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I ranked all the FOTP faves



In case you're wondering: I used http://www.biassorter.com/index.html for this one


I also included Kesha because she was there when the Faves were bought back (she's gone now, but whenever a spotlight form vote occurs theres a chance she's back again)


rank options
1 Taylor Swift
2 Ariana Grande
3 Kylie Minogue
4 Katy Perry
5 Dua Lipa
6 Lana Del Rey
7 Beyonce
8 Britney Spears
9 Lady Gaga
10 Ellie Goulding
11 Rihanna
12 Christina Aguilera
13 Madonna
14 Selena Gomez
15 Kesha
16 Mariah Carey

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I did the same too

It ended up like this (GREAT!) 

rank   options
1 Lady Gaga
 1 Beyonce 
3 Britney Spears
4 Madonna
5 Mariah Carey
6 Kylie Minogue 
7 Ariana Grande 
8 Christina Aguilera 
8 Rihanna
10 Dua Lipa 
11 Nicki Minaj 
12 Taylor Swift
13 Lana Del Rey 
13 Ellie Goulding
15 Kesha
16 Katy Perry
16 Selena Gomez


I added Kesha and Nicki because they used to be on the forums but then their sections got removed. (Nicki around 2019, and Kesha the last year). 

I Stan Bey and Gaga the most

3-10 I stan them too

11 I'm casual listener 

12-16 i don't like them


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