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My Top 100 Favorite Idioms

Dennis Reynolds


100. Happy now? (if I'm saying it)
99. Call the shots
98. Rome wasn't built in a day
97. On the fence
96. Cream of the crop
95. Up and running
94. A shot in the dark
93. Steal my thunder
92. Not playing with a full deck
91. Without batting an eye
90. Come hell or high water
89. Game, set, match
88. Method to his/her madness
87. Keys to the kingdom
86. Chip off the old block
85. Can't cut the mustard
84. Bite your tongue
83. Take it with a grain of salt
82. My word is my bond
81. The devil is in the details
80. New York Minute
79. Make no bones about
78. Damning with faint praise
77. I'm gonna go out on a limb
76. Balls to the wall
75. Go for broke
74. Lay it on me
73. Got it going on
72. Elvis has left the building
71. Cock and bull story
70. Ball is in your court
69. Imagine that
68. Out of your element
67. Drives me up the wall
66. You can say that again!
65. Fresh as a daisy
64. Putting your eggs in one basket
63. Hell to pay
62. Back seat driver
61. Hit the bull's eye
60. Dead on arrival
59. Bite the bullet
58. At the drop of a hat
57. The benefit of the doubt
56. Tried and true
54. Cut to the chase
55. Penny for your thoughts
56. Missing the boat
55. A snail's pace
54. Eyes bigger than your stomach
53. Go down the rabbit hole
52. Slam dunk
51. Wild goose chase
50. On fleek (ironically)
49. Go down in flames
48. The whole nine yards
47. He who laughs last laughs best
46. Drawing a blank
45. Take to the grave
44. Rain check
43. Playing fast and loose
42. No rest for the wicked
41. His/her true colors
40. That old chestnut
39. Adding insult to injury
38. Bigger fish to fry
37. Elephant in the room
36. Don't count your chickens before they hatch
35. Up your alley
34. You're putting me on
33. Bigger fish to fry
32. It's the thought that counts
31. The last straw
30. So much for that
29. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it
28. Speak of the devil
27. You live and you learn
26. Calling the shots
25. Not rocket science
24. I couldn't care less (if stated correctly)
23. The cold shoulder
22. Tip of the iceberg
21. Wild goose chase
20. Up shit creek without a paddle
19. Piece of cake
18. The best of both worlds
17. Cost me an arm and a leg
16. Put the kibosh on
15. Smooth move
14. Damn your eyes
13. That ship has sailed
12. Let the cat out of the bag
11. A fool and his money are soon parted
10. Let's blow this popsicle stand
9. Beating a dead horse
8. Dig your own grave
7. Two birds with one stone
6. Cut off the nose to spite the face
5. Better off dead
4. Speak of the devil
3. I've got a bad feeling about this
2. Long story short
1. It's your funeral


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