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Alternate History of Mariah Carey

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Hi. This is the second story about an alternate history of an artist.

If you want to read the first one about Madonna, click the link below.




Alternate History of Mariah Carey

The 90s

- Mariah Carey started her career in 1990 with Charmbracelet, an album full of lovely and sleepy ballads. The lead single Vision of Success was a modest hit in Sri Lanka
and USA.

0dLkpDF.jpg    yrOoQ2z.jpg

- The next album, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel (1991), was a top 10 hit in USA and UK. Mariah was praised for the single Obese, which talked about Mariah's 
weight issues during teenage years.

- In 1993, Mariah released Rainbow. The album was a WW hit and sold 10 million copies.  Not only it was successful, but also critically acclaimed. The album is known for its brave themes about LGBT community. Singles Against All Straights and Gaybreaker were no.1 hits. Gaybreaker was groundbreaking for being the first song to  feature a rapper. Gay-Z in this case.


- In 1996 Mariah reinvented herself. The album Me. I Am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse was a departure from ballads and r'n'b sound. The album was full of Mariah's whispers and techno beats. The critics called it innovative. The album and the lead single You Don't Know How to Whisper flopped.

- In 1997, Mariah tried to return to the charts with The Emancipation of Mimi album , but it only managed to reach top 40 in USA.

HSeyGA7.jpg    0iroMEF.jpg    Rz5UxGO.jpg

- In 1998 Mariah formed a group called Music Box with the actress Jennita Lopezita, who got Oscar for Selena, and underground artist Beyonka. They worked on an album that was supposed to be called Caution. When the album was almost finished, Jennita stole the recordings and ran away. In 1999, Jennita released the album as a solo artist. Beyonka, who hoped that album would help her gain some success after flop EPs, went to oblivion, while Mariah has never spoken to Jennita again.

GUu9dPj.jpg    Bw85H2h.jpg


The 2000s

- In 2000 and 2001, Mariah Carey decided to take a break and became Britney Spears groupie.

FsEb31i.jpg    nXxoist.gif

- In 2002, Mariah starred in a movie called Filter and did a soundtrack with the same title. The movie talks about a successful chanteuse who decides to quit her singing career and fight smoking around the world. Both projects flopped, but gained cult status over the years.

- In 2003, Mariah released a book called Me. I Am Mariah... The Interior Designer, which was a bestseller. Apparently, interior design has always been her biggest love. 

hX68eJw.jpg    z7xCVwL.jpg

- In 2004, Mariah released Are You There God? It's Me, Moo. The album was a comeback for Mariah. It was a collection of modern silky ballads about Mariah's crisis during flop years. The single Through the Rain was a no.1 hit in USA and many other countries.

- In 2008, Mariah went on a world tour for the first time. It was called Larger Than Life Tour and promoted all Mariah's previous albums. Madonna's Smelly Feet Tour was a big competition at that time.



The 2010s

- In 2014, Mariah received a phone call from Beyonka, who offered her to buy Lemonade project, but Mariah wasn't interested. 

- In 2018, Mariah released her first hits compilation called Milk Me: The Greatest Hits.


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