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Opinion My Interpretation of Mona Lisa and Why It's NOT About a Dark Hollywood's "Cloning" Program Conspiracy

Gwen Stefanee


Remember Mona Lisa? The song that had famously made every single fans and some general public believe that Britney has been cloned? Remember all of the conspiracies that arose because of it? Well, let's actually read what she was singing about in it. (Credits to genius[dot]com for the lyrics)



This is a story about Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa

I believe this refers to Britney herself. She IS the "Mona Lisa", and she's got a story to tell.


[Verse 1]

Ladies and gentlemen, I've got

a little story to tell

About Mona Lisa, and how she suddenly fell

Now, see, everyone knew her,

they knew her, oh, so well

Now I'm taking over to release her from her spell

The lyrics seem to reveal that Britney a.k.a. Mona Lisa told the listeners that something had happened to her, thus causing her to "suddenly fell." It's strongly indicating that the public/everyone knew her very well and they also knew what happened to her. Now, the bolded part seems to indicate that there's a first person, "I", who finally took over Mona Lisa to release her from her "spell." Could this refer to the fame that Britney had experienced pre-Mona Lisa? Or maybe, pre-In the Zone since she already made a song called Brave New Girl on that album which also talked about a 'breaking through' moment to be a "brave new girl tonight?"



She's the original (Yeah, yeah)

She's unforgettable (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

She wants you to know (Yeah)

She's been cloned

It's kind of incredible (Yeah, yeah)

She's so unpredictable (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

She wants you to know (Yeah)

She's been cloned, she's been cloned,

she's been cloned

Many fans have fallen into spooky (but fun!) conspiracy regarding this chorus. However, if we connect it to the previous revelation found in the first verse, the line "she's been cloned" immediately should be understood as an autonomy issue. I view this statement as a result of Britney who had taken over Mona Lisa, also possible to be what she called herself in relation to her rise to fame since the success of ...Baby One More Time, thus claiming that Mona Lisa has been "cloned." The clone is the then-renewed Britney. Also notice that until this part she hasn't referred to any other figures except for "Mona Lisa," "I," and "everyone." Everyone a.k.a. the masses, however, wasn't the party who cloned Mona Lisa. Rather, it seems that Mona Lisa cloned herself to transfer the identity and power that she once had to a new body that is NOT too different than her own. That new body is the "I" who's singing the song.


[Verse 2]

She was taken under, drowning in her sea

Running like an angel, she was crying and could not see (Oh, no)

Now, see, everyone's watching as she starts to fall

They want her to break down

There will be a legend of her fall

The second verse seems to reveal the problem that caused "her fall." This might refer to the paparazzi/gossip culture that was very cruel back then. Tragically, that wasn't even the peak of what the culture would do to her, but I digress. Now, there's a rather unique perspective found on this part. Previously, on the first verse, Britney ("I") had said that Mona Lisa "suddenly fell," which means that the "fall" already happened. However, here Britney is telling that "everyone" is watching as she "starts to fall," indicating that the fall has just begun "now." She also speculated that there will be a "legend" of her fall; this may very well correlates to her important position in the then-pop sphere which could possibly cause a legendary tale to be told afterwards in the near OR later future.



Now, ladies, does that make you cry?

Mona Lisa's got to fly

Nobody really dies

Everyone, may we have a moment of silence?

Right here


The chorus is repeated after the second verse, but let's take a look at the bridge above. Does that explain what the song is actually about to you? Let me explain. So, the bolded part seems to reveal that Mona Lisa has finally died, BUT she didn't actually die. Rather, it's described that she's "got to fly." This expresses an elevation than a funeral. It looks like Mona Lisa has officially let go of her past which had resembled a "sea" (read again: second verse). Fortunately, now she's free because "nobody really dies," possibly referring to the concept of memory and how nobody would actually die as long as the memory of their previous existence remains on people's mind, including her own mind as well. Regardless, she asked for a moment of silence, as God may be a witness of her 'death' and her 'rise' simultaneously.


Conclusion: Anyone's interpretation of this song may vary, and while we can't actually understand Britney's personal reason or motivation for it, I tried to set my interpretation with a focus on the connection between each lyrics. To me, there's no dark underground Hollyweird cloning program, MK-Ultra, illuminati, etc. described here. It's rather a song that delves into the psyche of Britney Jean Spears; her thoughts and feelings regarding her life up to that point, and how she was able to renew or refresh herself by separating then-new her from her previous pop princess persona which didn't have much control of her life because of her massive success. Maybe it's not too late to call it as it is: "I" am who I am, and that's Britney motherfuvkin' Spears for you. You can look, but don't touch, basically. brit7


What about you? What's your interpretation of this song? Explain it below and let's discuss!


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