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Getting to know Harls



You guys may know me has Harley Queen...but its actually Harley Valentine (i just like having the word Queen as my title cos i always wanted to rule Africa and ride elephants while wearing an indian chief head wear)...u can call me Harls for short..uh lets see. my friends but mostly my boyfrend calls me the Queen of crazies..not sure why though but i learned to accept it..i love animals...like owls and baby chamelions and stuff...i have a big appetite but some think i cant gain weight even though i know im fat...i love parties especially wild ones..cause..there r some parties that arent wild but i still go cos of the food..i love to draw and play music i think painting is fun cos i love getting my hands dirty...im nice wen theres respect but i am a walking ticking bomb so..shit will go down wen im angry..other than that i can be sweet as a marshmallow and cuddly as a teddy bear! theres more to know about me but i think the next time i make a blog entry im guna make sure its something else


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Technically its Harley but im trying to move on from the name Alex..(im actually changing my name to Harley) so i want to get used to it by having people call me Harley

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