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My top 50 favorite television characters in alphabetical order

Dennis Reynolds


I'm sick and bored, so let's do this nicki5 My rules:


1. I'm only picking one character per series (this led to some extremely regrettable omissions). 

2. Characters that originated in films, books, comic books, real life, etc. are not included, unless they were heavily adapted and popularized by the show. This means no Ash Williams, Johnny Lawrence, versions of Sherlock Holmes, etc.

3. If a character appeared in multiple shows, I pick them on the basis of the one listed series.


Abed Nadir (Community, 2009-2015)

Andy French (Mission Hill, 1999-2002)

Angela Chase (My So-Called Life, 1994-1995)

Bender Bending Rodriguez (Futurama, 1999-2013)

Bernard Black (Black Books, 2000-2004)

Brent Leroy (Corner Gas, 2004-2009)

Buffy Summers (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 1997-2003)

Carl Kolchak (Kolchak: The Night Stalker, 1974-1975)

Chris (Everybody Hates Chris, 2005-2009)

The Cryptkeeper (Tales from the Crypt, 1989-1996)

Dale Cooper (Twin Peaks, 1990-2017)

Darkwing Duck/Drake Mallard (Darkwing Duck, 1991-1992)

Daria Morgendorffer (Daria, 1997-2002)

David Brent (The Office [U.K.], 2001-2003)

Din Djarin/The Mandalorian (The Mandalorian, 2019-present)

Don Draper (Mad Men, 2007-2015)

Dennis Reynolds (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, 2005-present)

The Doctor (Doctor Who, 1963-present)

Fox Mulder (The X-Files, 1993-2018)

Francis (Malcolm in the Middle, 2000-2007)

Frasier Crane (Frasier, 1993-2004)

George Costanza (Seinfeld, 1989-1998)

Gob Bluth (Arrested Development, 2003-2019)

Gus Fring (Breaking Bad, 2008-2013)

Homer Simpson (The Simpsons, 1989-present)

Jack Donaghy (30 Rock, 2006-2013)

Jane Kerkovich-Williams (Happy Endings, 2011-2013)

Jean-Luc Picard (Star Trek: The Next Generation, 1987-1994)

Jessica Day (New Girl, 2011-2018)

Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman (Better Call Saul, 2015-present)

Joel Hammond (Santa Clarita Diet, 2017-2019)

John Crichton (Farscape, 1999-2003)

Kanan Jarrus (Star Wars Rebels, 2014-2018)

Kermit the Frog (The Muppet Show, 1976-1981)

Kimmy Schmidt (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, 2015-2019)

Larry David (Curb Your Enthusiasm, 2000-present)

Lindsay Weir (Freaks and Geeks, 1999-2000)

Lorelai Gilmore (Gilmore Girls, 2000-2007)

Perry Cox (Scrubs, 2001-2010)

Raylan Givens (Justified, 2010-2015)

Rebecca Bunch (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, 2015-2019)

Reverend Jim Ignatowski (Taxi, 1978-1983)

Ron Swanson (Parks and Recreation, 2009-2015)

Roy Trenneman (The IT Crowd, 2006-2013)

Spock (Star Trek, 1966-1969)

Sterling Archer (Archer, 2009-present)

Steven Karp (Undeclared, 2001-2002)

Sydney Bristow (Alias, 2001-2006)

Tim Bisley (Spaced, 1999-2001)

Veronica Mars (Veronica Mars, 2004-2019)



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17 hours ago, Wonho said:

Now list reasons why they're your favourites bey11

  Reveal hidden contents


It's first revealed in The Luck of the Fryrish episode bebe1 

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