; Mama; Sleep

04 Badflower - OK I'M SICK (2019)

Highlights: Die; Ghost; We're in Love; Daddy; Wide Eyes; Cry

03 In This Moment - Black Widow (2014)

Highlights: Sex Metal Barbie; Sick Like Me; The Fighter; Natural Born Sinner; Bloody Creature Poster Girl

02 Ice Nine Kills - The Silver Scream (2018)

Highlights: Thank God it's Friday; IT Is the End; Stabbing in the Dark; The American Nightmare; Merry Axe-Mas

01 Ariana Grande - thank u, next (2019)

Highlights: bloodline; NASA; in my head; bad idea



spotify link for my highlights (100 songs)


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We don't spill tea when it comes to intolerance taste honey, we throw the goddamn cup ari5


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