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Chinese Nicknames for Singers (and the like)



The first post on this blog!


I am creating a list that has almost all the nicknames for western singers/rappers in China (because it's a music forum, although I might be making spinoffs of this). It's currently incomplete, so if you have a nickname I didn't mention, let me know in this post! 


(also, I'm not Chinese but I do know some Chinese for this, besides, I might get some nicknames wrong. I've also added some parenthesis around the reasons why they're nicknamed that way)


  • Katy Perry - Fruit Sister (because she wears colorful clothes, people think she's like a bowl of fruit)
  • Ariana Grande - A-Mei (her big sister-like personality, maybe?)
  • Taylor Swift's nickname is basically the first syllable of her first name repeated twice, which is "TayTay" (don't know why, tho)
  • Rihanna's nickname is the same as Taylor's, which is "RiRi" (I also don't know why she is nicknamed this)
  • Britney Spears - Candy (because of her sweet-sounding voice)

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