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Favorite Songs of 2020






45. Perfume Genius - Your Body Changes Everything

The new Perfume Genius album isn't my cup of tea, but YBCE is one of the more interesting songs that I like.

44. Roisin Murphy - Narcissus

 Roisin Murphy always manages to spice up her sound, this time with disco, and she always finds a way to be different, creative and unique.

43. Madonna - I Don't Search I Find 

An interesting dance song by Madonna that sounds more like some 90s dub mix than an actual song. Smooth production and atmospheric music evoke Vogue , while Madonna's talking throughout the song reminds of Justify My Love and Erotica. The single deserved a video with Madonna's spy character. 

42. Taylor Swift - The Last Great American Dynasty 

I didn't like Folklore as a whole, but I have to say that folk music sometimes click with me and sometimes it doesn't. I enjoy The Last Great American Dynasty because I think it is one of the more melodic songs on the album.

41. Miley Cyrus (feat. Billy Idol) - Night Crawling

Billy Idol is one of my favorite male artists, so I was glad Miley decided to work with him. Miley's album has an 80s vibe, so Billy fits perfectly. The song even sounds like something Billy could have done in the 80s.


40. Kylie Minogue -  Say Something

The song is much closer to the 80s dance synthpop scene than actual disco. A bop, nevertheless. 

39. Charli XCX - I Finally Understand

I am not a stan, but I always find some bops on Charli's  albums. I Finally Understand is a fun song with interesting production and effects.

38. La Roux - Gullible Fool

I expected La Roux's new album to be innovative,  not dated. Anyway, she served bops and Gullible Fool with its upbeat music is one of the highlights.

37. Jessie Ware - Soul Control

It is weird that Dua Lipa is praised for disco sound, because the disco vibe on her album is very subtle just like the 80s elements on Taylor's 1989. Jessie's album is a true disco inspired album and she deserves all the attention. Soul Control is a well crafted song that perfectly merges modern production and the 70s disco style.

36. Harry Styles - Watermalon Sugar

Watermelon Sugar, but it "tastes like strawberries". interesting1 


35. La Roux - International Woman of Leisure

This could have been a hit in 2010. At this point its production is  a little bit dated. It is a bop, though.

34. Taylor Swift - Seven

I like the piano and the melancholic vibe. Favorite song on Folklore.

33. Lady Gaga - Alice

A good fusion of the 90s house and modern dance beats. Definitely a single material.

32. Georgia - 24 Hours 

Georgia's sophomore album is more than a simple synthpop album inspired by the 80s. 24 Hours is a perfect example of that - an atmospheric song with joyful synth beats and interesting vocal effects that sets Georgia apart from other modern synthpop artists.

31. Roisin Murphy - Simulation

A long song, but what a song! It starts with a dramatic intro that slowly turns into a club bop.


30. Paloma Faith - Supernatural

I like the 80s vibe of this song, especially the intro. I think the song could have been even better if it was dreamy like the intro.

29. Tennis - Need Your Love

An interesting and catchy retro bop that goes from upbeat verses to a slowed down chorus.

28. Working Men's Club - Valleys

A brilliant club banger with the elements of the 80s and the 90s beats.

27. Lady Gaga - Babylon

A fantastic dance bop that channels Madonna's Vogue. 

26. Hayley Williams - Watch Me While I Bloom

I love this. The production is so polished and the layers create an exciting musical adventure.


25. Of Montreal - You've Had Me Everywhere

A lovely indie song that plays with the 80s bubblegum pop. Good lyrics.

24. Jessie Ware - Save a Kiss

One of the best songs on What's Your Pleasure? album. It isn't disco, but still a dance song that evokes the 90s melancholic dance stuff. It sounds like something that Robyn could serve.

23. Miley Cyrus - Midnight Sky

A great 80s inspired synthrock song. 

22. Georgia - Never Let You Go

It starts as a moody electropop that transforms into a joyous and catchy play of synthpop beats during the chorus.

21. Marina - Man's World

It is classic Marina sound and we are here for it.


20. Haim - I've Been Down

Old school rock song. Quite enjoyable. 

19. Kylie Minogue - Dance Floor Darling  

The best song on Disco. Very catchy. It needs to be a single.

18. Taylor Swift - Gold Rush

Great lyrics. I like the melody and rhymes. 

17. Kiesza - All of the Feelings

While the first Kiesza album was inspired by the 90s dance music, the second one is inspired by the 80s synthpop. All of the Feelings is one of the highlights.

A catchy dance bop that reminds of Carly Rae Jepsen.

16. Travis Feat. Susanna Hoffs - The Only Thing
A simple rock song. Nothing new from Travis, but the beauty is in its simplicity and Susanna's voice is a nice touch.


15. Lady Gaga - 911

Lady Gaga served one of the best videos of 2020, if not the best. The video is based on Parajanov's art inspired by Armenian culture. The contrast between Armenian culture and the song's futuristic beats is unexpected, but it works. 911 is one of Gaga's finest moments. A joyful glitchy electropop gem from start to finish. 

14. Paloma Faith - If This Is a Goodbye

I love the melancholic music and Paloma's voice is so dramatic and emotional.

13. Georgia - About Work The Dancefloor

The best way to describe some of Georgia's songs is "synthpop with a twist" or "demonic pop". The song kicks off like a typical upbeat synthpop, but then it 

unexpectedly switches to scary vocals during the chorus. 

12. Travis - Butterflies

The thing that makes this nostalgic song so special are a lovely melody and Fran Healy's and backing vocals that create a dreamy vibe.

11. Georgia - Started Out

Another unusual synthpop gem from Georgia. It is influenced by Chicago house and contains catchy 80s synths.


10.The Killers - Fire In Bone

Brandon's singing evokes Talking Heads on this 80s inspired synthrock song. 

9. The Weeknd - Blinding Lights

I didn't expect this song to be so popular, especially being  the 80s inspired synthpop. 

8. Haim - 3 AM

While the sophomore album was an uninspiring rehash of Haim's debut, on the third album Haim did something different. It isn't catchy like the debut, but quality is

there. 3am is the most interesting and creative song that mixes pop, r'n'b, electropop, and has a dreamy vibe.

7. Travis - Kissing In The Wind

One of the highlights on the latest Travis album. Melancholic, captivating, haunting...

6. Hayley Williams - Sugar On The Rim

I love how this song is experimental and accessible at the same time. The production is captivating and brilliant.


5. Tennis - Runner

A shimmering synthpop gem inspired by the 70s and the 80s.

4. The Killers - Running Towards A Place

The best part of the song is that 80s inspired music after the chorus that made me stan.

3. Georgia - The Thrill

A brilliant moody song with elements of the 80s synthpop and the 90s rave.

2. The Killers - My God (feat. Weyes Blood)

I love everything about it. It sounds like an 80s rock anthem. Stunning.

1. Hayley Williams - Over Yet

I wish Hayley's debut album had more songs like Over Yet, Sugar On The Rim and Watch Me While I Bloom. There is something about them that I can't really explain. I don't know if Hayley was inspired by
Middle Eastern music, but there are some melodies that sound like  Hayley's interpretation of that music. At least that is how I experienced it. 

Over Yet is fantastic. Experimental, accessible, creative, timeless...  Old school and modern at the same time.

Hayley's debut album deserved great videos and more attention.


Recommended Comments

Very interesting list so far. Glad to see Night Crawling and Say Something clap3 

Definitely some other stuff I'm going to check out. I had no idea La Roux actually released an album rip4 I didn't her like her last album at all so maybe I'll enjoy this one more lj1 

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19 hours ago, Ghostface said:

Nice to see you gave a chance to Working Men's Club. jj2 So many styles blended so well on that album. bey7

I still haven't checked it out. sia2 

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On 1/3/2021 at 8:34 PM, CHANEL #1 said:

Definitely some other stuff I'm going to check out. I had no idea La Roux actually released an album rip4 I didn't her like her last album at all so maybe I'll enjoy this one more lj1 

La Roux's last album sounds like a collection of outtakes from Trouble in Paradise. Well, kind of.

It is dated production wise. However, it has some bops. 

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3 hours ago, SeekingThrill said:

I hope the new album won't disappoint. The last  album was a snooze fest. eve1 

L+F was indeed bad eve1

But it did have some lowkey bops aretha1

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19 hours ago, saiga said:

That Georgia cover seems interesting. What kind of music do they make?

It is a female artist. Synthpop inspired by the 80s. jj2 

16 hours ago, Kai said:

I don't know any of the songs in the Top 10 except for the Weak-end's. sia5

Time to update your music collection.  true1 

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